Transmission of the Light

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Wednesday night teisho

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don't remember names and and
the days the during the directors were meaning
no i'm happy to see a you this evening
i haven't been able to be here very much this meant
and to part produce moon and the desperate
because my wife loses visiting couldn't care of her father in pasadena who had done by parents operation and so she's been i mean i take care of our son daniel
and that doing now
i'm being a mom dad and also take care of bravery and seven cisco go in there
these are working out pretty well bed district and the same tone it can be here

this evening

i want to continue return
my case and most occasions didn't roku or transmission of light and down i want to target them
the nineteenth and sister to america

this case
right now
in this case kazan
touch rebound
knowledge of former lives
and encouraged about what what meaning and knowledge a former liars
but he talks about it from a different perspective than usual perspective
maybe you could say talks about it from point of view from a non dualistic point of view
for first now he presented the case
he says the nineteenth and her sister was the venerable to nevada
once the venerable a guy and shot them who is his teacher
said to him
long ago the world hundred one predicted
one thousand years after my death a great being will appear in pokhara who inherit and promote the profound teaching you have now met with this good fortune by encountering me hearing this the minister for miranda acquired knowledge of former lives
ah clearances and was awakened
you know that if you read the lotus future we will read how are the buddha
in a load of future predict
realization and the buddhahood
various his disciples

so these are the circumstances of the case
well the master kumaratunga was from pokhara and his family was at a brahmin gashed the proof pierce the cast a long ago now here we go into some indian
mythological kind of
long ago when he was a celestial being in apparent demeter dash right and celestial realm
that's the sixth and realm and then around with desire
he thought a bodhisattva as necklace and precious stones and suddenly filled attachment
when you see statues and paintings of the celestial body as we often wearing our ornaments hearings him
clemens and necklaces and wonderful pyramids
so these are garments which are adornments but they're not
and they're not adornments like you and were to have a ball but
they have some meaning for her
they represent some kind of
meaning you actually
so when he saw a body fat was necklace a precious stones and suddenly felt attachment as a result of the attachment he fell from that room and was born in the celestial realm where the triad sim tray of dentures that is the second of
the celestial realms in the realm of desire
he heard indra
chief of the guns preaching the perfection of wisdom suggests can play by meter sutra and thanks to realizing its superiority he ascended to the celestial realm of the brahma davis in the realm of form
so in in buddhist mythology they're all these heavens and hills and various realms of by transmigration
and each realm has really as category so bizarre
it's a previous line is he
i can't migrate into these various mounds
and now because of what he did in one round he was transferred to another and then you did something here is transferred to another so
ah in this last one we heard in preaching the persian empire me to future and thanks to realizing its superiority he ascended to the celestial realm of the brahma davis and the realm of form
being quite bright he was skillful and preaching the essentials of the dharma and a celestial beings honored him by making him their teacher
because the time had arrived for succeeding to the rank of ancestor he finally descended from the celestial realms and was born in totara
so there were some you know the trying to show that there was
some background to with
arriving in takara
you can also see these various realms as being right here as you know with now
where the six rooms
ah a human realm animal realm
hungry ghosts are fighting demons heaven and hell
and ah ah
we are
can't migrate ah
continuously through these realms
sometimes where a fighting demon
and sometimes we act like an animal
sometimes we're like a hungry ghost
and i sometimes were in heaven
sometimes way in hell
and sometimes in the human realm
to know how we touch base with the human realm
but we're continually with this is characteristic of our life
and our actions or whatever our actions are determined which realm when heading into
and we can get out of around by changing the direction
but sometimes it's nice so easy
they are easily get hooked

so the eighteenth ancestor
gaia shutdown
where's preaching
and he arrived in tokyo
seeing a strange atmosphere around a certain brahmin house he started to enter it
and the master cammarata appeared and asked him what kind of followers are these are gay shut that head his students with him his monks
and the venerable replied these are followers of the buddha
when the master heard the name of the buddha he shut the door in awe
the venerable paused a little and struck the door and the master said there's no one in the house
a little scared so there's no one in the house
and the venerable k shutdown replied who is it that says no one
when the master heard this he realized that this must be an unusual person
he opened the door quickly and greeted him
the venerable told him long ago the world hundred one predicted etc that's back to the case right wrong ago the world when predicted one thousand years after my death a great being will appear to corral who inherit and promote the profound teaching we have now met with his good fortune by encounter
during me hearing this the master acquired the knowledge of former lives

so here is cousins t shuttle and and this case

he says kid case on zingy says you should consider this story carefully
even if you clarify the way of names and words names and words means the way of names and words refers to ah
being able to ah
come to understanding through study
even if you clarify the net a way of names and words
i clarify that the coming and going of birth and death are the true person
if you did not clarify the fact they're of that your own intrinsic nature is empty bright marvelous and vast when you do not understand the mind that the buddhist express
even if you understand buddhism
if you did not clarify that the coming and going at birth and death are the true person
usually are often people understand that ah the troopers that town

people tried to transcend birth and death
i'd say that ah
in order to ah
escape from the world
i've transmigration we have to escape birth and death
we i do
find a way out of birth and death
but actually to find buddha we have to find buddha within birth and death
with as though he is teaching
there is a buddha within birth and death and there is no buddha within birth and death
this is i i one of dublin's corns
ah shoji birth and death
there is no buddha with a birth and death and yet ah
the only way to ah
fine buddha is within birth and death
so he says
you should consider the story carefully even if you clarify the way of names and words and clarified that the coming and going a birth and death are the true person even if you can clarify that which is realization if you did not clarify the fact that your own intrinsic
nature is empty
bright marvelous and vast when you do not understand the mind that the buddha's express
therefore cammarata was amazed to see bodhisattvas emitting light
and he had feelings of attachment when he saw that thirty two marks and eighty minor marks or the boot of the bodies of buddha's
ah in other words he was ah
a very impressed with the buddhist followers
the reason is that he had still not gotten rid of the three basic poisons a craving hatred and delusion
when we now look at kumaratunga past
we can see that he retrogressive and fell from the celestial realm of the triumph stream zika due to craving however due to causes and former lives he ascended to the realm of the brahma davis
when he heard indra preaching with dharma and finally he was born in takara accumulated marriage from the past are not in vain and so finally he met the eighteenth ancestor and acquired knowledge of former lives whereas kind of like debits and credits a karma
accumulates a lot of good credit pretty good karma and then he does something and he falls from that place and then he finds his way again and comes back up so it's kind of going up and down these levels due to his are good
and if we look at it in the realm of our own lives
we can see
now we have some credit in some way and so we
i can have some mom
good karma and i find ourselves in a good place but good or bad karma we ah
i can maybe can't quite get someplace are we fall down subway bravery
wonder why we're for much pain even know what haven't been a good place so it's very next
karma is very difficult to understand the law of karma law of cause and effect were very difficult to understand
ah and we don't always know why
something happens to us
ah but if we think about it
often we can true that it's ah
either are good or bad
so so-called
effects are due to something that we have done in the past due to volition
karma means volitional action
something we do knowingly and willingly
so ah in this case a coma right that fell because of his grade
when attachment
and now he came back up dude is understanding
the plane and the have escaped and backup because he
if you fell because of his his attachment and bounce back up because it has understanding
now he just wanted it
that's enough

to do what
no six round

that's nice
maybe so obviously
but now i so we have to suspend judgment

they didn't they didn't figure it out
he says he suddenly felt attachment
when he was born in in the second round with celestial realms from a and desire she went from the six to the second
badass and then he heard indra preaching and he had realization and then
that's way up
i finally ending up in the m around the phone
where the three rooms in a form zang performances regina
the various interpretations
so on
he had feelings of attachment when he saw the thirty two marks and eighty minor marks the buddies are buddhists the reason is that he still had not gotten rid of the three basic poisons craving hatred and delusion when we now look at cammarata his past he retrogressive
and fell from the celestial realm for the tria stream says to the craving however due to causes and former lives he ascended to the realm of brahma davis when he heard indra preaching the dharma and finally he was born in takara accumulated marriage from the
past were not in vain and so finally he met the eighteenth ancestor and acquired knowledge of former lives
ah so knowledge of former lives you know is very
tricky concept and in buddhism you know we say ah there's rebirth but there's no one who is reborn
for this whole thing about rebirth and buddhism is very interesting subject
and added lot of speculation about ah meeting of it

if there is no in in one of the main teachings of buddhism that this was there is no
no soul and know ah inherent being who exists as a person
they're just the five scandals
and dimas
form feelings
perceptions mental formations and consciousness and are did
so called person is like these five rivers
dynamic egg activity
which ah
i come together in this human information
hmm which is continually transforming
and changing
so ah
and this energy continues go to
ah volition
and desire
and continues to transform and take the energy takes various forms
so ah
people call this rebuilt
some product reincarnation but i think reincarnation is to ah

two perfect
ah rebirth
suggests that the energy is never lost
and as always been reconstituted
in forms
that have a cause
due to a cause
and so are human activity creates the cause for its rebirth
since there is no special person
i no special person is reborn
it's characterized as when you have our two candles
you light one candle and a new light the other candle with this candle
i and so it is what is transferred
was it the same light or is it a different light
it's the same light but it's a different light at the same time
ah so
this cause
in what i
kazan it is talking about
so then k senses when knowledge of former lives is mentioned
it is thought that this refers to knowing the past or future as we ordinarily used the terms
when knowledge of former lives as mentioned people think of past and future when ordinary way
what in the world would be the value of that
if you can simply see red ones original unchanging self nature is neither saintly no ordinary neither buddhist are sentient beings
neither diluted nor enlightened
then hundreds of thousands of teachings and incalculable numbers of subtle principles all abide in mind source
mine source is ah
great consciousness on our buddha nature
therefore both the delusions of ordinary beings and the enlightenment of all the buddhas abide within one square inch of mind or heart
clearly says are both within the both abide within one's own heart i like that
ah both the delusions of ordinary beings and the enlightenment of all the buddhas abide within someone's square inch of heart
it is not at all the senses in their objects and the mind and it's realm
at this point what can you consider ancient
what can you consider present
winner all the buddhas
i'm who are all the buddhas what are sentient beings
not a single thing obstruct the i hear
not a speck of dust touches the hands being simply a bit of empty brightness it is vast and boundless where is the eternal truly perfected to togheter is sentient beings who are enlightened from the beginning thus when
there is understanding there is no increase
when there is no understanding there is no decrease
being enlightened to the fact that it has been thus for long a is what is meant by acquiring knowledge a former lives
so i caitlin
with not
ah talking about former lives for the point of view of past present and future

ah he seems to be talking about ah
in the present
this present moment whereas i the eternal moment
what past can be
we tend to think that ah
time moves from past to present to future
kazan seems to be saying there is just this present moment in which there are ah
uncountable transformations taking place
and what has already taken place we can past
and what is potentially
able to take to take place because future
but there's nothing but this present moment ever
just transformations taking place in the present
so former live former lives or ah
momentary expressions
i'm this thing
what is ancient is just this present moment
so he says being enlightened to the fact that it has been nice for long a ends with what is meant by acquiring knowledge of former lives
if he did not reach this realm
we will be agitated when feelings about delusion and awakening
you will be moved about by signs of past and future and in the end you will not understand that there is a true self nor will you clarify the fact that the fundamental mind is not mistaken
therefore you make the buddha's take all the trouble of appearing in the world and you make the ancestral teachers bodhidharma came from the west long ago
the reason of buddha the peers in the world is to help people
so it's because of our inadequacy that these teachers appear we really causing a lot of trouble and put them toronto ah
travel to
to come down here and do something
yeah the original meaning of the buddha appearing in the world and the original intention of coming from the rest was for this and nothing else
we should take care and realize that this original mind is very intelligent not diluted very bright and and hidden understanding that it is the original bright light with the meaning of acquiring knowledge of former lives
so today also i have a few hundred words and i would like try to penetrate the principal a riddle would you like to hear them yes
in past lives he cast off one body after another right now he encounters the old fellow
in past lives he casts off one by the after another

we sang no need to keep casting off these bodies
just meet the on fellow
true fellow
ha there's no need to put on any any other bodies
no need to acquire any more bodies

so what do you think

i am sure i know when i would as firewood and ashes ash firewood does not become ash ashes
i haven't fire it is not before i am an ash after prior it is just and the state of being fired ashes just in the state of being ash
and each one has its before and after

one commentator says about this
if you ask if he said to tofu do you know that you were once beans
they don't be foolish
hah beans or beans and tofu tofu
teams does not turn into total
when we also talk about a chicken and meat
a chicken is the chicken
but then when you cut the head off and cook it in the pot it becomes meat so chicken is chicken and meat is meat
need is not the chicken although we say this is the chicken

which thing has its own complete ah
her existence
and each thing covers the whole ground as it is
oh says
does not fail like over the whole ground
but here case and is saying specifically something

anything i never mind about past lives
what's important is
right now meeting this ah the old person
me i am meeting as a meeting your grandfather had a at the crossroads

should you say that were clearly
probably be to be
present moment cannot be grasped
ah it can't be grasped
as an idea
bad i
we think of time is passing
so if we think of time is passing
then we can't grasp
this moment
because we think it's reading
but if you let go of this moment
i will feel your hands

because this is not the moment that changes
is just the events
what a poem
yeah mrs right now he encounters the old fellow
chris is now he meets the same old fellow
same thing
and toes and since forever it whichever way i turn i get myself
with his totems enlightenment bomb
no matter where i turned i always make myself
when i went by moment in each thing
a characteristic of enlightenment is ah
hi i'm rick you will treat everything as yourself
when we usually do and if we'd hate herself when we treat everything as ourself with hatred
ah if we accept ourselves retreat everything my chest
so when it all depends on where is this square inch of mind as he says
from delusion or enlightened and enlightenment or within this one square inch of mind
and i reality is what it is
whether we realize it or don't realize it if we realize that it doesn't add anything at all to and to reality if we don't realize it it doesn't take anything away from reality

that trying to a try

i'm just taking care of details

just taking care of everything carefully
ah without making judgments
cactus is very simple
that's why it's so difficult
greed will will and delusion just get in the way
what's on
we may be without greed but we still have
we'll we'll indonesian we may be without grade and any a will but we still have delusion

i yes where i know

ah you know
i think it's hour
some kind of realization if you can say meant nothing that ever happened to me and my life was a waste of time
ha when you can say nothing that ever happened to me my life as a waste of time then we get outside of year ah self pity and judgment
and see your life as a whole and see that the inevitability of all the events
and you can also it also enables you to see here life as a life of practice
and not just
i has a life which is ah
how arbitrary

come on
karma is in our response
many words
ah you know we we feel i am born into this world i'm in some and it was some stroke of
for some reason or no reason
ah but each person is born into this world and create the world
ah the each one is born into some
ah some wealthy at his poor some you know
ah but these are just circumstances
and then how we respond to these circumstances through volition
with courage or with timidity or with honesty or with
whenever it is that we bring forth to ah
ah deal with a second
i'm nobility and doesn't depend on are being born into a high class family
nobility depends on how you respond to circumstances
so every class of people you meet noble people and you meet a normal people
and i mean developed people and he made undeveloped people
depending on how they respond to the circumstances that are given
so they repeat their some people who go from one who don't stay in his state of circumstances but her own are always testing themselves by going through different now
which is that necessary to than the struggling with travel if you come to the realization to
been the car
if when you can win the doesn't enter into creating karma karmic consequences no
one is never completely free of karmic consequences
how sure
bad that there is a kind of crap a consequence which is so light it's doesn't count

so we create i will through how we respond to it
and he can see you know human world is a creation of human beings
recreate the fighting demons are going about their
ah really ah tearing things up
the hungry ghosts are starving to death because even though the the i keep devouring and divine it's the they can get satisfied

and the animals
well i am
can't get above a certain level of intelligence in order to act like a human being
and people caught in the hell realms
don't know how they got their necessarily bad i don't know how to get out
i'm a people in the heavenly realms are so satisfied with their worldly pleasures with die
they're not concerned about
the spiritual life

i list

what they said the world is yet
who experiences
i see
so it's your question please planes is a row

the world is experienced but there's no one who experiences it
there is taking away his

on a human realm
a human realm
is it the realm where there's an opportunity to experience realization
i'm human realm is the realm where the
human humans have the possibility of ah
how realizing
ah nirvana
our liberation
ah will become the world
well how what makes that possibility
then ah ha
human being

has the thought
i'm enlightenment
the hit human being can raise the thought of enlightenment
i'm and because the human being can read it raise the side of enlightenment
because human being as enlightened
with human being was an enlightened fame already
when we couldn't raise the further enlightenment
so all these other worlds you know are also human world
ah but ivan
brother of a human being
as the opportunity to to ma'am
be in control of his world
when not be done
the possibility of not being dominated by
these other worlds
are these worlds which are also human world
so ah

instead of being used by these worlds are human being knows how to use these world
you know we can you just get rid of him we all a part of our being which one of was you know with has the potential for a hill or to be in the heavens
or to be an animal
foreign demon
to be a hungry ghost
but human world ah with like the apex
and so-called human world
and that is
contains there
ah potential for what is ma'am
not perfect bad
final result of a human being

some buddha as an example of final result of a human being

well i you know these two you know the each antica
there's one who does this one have buddha nature or not
there was a one time there are human beings at the among human beings there was a champ ticker someone who hadn't really had just could not find buddha-nature
dad then the buddhist all agree that to actually anyone everyone even atlantica has buddha nature
where's the possibility of developing buddha nature finding their good nature ah
yeah dog and famous statement all sentient beings are buddha-nature that have buddha nature but i am buddha nature itself so that a matter of having and not having
so ah but a bodhisattva is often called the great atlantica
when who are
ah puts off
i'm final release
and die doesn't die
i am
doesn't attain perfection
that just stay sticks around to help other beings sentient beings
somebody wet said
via hope an atheist with best folk yeah i think that we have a very very generous to atheists
it is a really important

they bounce out the face as a

i found it through that we hadn't spent much time here that has been
i will be rangeland
i was

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