Bowing, Sleepiness and Restlessness

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Wednesday dharma talk.

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we were right into it

i want to talk to them about him
know him
some pools restlessness
home to the to

rofl the have a chance to last time i believe we don't have any discussion of the answer will probably prefer billion us to run some sneaky practice
the he with you
please help me open windows across the
i was not scheduled to do the german continents and
norman suggested it
just obvious situations go to any page and really compromise little and then just production people to happen that's a interview so
sarah difference to me
just wanted to say a little bit about service and mountain
i know for many people didn't
ah this for max were taking a muslims not to go bomb chance
political ground
weekend and
we can talk about it so much in a year
chris term your current well maybe not from practicing it's not really emphasized her describe very much in and around the side over line and british during several nervous and of and drops to the user to get down into and we've never been outside of page rating of the best up there is a restaurant and
i'm looking a caboodle all those of you who know what corner and there's a being group for people not listen we just dissipated
the i have done that
recognize that other folks in the best
must think there's some crazy race this house from the corner
anyway i want to read here it's superior she says about a there's a section and than many ways man calm down and
sam several pages long run i just want to read part of it
i shouldn't miss them any good parents good
heck nothing we bow to the floor and now towns and enough your own know that
in japan correct me if iran goes nuclear to japan they begin serious with three barrels initially right is there to be hearing me and
suzuki roshi felt that americans restaurateurs
they didn't understand this practice or he felt it would be very good for them to do more vows so he has to know browse and doing coke better sashimi when the the great through and services current practice session was
rest as spring and we had a group of japanese teachers here and american countries
and the japanese teachers and nine how his own nine thousand they are they were going to do the way the gringo of people a pet
so says appears as after and we bow to the floor nine times why did we know you know we just did what he said my bowing we are giving up ourselves
to give up ourselves means to give us a dualistic ideas so there is no difference between zazi in practice and bowing
usually to bow means to pay our respects to something which is more worthy of respect than ourselves
but when you bout buddha you should have no idea of buddha you just become one was buddha you are already buddha himself
when you become one with buddha one with everything that exists you find the true meaning of being
when you forget all your dualistic ideas everything becomes your teacher and everything can be the object of worship

at this one place he says you should be ready to bow even in the last moment of your life
you should hear is boeing is a very serious practice it should be prepared to bow even in your last moment when you can do anything except bow you should do it and as i read this this evening i am i was reminded of susie clay
amer and i i don't know how many of you knew susie but she was a resident here in the debt tassajara and
i had breast cancer and
over the years it got worse and worse and she died here it was tepid thirteenth
two years it's been two years and you should come as a kid and i remember
a mark she was she lived up on hill in the trailer that suki mclaren and martha was taking
very good care of her in a lot of us revisiting and i remember when i came to visit i think martha said something like she really would like to have you chance she would love to hear some chanting
and so we chanted think it was stephen me in the kids who chanted and she was lying there really was just a think maybe a day before she died so she was her energy was very it was really
a kenyan way he noticed and she couldn't do much but really just breathe but at the end of the journey chairmanship blink
it takes years of the and i felt that blink as she was buried her because she couldn't
put her hands and got show anymore or do anything really but lie there and she was able to lower eyelids
so that was i really understood as
about being ready to bow even in the last moments of your life
so bowing is very physical practice actually
as you know some people really it's really difficult to get all the way down get that had all the way down near and then get up you know without or tripping and
losing your balance and hurting your knees and
ah it's interesting
i think i owe this to pat feeling in either a recent lecture perfume just received our transmission down at us our from mill shia
his head of the chapel hill's in grouping the said sort center for years and years and at tassajara
she was saying try to hold a thought in of an intellectual thought while you're doing for prostration it's like you can't do it you know it's it's so
your mind doesn't kind of isn't able to do their kind of thinking thinking so it's it's very physical very unifying kind of event to
go down totally in
it was very unusual to have her head down down and the ground humble you know living humble there's a gospel song
which is a murder i'm living humble
i'm living humble and then as his humble yourself and bill can run
i'm so am i think that the bells ringing in which is humble is close to the ground you know it means close to the ground and we often know
get in their pasture very much so it's it's very helpful for
inflated egos and dualistic idea you can't hold kind of dualistic thinking in this
so one thing
i know that many people have difficulties with his thinking that your bowing to something else something higher than you are some deity or something like that but the figures on the altar wisdom manjushri for wisdom tracking the buddha for awakening ah is your own this is bowing to yourself bowing to these
is your own true nature and so you get a chance to do that
every day and just plunge yourself into trouble through you don't know
but he's have a ceremony we say entering deeply the merciful ocean and low verse and immersing body mind deeply in the way i always feel like would we do the power entering deeply the merciful ocean you can have that feeling of
throwing yourself into your life you know
entering deeply the merciful ocean of buddhist way
or immersing body and mind deeply in the way you get to actually express that through this
so it's also helpful to exhale when you go down
no an inhale as you come up and actually helps your balance and to tea ceremony in practice this kind of getting up from caesar you know and you really put your consciousness inmost feet you know and
feel those feet on the floor as they balancing as you grow up there's a very physical kind of event and
also lowering yourself does don't crash the nice to the floor is also less noisy bizarre know if we don't have mass you know if you just have the floor you could hear these nice or out crash
now for babies are learning to walk the fact that they fall all the time helps their knees and legs grow actually this can impact it's very good for toddlers to do crashing down and then has but i think for adults you can hurt your knees and so you won't take care of them
so those are a few remarks about bowing and
you don't have to like it you know
it's it's more just exploring his realm of bombing
no chance every morning
an evening
and new pretty soon for practice barry is coming up
and right before bed we also do bathroom all day long for prostrations
so as i was thinking about bowing sleeping his restlessness sounded like the seven dwarves
honey to
betsy sleepiness i've been noticed again i think it's been hot you know been hot as know in the evenings and people are tired after physical work but seems like there's a lot of this sleepiness going on and we don't carry the stick riches they help to wake you up and
i know that for some people
ah sleepiness actually means that the the they've actually gotten kind of comfortable in the zendo you know when you first start sitting a thought of you couldn't imagine and finest the best to deliver what you know i hope i don't do anything wrong and to kind of tense and i remember when i first heard sitting at
page street i actually was
the neighborhood you know there are things going on the street and i remember thinking what's to stop so many administers the image i'm sorry that this is where was once to serve seventy from just going down the line and kind of stabbing everybody can prevent was going to stop of me and we're all sitting there facing a wall so i wasted
i'd imagine honestly
so if you are finding that you sleepy i think that some
that may mean that you actually are kind of comfortable and the zendo the people here and with your posture in the forums and i think it's a phase of after establishing your practice and what that you can actually fall asleep so in some ways is if you could a about an opportunity you know
a problem with it is you once you start getting the habit of sleeping it's very hard habit to break hum
so for those of you for whom this is happening
the other part of sleepiness is that there may be some material psychological or mental emotional is coming up there is too much to face and it's kind of like going unconscious you know you if you can realize what thoughts came just before you got totally sleepy
that might help you to see what's going on or what year averting from
ah so that might be something for those of you
i getting sleepy that might be something to look at
let's see if there's anything else about sleepiness remain you know ways to help yourself and then you've probably heard this before but you know to pull up really high back of your top part of your hand are pushing up you can open your eyes you know you can concentrate and a breadth of a little higher rather than down here
or maybe around your nose will sometimes bring you some wakefulness ah
maybe doing a little stretching out of thing for sometimes nothing else at all
i'm trying to pull an elongate your spine
if you know there's a kind of slump that goes along with it so to pull up
can be helpful
and also just the regular things eat and drink moderately you know
so when we start having thousand after supper
it really i think if you have a great big dinner you know it takes a lot of energy to digest food in the lead goes down and away from your brain
so you can get sleepy if you eat a lot right before so eat and drink moderately and also i take naps you know get enough sleep don't stay up to lay all these things it's like your life begins to revolve around what's the most
beneficial for your sitting practice
and sleepiness has really affected i've found my food and
ah just being overly tired but if you take a little cat nap you okay take the edge off so i recommend cat naps
i'm highly recommend care
okay so dopey
the movement of can i mentioned last time an involuntary movement and
so some of you i think i know some you have a little bit of involuntary movement
of in a little
who are
but also there's fidgeting and restlessness that is more voluntary actually
it's i actually feel like it's sprayed on the cusp of voluntary or involuntary
oh so one thing about moving exhaustion kind of restless moving is that
we have a kind of habitual we can have a habitual response to certain thoughts or kind of feelings that come up like like can't stand it know also you know and that perpetuates a kind of habitual response to the world of and it's a visceral is a by
bonnie and visceral habitual response to
such nothing about which is rising for you so if you can break that kind of
by staying still by not moving you
are we living back up a little bit if you have a habitual response when it's very hard to actually
realize at which is
thus coming you know because you're you're doing a a pattern that you always do
so if it
you get there first with your pattern and your habits
ah so and it's visceral meaning it's it's
the that kind of fidgeting feels like it's coming from the inside out nobody's making you
scratch and move round and readjust and miss that the other so
and is that too often there's not really terrible pain involved in it is the kind of its restlessness you know there's no rest there and so to perpetuate that habitual response ah makes it harder to actually see what's coming
what's more after moment
so to sit still
you know this overall pervades the school you know via devotion to immobile sitting total devotion to immobile sitting is
a characteristic of this school beef let's conduct was so for those of you who are finding this

a restlessness
it may feel like there's nothing you can do about it like it it gets there before you do something you know what i mean and i know
in clear enough but anyway to ashley decide to sit still to sit as still as you possibly can
and you know we had flies to we open the zendo and and to get some air and all flies came in and i know someone i saw some people calling
from and class can be really a bother but what i was reminded of for those of you it has a her for his tongue or you're sitting tanguy with the flies because he in the fall there's a lot of flies
and time there's nothing you can do about it even though we ran to there no snapping towels trying to chase them out the door and then slammed the door somehow it didn't really are and they would
you know those of you were there you know they're they're the kind that go for your eyes know the itty bitty ones they like these moist praised in around your mouth and and they would sort of dance not asked in a climb across your eyelashes and so very you were and
ah i was very inspired by the story of the zen masters a sugar coats what most first their masters to come in the early ninety and eighteen and he came on a ship to know the story and he says as it on the ship's deck and was there are all these mosquitoes biting him when they're all like
these red berries can have stuck to him and he just sat there i found that variants
especially with these flies as whatever minded myself of as that zen masters sitting there and just letting the mosquitoes do with a dune because otherwise you just you can't he may as well give up
so anyway there it is we do have the capacity sit there and let flies dance and
little itches come ago if you don't yet she know it has its
it arises you don't get stronger and stronger has some duration and then it goes the itch if you leave her alone you don't get to kind of be there for
he's kind of events ready for constantly
going with our usual habit way
there's some
we cut ourselves off from something something fresh
and some stillness
i guess that's what i wanna say about the restlessness and fidgeting into encourage you to really try really try to em
i work with it
in a fresh way and see what happened really experiment
so is there anything anyone would like to add to that are questions or comments about any of those bowing
sleepiness and restlessness

when i first came here and instead of sitting zazen i were fitted aladdin i remember feeling that it didn't really believe in making allies will just sit there because it didn't worry me
yeah i think you re
did you hear which it

in converter her pet failing say that centralization tonight
but that you could move to be try to get more comfortable what to do it consciously obnoxious
what episode did you do he ends to today it was a difference between just fidgeting and trying to find hiding my life change your posture yes i think that's a good point eight i actually am talking about restless disinfecting not feeling like something's going on you really
need to change your legs are we had just recently because your sciatic is and those kinds of things those kinds of movements are there's no that's no different from
and that's like sitting still you bow you acre yourself in your breath and you can't very conscious of bowing to remove you don't move your leg we just a bow at the end of that
a designs and there's no as an not fishing it's that movie you know that's just
saturday mind you know it's the kind of
it's the unconscious kind fidgeting that has nothing to do with pain necessarily or
i'll take care of your body you know it's
it's than that so i'm not saying not to move
if you feel you must move you know ah
and take care of that very thoroughly
where's the handwriting the or somewhere before history scratch as savages cresting number
speaking of bows a i'll just take this opportunity to mention that
when we bow to our seat
i mean many of you have heard this many maybe some you have it because i've noticed this not happening all the time that if two people are city on either side of you new route your seat these people bow along with u k acknowledge that you've come to sit zazen and if you're sitting there
and so many comes you just read coffee murder and new bow with him
we also in the morning there's a morning greeting either the avid er the tanto or sometimes the senior damage it's usually avid or tattoo walk around the zendo basically saying good morning here we are let's practice hard that's the kind of feeling and and issue so
we'll do this for practice perry
in the opposite direction i'll be two people walking around
one following the other and when you hear those footsteps behind you you place your hands and gosh show which is saying good morning really
and it's a i feel it's just respecting each other's practice and intention in deep
you know deep intention to practice here yeah i'm in the morning and you just you say are so i just want to remind everybody that
those two bows i feel real with the everyone's doing them it creates a wonderful feeling zeno it's to actually come to your seat and have people not bow it's like
it hurts almost you know i mean if if you don't if you know the person is a guest or something they've never heard of it does it matter but kind of your fellow sangha members who have been practising with sometimes there is sweet and they and then they realized that they cannot go but acknowledging you know that you're down buddies are arriving
the sanger jewel is coming together in this room and and to pay your respects you and when you bought your seat like by to all the pupils ever practices and back all the way back as far as you know all those people that's how i feel routed to them and a nice little guys next you
the along with you
so i'd like to really ask everyone to try and remember that is
this is about
recognition was when summer classes and know
just turn around from are bound to they're pushing to browser pops was that
well way across the zendaya like i've known that or herself yeah
some of my am i had started doing
the appropriate yeah well
i think in this center because it's too wide space we just do the people on either side and also the perpendicular you know the entryway tom and the site times you don't bow sideways just bow with these people either next year or maybe one down if you can see them out of the grittier i then bow
you know i know either side of you but i don't think you have to bow like when i've faced out i sometimes bow to the person way across me like i see dick coming in has taken about mm i did the other morning anyway
but i don't think you have to feel that's necessary
the people were on the floor
i noticed some people are on now if somebody's coming
follow along for and they're taking their seat and can yeah that's kind of close proximity i i would return that bow their yeah

and he entered thoughts difference
yes i have a question about the general yes because it and on a short time now when it's just seemed right all to bow as the person passes behind you that it it kind of feels like the whole time
now maybe that's not true of a long sigh fact that it feels like sauna
the math person yesterday and of the time everybody's in cash or rather than as they passed piano you know i didn't know what yeah customers yeah think people anticipate you know they see the shadow and they can get ready
i think for and the short time for all of a hat you have the app that time has the ever seat in there's somebody if it's me i bow to the abbot seat so there's some activity going on there a new kind of have a a little extra moment there to anticipate some of the other people as you make the turn may get her surprised you know so
sounds like what it if everybody's hands are going up at once that sounds fine
and then it but it is a kind of them
domino effect you know the hands go up and then they go down
how do we down
yes i actually have a repressed and that is that you talk about when
we have our seats set up in a certain way
the people not common
as they're going in take your stop them use it
i don't have
a little stuff that i have their i've just an in paying the whole time
this comes after is a sheen to everyone has their set up and it's just exactly right and if you take away that that that little support cushion which is no three quarters of an inch
and if to get another one is wrong and yes the
seats in the zandra that have name tags you know from the sitting her if those are often personal set up since office and sabha council
personal meaning custom built of just read so if you need extra soft go out to the entryway
and if also on sundays just three menu
yeah if there's a one day sitting like this saturday there's one day sitting where brown take your stuff out because it will get rearranged but for those of you
a who were just coming to the sendo
try to take you are set up from the entryway and if you need help just not the red stuff talk with jerry k
for one to say if he thinks oh i don't want to get anybody off can they want to talk about service and actually general chanting practice
yes it's not really linked to the cells
i was wondering about when we chance they've been all beings
right here lap what saving our been schools year the
modi is one of the boys for allows and we
once we changed the translation to for well to i vowed to sentient beings are numberless i vow to awaken him them
i'm sure everybody for very comfortable with they thought yeah that's i can i can mount if you nap
but it's not actually the correct translation them from the sanskrit japanese and chinese it's always save went back to save there's and there's always problems about that what does that mean to see or beans
so on
this is impossible and that's
this is like an impassable wow
and and so we make that vow because ah
touches our innermost want wanna live we don't want have any limits really and who and how many we can you say i'll save two people or i'll save i can save ten it's it's kind of limiting and
it doesn't really expand your heart you know so we actually say sentient beings are numberless and i vowed to save them and it's like beyond conception would be yeah it's inconceivable immense the wow what can save me safe we can
i with a with
only way can save anybody is for them to awaken to the fact that they're already saved
yes i'm
if you would like to add a few more comments on chanting increasing yeah let's talk about chanting should we do that
the chanting that we happen to do in this
zendo is a kind of what's the word monotone except for certain ceremonies where we do more melodic in the morning the repentance is a poly the refuges that we take is a little more melodic the and it goes up and down very pretty
very beautiful actually but the rest of the chanting really is more on one line rather than singsong
seems like there
chanting is zazen in action you know and i really miss doing a lot of the japanese chance because they have all issued a private cooking
you don't have to worry about the words what are all means in any of it you just can stay with breath and posture watching your breath through austria that's all and ah keeping the at so
energy event ah will these are the takes to really think about
or meditate on for are chanting practices that you don't shout louder than anybody else you wanna be able to hear
people next you and all around you that the kochi or the person who introduces the chance starts out kind of loud and brings us into it and the ne fait off to and
so you you chant we sing with our ears so you should be able to hear all these voices that not drowned other people out okay
i think that's very important for keeping the beat listening to the moku cure you know the gill people would do them or preview they really do keep a steady beat i don't think there's too much problem with our local ya heaters but there's a tendency if if you're channing too loud to not be able to hear the beat and to go to march to your own
beach you know and be often that will pull other people with here in our cause trouble so you really want to lower the volume
oh how nice her thank you for
not lower the energy field you want to have a lot of energy but volume and energy or a different actually you can feel very concentrated and right with it and not be kind of blasting out your voice okay so so that's really important for the overall
feeling and the acoustics in the sand or a little odd that some nurses harder to hear but if we're if we're chanting race is beautiful
if it really fills the space it would be nice in here when we chant and eight
so i'm just some real basic things to when when you have the suit your coat you when you receive it you make your hands into the subtle stand with these three fingers here and then you get your thumb and baby finger like this that's the kind of sutra card holder mudra
and it is actually very convenient because it keeps the pages open and you know us so that's how we hold the super card we hold it up unless you can't see and it's a i know some people have to like this but basically you hold it up so like oreo couples you know you don't bend down to eat you keep your back straight and bring the bulls up same
the your car do you keep your posture because it's a posture for everything else it's posture brand you know so you keep your password and you raise up your car like that
the other thing is a i am
during some of the chance or in between we dedicate the chance to you know the long dedication to shakyamuni buddha buddha dharma everybody and there's a bell there we go down know that bow is like this he put your hands up and
you know your bowels of fists with away from your nose that's the placement why doesn't everybody do car show her show some pressing your palms together so there's is no air inside your fingers you can feel the warmth of all your fingers touching each other and your thumb is in and touching to it's not way way out like that
the and your elbows and arms are parallel to the ground and it's your own fists with away from you knows whatever that is some as longer have bigger fists probably bigger noses to so that's the guy show and then when you go down for that bail you keep that exact distance or
the way down until your hands touched the ground and you hold it there
so what i see often as people go down and they kind of the
when i had to take a little snooze you know where to had something or better play around with their eyebrows so basically it's just go down and when her hands touching the ground you just hold it there and then you come right back up
so that some that bow that comes in between chance and see what else have that vein oh when you chant p m
the buddhists and ancestors this is one of these dedications we we dedicate a marriage and virtue of the chatting to
beaver she puts a day or show that that's this dedication and so your hands are in gosh show for their whole thing and if you've memorized it you know
you hold your hands and gosh oh and if you've got the sutra is a little bit harder he actually
it's kind of hard to hold effect exposure to preserve that may not be so good for the book or maybe enough anyway it's if you can remember if you know part of it do enhancing show okay
let's see anything else motorized male was just a few times about really want when you say something remaining you want me to stay
you're tired of harry's okay
so in the chance
you want to not take the breath when other people are taking breaths is not a big
you know so many what would you say though the point that you want to make the i don't want to make us that unit actually stop chanting order to take time
so you usually don't try to keep charity he do that huge ashley stuff us now and really
now completely and then for manage and use your breath exhale completely stop chanting i often hear people chanting every single word and then in between words a time fast gotten an air than coming in late ah
let's see about any other general remarks anyone would like to make us with just one is the idea that all the words kind of run together the be bashing lesser different things about like before i far i heard you say once to not really supposed to hold onto that or guttering yeah
let's say a few words about remains that the buddhist and ancestors do wanna look at that page and second from the end
so these are from is the seven days before buddha which are really six because the buddhist the seventh
found through shakyamuni buddha and like a shop in unarmed and all our friends and teachers all the waste user
bodhidharma and he goes to china you can follow the whole history of buddhism in this chant all the way to show goku jr day or show the suzuki roshi who came to america so this is kind of historical ah
ah chance in some ways so
p m
the tendency is to drag the day or show she can to go be bossy boots a day or show she keep her to die you show be sure to put so in order not to do that we say to make that day oh show shorter and go right into the next one so small
like because she puts a day or sure she keeps a day or shall be shuffled pursuit day oh sure it never turns out exactly that way because i'm just going from an old to the next
consonant but that's if you have that in mind you will help
to counteract the tendency to hold that show russian the like that okay so
ah the pace is
we try not to drag it and i think it can be too fast sometimes but it's hardly ever too fast i think we actually
can to get too slow more and gale was talking about
being in a temple read certain names they really slow down and say really slow reckon yeah so different temples i think have different ways of doing this lineage
but down
are there any names that you don't know how to pronounce you out you've been wondering about how to pronounce them anybody
sudan er bei denen die so the way the young fellow
the vowels are the same as for italian or spanish and when there's a long mark like crooner gone when he suit you hold it a little bit show know why should they are show rocky could otherwise everything gets its own beat
ah some of this strange was a toast to the say that instead of toasted gc its toll sookie say that it's got a line over it so that'll ten toes to he said
toast to be seeing on my crafts
toast to be say
will be three se i say say
i would just like guy does or diphthongs that you slide at he eyes on alarm i am dying guy
for the easily easily all sounds good
no you
he was worm last july's as a whole thing you're lucky
so lets you get consent by no barrier show the have sushi to this one or yeah yeah to sheets to certain yeah two sheets of sojourn yakutia sojourn
we'll tell it was julia
and now she's so cute and then a day or show to two months or a couple of books as a deputy to such a show put too much org which two months old time radio show yet region so on dial shows yeah putin know
it is either york region the oxygen so on it's actually so on
for home or tend to say on like an english
the oxygen shown we say someone else is on what we can on the
slow in all things
which was really mouthfuls are the only really happy to get a lot easier when my cup of minister and the anymore actually been like middle mountain me
the going to keep kalergi keep him or are we know it's the fourth long from the bottom function on the first one percent
one and the angel ecom that unit of a genius are harming home you can we can elephants of jane and it's the soft and joel deca
because i knew it was like a picture suu kyi car you have a lot of time so when i heard in zero p a car or photos hearing g on and i wasn't sure if it was dinner for some reason
so yeah if we're not hiring geez
i'll say to the girl com
also is a since we're doing the japanese translation we are cautiously shop
shukla shock caviar yeah a shock to all the chaperones also in them
some other thing that we do a japanese were we say shut up shut up and same boat and go muslim holy guy was in current guy he downloaded the japanese pronunciation
shut down one you issue
rooms king lives
see what else was my yes just that about the the devil consequences and yes he helped you to know lets you for example hermione direction direction yeah a devil tiers from you'll need to die as the same as in atlanta last of the is the and pizza pizza me is
don't want when you do the democrats handsome and the as usually when we learn to do that a chatting you hold the amazon the ends in sounds very pretty slow
can the honey ah tara hundred per day so if everyone's doing that rather than one hundred per hunt
have a kind of hum near that's very nice
the ceremony and a ranch
sakura sex or sexual
theft charge
a and brick arches in germany say that men are out of it down
right on the west area that i say to say chunky can say that the ease or our aid
snowden in japanese say your time to have group
okay anything else about this from is chance you know as
tends to be the one that kind of falls apart of it so i think it's good to spend some time on it and and what will chanted and mean
retired after good okay read such as just go through if you return to run the crisp pigs great western viagra to have some church
that one are we not only with the more and you just keep with the beach as well as a rookie plasma rifle and right says mr we provided it without democracy yard and had to kind of
greece have such grazings them home so i think it's easier now breakdown usually do the heart sutra least rugs a day or more
i saw on the next pages from mecca hang your highly cash loan just the hurts some jerk on japanese
how do anything about back
gypsum know
and a question about running more yes for everyone says for friend and accidents in are hatched is it i credit credit them
pekka chess wrapped and we got one been
okay quickly right now that we're doing up with the mercruiser from our stock and tried to use a mantra that
the matters really have their own arm
how they're not to pop pop pop up its cache declared hired a person get a barista it's a but now we just do it we could be got a guy a pi captain america but if you may be checking this out of your own journal of differently and maybe you're fasting
a t getting hi cathy has some decade movie star
so this is the heart sutra in japanese machine your
i know what to say about max good devil you know we've got these sets in your gym and yeah promo copy so each one gets a be yeah yeah so it's a double syllable so you kind of speed up your come
double time here for those each word gets be mexico instead of meant pseudo move to and donald okay the next one is show samuel cathedral durrani are spells you know this is the data for removing hindrance
we do this
it is times and we do it three times over
and i just wanted to mention something
it's no more some miranda moto know over hershey
there's something people only say
she's sure she sure we cheat and she sure i hear should be awesome thanks she format she should she shui
elena and i think that was pretty good it's to cancel this o n people read his arm a
and i don't mind it as much in their other chant in yeah
when we say what are a christian was so on jackie to having get region so on so it should probably be so but anyway for cans a on i really feel should be tanzania that's her name as conceal that's commun or
i'm looking to share name is times a own it's here comes a are so you can remember that that only is not english it's and own and z
kate how the child
jolene they only gonna say a lot of you if a here they are shown in tanzania and born in tanzania it really am
it's just a mist mispronunciation of the name itself so it's all of it to hear from me so cause a okay then merging a distance immunity that's the standard time with champion shattered that this morning said okay i was hoping and praying prison do this
often office and sobriquet in japanese
so we get more familiar with it is as insulting is a poem the whole thing's a poor japanese parliament it has a wonderful
risen to it
any questions about the sand okay i didn't know whether it's just because we don't do very much it's field
heritage it's difficult yeah well for this one it's also wants to the lines above get to these so
you know you can almost check it out of your mind and all them each syllable gets a bit so cheap and two days and no shame to side with sunni i so each one of those lines gets the devil
if you sometimes there is going
they will take it one can keep in mind that that will help you with right to hold and what not otherwise get to house
he he she know home
on august
yes ss h i how's that for house
miss usa
he was
he one day she saw the ne sheep ne she saw the legates to and the she gets one so he and why you get what he was a she like that
christmas yeah says that he had the kid you the durrani chan was born as permitting hindrance and man the and major group is for protecting life yes said okay we do the show you ill for example f
kind of seals the ceremony in
for you know before the show karaoke tgo durrani is chanted at the end of weddings
to cut a remove hindrance and just clear the space for
remote crap
ah what's just happened and the made you could only do for people are sick you know that when and protection to that standing at different times different times are slightly different but the inmates you could of go is a suit traction girl with sutra whereas the durrani is a spell
and the ronnie's the dash and erroneous the journey of great compassion in there they're almost untranslatable hair grow
the words are more like mantra or evergreen like actual translations
so we don't we haven't we don't have a chance to to writing an english we keep it as just the pure sounds
okay so it's of as just going to point out a couple things like after rt rate in the middle
where's is the soul stone go or not she may to the a top take it's it's a double team their suits me a time
t on early on so as little hard their me a car thief
i one course yes or estate lines from the bottom of the summer
ah gee a i g eight years
hey god is eight lights on one four by six thirty six i'm sorry so when considering our by sixth or a guy as sse says she saw to read but can guy gosh she the
s it goes that it's not gas it's got a got she that it it's like a double as their gosh she real
so that looks weird when she is might have been better to keep that is one word but a probably isn't one where and i don't know what it is japanese but it's won't we chant that line
this song surrender
the reader survey
so good
will check that you let's just try to get through this song of the job mere summaries a hockey was that my reader you were in japanese anymore it's very beautiful also a poem you know one of the east property songs you know doing him in the original is great to her the thing he just yeah i think the problem that ever to school kinds of thinking is
our voices begin to will go lower and lower lower head of drag some very often will she kind of bring it up and go up an active or something and then we tend to go down so if you can keep the energy of and the voice up a little higher that my health gets pretty law also the way it's not there are curious with nurses
yeah so genotypes people charter we have a chance to really should just wrap around just keep going although there is some phrasing you can help it you know but the tenth more try to just keep keep chanting same of get your on very long you've gotta get you've gotta really bring your energy to it
so perceiving itself employing awareness we aren't doing right now
he might do it in practice period will see met his future
i think it's just
crab was doing it for new service during my experience and norman was doing medicine to so we'll just see medicine to we do three times in a row don't forget
and then blames the presentation the ronnie
okay so what what should we chant here for a chance on the shingle and go right from there into the sea it's late and eight thirty right now what would you like to chant what would be a good thing to chant i think name's the buddhist for sure but other than that what would you like to chance for prey

when the refuges attacks i just i've never
good of signed on those guys
yeah what we could do the refuges one
minds to dharma dharma yeah buddha 'em suriname gotcha i'm down mom said there was telling posted
and then he didn't hear about a half ago saying dark dharma dharma or has doctor let's wait and the refuges they're posted and you can yeah yeah you gotta put my browser with else once company we have more happens to
have you will get coffee kids they want the key yeah craig
so that's what someone like to introduce the heart sutra and go right for mayor in two worm sand okay how about that you do there and then mn maybe she boosters and i'm gonna keep the merit of alberta ten actions about that
okay but i would like to do them awful gill
you'd like to do them ah kill
okay who is volunteering to home
coachella and co-ceo scared of
mia okay so let's do this thing where we listened to each other and also i just wanted to mention one thing
the there's the kind of
i like strata of a river of flowing sound and almost on top of that you form the syllables rare revenge chopping it separately so there's a kind of glow that goes along and and you form with your musculature
you know and mouth and lips and everything inform these words but there's the kind of flow rates going on that
rather than chopping each one
i just try it and see if you get a feel for that was just trying to get personal we can pick up yeah that's another thing that there's a tendency to drag so let's try to keep a good pace david you can numb not too hurried with yeah
yeah i was thinking of a japanese yeah
as you just and okay because
the rights holder supercar
not on your holidays are you know
our psyche psyche
a crusader happen
a loser
the insulation layer to show
the city
a and
the show's over
the ocean
the size and

it's a
are usually
circumstances should be write suka yards
a on costuming joe one very important thing and i think you just did it to us to carry out them last silver whatever it is isn't any chance that we do so as like a whispered
instance smoked just going off and evaporating out everybody just carry it way out and the coquille will come in right on top of that so there's this
okay so everybody do that just let it fade into the distance
according to the past
okay let's to the gacha get
for those athletes and the i the of the dog
we have and announced on as usual
the time she has used in theaters
i'm not gonna care
our and shifting around the iraq
he used to see him out there seems no issue so
can i say that to the customer she die
home as the guy is gonna sound ha
sgt on a streak of the river
cause you to tell a lot of know
you know
the area
master survey need is to pursue some peace or know how much you may choose
the now
yeah know
ha de ser una
nina got around as the
we're here over ashes you start to array
and gosh the across the river
sort culture
the issue or what i say this year mr hanky or day sir
the says
you know
certainly she to around
was never know she asked to prioritise then
if you see a son
the through our time and turn that

is there a call the media is the same near madison avenue yes i just realized my victim a in course
i have my own systems the third line from the bottom humming of people don't have an old before system
acted towards life fitting live in really ceremony of appearances
you've gotta kinda nice
i'd like those of you who don't have that oh shit
put in a little oh are you neil
just put a little carrots and an okay
third line with the obama should say i you me oh sumo a bow she going to be i described the older wreck sheffield definitely script line that means is urgently require that the ice and so long i see
the kyocera i use ios now just also some she just paper
ayumi us as or okay okay it's late folks we gotta get up early so let's do can you dedicate that as
he urged
he hosted a show
the slideshow
a movie show was either
shot on the day
john how much you know
you the
stronger together
throughout the summer
after a few pounds
forgot to show should
who don't need that

additional so i can
how she saw sunday
the ocean
the i'm from in know
or she australia
hi peter
you can show
john dykstra
nancy rios i can show
and so i chose to say
the cash
the was
strong and
the research
can know no
are shown as energy guy
issa joke and know
hi should know
love diners or shoes and here
and so was i have to show you
hey guys
a guy say so at the i have snow is a show
shows and use the
chances are
show people and the century on com
a shower and can you tell us
you know
the as and bad reception
as she said mercury and
the anti russia china iran has really
our season tickets to buy
and solution to the shower guys and wrong
the ambitious research and guy sounds as a good idea
so knives are a christian
you know
let's dedicate the mirror of plan of this evening and this can be the end intellectual to man intention and the for vows
ashley it's to albert is ten directions to finish and the albert is ten directions also contended drag so we run try to do each line on a breath and see on is awkward and
because i'm just
see if that first night all british tend to actually see tests can be one rare gate between a weaknesses is it is it wrong to whole target trap the whole thing to keep on way and you can take is it wrong
i think there is them abreast there and bill comes in and then yeah
but if you want to hold them all the waves highly nakano terrible but i think canopy one line everybody and then we are coming together in next excellent seafood kenya

on the issue
a dream matchup site when so late
by the way tomorrow morning in a special service property damage of everybody can be there to attend will be chatting that the heart sutra japanese and the danish drowning in their surprises for everything
the christian arabs by bring these back to design
twenty service money six
here's somebody's pm