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The Rinzai school (Japanese: 臨済宗, romanized: Rinzai-shū, simplified Chinese: 临济宗; traditional Chinese: 臨濟宗; pinyin: Línjì zōng) is one of three sects of Zen in Japanese Buddhism (along with Sōtō and Ōbaku). The Chinese Linji school of Chan was first transmitted to Japan by Myōan Eisai (1141 –1215). Contemporary Japanese Rinzai is derived entirely from the Ōtōkan lineage transmitted through Hakuin Ekaku (1686–1769), who is a major figure in the revival of the Rinzai tradition.

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Saturday Lecture

Right Speech, Dana, Precepts, Suzuki Roshi, Attachment, Intimacy, Duality, Non-...
May 20 2000
City Center

May 30th, 1998, Serial No. 01818

Serial: SF-01818

End of afternoon session [Dinner] Gil: Intro - 3 Films Mel Weitsman introducing Phil Wilson, Grahame Petchey, Ed Brown

Suzuki Roshi, Zendo, Ego, Interview, Bell, Anger, Rinzai, soto, Tassajara, Posture...
May 30 1998
Sati Center

Buddhism At Millennium's Edge

Serial: SF-00030

Seminar 1

Dragons, Evil, Rinzai, Ego, Bell, Discrimination, Greed, Silence, Balance,...

Buddhism at Millennium's Edge - Lecture 1

Serial: SF-03063

Copyright 1998 by Peter Matthiessen - Unedited Preview Cassette

Evil, Silence, Suzuki Roshi, Chanting, Tassajara, Bell, Priest, Hate, Rinzai,...

Buddhism at Millennium's Edge - Seminar 1

Serial: SF-03052

Copyright 1998 by Peter Matthiessen - Unedited Preview Cassette

Dragons, Evil, Rinzai, Ego, Fox, Discrimination, Greed, Balance, Bell, Instruction...

Blue Cliff Record Class

Serial: SF-03092

Case 10

Silence, Birth-and-Death, Interview, Rinzai, soto, Funeral, Book of Serenity, Soto...
Oct 21 1997
Green Gulch

Recollections of Early Zen

Lotus Sutra, Precepts, Priest, training, Lineage, Lay, Zendo, Rinzai, Fox, Demons...
Feb 08 1997
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Green Gulch Farm

Recollections of Early Zen

Priest, Rinzai, Peace, Ceremony, New Year, Mahayana, Zazen, Diversity, Funeral,...
Feb 08 1997
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Green Gulch Farm

Dogen's Life

Suzuki Roshi, Buddha Nature, Family Practice, training, Monastic Practice, Rinzai,...
Jan 25 1997

Sandokai Class

Evil, Religion, Funeral, Tassajara, Discrimination, Suzuki Roshi, Emptiness, Oneness...
Nov 25 1996
Green Gulch

September 21st, 1996, Serial No. 01067

Happiness, Suzuki Roshi, Rinzai, Demons, Lineage, Letting Go, Tassajara, Posture,...
Sep 21 1996

Jewel Mirror Samadhi Class

confusion, Four Noble Truths, soto, Rinzai, Absolute-and-Relative, Soto Zen, Five...
Sep 10 1996
Green Gulch

Studying Yourself through Zazen and Oryoki

Serial: SF-03672

One-day sitting

Posture, Forgiveness, Zazen, Bell, Letting Go, Zendo, Emotions, Rinzai, Offering,...
Jun 17 1995
Green Gulch

Tokubetsu Sesshin

Priest, New Year, Rinzai, Religion, Ceremony, Tassajara, training, soto, Transmission...
Mar 25 1995

Saturday Lecture

Serial: SF-04059

At times in Japanese history, Zen has been interpreted with a fascistic bent - we need to consider our practices carefully

Emptiness, Four Noble Truths, Buddha Nature, Repentance, Rinzai, realization, Daily...
Jan 08 1994
City Center