The Second Grave Precept

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Not taking what is not given.

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good evening everyone
i am speaking about day
can great precepts
tonight the number two
not stealing
many years ago i was down and out in los angeles
working at everybody's bookshop or from dollar and fifteen cents an hour which was minimum wage in those days
i'm living at the nearby ymca

sometimes after supper
i will drop in at a neighborhood bar for a couple of beers and one evening a well dressed middle aged man sat down next to me
very drunk
flashing a wallet stopped rebels
a bartender served him a drink and then told have told him to go home and take care of his money
a man told me that he was from sacramento
and asked me to help him or get back to his hotel room wasn't sure about the direction
it was just down the block so i brought him back to his hotel
and because he seemed to be having trouble walking i went on upstairs with him to his run
and then he seemed to be getting sick so i went in with him
and he used the bathroom came out and without a word and took off his gold cufflinks
check out his gold watch
and his big fat wallet and put them on the dresser
changed into his pajamas jumped into bed and went immediately to sleep
leaving me to make my way out of the hotel alone
well i was not tempted to steal his valuables but i don't know whether or not ah this is because i was morally strong or because i didn't have a nerve
certainly i fantasized four months after it
about that wallet on the dresser
it would have been so easy to help myself to a year's salary
it can be said that in my mind i violated the second precept many times during the during the much different
realized that i also stole from myself and the course or the incident
it was generous at me to guide about drunken man back of his hotel and but the it was reckless to accompany him to his rampage
i might never have raised a finger or to nice man at the desk and the hotel people would have seen my companion to death
i was putting myself the agent of compassion in jeopardy quite unnecessarily
i was endangering my ability to help others at a later time
for suppose that junk and man had made some sort of fuss i were alone in his room
perhaps falsely accused me of something
if i am to have a police record let it be for something i can justify from the ground of my job
there is another kind of stealing from oneself that happens right in the dodger
and that is a test of time
yamamoto camp or or she used to call this a greatest felony of all
which they have time from our practice on back cushions
the indulge in all kinds of silly business
and the biological clock
ticks away relentlessly
we also take time from our lives as body suckers for all kinds of foolishness
altogether out of proportion to our natural needs for leisure
these are habits beings with their own life that we must acknowledge and engage in dialogue
time to sit you can announce
check you later
fun time with friends and family has its place
a from but to be patient and your time wasting habits find their outlet in recreational activities
back to mow our factor she com taza back to out it you can announce bear on your cushions and they all nick that wants you to take time to rearrange the furniture in your apartment for go on hold
there is an appropriate time for that kind of visualization or so
still another kind of stealing on your cushions lies in the attitude of expectation
practice is a step by step process
the perfection of character as your mother russia has said
what each step is full and complete in a shop
when your step is just one of a series and nothing more
when the goal is never reached and your life is wasted
each press
each point in the secrets of your account of your breath
each move
that is the time of body itself
don't deprive yourself
not stealing like other precepts describes the mind which comes forth in turn with circumstances from a position of rest
did i am i said self nature is subtle and mysterious
in the realm of the unattainable diorama
not having bucks outgaining is called the precept of not feeling
mind is peace
and because it is peace it is also broad and generous
there is no sort of obtaining
so there is full appreciation for the thing as it is

dog and then she said herself and the things of the world are just as they are the gate of emancipation is open
just as they are is the realization
how stuffed with one hundred dollar bills that while it is
there is no fuck now or later are putting them into my pocket
this is the broad and generous spirit of letting be
the perfection of charity or giving over the dharma parameter
it is also the revolution that overturns conventional behavior
stealing is a pervasive element of our lives
and of the institutions in our society
for example a large american corporation raises vegetables him the ah hill near the sahara desert
these vegetables are flown to europe
when they fill the salad bowls of the atlantic
the african workers on this giant farm are searched at the end of each day to be sure they are not smuggling vegetables home
yet the corporation land they cultivated they cultivate was once they're on from for cleaning and grazing and now they live at the very edge of starvation
there are many other examples
the economy at home and abroad is manipulated to provide a base of unemployment so that competition for jobs will keep wages at a minimum and stockholders will realize maximum profits
the natural world is exploited for a short term benefit to a fortunate majority i have fortunate in court much
minority i should say
while other people animals plants and the earth organism itself suffer
a strong case could be made against exploitation economics
at the same time exploitation is not something outside my mind courtyard
just a few minutes of television
enough to show each of us are easily we actually just by appeals for consumption
mahatma gandhi said
we are not always aware of our real needs and most of us improperly multiply our once and thus unconsciously make thieves of our shots
if we devote some thought to the subject we shall find that we can get rid of quite a number of our needs our once
one who follows the observance of non stealing will bring about a progressive reduction on his own wax
much of the distressing poverty in this world has arisen out of the bridges of the principle of non stealing
notice that gandy does not speak of reducing possessions
that that naturally follows and it certainly did in just case
he speaks or reducing needs and needs arise in the mind
our world faces the great gravest of crises because we have all of us become in broad
in a conspiracy to deplete place the full resources in order to satisfy needs established in that very depletion process
the oil and minerals will become scarcer and the kind of fascism evident in my example from this ah he'll may become more commonplace at home as well as abroad
the and scholar finish scholar on dog petting him says
there are two ways of avoiding war
one is to satisfy everybody's desire
the other two content oneself with the good
a foreigner is not possible due to the limitations of the world and therefore there remains the second alternative of contentment
not stealing his contentment
no thought of obtaining
this starts much deeper in the mind and deciding to do without luxuries
it is none other than the open gate of emancipation
ana data some yeah somebody
her mind that experiences but transparency of all things and their intimate into relationships
the application of this experience is more than sending an occasional check to check
here again gandhi is instructive
in india we have got three million people who have to be satisfied with one meal a day and that meal consisting of a chapati containing no fat in it and a pinch of salt
you and i have no right to anything that we have until these three minions are clothed and fed better
you and i who ought to know better must adjust our once and even undergo a voluntary starvation an honor that they may be nursed fed and clothed
and as gandhi made clear in his own life it is in the social movement to reduce need that there is hope for political change gandhi's communities can inspire our on donna parameter
some people suppose that because competition and acquisition i used in the exploitation of others and likened people should seek the ideal of non-competition and non acquisition
many years ago and it can and i were teachers in a private boarding school which was established on the principles of non-competition
it didn't work
a young people were not stretched
many became lazy others found destructive underground waves are competing
competition can be very happy
after all conversation itself is a kind of competition and at its best in then dialogues it saves all the eggs
when the self is forgotten when the play is the thing and everybody gets high
and as to acquisition gundy and the buddha himself had a few possessions
competition sharpens are realization and certain possessions are adjunct of life
at what point do they go around
well i tell your story
in japan as you know monks are call on ansari cloud and water and the implication is that they have no harm no ego needs and no attachments
however they do have a few possessions a couple of anthologies of a classic examination i set of balls toilet articles robes much as the buddha did himself
when i visited real talk with monastery in nineteen sixty four
i found the community quite upset
because i know monk was can possibly stealing their few possessions of the other marks
each day the senior monks and long consultations with negotiate about this problem i imagine that the withdrawal position
no stealing or he violated the second precept and the buddha nature position and there is and know stealing had nothing to be stolen
when i argued in these discussions perhaps
but somehow the outcome was the middle way of compassion
a year later i visited the monastery and found a monk still there and the community at peace
i suggest that such a difficult problem i could not have been worked out if the monks had not realized somehow that the fish was one deprived of love and he stole to share what below
long to others in a kind of perverse biotic
donna in this case was the acknowledgement of responsibility to are confused fellow much as well as to personal things
you are my brother and i love u h monk was somehow able to say in effect
thus a pathological destructive drive for love was corrected with no thought of stealing are protected and that down was made real
competition acquisition and possession go wrong when compassion is missing
when donna is disregarded
jojo jojo
polished his realization in bimah combat for twenty years in order to prepare himself as an instrument of compassion declaring generously at the outset but he was opened to the teaching of even a seven year old child
thus he became one of the greatest advantages
acquisition and possession are generous when the state of mind is just as it is
a teacher of t experiences the people and bows to the venerable kettle
but these days there are few such teachers and tea ceremony is often just a kind of show
reddit religious function forgotten
rocha deplores the same loss in european culture
even for our grandparents our house or well a familiar tower were very close their coat were infinitely more infinitely more intimate
almost everything a vessel in which they found for human and added to the store of the human
now from america empty indifferent things are pouring across sham things dummy life
a house in the american sense an american apple or a grapevine over there has nothing in common with the house that fruit a great into which went the hopes and reflections of our forefathers
live things things load and consent of us are running out
and can no longer be replaced we are perhaps the last still to have known such things
on us rests the memory not alone of preserving their memory that would be too little and too unreliable
but they're human and laurel value
laura in the sense of household gods

pots and pans are buddha's body announces a sign in some zen buddhist monasteries
reminding the cooks of just as they are
who's offers and blankets hammers and shovels are buddhist study
i confess i am offended when i see is ari's left every which way at the temple door i'm sure that doesn't happen here like a god sometimes at our sectors
when i say someone straighten his cushion against foot
but i'm sure we would never see here
when i see tools left in the rain
things are altogether faithful
they follow the rules with precision
we owe them benevolence in return
hey if when i first got acquainted with from r h life or arrest and person who first interested me in check
this is one of the first thing she he said to me i don't you think that things are faithful
i had no idea what he was talking about
and he quoted me that very sentimental poem by eugene field called little boy blue and maybe you know that mine are little boy blue i went to bed and didn't wake up the next month
not and his little toy soldier was her
little okay dog was covered with dust and little toy soldier cupboard with rust and their faith from awaiting client there
and then he said suppose you take this pencil and depends on stood it on its point and he said if you look your fingers go it will fall over every time
faithfully following the rules
carelessness with precious things is an is a kind of stealing but so is that dreamed up a collector
once naka gosh i know she and i can and i visited a buddhist teacher and healer in honolulu
she was and is a remarkable percentage very charismatic a large devoted following and i magnificent temple
but her preoccupation with money flawed her character and every day she violated the second second project
knowing that we enjoy tea ceremony this teacher led us to her treasury where there were one hundred keyboards in boxes on shelves along one wall
she took down several removed them from their boxes unwrap them one by one for our admiration and each time she asked how much do you suppose that would cost to continue individual
and then breaking the silence you know she would tell us how many hundreds of thousands of yen
with such static in our ears it was difficult to come forth and say each time what a beautiful bar
tea ceremony carried within itself the seeds of its own ruin from the very beginning for it was a way of poverty for the rich
on the other hand zen buddhism in asia is dying because it's particular way of purity no longer affects for larger community
in the buddhist time and down through the ages until the century and a half ago the world outside the monastery walls just was
despots and benevolent rulers rose and fell and the individual dealing with personal difficulties could come to the monastery or for a retreat or to become a monk or nun
today the poisons or greed hatred and ignorance few industrial and political systems that threaten the very structure of life
air water and food are depleted and poisoned and a machine of death and destruction accelerate
the dojo has always been a retreat and a training center but now the emphasis must be on training ourselves as a diner parameter community to become a new growth within the shell of the old society
to begin read this is the perfection of charity within our own saga as we take care of each other and encourage each other
unresolved conflicts within the sanga interrupt the flow of love at it sauce and mock our volunteer programs in the community
with harmony among ourselves however we can find inspiration in the broad sky of samadhi and in the taco had to of the buddha and his successors to reach out to the world
do you know option
takahata is is the project that the monks and in some cases none usually monks make outside the monastery in their old robes
now accepting rice and and money from villagers and townspeople in order to support their camp
they can't you see him
either they can such as at the at the back gate of each house that they come to or in other traditions they walked the streets slowly just chanting


and at very low sound for enchanted by a line of maybe eighteen marks pervades the whole city you can hear them for blocks right through the traffic shop
that whoa does not mean dharma in this case it means rupiah
the whole of hobby
papaya or
of course upaya men so skillful means but it also means compassion
this is showing the ball of the buddha in the world
the buddha was a wandering st and his very presence but peace to those who met him
ahimsa was a personal way of life for his saga but the buddhist day is not ours and we can learn from dundee how ancient teachings of nonviolence can be applied in our world of imperialism
we can also learn from and joined with other communities of compassion in our own time
grips with concerns that range from civil liberties to teach to recology groups which are in effect already teaching diner parliament
buddhists done a power meter communities are in the vanguard are nonviolent movement for social change rick christians jews and communists
but the bodhi dharma and organs and g delineate for special contribution that a buddhist communities may offer
her broad and generous state of mind which gives rise to time a parameter is the realm of vast emptiness nothing holy
in body diamonds words but human condition of the fallen away body and mind to quote dog engines
it is the dojo of emptiness the formless ground or the tee ball is realized as just that people
in itself and in symbiosis with every element of the universe including oneself
they terms it is where we take care of our friends
this is the miracle of ordinary life for everybody now for the dojo is at last my home your home and the saga is our community that flows upward in limitless circles from our center
of peaches
this very place is the largest land as hacker invenergy said right now and not yet
and are not yet is our action of bowing to each other
and shitting ourselves and our examples
and our work or showing the dharma and a world of crisis


you mentioned that
step by step process yet
yes yes indeed know how much
step by step ah
how when the dakota sat down under the bodhi tree he was not immediately enlightened
shame there was the process
but they went on breath by breath in his samadhi over a period of some time
until one morning he looked up and saw the morningstar and realized that all beings are under attack attack he did not realize that right off the bat
so the point is at that everything is full and complete as it is
ah but as he explained in that same statement when he saw the morningstar
they cannot people cannot acknowledge it because of their delusions and attachments
so our then practice is a step by step process to realize what has been true from the very beginning
and we are
skipping everything
if we say glibly that everything is full and complete right now and we don't and same time we do not realize it we don't really know it in our gut which just say it because we read it some place
and this is so as i said i think the first night or the point of from the co on low i mean the the preliminary point of the car merged which i always explain to a student when we began work on the move together
and that is that the monk who asked a question about the dark you know has the dog buddha nature or not
ah was it seems preoccupied with the step by step process
he had read in the searchers that all beings have put a nature he was probably reciting such a suit your every day
and so he know very well that according to doctrine
all the eggs are the tathagata
at the same time this was only intellectual knowledge
looking at himself looking at his shallow monks and sign
he couldn't really accept this
and he was thinking well buddha shakyamuni after long arduous practice
found buddha nature
and my teacher joshua ah he practiced for forty years with the nonsense and then he went on pilgrimage for another twenty years wasn't until he was eighty years old that he was confident enough of his buddha nature to settle down and began teaching
so i don't think i have a nature and do you mean to tell me that miserable dog has put an nature
that's the content of this question
pro josh you said no
well no means no or nothing and and now
in fact it's that's the japanese pronunciation but i'm told it probably was the time chinese pronunciation also or a modern mandarin would pronounce it rule
no means no are nothing but we cannot take that literally joshua was showing buddha nature right then full and complete with just that one sound that one word of a single syllable
but by his expression he was teaching that syllable to the monk
in effect saying be that moon the way you count your breaths
and there will be a step by step process to realize what has been true from the very beginning
so that's the way it works there is the world of karma and there is the world as essence and these are indeed the same world but we must see both clearly and we must see their unity clearly
this is the nature of our practice at least death from from the point of europe for teachers in my own marriage
k a very important point and writing
yes read high-pressure with them all results are in india are an excellent in are healing i have a austerity yes i broke out of the question is how do you know that you're right i'm just
i in all of you
second one you how does one become roshi without you without eating stealing ah ha moon
how does one know that one is rice and that is a basic question or that
here is appropriate to this this precept and to our precepts
you see
ah how does one know that one is right it seems to me that when one is truly grounded in the the very fundamental empty place that is so full of possibilities
that place of peace where there is no longer self preoccupation run can say i will do this i will not do that
it has nothing to do with any scheme any moral scheme at all
but in the circumstances that don't do
our that is good
ah so it is a matter of
complete freedom being the same thing as complete more out
but to our wine
training and abandoned
the same
the we we've we find this this complementarity everywhere
in athletics in dance in painting in music everywhere from musician trains and trains and practices and practices and one day the music plays the music
you know freely
shell and as a same thing is true in in now but the moral sphere
the matter of practice on cushions practice in the world
gaining confidence not not the a egocentric confidence not confident search that comes with the manipulation and know but true
but true self confidence when i was a very young and my practice and trust visiting and monasteries
ah i was very struck by the way the senior monks would equate confidence with realization i thought my goodness isn't confidence a kind of ego trip
it took me awhile to understand or that it wasn't not that kind of comfort of course there are borussia
probably confident to priests over there you know
but that the true kind of confidence i am talking about is not egocentric
okay for part one part two how can our she get to be how can someone get to be rushing without stealing loaded question as much
if i i can think of a times that i have stall you know
an obvious examples from my childhood
perhaps less obvious and more painful examples from my adult life
but it seems to me that hiroshi worth his salt is practicing
not pure perhaps
but on the patch
inspired by the and by the wonderful example of the buddha and his marvelous successes
so if i still please excuse me i'll try not to steal next time
now could you tell me a little more about what you meant by the second question
i think the union is and in the sand
can eat
which directly with one know
the politics
really it isn't that how
every according to in turkish into the road and yet to be on the date or yesterday you mention
a packages they are
the they that that would become the machine you practice for forty eight oh the air that's the yeah that was like retail model numbers thicknesses i would agree that knows also means that down
regarding on how good a person you area deserve me
and indeed a yet at a certain arrogance via high being hiroshima i mean in the road and thirty
bishop been
now he a that when power if i could do know we we become ah i want britain that become i
dirty the navy target new well there are certainly is a high risk i know that
and i'm perfectly
as fortunately i've got up of a bunch of friends i worked with that call me on these things that
i can remember quite recently challenged saying why you must be really grouchy the signs
so long as there is is feedback
ha and so long as there is openness this risk is minimized
even unfortunately eighteen that the had a the month of the out have a novel that ah ah i don't know i guess i'm not powerful because search
a about nineteen seventy six am we we we saw the organization of a women's collective and the diamond sangha
and suddenly i was confronted a
with all my sexist language
ha and corrected from every side it seemed to me that i could hardly say
a paragraph without somebody piping from the back of the room and piping up and saying and her or something like that the shade
it was darned uncomfortable for a while because you know i was already at that time mom around in my late fifties and and a lifetime habit of speaking in a certain way and using certain pronouns and using the word man the
insigne and window was written into our suggests
so we went to and fixed all searches and meta and and
i started the hawaii we started the the the women's rap group and i cringe him hammer i can remember one time rocking into the upstairs bedroom at cook on
for looking for somebody or something and opening the door and hear the rumors just packed with people are women machine i open a door and there was just dead silence as i searched whose main
and shut the die is a
right now i think that
as i think that there are at least that's my ideal
to be responsive like this i like what cappuccinos genome where she said when i met a student in dukson i am making my own master
how hard it just make more to the responsibility in a school teacher relationship
know anyone who is them in a relationship such as empire you
now where there is sound
prohibition the still naming practices earlier
there is some an hour
article in the students
the responsibility of an employee
okay i'll try to speak to your question i'm not quite sure that i haven't
and whether is not a ah a culture of trust
dennis jolly difficult
a this cause for compassionate strategy
and sometimes doesn't work
ah i've been employed an employee in a number of different situations in my working career where where i just couldn't communicate with the boss at all
and what's was more he didn't want any communication from me
what i'm speaking about here is is a kind of ideal for there is already a good are good atmosphere of trust and now it is possible of course
by various means some of them rather roundabout to get in a position where you can find you can reach the bus yeah
hmm through a secretary or or something to get the word to the boss
and but it's not that satisfactory to do it like that
there are all kinds of difficult problems with communication in world
and of course
all kinds of stealing a picking of flowers a kind of stealing family
yeah i can remember in the t suzuki pulling carrots from his garden saint whose hand is up like this why is growing up the correct a church
just me could get hot
shop for gutschein to that's what are the characters is trying not
now i'm not sure that i really responded to your question such a good and is there anything that you would like to rephrase
the the references and passion searches helpful
one hundred and undertake really interested in a situation where are these relationship scenes hostile in either yes yes and forcing it feel like a sort of yes
i think so i think so
i think so
but i think also that no situation as really hopeless
and as so it's a kind of challenge to find a really good way to communicate so long as
one retains the it investment in the relationship
if if this is your job and you know your your empty out years old and you're not likely to get another job and this is the only one you have and so you have to have to communicate then you're likely to get it
more attention and care than if you could just drop it and go away try something else
that said home from okay
just yeah my kayak rack firecracker path
yeah you're feeling
are i
ah right just and righteous fire today
i am i correct that yeah you're here they are further trespass and stepping out of model that i one on the other hand like officiate the atmosphere and i wanted ad
ah shoot him to the way i teach the practice of mode for example
is when you noticed that you are straying
you see
you suddenly find yourself rearranging the furniture in your apartment
or whatever
at that moment you do not say oh there i go again what's the matter with me why can't i concentrate on will change
you tried to avoid that you find yourself straying and you notice oh
she does nothing in between
no no intermediate to movement at all
ah so it just they just the the monitor somehow is able to remind you you know look what you're doing now
so there's no self recrimination and there is no added added a distraction their of self criticism or punishment or anything like that
ah yes i am i heard it from that animal not only thing
i'm here that that in india of have
why is our people
right are looking at anything or are neither
do are great i was going on
for granted yet and i want my view at that magazine thing me about the national yet again nothing to their fight
i'll have another point of you can you be the for thing up there i that have it made me about revision right and out who can easily find quite different for each other than that one either it is profit tackle position good sense of wanting to r
net it right there
i'm hoping that they may put together going on
hey everyone you give them any other work and even if they hey even funnier that got the i feel it can be heard like what we are apple newton
and other than if it can you raise your team is now i'm not an even defense and you are really the topic for writing night prayer and i want you to plan
my comment would be that
the august talking about positions
she needs to be enriched if i can use the expression
with them
the kind of the comment that you make and that term
we must not be over literal
i am
i came over on the airplane or with with them a man that term and that to as they talk to me about his collection of gandhara buddha's come on this mileage plus scam you know united airlines and so
how many trips i can ride for his classroom stretch out my legs
i don't know dutch a kind of stealing or not but anyway i do
such the
and obviously very very wealthy old man or just chattering away about his collection of gandhara buddhists to me
and how he saw one of the frank sinatra
russia in the days when a gandhara buddhist where are you know not so expensive now it's was thirty times but he showed that the different tank sinatra
ah well
he loves those good us obviously
his lifetime collector of oriental art
in a way of kind of stealing and yet here he is he inherited all his welsh
and and he am sure his apartment to his house is right code are beautiful museum
and when we look at the de young museum or any other great museum one hundred locale me of arches and example
somebody's somebody's wealth
you know gathered in very dubious wage
is responsible for collecting all this this beautiful art and and giving it to us for our pleasure
no matter what the one says
as i said the first night about the precepts you know they can be shown it can be shown that the they are not should be taken literally on the time but the literal instruction can be very helpful
i agree with you about the garden center
i jumped a strong hint that if he wanted to get some tax exemption you know i knew about this really great little little buddhist society even homemade
a good
i don't know that
somebody here

right now


the week
out of course this is the question that tormented him on bile and she died an anorexic
she determined that she will not eat any more than the poorest peasant suffering under road or two
and she died them
so somehow when has defined middle way here and i agree that the that the the practice of eating consistent practice of eating expensive food is a kind of steam i think
just as as and
expensive lifestyle jam generally surely is a kind of stephen
with the with the understanding you know that one might establish a museum for everybody delectation or a beautiful garden
now i answered your second question first first question was about how to make a living in this competitive society
i forget where it appears in my and says maybe i covered it already for i said there is such a thing as honest business
i can't i can't remember just aren't given these taisho several times recently and i can't remember whether i already said it over there going to say it
there is such a thing as honest business is a good book by that name published right here in san francisco
and there is such a thing as an unusual advertising agency
that chooses sir
our clients with discrimination and now and riches is to to handle a tv account or something like that there are such agencies and there are attorneys like care optimized that you know who who devote themselves to public interest cases
and doctors that practice in the slums and and practically give away their services and so on
ah so ah it is indeed possible and to work in the competitive world
i'm announce steam
as a service you know they're honestly selling a service and your profits feed your family
and just where you draw the line is going to be an individual matter
tell your story and during the vietnam war
i was rather a rather strict
in and avoiding things that had to do with the war and i was also rather strict vegetarian that time i am still a vegetarian but i'm not strict
and i resolved that i would wear a clash belt and these new shoes that were coming out at that time made of from
no guide much i know guide
until i found out that naga hide was made by united rubber which had this giant contract can you get now for napalm
so ah
i've gone back to wearing leather shoes and i still carry a cloth wallet
a bad guy
and i tried to avoid wearing a belt but i do have a leather belt
ah but i wear leather shoes what the hell you know
yeah that the way we have to make our way in the world as best we can
using our best judgment and if we become ah
the over preoccupied with these questions we can't move
is that okay
asked me something else
asked me something out if i haven't completely spoken to your question
ha that's true
and true for many people
hmm that's a hard question isn't it
anybody have some ideas on our question
or the question is for statement is if i succeed in my occupation many people will have to fail
and i said that's true
through you for many people
how come on people have to pay well there's only a i presumed it showed the shield of for academic academia and and publishing and so on there's only so much money for publishing and as only
so much money for for the before the new it was only one slot say for their short for the professor
and many people vying for that slot
i yeah i have a feeling that this is all right or or that turn in some sense or to the to the storm goes the victory to the talent that goes the position to the to the
the articulate goes their publication rights and song
yeah and better when one a is
as fall of a certain kind of a put a potential
you know what you do it used on a street corner do you publish and mimeograph form
or i think you a you submit your application and if you're accepted you say thank you very much
ha i know
the think there's a world of difference between this and the kind of grasping and elbowing aside that goes with the with the inquisitive spirit and in our anyone in our society
in other words there are plenty of niches for the truly talented person
ah who grew up need not be are so concerned about others who are less talented


well and i don't know how
it a kind of goes against my instincts and i suppose this is because i come from a lineage and but damn
when a student comes to me and says i really feel moved to go back to graduate school and get my doctorate and do doesn't so i say by all means by all means
one of our our senior people at mary was gone for five years in new york getting his a doctorate in psychology and now his back his practicing psychology there a practicing therapy there maui and is very active in the zendo
i think these things didn't happen naturally
it's it's artificial to say no you must do on the only dish what about all that what about all that potential
what happens to that
the the catholics are are good
a model for us you know
with them with a monks who are talented and painting painting
music can doing the music
and so on
now he chased me the someone succeeds in a career then they are in a position to help other people i mean if you're a writer and you get a name as a writer you can recommend other riders to your publisher and he'll have to listen she'll have to listen if you're and they can turn that
no success if you're worried about your not only in a position to teach others but you yourself are fulfilled you see
i've been reading a lot lately of in in our field of psychology and buddhism
and one article i read recently said you can't be nobody until you're somebody
in other words your your personhood must be fulfilled before you can really learn to forget yourself
if it isn't fulfilled your feeling incomplete and so you're you're holding onto something and
the the analogy i used and taking the path is
a diver on the high board
if she is not completely trained
ah and therefore completely confident she can't let herself go she kept diving
so really you have to be fulfilled
before you can be hunger
i believe this very friendly
i was talking the other night about how it is possible to go along in your practice and make real progress but it's may be all on the surface because this there's the whole story underneath using the story in double meaning and betcha that isn't too
world and it isn't known saw die down here


like unravel
yes we are yes and yes on on i view a successful person as one who has
who is in a place really to start paying back what they have for and given
ah not someone who is not a dime i don't think that someone has success or just because he or she is president of a company or something like that
but someone who is fulfilled i have known i know
a successful people who aren't making any money at all
you know and who are completely unknown
but they have mastered something they have mastered jumping in their lives
their their lives are fulfilled
this is what i would call success now i think that the question was simply about air
oh what to what happens if i get a certain job see other people who won't get that job

from out on
i know i i can
oh i say no

the plan
when i'm away
well i think the point is the same as gandhi's point say that when way eat at a very
as an affluent and and gourmet sort of level than we are depriving others i spent kind of financing
but i'm not sure that day that the analogy is is a sound one
because a if i am really qualified for that job by my aunt nature and training then that's where i should be you know
i mean i'm on same wavelength here
or time is show just about it
thank you very much anybody