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Buddha Nature and the Ugly Duckling

Serial: SF-00056 Zendo lecture; feeling of not fitting in and not belonging that sends us towards spiritual practice. -
Lotus Sutra, Buddha Nature, Ego, Delusion, training, Precepts, stubbornness, Posture, Zendo,...
Nov 06 2004


Serial: SF-00077 Relationship with the rules while training. -
training, Practice Period, Vinaya, Emotions, Don't Know Mind, Mindfulness, Balance,...
Oct 20 2004


Serial: SF-00156 Wednesday talk. Ecopsychology; desires, needs, narcissism; nurturing through zazen. -
Karma, Buddha Nature, Practice Period, Echo, Ceremony, Buddha Ancestors, Ego, Precepts,...
Nov 19 2003


Serial: SF-00158 Sunday talk. Children's lecture. Legend of the blue bonnets; Seijiki, offering food and light; karmic life and emptiness. -
Offering, Ceremony, Emptiness, Emotions, Intuition, Practice Period, Precepts, Karma,...
Nov 02 2003
Green Gulch Farm


Serial: SF-00055 -
Practice Period, training, Conversation, Dharma Transmission, Ordination, Commitment,...
Oct 08 2003


Serial: SF-00079 Zendo Lecture -
Birth-and-Death, Separation, Letting Go, Intimacy, Liberation, Tassajara, Beginners,...
Aug 10 2003

Dogen - Being Familiar With The Entire Body

Serial: SF-00039 Sunday talk. Practice, realization, expression; Dogen's letters to nun Ryugen -
realization, Buddha Ancestors, Delusion, Precepts, true dharma, Lotus Sutra, Oneness,...
May 18 2003


Serial: SF-00057 -
Passions, Priest, Evil, Enemies, Heart Sutra, Hate, Birth-and-Death, Nirvana, Vimalakirti,...
Dec 01 2002


Serial: SF-00059 -
Suzuki Roshi, Buddha Nature, Zazen, Manjushri, Practice Period, Buddha Ancestors, Tassajara,...
Oct 19 2002
City Center


Serial: SF-00154 Wednesday talk. Poem; anxiety about things finishing; expressing ourselves, failure, resentment. -
Happiness, Monastic Practice, Don't Know Mind, Practice Period, Conversation, Samsara,...
Jun 19 2002


Serial: SF-00116 -
true dharma, Transmission, Nirvana, Karma, Ceremony, Monastic Practice, Fox, Describe,...
Mar 09 2002


Serial: SF-00067 -
Commitment, Intimacy, Absolute-and-Relative, Impermanence, Monastic Practice, confusion, Peace...
Jan 11 2002
City Center


Serial: SF-00051 Sunday talk. -
Hate, Current Events, Mill Valley, Peace, Bell, Interdependence, Sanctuary, Chanting,...
Sep 16 2001


Serial: SF-00073 Wednesday night. -
Anger, Mill Valley, Zendo, Suzuki Roshi, Tassajara, Bowing, Heart Sutra, Hate, Continuous,...
Jul 25 2001


Serial: SF-00066 -
soto, Five Ranks, Soto Zen, Emptiness, Nirvana, Renunciation, Oneness, Suzuki Roshi, Samsara,...
Jan 03 2001

Genjo Koan

Serial: SF-00117 Workshop -
Karma, Five Ranks, soto, Dharma Transmission, true dharma, Transmission, Politics, Nirvana,...
Nov 04 2000
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City Center

The Whole World Is Medicine

Serial: SF-00078 "The Four Nourishments" -
Practice Period, Teacher-and-Student, Samadhi, Continuous, Commitment, Passions, Balance,...
Sep 30 2000

Women Ancestors

Serial: SF-00094 -
Lineage, Transmission, Soto Zen, realization, Priest-and-Lay, Emptiness, Ceremony, Demons,...
May 13 2000

Women Ancestors

Serial: SF-00095 -
Lineage, Ordination, soto, Bodhisattva Vow, Soto Zen, Funeral, Obstacles, Gratitude, Posture,...
May 13 2000

Women Ancestors

Serial: SF-00096 -
Monastic Practice, Ego, Chanting, Lineage, Letting Go, Conversation, Ceremony, Echo, soto,...
May 13 2000


Serial: SF-00033 Sunday dharma talk. -
Dragons, Faith, New Year, Doubt, Mahayana, practicing generosity, Karma, Four Noble Truths,...
Jan 02 2000


Serial: SF-00064 Sunday dharma talk. -
Letting Go, Peace, Attachment, Freedom, Practice Period, Hindrances, Nirvana, Doubt, training...
Dec 05 1999


Serial: SF-00048 -
Separation, Non-duality, Zendo, realization, Peace, Concentration, Judgement, Happiness,...
Jul 24 1999

Blue Cliff Record Class

Serial: SF-00068 67th Case: Mahasattva Fu Expounds the Scripture; single-point samadhi. -
Concentration, Repentance, Blue Cliff Record, Bodhidharma, Interview, Manjushri, Sixth...
Apr 22 1999


Serial: SF-00032 Sunday talk. -
Buddha Nature, Karma, Monkey Mind, Daily Life, Buddha Mind, causation, Sangha, confusion,...
Mar 21 1999


Serial: SF-00147 Wednesday night dharma talk -
Practice Period, Suzuki Roshi, Fundraising, Daily Life, Impermanence, Monastic Practice, Soto...
Mar 03 1999
Green Gulch Farm


Serial: SF-00058 -
Suzuki Roshi, Transmission, Lineage, Priest, Blue Cliff Record, Tassajara, soto, training,...
Dec 16 1998
City Center


Serial: SF-00045 -
Practice Period, Vows, Delusion, Aspects of Practice, Chanting, Continuous, Emotions, Ego,...
Nov 17 1998

The Feeling Of Practice Period

Serial: SF-00148 Wednesday talk; the heart and determination to study - to support and appreciate the practice period. -
Practice Period, Impermanence, Mindfulness, Precepts, Zazen Mind, Silence, Big Mind,...
Oct 21 1998
Green Gulch Farm


Serial: SF-00040 -
resistance, Aspects of Practice, Practice Period, Tassajara, Zendo, Priest, Suzuki Roshi,...
Oct 14 1998

Saying Yes!

Serial: SF-00090 -
training, Soto Zen, Silent Illumination, Suzuki Roshi, Zazen, Dharma Transmission, Gratitude,...
Jul 06 1998


Serial: SF-00052 -
Dragons, Non-duality, Manjushri, Vimalakirti, Duality, Don't Know Mind, Birth-and-Death,...
Apr 15 1998

The Jewel Called The Sangha

Serial: SF-00063 Sunday talk Jan PP; you are blessed by the people who want to practice with you who are not necessarily the people you would choose to practice with. -
Interdependence, Lotus Sutra, Separation, causation, Instruction, Intimacy, training, Observe...
Jan 11 1998
Green Gulch Farm

Buddhism At Millennium's Edge

Serial: SF-00030 Seminar 1 -
Dragons, Evil, Rinzai, Ego, Bell, Discrimination, Greed, Silence, Balance, Conversation...

What Is The Ember You Carry With You?

Serial: SF-00086 One Day Sit -
Practice Period, Blue Cliff Record, Non-duality, Fox, Bodhidharma, First Principle, Book of...
Sep 27 1997

How Can We Live The Next 10,000 Years?

Serial: SF-00136 -
Transmission, Fasting, Peace, Oneness, Politics, Gratitude, Commitment, Passions, Evil,...
Sep 10 1997

Save The Redwoods - Mother Theresa and Lady Diana

Serial: SF-00088 Saturday lecture. -
Vows, Precepts, Interdependence, Gratitude, Enemies, Religion
Sep 06 1997
City Center


Serial: SF-00038 -
confusion, Enemies, Balance, Bell, Attachment, Delusion
Aug 20 1997

The Most Important Thing: Just This As It Is

Serial: SF-00091 -
Gratitude, Suzuki Roshi, Monastic Practice, Don't Know Mind, Practice Period, Tassajara,...
Apr 26 1997


Serial: SF-00101 -
Hindrances, Heart Sutra, Mahayana, Zazen, Letting Go, Vimalakirti, Suzuki Roshi, Nirvana,...
Mar 15 1997

Recollections of Early Zen

Serial: SF-00121 -
Lotus Sutra, Precepts, Priest, training, Lineage, Lay, Zendo, Rinzai, Fox, Demons...
Feb 08 1997
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Green Gulch Farm

Recollections of Early Zen

Serial: SF-00122 -
Priest, Demons, Vinaya, Funeral, Religion, Ceremony, Lay Practice, Six Realms, training, Faith...
Feb 08 1997
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Green Gulch Farm

Recollections of Early Zen

Serial: SF-00123 -
Priest, Rinzai, Peace, Ceremony, New Year, Mahayana, Zazen, Diversity, Funeral, Lineage...
Feb 08 1997
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Green Gulch Farm

Poetry of Enlightenment

Serial: SF-00071 Class -
realization, Emptiness, Echo, Dragons, Balance, Bell, Priest, Emotions, Freedom, Doubt...
Feb 04 1997

Song of Jewel Mirror Samadhi

Serial: SF-00072 5:00 class -
Buddha Ancestors, Four Noble Truths, Absolute-and-Relative, Emptiness, Samadhi, Concentration...
Feb 04 1997

Mindfulness Sutra

Serial: SF-00069 January PP Class; introduction of Mindfulness Sutra; quotes from Henry David Thoreau and Walt Whitman; Walden and Leaves of Grass. -
Mindfulness, Four Foundations, Four Noble Truths, Forgiveness, Concentration, Letting Go,...
Jan 08 1997
Green Gulch Farm


Serial: SF-00089 -
Practice Period, Study Period, Bodhisattva Way, Vows, Bodhisattva Vow, Patience, Birth-and-...
Sep 28 1996


Serial: SF-00050 -
Lotus Sutra, Obstacles, Chanting, realization
Sep 14 1996


Serial: SF-00084 Wednesday talk. -
Patience, Suzuki Roshi, Emptiness, Letting Go, confusion, Demons, Absolute-and-Relative,...
Sep 11 1996
Green Gulch Farm

Fearlessness - What Is It?

Serial: SF-00087 -
Intimacy, Birth-and-Death, Transmission, Absolute-and-Relative, realization, Ceremony, Lineage...
Mar 02 1996