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this one k one more thing about hindrances
you know quite literally the city yourself
no but bring in a bank and know what stops them from coming to by is a pretty formidable task
these are really
he subjective way of addressing
the full range of our emotional and psychological life
there is a function and usefulness of relating to them as prescribed
usually this story is so utterly in three
in creates its own world he created own sense of self once it starts to kick hold it becomes very real
if it can labels
i persuaded is it normally
he was simple direct way what's coming up
you know how that comes a bike and can know how to stop it from in the bank
this abominable
and as i mixed in one of the classes quite a while ago
in cognitive therapy and engraving
some experiments they've been doing and noticing the therapeutic effects of mindfulness
in touch with
hmm arise emotional experience
when discovering guess
being able to notice is a kid
in particular in case of people who had depression
personally i think
giving the premise of duca
depression in some ways yes
part of our is fun sudoku
this is something canal
the key on the news compared to me to pay attention to what's surprising
which of course has degrees to would have not convenient and i remember said no looking note the writing experience then we can start to note to particularity
what's that way is the world being described what way to not being some

mindfulness practice overall and
the stimulating collagen key
have you plead the mind creates a story
the story becomes entrancing it sets up a world system in the marine inside were spellbound
the very much but for foundations of mindfulness airbag i'm breaking the spell different ways to break the spell in different ways to be grinded in a more immediate experience
when we can increase the complexity about emotional and psychological life
then becomes quite county
actually is you get into the complexities of machine and just trying to maintain and physical energy and physical awareness becomes quite challenging
he kind of zen practice how it might agree
need to have sorted by our emotional or psychological and life
unraveled it was such a thing of and off

it becomes an interesting question i think we're in the to practices need
it is where the arising experience
the direct line
it's just experience and experience and experience
drop off body and mind doesn't mean don't have any experience means don't turn it into something
really mindfulness is a synthesis coming at it from a direction residents radical dropping off its name notice it it can kill closely and see repeated there isn't really
so there isn't anything substantial within it
for the next section of silica is ellen
this section on buying antiques you know it goes from the hindrances the scandals the sense fields and moving enlightenment factors
some version of the suitors don't have been described as the i could get all the sentences the sense field
we just have been lightning fast
you can continue reading over step immersing myself in and when i was giving the talk yesterday
have been noticing has been gaining because that an ancient all the factors of enlightenment that can distort and this is really the nature of and visit the winning to
the practice not something separate in the they example would practice this laid on rats in practice nurse and they've been practices they didn't read together
you know quite naturally
that he said you we need agitation
with calming breath
we be grasping mind with renunciation
quite naturally
in moments of saddle this using the arriving of some
sense of wellbeing
maybe in the course of mindfulness the religious sense me
laying the ground
for concentration in inside
it is also a very strong sense that
looking at our human existence we really see
in permanent
condition codependent variety the absence himself
when these factors in themselves seeing these factors
is the path of liberation it's the realization of the buddha
to the five factors
born feeling
we consciously i paused on the fourth one because
sometimes it's described as impulses sometimes volition and then sometimes they make confirmations
and you'll be determined sanskrit includes all of them
somehow they can do not separate the old
arrive as a package
when a way you could say that
who pay attention to what's going on and then sappho said the whole world is self we start to take
responsibility for subjective experience what is your rights in here
and then we see within that the hindrances
an openness is enabled by steady contain me with practice of body right
mindfulness about mindful of breath
the in practice
i'm new here and now for each activity
and this is the grind the first aggregate
the physical world the here and now of interesting
and then the second one day dinner
it's called me from can on a basic modality of like and dislike of pleasant and unpleasant
whenever said wanted one and do with how what do we perceive
he was a momentary perception that it isn't just what we'd like to call very tanky know
of the blue check
why the more developed
and they were few items in them
the nine rocket sancho briefing
what does that give rise to
the link to the things in your life than annoying
we've hardly handle
and that's the mental formation that this the impulse to action
close the window shut out the side
shh calm yourself with your breath
he picked his son
cutting away or pretty cool
it's given rise to
the new and can intended the perception and turned into mental formation
in the fifth one consciousness seems to cover
fundamentally means mind what it means consciousness
would you manner
and but it seems to cover how all those their health
because they you don't have consciousness as an ingredient
but don't how they'll come together
and create a sense of be
one idea is that by being that fundamental with our experience
that it dissipates
the sense of self
it starts to boost and a dutch
why is the percents that was performed studies nowhere in the midst of all that is true sense of self
and then the sense faces all have a similar and primacy to them
heaven the five senses of the body and mind ever since these are the six senses and then the six cent something
anyway even advanced students for practicing this all the time when he was moving
the basic arrive experience and the way the grind ourselves with the way to come back if human now
he probably bought this learn from our own experience
how it can be listening
tax consciousness
how would you walk in her rhyme scheme it came to to body
enable a wariness and nine for me
he did many about to see that isn't settling this is she
and the veneer of preoccupations starts to get stripped away
the other side the senses become more visit
what a penny
to a grinding in the and experience
and then can go running off in the story
have even silica and easily if he picks it apart even further
if you think it be symptoms of a southern particular and any m
and as a date field medication
a prescription know when when it's existing writing bolster in closer detail looks at what this is the bank
i'm noticing
when the sign arises
whether or not it's label mujer
where did you not bring the perfume
maybe will not that feeling
and the story catch
he can fix things have been naturally and r zen practice in exam in practice and this is just say it a little bit more deliberate
the study the keratin
and it was study we learned something
but the nature of the writing experience and like something about investigation about stake
what i ended up yesterday i was saying
and what is the learn from the arising experience
he was in a very significant point
the path practice
he's if you think about it in a way where own be
what question
he discovered appropriate response
one gas station what did you learn from a lifetime of practice appropriate was fun
how do we discovered that
can not simply attempting to put learning from as well
and nurses the definitely a question may look at more closely can be starting to work
factories are blinking
so the i can get some defense basis
the it's part of a gradual move rum
looking at the complexities
have our own psychological life moving to something more elemental
something closer to direct experiences
and as they say usually in our practice
get caught up in something and then this is part of the antidote
okay come back to the body back to the bride comeback the here and the country
no mercy
sometimes it's helpful not the stream of thought
that's what happened when i thought they had left that happened
it's a brilliant which that kind of noting brightens the mind
how much they do
it helps the mind is stayed in close contact with results an investigative quality to it it helps to brighten the mind
so the seven factors of awakening
and the first one is mined from this second one investigation third one energy joy tranquillity consecration
and equanimity
i'm not sure if even implicit progression there will be the race
and various common traits don't
don't make that com
the michael
one of the characteristics of mine mindfulness this is something like big money
you know it will when the minecraft's you could take killer topic a particular issue i could keep your arising experience
when pressed it identifies it turns it into something as a response to the something become in christ by that something
the possibility of experience collapses
in that expert into that
formulated experience and scrap
no beyond on this dude over time you're working along and get caught up in something
i've never experienced in the sights sounds and smells you disappear and consciousness is just contained within maybe to that intriguing
when quality of line from can and big spacious mine is mine the possibility
this mind it doesn't shut up
different st yours
when it's the practice mistake and notice ways that we can a nearby
for myself i find i can available that with see
today's can be aware of the sense field of see in a wide way
he facilitates right money
time is that find hearing as call quality too
a receptivity
in contrast
to a shrinking and grasp
him in life on this is both supported by and will meet it
the kind of a non grasp the contact just noting the experience
in this enables a kind of a balance like
the way too much this way don't make much headway in the name of the kind of balance apprentice
then i mean we don't get pushed to call the by the amazing experience
what will fall into it and we don't run away from it
who in a way life with me it's capacity of spaciousness of balance of openness
enables that we are other factors in the leaking
he's one feature of mine from their sense
significant to note
that was the month from this
isn't dependent upon concentration
this is closer more basic it can be like noticing percent support requires
a degree of stabilization degree of close tank of knows
mindfulness can be breakthrough in the being
most the many more it stinks of money
there is a super silly in a way with words that response to the state of mind has been more discursive quality to it
a complete when return with state of being into a thing that will create a could go to know that climate the skirts of state of being
this is enabled by night from us
the life on covered in both
a more active mind
mind it isn't fine
setting up
an objective reality
and a more on the set of month
it's classic to be a rising and falling away of it's driven
of course the home practice of mindfulness
it is supported by
i certain kind of give him on them
someone quoted me now like spain
he could separate think the phrases thrown your ego into the heights and buddha

in in in some kind of
willingness to let go
have i cherished
sense of self
i am i cherish
when were holding you will
you know right now we're very very particular point
in the practice period and in the sheep
when the earth
we're right in the middle
it makes a tiny peru know that the peruvians crystal reproduce considered to be the naval of the world
it's kind of out of the naval of the practice period
he did as service
an intimate personal engagement
know how does the next one of those kind of europe and sustain a commitment or intention
how do we say to ourselves
this is not about holding on
he would cherished yearnings and can cherished resentment and ignited by holding on and to
the strategy that gonna keep you comfortable or safe for the trigger seems appropriate to your kind of like
this is a got think doing
the path of awakening
the is about seeing the world and existence in the south
from the perspective of the practice of liberation
some somebody's as the missing before we nurture that
in that moment of letting go of thought of letting go of cooling that letting go of american
the moment
that he became a hero talking the by in a moment of making everything will reach with the accident
an express expand new knew about on intention
but also
when the will discuss the moments of mind
you can meet them with a more discursive intentionality

when you see our my one the lake
i'm kind of definition
oh this is the last year before lunch and just gotta hang on

now this period in the heart of it
he's it is completely itself
he's known for for rattling
who as we ain't terrain to the heart and the naval into the pivot point
up machine to practice period
it's very helpful
to remind yourself you can have one my you know what is this time
why does it
give over
the mind in the heart and the body saddle
what is it life that seek a little deeper
what is it to notice the impulses
it's some kind of strategy
and not go there
no one ever works
there its reminding yourself
of the brevity of a human life
whether its reminding yourself
have you coming
wasting your life i'm trying to get the to white or boy be kinda fun
when reminding yourself
the joy you
intimacy with all be
where its reminding yourself
at the compassionate with of the bodies had a wow
where can you at all

this precious time with this time
he will be worse than i
the schedule
when a gift observe them
even in the midst of our sort needs and aching back
remember this is the path of liberation
it can make it so
he did the source of joy
with them
eight during entering entering more fully
getting where we came from
not knowing where the gone
you a good way
how to come
the hug he said the neighbor
and then that grows with this wherever we go
the plague

i heard this to yourself and accurate to everyone else around me

the teachings can offer it's all sorts of techniques and applications
in advice
but in the absence of something
right inside of our own mean that's all we are taking the admonitions in life
how do we let some income court
listen to the town this alchemy it's transformative alchemy of history
what would they count me go
the world created by our own corner
life dictated by likes dislikes whatever you want to point
her willingness to step outside the willingness to see that
in kenneth
can get from a fixed reality
yeah to an expression of condition consistent the lads with a suit spend to do is trying to learn his ship
when fixed reality the condition existence
good place to stop

mindfulness one last thing on mindfulness mindfulness also supported by asking us to sustain and learning attention to what body or state of mind
keep learning from your body as you could cruise a sheet was nobody is going through
changes as he said

he can close junkie
what is the rising
what is it the practice with what happens
you practice with it
he's also applies to to the by
have cute me and when she read
getting through the pain
lily is it strategy would set the pain from provide you notice it off
the excruciating pain send your money or you can leave you drain
your guide energy
when it all the grind of kitchen
this is this story of this outta paper constantly learning
note that we're not we don't have a region strategy for what we're doing it constantly burning and justin
with appropriate response

please take care of your body
sustainable a minor