Tokubetsu Sesshin

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your concentrate presence
i'm doing a wonderful contracts
from the night of time this conference never stopped
beyond noise and silence
the on speaking or silent
beginning this result hesitation and result sticking
it is peaceful joy for me to shares a com thank you light of the dharma
we sort of you
this in itself is our boundless infinite right
yeah now
moment of the moment life start life
when the posture in the mind of zazen right
the in itself this posture and mine
phil penetrate the room
the space
the entire universe
exactly that reveals the true natural majors the original sell
it says in this should come
guides our daily life
our body speech and mine
our muskets movements feeling action
it becomes the life of the self which is connected naturally
unconsciously is an infant universe
all times and or beings
this last two phrases
i took from a commenter comentario salaah accuracy on sugar cut
it was a thus carrying was a swath of wisdom
shop published with a flame of the diamond
if somebody asks me what is your religion i will answer
the power wisdom it said
it seems to me and this phrase or better experience our reality
we can find the roots shinji and regulations
and the transmission of the dharma as one
it is a second on it but does a way of being
rind attitude
vivid fulfilled
everyday life rate
in a certain way we can say
this live guided by she can't do that
is the presence of all does yeah now
all dharmas now
zadar mice received maintained and transmit
that's right
so when we dedicate the merits of our practice to the buddha's all beings
the stars the whole pass
it means exactly now
yeah i'm now
and from present time to present time
woman of the moment
life after life
we share our original nature
the beginning less conference
with the original major of all beings
establishing a deep trace of peace and freedom and the midst of delusion suffering
which we experience as emptiness in the same time yeah now
maybe this is called i can recall that
roads are changing our com r twist com
results sinking of our so
our our about
in this session one men seem seem was a name seem
shinji and regulations and transmission of down
in his first dogs i felt my the mirror she gave us a deep perspective perspektiven opening
into the deep speed of this matter
to become a real doesn't really intimate with these things and becoming able to create
a living and with rail freedom
we must first dig down to the roads and the fundamental sauce
we must learn how to do this
but we must initially have the mine and the heart to break
many times it happens that we do not understand the deep and timeless rules of new awesome night
universal life which includes being born and dying
we tried to understand live but we make limited to categories
we tried to understand this but we can now nobody can
so we imagine something
it is not a problem of understanding by concepts
so i'm mazda
it is a problem of being in life one his life and then dying one is dying
for both we need some practice it is run practice
to me it seems to practice away is exactly this practice how to be with live
how to be with use of age illness how to be with dying in a unified the way
the present moment is connected with the infinite time
and that shinji super gonzo says a short story
about a monk who is followed on posts with by a tiger
he's running very fast but finally the pass is a blind alley
it comes to kind of kenyan
no way to go out
so you just to see some routes hanging down and it takes a roots and is hanging but not so strong roots begins to
we're not last long time so suddenly he sees some
ripe fruits some small candle
base house
an unconscious he he take to and putting his malice
how wonderful taste
how to have this attitude
practices how to have this attention
we cannot understand by emerging their imagination
but how to face sings is a problem
in fact we grow up from child of times with seeds of beginning less complicate karma
a grow up by illusion by delusion into delusion
conditioned following limited desires and narrow understanding
separating ourselves from the great night
this is our true mess or to problem
and sometimes it becomes a complete bankrupt completely finished
so like you're actually said our true remediation is that return ourselves away from the entire universe
sinking that we can manage it by our fabricated ideas
but it's action intention finds it's echo and the entire universe
however hidden it may be done
this is also the reason why as a practice and reorganization of over does is actualized regenerated
even if only one person is doing to gazelle
all have to practice
it gives new energy power and resolution to the practice of the way of all beings
on the as and bad action bad intention
it's a shame for all buddhas are all times
and all beings
so if from moment to moment we take care of our action and intense
without looking for something special
we're saving all beings including ourselves
huh i think if we misses a kind of right practice
and we always again and again have to adjust our practice
we stray apart from this big live and even if we are intelligent and skillful
our life becomes filled with frustration and suffering
if we fall down
sometimes it's hard
but if we recognize our straying about instead of giving the responsibility to someone else but to an outside good god
we can repent and readjust
and the most inner mountains most in a hard route so we can become run
a strange to
see or feel something which has never really been separated it comes to run again
from the usual human standpoint we cannot seize really
so we have at once at least once to die in zaza to give up to open the hands to drop and
and then again and again natural
brenda is no more blind alley
how do we do this
how many times we hear the expression raise a former practice them whereas informal practice upper situation
does family mean something rigid a military
as informal mean lazy and result observation and reflection
some people say only zazen but no as our farm
i think we must go beyond this kind of extreme side unlimited the seeing
it is certainly a reaction to an experience of too much rigid farm are lifeless way of a dead fish that we feel sometimes like that
but when we observe our teachers
remark that they have a way of being
listening or talking
which is melted into into the body and mind
a strong faithful gentle and impressive array of luck
that is at least what attracted myself through
it's a to just personality rosters personality
it's something from inside the body and mind together completed and
and i sought from what this accounts from what sounds some special understanding for some special capacity
but they always said please
continue to practice
go deeper into practice open your hands some time you open your hand
in somewhat i somehow i feel this is the way that is a transmission etc
this way to being being with our live in alive
maybe shakyamuni buddha has a very deep way being
not just a sinking but deep thinking and being
that is what we need to become really satisfied and couldn't
if we make from the things kind of dead fish and
just some outside artificial nice looking at style is not enact his number
so was a true and pardons is i think what we eat
how much we eat how we digest digested
and the things we do finally you should do in a by good read or write natural
we should practice where should have a practice in which we can really completely give our confidence and strength result being feeling strange street or have too much
a station
my master sometimes said you should sit and packed isn't as all berlin is yards the who are all united states is your zephyr that just is complete confidence
if we have no confidence it means our connection or his writing is not completely made but in each of us raise the sauce of confidence i think it is something natural and we must find this natural grey and then go on

so i think the way we do the attitude of body and mind the royal
is both expression of our cell and harmonizing which is other beyond the personal ideas
and it is to give up the attachment to personal ideas and harmonized justice diary
to illustrate this i want to pick up just a very common and basic sing what we hear all day in our practice
presence of sound of the hum the would
use various sounds in our daily coetzee
and the sound itself i think is a rule the song itself
it's not just the sign to call somewhere to go to gender or to route somewhere the sound is sell his rural and so it depends how he has done
it becomes an expression of an absolute truths
you cannot get them back into the wood as a hammer or the empty sky the can put them back
so it's man it's action we should carefully concentrate not hardly concentrate but catherine concentrate
to practice this action this gyorgy means we ourselves become merged into it
and we ourselves become expression of this absolute truth moment my mom
when you say the concentrated in zazen adjust just you walk silently
in posture and bracing concentrate best grayson prison
forget yourself
so we hear without hearing
we see a result see
morgan maybe the knew i'm guessing you know you know i know drops
the ear does not try to catch the sound the i does not try to catch it from color
the mind does not try to catch some understanding for enlightenment
and then tock tick tock tock tick tock
short time job said
it's a great matter for live and this
the sound of the hum as a roll down zion
time pass time parts
we cannot even decide if it is short or long slow rock creek
we can't grasp it
we are aware of it we are aware

tokyo she said in our true place where we are really loans runs so sell said
there's no human being
not even the move or a cow is to hear there
and the snow falls in complete silence
if we contemplate observe our life our practice
the world around us with his eye
this either practice
we should be able to find out how to harmonize
a doubt or sometimes change to transmits transmitted rules and regulations
into a vivid and energy for present action or present president existence existence
when we are like that aware and presidents
we can respond to the needs of people our society
i think cousins nz had very much as is mine
a very direct concrete compassion
so he created a way to respond to the needs of people and to open
what was he create real are realizing the needs of our madame civilization
oh in other words what do we create in our circumstances
what is necessary for this is a neat
up to now i feel that the most strong as the need for people around me are in my society
is to find a way that gives back as at the gifts confidence in a true value
beyond materialistic and it was a satisfaction
therefore this to open this practice and to deepen this practice
from me seems most important
the transmission of the dharma over the centuries and how it was done done a saw rich
as so various expressions
but still more the real treasure is the mind who can use it at will result confusion
in the middle sutra be chant desiring the natural order or condition of mind
we should be free from greed hate and delusion
what means natural order of mine are not to wear a condition of mine
does it make sense to desire as is crying
maybe natural wants to express that we should not desire a special condition or ecstasy or higher condition
from which we look on the poor well to the human beings
maybe it means a condition which is in harmony with a fundamental universal law
this condition is jersey sell
ceaseless practice
it is not something which violates as as human beings are transforms as into something strains
kind of super man sir grout woman to bad ego
gilgit includes choosing also right effort
but this effort does not mean the usual advocates cheese hard together and shoulders intention
rasa it means to sit with relaxed shoulders and patience
in the midst of whatever our lives
there's the expression of fire notice
it is said that the fire lotus flower is the most beautiful run
but his life is not easy
it is not self destruction not self sacrifice
it is not easy but is beautiful live fulfilled life
we don't destroy the farm
not stick to some special condition
not even samadhi
so deepest most pure desire is pulling us program without limits
if we feel sad are suffering of frustration because we cannot realize our desires
and then we think i must cut down desires and destroying
we can become happy
i really deeply fulfilled
but if our desires are limited by ideas objects and limited personal satisfaction
it becomes twisted come with all kind of complication
but if we do not attach too much to those limits
the desire is transformed and becomes itself as a power practice strong and
then we can be awaken
be created
and understand
and just go beyond
kathy at the pass on that would walk up
that's almost what i wanted to talk
i'm sorry that i cannot speak so freely in english so i wrote down lot of things
but in
english is my so i must work must put it from jan thing say it's a little rock rock
this occasion i would like to express my gratitude to other few and to your generous mind and attitude i appreciated deeply i really enjoyed staying with you but i have to live tomorrow
i especially want to sang the about the gringos temple amazing the regime and headquarters
there's no sun and a japanese friends and all
friends who are participants
so i take this sir
a president
and please if you have any questions or if you want to say anything to this i'm chris
i'm to ask your choice give me some answers


express right
real spirit



yeah racing
what you



everywhere spread

he said




we've had it is are now
how would you say there a way that now
how are we to private or that that would be
certainly there as a way that we can practice and then that would be in a corridor
rep fraga talked about it was normal p tenuous practice
now and forever is there a way that we compare the southern that would not be in accord with the in other words words there that is incorrect as and that nine living in properties in terms of what you're saying
so how are you instruct us
way to specifically as we said how how are we safe to enter into this world that you speak up an hour we avoid certain to is there a way he would not want you know that
yeah i think many times we sit in improper way and improper in condition
but we have to realize that ourselves this incorrectness
but it's not a kind of judgment upon ourselves by a good on a good but the first when we begin to sit down and suzanne and with ten our a provision inside the just we become one with a backbone and
touch me much the sky
like that and push very much really into the zap when become some kind of mountain and then were always venue just as his attitude just renewed this is at his attitude and keep a very
energy full atmosphere in the a pseudo so i think is most important i fear that many times is a soda when we enter the solar we must feel it's practice says sitting is what we must feel zen by ourself our attitude changes when we enter the
sodo we should feel that says buddha sitting even isn't
and you know what the person
and as a to change our way of walking going through to wake up and if we continue it can continue this a ceaseless without special idea always i did today i want to do it right are perfect just to keep this
yeah i'll have to say
this is mine
then it becomes a very good and if everybody agrees to have this song posture and to care for this atmosphere then it's a very easy for anybody to them
so it said to agree about how we take the posturing the dose on what points we put the very strong at the employees and everybody agrees and then we can create this way stronger
i think so