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Second Sesshin, Zendo Lecture day 6

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good morning

i've been enjoying this wind
and the yeah dry leaves
it feels like for be the most leafy autumn i've ever experienced
in terms of the elements when is purifying and cleaning has that in motion
i came across this poem a dogan poem
there's a in this new a kuroko book there's a number of poems their dogan wrote for portraits self portraits and portraits of other people and this is the palm nuts written for the portrait that down
i think we're pretty familiar with it it it's a headshot and of dogan and
in her family
his chip on his his rogues are kind of look at lower cut in other mm high and he's done on a chair it's can you know the one where there's just a few that were familiar with anyway it's on the back in a book
and the poem for that is
he he refers to himself as this mountain
so it's a it's a poem about a self portrait so
they've probably other illusions to himself to
autumn is spirited and refreshing as this mountain ages
a donkey observes the sky in the will
white moon floating
is not dependent
one does not contain
letting go vigorous with plenty of gruel and race
lapping with vitality right from head to tail
above and below the heavens clouds and water are free
committed the perfect poll for fishing
the translators have with his one is not dependent they have in purines one the moon prince is not dependent one sky does not contain so
autumn is spirited and refreshing as this mountain ages a donkey observes the sky in the well white moon floating one the moon is not dependent one the sky does not contain
letting go vigorous with plenty of gruel and race flapping with vitality rate from head cattail above and below the heavens clouds and water are free
how this oughta be a spirited and refreshing
as this mountain ages
hi my daughter right now is
participating in a demonstration at fort benning georgia
at the school of the americas for those of you who aren't familiar with it it's the school that trains
military personnel to ah in all sorts of counter insurgency methods and in one of the main methods is removing the water from around the fish meaning the vm
the fish in this case are the goody yeah the guerrilla forces her and then you remove any sources of sustenance by removing and massacring and so for civilian populations that are around them so that they they can't be supported
anyway and and all the young methods the school of the americas has
for decades been teaching this anyway she's demonstrating their which ten thousand people ten thousand people are there
and she was describing the yeah there's a it's it's a small town for bending and there's a street
leading up to the gates of the forge
and there's a lot of police and the the ten thousand people are all on this one street that's leading up
put together a lot of young people all these young people they are working for that american ah
and i guess the young the actions today of
the civil disobedience are going over the wall whatever they do is going to happen today
huh so we sit
today a response is to sit
and we may have the question was how how is this going to help how does this help the world those
ah all those beings
we have to answer this question for herself
hi i wanted to talk today about chapter two
twelve of the lotus sutra
which is the chapter called david dhaka
give doctor vedanta and there's some sense that this chapter and chapters thirteen and fourteen as well or later additions or not in the first edition but later additions to emphasize and expand
the teachings that were already being presented in the lotus sutra but to for more fully expand
and kumar gts translation couldn't have chapter twelve but another translation beard and then what we have now is commercialise translation with the insertion of chapter twelve diva gotta gun by another translation later and ah
so this chapter dividend is has a lot of wow
food for
and practice
and it has two sections that the first part has to do with david doctor himself the buddhist cousin and the second part has to do with the naga princess
what happens with the naga princess the eight year old naga princess
so just a little bit about who david data was gathered that towards the buddhist cousin i guess a nanda his brother
and became a monk
and supposedly he was rather a gifted current charismatic picture and very ambitious and he wanted to be the leader of the sanga the buddha was getting older and asked i guess if he could be you know designated as the leader of the saga and all
although the buddha felt he was a teacher and could be an inspiration he didn't
want to choose anybody to be his successor
you know he left
the body of the teachings as
ah the teacher and not wanting to choose anybody
david data was angry about that i guess and
i actually came up with a another
more strict set of precepts actually five different things and presented that to the buddha as
you know things that should be added to the via and the buddha a it was fine if he wanted to practice that way and if others wanted to practice with him they were free to do so but he didn't want to adopt those extra more aesthetic five things and they were that the monks and nuns would dwell in a forest and never
sleep in a village or town
that they would not live in huts or buildings they would only live under trees

they would not accept invitations to eat in a in a home and lay person's home they would take the arms and go back to the forest
they would not accept gifts of robes but would gather scraps and make their own rogues and that they would be only vegetarian
so at that time you know the monks and nuns would receive whatever food the donor would give and if it was vegetarian fine if it wasn't fine you just ate whatever was offered rate
so he offered these five further ascetic practices and they weren't accepted but a lot of people have a lot of monks wanted to the story goes wanted to practice in this way in about five hundred it says about five hundred monks went with dave adapted to practice in this way
supposedly they were younger monks who maybe hadn't had that much contact with the buddha shakyamuni buddha
so this was noted as one of the five grave offences which is creating a schism a division in the sanga
and the other
grave offenses that david data was involved with were killing a fog what the five great gravest offences or to kill your father to kill your mother to kill and our hut to draw blood from buddha's body to cause the buddhist body to breed and to cause a schism in the sanga
ah when the buddha didn't appoint him as the head of the sanga he went to a prince
our jetta
i get a shot true who was king been bizarre sarah's son are judged jetta shaft shut true just attract a chatroom
and as often happens or as stories about this often say you know the crown prince of the
wanted the power and wanted to overthrow his father and david out to kind of was scheming with him because david had to wanted him to be king so that he could have some influence to help gave it up to gain control and power over the sangha so we kind of aided object a shot true
through in his schemes and he plotted to kill his father which didn't work
and then he imprisoned his father king been be sarah can under house arrest and didn't allow food to be brought to him in order to starve him to death and his mother via vibration
i've visited her husband and hid food on her person and i seem to recall she made like a paste of honey and flour and then
nobody can put it on her and then he can have eight it off of her
and she kept him alive that way for quite awhile until they discovered that at her her subterfuge and how she was feed him on the sly and her son objectif shot true said she wasn't allowed to visit him anymore
forbade it and can be guess or a guide
and part of the story is that the physician
the buddhist position and the physician to the royal family was the same person and he kind of let the buddha know that david doctor was behind a lot of this
so it's pretty serious
acts that were performed by david data he also it's said tried to kill the buddha three different times
one was he sent assassin a swordsman
to kill the buddha who was sitting zazen in the moonlight by himself and this assassin came with the sword
it kind of like in our own chapter twenty five of the lotus sutra he wasn't could do it wasn't able to do it
and you seeing the boot of practicing that way he he just couldn't do it and the buddha told him you know you should get out of town and don't go the way you plan to go don't go by that pathway because he knew or had a sense that the yes
assassin was going to be killed to cover up the crime which was true they were waiting for him so the assassin went by another road and
skip town
that was one another was david out to had some people roll a big boulder down from diamond mountain right it doesn't say down amount mountain but we're all a big boulder down
and the buddha wasn't killed but the boulder struck him in the left foot and he was wounded very badly and bled profusely so this is this a fence of causing the buddhist body to breed happened with they've adopted this big boulder
and then the last one was he gave a got the head men release a wild and elephant to go after and trample the buddha who's coming along
and the story goes that the elephant the buddha was able to calm the elephant and they alpha bow down to the buddha
you know the the motifs of these stories you can find it other stories
but the teaching of you know being able to subdue a wild beast wild elephant with ones
i think we've seen that you know the a certain people that with horses and so forth there they can you know com them
it's not up
fabricated thing i think so for the buddha to have this wild stampeding elephants be becalmed and then
actually have a green gulch for buddha's birthday the elephant you can do things like that the big elephant bow to the buddha that things
so here we get this david doctor buddhists own family member and as we know within families often the young
the depth of acrimony and down jealousy and sibling rivalry and
non sympathetic joy you know
runs very very deep and
and also between
ah yeah religious religious sense
groups and insects and silver that are close to each other pretty close off know that have the most trouble when something's very different you accept getting a different way but when it's so close but different well you get
you know
so angry and
so david data kind of holds that place in
in the yeah
your stories of buddhist life and so forth
will later on just finishing up with david gotta he
this time in the buddhist life with a very difficult time but he stayed put and continued to practice and ah
you don't set through it or you know stayed and kick that han calls that non violent resistance to oppression this time and buddhist life
where you have the king and various things happening against you
just stay true and not
not depart
so eventually sherry putra and motto yojana who had been invited to help teach these monks
through their contact with those teachers most everybody return to the sanga and didn't stay with a separate sect and david doctor
eventually became very very ill and was asked to be taken to the buddha and took refuge in the buddha
dharma and sangha we knew that
an object hotshot shot true became kind of mentally deranged which you can imagine after just like gum macbeth are you know lady macbeth you know to do such a
horrific acts the effect on one's mental com and so forth is very strong so he he became mentally ill and this same physician suggested that he you go to the buddha for help and he said no no i can't i'm afraid you know
what the buddha will be so angry with me i can't face of but he said no go to the buddha
the is compassionate and he did and ah
there was a yeah
a reversal or he was able to the buddha acted as a position in this case in order to heal this spiritual
difficulty mental and spiritual emotional and in the beginning of the lotus sutra don't remember but a jerk tasha true is in the assembly in that introduction and all the different people are named he's there at devil's peak listening to the to the load of so he's brought in
back into the fold humanity
even after having done these terrible acts
so so here we have david doctor and he would have been well known to the people who are practicing at the time or you know being exposed to the lotus sutra they would have known very well who gave it up it was and the terrible things david up to have done
so what happens in the lotus sutra
ah you know we've just had they were all in the sky now you know the buddha's that did you see the picture that we posted of the to buddhist that gum
ha i found the cover of a book
a medieval japanese buddhism an original lightman minute that's the cover and then the other one is taken from
japanese culture in the lotus sutra there's some illustration from there
so the buddha begins to address the bodhisattvas and the celestial beings and the four groups and he tells them a story about himself in innumerable countless of the past something that happened he had been tirelessly in another lifetime he been tirelessly seeking
the law flour sutra and during many countless hugh he was a king who vowed to seek the supreme
ah enlightenment perfect enlightenment bogey
and his mind was very set on this
desiring to fulfill the six parameters i earnestly bestowed arms with an unsparing mind and he was a king at this time he gave all sorts of things elephants and horses and the rear seven and countries and
sorry to say but he gave his wives and children in
they go to the extremes you know he gave his head eyes male brain the flesh of my body hands and feet unsparingly
at that time people's a lifetime was beyond measure and for the sake of the law i gave up the throne
of my domain
he gave a government to the crown prince and with beating a drum an open proclamations sought everywhere for the truth promising whoever is able to tell me of a great vehicle i will all my life provide for him and be his footmen
so can you imagine this king who gave anything away walking around beating this drum seeing anybody who can you know
tell me of the great vehicle i will you know be their servant forever and provide them with everything
at that time a certain hermit came to me the king and said
kind of a sage or seer one of these wandering religious people that we know about from india
i have a great vehicle named wonderful law flower sutra if you will not disobey me i will explain it to you
i the king hearing what the hermits said became ecstatic with joy
one of these instances this case that comes into i get the la fleur to train of fuel
if you if you want disobeyed me i'll tell you by any was just extec
he became ecstatic with join instantly followed him providing for his needs gathering fruit drawing water collecting fuel laying his food even turning my body into his seat and bed yet never feeling fatigue of bar
to your mind while i thus served a millennium past and for the sake of the law i zealously waited on him that he should lack nothing
and then the world entered one proclaims this over again in verse
gathering fruit fuel and gourds and in season reverently offering them keeping the wonderful lot in my heart body and mind were unwearied universally for all living beings i diligently sought the great law not indeed for my own sake now
not for the delight of the five desires
so i king of a great domain by zealous seeking obtain this law and at last became a buddha now therefore i preach it to you
and then the buddha said to all the big choose the former king was myself and the sage at that juncture was the present david doctor himself
you can imagine the effect that head on the assembly what
your keep you can't be your kitty you you can't be serious
david jacket
the very one
and then the boutique events through the good friendship of david data i was enabled to become perfect in the six perfections in kindness compassion joy and equanimity in the thirty two signs that eighty kinds of excellence the deep golden hued skin it in the know
noted says that damn
where is it
ha if the word
kershaw to i think miss golden hued said true
anyway it's something when they called them the the deep golden hued skin it's it's a word that we know that means that the ten powers the for kinds of fearlessness the for grandmother he harrah's the eighteen special unique characteristics that transcended powers of the way the attainment of perfect enlightenment
and the widespread saving of the living all this is due to the good friendship of david data
so the buddha is basically saying a new terrorists and my enlightenment and the accomplishment of the for brahma vihara as in the you know the immeasurable
compassion and loving kind of all these things is because of the friendship of david data i declared to all you for groups david data after his departure and innumerable calpers have passed will become a buddha whose title will be king of the gods to target to tavita worshipful
the all wise perfectly enlightened in conduct well departed understanding of the world able to leap tall buildings at a single bound
peerless leader controller picture of gods and men buddha world everyone knows or the ten at the fits of the buddha it always reminds me of superman you know
look up in the sky
this is to access
a block up in the sky it's a bird it's a plane no it's superman
yes it's superman
who's come to earth power paparazzi how does it go faster than a speeding bullet able to leap tall buildings that a single bound more powerful than a locomotive
and who disguised as clark kent okay
the world uttered one and whose world will be named divine way at that time the buddha king of gods shall dwell in the world for twenty innumerable intermediate campus and so forth he preaches about our wide the the law will be preached widely for all the living and living beings
as numerous as the stance of the ganges will attain our hardship and innumerable beings will devote themselves to pratique buddhahood
and devoting themselves to the supreme way and all this this is all about david data
and all the gods and people with various flowers stand or powder instance prefer perfumed on gwen's
i've always been so forth banners and flags and sofa show respectfully salute and pay homage to the wonderful stupid the precious seven
the buddha said the and now so they've he's odd them with this story right they are just
i mean it doesn't say that but you can imagine and then he says if there be in a future world that's you know i think were included in this any good son or good daughter to hear this david out to chapter of the wonderful law flower sutra with pure heart and believing reverence and is free from day
doubt such a one shall not fall into the hills or become a hungry spirit or animal but she'll be born into the presence of the boot of the universe
and wherever that person is born they will always hear the sutra
and i'm joined marvelous to light
as to the buddha into whose presence those people are born
that buddha shall be by emanation from a lotus flower so i think there's some you know that the teaching all along x been proclaimed in the lotus is that town all beings without exception
fully endowed with buddha nature you know and all these beings that have been predicted so far have been the shrub a cousin that our hearts and the ones who have practiced so strenuously and and you one might think well of course you know
sorry country even though they're ecstatic with joy and surprise themselves we might think well yeah i mean yeah i mean that's no surprise of course and and then these other even the training and the intrigue that ones who are still in training and rahul line
well of course i mean they've been practicing the boot in but then in this chapter if it widens out to
david data you know who's
done these incredibly unskillful acts you know the grave offences and and it's includes the when the buddhist as all inclusively it includes don't be too you know so it it's a very mind expanding
teaching that's being being brought forth bear that all inclusiveness very expansive
and really stretches like well then if david gotta you know after many countless and feel for it then g and mean i haven't and those five thing sir
maybe you know you can begin to say well maybe maybe i'm included to
so i think it has a healing effect you know
no i am
and also for our own relationships you know we have people in our life who have rolled boulders down on us figuratively speaking or
or otherwise we have people who have split our families you know who have done in have caused a schism
how we might say and have we cut them off have we relegated them outside of though
of our vows somehow and so i think this chapter is you know david data is a archetypal figure in this and and we can use use the art type in that way but what is the meaning in our own lives and i suppose we could also talk about her own say
ikea you know parts of ourselves that our on
beyond remediation yeah there
you know that we can't forgive we can't accept they're not
part of buddha nature somehow
so we can look at it in corporate interests personally
r david dr parks and intra personally with their family and especially because he's a family member i think it's that's an important point
and other beings that we see it as not having our best interests that are
and are really trying to
bring us down or something do we have people like that in our life and can we have this whiteness that includes them not condoning the actions i don't think
there's condoning that the that it's okay ah but this compassion that includes acceptance and that eventually there is
ah transformation transformation is possible
and i feel the people in our life that we're
calcified around maybe are hardened or so towards are categorized
bad has an effect on our ability to open to others we might think well that's that but i can open to all these other people
magnanimously or something but the free flowing
clouds and water
being free
and the vitality you know letting go vigorous with plenty of gruel and race flapping with vitality right from head to tail i i think
our full vitality from head to tail is affected by these areas of
david doctor
non acceptance
so i think each one of us can look within and and without you know going to the school of americas you know when i was in colombia i met this kernel of the some of your purpose
the army the colombian army who is in charge of this brigade
and as we the delegation met with him and he said very proudly my brother is studying in school the americas and it's like this group of pacifist you know from fellowship of reconciliation like a you know here is right in front of us you know someone who if
not this year might go next year to study there and his brother studies they're proud of it
and the the person in front of his head been cited for it you know torture and human rights abuses in these
reports we had read
so working with my own reactions
and feeling myself clothing to this being you know who i knew had go mean i certainly read about beings read about horrific things but i don't think i ever knowingly said
with someone around a table that
wow had been cited for torture you know and
and who's brigade had actively participated in massacre and so forth with it was
so i was practicing at the time with not closing down not hardening not
walling off because this was a human being a real life human being who showed us pictures of his dad in a uniform you know was proud here's my data with military man two
and get out with
you could and when i was saying to myself how is he brought up what kind of upbringing how is he treated as a little boy you know
so that he made these choices
do have this life he said i'm probably i'm a man of war you know
so actively working with feeling my body actually closing and open to this person open expression
and i hadn't i didn't have that david data chapter in my mind that would have been used for i think
but i did have ticket hands poem call me by my true names that came up you know
i too could have been a colonel in the seventeenth brigade if the causes and conditions were such and made those choices you know that was very clear to me
so the buddha thanks david data and sites him as you know because of david data in the past what a good friend he had
been to me and and taught me
i would because of that i was able
and it is dependent on beings that we are able to realize or buddha nature we are
independence on beings we develop our compassion is awoken
resolve in our body kicker is awoken
that's the m first part of this david after chapter
col david data alone but the second part
is also
ah you know takes up some cherished notions and turn them upside down you know the cherished notions of there's enemies unrepentant and they're outside their beyond the pale right
and then the second part of the chapter is about the naga princess
i didn't know maybe we should stop there to think it's going to be too much what do you think
she was sat there and and talk a little bit about the david doctor thing because the naga princess
it's a whole other giant discussion really about
women and ah the garmin so forth what do you think
yes stuff with give adapter so loud isn't it
that's what my feeling is too
so why don't we am
yeah i don't believe it right there
finishing rhett the transition between the david up in the naga it is them
there was an attendant for
abundant treasures you know that the boot of who's sitting make the buddhist sitting next to have been a treasures in a stupor and one of his attendances at let's go home now you know i think
i think it's so great
you know how they just like we go i can already how about you let's return to our own land and then checking when he says wait a minute i'd like you to he's got you want them to meet somebody but i thought there was such a great real transition their camp and do at the party and you can we go
so there is so there's that david data story and just one other thing which is someone mentioned to me how
sometimes this gave it up to chapter is used you know isn't it
can be used can be like all of dharma can be perverted in some way or used on
it in terms of oh that's okay you know in fact there's some
there's a further chapter that dogan brings up a chapter in a hick kuroko where david data comes before the assembly and basically says above his comic acts he uses emptiness as the kind of excuse oh but there is no real good or bad and there's no evil and know
good and there's no real being for karma to return to you know
so i'm kind of scot free so this is this would have brought up and kathy had asked about and the other lecture this confusion between getting caught in the emptiness and cause and effect and and david gotta in another
peace in another bicycle use that you know yeah i did all these things behave in emptiness there is no good and bad right
so you can't get me on that and and that's you know categorically by all different teachers
you know uncovered as bulky not right thinking know
and just an excuse to indulge oneself so
that's another
david got to think in that part he goes to a beauty health for a long time and of ici hell
and in the hinayana tradition and then go to a beauty where there's very little chance of you know
favorable hebrew
but anyway in the my yana sutra david that thing his faith and predicted
how is anything you'd like to bring up

yeah yeah and we think oh yeah that's great but then we might have kind of
in an unconscious way ways that we say oh yeah but not them and we're not your me now you know so so it takes that and put the right out there could be able to turn and look at it check oh i was holding back about that one and now i bought stolen
what about style you know you can you can pick out a historical about caligula
yeah number one curricula did anyone cutler
it's hard it's hard to accept that
the professor at

i was with a delegation of about town
ha maybe less arrested a week we split at a certain point i think we were about twelve or thirteen i didn't wear robes it was a question should i go on robes and my daughter felt like
in colombia they wouldn't be read that they could be read in in a way that she gotta be less beneficial to wear robes and could just go to regular american citizen delegate you know that that carrying the weight
rather than a religious person or might be some strangeness there so now i didn't wear robes but i warrant
i just a whatever i usually wear when i'm out where he wrote
dignified garb
it's my efforts
am i don't think i'll see him again although it's interesting he said email be you know he was kind of open like that and
ah his face was very wax and not very mobile not very kind of
he looks like the archetype of a colombian military person if you if you have they didn't have like bullets across his chest or can like that but just very military stance and
yeah have held himself you know
military way
it was very industry we had just come from these piece communities cappuccinos who are working the land and have had and human rights abuses terrible things happen and heard the stories and look so coming from that on the military base with all the end of the interesting thing is
is in colombia there's a draft
you have to go into the military after high school
and if you gone
you can't go to college you can't get a job you have to have your paper that's can stamp that shows you've done military service or you are barred from regular society you know
so you have all these young people there who are kind of they just all go in there there the area near
camouflage young guys don't think women have kids i think it's a man thing
and they are forced to be there and then they're forced into terrible situations
you know the whole thing is very
poignant you know
yeah so we brought up
the seventeenth brigade has been cited by commission on human rights there's got to be protecting his piece community says
they're supposed to under their protection but instead of things are happening so we brought up we were there to ask about that and
he had a barrage of
things that he was saying
denigrating and slandering the peace meeting that they were really gorilla and
and sarah was translating and of wanna hear this story that if she could barely the the translator she just channels and just says what they say with no interpretation even an inflection of voice but he could barely do it she said was the hardest translation she ever did because he was blatantly
patently talking about people she knew and had lived with for a year wonderful people and saying things and she to translate straight at a certain point he she he actually had a reaction event can have calmed herself interests
and he hits hit it was all written down yet they had interviewed someone who had been anyway
and he's so you can have a copy of it a xerox copy of it and i said to stare at you want and she says yes we would the delegation would like a copy of that and so his erect the for us
which turned out to be something that they hadn't seen yet and they shared with other none other ngo peace brigade and so it was a good thing that we got that anyway
he was hospitable my house is your house me customer to customer you know very
so here is to with it was everything you know with the full range of human
the effort to not abandoned beings in know cannot
put him in a non-human realm or something
ha that was the effort and was by effort and we were very respectful you know the group actually another group had had gone there sarah told us and one of the people i think it was peace brigades international fashion say what
when they lasted i'm scared to get angry and heat colonel
sanchez lasted two and a man he showed him flipped up his desk and he had been taping the whole thing and you know it was it went from polite interaction to it escalated very fast and he got very angry
is the interesting from yesterday when we talk about when the ten thousand things come don't try to control them he had this banner in this office and said
who are under your control
if those who are control we do so by for something like that that was his motto you know i read that i am in another world here you know
now so that's just a few things about i don't i hope the cause you haven't yet and in it
i went the summer july
for about the blouse three weeks altogether


i think you're right about hypocrisy in it doesn't work you know but to accept yourself as you are which is not open now
i'm not open out to this griffin and maybe not open to that
that their symbolizing for me in timing and to accept that with compassion you know in some
you could say that bite the bullet
except didn't give a duck backers can address have paragraph if you can find compassion somewhere there for yourself for being so close you know and that will be felt by the other person to

he yes so so
in those interactions you know we young stand on a lightness
right speech
bring the precepts up you know
various a way to interact that doesn't act out
you know
an expresses the fullness of here
you know what we act out its were expressing system a small part of who we are
when we act out our anger or dislike her
irritation that's just one part of us we also have this wide
are we
this wide wow you know and
so we are
i was some i had this thought now that you know people often
say why i was expressing myself when they express their irritation of their anger that was cool expression i just got it out there and if that's what it was that so it was so i was fully expressing and to me that's one of those excuses that isn't full expression you were much wider than that you know the full expression may be
the restraint you know me i'm refraining from acting out acting out of his narrow kennedy me
still could express the fullness may mean
we feel it and yet we are
protecting games from that narrowness narrow-minded my refraining from acting it out
and it doesn't know me men a governor arrived i think but that that
the nod arising is slowly slowly you know comes as the fruit of practice i think
and i don't think it's about hypocritical either you know the refraining
i think hypocritical as stain what is it true


so the point you're making if if if these care what can happen to the boot buddha's it tried to kill him and know things as a karmic consequence
it's interesting this is vietnam
i think kathy brought up about
not everything is karmic right and one of the things they mentioned his assault
i think i meant to the salt climate conditions diseases not me you could say there are some diseases that through our own action willfully you know when we got sick
you could say that too but there are some things there some things in the world not everything is due to our own karma karma is voluntarily voluntary actions of body speech in mind we voluntarily
duping think in certain ways and it's conditioned by ignorant you know ignorance karmic formation you know the ignorance of our own true being conditions
actions or body speech in mind so you know
i am
so this assault thing maybe this is one of these cases where it wasn't from the buddhist actions that this happened these his talk with so kind of life you know
they could yeah

yeah yeah
you know karma is such a huge topic you know this collective karma the karma of a country but saying you get thousands of people thinking in a certain way and acting in a certain way and you got war you know ah so there's a lot of different ways to talk about karma i think as a teaching story you know
the young but the the buddha's non anger
in the face of assault and attack
and that
permeate the more the point of the story is
skillful action in in the face of angry bees are people who intent to harm and compassion
more then
the comic you know consequences of the buddha's actions that somebody would even wanna do that maybe the it was in order to be able to teach about this you know maybe
the whole the sole purpose of and so that's how i see it you know at that
the inclusion of these kinds of stories
and when i think of these is all
teaching story is actually i think of them
hmm yes
your flight

well that's what's the cure she said about his mother right to superstitious where she canyon is weird thing know
if there's any
if you think of actual shackleton and change real shackles and j falling off restore it's like in this the sword the guy dropped the certain and bout you know
took refuge or whatever
if you think
they'll still eight if you think of it literally it may be you might think it's magical if you think about being shackled and chained with anger and ill will and landreth motive
you know which are shackles and change
and if you called for an infinite compassion in yourself how those how that will change and transform
it is that magical or is that i mean like the the magic of practice but it does that strike you the same way as just be wishful thinking
i would
i know i was thinking if you were to think when that person said that to me it felt like being thrown off while summit tomorrow i wouldn't really felt that way i was i went head over heels i went from the height to the depths they already have to do
would say that to me and they've got me you know and i hate them
you might think and then you bring up our you bring up may i be
compassionate you know or whatever you help me can be compassion i call on it
the body stuff of infinite compassion that resides in my own heart eyes of compassion observing sentient beings assembled an ocean of blessings beyond measure these eyes of compassion now may i look out with either compassion even when someone says such a thing getting your treats be that way
you know that the power that sutra for me not so much be
will you know shackleton change the of breaking and then i'm not going to ground it's more can i drown with a heart filled with compassion you know the and
in life and in the tendrils and things as become uncontrolled
that's all i think of it and there is in some way you could say that laugh at you know but it's like bracket magic warehouses in
but that's one of the reasons we don't chances in the summer
you know i got this frantic call from one of my damn brothers who said they're chanting to thing that and the guests and why they going to think and this is in buddhism but we can't do this and anyway because it needs the kind of interpretation if you if you walked in here is a gift think i'll go to service and they're telling me if i champ this i'm not gonna drown in shackles are going to fall away
you might think oh think i came to the right great
so it needs the kind of context i think practice content
doing this outside the about

hell yeah yeah get everybody here to her
she mentioned an organization of family members whose relatives were murdered victims of murder who oppose the death penalty and actively work
and the meaning of the chapter for hurt they've got two chapters reconciliation but actively work to in some cases may contact with the perpetrator of the crime and work on reconciliation so yeah

for me those stories of people who are able to do meet with
the person who lives who has done the worst possible thing you know and to have reconciliation and forgiveness and those those stories are you know before the time if before the time it's not possible you can't push it and yet can be working and open to it and allowing
that turn in that healing to take place to you hear about other people yum if you're not able to do it yourself it feels like it's it's impossible how how could it be and yet
i think we have good human beings have the capacity you do


ha you can say that that the that the cosmic joke right there
how it's like in a mountains and mountains and them in that mountain and no mountains again but that third tanker when mountains or mountains again there
there's a joke there too
oh yeah those mountain sugar
hell that's i think we fit right there at and pets
that's our life right there right there and
you know
that's writing a letter home
thank you for your question
so one more chris




you know
he's got that
well thank you for bringing that gamergate that year
actively working
okay i just want to mention that this
it could be the last lecture of this machine and tomorrow
we're going to have a show some ceremony instead
show some ceremony is a question and answer ceremony with me and i guess tomorrow i guess
our the email will cook like the for him and all that but it'll take place during lecture time k
thank you very much