November 1st, 1987, Serial No. 00960

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our intention
last night i was creating problems at the door
had our first rain
where nearly halfway between the cardinal points of
the autumn equinox and winter solstice

so you can read this or not
the passing
when it's a good time
even an intensifier
our commitment in our practice
how she was a long tradition and the buddhist community of
the rainy season retreat
when chinese monasteries
they've have been recently up until the here
and autumn automobile winter after the harvest were in uncertain and remember
a pan of meditation not the games themselves or longer but the amount of time they devoted the shooting
it was younger
as the days grow shorter

what comes to my mind is them
the main point a summary
conclusion that the diamond sutra
has stairs
as a fault of vision
has a lamp
as a mock show
two drops
her bubbles floating on a stream
as a dream
a lightning flash
her clouds
where should you do bail condition things

i'm like if he or him the dope just amendment a few minutes with me
and quietly
through the passage of time

when required like this
we almost have a sense of time itself
the time of course
the something we can't know
that itself we don't know time apart from
our experiences
sarah we hear the voice of the child
that's the have that child this time
imagine sitting on the back of a river
and the stream flowing in front of you this time
and if a leaf grips by
what's could leave apparently found the river
and ah
mark that point
immediately begins to move away from us
we can say that leaf is a day
and we remember that day and we watch it and it passes
and we put another leave for another day
and that leaf passes and that bill passes
what as were involved in watching it though we forget the river
hi attention turns to the past which the downstream
that they don't know what is coming
from upstream
to reach the we particularly like a very beautiful leaf
we may feel a little twinge of regret seeing it grow smaller and smaller
and then pass out of sight
we're gonna remember that leaf
have you alive drifts by a big lang read with long
we can say that's a whole year
we noticed the beginning of it we celebrate ah wonderful a big log is beginning to pass by
time to have a party
i'm an honorary noticed
ah he's appeared
for the bank has been torn off
here's an interesting branch and particularly like this time
what it was something so big as a rag or a year
we come to the end of it

her practice
we we learned to note
and as we begin to do that we are as that
we have to experiences when there's a kind of fans staccato experience
that's something happens
and it's gone
the other kind of experience we have is a kind of continuity
i want to talk about tibet as yogic continuity
there is a continuity in the river
and as we note
right at the moment that it's in front of us at that moment rejoined with the continuity of the river
but as we stay with the reef
a moves into the past we lose an element of the river being immediately in front of us
we lose continuity with the river
we may have a stream of rods
maybe very pleasing to us
have we have to be careful because
we are
separating herself from our continuity from the rumors continuity from the amount of time
actually there is immediate experience that's occurring
paul is why that we have a stream of fat
there we ignore
the when and value
so we can enjoy
our fascination fashioned fascination with the belief that we've particularly right
javier relationships are like this

this morning
when under the kitchen and
gotta my daughter would like waffles
i got out the mixing bowl the eggs milk
our asset
i plugged in the rapper iron
and i said
that i'll ask
so i said hannah would you like waffles for breakfast
he said no thank you
ha ha
at that moment i felt a little pain
hey i was trying to be a good mother
and i think that being a parent is right you and your anticipate
your chance
needs to a certain extent
you fear that you get to know your child
i know hannah likes waffles anytime

there is a moment of
experiencing this kind of feeling of things slipping away
trip sliding array is as paul simon singh's

there was a tendency for us to and sister were right now of course you like waffles
i'm all set up
wherever i wanted to convince a
reminder that you like to offer

but i immediately realized that she was right jimmy just she wasn't trying to tell trick on me i was just how she felt
i realized i didn't want waffles either
separate an array

so the bodhisattva vow to include are beings
means recognizing them just as they are and hearing their their situation in their voice
i think people who do this kind of practice should make a good parents
i'm very good friends
because you don't insist that your child stay the way you are comfortable remembering them
you don't insist they were friend
be completely known
you're willing to hear a surprise
you're willing to let them go
because indeed this growing is a kind of death
there's a loss involved
reading your friend change and gravel letting your spots changing grail
letting your child change and grow
letting your parents change and grow or perhaps not grow

if you want them to change and girl
the kind of willingness to experience
where will you friended we've identified it
does not there
so at that time the river is dark
when did
burping the sense of continuity will be a continuity
it means that
he completely take care of each moment
but this is a madman have some news something arising
he agreed it
you see it
get there with it this is a ruinous this is the meaning of buddha raking up
if it's a manner of something passing away
he recognized that the bonds that you've established with it can only be temporary
and for you to live freely
and for your friend to live freely you have to
let's let barrel
and breve if necessary
so that you can have a new moment

and because we're human
we do form these attachments
and we did choose
as logan says we choose for hours
but weeds grow anyway

and so they take care of ourselves we need to take the time to stop
and listen
and here the struggle going on
wanting to hang onto or past wanting to hang on to harvey know the future
one in to hang on to the familiar
we need to stop and look at all those all those faces
make friends with him
recognize that we're already friends with them
and if they go let them go
as you do this consistently
if you take care of have your baggage in this fashion very regularly by brushing your teeth
they don't get big accumulations
for example if had not asked my data and just sort of the raffles and
tell myself my data rights walkers and as should i what baffles
and i was a is on sunday morning
the there are people who do this and will i do this to a certain extent
the extent makes a difference
if you quickly i live and find out ah
i was getting off the track
you're willing to say on that hurt you know
i thought my data as i was going to be ten years old that she is she's not always going to be ten years old
her taste you're going to change they have already changed

see were clearly
and recognize that it's a part of the river that's already passed

then you have a sense of being now in the moment now in tune but the river as it's immediately in front of you
and you have a sense with your own continuity
i just read yesterday that someone is doing that there
they can sit quietly in the morning but then when they went to their office
is that they completely lost the sense of centeredness and continuity that they had in the morning
so how to bring that how to recover that service person to them
is this as you get a shave the real sticky that people often
this person knows that better looking at time
the office clock
but in their raj
and so at this point they've a little green dat
i'm faced with a ranch on the office clock and for them that was a cue to take a breath

now your breath as hours in the present moment
because thinking about your breath can be anywhere
but actually returning to your immediate experience of your breath
brings you to the present moment
so this person then put a dot on the telephone
but a dot on his appointment book
i think it was hoping to have enough green dots to make a continuous green line of life

a pretty soon we catch on or it may take years years of effort to catch on and remind ourselves ah yes green i can breathe

one of the read a plan

this is have gone
he was living in japan
have your photos and hermit monk
how about two hundred years ago
let the time of the american revolutionary war the constitution
when autumn night
unable to sleep i leave my tiny cottage
fall insects cry under the rocks
and the cold branches are especially covered
ferry from deep in the valley
the sound of water
the moon rises slowly over the highest peak
i stand there quietly for long time
and my room becomes moist with do
so weapon cared so much
about the passing of an autumn night
the he just had to wake up
and here are the insect cry
and stand for a long time
allowing himself to become saturated
this not drinking it drinking at all in
how stairs
has a fault of vision
you know all these nine points in the diamond sutra
most of them are light actually
and they all pass
stars have to give up their life
to the daylight when the sun comes
in fact the stairs we see maybe dead
the is trotted along a long distance

even our vision as clear as we can see it has its limits
have we see may be mistaken
maybe inadequate
where is blind to a certain extent
when you see the sunrise
and you'd take them all in
you know that there's infrared light
ultraviolet light
there's more than you can fathom
and it's gone
while this was written
a bad
her three hundred three hundred and fifty
in this common era
the ramps they had reportedly shakier affairs
are subject to be blown out by a breath of when
but even our
when life light bulbs
her federal pyramids
huh not show
you know how sometimes you can be deceived by the magic
recently i sat performance by jeffrey while
the matter is mine and clown
you know the same bad to raiders were there is
the dad panel on the stage
and he would emerge from run sad
how's this
ceremonious and very sophisticated later
standing tall
brandishing his tower the flourish
and then it disappeared behind the stage and come out as this
this writer who has to feed shredder
crippled and frenzy
i'd actually rather rose
he'd move back and perth and you're actually saw to different people although you know he was jeff doyle
but you'd be lost
and the city the scene and the drama between the two writers

episode two is telling us that all of our experiences like that

some people
make a mistake of thinking that because attachment causes problems
because clinging to things causes problems
we should die
a bird commitment

they think you can save yourself some trouble
and it's true as when we can do their judgment
literally the tries we have is whether we
get attached to something or not in the sense of exaggerating and disturbing it such as soon as we do that we begin the cause problems for ourself
but sometimes we may think that
we need to
they are different our friendships
cutaway our relationships
and there's that aspect of buddhist training
shopping when a buddha himself left his family his temple this temple he left his castle

that doesn't give up he was licensed in the great
our families
when buddha left is sir
family there is a whole support system to take care of his wife and child etc

at this time in this country there are many children who are neglected
for not attachment does not mean neglect
the real commitment really love is to be there
and allow the fluidity a rod a person per the situation to change and evolve
and your commitment
is beyond any definition

this takes a tremendous faith and trust
and it takes some stability when you can begin to develop and you're sitting

so listen carefully and you know

loretta your step or not
don't reject any real situations because there are there are workable

while naming crash

this is their life the lightning flashes from the dead river
the season passes
the day is gone
this moment is very precious