Taking Refuge

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the architecture of the buddhist
ah path
has just been enacted by all of us in this room

individually and as a group we entered this hall
various things to the buddhist and ancestors
incense flowers
we then prostrated ourselves to the enlightened ones and the ancestors
made confession of our ancient are beginning this greed hate and delusion
and then we
we paid homage
we aligned ourselves
the lineage of ancestors the lineage of buddha's the lineage of bodhisattvas
and successive generations of
zen ancestors
we then i gave rise to the universal aspiration of the enlightening beings
and we then took refuge
in the triple treasure a buddha dharma and sangha
after all that we then recited
and received
three pure precepts and the ten gray precepts
and then i perhaps in politely asked you if
even after acquiring complete perfect enlightenment you would
how all these activities
have been done
by all buddhas
how buddhists have done what you have done tonight
innumerable times
you have done what all buddhas have done how buddha's have made offerings
prostrated themselves confess their karma
paid homage to buddha's made great aspiration of vows
taken refuge in the buddha dharma and sangha receive the precepts
and then sat

you are you have manifested in this room tonight
the authentic buddha
you have done it yourself with your own body and you have aided others to do it with their body and they have helped you and you have allowed them to help you and they have allowed you to help them
this mutual assistance
is also a characteristic
had the buddha away

could this be the golden age of zen

gate to the ocean of zahn
the doorway to the practice of zen buddhism is to receive buddhist precepts
and in order to receive buddhist precepts
we must take refuge in buddha dharma and sangha
the practice of zen is simply
unswerving unshakable total devotion to sitting still
and listening to silence

and in our main practice lineage
coming down from
the zen teacher the buddhist master hey hey dogan
he says
total devotion to sitting his negotiation of the way
but he also said
that entry into this practice
can only be done by those who receive
buddha dhamma and sangha who take refuge in buddha dharma and sangha

i must honestly say that when i first became interested in the practice of just sitting i had no idea of taking refuge in buddha dharma and sangha

if i had been told beforehand that this was required i probably never would have started to set
but after i fall in love with sitting i was told that to do true sitting to do the authentic sitting of the buddha ancestors we must
return to and depend upon the triple treasure

dawkins and you wrote an essay about this which i'll read a little bit to you now
would you like to hear this the lessee
it's called in japanese
a the poor soul
cable so hall
to return to and rely on buddha dharma sangha treasure

in the one hundred dog is angie says in the one hundred and one hundred and twentieth question of the china on jing wei jiang yan jing wei is a monastic instruction book written in the song dynasty china
which dog is angie used to model his own monasteries
in there it says do you venerate the three treasures or not
and dog is angie says this clearly demonstrates that reverent veneration are buddha dharma and sangha
is the essence of the correct transmission of the buddha's and ancestors
in both india and china
without taking refuge in the triple treasure it is impossible to reverently venerate
the buddha's the dharma and sangha
without reverently venerating them it is impossible to take refuge in them
the merit of having taken refuge in the triple treasury inevitably appears when there is spiritual communion between trainee and buddha
those who experienced communion inevitably take refuge whether they find themselves existing as celestial are human beings hell dwellers hungry ghosts or animals
as a result the merit that is accumulated thereby inevitably increases through various stages of existence leading ultimately to the highest supreme enlightenment
even though we may be led astray by bad friends or devils
with the result that we stopped doing good and lose hope of realizing enlightenment still the merit of having previously taken refuge in the three treasures will continue to increase and eventually we will resume doing good ultimately real
slicing enlightenment

ah this is a english translation a formed into one paragraph just one paragraph
in this paragraph there is a lot
an i that but there are several more paragraphs in this festival

do you venerate the three treasures or not
do you are not
you do
and de alemania i let me ask you again you can answer if you want to this is can be kind of a kind of a talk show
do you venerate the three treasures or not
oh here

well are you already did it everybody did it tonight
you did it when you came in here and you paid homage and you did your bows and everything that was veneration of the triple treasure you did it so you could also yes if you want to

and then he says dawkins angie says that this question shows now how he knows it shows is because he's enlightened
he says is the question shows that veneration
huh by the way the character for veneration is a character which also can be translated as respect
respect for the buddha the dharma and sangha is the essence of the correct transmission of the buddhist and ah ancestors
this is being said again by the person who taught just sitting

and then he says without taking refuge
in the boot in the triple treasure you it is impossible to respect them
so it saying well why i think it's saying you tonight you are you did pay respect but ah your is you're paying of respect was not completed until you took refuge
and as he says later the word refuge
ah the to is made of did the chinese egg expression for refuge key is made from two characters the first character means key means to return the second character means to rely or depend
sewed can also the english word refuge has two meanings right
the etymological meaning of refuge is really gay
frugal means to fly away like in centrifugal
to fly away from the center
refill gay means to fly back
so refuge part of the meaning of refuge the etymology of refuge is to fly back to go home to buddha to return to the dharma to return to the community to fly back to them
the other side of refuge in english is also the same as a chinese means to be sheltered and protected or depend on
perfect enlightenment depend on the teaching and the truth and to depend to depend on the community of enlightening beings
he also says that the first part that i'm saying means to return that he says that part means to throw oneself into to throw into
like a child throwing himself or herself into the arms of her parents

so to fully respect buddha dharma and sangha is not just to appreciate them and adore them
but it's also to go back to them to realize that they're not something other than yourself that tell you there keep your true home

reverently venerating reverently respecting the tripled treasure is not possible without taking refuge and also the merit of having taken refuge in the tripled treasure inevitably appears when they're a spiritual community
communion between buddha and trainee

this sir
this expression spiritual communion
another translation of it which is very clumsy but i'll just throw it at you if you excuse me is
spiritual correspondence and permutation of the way

we have the
in the
song of the jewel mere samadi it says
the meaning is not in the words
yet it responds to the inquiring impulse
it responds to the arrival of energy
the expression inquiring impulse or her arrival of energy means the capacities of the practitioner
when you bowed to night when you put your hands together when sounds come out of your throat
this is an expression of your capacity each of us has our own capacity
which we have expressed and are expressing right now moment by moment our capacity is being expressed
i may wish my capacity was greater
more elegant more brilliant or less so but whatever my capacity is
it responds to that

this is the
spiritual correspondence
there are no buddha's by themselves
is are only a response to living beings
and they is they respond to our capacity they respond to to the arrival of our life energy
but the song of the jewel mere samadi also says that inquiry and response come up together
this is a spiritual communion in spiritual communities are not like ordinary conversations
spiritual communions are
things that that it's when the conversation happened simultaneously

the response of buddha is not something that's going to happen after this moment
right now you're all sitting here making an effort to sit up straight
instead of doing something else with your body
but if you do something else with your body no matter what you do at the moment you'd do it buddha response to you
but since buddha responds to use simultaneously with your activity you cannot see buddha's response
now my that but you cannot see
the arrival of your life and the meeting of it by buddha this is a dance that's happening beyond hearing and seeing
and buddha responds differently to our activity
according to the difference of our activity
if you go like this boot it goes like that
if you go like this burgos goes like that
when i will like this see this
there is immediate response there you see the immediate response
when i go like this there's an immediate response
here's another transl
asian do you revere and respect buddha dharma sangha or not
it is evident that the authentic transmission a buddhism ancestors in india and china
it is evident that the authentic transmission of buddha's and ancestors in india and china is
reverence for buddha dharma sangha
unless you convert to them
you have no reverence
unless you revere them you have no conversion
conversion is a no translation of taking refuge
the merit of conversion the merit of taking refuge and buddha dharma sangha is surely accomplished when there is spiritual correspondence and permutation of the way
there you are a being in heaven a hungry ghost a beast in hell once you have spiritual correspondence and permutation of the way there is surely convergent can conversion there is surely taking refuge in buddha dharma and sangha
and then he also says that once you have taken refuge in buddha dharma sangha
even from that time on the merit of taking refuge will continuously increase on tell you attain complete perfect enlightenment
and while is increasing
if he should happen to slip
if you should happen to be missed led astray by
bad friends or devils
as i mentioned some time ago bad friends are people who way somewhere in the neighborhood of
in our well and adult from between one hundred and three or four hundred pounds in a full-size adult bad people vague and lead us astray but also those devils and devils are small
devils are are small enough so that you can have thousands of them right around your ear
and they say various things to you like
how could taking refuge in buddha dharma sangha possibly do any good
or how could it protect me from all the stupid things which i might do and have been doing since the last time i took refuge
that little that little voice that little devil can live right inside your year
a lot of stories like that lol little devils these little devils plus regular people that are also tell you the same thing which i just said
for other stories they can lead us astray and we can get in trouble however if you have taken refuge in the past it will eventually overcome this and cause still the attainment of complete perfect enlightenment
if you've done at once
it will keep increasing and finally overcome
all of our slips now if you do it twice it doubles the power
and so on three times four times the more you do it the more the more it increases
how can you do it in the first place
you do it in the first place because of this communion between your activity and buddha
when you say i take refuge in buddha at that time you are in communication with buddha that that utterance has come out of a communication between your voice
and buddha buddha is immediately drawn and appears simultaneously with i take refuge in buddha it's not like i'm over here and buddha's over there it's like my voice and buddha meet
that's what i hear dogs and you saying and the question is is that credible
and i would say if you say no or if you say yes either way the point is whether or not you'd take refuge because if you'd take refuge it is credible
taking refuge in the triple treasure means first of all to come with
pure faith

taking refuge in the triple treasure means first of all to come with pure faith

i don't know everybody in this room really well but i know quite a few people in this room quite well including i know myself pretty well
and it is amazing to me
that people like me and like some of you come into this room and take refuge in the buddha dharma and sangha
in other words that we could be have that we could be so childlike
so simple so innocent as to come here come in here and say that
that's pure faith to be able to do that

whether it is during the buddha's lifetime or after it
people should place their hands together
was lowered heads and recite the following
from now until we realize buddhahood we take refuge in the buddha we take refuge in the dharma we take refuge in the sanga we take refuge in the buddha as the most venerable human being
the greatest teacher we take refuge in the dharma has the most venerable teaching because it is free of desire
we take refuge in the community the sangha the most venerable community of all we have taken refuge in the buddha we have taken refuge in the dharma we have taken refuge in the community
we do it this way just as dog is angie said to do it seven hundred years ago and he said to do it seven hundred years ago the way they said to do it two thousand and five hundred years ago

when we put our hands together and say that we are not only met simultaneously with the buddha's but we are doing exactly the same thing that all buddhas have done
of course he said it in other languages
bhutan suriname got jami mom on on god charming sangam southern got army many languages nom okay but tsunami keyhole nokia so many languages but the same spirit
your activity all beings ten directions three times are joined this is inconceivable liberation
of the mind of all beings
of the mind of all beings to the infinite past an infinite future

to be able to take refuge with this spirit is because of your desire for enlightenment

how don't hear my wrist

there's a tradition and in in zen of when you come to worship the buddha it take your watch off
so i try to practice said so when i came here to worship buddha at my watch off and put it on my sleeve then when i gave a talk there's a tradition of not talking too long so i took it out of my sleeve and put it on my wrist but i forgot

anyway as i said earlier when i came to sit zazen
first of all i loved it because it seemed real
and later i found out
the importance of taking refuge in the dharma the buddha in the sanga
and now i'm more and more realizing that this taking refuge in the buddha dharma sangha is really helps us do ah the right thing and really practice zazen in the correct an authentic fashion
and really helps us enter into the great house of was an
and helps us be able to receive buddhist precepts
and at every time we take refuge the buddha comes to meet us simultaneously with that activity and this sustaining activity protects us for ever
however it's still good to do it more and more
don't rely on the one time you did it
this saturday ah
we're going to have a
an initiation ceremony allay initiation ceremony for our people and they will in that ceremony again go through this process
of invoking
invoking the presence of the buddhist and ancestors through their alignment through their homage paying through their prostrations they will again purify their body and mind through confession and through water purification they will i receive
will take refuge in the buddha dharma and sangha they will do it in front of everyone
and they will be asked will you do this where you continue this refuge taking even after to attaining buddhahood and they will say yes
and then they will receive the three pure precepts and again they will be asked will you continue to do this even after attaining perfect enlightenment and they will say yes
and they will be and then they will also receive the tenth grade precepts and they will be asked again will you continue to do this and they will say yes and they will get a new name
a new and glorious name
a name that no one could believe that they deserve
but which they do deserve because buddha delivered it
to them
because they reached out and said i go home to buddha and buddha says yes you did and here's your name and with the new name they received new clothing they received buddhist clothing and then we see buddhist pedigree
and then they go on to fall in their face
probably eating too many cookies at the reception
and i go back to the zendo
and have trouble sitting up straight and still but eventually eventually hail jesus
eventually hail buddha
they will attain complete perfect

i didn't make that up i'm just saying what the other people said
but you know
somehow not of here
but deep down inside of every cell of my bad i believe what i just said
i'm sorry