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good afternoon everyone
as i said this morning during this enjoy way we're going to study dawkins and his show bougainville job with too easy
as i introduction
i'd like to talk about this ah
i too fast
before that this is my translation of go with he he ah
last year i had a gun zoe at austin texas and we studied ah shoguns or in-law and after that i started to r on the tiki so i didn't have much time so this ah to
translation the steering ah the stage of a working draft
this and i made a fast very fast left translation
the marine cranky or to make some editing
the to make a collection of grammatik or grammatical mistakes or punctuation or those things
so this is not yet a complete translation
so if we have some suggestion about this transition to make it
our english
i feel you're welcome of course enough during the cross if we will start to talk about you know our translation or cannot finish these saw your comment are welcome but please give me ah ah not during the class but private
this a foster front of a shovel gainesville is and to go with the english

ah joe is ah to do
oh to go on to move onto in this case to practice
go is a movement or action
and but is all costs to the
and i means the awakening
who are awakened one
and he as i said this morning he is degree teach
i love possible transition
he's my high-growth

ah now dignity or majesty shh
or as a adjective dignified or awesome
oh my soaring

and g
this park
this part of the chinese character means human
my human beings
this part means like
oh i'm meaning
i thought this g means our something good
for something meaningful who is in or among human activities
and are possible translation of this g is ankara decorum
some activity or options ah in accordance with some rules or courtesy
ha or manner so possible translation the column or demeanor
oh mama
her conduct
ah behavior
ah one of the the transition i used by has tanahashi and i can turn data into presence
they translate the eg as are awesome presence
and mean a more i am
ah ah ha com
for more than
so this is some actions or way of doing things that can be a model or something
and as i said this morning this phrase is usually he led as a practice or practicing buddhists who does
i even dignify the conduct
food but ah dogan the query only as really his job or the as valid and the eg as another lot and he made this go with as a name or a buddha
so this is not someone someone practice good as a dignified conduct but this is ah go with the conduct
that means i practice something ah longs to buddha
but there's no such i this on the this practice so jaw and wood is one thing on the parcel full practice his practice the in this case in a short practice something
this show soccer on this practice on the something or one thing that is fuck go with it means ah
maybe i i said before say this is the same ideas
ah the hemorrhage he wrote initial bogans or makkah hundred habits and now very beginning of show bogans or kenyatta be to the windsor records ah the very first sentence of the heart sutra the sentences as a you
knows about obligation a thin deeply practicing trashing and parameter clearly see the five canvas are empty
this is very korea's sentence than someone whose name was about petitioner is there and this person is practicing this practice named a profound or deep pricing a parliament tahoe and
at that time with the help or aid of this wisdom called pressing your piranha the person this person other a are gonna seize the or nothing other than five canvas everything
five canvas i'm not only that but those five candace are empathy
that is for this sentence means
it's very clear
but if we understand this first sentence of the printing of parliament etc in that way we completely missed the point but ah the person or people who weighed the heart sutra
as a sentence it's clearly says so nothing other than you know this interpretation but if we did this and understanding that way we missed the point that means
ha in or if we think there is a puzzle with the name is about occupation bar beside five canvas and that person is the this and the five sacks can this idea as our object of observation and the here is some kind of our days are ahead
op or have device to see the truth of this object named our wisdom while pricing up alameda
who is this our help of this device the special could see the five scandals are empty
if we think with understand this sentence in that way you know this is completely against the idea of emptiness he could get no such person beside five canvas
and so the
a reputation for is five canvas so five it's scandalous is seeing the emptiness of france canvas
and if the highest canvas are empty know we don't need to say five scanners are empty already empty
the for and that this progeny or wisdom is also now for with unfit see the emptiness so this yeah or wisdom is also empty so only think there is five canvas that is empty and there's no
such subject object relationship
that is fab that it had the people often more people who made the heart sutra want to show us
so parents only five skinless so often we think nogueira five canvas as outside a lot ourselves and we can see the to reality of five canvas if we get this device named are pregnant parantha than
when we can i get that thing that truth than we meet we missed that reality of emptiness
so ah as the has sutra face this prisoner is something we need to practice
can this practice is ah in our case doesn't sitting
ah you know i on the version of the heart sutra we usually chant is called the of item and within a short version it's not korea but there is another you to be wrong advisor know the had sidra within that longer a virgin
ah get some explanation before august about fish but that is ah
ha second when you know within the volume that we tempt second with that up appear
this is a conversation between about okay shubra and it to draw but in the longer version of the huts to write said
gouda expound something talmud east coast
and after heat
finished talking he
shut his mouth and sit ins or zazen
while somebody
and so this conversation between other tissue era and shouted fedora is happening within good as doesn't put us somebody
and the cetera no longer visor know how to sidra says shyly putra asked the question how we were people who aspire to study
my can practice with the might of the buddha
this means this conversation is a yearly conversation happening within that as thousand and this is about doesn't practice
so there's no such separation between object and subject
so actually edge of an architectural and shouted to our our same fixing people passing who are both are using the us doesn't
so you know you knows there then we do nothing but sitting
so there's no object
you know other than what we do
we do really nothing that means we are just fine canvas and this seeking simply simplicity is it says proudly new polenta
and we're just a five scandals and this five skegness how empty
that's all
so there's no such a person who see the five is candace as an observer and there's no such things called five skegness as a object of observation and there's no such things called emptiness as our reality was special truth
beside five canvas
that is
five inch of organs are like a hat on it's the organs zingy made a comment on this sentence
did the five aggregates our phones
ah forms sensations perceptions pray pray the reductions or a formations and consciousness
this is the five for the pricing now both five scandals or five for president
and korea thing is it safe virginia the thing is also prisoner
and to unfold and manifest
this essential truth
the heart sutra state that form is emptiness and infinity the form is very a famous you know expression in mahayana buddhism form is emptiness and inclination to form ski so cozy coupe
two and a coup soccer vs key but no guns ngc in photo nvg is not complete perfect expression so he said
he says form is nothing but form of the the chick is a key
an emptiness is nothing but emptiness crew cuckoo skidelsky some cuckoo
this means if we say ah suppose a group or form is emptiness
the know there are two things from an emptiness and ah
by putting this what is we try to these two things into one to connect these two things and we tried to say this to a one at the same thing fan we
to say in that way know there are two things to two things you was it one reality separate into two and it cannot be good
because our bodies that means fan we are think form is emptiness emptiness is form we're still thinking and thinking about to concept about form and emptiness and try to make this to into one that is happening in our mind but finn
we did go of our fault
only five canvassed in there and those five scandals themselves are completely empties on these are praising your parameter and this is a reputation
so there's no
a statement is possible only this one reality that is for duggan's and you want to show us
ah and finally he said
how fall is nothing but foam emptiness is nothing but emptiness
of grass can fight on things so not only how our fight is candace but or each and everything in this world is a thing
so those each and every things are themselves and penis and also browsing
i think this is important finn we try to understand how to the thing you go the ticket as practice and a buddha and the part of who practiced is one thing
there's no such separation
that means our practice is buddha but we're not put up if we think we're buddha we received
this is a fun
wow token and set in
i'm sorry i'm brigid
ah in this use on my part of bendel
how about a hippo invenergy code his practice of doesn't as did you use a mac and he said can have one or display the cootamundra throughout ah the body and mind
this entire universe become enlightenment so the important point is we need to display buddha missouri
cuisine or throughout this body and mind
a moderate means
but you know missouri is
yeah you know it as and we make this mudra this is called missouri but mother our so means our stamp or seal on stamp or is same as our signature in american culture that means if we find with thief
a stamp ha ha
then we see in this
a painting while calligraphy is done by sat person
so for louis find buddha missouri this belongs to buddha
not belongs to shock
so when we display with a missouri with with our body and mind dysphoria mind this five scanners are not show up as a personal position but pcs this practice belongs to buddha
so so how cool is not a subject of this practice anymore
still show up his stay here and these describes can sash shock actually that this practice is buddhist practice
that is the idea of gilbert
go or practice is buddha

this is my understanding of your with a go the
and ah
this a fast school chapter will show bougainville as it is said in in the last page
he's returned third of a forty one

as a you know dorgan zingy was born in the year two hundred something he wrote he was to forty one years old
ah if you are familiar with the organs and these are biographies
he he became a buddhist monk friend he was thirteen years old
and after a fucking every ten as he had a big change
when he was twenty three he went to china
and add a friend he was thirty three years old he founded his own one as to in kyoto ah named cause shortages
and ah he we don't know i exactly why if that was the reason but he did he left with one as to recall sure you in video forty three
three forty three and next big change was happened in two fifty three he died
saw visit our liking go to you delete an intuitive forty one two yards before he moved ah khashoggi from khashoggi to
it a hazy
and it said this were is written in the middle of the tenth month we drew the tense month
ah this has something i think something to do is to know that cohen story he caught in this chapter
how about in ah suppose things about ah all the does in a three times
expounding the alomar in a fire
this supposed thing i was given on the occasion of you know in a being of a whimper
the in a mouse whole they put up are they call fireplace or furnace or in japan to call it a hibachi he got his are
i usually ah
ah square books with our ash and we put a charcoal and to
the heat the
max hall that is ah
on fast day of case months
something he lot this writing with road test mice sold last ha ha can i say to my soul ah the sun from gay start to make a fire so it has something to do with
fuck he's discussing
and also another interesting thing with this date for are this time is
sheboygan the pre-show or buddha nature
it was written around the same time in that tapped out the turbo our bishops will show up with the nature it said with an hr was written in the fourteenth day of tense months of picea to to forty one
he stopped i'd say the only individual and for case is almost invisible of come month
can that do get into ah
every month fifteenth day is a full moon day
can you ain't so sure bogans or show or buddha-nature on this girl with he was written word around the same time i think this is important point so we need to lead for sure and agility together that
means in the organs of the show together and discussed of course about the fuck is buddha nature
and ah this girl the key is a
his innocence how buddha-nature practice how will have better nature walks function
in our daily lives
you know as you probably know in the very beginning of cherbourg and was show or buddha-nature the organs and quote very important statement ah from the party nibbana filter mahayana party new benefit or that is
ah all
living beings without exception have with nature
ah in chinese it is
it's a group bush show

ah he says all your own she's always a leading pings answer is all of them or without the exception and who is hub
and was show the buddha nature so all living beings
this is with that the exception have buddha nature this is very korea
statement but the engines you need this short statement in completely different to age
ah he did because all living beings and he did is to as one what has another
and this will also need to be
so so he can't be or to that means entire being
he's put nature all living beings and entire being is put our nature so it's not a matter of we have a nature as some kind of a position but we are buddha-nature all beings are done it this all beings
to the nature and this go with it is the same idea
all beings are packing moving because it in permanent it changing
norway's all beings are moving and changing getting together on slippery
this is how buddha-nature nature is working and that is the job it's that eg of gilberto so which is moving with buddha is a practice without this moving doesn't lacking
the i think that is basic ah kind of ah
the inside of duggan's nz as a reality of our life
we are part of that you know elizabeth movement we are getting together as a five canvas and plug and the front line
for fifty sixty seventy eighty you our utmost to one hundred years and his boss
this is just a very tiny part of this universal movement
all living beings and entire beings and that way since moving is buddha nature and this the way things moving this movement is practice yoga which is a practice
a bad practice and practice buddha
so there's no such thing called show her crew are any human being through want to practice
dr it there
i always have desire
you know
to do something he wanted to get something that is or how this the is
hang up is not to put out but this is my personal desire to make this and better
to ah where are you want to see the truth i want to become enlightened this i i is just somehow
in happening in my mind was this is a kind of fiction
the things actually there is just movement of five canvas
getting together and a sobriety
he know it i go
how combat them in this is barbara is a fan of the analogies are very often used to explain the reality of emptiness
can i borrow
these are condition of air packed in the water
hey i'd packed in the water on stay for a wider in our order and and
double warped to dystrophies its disappear
so there's no such entity called fixed entity called our bubble it's ah it's a movement or duration between air and water
there's no such fixed independent entity beside air and water called babel
in an fence or w is a name over condition or movement or happening
only for a short time
and i no crowds at the same thing crypton in this in the case of crowds crowes is a water floating in air
so validations is opposite but only a delicious putting air and water
nothing is so there's no such thing called crowd
of course in the show up who is much more complicated
them in a gun babble or a crowd but basically the same thing the connection who are gathering of all different things and exist for a while as a shock at this five is candace
and yet there's no such things called the shock isn't just our obligations for collection who our collection of all different
it's not the only material but so a mentor from ever will think i think he's
ah a thought in using japanese or english mainly basically japanese but this company a japanese learners is not my invasion my creation but i learned japanese language
you could i like only in japan
so this language which is used to think
how to create produce show up foot is a gift from the society or culture in the fridge as being ah
created by millions of people living in that in those items may with japan so nothing is show was you know and now i'm talking about tokens tokens in the writings
but whatever i'm talking is something i studied in the past from my teacher or from some thickest while some citrus or from my experience
what does nothing personal
so there's no such things called shock and yet from our another side you know this a shock so i need to pick up this five scandals as a shock
and ah
i made a choice to be are buddhist priest in that in the age of dogan zingy i tried to be a
good priest and i don't like a was priest but good practitioner so i tried i tried to do my best
and i studied and i practiced so from one from that side you know
i haven't making choice and live as a shock and picture of this five scandals and shock on tried to
we pay for to be on ah
good practitioner and tried to share that dharma or teachings with other people because that is my a function or a job or responsibility as a priest
so soviet are two sides from one side there's no such six coursework but from another fight this is nothing other than shock this is my life
these two side are really important to understand for the gains discussing about gilbert and pets practice
where i think that's enough about the other introduction my understanding of this menu this title job with easy but i guess one more thing
to understand that the how can i say impact of tokens are
looking saying in this writing
the time overseas arrive in japanese buddhist community that is
the idea of
ah so-called final issue is your final dharma or map pool

he out one of the ways to see the history in buddhism ah in buddhism ah it's kind of our opposite to the way we think about our history
we more than people who think things are getting better
including or progress improving so we are in the best time of our history but in buddhism does the opposite way you are viewing a history what is the time okuda buddha was a best time
since when a dark ages getting loss
and it is said
aftab but as this for five hundred or one southern via
ah there's buddhist teaching and people practice that he unplugs for teaching and people are things so called the enlightenment
second five hundred the one thousand
the first age was period was called show ball
show woman true dharma
yeah your pituitary mark

first peeled and second period was called though whole

the means our phones forms
english translation is for this got someone know that translation of the overhaul is something like a semblance similar terima
that means people will was teaching is to there
and people practice but no one attain enlightenment
sure if we're getting lost
and third period was called my po

much means finance
and it said it's last one at no ten thousand years
in this period on the buddha's kissing remains no on practice or no one at a enlightenment
this is one of the ideas you know please view the history
it seems in this system of three period was ah
created in china not in india
this is a book by john matthew
but tighter that was up on our future time extinction of dharma
and she studied the source of this idea the idea that ages
he's getting was that
are existed in india but this
the system of three is well established in china around the fifth centuries and that is around the same time and you know like that who came to china
anyway ah in japan
our people are japanese people thought the age or find out of burma started the year ten fifty two so the engine he was born in terrible hundred so on and upon hundred and fifty years before the game was born
this means people thought it has no meanings to practice because the it's what doesn't work no matter how much we practice we can't i pay an itinerant the large was that is what so degenerated
that is very brisk idea of almost all japanese buddhist
ah that was verizon in on that
pure land buddhism became popular
whose turn i'm teaching us that we up in a practice using our personal foot personal power
on our own power doesn't work because of that ah because we are living in agree degenerated one
only hope we can have is to have our face in
the vow of amitabha buddha
kinda a pure land buddhism it is said before i'm tired out that became buddha a he of course he was are bodhisattva and he made he took vows forty eight pounds
and one of his forty eight pounds is
can i became with a fan i attain buddhahood i create the brand named ah okuda goof
for pure and
and i allow everyone who has face
in my vow
he born in my pure land
that was a this book sativus valve
and according to the sutra this was sativa completed was have a practice and became amitabha buddha that means his bow his vows have already completed
that means if we have a face in amitabha buddha as valve
and ah
and take refuge in uncover with we can be born in his pure land
it's know we can't hope to practice or nothing enlightenment in this degenerate want but if we have a face in amitabha then we can be born in a pure land and there we can practice not is a very basic teaching or
the pure land buddhism
imperial japanese pure land buddhism any practice
he's not appreciate it for any practice using a lot personal why individual effort but only the face in amitabha is important and even the face is a gift from amitabha
ah that is called other power
britain and the current with this thing concerning is a file says power practice and it doesn't work in this final the age of final dharma
and so many people became puran police
i'm not only pure land buddhism but also ah you know there's another buddhist leader the time move with name was a chilean his teaching is also based on the same idea we are in the final the in the age of final garima so
our practice doesn't work
but ah
logan's angie was kind of art
ah in
can bend over
the organs and g i made eighteen questions and he he gave a as a to those christians and christian fifteen is about this idea of a finer is find our karma

the question is
ah even even in this craft declining age of the word is it possible to attain enlightenment through this practice through this practice a miniature this doesn't practice
so this is nice must be very common question ah from many numbers of british community in japan not to condensed time
then our tokens and just reply is as follows
in a teachings cuz they focus on various craft gratification classification system
yet in a to teaching of mahayana where is no distinction of ah to semblance on the final dharma
so according to dogan in those distinction of three ages ah no doctor through teaching of mahayana
and it is said that also practice will again that we all have a practice will attain the way
so ah
tokens and you reject this idea of the asian final garima
if his idea it without we practice or not if we practice because practice is it self enlightenment if we practice and ultimately there
that is the
i'm can see based based bass fishing or budokan zingy that means ah
you know the i iv he ah
no idea of the second is is there are was teaching his remains and people who put their as people who practice
the buddha's teaching and it no one that any enlightenment
but from logan one get to say his practice itself is enlightenment
there's no separation we can cause and result in our common idea practice is cause and enlightenment is reserved
so we practice in order to attain enlightenment but tokens and zeke naked this separation between cause and result
and he said if practices down an argument in here
practice and enlightenment that one
means you know
these to these
but and enlightenment is not a two separate thing
but fan we practice and i commend to there and that is and this idea of go with practice is buddha
practice enlightenment and buddha ah the only one thing
so if we practice is praying with as missouri that mean look out for this person's sick who tried to in dogan the expression practice for the sake of practice
the practice for the sake of practice we practice that enough for the sake of dogma not for the sake of this puzzle
then that is ah
how can i say
manifestation of
ah kong or danger or corn
and cohen is this universal truth or reality
and that a universal reality is buddha
so using our practice for that is there
what is a basically message of dog and seventy two other people ah
at the time ah
the to the people in the japanese society at a time of dogging
if we practice indictment in via

i think
so for
the people of for the buddhist for lived in the thirteenth century the time of dogan fuck his thing is very strong message i think was surprising message
now those idea of three times and we're living in the last age and there's no hope to attain enlightenment on the different
he said if we practice enlightenment in here and buddha is fear that this best message of dogan genji in this writing on your with easy
okay i think that enough as are introductions for i start to read the text
it's full cook

ha i tried to make this translation as the as possible even though it's that makes his
as the english
because any english what is for to me is just our equivalent fat i understand the japanese so i tried to explain my understanding of each sink so i eat you add and if you
think a as a guy english expression ah crazy to me know
let me be the first ah
portable does without exception free practice dignified conduct
this practice is practice buddha
practice and buddha is neither a real og body buddha know our our transformation body buddha
neither a certain age or bollywood buddha know on as an nature body buddha
police buddha is neither gradual awakening know our original awakenings neither by nature awakening no no a weakening
these buddha's cannot stand shoulder to shoulder with practice put out
we should know that or with us of with away do not wait for awakening
only practice buddha alone can completely penetrate the practice activities who is in the way of going beyond buddha
the social of nature body buddha and so forth cannot see this even within a dream
so here he talks about visible that
named a job with

i think that you are familiar with the expression of three chaos was re bodies or buddha
fast his horse shoe
i got a much higher
second is hoarding
what fumble a guy
and the fog is ah
oh okay
oh kate
oh kid she
what new to molokai
you know we jumped other than macula some more okay on yamanaka in a mutant
ah this idea of three bodies or buddha or three cars
ah was developed in our history of buddhism in india
la fin secondly died you know but ah for with as the cyprus it's a great loss of course
check or money was very special
get our existence existence glass coffin why ah ping
they couldn't select second good up there was only one
second known crit a take the position of the buddha
so but i was only one that means friends i can read guide the wrist last one noticed real treasures
the was gone so on the buddha's teaching and ah sanga remains
and yet the for them buddha is very a special being so ah they tried to find fat was buddha
and the they found a
the thing the thing that made this person secondly he as buddha is dharma
soften this or kitchen or need a mile okay i mean secondly the person who was born in india about ah twenty five hundred years ago the buddha in the history
but finn because of empowerment is without passed away but there was gone
and ah so they started to think bigger either dharma dharma
with i thought fast thought fucked with i thought but as teaching is buddha
and then gradually they started to think not that teachings but that truth or about fitch to fit with awakening to and pete about that reality a tooth is dharma
catherine the dogma and that is actually buddha
so get out
well fast in to two to molokai and that makhaya was the concept of nirvana guy on gunsmoke i was created
so this is a buddha as a human being who was born in southern praise at certain time of the history and died at certain time and that second place
who about this that makhaya has no body dharma it says the way things are is buddha
so there's no beginning i know in
that is the i doubt very much higher
and ah
no idea or concept of holding or some more bolkiah was established or created ah
in the mahayana buddhism especially in the us our school
the over china ah the main teachers or masters have a charter school is rough land and assemble
those people
created this idea of horse holding awesome bolkiah that means some kayak means are divide the body
you are the body buddha the right means as are you add over the past practice
as a result of long for the long periods of practice this person again with our food and became a that
and oh
and those that are this
such as amitabha buddha as i said before as a p
buddha in a pure land buddhism and ah medicine must have that i yeah casino night while there are many other good us in my buddhism they created many buddhist
he result this is not on the what can number is in our want
in this time our cosmos and the a you are to get out here to put up
and those without were called hamburger kaja

when they just talking about this kind of in a buddha with us said
and he
and it's so it's buddha is a is created from based on the image of chicago melinda
anyway but the fact organ that you want to say is the essence of these any without any kind of buddha is practice
he said all buddhists with are the exception free practice during a fight conduct
this practice is practiced buddha
so the fuck he is saying he eyes where is from another kind of with a name or names with the name of go with practice put up
basically what he's trying to say is a lot of far is practice skier
this the total karma korea or assembled a china or need amount of kaja for at the sky this is the body oprah
the key thing is that they are fat has had to put an end participant or besides those three lot get a mini or that many more calculated visions but that essence of buddha is practice that is tokens as you want to
so he doesn't need it doesn't negate this thelma kiowa some more kiowa need a monica but all the buddhas
the a sense of all good us his practice
so all of us are practice buddha
photo that means including term gaia for more or need a of chaos
the essence of or good these with us to think the element one thing that makes all these with us as into buddha is practice
that is and you want to say product is actor thing

ah he said practice with that is a ninja be around the body buddha you ride the body buddha is some worker
noah i formation body with a transformation with that is care she came with that these a nokia
and neither a sinful nature body good us ah no other a the buddha this safe entire body and other your body
get a to
think applications one is ah wheezing some more kayak there are two kinds one is a certain age our distortion and others pressure sheen on resourcing on procession day far too
ha vu de julio
did you say what as does use on my vizio she and kazuyoshi
do you cut
she is finished awesome body
gee is a safe
car is other
and do is to the sheep and the us to use to the chic and use
this usually means
ah as a result while you out of his our past practice long time of practice he a the sheaf and use
the dharma join
he enjoyed the dharma
so this is this idea came from with as the ceremony with us for god's eyes in before after he again so called put up with the or enlarged awakening before she started to teach he enjoying the devils
asian or data maturing punch himself without sharing with others that is a reasonable idea of viewership buddha receive and use this jeremiah joey for himself
and hundred or the next to and patio she means footprints second money with are made his mind to teach others he stood up from that seat under the bodhi tree and into that the or park and start to teach
this his activity of cheating is to share that data module with other people
so desertion is is
the guy sitting for himself by himself and enjoy develop and leadership and enjoy back out of my joy
anderson would have to teach and share at the gala with other beings that is called patios she
so the desertion causes kazuyoshi or safely a terrible the buddha and as unreachable the buddha ah ah
part of this some worker
another interpretation is the show she searched nature body without is done makhaya
and ah pressure washing his new monica
you know there are many theories about know whereas body with as chaos so there are many different interpretation possible
and i do
he come on the ah because now the buddha came from our boogie that is awakening the ss hope out while the things that makes a second money as buddha is awakening so that is what he's seeing next
visible are you should put them in practice a buddha
his knees a gradual awakening know our or his inner awakening is gradually awake awakening or and original awakening is ah
ah terms used to in that
does your children dies york issue in the english
ah awakening the mm higher face or something like that
he said this our or isn't oliver awakening means that ah
way things are it says is
for doesn't allow awakening and we are part of that alternative awakening but because of our delusions we don't see the awakening so we have to practice on study then we gradually ah reviews now
reasons and finally this our gradual awakening and the original awakening become one that is the time we awake we at the without that is the idea of
ha the teaching of terrible ottawa
our buddha nature
even though we have with our nature or buddha buddha-nature was hidden within derision so we have to fast we have to find that this buddha-nature and take out that
terrorism that is it like a dust or that and always need to push public nature than the nature become a like a diamond
what is one theory with in mahayana buddhism
not here dorgan inset this practice buddha argue over to his knees are gradual awakening know or is another awakening
neither by nature awakening by nature ripening in the garlic itself is
awakening ah no awake when he notices new cock know awakening is
ah you start weeping
the you get nothing but the awakening so there's no have agree
if there's something which is not awakening than a week there is a weakening but finn everything is awakening in there's no everything that is how is where the move is used in chinese

as in often use rwanda more ah

who and move who is being
and movie is known being
no existence and specially in show in the with show he ah
is the expression of poor buddha nature and move buddha nature
how often he discuss about in a dog as a book on hr joshua said
the fan huge though she was asked does it talk as a adult have the nature
georgia said mood
and next time he said you to the same question he said more and
i'm usually more do is is translated as a hub or not or not have
but goggins ngf because he said because in a very beginning beginning of show bogans over show he says he had an all beings and entire beings are buddha-nature having who are not having doesn't make sense so his interpretation of this one of the
because of buddha nature the is a really different from common understanding because have or not have than to make sense for dog and angie interpret this are two different to open a dancer by joyce you are showing to sidle buddha-nature one side is
with an nature on our site it is moved with an hr so both you and move being and non-being our nature oh how we can save our form and emptiness
he both are
we're to sight of reality
and i put on a child and shows the form point as form and we'll do with an h a point the emptiness
so it has nothing to do with have on a half
so often we did dogan would not be very careful
can you a this or this new cuckoo mean doesn't mean lack of awakening but cock to cargo cargo on the moon cock this to awakening hook up and walk and moggach is
hey nothing's i don't like the so eight of ah ha
but no is higher than it's riker not i fear know he does something for example on how to drive a car faster we have to study how the
cause is manufactured and how it works on do we have to learn that traffic routes and we memorize i'm trying to understand but when we become get the are used to driving we don't think about how the
sweet spot luxeon you what that way or we don't even think about the traffic rules still we can drive in a safe way
so fast we have to study and do we need to understand but our next we need to for it the understanding that these another
a expression logan's and use understanding and no understanding who are not understanding or air under way

come on the free no not understanding is that are cove understanding but ah
and organs and you use this was whoever what not understanding this is ah
after we completely understand this we fled and just do it
test when we just driving a car we don't think about how kallax while we don't think about know traffic rules but somehow we just drive and that is the best condition of driving a car
so often not only logan's edgy but in then ah lightings ah
the usage of this negative expression
now needs to be some attention for this means
sometimes stolen when you use narrative expression as usual as commonly used as a as an elective thing but more often than he used these kind of a negative expression this is ah
the up
this is cathy
compression complete understanding is no understanding complete the awakening is no one there's no awakening
hmm that is a point so the here though is that this practice the buddha

as we should know that order with us of the put away do not wait for awakening
that means the and the awakening or one thing and practice an awakening is the one thing so there's no are weakening
the only with us practice only buddha on the practice on the awakening so there's nothing is what is the way our specially tokens engines use this negative exp expression
ah we've been before that he said vs buddha's cannot stand shoulder to shoulder with practice buddha
this means these with us
this is not that good comparison but this means good
you know all these good ah including the practice of buddha so there's no show that to show that his know nothing to compare nothing outside of practice buddha all of it as our practice buddha
so here we need to change our understanding
in our common sense practice is ah method or means to attain enlightenment was to become buddha
but here doggie invenergy is saying our practice an awakening and buddha is one and the same thing so without practice test no buddha
in or even in the heat are shakyamuni buddha as arrive in often he again buddhahood he didn't stop practice
he continued practice you know until his death
ah created
it's already full package
so practice is it says buddha
our next
sentence only practice buddha alone can completely penetrate the practice activities within the way of going beyond buddha this expression going beyond buddha isn't one of their very important expression in duggan's writings going
beyond the buddha is gucci cordial

gets it
coal jaw buddha core is try to add
joe is adequate
so ah
to buddhahood is not the final gold gone
without never stop practice but always going beyond but i'd always going beyond that is the meaning of this expression with the cordial
going beyond the buddha and this is an expression
ah i'm not sure
ah he was a fast person who are not that this is a important x expression by told them
cause an don't
you have found out chinese sotto sotto school with her core georgie the mottled going beyond the buddha that means the
in buddhist practice there's no goal we are always going beyond going beyond going beyond we cannot stay praised
that is also very important ah part on boys are gonna practice practice or nirvana of law abiding know abiding
i'm was you're sure

would you know abiding his name of nirvana in our case of ah
what's happening practice
we've had about voice at that does not stay is hosanna
because of wisdom and the boys had to buy doesn't stay in nirvana because of compassion
so point both of us are always coming and going between san santa nirvana
that is for this law abiding means
that means at the same time was up about apple is both samsara and nirvana same as other as has a right
at the same time we are tied to it in some sarah
that is nothing other than nirvana we can't find nirvana besides failure
so we are right now right here but this right now right here can be at the same time sankara and also nirvana
ah so the sale furniture body buddha and so forth cannot see this even within a dream so he said this practice without our goal with
is obtainable
that means the essential autograph is practice
ah i think stan to stop talking
any christian

no question

the difference
between then and pure on
that's a very good question and gap
really difficult question
how okay a difference

fewer and boost negate the validity or safe power practiced and only he think the value his face in amitabha to the other
power have thought about power
ha that these how they feel put is this make a distinction ah
between then and pure land but fellow we studied organs and these teachings there's no such distinction
so i'm not sure is them
happy is really different speaking on care and and then i can basically variables within with as teaching
but approach is different
either power paulo of amitabha have recovered the name of buddha

pardon me
napo him

among appeared on the buddhist yes
karen the period on teaching is only valid teaching in this is of finance dogma
you know lenses student in our as he said it's not a
ah to teaching or mahayana it's a kind of the
skillful means
there wouldn't be so
could you say target
a here
it's hot
i don't
i think many photos and priest to discuss about my book the ideal map pool
but in pure on they do
okay priests of
we talked about job
first line of the heart sutra
twenty five i couldn't understand the worthy you are using and then i also was when you go over what the five five scandals or aggregates
skanda it sounds good to and for aggregates
go on
one go on
and what are those by areas is ah you can find in the heart sutra eye ear nose tongue body and mind
a form or data or mateo and sensation by said shine
sensation perception formation and consciousness or got hives canvas
please you made a distinction between so or glacier in other nature's can the connection to enjoy enjoying the dharma before teaching enjoying the dumber in teaching to others in the joy in tens of
kilcullen joyful mind him in any way connected to this the i go on this whole hoard it's ah
i think that was dog nz use in kinda joke and key kitchen that why is different but same idea that ah the i didn't get a mile or i'll tell you i hope kids in it's a whole case the i of burma and joy of thing on saturday
it has same idea
what what you you know about how radical idea
the practice we are was received
it's radical idea i was received ah
he don't know because ah you know he lot
and ah maybe give some explanation to his sangha members and yet the she's monastery was still very small and there's no record remained about how people feel accepted audited
kid was ah liquid side
but fired organs and was alive he was not so popular his hunger was quite small
so not many people here he didn't understand
the down for him
for children they are
it said so
but not not because they didn't like for dog and lot
they they had some different motivation my thing