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mrs tape t or c eighty nine dash one the east west foundation presents harmonia mundi
the world's in harmony october nineteen eighty nine in newport beach california
this is a form dialogue with his holiness the dalai lama
this is his holiness is living room
we're just rearranging a little furniture from hand
we're all here together to talk
your holiness
it's good we're here to talk
because the generation now alive
it's the first in human history a glimpse the possibility of the end of nature
end of our world
we live in a planet
i can die
the journal the bulletin of atomic scientists has had a crock on its cover for decades not o'clock tracks how close to the final hour at midnight for the human race reliving the clock has been at about a minute i have to midnight
for many decades for a long time it was because of the nuclear pearl the nuclear apparel now it's the ecological to
has been added the spreading of deserts the pollution of air and water the heating of the planet
the world trees being held at fifty acres a minute and on the nine
and what we've done to the planet there's no different than what we've done to humanity
we produce more food today than ever before in human history
yet more people starve than ever
there's a greater concentration of well whenever
and yet a greater gap between rich and poor than ever before
democracy is more alive now
and yet some most oppressive regimes in history tribe
and in this century we've seen the worst genocides of history
the holocaust of world war two a million cambodians under the khmer rouge
many millions and or both
stalin and mao including one point two million tibetans then
and now instantaneous communication leaves us no room for excuses
we see the poverty and disease the hunger and oppression
the growth of deserts the shrinking of us we see all too clearly the suffering both individual and planetary
ours is a world out of harmony
that's the occasion for this dialogue
his holiness represents the one great culture centered on a wisdom tradition to survived intact
and a modern times
and the fragility of
our day is shown by the fact that even that culture survives intact really for we only an exile
tibet represents a sort of a time capsule for the modern girl from an from an age when life was centered on the spirit
and world was in harmony
when the inner sciences the art of being
was developed to the highest levels
at a time and the modern world is adrift and in crisis
we need more than ever to bring this wisdom to bear
science and technology her brought immense control over nature
a power without wisdom is dangerous
we need to balance our modern capabilities an ancient wisdom
his holiness often speaks of the interconnectedness of all things
in a sense what that means is we're all in this together
he said to the because these times are so dire it is a great honor to be alive now at this moment on this planet
it is we who bear the responsibility who faced the challenge we must take care of the planet i just for ourselves but for the future for our children
this dialogue will involve everyone in this hall
why fact that his holiness is quite pleased with
most of us on stage here are just the voices for all of our common concerns
after each of these public sessions
everyone is invited to join a group to further continue the discussion will come up with more thoughts more questions more reflections and those will be brought back here at the next session to continue the dialogue so that everyone here will be part of the conversation
the spokesman the mouth for i was no nahar will be joel edelman
joel is very well suited for the task being both a lawyer and a specialist in mediation so i think he'll do a good job coming up just the right balance of
christians and reflections let me introduce the rest of the panel
is have to my left change note a bowling
union analyst or psychiatrist at the university of california medical center in san francisco whose especially concerned with women's issues as a young and analysts she also really explores and probes the dark side of the human psyche
jack angler a psychologist at harvard medical school was among the first to seek an integration between buddhist psychology and western psychology joanna macy a teacher brings a buddhist perspective to confronting nuclear and ecological peril
to my right
margaret brandon gibson
a psychiatrist at harvard i has been very involved as a long time
colleague of erick erickson was considering the nature of the danger to the planet her current project is an in-depth study of the weapons makers at livermore lab and other places and i'm sure she'll be speaking about that a bit dan brown psychologist at
harvard medical school who specializes among other things in treating people who are victims of extreme trauma and abuse including political oppression and torture
well known as a counselor to the dying is given workshops and taught at medical schools and hospices and centers across the country
as you know each day has a particular theme the first day today the theme is a focus is the nature of suffering tomorrow will be an end of suffering and on the third day on wednesday compassion action
so today will begin with reflections on suffering

now has that
your holiness dan and his beautiful and sobering remarks just now
reminded us of the condition of i were
he spoke of this being close at the final hour and it's not only for the human race but for our brother and sister species as well
so even here as we sit comfortably in this beautiful room i know we are reminded that the this is the time of great danger requiring and media and massive response from us
in my own work around the well
i am finding that in general people especially in the western industrialized rich countries
have different kinds of response to the suffering of their world even good people people who want to be compassionate
i find that we on one level believe it the facts are there we know we here we see it on t tv
but i find out for lid on another level
we don't believe it because it seems too overwhelming
the heck too painful to face so we can to keep on with business as usual
and we rarely speak at the suffering of our world with our family in our friends
i find that
people sometimes take refuge in two kinds of hopes
one is the hope that things will work out because we have great technological skill
we have know how they will be what we call on technical fix
on the other hand there is the hope and the part of many that if we are peaceful and good in our hearts
that everything will be all right at the world can become peaceful i might call that a spiritual things
is this hope that there may be a refuge for us beyond earth
come through florida
so my question is happening your holiness
if whether hope can these kinds of hopes
can keep us from facing what we need to face
and hope can keep us from facing suffering and danger
whether they give us both comfort and keep us from doing what we need to do

you know i always consider the importance of keeping hope
gus is he
rather they hang with real be
it's you got not is extremely important to keep
hobbies basis of future
abusers of success
and even i think can really benefit you in at home or optimistic attitude
even use it they have a very as i do any helpful to relieve say
the interactive

and then
of course is the as a human
i see him human society for human community
it is bound to go to have issues some problem was some mischief rapidly mischievous one of political purchasing it
our problems that
you can manage his motivations and actions
and fell for the wrong thing that wrong motivation is wrong action
bound to happen
five billions of human being
it is impossible or five billion
they may become perfect that is impossible
i've been but then use it and also i think when you when you explain said
one is a positive fate and negative side
i think from the buddhist viewpoint i debbie be another meter
the perfect look for wrong but something new to
so so now use it generally speaking if the a global situation general life
i think he's a i have some from reasons but it to be helpful for you see a nervous i do one working bot of things you'd beaten one piece
in early part of the century or even is the fifty two stage
many people believe the ultimate decision must come to war
i do that concept now today course largely due to nuclear for threat
i'm clear holocaust
now people realize and i can learn what people realizing
division through war is something something totally unacceptable
and despite jersey different ideology different system even is hostile attitude she many people trying to avoid more a man trying to say trying to your questions and now not people talk with operation
i think this so you see beasts desire for peace
all force for peace i think much increased
the last few years is he
a number location i met the different people
which he some scientists physicists who actually did himself as he made good contribution for nuclear weapon
these very people the village and dishing deep concern about the war ended
many scientists
we're getting it is you confirming graph showing great company blog peace
did it and then a young bright intelligent
the news you young entering bright people she shooting create enthusiasm
for world peace
so you see people i think now growing number of people is you go
could see continued brought peace
elena i can enter the factor i can you see the due to technology i feel communication right to do
terminology now we have much much a better communication so as a it and all right in the day where economy or culture in benefited yeah
the in the nation much improved as a result you should it be how does it be concept we see our nation and a detonation or this continent that continent i think somehow reduce it
the concept of feeding in europe
we see in shit i'm young people thin german or italian or is finch
yeah i'm so much how to say how
in interlinked
so easy day a district to the national right method i didn't my internet isn't maybe tiger do lol i can help doesn't matter what
no god
the order to on
rather live doctors should i attempt to i attended me to products and the that doesn't advocate
so anyway you need to be know this is one thing than now
yeah see the conflict
too much rigidity system
basically that isn't against using human nature
human nature is a one's freedom
once liberty once more space to blue
gus human nature even animate want that
so but
any human history
even using you can get century
it it is some people believe
a human development can take case too strong privacy
sandra authorisation
how deadly the fate now
it doesn't work
not outright said
but it simply to see are not not say are not suitable for you will be
the other hand the human desire
is he freedom liberty as it isn't is a movement of the democracy movement of or say glory cause i want to feel
and others not only include blog but even out the different places like is a new years is the in flipping or private star in america so many places around things are going that direction
for this shows again
the basic human spirit
i'm getting ahead
agriculture is a lot of positive indication of full frame
ben say the early part of the century
or even an ink and to kill assembly is a people simply simply similar to a consumer
the water resources
it's nobody take of the she didn't care she is concerned about climate route today even some political party you see the ideology based on is different such a contract or
doesn't do
i think they do too
i think the human knowledge of increasing human knowledge knowledge reach deeper level so as a result ah she covered
long lol dumb consequences you see it become clearer and clearer more deborah earnest about wrong term consequences
well as it is again you see more and more people now showing deep concern about the environment ecology eastern
very positive
er den crazy material materials and and i don't know
spatial is wrong
usually i call the external deployment and internal mental development
now these two teams well
i think the previous century
defend she also sometimes people vent the signs and speech or something just to separate actually bought several dozen kinda
hope but to separate disciplines just disciplines right on
no kidding
because the people felt the two things mila never meet
never come to to come together
well today we find i can more and more people are realizing they there's no point to negative about are interfering our inner what for example today here so we're not talking about in suitcases or something
we're talking about human mind more and one the more discussion on murphy more concerned about is a income of feeding or experiences
for this shows are the modern or say still most modern science and technology and geech really really has a really high stage very high standard
still where we have been involved in feet
hope has a whole cooking or a shell
who created designed in on one i'm the technology he will be one is as a one find that analogy benefit of enemy you of human me
so him and mean it's always the center humanities on his defender
sometimes i think we're too much a private about the mattress he did it technology these things so at that moment quite nature we forget about our human humanity so
now there is they've done extensive development itself no shame this limitation
true that true professional way it is impossible to get hundred percent satisfaction
so of education must come with you
not come to our friend
so the material development it's now shown us the limitation
hurry again now returnable are basic concept who are who are mean for by moving there
i didn't get over either very positive i can help the development
oh i have some more reasons to be hopeful right rather than pessimists that person is very pessimistic
when you think
good tweeted about it

yes now now these are the i think from
we can we can take to these factor well as a basis for all now
now hope is just a hawk
oh is it must of beat actual
values see him and even use a prayer although i myself using play replay
and i use a dating package which a payload for that but generally speaking i'm not much not much believe in prayer
the action actually is more important than simply pressure
financially the action of cancun or something something real early
him at marine interactive or something practical i'm impractical or new back at all i'm going to three with that make this work for the new my does it action can occur what matter compared to rise
laugh it real effect can come through action but not just through cope alone
did you want to provide none of them and just random
as people take action for emperor issue or problem they feel drawn to rather that has to do with
praise in this wastes in there was a taxi from as as long as or whether it has to do with the way we treat animals and our laboratories around at crimes many different issues but they find this they discovered
very disturbing information they see that the suffering is more than they expected
your holiness
well our mental practices that can help us not turn away from that suffering and look around it
to me

one complicated
i think i did reversed they added to make as a clear or main distinction

i don't pry i didn't like this way say
are they want to give his rest of it
less traffic
region online shopping for downfall is a it has every right to lesson to lesson exciting
now yeah is do is one simply is a white ah that's a wider digital detox our mother
simply the drawing your mind from thinking about are focusing their suffering alone suffering itself it's one way you avoid it
one method to me
and another thing is he
the thing which you do not want my kid is he your penetrate in it instead of avoiding
good in fact i mean you hate paying more closely
is it about a nature
investigate then
see to deadly this possibility to national assembly
because one thing then go now here are similar to we can get a cracker the permit trouble ahead that day
mission a and yeah that like to twitter
i forgot about that baby
person gender now is i'm certain experiment on animal
hi this is very delicate are really complicated right now across from the buddhist viewpoint
reconsider all sentient being are being who have feelings or experiences
confessions reconsider same downfall is a in order to gain some benefit for elena
and early will be doing being and federalize another living being is not equal not a affair
are not something that's something
a fair
kill is your first
if this way to avoid
no doubt better to be white
ben is he
are there
although the both human being and dynamo is a book or the same for to say
same no experience for feeding
so on databases with same equal yet
day that is it the ability
where writing ability to create where benefit long term benefit
i didn't external external field are met me at bk feel as well as internal feet in both feet real human being have more potential more ability to create bigger or say beneficial
now die efficient exceptional cases in order to save where one being who can kids cutlery
couldn't get a current shoot the carnegie for you go out with i'm gonna cause i'm gay community from what we get those i sacrifice chatting and maybe but from that and
there are exceptional cases although from a british point of view there is no condoning or are sacrificing the last night of run type or in in order to save the life of another but there are exceptional cases there in order to save a digging species are being crass a greater
possibility to create more happiness for a larger community or beings in order to save that being there are exceptional kids were you can you might have to sacrifice a life of another race less abilities to create such opportunities for him
er det bare ground on that basis
radha or that can lead msg in research and experiments church you're doing didn't damage and you to know are completely cut away
come linda lou to shatter convinced to completed the county nevada because nevada leah
cheap similitude galia to measure we're a taco
the we're on a majority of courage was found a way to let her little piggy good for the gradual but can be ready
grey chevron
a coke algebra caucasian were considered worthy you need a culture which means that a proton and conducting it gao j a of the unit yoda
there could be a cases there in managua and why we are in order to save humanity human being in order to bring about new ways of treating
human illnesses and support
you might confront with situations where you can't avoid
subjecting certain animals or laboratory experiments under such circumstances although you are there are perfected the animals rubbing a triplicate experiments to suffer and had sensations and so on but with a greater awareness of a long-term benefits statistics experiment can have
one could have him that kind of awareness by the or when the long-term benefit is experiment can produce
yeah difficulties were and a good to meet the the to me some you are putting to me know yeah the to ten with some initial project there i thought it shimmered with of shit and to me a bit muslim shatters just know i the think interesting regina so
although this does not for a complete they can to condone or justify the sacrifice sacrificing that animal but it's a better far better than someone who tries to towards the net net about the sensations and pants and support of that particular animal and know i do wrong
they can make this image or video data to that to live and i say with under the fill that gap that gig that can be partnered with to me know your diploma gauge any random message we throw ottawa but good money out about she's postage stash associate or one
good deal earlier but the college of you do need to check get on in puerto ricans turn it internet the gullet good political j comment on it and create a lotta to me a you worry that they looked up synergy bench to why a picture popular anemia
miserable mildly out about me so why i'm not privy to musical salamanders as to why should i or the the legend of dangerous is the sorry i made a good a big mistake
he solid message there are a blue point was that there
we were talking about how to phase of the kind of feeling of unbearable baroness the people involved in such experiments and had can can adopt and he suggested that to generally speaking there that two ways one is to totally ignore and nicholas
the sensations and feelings and drawn of animals involved in these experiments the other one is to try to think about long-term benefits is smoked experiment can produce and by being aware of that long term benefits that great benefits of this experiment and that's kind of our can overdose
home and help you reduce the kind of anxieties and so forth this you might feel when involved in this experiment to compared to the two ways of
problem that the letter which is thinking about in aware of the
sensations but at the same time
being aware of the greater benefits of this experiment is far
better than try to in order to are you know how you overcome the anxiety is simply trying to neglect it simply trying to ignore it that that is more dangerous
right from this question by way is your question is i have fathers' i want to ask you about a third situation taking this example of the suffering of animals both in laboratories and in our farm factories there is another kind of
do you know what i mean by file factor hillary
just right it
our where the suffering is very great
they're in order to change that practice to reduce the suffering of these fellow species are brothers and sisters who were
being tortured
we needed better suited to visitors with the water yes i'm just taking this as an example which
we need to see their pain
for many of us it seems too much to bear so we weren't to look away this it all goes wrong so what i hesitated as you mentioned earlier your holiness something about a practice of not turning from the pain but demonstrating into it couldn't speak about that that practice
this i'm going into the pain so we're not afraid of it i candy can we are going to gigs with it
founded do it on digital create to me a project for the republican in he needed a the the twelve that that like you're gay children
my son for
now enter deity profound problems or
is it thousand thousand meters bill was the animal killed for food and as they really sad
we shouldn't be
can do without meat
them especially in our modern have say shouldn't these different vegetables from different you see supplementary exchange
so now this ideally is he he is a great possibility to to see him being supplies
dr melvin so you see
i found in many places
what certain i'm an individual letters on groups promoting gay
is it animal right
really big thing
i'm also the same time with the people becoming more and more vegetarian diet
so now yeah i think
how am i think
are these a death
further was just standing
nowadays firstly they are adding something certain getting a million luxury hunting fishing
you're not just as the nonsense
damn second was impatient for the perfect era i grew up while i don't call or a compromise that guess
for bruh
dense chicken
what you can rarely wins that
like i think system since the senate
when i visit one one location right visited japan was a i visited run for me crazy
well aren't you can put poultry as a the policy reform
what they told me through hundred thousand hands of two years they keep for a in that to year they just realize that get ready to get vegetation
where's that trump isn't isn't it like business
then after two years and no more egg shell
when something really with a shocking have been really sad
so i think there's some museum from denver to to reduce or to to reduce it that and of i think
ready and fair of say a kidman or action
then again to see
the add other day i met one my indian friend
he told me he to say
his small child from the gotta
are you are with him actually and her father the the indian tradition is a beef or luigi avoid so there's a chicken and distance how naughty
no distinction for the small daughter or your father or kicking in these things small size getting in order to serve as a ten people many lights involved
it beef
one ended a wanna like if you can sell for more people
so i i think again some logic of bitch
so now you see
beef whatever you call a shame one one that's a him chimps for and the other is a different user shares someone's wanting
in one plate many lives in vol
it to me these are not london citizen to delicious
somebody the awful so better to evaluate these things
if you your buddies you need somewhere to writing
meet or something then for the time being the on bigger animal
and eventually that also easy reduce and eliminate that i do can be done
then we human being i think written our basic nature vegetarian
not harm him on another
i think i think we can use it you can make some pedal
see a very detailed found she broke broken progress or program program cutting
what does i enjoyed is a agree
then re-enter you said my together pointing it began to me the region in numbers extra digit
this concludes side one to continuation and going out to side too
is are trying to ignore the sufferings that are involved in experiments an animal farms is it in order to lessen one's own suffering was on mental anxiety is to ignore the other something that's very dangerous because of
that kind of attitude then eventually we forgot about him at section wifi
so usually use i telling my friend that even warfare
rich sherman feeling it is much better
the warfare essentially killing read that one hundred percent energy yet that mega nice even worse
still remain written humanized with similar feeling much better must saber so downvote is it they forget about other suffering in order to say to achieve some reforms for etc
for benefit
gasly early predictions
i've seen the jays all some tibetan butcher
isn't that great quite i i didn't quite smart i think
it's a day and of course there as a livelihood right livelihood we see as a butcher at the same time they show kindness
good of it so you see before and slot slot is a day they'd give some see bills that is presently in the political pleasant bill
then after finish you say this is impaired or something i think that's better still better although the same killing but still better with that kind of philly
your giveaway is a the the issue work
it needs to export a little more is the psychological nature of the inability to face suffering and how that these people lacking compassion because they turn away from people in need and i did anyone want to follow up on this line of questioning margaret yes i would like you were
harry harry yeah well
how's that side that
i'm reminded
something my teacher air gaps and has frequently said which is it that often we treat other nations other people's as if they were members of another species and therefore fail it's all right to kill them for what
never purpose for our betterment
and thus for example in the vietnam war
when it was said frequently that we are going to go there and can overcome these people in order quote to liberate them
and when after many many tons of tnt were dropped on needs unsuspecting and and well they weren't i'm suspecting by now i'm in a french had been doing this for a long time and other incursions
but when we were doing this we i say we meaning the united states there were many people people of good height people of good intention who were convinced in the beginning that we were doing this killing regarding these people as another species
for the betterment of very long term benefit is that were from humanity supposedly
and this was going on for a long time but now this is the pram coming to
when for instance we're talking about transformations of consciousness when for instance one such person who was in our government and who was in a way leaving
been the vietnam war and actually walking in the jungle that the head of a brigade of a marine this is dr daniel ellsberg
ah when he came to the point why they are feeling himself to be
one of these people he said and i will never forget this statement he said the vietnamese people became as familiar to me as my own hands meaning i am you you are me and suddenly this became an impossibility and when he read
that it's really by way of empathy by way of feeling into the other creatures feeling whether it's exists a cow or a person kneeling intervals feeling made him feel this is no longer and available met
when of living and so we decided what could he do to resist to n
not only his personal role but the role of the united states government and sending and half a million young people to be show and to kill these people who were struggling from inside bonkers you know and who course resistant to the end and will never overcome
i'm but it was that insights that everything that compassion and it's not simply concussion from on high i feel sorry for the lolly creamer it's rather i feel what use them because i am you you i mean go about this they come then it says
seems to me a basis for a transformational process that a basis for not turning away from suffering as you were saying joanna
if it become so compelling to you that you are me i am you that then you can no longer turn away from the threatened and and you must resist it this is a very repetitious georgia
i'm wondering would you agree that it's when we see other people as
somehow of another grouping of another kind that it is our right to overcome them to kill them you know that then it becomes possible as it has throughout history to for one group to kill another but we stand in a singular moment
the of history run it is possible for humanity for wife itself out entirely and that's why it's different from all of history i think it's different would you agree
jeannie but military cemetery
change shinji to here to so that i knew that l'image you dakota
two a day because are going to do the parisian do on shapiro know what they have to get a promotion was what to do can be this is a very true solid it's totally agrees with you and as is a quotation in put his shooter who says that to
like on your own sufferings how you feel your sensations and so on then the that venice can think of others has seen
as the same as your feelings yourself and those situations and so on but you know this gets into big trouble when we get into animal experiments that you were just talking because if one says that for the greater benefits of human being perhaps it's all right
the sacrifice or nana mom it seems to me where i'm very nice
was to courts to decide for the greater benefit of home of the how you're killing now of all of us i read you know it you not here
yes i agree no boy
adventure very delicate question that is a very delicate question pm to ah
now yeah use the logic goes like this in order to save it in
many as decoration one
more right
fearful other i but
citizen is a way to save one and a set of eyes many wrong
good good deed on sometimes loretta
me meme bully a tendency to achieve
yoga a be kid wants
this is a very dedicated
question an issue as sondern is said and so you the best thing as i mentioned it before right from the beginning we see
right i mean
basically it is better to avoid
to carry experiment on animal
in exceptional cases now the logic goes this once you see me mumble publish it really into it
and he did earlier than a military target
and a exceptional case circumstances
if you have to sacrifice a life of an animal in order to do an experiment to save human lives when the logic would be because human beings have a greater potential to serve more living species more sort of a living beings therefore it is
under certain circumstances understandable to the law jeebies and to save one life if you sacrifice many it is unfair were sacrificing one knife for the benefit of many is
right this incident
it's conceivable that your your holiness
there's one of their part of the question i'm not shirt came crosses question that is
margaret was talking about a situation where people are seeing other people is very different from themselves and then makes it much easier for them to inflict suffering on them and i wonder if you could speak to that part of the the problem
meet me at the moment is china mainland issues
you can learn a lot
no yeah
it was regarding i'm nico mb then i didn't hear that i think many reasons basically every can we be saved
every human being have every right to be happy to overcome something
so on dead level all human we say
then enter the you see his point gay
me and other this myself myself and other his clothes or that cliff cliff close connection
so question of one's own survive entirely depend on others
some about other is
ultimately being benefit
one said
so the best way to survive one says and best way to have good friends best way to have even good name
cause other people
forget one said
that's the best way it
and then
don't today nobody is or what were you i mean once on editor to others
yeah the in reality we have you will have to live together
but you cannot to destroy all the other at other people others
and now use for wc continent to continent country to country every you may not like the other one other neighbor we will have to live together
and in economy field so you have to depend on others on other nation even hostile nation dense reality on the dead circles as this is a far better to live harmlessly friendly
gather then see negative attitude
so now group global itself
i think now is becoming much smaller and heavily interdependent so i think the i believe the altruism
if the keeping for happiness not only the other people but ultimately one said
laugh or a rival as the years this age so they are now as you mentioned be love and kindness
and the in in deep sense bit as prison or love is something something how to say more than just a feeling of pity pity mixed with pity because he you i usually love and kindness
there is there's a sense of responsibility taking care
god are not just you see i have something everything but the airport that not doubt kind of his attitude the true sense of love is taking care of possibility
and the other one you see consider something some compressors something because consider
can do this it
the dead the dad motivation and sharing that's tool
so true altruism
i believe the foundation of i think her
even just i'm according to some scientists
the are very body so if you need affection
for body to love it especially if you've been developed that we need at as efficient
for death shows
hey nature of human body
human species so i think very close to imports grew a little closer much involved
the confession on every classic compassion
the creator yeah
a follow up question from dan brown and then stephen
can you hear me yes
i want to just continue this line of discussion because it seems to me that the logic that sometimes it's permissible to inflict harm and suffering for the greater good of others can be easily misused
for example
in many countries people will disappear and be tortured and sometimes killed and if you interview the people who did the torture that the torturers they will often tell you that they did not see anything wrong with this because they were doing it for the greater good of their political group
but three there's a kind of erroneous view there because it's not for the greater humanity it's often to keep one political group in power but they have a sincere conviction that they are doing this home for lacked for the greater good
so how do you balance this altruistic wish with some correct view or wisdom a ditto
what to get socialists socialism majority
i bet you wouldn't say that show the miniature panther is hundred thousand shares yoga
they don't an engraved the altruism it was to read the it
the that kind of misconceptions is possible and the stems from ignorance it's the best way to confront and overcome that is to develop altruism and based on wisdom
progress colors she's a tv to really share we not to say what all our linkedin your on charity so although that's how to ethically it is supposed to be a sacrifice of working to sacrifice one for benefit of greater politically speaking is it does
to be but when we implement that when you see a lot of use a lot of a many things which involved policy we need early scientific were tangible are very careful sort of as analyzers
cadets really difficult
and according to share your west georgia innovation however
there's sometimes the situation is so complex that it almost sort of law requires that kind of a pretty cognition a clear winds which is very difficult
it is fsm
for all these safer than battalion it could be knitted they really are the extradition
but the safest with the
to do is to try to
avoid such situations arising in the first place try to confronted trying to stop prevent as prevent a situation is steadily rising incentivise us on one susie as a minorities rate is better to always have say not do
first nationally i didn't get it was a safer surfaced

i write a little your holiness
uranus in some environments the suffering is so intense
it even though as joanne says we've built these in know incredible mechanisms to deny their denial just won't work
at one time on my wife and i were working with dying children for an extended period of time
we'd be next to a bedside about thirteen year old girl who's dying of leukemia
and her hair reminded us of the color of our thirteen year old daughter's hair as an her
and the color of her eyes she would just remind us very much
should should pull very much on our places of attachment and fear
and we see this it was very evident in that situation but scuttled more subtly i think it exists for many people who work with those and suffer
how in the face of the enormity of the suffering when the denial can no longer be maintained
how can we
maintain some compassionate energy so that fear does not limit our ability to serve
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but the animals and usually cooking up an indication that number i'm trying to show you know now based on this arena for sure with gambling
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i need to do for missile socially nigeria crusher the crushing them natasha who can do you mean here to do vre h d members you know i'm getting me large you'll get to my we told them in boucher so that you realize that are cold one
so as on them miss responses this that he feels that the matter is really want to simply becoming more and more accustomed to the situation in the context of a spiritual practice and that if we can take many examples from buddhism will have very highly realized go a and people with very deep spiritual development and these people that's just one example for example come i'm really loving it
of a very highly realized about a saturday such a being with the insight that such a being has will see even more clearly the nature and extent the depth of the suffering of another person than that grab the oil or herself will experience me to their home can get manouchehr can we can also want to get when your children he was a person who is so has such deep insight into the nature of suffering
that it said in his whole life be only left three times
so this was main gate was i don't know what we laughed at
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they're both one cadets it's usually a degree
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this on his can't quite remember all that to be instances when had to do with mice
the current italia natwest
i love it as that should you change it to initiative looking at a shared an understandable he was called luckily the the weeper the weeper because the weaker because he weeps that he wept as so much it is and it was because it is tremendous sensitivity to the depth and extent of suffering as something they said his insight into another person suffering was more deep and and
vatican the next person's own insight into his or her own suffering so how can we responded as a to respond to the question you raise is that it really in the in the context of that's a buddhist practice than it's really going deeper and deeper into one's own spiritual practice emphasizing the two major facets namely wisdom and compassion by so
doing and then again and again encountering the suffering of other sentient beings than one's capacity to acknowledge it to respond to it and feel compassion rather than simply apathy or sense of impotence would naturally gradually arise but what's hard to generalize because it's an individual matter of one person's courage one person's for parents individual
how does the characteristics that will enable that person to have to acknowledge and to respond to the suffering and that of another person
the we're family from ikea right
go out on me like meet you got the tissue
so it is it's the function of a wisdom to helping the following way and that is when thinking about offering were contemplating suffering not to fall into depression when a rip reflecting upon happiness and rejoicing not to fall into conceit sophomore at points and arrogance what allows us to avoid those two pit bulls his wisdom
in a desert in giving him the me but they so fulfill
if you're going to get it is difficult to generalize so it's a matter from one individual to another to deal with this in a lot of the environments where there is a lot of suffering in this country is a term use called burn out
and it means
a profound fatigue from facing so much suffering and an enormous sense of helplessness and sometimes even hopelessness in the face of the onitsha a constant change the inability to take away in others suffering
and it seems that that burnout is is resistance to suffer how can we open ourselves to separator in such a way that we can allows
at one time when i was working with dying children particularly if they're in a lot of physical pain
i would find myself sitting next to the bed and praying with all my buddhist practice still praying that somehow something alleviate this enormity of pain and the poor little body
i not went on for years and one day i sat down next to the bed and i started to do that and something and make you said that's wrong and inappropriate all you can pray for is that they can get the most out of this possible that their karma will allow that their the there
something in them will allow them to gain in some growth some healing from this my question is how do we
allow ourselves to be in the face of that suffering without resistance to the supper
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oh chanel yes create a perimeter have much pain she will ship and sort of a cottage having a really a chemical up a motto that solar social six usual quote charge a change it michelle dahlia about you are playing
it didn't take a measurement about relatives simply people a bit a bit timber korea and visit him nya my little kid our shows my god is said okay says he didn't you go to a long term castle that objective genre or days underwater yeah again it's a great up and if
you should come to roy
for the the literal relative it said there's a buddhist religion said the outside of aquatic handle
the buddhist concept of relativity has a lot of applications to it and so there's a parallel he on this relates to meditative practice and one is driving very very strenuously in meditation than one is bound to encounter certain obstacles namely of an agitation or of a to tightness and a kind of a lethargy idleness the enters into the mind and if when one tries to counter these
that these extremes are wouldn't carry on and proper meditation but regardless of one's one's efforts if one finds that the more closely want the tends to ones meditative object that the mind simply becomes depressed and exhausted than at that point the proper buddhist practice is to a drop in the meditation to come out and refresh yourself because it's not could be effective so there's there's a case in modus meditation
not in dealing with with the with the ill with the those in great suffering people one blinds and a point which you can't burn out if one finds ones in a point that a situation where you pronounce healing incapacitated yourself impotent yourself your own practice your can hear capability beginning others has been wiped out and you're feeling demoralized yourself
then you have no benefit to that person you have no benefit to yourself when this happens then is best for the sake of everybody withdraw whether it's and to retreat or something that would withdraw and restore your soul and the whole point here is to have a long term perspective that is tobacco even if for the time being you after withdrawing from active service there might a long term attitude so
you can continue to serve over a long time thank you
jean had a question
i was a bit worried that your example about the color it's the last three times in his life and to i heard that he also that he was known as the weaker because it sounds as they're here is a man who's not afraid of breaking down and crying also suffering and so often
as professionals as around at about people will especially or grow up as an as an as a man in his captured or are afraid of showing emotions and a crime and early were ruled by
that suffering may get swear to you and new mosley move once and
can you hear that you can you hear jay
i want to ask you about showing feeling about weeping about being moved by your heart by suffering and rather than to my impression of people who meditate is it very often they withdraw from suffering
instead of going into it and sharing their very hard for reaction with a person in pain and i was wondering would you encourage that would you encourage people to show their feelings hurt yourself ever been moved to weep in the presence of suffering



i am
i'm gonna do a relationship
from sunday
yeah how to get it over the generic to get the to me tallahassee
as do many yeah you've got to really good don't be to mutual girl country shelia to make our to forget says but that you've got to look at it on a pinch as you knew and other the purchase only to in a bid to check the realization done with yoshio a direct your labors divulges to one part of your question and that is in terms of meditators or whether there are a lot of meditators who and the course
their spiritual practice and between away from suffering is may be a relates to appoint a song and has made previously and that is there are two basic responses to suffering or to ease one's own suffering and anxiety in one is to simply blank out the suffering of others and this is one possibility that the other one is to go and penetrated and look right at it and the appropriate response for a meditate or anybody else is to go into
it and i simply avoid it
this is a total cost you don't want okay but if they aren't me up you stubborn israel to
and in terms of one's own feelings whether whether whether they're pleasurable and around pleasurable the point obviously to be aware of it
and to extend to express it yes the relating to the other part of your question
can about my own policy canada
cause i didn't i say here to network i should go to pay us as nobody and and president wanted to go to the in terms of his own and his own behavior probably some of you have been with him they have there are occasions when he does we win the there
here is a totally different desert us and promote i also think it's wonderful that you both laugh and week in public had that you serve as such a remarkable role model for leaders i wish
it's moving
right okay
we we have time for just one last question for the mornings stephen your holiness i completely agree with what jean said but just to ask does this barber this this lama who is are weeping lama that does his weeping see
unify attachment
taxonomy chosen not to be or was the here you the love and compassion he is a is a big differences
through compassion and love with reason
the entities that our usual sense that love compassion is he here essentially so very much in vogue desert attachment
so now you say they love or compassion with based on the attachment in this case very limited and very unstable
fear use it
here you say i think mainly projected or protection
this is is it that and from a someone is it appears something very beautiful sunday way nice to me and it becomes something of mine
mike or dead way we did develop some battle
i love
essentially attachment
so are based on evolution so now is it that
as this slate does is change the situation immediately the he have the attitude completely change
this they are today something a very a loving attitude next morning maybe they're hostile attitude
that is a dawn
the analyzed the other ones who is something
and developed love for their kind of love follow that suffering with them in there rather than persons was the attitude changed the say that way doesn't matter no matter the basic nature to is your face into something so soil density mean love continues to work
that's not just a protected by one sense
trivia is a bit different so the other end of love
essentially i'm actually not you from harmful
that been as british
it could be with their the other kind of based on reason that we get me casually input
so on dead level where they use a my own french or my enemy no differences enemy suffer friend who suffer
since are you are aiming to suffering shares the same where those are my enemy of my friend doesn't it
prevents just wiki
thank you thank you your own openness that and procession to the morning we'll continue this afternoon and the rest of us will break up and groups and pick all this over they give a keg of i a

this concludes to a number one