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The Heart Sūtra is a popular sutra in Mahāyāna Buddhism. In Sanskrit, the title Prajñāpāramitāhṛdaya translates as "The Heart of the Perfection of Wisdom".

The Sutra famously states, "Form is emptiness (śūnyatā), emptiness is form." It is a condensed exposition on the Buddhist Mahayana teaching of the Two Truths doctrine, which says that ultimately all phenomena are Śūnyatā (emptiness).

It has been called "the most frequently used and recited text in the entire Mahayana Buddhist tradition." The text has been translated into English dozens of times from Chinese, Sanskrit, and Tibetan, as well as other source languages.

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Buddha's Birthday

Serial: SF-03098

Sunday Lecture

Buddha's Birthday, Ceremony, Bell, Heart Sutra, Humility, Chanting, Renewal,...
Apr 06 1997
Green Gulch


Hindrances, Heart Sutra, Mahayana, Zazen, Letting Go, Vimalakirti, Suzuki Roshi,...
Mar 15 1997

Song of Jewel Mirror Samadhi

Serial: SF-00072

5:00 class

Buddha Ancestors, Four Noble Truths, Absolute-and-Relative, Emptiness, Samadhi,...
Feb 04 1997

January 15th, 1997, Serial No. 02685

Priest, Intimacy, Tassajara, Heart Sutra, Zendo, Emotions, Zazen, Ceremony,...
Jan 15 1997

Die Into Who You Are

Serial: SF-02711

Rohatsu Sesshin

Chanting, Suzuki Roshi, realization, Heart Sutra, Birth-and-Death, Letting Go,...
Dec 06 1996

Effort - While You're Already Perfect

Heart Sutra, Suzuki Roshi, Emptiness, realization, Precepts, Passions, Right Effort,...
Nov 13 1996

The Five Skandhas

Serial: SF-03634

One-day sitting

Skandas, Interview, Balance, Heart Sutra, Attachment, Manjushri, Lotus Sutra, Soto...
Sep 21 1996
Green Gulch

Buddha's Birthday

Buddha's Birthday, Renewal, Offering, Ceremony, Bell, Heart Sutra, Nirvana,...
Apr 07 1996
Green Gulch

Prajna Paramita Class

Emptiness, Perfect Wisdom, Heart Sutra, Ego, Faith, realization, Lotus Sutra, Nirvana...
Feb 27 1996

Buddhism and Science

Serial: SF-02689B

From the BZC archive

Suzuki Roshi, Heart Sutra, Zazen, Tassajara, training, Transmission, Silence, Posture...
Nov 11 1995
Berkeley Zen Center

Women in Buddhism Class

Emptiness, Balance, Liberation, Nirvana, Lay, Heart Sutra, Religion, Mahayana, Birth-...
Nov 06 1995

Bowing, Sleepiness and Restlessness

Serial: SF-00152

Wednesday dharma talk.

Chanting, Bowing, Heart Sutra, Posture, Ceremony, Zendo, Hindrances, Vows, Suzuki...
Oct 04 1995
Green Gulch Farm

Our Relationship with Form - Speech & Food

Serial: SF-00151

Wednesday dharma talk.

Practice Period, Conversation, Happiness, Ceremony, Silence, Bodhisattva Vow, Funeral...
Sep 06 1995
Green Gulch Farm

Shuso Talk

Serial: SF-01118


Heart Sutra, Manjushri, Bell, Zazen, Daily Life, Letting Go, Zendo, realization,...
May 24 1995

Jewel of Sangha

Serial: SF-03102

Sunday Lecture

Triple Treasure, Gratitude, Sangha, Fox, zen meditation, Happiness, Teacher-and-...
Jan 29 1995
Green Gulch