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i still like to express my
i'm very much heartfelt gratitude
the headquarters providing us for this kind of a wonderful opportunity to share the dharma together and also
and this and regime being taught know him
it's all on that
fisher dojo
oh sure to provide us in wonderful opportunity such as this
must have been tried
work too
just a schedule to put this a one month
twenty five thirty people extra
with a different schedule tom me
really appreciate it
in the half of the participant when i am one of them
i should like to express my thanks to
all of new preacher
to overlook a our and rudeness and also disturbances for your daily and monthly schedule a planned quietly we're stay here
oh this is
good for all of us to appreciate and avid i'm going to talk about today
ah just before we came to
the to
ha how this time
we had an extra schedule
no had i had to have canada urgent meeting
and we talked about down are kind of a high fundamental things and relating to the practice and especially being here to spend one month
london tree
it was nice and i'm glad we have a hugger this the very beginning
man all of us and expressed now are
kind of how concerned about that our mind this country
i'm sure or you are concerned about and put this to be the most important tenant on the doctrine so to school and also hansen soto schools and of a kind of are religious
as organizations are those careers ah that's what i want to talk about today deleting to the sea on the topic of this particular
rob one month sponsored by the headquarters
international division
how theme for this
mas is ah food porn or binge the whole top who is a daruma and a tall that torch or the light illumination
burma torch the illumination of the dharma
and binge been means to transmit to say gee means to uphold to let it continue
know how
we can transmit the dharma
and maintain hold it and continue it in this kind
song as a sub title
k and shinji and pay is i think can run up and you know how can i
no i think the english i think most of the time translated as a precept
shinji is regulations
and this guy i'm going to talk about the k on the shingle in next a few things
today hundred this and the kayak machine
that's the main thing main part
romain scheme are the main my means my actually more than means
but how more than means than i'm not a by means that means to maintain that are my torch
transmit the dharma
and whatever have whatever it is and transmit and let it continue
and i think all of you are in one way or another
interested in that
so he has also to school cause now that taser main thing and that's why headquarters chose this topic and seems to me it is very appropriate and adequate topic for
all of us to reflect on and how
both as a doctrine are the principal as well as as of our practice
that we have been
the as the constitution of soto school
where i mentioned the doctrine as the most important doctor in the most essential the as a most essential doctrine
they say it and what is it in the sato school and this is a third article the soto our constitution
and it said sit in a bris so tongue then was whole war nice target
in accordance with
the right dharma show bots and right the show bogans or genre right dharma
which is directly transmitted by the patriarchs
this or pandan my show
sit and according to that
scan as up
suction device saw joe torre source she wished us
we make the most essential doctor
he adds to transmit
that's that this cantata
suction roll over your noice contessa in and the suction limits and not famous core by bustle and also our domains and writes about suctions everton as auctions very body and damn it
this the this my is that this case mind the mind is the bid
not so famous corn let the do and you write about see one fasco in the show or our alia pot proper his writings
and can't as on the bookshelves a little joe torre suits and transmits contessa and and maybe even and is unnecessary may become more hyphen whatever
dylan's and you put these two together scan tessa was auctions utah jaw jaws
chortles directory transmitter
and to this is the very important thing now
as as auctions amazon search canada or domains mg this is
three not two three a river
we had meetings like this and i'm not quite like this but the similar to this kind of meeting and the calories are sponsored by headquarters last than two years ago and we had it in the charisma than in the mountain and that time we had
few restaurants from missouri university and one of the nick childs said the the very interesting thing i can scan about the contessa and he said that he asked us actually nothing could a using known chancy what's there
ah here he asked us and i do you know so the how many places in the show of the word scan plaza is mentioned
and you know that
and he said three places now there's and three presidents in the new to send a list nothing parents and may be nude modeling fortunately i haven't than a dictionary
special edition on your virtual oregon though and i checked it and i found out it and in seven places in the schomburg angel scan taza is mentioned
and though
i have i have that say that the settled in the praises not to mention alerted the maybe i can play free show resume
and the interesting thing is that among seven the five of them ah quoted as than the usual lenses these words in other words he's a teacher
and finally he was in china two years
studying under him
maybe he instructed like that hung
and it said
show call i highly nim boots or shoes on hanging or much is
commerce is can it has asked the shins in data rocks through could all wish that's one than one kind of than the message that can donate to our have presented maybe he did them occasionally when they repeated out that three
and billions in the past that said and he does it in a five type and the fiber praises out of seven
isn't it something
and see what we should notice is that
he just doesn't say dish contessa
i'm doing this contessa and do that shinji and that rocks
drop out a party my
well in one place he uses that the drop of the body and mind changing that's rug he said and that's of questions
that's it a christians in session
yeah they're the in two cousins engine light in
link or a good that the transmission of light
in the task done in a fiscal of
duggan's engine nine he writes about this story how many maybe than the must have you know and there that he sits and the shoes and that's it that's an action
then that's record that data and he used that than a little bit in the different implications cannot internet contents and milan place and it's used in a detrick
in other words for they want to say is that
finish can pass eyes of course and very very important everything in there but just sitting in a way it's enough and they know it's not enough say and what the other part of it veterans auction drifts it
the my this mind
now what this mine
then again don't enter into talks about
our suctions original nineteen
an action is an aura he talks about his in a way seventy five haskell's on the show morgan your first know
and that's what he talks about it's very minor standard
then there were coming back to that the she showed had an elevating to know they're not showing the liberating that the reconstitution of soto school i should like to say that there's something more about it as a matter of fact and this afternoon just before we came here
ah about the that doesn't person our of which two of them asked that
i don't know that i don't understand it and nuclear is and hot that teaching of santos can reads
and i don't not sinned and of what sort of can really teaches even nine a hierarchy curry for it is
as a matter of fact that i don't know much year
but an hour according to this and the constitution and
in father kind of the an elaboration of a vodka soda school does that's what i want to appreciate to review this afternoon along with the article is over santos it's to very rich thing said
and in i don't know how much i can cover but i'll try hum
beside the this a third
no wonder how are they actually
hmm this one i haven't done a translation that here is a constitution random it comes to the eight nine
ten articles have been a very short maybe i can gleefully go through with this hand i should like to mention that i think a very important or because older and they're all important matter specially i feel important for us to remember and re
effect up on and father more to really practice
as are packed so he
now that third one night i said to have and the second one tradition this is also very important than someone than the this afternoon in that meeting than the also this and became a tradition how tradition is important and here put the tradition sort of school
raises a defined
the photo shoot and they sought to assuming the school so that us at the soto school has a tradition that it has been constantly engaged in transmitting the light and right law of shakyamuni buddha which has been
one hundred down by successive patriarchs through immediate communication from one mind to another
this is a tradition sort of school
i know it's a mentioning this a in say that transmitting a right role of the dharma said the certain the show go and i wanted to be careful about this though
note transmission of a human beings said
this was so tunde in my shop
and this is certainly this relates to that the very core and so-called the has shoes that most important teaching more than teaching say
but essential that fact that which has been transmitted
generation after generation up to us

this tradition
readers can data on discussions and it's an assertion jersey
and this very minute a stab at the that's what here at them
in this tradition article to mentioned as per second one
then they mentioned that the show the team and she'll go get go that route during the daylight and at the very mind is the buddha in that pasco he clearly state this fact
he says that typical guns i mean i know goods on the not teratoma knew how to get to know don't think you canal the shakyamuni buddha store now and all the buddhas in the past present future
becomes it's become shakyamuni buddha
at the attainment of a doubt
then he said the chicago mooney which is
check or money with the is that mine is not a doctor exhaustion
that's what
we should trust
and that's the content of his cantata
then when you do that your task then becomes tarzan on that goodness
minute that's that tradition
when the doctrine
abiding by the right law of the saw can then
the satoshi the so tandem into the dialect transmission of the buddhists and patriarchs it was so tendon the soto school doctrine is transmission of scan tarzan the suction that it's not that bad time that the beginning i talked about how then article for the
objects of reverence masato shoe show primary owner shakyamuni buddha and show owner cause oh joy or dicey and the title josiah dicey as it's to founders now that's an next right thing
one i can money buddha
who is he
my usually we understand should have die as a historical fear
to live twenty five one hundred years ago in india yes
and what he did
hullo you know
he was a hindu
and somehow
he couldn't quite feel comfortable with
his own tradition
and he didn't necessarily left leave or lift his tradition but when he had to do something when himself
then study there is a different teachers and
and finally how through
radio samadhi
he realises the something
then the he became a good saying
my own eyes are on you've done what dunes and just set about him
even each and every day
when we
numerous new monarch higher shakyamuni buddha's not were talking about how to reach hunting
what we're doing for
the soundcheck i mean better
other buddhists nobody's bodhisattvas however are acceptable as the principal image in the temple this is also interesting and grow remind them that we might just read it can put this is a temple
now this is take them of course it to temple
wherever the buddha yes that is to read a temple
even the bodies diverse
we have beautiful statue of this stuff and is had to run
i'm not and is exactly could be anywhere had to work
even doing the you said how can you please advise a show ball mill new lights
that are rather
of the name of show boom your job or same the right term and meal illumination
it a show room you on your own
and he said her parents of all the protests
what i'm coming with his hat
man also in the road etc than the canyon road is advised described as hearts and thirty thirty three transformations and thirty three after not only had three top
even here on how many how many of us
in way or we award transformation can do it is advice
not unless you use it
had my new a harness
how the bodies had been a temple by the way
how right and even in the christianity than
what christ said beaut from nothing thing wrong
kingdom of god is in your heart i'm sure isn't
a former you must have been i must have the christian background
how'd you do christian by and jewish maybe the same to
stuck on
sure must be in his kingdom
dang where is his kingdom was him
and what is that hot
and where's
and that taunton fasco suctions over to the mind with the in
he says no hearings don't then look no hands and he says that
she say home
she the mind is all the dorms
when he said children teens and single day she gets station mine is the mountains rivers
stars and moon
what can mind that

and coming back to each a roster
what's this
that's a tall dunes in the talks about
not you a coincidence that seventy five fast codes and he put that can joe cohen as a first
first of the show gorgonzola
and among the commentaries of a shovel gains or the most important famous were news
gosh you're done by
togo priest to kyoto
hits senate relating to that the ngo on mikey
katrina he says that see
the wins and you wrote these seventy five haskell of show gorgonzola mentioned don't actually more than that but or my this or that have one one one virgin that show organiser than seventy five volume than of haskell's and he said than done said that it can muster
kilgore said that
on the domains and you wanted to stay is that sin among these foot hundred and seventy five hash codes
said all passcodes just explain
no one principle that is no joke new kitchen
tell that they can or door de namur cast
among all these elements of haskell's on in these are all cosco and fourteen to birthday memorial to know subject object said porridge
and move his know this or that
in other words on citing these two what he says is that
not separate not separate
anything good or bad right long life get enlightened deluded how these things said
no division said
then he repeated that
ta-da only thing i think he means undividing kids
today i'm thinking or you know me or or cusp only he clarifies the principle of this
holiness and divided
there are not to instructions of changed to
mountain rivers
nobody knows how many stars
how big the world is
not all rom mine
in otherwise no division
as the principal images in the temple
and tenant type living up to the fulfil the principles of the scripture name is she surely as those shoes shall have as fundamental tenet her practice of
i think k each in your and show funny not busier than i am going to talk about the time man
show for it also to regulation that are out there things and how we practice
good don't have one time how he
he said as you sure yeah i wonder how much to the nature japan cup india and this is important part sounded to me talk about king delivered tomorrow about this assured me how i think all of you know this shoshone and two years ago was that than a hundred anniversary
no the you that and one hundred years ago that the visio one hundred to a second-year ah to show the words are published and this showed years are very unique
he actually said all the whole jones and his words are taken from a shovel gonzo and i counted down the i don't remember exactly maybe my memories and not quite right but that some foot than a over
twenty passcodes different fast codes he
had excerpt than to picked up on a few nice passages and the about one hundred years ago or the head to south jersey and head of asian did it and thing as their ah response than a the kind of than hunt this
huntsville than editing
this was published but my body was made by old salem and the lay person are for the great scholar and also very religious person was not the just studied sort of screwed and asserted than as then
in red team studied other
kenneth than it is tenants to but not him briefly than my first made it and tangier dingy or for was i had a village minister he refined the and at a beautifully done but you the a menu of the i'm sure to and it
in english and when you read it lingers somewhat the taste becomes a kind of flat and
read a little get the kind of sense losing our sense of dion sanders writings bathtub
still there now
very meaty important part of down
if i can touch it some time i'm home
the talk about the car along with are my talks about kyle
and i turned them today
i just want to talk about this a think age new on the seashore funny and this an article in the dimension jnk jr is jen and kyle
ah one
then on the precept are one
two little a hut understands in what it means them
no but this is as the collector district solved
but teaching and a doctrine i was out of school so
what that is mean by and a kind and then how
hmm in more either tomorrow or than a day after tomorrow i'll talk about this maybe tomorrow i'll talk about this harm i have to touch to this point them talk about the little more in detail so
today it and i just a touch it than that and the next one the ashore a junior the same thing
i think you know they wanted to show it new practice and realization ah not too sure fleet sure hm you are sure to revolved candles and how practice and realization could be
the same thing
hmm part could be one thing
and that's a kind of signal characteristics of southern and don't and is teaching at the one the for teaching
what's that really mean
then how we should practice
no better it attach it tomorrow and in this a
we must be sure that's for sure for sure a junior in i want to mention ah let you to this about
cousins and to since a say we haven't is a two founders
this happened the kind of leather contrast in now
wow interesting characteristics among
two founders are you have
and say they don't dingy and he was re marvelous and them why
the more i admired him
now of course if we become critical and it's interesting to read even second money buddha himself was criticized even though he was attempted to be killed
more than one time that kind of thing law into happened to see
at when when the netherlands and gi than say that than that he had one hundred percent perfect such thing madonna and as out of christian
and he isn't marvelous
now on what makes him so unique
is i think send his understanding of how this
harnessing a practice on realization how run
that no divisions
he doesn't say that no differences though
in a way we are all different phenomenon a wall in all different
i don't know how many human beings review on the earth
each individual needless to say distinctly one hundred percent different one from each other
then what makes that
i'm divided home
that's what he talks about over and over or oh
in such you will
which no one did
before him maybe even after him
that's what his uniqueness
and we have two wonderful opportunity to appreciate
this treasure
and this town
now said i want you to think about this and this and transmission
transmit twat
who transmit fought from whom to fool
that's a most basic thing of
nuts what said ten and the kiowa
then that one than maybe ten years or more women studied chinese characters hundred chinese character jin than a relief to have
we call him that the singers who had shimmers means to show
and another half ton single one
to show one not and i don't know this is a little bit
this or that logical implication that seems to me either officially or
but my that's what it means
i don't know when they used this word thin as a translation of that word that the jana none from now
the tend to know from the sanskrit term or meditate and use that this was then and one more now zen now and then the phonetically render that the that and a sanskrit term journal the concentration ah into the
edra and then
zen and the precept are one or two means
no divisions
no matter how we can live and how we can practice at july that's our practice now that's what them how we how appreciate in the the way or another than the through
these precepts and also changing regulations
hmm number six ceremonies
soto school shall perform it ceremonies according to the instruction of the buddha and to founders and according to the photo shoot traditions for the rise
the harm
ceremonies and rituals right now i'm sure many of you may not particularly like it
but recently i found the very interesting thing and i learned myself a lot
that is in typing maybe some of you read
really eat a lot know i think we've been published in know
on t d or than the tent election though maybe we just send it turns out the nationally london in the sunlight or something like are mainly when i was asked to talk about ceremony and ritual and ceremony
and i'm in
and in
i found very interesting thing about the ceremony
and i see i looked for
isn't it fascinating
to cure
and a cure like a synonym like an issue
how recover and then here
i can i thought of that was like cure or heal
recover and at the heel and i suddenly realize that maybe health
then the root of the health couldn't be that he'll see
to secure not gonna become become healthier than the from some condition the bad condition of than let be heal into the better condition
children here health healthy
and listen ceremony so our ritual or formality what does the opposite tom in his word
the informer casual chain sloppy
opposite in other words being so maybe you make yourself get sick
can actually unfortunately that's what that's happening
lack of so-called discipline but that's not even disciplines him
it's not something that the forest of than or something from outside
but that isn't supposed to be under some things in inside
in other words ceremony or the ritual it's sort of the order
former with distance
you know that just how might we know that to live we have to have certain for to satin rachel
how i could even to rare
nobody come to jasmine
whole week to set with the buddha's but advice
grande sweetener dharma friends brothers and sisters
nobody said with and aware
without even brushing hair
when lying down in the floor
just can't be dancing
so these are former diamond not particularly feel like exaggerating know
oleg i should like to emphasize and and never be too much emphasize
that how we are ignoring the importance of for mary to and ceremonial way to make things go better
i saw here than it said hundred the ceremony
that's what i want to share his you too
satoshi shall perform its elements
and it's interesting things in and according to the instruction of the buddha
and to founders lucky i didn't translate please
i can completely rely on this and
it doesn't have made it isn't that isn't it
i just appreciate in fact it said through with you
tom einstein instruction on caprica how do you pick
how so when we just read this so
to not much there
but when you carefree appreciated
even each word
means there's special implication
and it conveys us a lot
how are at the beginning
i should like to
i kind of punch man this much and i think can i just that might still dead than a few more articles to go up to up to ten
but these are a list of it
much yet shall i just did and maybe i'm just read a top the noise
a quick glance this
prince harmless
transmission have that diorama
and i'll be riding in a transmission maybe and might be nice to mention that term one more thing a bodhi dharma
he road a few
articles moscow and to say that the most of them are not
since original writing except to one and you might know that time to enter and for practices
that one a very short one read that one in
and so i said to be a girl authentic writing are verboten dharma but the list or kind of christian abroad listed debatable about many way
than in a bodhidharma it's hard that the uk now receiving the precept that definition of and uk
ah duggan's in the rights also the first column the uk and the shogun german receiving the preset and he said how do to our been i do receiving it's than that transmitting
deceiving is a transmute and then to our cuckoo night transmitting it to become aware
a week
transmit his to be awakened
and show kuk sulu takei to you
you realize you are on put that nature is called gk deceiving the prison
hmm let's have another interpretation of time uk and melissa also had kind of them or a substitute or than the supplement know our implement that company
the question incense and then continue has the characteristics of of school superintendents
jan and time one how to you really yeah it's yourself as stop the guy nature you as how
in again that's what domains and emphasizes of an over oh
today is practically
okay hundred to let me just read
number article seven statute
my francine rent
okay are the those you started this shall consist of the satoshi constitution pursuit to issue rules and the soto shoe regulations and these are actually part of these are the one we are going to study
for this we as no nuts in georgia jan so the regulations
not the you can't is the i also made a comparison because of this meeting i made a comparison between and a judge can answer keys engine and very similar i was amazed
i've got to be similar
how much more than now was expected my reminder to know that appreciated that use men at the seven to dash to the photos you statute have been established upon the basis of from ca
conviction of all it follow words for which for its harmony and prosperity and seven article seven dash three
priest supporters and a devotees belonging to the soto you shall abide by these statutes and carry them out with a spirit and faith
nine the clock does detonate and nine the both practice that the new practice of different categories and please if you get out
the photos you practice objectives in a shall consist of attaining a comprehensive understanding of the buddha and to founders and a training transmitters of the light up that at all and persons capable of propagating ack
activities this is very important part the high especially that transmitting are valid of the law which all of are involved
practice nine that then the shallow be performed constantly in everyday temple activities especially in minnesota zoo sourdough and educational institutions read this is or how mike solder
he favorites or fisher or not
and an article ten in propagation also does your floors shallow perform propagation activities
an article eleven this is actually my last run of this division
the propagation activities shall include jobs in lectures broadcast publications ceremonies various events and other suitable methods reserves are all of you are doing
and from tomorrow we'll get into a little bit more in detail and also at
our first meeting not first my talk i should like to express
this is my
personal now
i'm leaving tonight
deep deep thanks to
i told them here
retired ah but
the bench and sensei translating that to gen culture and crushers one of the most important
document on sort of school the garden i my i'm going to talk about it
and nagasaki version is going to talk about portion of it
no i have to set a cover for today
re mecca can happen them easier for us to understand for the nana's accuracy is going to talk about you
no i tried to lay that kind of general background for her astor i understand his talk better about that translation and islander translation the how
has couldn't have gotten think the thing cancer and someone's human ah now as we have to even in translation to
this it all sides very very helpful
and you greeted and make this a drop me how or if it's analysis on earth and now we have to i have to ask her
intentions and so how i can do and not that from and necessary and trista
just up the same say that president to interpret and al-azhar university so talk and hazards or he's a pretty studying and hours are spending about that since i'm out to the okay but when you add this a big help and lucky the will have just two
two copies boston a consumption the and a hissing came out and now unfortunately although you can't have it right
i have it i was expecting to know you can mean know habit by this meeting but i have to change my plans to talk about since the all of it a habit
i know as to how to do it but i have a brief idea
our military struggle through how i can to share it you are
none none
how my personal thanks for
as an providing especially in me to share that our marines you have tray
now my knowledge it's a very limited than my practices are very poor now i'm not in a position i were taking this kind of ah
her position to tank to talk to you
but somehow i was as high as are i try my best and if you have any suggestions please give me and i tried to do my part that best i can