Tokubetsu Sesshin

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the and do
remember and exactly
today the true of their target current room

hey topic
for this special
i'm like it was that
to be the
transmission mission of the diamond porch
the transmission
with simple transmission or be
true dharma
hi don't know if dog is angie
said this but
in one record on his conversations windy
history called can they can
they say he said that
in japan after about four hundred years
i'm transmitting the
literal and formal buddhism
society was ready had matured enough
for him
he's managed to transmit a true dharma
and as similarly in china after four hundred years
how transmitting the literal and formal
a chinese people were ready
for the great teacher bodhidharma to transmit
me essence
i'll be authentic dharma
what seems to me that in america we have a
had different kind of situation in a way in that
after fairly short period of time
have exposure to buddhism or zen teachers
can other buddhist teachers to came to america and immediately almost immediately transmitted
the essential and authentic bodhidharma to us
in the form of very simple
we did not have four hundred years of working with the mineral and formal aspects of buddhism to prepare
the ground
for an insightful reception of the children
so i don't know
how we're doing or whether we can
so quickly
really open up to
the pure and simple color how true practice
but we can't change history we have to accept that this has happened and in a sense
the subtitle are some of this month of study is how the bodhisattva precepts
provide a way
for us to
truly receive this marvelous than transmission
in a sense i would say that
what was transmitted to us
was how one precept
a practice of one precept
how region awake many of us
came for that
pure and simple one precept practice
we had always been and still is
characterized overall simply
by total devotion to upright sitting
total engagement in a mobile setting
it was that way in china in india in japan korea and is that way now
but as a number of our teachers have said that may be rather difficult to understand what it means they just said
this just sitting is the overall characteristic of this school
all of us sharing that
a truly simple experience of the sacred
he matter where you go in the realm of the disciples of and is angie
i was always
a quality
and the unvarying transmission
i'm the one true dharma
and of course right now immediacy is the one thing we have
in our final moment
the focus will be
on the effort
which occurred
with our
the fundamental a radical endowment
in end that's what we must focus on and that's what we must focus on for eternity
our route endowment
can we accord with this i'm not moving
hi this is the practice and teaching
which he chanted this morning
which we call lies
hogan and frantically says that if you do not engage in one thing
you will never reach
the one with wisdom
one precept
called just be yourself
no side road
no alternative know choosing
when we are just ourselves
we are assured
by our ancestors
that the entire world he said
when when we can
sit kindly enough
with ourselves
until we know who we are
the whole world is integrated
have dog isn't he says even if you sit in this self
fulfilling awareness for a short time
the universe
what this merger and the entire sky turns into enlightenment
has a rocky road she said
the entire universe echoes
every action
and when we ourselves the entire universe
is itself
when we ourselves we can respond appropriately
but of course it very difficult for us just to be ourselves
we would like an alternative we would like to chew
when an order to do this simple practice we must renounce alternatives we must renounce choosing
and simply become the chosen one
as long as we're looking for alternative we will complain and grumble
when we give up alternative we cannot help but move straight forward on the path
he still it's difficult to understand what this means
in kind of reverse order many of us
realized that the cake
have gotten and he says
the one great cause
i'm entering the zen gate
the sixteen great bodhisattva precepts
these precepts
show us
the body
the shape
and the function
how buddha's mind
hey show was and magnificence and profundity
i a simple practice
these sixteen precepts are the way to enter into one precept
he's sixteen precepts are
extremely comprehensive
they show us the meaning of one practice
the body shape and function of one practice
they have a moral aspect they seem to they seem to engage
had issue of more conduct of doing a not doing things
have right livelihood
but they also show the way of transmission of the garmin
and the real meaning of i didn't practice
fine they provide a way for us to expose the vows
which are inner silence sitting
so that others may understand
what it is we hope to accomplish for all beings in this simple practice
and they articulate for ourselves and others the attitude with which we
practice sitting
how to say that in the end we will focus
we will be focused
on our fundamental endowment
he's the same as saying in the end we will receive these precepts
in our final moment we will go for refuge in buddha
dharma and sangha
they say that for eternity we will
focus on our route endowment
is the same as saying for eternity we will incessantly
wholeheartedly take refuge in the triple treasure
he received the precepts ourselves and assisting others to do
so also provides away the dog who have the opportunity to practice a simple way
do you night with those who do not
receiving these precepts is something that both monk and lay can do we have the same already sought the precepts
to these precepts will unite the entire cosmos
even though not everyone
seems to be able to practice
sitting still
when you unite and inform mutually each other
we received the precepts
and after receiving them
we vow to maintain them
we bought it to continue to burn them
but the implication there that i want to point to in maintaining the precepts in maintaining
taking refuge in a couple treasure
the maintaining avoiding all evil doing all good and benefiting all beings in maintaining those precepts
the reason why they need to be maintained is because
have you been changes
how our understanding of the precepts is constantly changing the meaning of the precepts is different in every situation
how will we maintain a precept after week
how can we receive them
the touch don't have understanding
how to maintain the precepts
is this engagement in stillness and silence
in the stillness and silence we have a chance to understand how the world has just changed and what the precepts are calling for now
the broke up serenity get the third case is called
one both
greg slippers
he now dregs are has sediment
ha but appears in a liquid
if you are i can pick wine and decanted for one bottle to another
happy cake the precepts
the river of the precepts the blood vein the precepts
they can still be some sediment in that flowing liquid
how do we stay up in the flow in the living pulsing flow of these precepts and not sink down into the sediment
and becoming literal about it
one rambo came into the hall one day
and said the his monks
what do you all want to look for
he took a staff and swung it around and chase them out the hall
but they didn't leave
when he said
he go on like this how are you have today
don't you know that in all of china there are no teachers and then
get time a monk came forward and said
what about
these places all over china where people are guiding fellows
and are leading assemblies
and one boy said i didn't say there was no charm know them in china i just said a guy know teachers
when the commentary and his case
there is a story
it's a story about
i will write
maybe i'll get no a wheelwright is somebody who makes wheels
hey maybe you know that the etymology of the word duca
suffering or frustration
a sanskrit word duca
the etymology but had to do with a wheel as out of round it's not quite round
in a sense
maybe all of us
i disable the buddhas are will right
we endeavour to do the work of making the dharma wheel
i'm turning it
so this is a story about a wheelwright named moon p on
one day
one beyond
was working with his chisel and add on his wheels
he worked for a great chinese lord named v home
he hung with inside the great hall in one of the room reading a book by a window
lumpy on saw him and put down his chisel and malad and whenever
he said
what are you doing
and ninety hung said
i'm reading a book of the ancients
will wright said
hi those
i was eakins alive or dead
when the lord said
they're dead
where right grumpy and said for then your
the dregs of the ancestor
while there may be know by china north basis of the tang dynasty and
i can not sure that could present the time dynasty but the story became popular in the tang dynasty
but then the lord could
could could have this servant of his executed
concept provocation
and so he said i i think you need to make an explanation otherwise you die
so the will right said
i look at it in terms of my own work
if i i go slowly
his easy going
but not from
if i go quickly it's hard
but it doesn't fit in
what outgoing
fast or slow
i find it in my hand
an accord with it my mind
i can't express it in words
there's an art to it
but i can't teach it to my daughter
hi my son can learn it from me
i am just and making wheels for seventy years
which is why
your majesty
this is how new are snapping the dregs of the ancestors
he introduction to this case says that in facing the situation
you don't see buddha
great enlightenment doesn't hold a teacher
the sword this set of heaven and earth obliterates human sentiments
and the ability to capture tigers and rhinoceros
and i'm forgetting holy understanding
not killing
not stealing
not taking what's not offered
not lying
not misusing sexuality
not speaking about his faults not praising yourself at the expense of others
have been possessive have the dharma kitchen
being angry and not disparaging the pupil treasure
this is the gate the big still required
what is the flowing not fast not slow
have precept
what is the living
changing and grasp ago life
had the triple treasure
what is the today
avoid evil
practicing good
the stadium being
he received these precepts
and they live and because they live we realize the i know precepts
and there are no precise means there's only one precept
one precept means
have you think the precepts
huh eleven can we use it the sound of the bell is the precepts
the sound of the airplane is a presence
he's a show us
about practice
when i heard him say
the other day at the sound of the bell was the precepts
in my mind it was a flash and i saw myself
putting something in a garbage can
no like garbage
we will put any garbage and a garbage can i do some time
ordering the main building their in on a kitchen there's a dishwashing area and i'm in dish washing area there's a of market
i'm pretty competent put it in a compost bucket and compost bucket under the table to reach under the table put the garbage in the campus
when he said the sound of the bell is the precepts i saw i saw a flash and it with me and i was putting garbage in garbage can but you know i wasn't really a respectful
when i put the garbage in there i realized i wasn't there that moment i just dump the garbage i was not there
and then i violated the one precept and i violated all the precepts
when i thought good
catching myself
i got good at this
ha rude character had been apprehended
when i realize if i can understand and remember that everything every one of your faces
every one of your body's
is the presets
i feel i'm sitting still
when i'm quiet
and i have no greed hate or delusion they are struck by side
when i forget that
i'm off for when i remember that i'm off
and examine that
i'll be have protected
whoa i'm not saying i never again
well disrespectfully use the garbage can
a ten years my wow
when other words i vow to wholeheartedly practice all good with no breaks
and that i vow that putting garbage and the cat will be an act of goodness not an act of mediocrity
okay this a sincere expression on my wish
there are beings to be happy and free
hence one practice
twenty four hours a day
a dog and he says
in the end
you will be able
to inherit and transmit
the wisdom life
have the boot ancestors
by these sixteen great bodhisattva precepts
he's sixteen
and the one flower
have simply
hey yourself
however this the image of or stay
we've got this one precept here
with sixteen spokes and we sort of had to find our way to take care of this wheel of the great precepts
hannah to go too fast or too slow
but call was working with the sixteen precepts i was taking care of the sixteen precepts
heh maybe there will come into our hands
the way to care for it not be too hard or too soft
not be too hard at the to self righteous about our understanding of but give me not be too soft
nihilistic and say it doesn't matter
what's the true kindness with which we take hold of the great wheel and put his precepts how do you care for these precepts how do we receive them would take care of them moment after moment with a change
in flow of events
who get my question to myself
i've checked myself out you check me out and is my question to you
this sir
meeting the group of people
from all over
this great north american continent
a minister
from wisconsin
from new york city downtown from yonkers
from the countryside of new york from maine or massachusetts
an oregon from utah new mexico and texas
washington from canada
from the great ancestral land of germany and france and england
from our ancestral source in japan tokyo the countryside and mountains the monasteries how the people coming together and practicing in peace and harmony
under the auspices
one practices
that it entered by sixteen precepts
i'm very grateful to have been here for this truly international a month or peace and harmony have respect and gratitude among all of us
and i hope actually leads to a corporate practices being refreshed and inspire it certainly has been for me
it's great to see all time practitioner is able to
try different roles
can get up out of the dregs and be something unusual

enjoy singing

come comments are



as invention with you
searching from
this to expand our views

this is

hi sir i'll try to remember that in all of america
least around here
there are not teachers of them
hi yes ma'am


he's proud by the word endowment
there is pride by the word endowment
what was surprising and interesting about it
and and you got surprised you to think of someone giving you something

how about if you're damn it came to you from the causes and conditions foundation
well if you if you see if you have more than feeling like there isn't anybody
who's giving you the endowment and i think
that's more to with buddha's teachings that
that's a minute as that's part of the meaning of there's no teacher and all of china there is however teaching
but there's not a fit in the situation you don't think isn't a fixed thing out there called a teacher that gives you the teach you
there is teaching
but there isn't a thing called the teacher
a teacher is
you know anything
could be a teacher
in the then there are these people who are guiding groups of men women and leading communities does that too
that's part of the zen saying like is insane going on but there's no fixed thing
in the world of dependent core arising
there's not any teacher being held there
there's not any like and our and
thing out there which gives everything there's no one thing like that
serve the word endowment perks that sense then i think you're right to be suspicious of that sense it's not what is intended by
your your basic nature

my life
and what a buddha say true human nature to human nature
as no human nature that's a target teaches
the true human nature that's or it's endowing us there's no such thing
and that's the real helpful aspect as the river that's flowing through our life
but of course we liked as her like reached down and get some drugs
but damn
if we do that we should just
i'll admit we're doing that and
carry on with the real work
her face in the situation as it is
is he drags you can drag you can use so was necessary as devalue what's happening rarely what you can use over about what you can grasp and used



exactly how do you plan to meal without falling into either with extremes how do you get the ingredients out without falling into neither those extremes
and hopefully the previous keep meal planning and ingredient collecting for seventy years it will come into our hands
aren't happy swell

with them forever


he's probably one of the other

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come back
in program kind of nice

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watched lucky
i'm not japanese way back this year
family with this remember

the next i can nice accurately has arrived as and credit
he began five minute
so i'm patricia stopped do not going to be impolite not to
degree them women
thank you very much