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Serial: SF-00005
Gratitude, Religion, Doubt, Balance, Suzuki Roshi, Nirvana, Enemies, Attachment, Evil...
Jul 11 1987


Serial: SF-00031
Mantra, Buddha Nature, Lotus Sutra, Soto Zen, Zazen, Bowing, soto, Chanting, Posture...
May 03 1987
Green Gulch Farm

Introductory Lecture

Serial: SF-00119
realization, Silence, Zendo, Daily Life, Mindfulness, Happiness, Freedom, Peace...

Heart Sutra Commentary

Serial: SF-00120
Emptiness, Birth-and-Death, Heart Sutra, Observe, Impermanence, Four Foundations,...

The Bodhisattva Archetype

Serial: SF-00002 Sunday Lecture
Manjushri, Nirvana, Vows, Non-duality, Perfect Wisdom, training, Daily Life, Passions...
Aug 03 1986
Green Gulch Farm

Practice Life

Serial: SF-00102 Talk given at Berkeley per introduction.
Teacher-and-Student, Daily Life, Buddha Nature, Posture, resistance, Suzuki Roshi,...
Aug 07 1983

The First Grave Precept

Serial: SF-00026 Not Killing
Precepts, Buddha Nature, Peace, Heart Sutra, Politics, realization, Mahayana,...
Aug 04 1983
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The Second Grave Precept

Serial: SF-00027 Not taking what is not given.
Buddha Nature, Precepts, Peace, training, realization, Samadhi, Ceremony, Ego,...
Aug 04 1983
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The Nature of the Precepts

Serial: SF-00025
Precepts, Bodhisattva Precepts, Mahayana, realization, Lay, Sangha, Bodhidharma,...
Aug 03 1983

The Human Encounter with Death

Serial: SF-00114
Death-and-Dying, training, Letting Go, Demons, Conversation, Emotions, Faith,...
Oct 11 1981
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City Center


Serial: SF-00104
Lay, Ordinary Mind, Passions, Bodhisattva Vow, Emptiness, Commitment, Balance,...
Sep 28 1981

Application of the Practice - Feminism and Buddhism in the Diamond Sangha

Serial: SF-00098
Ceremony, Lotus Sutra, Silence, Anger, Passions, Offering, Balance, Doubt, Peace...
Aug 14 1981

Application of the Practice - Feminism and Buddhism in the Diamond Sangha

Serial: SF-00099
Emptiness, Lineage, Aspects of Practice, Bodhisattva Vow, Heart Sutra, Sangha,...
Aug 14 1981

Application of the Practice - Feminism and Buddhism in the Diamond Sangha

Serial: SF-00100
Emptiness, Aspects of Practice, Lineage, Separation, Sangha, Monastic Practice, Lay,...
Aug 14 1981

Dining Room class

Serial: SF-00133
Silence, Current Events, Religion, Monastic Practice, Faith, Sanctuary, Fox, Patience...
Jun 14 1981

The Large Sutra on Perfect Wisdom

Serial: SF-00007B Reading of Dr Edward Conze's translation - this is after 00007A and separate from it.
Perfect Wisdom, true dharma, Evil, Concentration, Karma, Anger
Apr 25 1980

The Four Truths

Serial: SF-00009
Happiness, Four Noble Truths, Religion, New Year, Don't Know Mind, Gratitude,...
Oct 21 1979

Lama Govinda’s Paper

Serial: SF-00010 AIBS
Religion, Emptiness, Sanctuary, Dragons, Birth-and-Death, Lovingkindness, Passions,...
Aug 05 1978


Serial: SF-00138
Bodhidharma, Demons, training, Greed, Concentration, Passions, Bell, Lay, Hate...
Mar 23 1978

Five Masters in the Kamakura Period

Serial: SF-00159
Lotus Sutra, Faith, Chanting, Evil, Vows, Precepts, Ceremony, Demons, Sangha, Lineage...
Mar 03 1978

On Kechimyaku, Inka and Robes

Serial: SF-00028 Interviewed by Kazuaki Tanahashi; brief history of studies in Rinzai dojo; nature of being a roshi.
Hate, Dana, Religion, Intuition, Lineage, Evil, Happiness, Freedom, Doubt
Jan 09 1977


Serial: SF-00130 Changes that occur during practice period; sutra story of monk retrieving his mother from hell; composing concrete music;
Practice Period, Ceremony, Mahayana, Nirvana, Karma, Manjushri, Addiction, Samsara,...
Dec 10 1975

Seminar on Prajna

Serial: SF-00019 Prajna is beyond words and inexpressible; Joshu, Daishi and the broom; achieving the knowledge of not-knowledge.
Duality, Mahayana, Lay, Cultivation, Concentration, Attachment, Describe, Vows,...
May 24 1975


Serial: SF-00015 Morning; Buddha sitting to save all beings; difference between Bodhisattva stage and Buddha stage.
Nirvana, Bodhisattva Way, Mahayana, Passions, Balance, Peace
Mar 28 1975

Thursday Night Lecture at Fireman's Fund Auditorium

Serial: SF-00126 Economics as if people matter.
Doubt, Non-violence, Funeral, Bell
Sep 05 1974
Fireman's Fund Auditorium

Thursday Night Lecture at Fireman's Fund Auditorium

Serial: SF-00127 Economics as if people matter.
Fox, Politics, Concentration, Balance, Bell, Freedom, Doubt, training
Sep 05 1974
Fireman's Fund Auditorium


Serial: SF-00021 Speaking on Mahamudra and translating old Mahamudra texts.
realization, Concentration, Politics, Discrimination, Daily Life, Transmission,...
Apr 23 1974
City Center

Monastic Life

Serial: SF-00007A Early Christian mystics; Benedictine regulations, the rule of obedience; manifestation of God in the world.
realization, Monastic Practice, Silence, Ego, Aspects of Practice, Separation,...
Feb 07 1974


Serial: SF-00124 Differences between exoteric and esoteric religious traditions.
Religion, Evil, Suzuki Roshi, Subject-and-Object, Intuition, Nirvana, Separation,...
Jul 18 1973


Serial: SF-00125 The third great religious awakening in America.
Emptiness, Religion, Manjushri, Interview, Conversation, Karma
Jul 18 1973

SF Seminar

Serial: SF-00023 The Three Bodies of Buddha; comparison between Eastern and Western thought; Greek tradition and Puritan tradition.
Faith, Mahayana, confusion, Religion, Passions, Doubt
Mar 09 1973

SF Seminar

Serial: SF-00024 The problems with celibacy
Current Events, Politics, Fasting, Demons, Obstacles, Patience, Attachment, Religion...
Mar 09 1973

The Monastic Tradition

Serial: SF-00131 How to deal with peak experiences in our lives.
Monastic Practice, Silence, Gratitude, Evil, Cultivation, Conversation, Lay,...
Feb 26 1973

The Monastic Tradition

Serial: SF-00132 Monastic experience across religious traditions.
Silence, Monastic Practice, Don't Know Mind, Emptiness, Echo, Religion, Bell,...
Feb 26 1973

SF Seminar

Serial: SF-00022 Myths and legends in religious traditions; natural and supernatural language.
Attachment, Heart Sutra, Religion, Emptiness, Buddha Nature, Transmission, Enemies,...
Feb 22 1973

Allen Ginsberg and Musicians

Serial: SF-00105 Musical event.
Attachment, Instruction, Obstacles, Offering, Vows, Anger, Religion
Feb 22 1972
City Center

Allen Ginsberg and Musicians

Serial: SF-00106 Musical event
Feb 22 1972
City Center

Allen Ginsberg and Musicians

Serial: SF-00107 Musical event
Obstacles, Echo, Vows, Instruction, Greed, Chanting, Passions, Offering, Attachment,...
Feb 22 1972
City Center

Allen Ginsberg and Musicians

Serial: SF-00108 Musical event
Samsara, Bell
Feb 22 1972
City Center

Funeral Service for Suzuki Roshi

Serial: SR-00171 This is a full recording of Suzuki Roshi's funeral, held nine days after his death.
Ceremony, Funeral, Suzuki Roshi, soto, zen, Ceremony, Vows, Discrimination
Dec 12 1971
City Center

Wind Stops, But Still Flower Falls

Serial: SR-00163 This audio has been improved, so more of the students' questions may be discernible.
Faith, Freedom, reality, Dragons, Community, Emptiness, Wisdom, Building, American,...
Aug 15 1971

Obon Days

Serial: SR-00166
Ceremony, Offering, Suffering, American, Faith
Aug 12 1971

At the Time of Yakusan

Serial: SF-06061 New version of this lecture has been uploaded, which may allow for more of the transcript to be done.
Yakusan, Faith
Aug 01 1971

Universal Practice for Laymen and Monks

Serial: SR-00175 Whatever you do is practice; be careful not to practice for the sake of the self. Zazen as a way to find realization and get used to realization. Whether priest or layperson, practice to develop buddha mind, not the small self.
Practice, Zazen, Bodhisattva, Dogen, Sixth Patriarch, Buddha Mind, Faith, Truth,...
Jul 25 1971


Serial: SF-06030
Ceremony, First Principle, Faith, Non-duality, Diversity, Lay
Jul 22 1971

Why Then Is It Necessary To Accept Precepts

Serial: SF-06031
Precepts, Precepts, Big Mind, Buddha Nature, training, Religion, Observe, Priest,...
Jul 17 1971
City Center

It Is Actually Buddha's Practice

Serial: SF-06114-B
Feb 20 1971

Not Sticking to Enlightenment

Serial: SF-05445B ===== Awakening the Archive - Tape #26, by Shundo David Haye ===== It's not completely clear how this talk dropped off the radar, as the tape had been copied and transcribed previously – indeed, it features in Not...
Sesshin, Sixth Patriarch, Emptiness
Feb 12 1971
City Center

Teisho (Introduced by Jakusho Kwong)

Serial: SF-05452-B Mill Valley Zendo, talk by Suzuki Roshi
Emptiness, Precepts, Observe, Ego, Evil
Dec 23 1970
Mill Valley Zendo

Lay Ordination Ceremony

Serial: SR-00069-B ===== Awakening the Archive - Tape #25, by Shundo David Haye ===== This tape, which is unfortunately very poorly recorded, gives us a sense of the lay ordination ceremony that took place at City Center in August 1970. During the...
Precepts, Ceremony, Commitment
Aug 23 1970
City Center