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In Buddhist philosophy, Buddha-nature is the potential for all sentient beings to become a Buddha or the fact that all beings already have a pure buddha-essence within. "Buddha-nature" is the common English translation for several related Mahayana Buddhist terms, most notably tathāgatagarbha and buddhadhātu, but also sugatagarbha, and buddhagarbha. Tathāgatagarbha can mean "the womb" or "embryo" (garbha) of the "thus-gone one" (tathāgata), and can also mean "containing a tathāgata". Buddhadhātu can mean "buddha-element," "buddha-realm" or "buddha-substrate".

Buddha-nature has a wide range of (sometimes conflicting) meanings in Indian and later East Asian and Tibetan Buddhist literature. Broadly speaking, it refers to the belief that the luminous mind, "the natural and true state of the mind," which is pure (visuddhi) mind undefiled by kleshas, is inherently present in every sentient being, and is eternal and unchanging. It will shine forth when it is cleansed of the defilements, that is, when the nature of mind is recognised for what it is.

The Mahāyāna Mahāparinirvāṇa Sūtra (written 2nd century CE), which was very influential in the Chinese reception of these teachings, linked the concept of tathāgatagarbha with the buddhadhātu. The term buddhadhātu originally referred to buddha relics. In the Mahāparinirvāṇa, it came to be used in place of the concept of tathāgatagārbha, reshaping the worship of physical buddha relics of the Buddha into worship of the inner Buddha as a principle of salvation.

The primordial or undefiled mind, the tathagatagarbha, is also often equated with emptiness; with the alayavijñana ("storehouse-consciousness", a yogacara concept); and with the interpenetration of all dharmas (in East Asian traditions like Huayan). Buddha nature ideas are central to East Asian Buddhism, which relies on key buddha-nature sources like the Mahāparinirvāṇa. In Tibetan Buddhism, buddha-nature ideas are also important, and are often studied through the key Indian treatise on buddha-nature, the Ratnagotravibhāga.

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Observation of Precepts and Practice of Zazen is Same Thing

Serial: SF-06049

Sesshin Lecture No. 1
Saturday, August 1, 1970
San Francisco

Sesshin, Precepts, Precepts, Doubt, Buddha Nature, Faith, Ceremony, Ordination, Lay,...
Aug 01 1970
City Center

Ekō Lecture 2

Serial: SR-00229

The Second Morning Eko, Part 1 of 3
Friday Evening, July 10, 1970

[This is the second in a series of six lectures by Suzuki on the four ekos chanted...

Eko, Chanting, Chanting, Anger, Buddha Nature, Mahayana, heart, Karma, Meditation,...
Jul 10 1970

OLD - Wherever You Are, Enlightenment Is There

Serial: SF-06103

Summer Sesshin 1969 Suzuki Roshi 1st night lecture ZMC transcribed - duplicate

Five Ranks, Buddha Nature, Composure, Oneness, Evil, Hate, Doubt
Sep 1969

Wherever You Are, Enlightenment Is There

Serial: SF-05184A

Sesshin: First Night Lecture, “I Don't Know Zazen”
September 1969

Knowing that we have buddha nature even while we are in the...

Dogen, Buddha Nature, Enlightenment, Five Ranks, Buddha Nature, Composure, Emotions,...
Sep 1969

Some Questions

Question-and-Answer, Breath, Buddha Nature, Posture, sitting, Tassajara, Offering,...
Aug 28 1969

True Happiness and Renewal of Practice at Year's End

Serial: SF-05970-A

Newly uploaded recording of this talk.

Happiness, Buddha Nature, Happiness, Buddha Nature, Composure, Observe
Dec 21 1968

What is Soto and what is Rinzai?

Serial: SF-05144A

SR024 Tass July 26/68 Roshi Sectarianism copied; July 21 Chino Sensei; July 24 Chino Sensei - also many handwritten notes on the content
NB: the date for the SR talk in...

Soto Zen, Rinzai, Buddha Nature, Bodhidharma, Evil, Bowing, Mahayana, Gratitude, Ego...
Jul 26 1968

Shuso Ceremony

Serial: SF-05143C

SR023 Last 2/3 side 2 Philip's discussion ceremony - copied 2 tapes [there are also photographs of hand-written notes on missing portions of Q&A - per tape operator...

Sesshin, Shuso Ceremony, Big Mind, Bell, Bodhidharma, Gratitude, Buddha Nature,...
Apr 23 1968

Everything Itself Is Buddha

Serial: SF-05140A

SR20 - Reel #5 Suzuki track 1 - Roshi's lecture sesshin #7 12/6/67 Afternoon - copied

(This audio is only the first part of the talk)

Sesshin, Buddha Nature, Buddha Nature, Observe, Hate, Faith
Dec 06 1967

OLD - Inner Power of Practice

Serial: SF-05828

SR-67-12-04-A (start) (finish) - This tape repeated 67-12-02, but section at end was missing section of 67-12-01 and -02!

Monastic Practice, Concentration, Precepts, Buddha Nature, Conversation, Beginners,...
Dec 02 1967

Inner Power of Practice

Serial: SF-05137A

SR017 - Track 1 - slow - Roshi Lecture - 12/2/67 - afternoon - copied

Sesshin, Blue Cliff Record, Concentration, Precepts, Monastic Practice, New Year,...
Dec 02 1967

True Practice

Serial: SF-05133-B

Evening Sesshin Lecture
Friday Evening, December 1, 1967, Lecture B
Zen Mountain Center

Sesshin, Zuigan, Fox, Gratitude, Fox, Buddha Nature, Addiction, Discrimination,...
Dec 01 1967

Zen Is Also Buddhism

Serial: SF-05130C

SR013 date? Fall 1967 Tassajara III - Side 1 + 1/2 side 2 Suzuki lecture copied

Mahayana, New Year, Buddha Nature, Hate, Observe, Concentration, Balance, Freedom,...
Sep 1967

The Need for Training in Buddhism without Self-Seeking Mind

Serial: SF-05121B

Original recording

Sesshin, Dogen, training, Buddha Nature, Hate, Observe, Instruction, Doubt
Dec 17 1966


Serial: SF-05097-D

Sesshin Lecture 1966 Tape #2
Track 1 contd: Most of Suzuki's 6pm Lecture, Thursday evening continued on track 4
Track 4 continuation and finish of 6pm lecture of...

Sesshin, Sixth Patriarch, Dogen, Subject-and-Object, Attachment, Buddha Nature,...
Aug 18 1966

Ten Precepts

Serial: SF-05098-B

Sunday morning lecture by Suzuki Roshi
June 19 1966 (19 added later?)

Other notes on box:
Incomplete (muddled) late on then ends.
"Other side...

Precepts, Precepts, Freedom, Observe, Faith, Buddha Nature, Priest
Jun 19 1966

Genjō Kōan, 1–3

Serial: SF-05095-C

Sesshin Lecture: Genjo-Koan, Paragraphs 1–3
Sunday Morning, March 13, 1966, Lecture A
Sokoji, San Francisco

Sesshin, Dogen, Genjokoan, Duality, Faith, Buddha Nature, Attachment, Discrimination...
Mar 13 1966

Where There is Some Limitation, There is Universality

Serial: SF-05114B

===== Awakening the Archive - Tape #9, by Shundo David Haye =====

This talk is found on the same reel as the one previously discussed (https://suzukiroshi.engagewisdom....

Sesshin, Dogen, Buddha Nature, Faith, Evil, confusion, Freedom, Doubt
Feb 18 1966

Sesshin Lecture

Serial: SF-05428


Bodhidharma, Buddha Nature, Beginners, Concentration, Hate, Faith
Aug 01 1965

Sesshin Lecture

Serial: SF-05102

Tape X side 1 - Sunday lectures of Bishop Sumi

Bodhidharma, Buddha Nature, Concentration, Happiness, Hate, Freedom, Faith
Aug 01 1965

Saturday Evening Lecture

Serial: SF-05117A

Tape VIII (?) Side 1 Sat eve lecture (1 - 60); Side 2 Sat eve lecture (1-15?)

Question-and-Answer, Daily Life, Buddha Nature, Happiness, Balance, Bell, Evil, Hate...
Jul 31 1965

Don't Be Bothered By Your Mind / Science of Philosophy is Like a Dissection

Serial: SF-05104C

Tape 5 Summer sesshin 1965 Thursday July 29th Side 2: 5:45 meditation, 9:00 AM lecture [Case replaced 12/95. Original notes were transcribed verbatim - WKR]

Sesshin, Peace, Buddha Nature, Current Events, Bodhidharma, Passions, Instruction,...
Jul 30 1965

Do You Have Some Questions?

Serial: SF-05107A

Tape 7 Summer 1965 Sesshin: Side 1 Friday evening lecture (transcribed) [Case replaced 12/95. Original notes were transcribed verbatim - WKR]

Sesshin, Question-and-Answer, Transmission, training, Emotions, Buddha Nature,...
Jul 30 1965

If You Have A Question

Serial: SF-05105B

Tape 6 Friday July 30 Side 1: 1pm lecture (continued on side 2) - transcribed

Sesshin, Question-and-Answer, Buddha Nature, Religion, Peace, Obstacles, confusion,...
Jul 30 1965

The Purpose of Practice is to Have a Direct Experience of Buddha

Serial: SF-05103B

Tape 4 Summer Sesshin 1965: Thursday July 29 9am lecture - transcribed

Sesshin, Buddha Nature, Evil, Precepts, Ego, Instruction
Jul 29 1965

Some More Questions

Serial: SF-05104A

Tape 5 Summer sesshin 1965 Thursday July 29th Side 1 - 6pm lecture; Continues on Side 2 [Case replaced 12/95. Original notes were transcribed verbatim - WKR]

Sesshin, Question-and-Answer, Precepts, Emotions, Buddha Nature, Passions, training,...
Jul 29 1965


Serial: SF-05103C

Tape 4 Summer Sesshin 1965: Thursday July 29 1pm lecture - transcribed

Sesshin, Question-and-Answer, Buddha Nature, Priest, Faith, Demons, Religion...
Jul 29 1965

If You Understand Bodhisattva Mind In A Dualistic Way

Serial: SF-05126D

Tape 3 Summer Sesshin July 1965 - Wednesday July 28 1965 Tape 3 Side 1: Wednesday 1pm lecture - transcribed; copied June 30 1973; SR001

Sesshin, Shobogenzo, Buddha Nature, Buddha Mind, confusion
Jul 28 1965

OLD - If You Understand Bodhisattva Mind In A Dualistic Way

Serial: SF-05260A

Tape #1 Summer Sesshin Wed July 28 1965; side 2: 1pm instruction, continued on tape #2 - (copy) first of three tapes: SR001

Buddha Nature, Buddha Mind
Jul 28 1965

OLD -If You Understand Bodhisattva Mind In A Dualistic Way

Serial: SF-05901B

1pm lecture (continued on tape #2)

Buddha Nature, Buddha Mind, Anger, Religion, Faith
Jul 28 1965

Forgotten the Value of Religion

Serial: SF-05101A

===== Awakening the Archive - Tape #5, by Shundo David Haye =====

The oldest recordings of Suzuki Roshi made at Sokoji, the home of the San Francisco Zen Center at the...

Sesshin, Dogen, Shobogenzo, Inmost Nature, Religion, Don't Know Mind, Buddha...
Jul 27 1965

Wisdom Seeks For Wisdom

Serial: SF-05128A

===== Awakening the Archive - Tape #2, by Shundo David Haye =====

Among the tapes previously known to exist in the Zen Center archives, the earliest were from a sesshin...

Precepts, Genjokoan, Instruction, Precepts, Buddha Nature, Freedom, Buddha Mind,...
Jul 22 1965
Los Altos

Unknown year, August talk, Serial 01004

Buddha Nature, Ordinary Mind, Big Mind, Commitment, Concentration, Letting Go,...
Aug 22 198