World Peace Through Compassion and Non-Violence

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I think the date on the sleeve say 4/91, not 4/9, which tallies with the printed information

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this is a talk given by his holiness the dalai lama of tibet taking place at the santa fe high school auditorium in april nineteen ninety one the talk is entitled world peace through compassion and nonviolence
his holiness is introduced by robert thurman this is tape number dsf ninety one dash one
beg your arm and i'm very happy to be back in santa fe here with the oldest friendly cases and were all of us hear about and many people i'd leave at home around the country are about to have the rare privilege and special treat of an audience with his holiness the fourteenth dalai lama of tibet outstanding exemplar of the mill
liam's of monks and nuns of the twenty five hundred year old international buddhist monastic community believed by many my on are buddhist to be a living incarnation of their messiah the archangel of compassion and other marketers are and the undisputed political and spiritual leader out of exile
of the six million people of tibet we are meeting one of the dedicated celebrate monastic obama's to get to get up to pray this morning at four am and the middle of this busy schedule and actually believed by his own people to be a living breathing archangel
and yet an imaginative spiritual get down to earth man of action who bears a heavy heavy burden of responsibility for his suffering nation
now his holiness is going to share with us his prophetic and practical vision of compassion as the art and method to achieve world peace his perennial get uniquely normal prescription for our ailing world to have a fabulous twenty first century of peace and freedom after recovering from
this twentieth century of wondrous progress and also unprecedented mass horrors and savage holocausts
my job is to set the stage to bring you up to speed of the background of his holiness and his thought so you can appreciate the deep realities behind his words and the vast possibilities ahead of them we can for instance begin to really appreciate as well as just his holiness is tremendous positiveness
as an indomitable goodwill when we know that what it means that he is a tibetan the acclaimed leader of six million people who are undergoing the supreme catastrophe in their history tibet is a vast country on the roof of the world over one million square miles of high land to the roof of the world at the heart of asia
a it's historically well received is historically well recorded civilization is over two thousand years old it's distinctive language written in a vast and sophisticated literature since the seventh century of the common era it's distinctive political nationality was routinely recognized
by it's indian nepali iranian turkish chinese and the burmese neighbors soon six forty of the common era to bed began to devote its national life to buddhism in an effort to rise above the warrior empire stage which it was living in common with most of the empires of that iran buddhism
was for the tibetans not merely a religion or simple creed but a powerful spiritual movement that had already reshaped india and was hard at work at that time taming south east and central asia china korea and japan it proceeded from the buddha has experienced a perfect enlightenment around five hundred before the common era
and it was a social spiritual and scientific educational movement believing in the human ability to and destiny to overcome ignorance and prejudice greed and hatred and attain enlightenment openness generosity and real genuine love
the tibetans translated the whole range of buddhism from indian languages and set about the long hard struggle to take their own minds to cease from violence to achieve freedom wisdom and happiness by the sixteen hundreds that's a bad nation had on the whole succeeded in this battle with basic egotism
they evolve and they had evolved a unique civilization where each individual man and woman was totally supported by the whole government and society to maximize the amount of life's energy they could spend on spiritual development progress and enjoyment not that everyone was at once as
sage and a faint but everyone was oriented in everything toward the real possibility that they and others could would and had achieved fulfillment and the art and literature of the time shines with the light of intelligence and the vivid colors of their happiness
the first time i lama
let this process from the tibet and renaissance of the fourteen hundreds the great fifth dalai lama presided over the social the this moment of great social fulfillment taking practical steps from sixteen forty two def utilize society expropriating often it is sometimes said even biased
he was futile but this is totally incorrect
tibetan society had been futile before the six seventeenth century but in the seventeenth century the fifth dalai lama expropriated the property of the aristocracy and bound their continued existence to their service of the government and also he demilitarized most importantly he disarmed the country and demilitarized the rob
barons of tibet and you can't have a feudal system without a good old robber baron so to bed was not a feudal system this is incorrect
in tibet alone in the world at this time the long seesaw struggle between the military armies of kings and warlords and the monastic unarmed armies of peaceful seekers of holiness and enlightenment this long see that had been going on since five hundred bc in india and had gone on in europe under the banner of christianity and in
east asia and southeast asia between buddhism and the stage this long seesaw was only resolved in tibet in favor of the unarmed monastics in europe china and japan things went the other way the emperors and children's and the and the kings of europe smashed
monastic individualism and the pacifism and destroyed the monastic centers of peace and learning and created the secularized lay societies busy with industrial revolutions these the all energy was put into outer material progress and productivity and all of that energy of course has created
the our modern world of materialism but the tibetans alone went against that tide and the seventeenth century the tide of materialism they alone gave their whole land and their whole national life to their messiah incarnate avalokiteshvara represented in the dalai lama who used
this resources of the country to support the monastic universities basically giant enlightened people factories and the nation put all its energy into inner progress spiritual development and spiritual productivity this inner industrial revolution which was conducted in tibet i call
wall and their unique form of society that supported that i called tibet's inner modernity to show how precious to do it was and is how essential it is today to rebalance the rest of the world's out of control outer maternity with which we are all too familiar
due to tibet special spiritual social achievement of this type it became perceive this is the reason why to bed became perceived suddenly by the outer world as a shangri la a land of prayer and spiritual science a lighthouse of the brilliant energy of wisdom and compassion a haven of peace
and contentment in the violent hungry world of art of imperialistic colonialism reaching in our times to its logical conclusion in its mountain fastness tibet was the world's illuminated crown chakra you might say it's a the world's monastery it's great generator
station of spiritual energy radiating a subtle light on the inner planes that illuminated the minds of the world's people from within quietly nourishing optimism hope love intelligence and creativity over the centuries
it is for this reason that tibet has become the land of mystery and beauty and has drawn spiritual seekers over the ages it was the mysterious land of the money we'll the water wind and hand turned wheels that generate oh money but my home which you can be translated as hallelujah the jewel shines from the lotus
us amen
freely translated meaning meaning and with its meaning that wisdom and compassion du travail not that they will prevail but that those who have spiritual insight know that they are prevailing the sacred mantra
when it when homer
the sacred mantra about a low-key tissue voter but then after world war two what happened basically or modernity collided with inner modernity and alger modernity crushed inner modernity the forces of material progress smashed the fat
actuary of spiritual progress in nineteen forty nine and nine hundred and fifty mt jones chinese communist red army invaded tibet overwhelming the mainly token defence force of the demilitarised country of nonviolent buddhists a treaty was imposed on the tibetans accepted only under duress
china basically a next two thirds of the country right away at first pretending to respect to tibet in political cultural even spiritual integrity quote as mao said yes we will swallow you but you can maintain your way of life free an autonomous within our stomach ha
tibetans tried against their common sense to work with the chinese military governors going along with this charade as the british do today than in hong kong for a hard years then when it became totally obvious that genocide and assimilation was the name of china's policy his holiness
the dalai lama in nineteen fifty nine than twenty four years of age fled into exile in india with one hundred thousand and eventually of his followers he has worked tirelessly and successfully to preserve the civilization and more important he had as important he has spoken out to awaken the world slowly but surely to tibet plight
and to free his people
but what did the world do what did we do in the face of this aggression and grab of territory even more obvious than iraq's attempt on kuwait did we form a coalition did we mobilize the world already geared to stop the red died in korea at that time know we did almost nothing at that time
we must remember the british new tibet best because they had been in there since their invasion of tibet and nineteen oh form and but they would win the world asked them what about tibet what is happening what should we do should we help the tibetans they would not speak up for fear of china and for greed for business through hong kong the newly
liberate indians also knew the score but narrow feared mao and was entertained by joe and line so after a few half-hearted un resolutions of protest the world turned it's back on the rape of tibet we don't recognize tibet maybe it is a part of china
and maybe tibetans are chinese what do we know it's their internal affair so we said coldly and callously this is actually the first act of genocide to join in the denial of people's identity to pretend they could not be getting killed because they
never did exist it is our policy tibetans have always been chinese this buys the line and it denies history it denies our sacred freedom and principle of self-determination it is and it is still our official policy and it is still the official policy of all of the nations of this world
it is still the official policy that tibet is not recognized this is mental genocide but it is a problem the big problem with a lie is that it isn't true
when a chinese goes to tibet they feel as if they are in an alien land they feel the tibetan in front of them is not one of them but the government is saying he is a chinese then the chinese soldier sees a foreign tibetans who he knows it's not him not one of him not his family and then he says you should be a
chinese because the government says that's a bit and refuses to be a chinese because he is not a chinese then the soldier hates him than the soldier is angry with him then he wants him out of the way then he wants to kill him this non person he wants to remove from his view so this is how we are
implicate this is how we are accomplice of the genocide by buying the lie that tibetans do not exist when we know perfectly well that they do so the conspiracy of as conspiracy of official silence goes on and on for more than thirty years and a major holocaust continues
one point two million tibetans lose their lives six thousand two hundred and fifty monastic cities are destroyed and universities over half a million monks and nuns are kill diffract or forced into exile the national wealth is entirely stolen sacred art treasures are a good are desecrated wildlife destroyed the environment exploited and polluted
six fifty four billion cubic feet of for lumber is clear cut and stolen grazing land is desiccated by overgrazing tibetans are enslaved and work gangs to build roads military installations nuclear wastes are dumped missile stations are constructed the whole country has turned into a hell
into a slave camp into a military base that projects china's geopolitical power over india and soviet central asia
finally in the eighties a moment of liberalisation is followed by massive population transfer of chinese colonists to flood tibet with them to assimilate the tibetans intermarriage going to end an enormous when the tibetans resist enormous human rights abuses and atrocities are perpetrated in short the face
it's plan to reach the genocidal final solution to china's tibet and problem assimilate the tibetans keep the one million square miles of territory and your nice fat map image and never mind the tibetans
so this gives you the background
of his holiness is and the tibetans unique on this planet at this time nonviolent fight for freedom when his ruinous comes out here and it's so wholeheartedly positive and optimistic loving even towards china concerned even for them now you can appreciate
eight in this context what has been his ordeal he and his people's or deal of suffering you can know how clear eyed is the his awareness of how bad human beings can be when driven by ignorance greed and hate you can know from what a harsh experience he has forged his love
in outlook and thereby you can realize and you can take tremendous heart because you can realize how are up to how realistic it is not just pie in the sky not just fancy ideas from someone who doesn't know the human reality of evil but realistically forged in the midst of an ordeal and a holocaust
of suffering in exile the tibetans have developed a model community preserving the best of their spirituality while dealing ably with alger mud modern modern technology and society they have steadfastly kept to their nonviolence on the whole no major incident of terrorism by this people
oil who the world has let die and still that dies from the official level
the world thinks it can do without tibet fortunately here we do not think that i'm delighted to know

so finally the tide begins to turn slightly last two years ago when the scandinavians award his willingness to dobell prize for peace for as nonviolent struggle against overwhelming injustice and oppression and the people of thirty six countries went against their governments sometimes including there
along with their congresses and decided to recognize that tibet nation never mind the diplomatic niceties and hypocrisies we the people recognize that tibetan nation

we recognize their special civilization and we know we realize that we need their civilization something to balance our berzerk out or modernity that threatens our destruction we need that
after all after all we can only help save them on the outer level it is we who need saving on the inner level it is clear
so therefore we are celebrating the international year of tibet sixty committees in north america and thirty six countries around the world and more and more people throughout the world are listening eagerly to his holiness as someone who can articulate based on his profound human exp
variance of suffering and his triumphant intelligence a reasonable alternative method for achieving world peace the buddha and jesus christ both said that hate you could never be stopped by hate violence would never be put an end to by violence only love can put a stop to hate own
the compassion and patience can end violence the world knows this but thinks it's somehow idealistic and still doesn't listen to it as a practical strategy it thinks that power has other rules so let us listen it does not therefore recognize the power of compassion and patience
so let us listen carefully and think hard to this teacher who can stir our hope who can help us understand that compassion is realism
that love does have the power that patients is the technical method to achieve world peace let us try to
the open our minds and open a unite our minds best judgment with our heart's deepest wish let us listen study think long and hard and then if it makes sense to us let us act let us reach out and help
let us acknowledge our responsibility and power as individuals and members of a free society to save this precious society before it is too late let us not as as didn't new york times editorial said last week let us not have requiem for this people after they have been dissed
droid let us not put our effort in museums for their holocaust after they are finished for once let us make it unnecessary to build such a museum
celebrate them so hard that the museum can be the living land itself where we can visit and enjoy and have fun with the tibetans in their own land

so anyway enough of me his holiness also doesn't like long introductions he was teases me and tickles me in the back if i go on too long and i want to make one practical statement that his holiness wants to have your questions if you think of questions while he is talking you should write them down on a scrap of paper and give them to
someone in the aisle who will then pass them up front is will then be sorted and he will try to answer one or two or maybe it would depend on the time a few more he wants to know your questions he wants to dialogue with you to write them down and send them up and then if he doesn't get to your question don't get mad
so now let us now open our minds and open our hearts and meet with his holiness tenzin gyatso the fourteenth dalai lama of tibet thank you very much

brothers and sisters
it is indeed read on to me
this thing
world peace
two compassion and nonviolence
and through my broken english
first of all i would like to thank all the concern to people who enjoy this opportunity

you come here to listen to listen
in my talk i think with some expectations
but i'm if it has nothing to offer bill
except you said
some of my feeling on my experience to share
with you
because i believe
via the same human being begins right
the culture or religion or race or even use a condom is and differences but these are secondary basically the same human being
we are members of one big human family
our inner experience
and his a desire for happiness and design for overcome things
and sorrow that all also saying
for on that basis
i think we can communicate more easily
so this moment let us as a theme we are simply just a human being
the other is a complicated things remain secondary the site
ah then
now what is the from our life
i believe happiness joy that's our purpose of our life
the reason is quite clear the air
existence of daily life i didn't based on hope
if someone who completely lost hope then the very existence become questionable
so for the identity
if you hope betterment a better future better next day with that kind of this is feeling i came to lead our whole life so downfall the i think that the purpose of our life we can say happiness
now i think it's a time goes and also the material or said the development or to signs of technology is much as item achievement gap and also i think the sunday we should do to population
and also of course the real communication easier communication so is it due to these factor they weren't become smaller and smaller
so downfall you see the the nature of interdependent one another become their has see
very clear readable vs
in incheon time i think the village to village even i think can
and a without or to say interaction i think they can survive but now today that situation now gone
and i think about is a crisis of one part of the world not actually i think the global crisis
since is a things are so much it
and then
now yea the main question the peace world peace
i believe basic human nature isn't gentleness
and got in some scientists also they have the same theme i was true i was told
so easy they did i think i'm geniune or natural human desire to see
you should want peace why do you defend of a friendly atmosphere
so for you see war is something actually humanity do not want
however if you look human history the war is something part of human history part of human life
however because of much change and the circumstances now i didn't today the although the i think the name or the world war is same but many is much different than the previous war to say the way
call today due to technology is it the destructive power is immense
so is he not only be human you to the thousand pounds of shimmer something but also use the a lot of discussion environment
and also employees in war so much expensive
he's a we need is everywhere is a every people was always busy shouting day was the high prices are in high inflation these things because every in every family is it guns on a lot of money
and i think can worse is the same one bloke one google one planet i see one site the people and well to do and economists situation than virtually much better at the same time the same planet same human being same have added
the same schumann hazard
no i haven't same member of human family to take facing starvation
so under stress that comes as as is a day
day i can modern war is something really negative
so busy piece
now not i think you see i didn't desire for peace not come from what say the religious or say early security religious belief or something else but due to i think me realize the peace harmony is something really necessary
so therefore you see i think is a day that the recent years the genuine desire for peace i think everywhere particularly in my usage at the younger generation is that design something rarely i didn't come if it comes to stronger and stronger
so now the suppression is how can it is the change in peace
the gen peace
is not mere absence of war
i think this is kenyan bass is something more than that now example is
at least in the european continent is last with a few decades this is some peace death but that piece if you look closely he is a bad piece is not genuine peace because the that peace come from out of fear
so mentally that you see
still missing very unhappy that i noticed
now today
what does the same the same as a calm nature but nowadays the beasts which visit veiled threat in any european continent now dead bees i think genuine peace because now dead bees come from middle trust me some respect
not other fear
i think using these come from on the basis of i think human understanding the human feeding so is this piece really become more phillip as a mouthful full of mini didn't peace
so it obviously is it it it donated the genuine peace must come to as a human understanding
not by happen
but by fear
for now the can in order to achieve genuine peace the peace must come to mental peace so without inner peace the jinyan world peace is very difficult to achieve
the it is almost impossible to see expecting some genuine peace while he knows as a in a world remain or city full of hatred for of and so therefore they the kenyan a proper path
the world peace of world peace is a compassion
does i believe
now if you have a genuine compassion
they even use the towards the person who really is it trades tablet or create something to you we do to compassionate mental attitude losing your attitude trust that person is something much of it much or even though you're their eyes
is that person creates problem with a however due to the mental opposite attitude is a day you'll find much easier to deal with that person
so therefore the compassion is something i mean keeping now then what is the one day what is the meaning of compassion
compassion not something like let's say the feeling of pettiness
or something attachment but that point
the older book both cases this feeling of being closeness feeling somewhere that schools this feeling
but compassion is more than that you're not only feeling of closeness but also use it that is the awareness for the sense of responsibility
so the someone new who suffer
someone someone who or something
then the the the feeling that that person also just like myself i do not want something i'd want happiness and have every right to be happy to welcome something so from dead lns or bad understand or realization and then you see
concern or closeness feeling to a dead person makes sense of responsibility dentist just genuine compassion
so day
dad motivation on that i think a city that part
that attitude
it's something i consider something very very useful
you know the compassion or good heart
develop in his tank
once you develop innocent their self confidence really say will come or will increase
and fear and fear will go
so with self confidence and will open minded with the flexibly attitude with that they these these mental writing inequality is almost like a guarantee for better future for such as future a happier future
the other case fear
see lu self confidence
and indecisive
i'm always suspicions some was negative attitude towards other is under such circumstances they then is it the pessimism our dates the i think some some way to hard city even is the self hatred this kind of busy feeling
i'm so these are the real ultimate her say the source of failure
so downvote the compassion is i consider most precious thing
whether rich or poor educated or uneducated a politician or religious or professional know better is a day the boot heart is i think something getting
and also you say the is
if the person has compassion
then whole his actions become more constructive or positive
if the person do not have this inequality then
the action become more destructive
now for example say is religion or politics or our economy our education
long medical field in everything that even warfare
all these parts of human activities
that if someone you see you know if someone who deal in politics if the about the person they lack of or the city
these good human quality then is it that person become more say unreliable or i'm hot city
an unreliable because i mean here you see saying something bring something different so you say them through that way
did people usually the call politics is something dirty politics but actually is it a politician said nothing wrong except
now in religion fall for if a person who deal in religion the if that person something lacking something missing
in hot or then religion also become jedi religion
they say instead of provide humanity some us today
comfort it creeps are more trouble
so therefore music every humiliation rather become constructive or destructive must depend on
the help
dennis here's a technology and science of course marvelous was an atom around itself again now if you see
say not
love as i'm writing the technology and science
is the a look from the curly the
scientific point of the point of view then should those awful weapon ready nuclear weapon or newton bulbs these things really remarkable achievement
but then because the days you see this is shipment bring humanity been to humanity more fear more something therefore we consider these things negative
don't you sit they were on the basis of human feeling then we judge now this is right this wrong
read how the reason
been feeling the little jesuit we just right which is wrong we just positive vision negative
so therefore they all human activities were there i can keep move a prime mover is more division so therefore they compassion is very important as said very one factor
ben for the henderson also the boot hard to see craig's mental congress is a mental calmness is very important for new task
there's a sometimes it looks i think is they did those people who have was the i didn't contest experience was a few moment so much excited from us happy a joy excitement then
after few hours or after few days very low i think that kind of you seem too high to low the or upside down you see that kind of thing looks very colorful
but i think that you see in in in jail sense that i think too much as upset as a just just a distal for the for vote for for its mind so as a result was eventually help when deteriorated therefore which are they from
various viewpoint at once in have said one's own benefit one's own future success including one's own health and an environment at of comfort of our have say companions very much related with good heart
my usually i'm joking the people that love french humanity by nature is the we are social animals down for this we love our fanned the flames jonathan sounded you a new feel happy you feel comfort you feel secure
so because of human nature the the feeling of loneliness was includes many negative publicity manager policy
or development which in return our body was so therefore using a human nature is you will effect
and friend with a big smile was deadly the very much cherished isn't it so how to been good craft how to bring good genuine smile
if you give share negative you see attitude
then you say
when you're a ben then is it is impossible they seem to bring the game and good friend or genuine say read good snack
now usually is in people who have power is it who have
who has no
was you will have read using these people usually have a boyfriend but these friend if we look closely these fans are not genuine human friend but this are federal read about showing this is so long you have these you see things their these fan
and always come to you as soon as your fortune deadline than best friend disappear automatically
even you want to telephone you may not get answer even you get some answer i a shot at rude answer so therefore is it a genuine fact that is should not become fandom due to rest all as the other reason
but general sent must come on the basis of changing human feelings human have say the human affection
and also use eventually ran out for to goes this way to do with how to spend a weekend of damage
turn the tape over now for the continuation of his holiness is talk
no runs our hotel war deadline then that is the time we need more the fact some see those friend artificial sand isn't more use isn't it down for that is a a a good heart is something something very very important
social ipod is a very important then for marriage also see they important i think i would like to mention something i can manage
is i think
i'm buddhist monk what was six cylinder seven or said that
well however you should be in human community i think marriage is one of the very important as the part of life
so should not take this he should not look marriage is something very easy easily easily add but easy to see you without a proper has a king of pop have say
robert arrangement or proper preparation
then the marriage been i said more trouble
we say the divorce doesn't matter all right but i might use the main concern is suited because our younger generation our future generation
in here is in many children
i can enter word is in many people using who have this is some kind of you see mentally or say a psychological problem but these of course the other centers also gap but one major centre is when they i wonder why can you see when they are going to see
at that time is it there has the experience or the atmosphere you see become the grab a ban factor so the parents live bands care to children is i think the most important centre for the happened
of the children of to way i think healthier habits and healthier and happier more harmless human generation should come that way
have been negligent right from the beginning then you sit children many children we see due to level this affection then all their lifestyle and into society lot of troubles happen then order a city that everywhere is see people
the title to solve this problem but because like is a tree or like a plant right food when hitting something wrong something lacking then very difficult to have a to to help because of you
does it pay isn't it so is this something something about it that was the right from the beginning this when this when simply and did this small huts a day
no one small should welcome small should was he gleaned those woman's with it taking proper care then the healthy and good plump similarly me children being orphans must develop through that way
so that many current problem or not come just yesterday due to many years i say i think lab of care and lab of item trends new do that now present crisis happen so downfall you see day a good heart
the kenyan compassion these things i believe the key factor for better world
now this is one but then nonviolence as i mentioned earlier even warfare warfare with human efficient is much less danger
the war completely controlled by megan megan mechanized mechanized to one become more dangerous so downfall
with it now about the war my use this one i one one has a principal believe is nonviolence now again here we what is the meaning of nonviolence nonviolence is
i think it's a to level one levin nonviolence simply is a in hubby
having to other than the deeper meaning of nonviolence is not mere accidents of having but something positive is serving helping
that's nonviolence
now because human basic nature is tenderness so nonviolence method is humanly huge like or the violent method is inhumanly
and also or the violence i because it or something like very strong be
but you may you may solve some assists or something by the pill but at the same time the good side effects so similarly violence sometimes you see it looks solve some problem but very often eat kids the longer and
bigger problem so downfall the nonviolence is much safer
here you see we need

we need to see more patients more as a determination
two that way once you to nonviolence once you achieve something that i consider the genuine achievement there's more side effect
so therefore was in nonviolence is a very soon anyway moussa day
probably recent years with a on this planet i think the freedom movement for democratic movement
on the basis of like popular movement through nonviolence now become political force isn't it
i think these this is shows these indicated that the nonviolence is something something effective effective method
because he like recently is the gulf crisis i think that reminds us
the modern war is really terrible
then the once was a there's some crisis i'm serious crisis happen then every people is this russian and tried to solve that
is it to me it seems you see their i didn't do too i think do to do to very i think what city tell i'm such a way to of his d were no i didn't do them maybe i can do to the modern life you say to us hurry so ideally a minute
the end of time is it to to but the deeper is a deeper cause
isn't this i i feel very important you say they the cause and effect was see like legacy in the gulf war renovation was it this
this cause immediate cause the southern cuisine i just want to see this is greedy and these things then the further was there are many causes why you see that the tradition firstly is a how to how to become a dictatorship how
what have we become how it came out look
and how the deputation data this ship came into the being in the first place and then there's all these is a deeper into the process the previous bosses so here i think very clear that all the his military power you see develop not only not by
by cause we're not entirely within his own country but first lady's he military equipment come from other countries
and then then international situation citizen not situation international atmosphere particularly in the hottest city political international of the relations relation feet with the people that i can be very much ballot about the value of thought
the mob very much knowledge about moral principle
so so this is a two things combined
dennis degradations happen so therefore now i think time has come to take us seriously how to reduce military forces that either a very important now

now already is a dar as many people many of leaders is fully committed they are as a day
nuclear what's the disarmament and the detection of nuclear threat
good ben is a control or as minimize the danger of conventional receive fast as that of warfare now so i feel i think the now time has come to think this is some something you in long term plan first
dense again he said
eliminate not all often see you see rapid than her
eventually the one who i think should be a should be a dick has a demilitarized his eyes that

i think that you see the at the beginning when we use a demilitarized when we stop all this is who said they were business equipment
i think a win at the beginning to change is the get better than some company
are some nation is at the beginning may find some eighteen lose or some see difficult
they had been a period of adjustment and eventually i don't think isn't there are many say i mean do
having think go
some other workers

we have a plenty of problem you say that the i think was that the water these fossils and also day they day once say the energy energy energy resource with our rules and these poems and the salmon
other things there isn't it i think for example using the on this planet a lot of dissent that what what called just said
in the sahara desert or indian continent in and serve it in china and dead body area is it that model is it just sits there i think the sea water place where they are this was our technology as many things we can we can put that is it to make was more productive put
dr place isn't it and those then particularly
the scientists say i believe to say i consider the most brilliant i think most brilliant brilliant then and human community come into being there is a wonderful fantastic music intelligence corps
intelligence you see using on the start of field that's a pity when he said

as i mentioned earlier you a very purpose of our life is something benefits something positive not negative building and then is it those people who have such a wonderful thing now they are wholly energy put in something destructive voluminous that now what doesn't it for devil
you say i think we need some that you see the wrong term master plan is it turning opposite direction they were complaining will always complain war and war will always come to give the killing distance yet we faithfully followed followed denigration it it's wrong
what members

why is man-made now sluices should come from humanity is it is no one as you see has a come come forward with some initiative ourselves must as muscles
they come from today
must must go with initiated so downfall
if i can maybe ideal type these companies you to think seriously about using this or mission and military establishment it said
i think we've seen due to a certain i think the human history
i think are very concept towards the war is something i think i'm wrong i feel i might have when i was small so i very much attempted the military equipment especially those guns very is a polished one very attentive very beautiful very soon
so you see
it it with when i realized this beautiful equipment is meant for too
then then i realize all these things in spite of good for this that but it is dangerous for downfall i think all very concept about war is something wrong i think me somehow this in plain white
doesn't it we believe

sometimes wifi you see war is something another aspect of human act than to deadly with he should the individual human being can become hill something national hill
but that bad means bulkeley more suffering of others and i think the very concept as a gas is not

the gas but it was to as the exactly same as us you see the even you see because our mascot or comes the very uncomfortable isn't if and a festival tells us how to that you so much
as the destructiveness an explosive see things to do want them how can they are same can be are same human flesh in a very sad
we are human being is a we can solve problem to i can the human human communication
with patients make a determination because i feel so doubtful then at the end of the work and other point with this i want to say they explain something
now i think many people feel of demonization complete the realization demilitarisation
a sound looks nice but impractical firstly the secondly and also dangerous some mean some may feel like that for this
i i feel like using the recent crisis
the because of the circumstances we say you need the force of say allies law first of a light or cordish cause a coalition coalition forces
so therefore
jane we have to have been we can manage to to to setup the collective pets which you see all member states because the share or contribute equal number of course then is a controlled by collective commander
a governorship
and controlled by like you see they also the international organizations such as us or spam such as you and or something like that isn't it or first step as a first it not homework but religion them say in the european continent is a they all member state the contributed
one one force and then america northern himself and a kind of like that in africa on other herbs so i think we weekend every human being
i think is a pink on deep away with more patients i think we will find some i think a proper solution for our future does i feel the wanting them last
kenneth even
i last i forgot one thing there
that it
now not coming here although it doesn't matter you know so

now go and the i feel the talking such things little bit i think person chess
doesn't chess but i feel the millions millions of people remain in silence but i think have this kind of feeling so good
dahlia the united states people of united states from my childhood is he may have emit into the as only have the image of us that this country not only powerful nation
then for liberty freedom democracy
so i think you the great nation i think we need humanity and more right direction this writing on the basis of freedom personal freedom liberty democracy so this i think you're at the greatest tusk
this is my hope

if i want to love my enemy how can i transfer my anger and hate in the lab

here's the is when the negative things happen
when since is a things are interdependent
so there are different aspects many many has said many different aspect angles many angles so therefore it is used for visit to look from different angle
as as your question this is someone who creates a problem to you
then is it look some other anger then because the that person kids a problem so
therefore you see new are facing some challenge so that challenge gives him gives ones have more opportunity to see to utilize sherman determination seventy wisdom
and also you see to before petitioner
nephros employees in my own case or someone who practices compassion is a then is the in order to develop genuine compassion is that we need tolerance and patience then then the best a teacher for tolerance and patience is our enemy
so from that on

so from that viewpoint is a you can sometimes you can develop some kind of deep appreciation
so now okay you see everyone enemy really you see said your life then better to escape now
the the other case this is some some was to some other trouble then i think it's a thinking baseline and that eventually is your negative attitude negative feeling really use
then you see you get some bad about to say guinea in his tent on the basis of compassion and with that you can face much easier with the person who who create job for you
for this is this is one way then generally that they are so then it is a problem some some problem negative things happen that it is advisable or useful is it to that problem from distance from a distance that it it appears the to smaller
is the only look you see that like this then it becomes very big something that it cannot and are unbearable that also is a one technique
and then of course they the angered transform into compassion
and now it takes time

is if such as a fresh practice we need is a constant effort
two as a true patients in the determination that even today is it can change
last question if the purpose of our lives is happiness how is it that mankind spends so much time pursuing suffering
the i don't pretend i didn't see it going to tell us what amounted to to the introduces to a charters which now can you tell us of a jack
the way your mother to each other today
i don't think that the human beings knowingly personal suffering
i don't but if they do to influence
or do to short sightedness and also some cases due to impatience with some time because we create ourselves more something
but otherwise see i think that nobody deliberately you see pursuit of it was something i don't i don't

is then i think it caves and thing that's because a in order to gain we see bigger happiness or bigger benefit sometimes purposely you see follow some some take some something that of course ought to get a different case different question
and that's the question is there just one thing that people can do regardless of religion or if they have a spiritual practice something that is simple that will help cultivate a good heart and peace in people's lives
is just being kind to others enough she'll never to show marathon
this was empty
sure should i was different last five percents on the children
i believe that's possible because at the good heart or human affection this i feel come from come from i'd say i'm from birth
i didn't by nature we have that kind of receive a experience there on that kind of call in there
because i can be the nature of this body
not even animals vote for you a when a when the bone when they grow up and said at certain stage with a the efficient the parent or particular the mother the like as a bird or some other animals is he dead is dead so human being
now for example used to some modern was in the medical scientist is it says bed just after birth the furies
at that period is really crucial period for development of the day and lodging the during that period most important factor is a mother or someone else is a physical touch is the crucial sector for development of the be so
or this shows to by as a solution by the very nature about physical body
they did to this body need the others affection so therefore i i believe generally speaking i believe when we bought we are free from any religion but not see from human affection
then religion come later resist they'd come later and italy the various different religions but these i think the there i'd say
this is they do increasing the sherman quality
so for therefore
someone who has repeatedly
without a fate
very possible is it too
and that i actually is it trying to make clear to pretend people because i believe five minutes of human being a little little what five business of human being now that's i think genuine religious believer i don't think more than one billion
so just for billions of humanity no fate so therefore you see there are majority there was a human being so therefore is a the a message or technique we should find to these those using the menu for billions of people
so therefore i think usually i make is a to what's a distance the to distinction special the to level spiritual one is we will fit with the religious had to say the traditional religions have say police beliefs religious belief the editor special
that is simply say they don't good
a does not quality of human nature
and also is another reason why the dentist possibility to develop good heart is although anger and an idiot and a negative thoughts these also part of human mind but still if we look carefully i think the indication is that they still
my is those positives inequality
anger comes and goes comes to books but not the dominant force disabled
now in spite a human society today to see every newspaper and everyday is a newspaper or radio is a bot got some using negative things have here and death
but this visual i think the these negative events italy what not feel happy to humanity therefore systems happen then do you see we get get some way to have say surprise or something
you then you see the other thing a millions billions belittle people is a having has a day or does care and survive or live and a human infection is that kind of easy thing not worth it to report on newspaper because there is something
everyone you see take for granted
so devil there's a negative thing
glam was a that millia knees and call mother was tell you the manager to ensure the in and i was optimized legal did padding roster in and city didn't make this doesn't want to fact that we pay more attention to negative events is an indication that of negatives events like serpents and me
zoos and circle are connected to the or
basic human nature and yeah but his last when and some some some citizen
there's a mere representation and damascus those question was bloody was just being kind to others enough
hmm i did these two teams because the compassion is moderation nonviolence is get the action of compassion for i didn't these trojans should go together
next question
the those of us who worked for a more balanced compassionate world often find that we must work
it is hard we are surrounded by anger fear greed and disconnected ness often we fall into these ways ourselves despite the fact that we begin with a good had some of us give up the struggle and withdraw because
was it is so difficult how can we maintain inner harmony and balance and bring that into difficult situations and exert
except these and it's said that the power of love and healing for what the question
who pays them
new lightsaber relative abundance yeah sensual chap shots since a new rules since the myself
when you've got a we can manage photos
still not very clear but it seems to say the human efficient or compassion
live human intelligence these two teams should go together
is he
these two things become something like supplementary your russia complimentary how the human intelligence is a and for from the intelligence go right direction that a major and that big by a compassion compassion become effective by enjoy
listens to these things should go together
tracks so that i think
indeterminate ladder to particularly needs you to getting caught carrying a procedure jedi interesting simple check that has some decent machetes she do that really matter i see that our compassion and good heart and the intelligence should go in union as
so that compassion would steer where which direction the human intelligence to be directed or use utilized and similarly our intelligence water
and strength and growth and intelligence would stand them the force and stability of compassionate so that it will also be able to judge the appropriateness of circumstances time and that in the skillful means that are required in a particular context or the circumstances but last question

last question your holiness if i understand correctly you do not favor imposing sanctions against china
if this is so how can we with nonviolence helped to make tibet three again in our lifetime

i believe was a china has a most populated nation
is it is unwise if china isolated so it is much better is a china must have been into the mainstream
and then
then is the one thing
sometimes i feel a little bit or say wandering that is you see the resignation
the adopt i think certain way i think the appropriate or some right attitude towards the union that is was they tried to maintain good relations or even is a try to improve the music music trust at the same time make clear is indoors is a relative term for wrong things such as should be right i
oceans and just like that so that i think the day i think a appropriate or weiss so it's a similar and
the attitude why not just a dog towards china
is it together i mean maintain tried to population the friendly mn modulation at the same time make clear through friendly manner is it those wrong things committed by chinese government make clear and take is a strong position of star system stand going to get
for round am i think the chinese really appreciate much otherwise is a you remain commercials the brightness
that that made a create suspicion on august night if you usually mean a friend see a friend at same time you see i do straightforward or that items that kind of relation is i think much i think much of a much healthier

so eventually i think they are atheists in what world opinion see that i say because of that
if a strong world opinion into including governments then there's a chinese eventually you see a
so that will listen really listen there is usually isn't that according recent events is it it clearly demonstrated although the and the chinese government is it day i didn't too much drought but somehow this is a very much concerned about outside world whooping
oh downfall for you say it it make tremendous impact on their mind and then all i think now judging recent events on this planet
i think go to are so much i've seen negative experience which we gain gain distinctly huh
now humanity becoming more i think more mitchell and a deeper awareness about our own interests are long term interest
so downfall now those is inhuman and those have the economy system or the political system or ideology which basically something inhuman
a against humans but against against a human nature these now i think true
now already use in many places all idiots changed now chinese case also i think of only met of time because they say five to ten years i think things will change doesn't it

so another word the disappearance of berlin wall i wish disappearance of a berlin wall the iron curtain already is he disappeared that's very good now bamboo curtain still apparently active so that also should go
so you see the citizen of the free world i think everyone have used moral responsibility is to help chinese people with chinese people can sense because they do not want this book thank you very much

he sends the program thanks for listening