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Greed, Subject-and-Object, Posture, Dragons, difficulty, Addiction, Commitment,...
Jul 31 2012


Precepts, Greed, Daily Life, Subject-and-Object, Anger, Dharma Transmission,...
Jul 05 2009


Repentance, Precepts, Sangha, Posture, Hindrances, Anger, Subject-and-Object,...
Jul 03 2009


Dharma Transmission, Big Mind, Heart Sutra, Family Practice, Greed, Offering, Vows,...
Jan 24 2008


Dependent Origination, Daily Life, Don't Know Mind, Greed, Posture, lecture,...
Jan 13 2007

You Are Perfect Just As You Are

Serial: SF-01065

Sunday Lecture: Good father/not a good father; improv - looking foolish and still feeling good; being fully yourself - responsible and flexible; simplicity of practice;...

Conversation, Greed, Suzuki Roshi, Global Warming, Happiness, Rumi, Delusion,...
Jun 18 2006
Green Gulch


Anger, Happiness, Gratitude, Dragons, Attachment, Chanting, Greed, Enemies, Sangha,...
Feb 03 2006


Soto Zen, Enemies, Samsara, Subject-and-Object, Manjushri, Politics, Lineage,...
Nov 06 2005

Wheel of Birth and Death

Serial: SF-00969

Sunday Lecture: Children's stories: earth moving around the sun is one year; "stone soup"; thinking and not thinking; Tibetan wheel of birth and death - six realms, twelve-fold...

Peace, Dependent Origination, Six Realms, Demons, Birth-and-Death, Liberation,...
Apr 10 2005
Green Gulch

Way-Seeking Mind

Serial: SF-03570

Mel the Mini-Series Part 1

Suzuki Roshi, Ego, Hate, Greed, Posture, Zendo, training
Mar 08 2005

Eight Awakenings

Serial: SF-03589

Zendo Lecture

Mindfulness, Greed, Attachment, Daily Life, Right Speech, Posture, Precepts, Zendo,...
Jul 16 2004

Citizenship - Sitting-in-zen

Serial: SF-01053

Sunday Lecture: Three R's of eco-practice/stewardship of land and meditation practice: Rootedness, relatedness, responsibility. Moving below to an unseen place

Peace, Gratitude, Mill Valley, Commitment, Manjushri, Echo, Letting Go, confusion,...
Jun 13 2004
Green Gulch


Anger, Greed, Mindfulness, Don't Know Mind, Intimacy, Bell, Instruction,...
Feb 14 2004
Green Gulch

Just Being Alive Is Enough

Serial: SF-01094

The season. Vows. New Year's Resolution

Suzuki Roshi, Current Events, Vows, stubbornness, Faith, Continuous, Politics, Greed...
Dec 28 2003
Green Gulch

Sesshin Lecture

Serial: SF-02751

Appreciation for the world happens. Don't go looking for heavenly sights. We get sticky around the beautiful. Master Heretung (?) letter - being in the world without misery...

Family Practice, Emotions, Suzuki Roshi, Peace, Equanimity, Bowing, Dragons, Sangha,...
Dec 03 2003
Green Gulch

Sesshin Lecture

Practice Period, Greed, Sanctuary, Hate, Freedom, Chanting, Tassajara, Hindrances,...
Oct 28 2003

Wednesday Lecture

Serial: SF-00948

Buffalo passing through window koan. Farm and draft horses at GGF

Tassajara, Commitment, Monastic Practice, confusion, Practice Period, Conversation,...
Jul 09 2003
Green Gulch

Sunday Lecture

Serial: SF-00983

First part of lecture children's program. Read story, "Play with Me". Impatient with world situation. Look at causes. Patience. Path of peace. Dog story. MLK Jr

Hate, Anger, Non-violence, Mill Valley, Peace, Greed, Evil, Demons, Concentration,...
Apr 06 2003
Green Gulch

Zendo Lecture

Bodhidharma, Ego, Repentance, Zazen, Hate, Practice Period, Faith, Karma, Delusion,...
Mar 11 2003

December 9th, 2002, Serial No. 00978

Buddha Nature, Suzuki Roshi, Zazen, Ceremony, Zendo, Ordinary Mind, Bell, Emptiness,...
Dec 09 2002
City Center

December 8th, 2002, Serial No. 03985

Mindfulness, Separation, Hindrances, Judgement, Hate, Suzuki Roshi, Greed, Commitment...
Dec 08 2002
City Center

Zendo Lecture

Dharma Transmission, Transmission, Hate, Greed, Freedom, Delusion, Monastic Practice...
Dec 06 2002

December 2nd, 2002, Serial No. 04061

Delusion, Hate, Buddha Mind, Gratitude, Buddha Nature, Commitment, Conversation, Vows...
Dec 02 2002
City Center

Sunday Lecture

Serial: SF-00953

Witch puppet started giving the talk, humorous. Why do we practice? Because we are dissatisfied. Halloween, Seijiki, legend of Seijiki, general dharma talk - impermanence,...

Ceremony, Blue Cliff Record, Buddha Mind, Attachment, Hate, Emptiness, Demons, Greed...
Oct 27 2002
Green Gulch

August 24th, 2002, Serial No. 01119

Precepts, Liberation, Delusion, training, Emptiness, Samadhi, Greed, Hate, Letting Go...
Aug 24 2002
City Center


Serial: SF-04005

Summer intensive

Emotions, Separation, Karma, Lineage, Delusion, Don't Know Mind, Hate, Greed,...
Jul 28 2002
City Center


Serial: SF-00073

Wednesday night.

Anger, Mill Valley, Zendo, Suzuki Roshi, Tassajara, Bowing, Heart Sutra, Hate,...
Jul 25 2001

Real to Real

resistance, Greed
Jun 08 2001

April 21st, 2001, Serial No. 04023

Birth-and-Death, Karma, Hate, Balance, Oneness, Precepts, Dragons, resistance, Greed...
Apr 21 2001

Sunday Lecture

Ceremony, Attachment, Dragons, Commitment, Letting Go, Zazen, Big Mind, Greed, Suzuki...
Nov 26 2000
Green Gulch

Sunday Lecture

Four Noble Truths, Right Effort, Greed, Attachment, Bodhidharma, Karma, Triple...
Sep 17 2000
Green Gulch

Sunday Lecture

Monastic Practice, Hate, Demons, Conversation, Greed, Peace, Equanimity, Samsara,...
Mar 12 2000
Green Gulch

December 5th, 1999, Serial No. 03927

Hindrances, Doubt, Emotions, Enthusiasm, Emptiness, Greed, Silence, Attachment,...
Dec 05 1999
City Center

One-day Sitting Lecture

Greed, Offering, Lotus Sutra, Bodhidharma, Liberation, Tassajara, Happiness,...
Sep 18 1999
Green Gulch


Serial: SF-02730

Saturday Lecture

Delusion, Letting Go, Buddha Mind, Freedom, Greed, Buddha Nature, Emotions,...
Jun 26 1999
City Center


Serial: SF-04022

Wednesday Lecture: George Lucas/Star Wars

Separation, Greed, Gratitude, Lineage, Delusion, Evil, Hate, Doubt, Ceremony, Ego...
Apr 21 1999
City Center

Shuso Talk

Serial: SF-01040

Wednesday Lecture #shuso-talk

Karma, Priest, Buddha Nature, Practice Period, Tassajara, Suzuki Roshi, Doubt, Bowing...
Jan 27 1999
City Center

Events in the World

Serial: SF-03134

Sunday Lecture

Anger, Hate, Peace, Passions, Greed, Samsara, Funeral, Cultivation, Don't Know...
Oct 18 1998
Green Gulch

Buddhism At Millennium's Edge

Serial: SF-00030

Seminar 1

Dragons, Evil, Rinzai, Ego, Bell, Discrimination, Greed, Silence, Balance,...

Buddhism at Millennium's Edge - Seminar 1

Serial: SF-03052

Copyright 1998 by Peter Matthiessen - Unedited Preview Cassette

Dragons, Evil, Rinzai, Ego, Fox, Discrimination, Greed, Balance, Bell, Instruction...

Majjhima Nikaya

Evil, training, Liberation, Greed, Renunciation, confusion, Hate, Enemies, Delusion,...
Jul 08 1997
Green Gulch

One-day Sitting Lecture

Vows, Bodhisattva Vow, Ceremony, Bodhisattva Ceremony, Precepts, Suzuki Roshi, Greed...
Jun 24 1997
Green Gulch

Being Open To Life's Process As It Is

Serial: SF-03216

One-day sitting

Posture, Intimacy, Zazen, resistance, Ego, Greed, Concentration, Instruction, Zendo,...
Oct 19 1996
Green Gulch

Practice of Zazen

Serial: SF-03138

Sunday Lecture

Zazen, zen meditation, Ceremony, Bell, Interview, Greed, Letting Go, Posture,...
May 26 1996
Green Gulch

Lotus Sutra Class

Lotus Sutra, Nirvana, Emptiness, Offering, Four Noble Truths, Birth-and-Death,...
May 21 1996
Green Gulch

January 3rd, 1996, Serial No. 02706

Practice Period, Tassajara, Hsin Hsin Ming, Non-duality, Non-attachment, Suzuki Roshi...
Jan 03 1996