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Zazen (literally "seated meditation"; Japanese: 座禅; simplified Chinese: 坐禅; traditional Chinese: 坐禪; pinyin: zuò chán; Wade–Giles: tso4-ch'an2, pronounced [tswô ʈʂʰǎn]) is a meditative discipline that is typically the primary practice of the Zen Buddhist tradition.

The generalized Japanese term for meditation is 瞑想 (meisō); however, zazen has been used informally to include all forms of seated Buddhist meditation. The term zuòchán can be found in early Chinese Buddhist sources, such as the Dhyāna sutras. For example, the famous translator Kumārajīva (344-413) translated a work termed Zuòchán sān mēi jīng (A Manual on the Samādhi of Sitting Meditation) and the Chinese Tiantai master Zhiyi (538–597 CE) wrote some very influential works on sitting meditation. The earliest manual on sitting meditation from an author of the Zen tradition is the Zuòchán Yí which dates to the Northern Song dynasty (CE 960 - 1126).

The meaning and method of zazen varies from school to school, but in general it is a quiet type of Buddhist meditation done in a sitting posture like the lotus position. The practice can be done with various methods, such as following the breath (anapanasati), mentally repeating a phrase (which could be a koan, a mantra, a huatou or nianfo) and a kind of open monitoring in which one is aware of whatever comes to our attention (sometimes called shikantaza or silent illumination). Repeating a huatou (a short meditation phrase) is a common method in Chinese Chan and Korean Seon. Meanwhile, the practice of silently reciting the Buddha Amitabha's name is common in the traditions influenced by Pure Land practice, and was also taught by Chan masters like Zongmi.

In the Japanese Buddhist Rinzai school, zazen is usually combined with the study of koans. The Japanese Sōtō School makes less or no use of koans, preferring an approach known as shikantaza where the mind has no object at all.

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The True Dragon

Dogen, Baso, Dragons, Freedom, Soto Zen, Emptiness, Bodhidharma, soto, Instruction,...
Oct 12 1968

Practice Zazen With Your Whole Mind And Body

Serial: SF-05131B

This is lecture D from these notes on the reel boxes (05132-B was added to this)
Several minutes of tape operator's notes at the end are included, the transcript was...

Instruction, Zazen, Posture, Beginners, Funeral, Religion, Instruction, Emotions,...
Sep 08 1967

August 19th, 1966, Serial No. 05097, Side I

Serial: SF-05097I

Sesshin Lecture 1966 Tape #2 Track 4 instruction by Rev Katagiri Friday morning

Composure, Zazen
Aug 19 1966

Genjo-Koan: Paragraphs 1–11

Serial: SF-05098-D

Sunday morning lecture by Suzuki Roshi
June 19 1966 (19 added later?)

Other notes on box:
Incomplete (muddled) late on then ends.
"Other side"...

Dogen, Genjokoan, Family Practice, Observe, Doubt, Discrimination, Attachment, Hate,...
Jun 19 1966

On Chanting, Sokei-An

Serial: SF-01131B

Tape 4 copy 1

Rinzai, Chanting, Intuition, Continuous, Bell, Lay, Zazen, Freedom, realization,...
Mar 01 1966

On Japanese Zen, Christians and Zen, Various Roshis

Serial: SF-01130

Tape 6 copy 1

Dana, Lay, Priest, Zazen, Religion, Zendo, Mahayana, training, soto, Concentration...
Mar 1966

On Chanting, Sokei-An

Serial: SF-01131A

Tape 4 copy 1

Chanting, Bowing, Echo, Zendo, Ceremony, Posture, Priest, Zazen, training, Peace...
Feb 25 1966

On Nanshin-Ken, Sokatsu-Shaku

Serial: SF-01128

Tape 2 copy 2 - duplicate

Lay, Priest, Zendo, Doubt, Ceremony, Bowing, Zazen, Religion
Feb 22 1966

On Nanzenshi, Nanshin-Ken

Serial: SF-01129

Tape 1 copy 2 - duplicate

Priest, Zendo, Study Period, Describe, Silence, Zazen, Peace, Funeral, soto, Chanting...
Feb 22 1966


Serial: SF-05123A

===== Awakening the Archive - Tape #3, by Shundo David Haye =====

In this talk, which became the Calmness chapter of Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind (p121), Suzuki Roshi...

Dogen, Zazen, Composure
Aug 26 1965
Los Altos


Gratitude, causation, Dependent Origination, Oneness, Culture, Zazen, Breath, Enemies...

On Japanese Zen, Christians and Zen, Various Roshis

Serial: SF-01126

Tape 6 copy 2 - duplicate

Religion, Priest, New Year, Lay, Mahayana, Dana, Zendo, Zazen, training, Rinzai...

OLD - Become More Honest and Direct

Serial: SF-05766

SR-68-00-00-B (complete) - duplicate

Posture, Observe, Evil, Instruction, Zazen

Buddhism at Millennium's Edge - Seminar 2

Serial: SF-03145

Copyright 1998 by Peter Matthiessen - Unedited Preview Cassette - duplicate

Interview, Suzuki Roshi, Describe, Heart Sutra, Hate, Bell, Zazen, Emptiness, Enemies...

Buddhism at Millennium's Edge - Buddhism and the Western Poetic Imagination

Serial: SF-01844

Commercially Produced cassette: Conference Recording Service 1308 Gilman St, Berkeley, CA 94706 - duplicate

Silence, Conversation, Faith, Darkness and Light, Enemies, Freedom, Letting Go, Lay,...

Way-Seeking Mind Talks

Serial: SF-03089C

Student talks, should not be published

Practice Period, Priest, Monastic Practice, Bodhisattva Vow, Conversation, Vows,...

Unknown Date, Serial 01076

Serial: SF-01076

(no date) 1991?

zen meditation, Zazen, Subject-and-Object, Suzuki Roshi, Concentration, Letting Go,...

Unknown Date, Serial 01005

Serial: SF-01005B


zen meditation, Echo, Concentration, Zazen, Oneness, Happiness, Anger, Emotions...

Out of the Trap summary

Serial: SF-03031A


Religion, Ego, Enemies, Passions, Balance, Evil, Describe, Zazen

Unknown year,September talk, Serial 01771

Practice Period, Peace, Tassajara, Instruction, Suzuki Roshi, Zazen, Politics,...
Sep 11