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Sesshin 2 Day 7


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i would like to them talk a little bit about the question is devin asked at the end of last yesterday's talk which was something like
given at the absolute nature
ah emotions
and in the realm of non attachment
what uses it to pay attention to our feelings something like that
a good question is it reminds me a little bit of duggan's question
if we all have buddha nature what need is there to practice
that was billions being question well before he went to china
if everything if all emotions and feelings are empty what need is there to pay attention to them
we have to understand that there are two truce which you probably know about already
the absolute truth and the relative truth
in the realm of the relative truth
there's good and bad right and wrong
the right the know
and so forth this is the realm of compare to values and the and the place where we usually think of as our life
the values that we consider when we talk about our life then there's the absolute value or absolute realm
the absolute truth
which all things are empty
when we talking about the buda side and and
ordinary side ordinary side is the so-called ordinary side and a dualistic sense
is the dualistic world
i am buda side is
the world of unity
when a feeling comes up
we have to honor the phenomenal side
because our life takes place in the dualistic realm
so when feelings came up we have to pay attention to them
and we have to deal with them we have to recognize them and feel them
feel them thoroughly
and not avoid them
so this is the realm of attachment
the other side is the realm of non-attachment
so we live our life in the phenomenal side you know in the realm of attachment and we can't really avoid attachment
whenever we touch or pay attention to or hang onto his attachment of some one kind or another one degree or another
but if we understand our practice and if we understand our life thoroughly
we understand that there's nothing to be attached to
so the co on lies right there this is jen joe on which is the co-owner of our practice life
attachment in the phenomenal realm and non-attachment in the boot around

we are attached to that sound
because we don't want it

we live in the realm of attachment based on non attachment
i don't know why that's happening



so out
the colon is within attachment how to find non-attachment how to find freedom within our attachment
attachment is important we say non-attachment and a present isn't an attachment
an attachment in a dualistic way
non attachment in a non dualistic way leads to find freedom within attachment
if you'd try to get rid of all attachment
it's not possible
so whatever were involved with his we have some degree of attachment to
but within our relationships within our work within her
activity to find the freedom within the activity
this is
the non of attachment
so when feelings come up
we have to acknowledge feel them and take care of them
and at the same time
we have to realize the emptiness of these feelings when we realize the emptiness of these feelings we can have some space
because we understand that were for these come from
and that
it's more important to stand
in composure
then to be tossed around by feelings
through the practice of composure which means to stand
not on ego but stand on
and buddha's hands

always come back to buddha rather than coming back to self
so when we experience our failings as buddha we have some way to deal with our feelings which is not egotistical
but when we come back to stand on ego then our feelings are controlling us
so we can accept any feelings
and know how to deal with them if we were standing in the place of buddha

like a
joshua was talking to a monk
and the lug was having i can't remember the most question exactly but there was something about
bay so busy
something about the twenty four hours
my was asking joshi or something about being busy so busy in two thousand and four hours and then and joshi said
i control the twenty four hours but you are controlled by the twenty four hours
so we are aren't living in a similar time space space time continuum but so was are controlled by it and someone who has control it
so the point is how do we take control by not controlling
it's not that we manipulate the twenty four hours is simply that we have freedom within twenty four hours
the twenty four hours are not pushing us around
this is really the secret in practice
how to do things one thing at a time
be totally involved
and find our he is as well as our
to find the ears within the exertion
to find the is within the feelings to find release within the feelings
to find our freedom within the emotions
to not be pushed around by them are caught by them this is not an attachment to a phillies can have everything comes out but not an attachment is to stay and buddha's place
then we had can deal with anything that comes up

the other thing i wanted to talk about was the question that came up
during greg's talk i think rig responded to all the questions very well very nicely
but i wanted to expand on a little bit a question came up
about what do we paid attention to mostly do we pay attention during when we're in we're doing some work
some projects some taking care of things
what's the most important thing to work or the student
it's really really good question
you know work has to be done so to speak
the food has to come out three times a day somebody has to prepare we have to take care of the the systems is a little city is an independent little city and
where the
city planners and a
and the garbage collectors and
now i'm waterworks and you know everything is taken care of my as and it's a little civic
have a mayor
so ah
in the midst of having to take care of everything what is what does the practice well why are we here
we're here
to take care of the students
so what comes first is the practice of the students
and the students the brand and practice of the students is to take care of the little city the town as a vehicle for practice
the students take care of the sit at the place and tassajara
as a practice and
to make the practice work for everybody
and in so the students the practice of the students is to take care of
the practice of the teachers as then take care of the students
and the practice of the students also as to take care of each other
and also to take care of the teachers
so everybody taking care of each other and everybody's taking care of the place and the place is taken care of all of us so that's a reciprocal harmonious relationship that we all have
but it can easily get out of balance
when it and there are around
circumstances where
we placed may place too much importance on the work or in getting something accomplished getting something done and we to the neglect of the benefit of this to the students
and that's why we should always be careful about that
so sometimes
the work becomes
the focus
am a students have to come up to the work
sometimes the students beginning of august
and it doesn't matter how the work is done
we have to only the way in the balance which is the appropriate kind of action to take depending on what has to be done
though sometimes there's some kind of project
it tastes a lot of effort lot of work and it has to be done so it doesn't matter so much
ah about how
the feelings of the students they have to swallow their feelings or just go ahead and do something
and that's appropriate for that kind of situation and there's another kind of situation where
it wouldn't be great if we had an expert to do this work
it would really begun for the student to do their work even though they don't know what they're doing

so and then they're all the of the kinds of details that exist in between those two extremes
so sometimes it's further work as sometimes is for the student but at the same time it's always for the students
the student
ah the students' welfare should always come first their practice should always come first that's the reason for this place

so we always have to keep that in mind
i think in the past
there was a time when the students were used
to create
ah an idealistic
a practice place
and the place became
more important in students
so we always have to be careful to guard against that

but i don't think we have to worry about it so much things are going quite well it does a hero
but maybe you have some questions about that
speak aloud

yeah well
i for novel
oh ha
we are still suffering so doesn't just strongly
next is suddenly stopped practice
if you and to practice before know when trees
you'll understand you may understand them
the for know which has don't promise you anything
suffering this decision or separate is you tell me about that

what is the cessation of suffering
sometimes i find
but where did you discover that
yeah but we didn't promise that you would
nobody promised that that would happen
notice that i'm making suggestions but the practice but but ah
salvation is up to you
i'm doing is making suggestions
some results
well-equipped an experiment so
there was not an experiment not an experiment


you you have to find out for yourself

you have to find out for yourself
no one can give you anything
so it's all a finger pointing
this way but there are no guarantees
he is
the four noble truths are a statement
this is the this is the cause this is the problem and this is the cure
but no promises
this is an direction
there's the road
there are no promises
there's the road if you follow their own


that's that's right yes
tomorrow we do and then as our practice matures we realized that we came for the wrong reasons
we did not come to get something
we came to lose something

say we weekend with our ego
i want something
and then we don't realize that we're committed suicide
reloading are
we go to slaughter
so we're not getting something
we're not
that's not to get something
there's no promise of something
the if there is any promise it's a promise well as no promised
if you practice
it was something
that's about all i can say

started to talk
we can understand where i come from
will come from me that
phillies have no
when they're not included someplace
the trail is
or like now
feelings arise through causes and conditions
and through another really
contributing factors that create a feeling
the memory
feeling of
passion or desire or
review gore insult or whatever to so there are
ah caught that learn
causes which
our circumstances which create
a stimulus with a new and then through stimulus
various feelings
arise depending on
you want to express
i feel and
there and feel there's no fear are femoral
haley's our federal and they can change and they can appear and disappear
a emotion means to put into motion a feeling
show your emotions
and now
the feelings that accompany emotions
but its feelings and emotions are like waves
and you can say one thing and one moment and toronto somebody else in the next moment so they know there's no they're not rooted in anything they're simply arise
as a motion
and we give
when are we give them that
they are they're not substantial
but ah
it's not that they're not
there at the moment they have a certain reality
some families very weak and on some traders very shallow
but ah
am retired about feelings all the time i fail this and i feel that right

we can know where they come from by
what they are
related to it within us
where do you think
summer summer showers
well it's not a beer the right but they are
where do you think they rooted

past experience
now you can say they're rooted in memory and past experience or present experience
but ah
given the fact that feelings are ephemeral
that's what it means by not rooted

a story
they are our stories are also a femoral it's not that this are all other level of town
ah relative
during the round and realm of let relative truth we have our stories and we have our reasons and we have our story
when basically we have our story like this is me and is my life and so forth and then within that we have our stories
and it's all on alert
a federal level
still than other this called the dreamworld
and and around the realm and dream world the femoral were some sahar world
the some sarah world
don't related
it's all on that level
our story is everything which is you know we wanted to pay attention to and take care of but
it's called the unreal world actually
but we have to find our reality within the unreal world
conventional validity
is so
it's when it when our conventional
reality is not rooted in ah
a good natured and under an hour
then it gets into trouble
our can get us into trouble

the attachment
that's was usually meant by attachment
in a dualistic sense
may attached to
the ephemeral
world because everything is passing by
everything is changing and transforming so ah hang on as cut as the cause of suffering
i'm a we let go when we lose our
egotistical cleaning
then we have some freedom
is that would have meant by the four noble truths

yeah to cleaning cause of suffering desire causes suffering
clinging and
discrimination and so forth
the cause of our product as out because of our phenomenon problems

seems like

sound good science with it
stillness it actually sounds with a
the wave of the ocean
he dropped us about

bayswater road
or more articles like against the our rabbi
right from lightning his book that that the whole all times rather than remains what you said yesterday about the whole universe
everything yet
i'm going to try it
he's a new understanding about things and everything in my mind and at my soul was affected by and it's changed so it seems like always metaphors that we're talking about or related to that how we can allow as yeah
the is it's all everything retarget on as the same thing that from a different point of view for looking at this thing from
the point of your feelings emotions thoughts and so forth
still the same thing that i was talking about
we try to understand it from these different points of view about which can have been our life
how do we understand that from of of emotions or how do we understand or than a point of your feelings and thoughts and actions and relationships

why not


just a dramatic
way i'm speaking
actually it's cutting it down to size
during my last the hottest
give me a guarantee
it is
yes because the only thing
i really am
that's the only thing is guaranteed
i you a question
my shopping
he almost
as the beer my questions about
how i to my chakra house today
every work here you go in there i notice too much for me die but how i quit
who feel like yours
as captain to me i do see watch your that
what state do this just kind of china's thing one thing at a time
knowing well that things are
so my question is
and i know that or just start multitasking
the always wondered why
bounce or how do i find a balance
how how how some as extra to work sometimes worse school student so every echo
i was ever they turn out
i feel i can always walk on the line between okay really suggest
which does dare phone was out of the other
yeah good

no that's not a bad line
no man lying to me it's either around the edge
today will find your composure and that's place
when we didn't know that we have too much mr hurting
and so to not hurry
and just do what you can do and what you can't do we can't do better
just admit i can't do that
and then he talk to your boss say well
i can't do that
i guess the questions
that has worked for me i not
during that impact our way of sort of like side of work is parents
might not
do you have to know your limitations
you have to know your abilities and right there
a and where your abilities cross your limitations is a place where you are and you can't be any other place
so yes are taking care of everybody

i really you know i like working with people i think it's really an important mean to be working with people because it's where i get to know how people and you consider this seat and talk but that's not really
the that fun
but to actually be in working with people is most important thing because
whatever it is that i have to teach has to come up with what i do
and whenever man to teach comes out and what you do so i learned things from you and your and thanks for me the things that we learn it's more like our attitude or
things that we can't necessarily express that i even think learning is not right is what we bring out in each other
you know if
i'm doing my best for i am a bring something on a new and when you're doing your best embracing the enemy so we influence each other and
that's the way practice gets communicated
if got some as learning things very this is okay too
i've learned
how to chop onions
some time ago in know i thought i knew how
i learned in norway and john bunyan's
we're not crying
talking about how feelings are
the moment necessarily they stay with you
there are federal
also talks of like this perceptions
you ask what do we trust to base our might just on even of seems like a lot of firsts upset maybe also give them a hug as the news
letting go
acting on it was awesome
i didn't know what i see true really you to the my first
the list that you want to live as the life of compassion
and compassion is murder
so you live in buddha's world
through compassion
so maybe she'd give that person to hug
the thought comes up and give the person hug and then the thoughts no longer there
the thought serve this purpose
who is somebody tossed out of like what does not asking me in north carolina saying how you get hot
like you with list
seems to be rethought now here
animals are always obsessed with the same time
just like going that thought
offer it offer the thought of to buddha
near buena pairs my
not having to escape
i'm going to offer it to you
and i'm no longer have that need to escape
the unreal ruined my life thoroughly landscaping
and when somebody comes up that makes me want to escape
hell on keep turning it over to you
what does that work
you will always be keen woman just have been over and over again
don't sticks