Receiving the Precepts

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One day sitting

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to see and listen to
remember and accept
in today's a true the targeters word


yesterday i was talking with a woman
who used to live here
she's over seventy years old
and she just returned from a year in asia
and she told me that
while she's traveling and also since she got back
but she hasn't been sitting as she didn't in the past
and she felt that he was all right to not be sitting anymore
because the practice was so close to her all the time
she was kind of checking in with me or bought her practice she lives in canada
she was down here now in the bay area because one of her friends had a stroke and she's spending a week with her friend
and nice when she told me about her not sitting i and how how she felt that
it was okay because
the practices so close to her all the time i felt fine about that
but then towards the end of our conversation she said to me
do you think it would be wise
if i sat
and i thought yes that would be wise
the way she said it i thought was it a nice turn of
her attitude
in other words she she innocent she didn't need she doesn't need to sit at this point in her life
an essential feels that she's really practicing all the time
our the practice is always very close to her all the time
so she doesn't seem like she has a and need to sit
the way she used to and also the i wasn't
trying to give her something like she should
like if she's a zen students she should sit and
she's not fulfilling her responsibility if she doesn't there was not that feeling in the conversation but when she said you think it would be wise
i thought yes and i said yes i think that would be wise

sometimes we approach setting like let's sit and be concentrated and then wisdom can function

but another way is that ah when there's wisdom we said
but it's a wise thing to do
and i just said to her that i i thought it might be good for her to make a time make a space in her life
where she said and just gave ah
reality or the universe of chance
to reveal itself
through her sitting
the sit not to try to do anything
right just
a space for revelation
give revelation that chance i just sitting still at some point
in your life of course it can happen any time any place
and yet
to put aside
everything else and do nothing
is also a wise thing to do
even though nothing hinders it still
making such an offering of time and space
is wise
the truth is everywhere and reaches into everything
he added the same time responds to
such a such an effort

we say the meaning is not in the words
yet it responds
to the inquiring impulse
literally the meaning is not in new words but it responds to the arrival of energy
or the arrival of an opportunity
where it means
verbal expressions it also means the word called now the word called hear the word call your body and your thoughts these are all words
the meaning is not in the city yet offering the sitting
is an opportunity which you offer and something response to that offering

something offers something response to that devotion
the offering a meeting is not in the offering
have you sitting the meaning is not an offering of your boeing the meaning is not an offer of often in the offering of your kindness and your study

you're offering is empty and that was responds to it
is empty
bowing to buddha is empty sitting for buddha is empty and buddha is empty
but still there is an interaction between this offering
and something else
and this offering is beyond our comprehension but is the life of freedom and happiness
the great chinese master jury said not rising above the water
nor falling below
his arm
a single moon appears everywhere
in all waters at once
not rising above the water or sinking below its on its own orb
a single moon appears everywhere in all waters at once
buddhists do not come
and sentient beings do not go to them
but thanks to compassion and good works such things seem to appear
best we speak of the miracle have
offering and response
are you may have heard of the in zan of the image of the relationship between teacher and student as like
the student as a chick inside of a egg and the teacher like
the mother hen outside and the student picks at the shell and the teacher pecs back but the teacher and student
i'm also playing a role of
apparent effort
and the response of everything else so our little sitting here is like a pecking inside the egg when there's a peck something peers and pecks back
back and forth peck peck peck peck until the shell was broken
all this responsiveness however is beyond our comprehension all we know is that packing
that we're going
it's all we know
however realization does occur
through our packing and pena response

so you can forget about everything i just said
with you wish
now i wanted to ah
say something but it is in the context of
ah revelation
you're sitting here not doing anything and now something is something is something may be revealed to you
just make a space now make a time
offer an opportunity
are you ready
i think today is the new moon say right
so we thank the day is a new moon and it seems that ah last night
the last days or so a lot of people may i lot of people have a hard time lot of people are close to death
facing death
now is the new moon happens let what energy comes up now with the moon but there was a the extreme of waning has now occurred
branches mother had a hard time yesterday
i just as as walking out the house
heard of a friend's brother who just
the set up in bed what the last night
ah vomiting and the wife ran out his wife ran out of their room
the call nine one one which i got back he was dead
but no warning
and meal was up late last night with know if i want about numbers
and so aladdin
it's a hard it's a hard time yesterday
and not a new moon traditionally in the buddhist community ah we recite the precepts
and also in the former so tonight at the end of are sitting
we will recite their precepts
so i wanted to talk to you about precepts
can a bit
i've said i wanna say that ah
then we say that the precepts how the gate to then
receiving the precepts not just a presets but receiving the precepts
how the gate design

you might think well generous maybe we should receive in this morning
if we're going to be sitting all day
so you can practice end today
but it is also said that receiving the precepts transcends the three times so you can receive the precepts tonight
and it works to let you in design all day
so the fact that receiving the precepts tonight the fact if you're willing to receive the precepts tonight it works for you today
in this temple we have ah we will receive we will recite and receive
i the sixteen great bodhisattva precepts
which are
the three refuges
the three pure precepts
the ten grave or heavy precepts
three and three and ten sixteen
the three refuges
our the body or the substance

the three pure precepts are the shape
and the ten gray precepts are the function
when we
substance the shape and function

duggan's and she says
in his instructions i'm teaching and conferring the precepts
get the great precepts
have all buddhas
have been
protected and maintained by all buddhas
they have been mutually interested
from buddha to buddha
they had been mutually transmitted from ancestor to ancestor
receiving precepts
goes beyond the three times
confirming the precepts
penetrates throughout past and present
our great teacher shocking money buddha
conferred them upon maha kashipur
maha kashipur confirm them and ananda
and so in this way the precepts
have been
legitimately conferred up to the present
here in this temper
i know offer them to you to repay the buddhist and ancestors profound kindness
and thus we make them
the eyes of humans and celestials
that you are able to inherit
good ancestor's life of wisdom

these days for various reasons and in america
people don't like the words should
but somehow in translating dog is angie we have a hard time avoiding imperative
expressions like should must
and so on
so dogan says one should take refuge in buddha dharma and sangha
the crippled treasure has three kinds of marriage or virtues
our three there are three types
three treasures there are three types of buddha dharma sangha
they are called one body
three treasures
manifest three treasures
abiding and maintaining three treasures
three kinds of three treasures
remember them
it's first one
i just what the second one
manifest three children deadwood
okay so it's the first one again
second word
good good

now ah
this is a little bit a high
to absorb this material is three different ways of looking at these three treasures but ah i want to try to start absorbing it into the community

when you tara some york somebody
a new tara some york somebody which means unsurpassable
perfect awakening
he's called
the bullet buddha treasure
perfect are correct and complete awakening is the buddha treasure
it's purity and freedom from dust
is the diamond treasure
and the
peace the virtue or the merit of peace and harmony is the sanga treasure
perfect awakening is the buddha treasure
purity and freedom from dust dust means
not just dirt but more importantly objects
fury purity and freedom from dust is the diamond treasure
harmony and peace is the song a treasure
this is the one body triple treasure
understand the tripled treasure as one body is these three
first is unsurpassed
perfect authentic complete awakening
next is period freedom of dust in other words this this awakening it is completely pure
of course it already said it was but the purity of it ah the keeping it free of dust
right for example can imagine some kind of dust that could get stuck on this period on his awakening

some duality could get stuck to it
imagine you could for example is awakening could be there but not there are two been there but more there
unless they're and more there and someone that's one kind of dust it can be more women than men
or less in children and old people
you can be found more in ah
when some true place and less than some false place
they could be you could compare it to something else
so on can you imagine any way you can imagine and of thinking about or predicating this complete
creating awakening anyway that you can work with it think about a mess around with it
the diamond is that this is is that which makes it so you can't
scratch it
or the violet
and the harmony and peace that goes with this
it's called the sondra
we don't just have perfect awakening you have perfect awakening which can never be heard that can never be used or and are not used or anything far beyond all dust the fact that it's been far beyond all dust is the one bodhi dharma and the harmony and peace around
it is the sanga
that's a triple treasure understood as one body triple treasure
the highest truth
it's purity and harmony
as the first kind of three treasures
the one body triple treasure the next one manifesting verification how body
to manifest to realize
and to verify
this unsurpassed
enlightenment that's called the buddha
that which is verified
is the diamond treasure
and those who are learning this buddha treasure
and this diamond treasure
how the sanga
numbers but actually
ah literally translating and i would say learning the buddha and the dam is the sanga studying the buddha and the diamond is a saga that the those who is our interpretation
these three triple treasures i called the manifest of a verifying trip a treasure
literally it's a manifesting in front
triple treasure
i'm manifesting in the face
i want to stress that dab that the sanga is the study
how'd this
and a study of that which is verified
so we have these people here who are sometimes called the sanga
but is actually more important than as people in a sense
our people this is in some sense the site which is very important but just as as people are somewhat pedestrian the actual life of the saga is the study we do at the buddha and the dharma
how next converting celestial beings and converting human beings
appearing in vast openness of being
and appearing within the dust
is the is the buddha treasure
being transformed into an ocean storehouse of scriptures
and converting animate and inanimate beings is the diamond treasure
relieving all suffering being
relieving all suffering and being free from the house of the three worlds is the sanga treasure
these are the abiding in maintaining get the treasure
so the first one buddha treasure
on this point of view of the abiding and maintaining triple treasure
his first of all converting celestial and human beings
the abiding and maintaining buddha emphasizes the emphasizes the aspect of buddha the buddha is not something separate
from human beings are celestial beings but it is actually the conversion of beings
it's not the boot it can do something over here with converts us over there
but that are conversion is actually what buddha is
from this point of view of abiding in maintaining
and also appearing in vast openness are being
buddha appears in vast openness of been and also appears in the dust
when all this gets transformed into a vast ocean storehouse of scriptures
which again can be used
and function to convert animate and inanimate beings

that's a damn a treasure
and the actual relief of suffering
and being free in the house of the three worlds is the saga treasure
now i've studied these three kinds of three treasures a while and i have trouble or not i have trouble or fully realizing all the different aspects that are raised here
but the more i go over it the more ah the mar
intimate the becomes so i wanted to begin to introduce this to you
even though i i can easily imagine that it was hard it is hard for you to i feel are the subtleties that are raised by this
three three different ways of looking at these three

i could at this point go over them and over them and over them with you to the gym more and more familiar with it but i think
now ago go i go forward low bed and perhaps come back to them later
maybe some other day even
but before i do this maybe little summary
so that's like looking at the buddha as one body
to emphasize emphasizes the one body of it and how it has with one body quality
i've been what's what's what's the buddha in that case
and the dharma is
it's purity
this awakening is very pure free of all dust
and then
when at what's what's the third aspect of it which would sanga
with it's peaceful and harmonious
now other were exists enlightenment
there's not a kind of enlightenment which has the dust and a disharmony i've been better than somebody else's enlightenment
he knows it says the unsurpassable nobody can get ahead of it
there's no better enlightenment but it doesn't put down anybody else's enlightenment either
it's not the kind of enlightenment that rises up there and causes some disturbance and makes people get hostile and paranoid right boy
i'm kind of angry that i don't have that enlightenment it's a kind of enlightenment that even though you may if it appeared to you i use and got when you've got you got wind of it
you wouldn't you wouldn't become kind of angry that you had that know be told you about it before
we wouldn't become jealous and envious of it somehow even though you may not feel that you perfectly realized that you'd be encouraged and at peace about it
you might want to study it and learn about it and devote yourself to it but not in a way that you get hysterical about
on greedy about
it's a wonderful thing that people don't get caught him in the neighborhood of it or in its bought in its in its body and as one body there's not there's harmony around him
this is a tough requirement if you think about it a lot of
pretty high levels of enlightenment still have this quality of people in the neighborhood of it
being a some conflict about it like sometimes you hear about teachers whose students are all fighting each other to get attention from the teacher
so the buddha is a situation where people where the students probably aren't fighting each other where they're actually trying to help each other understand the teacher understand the teaching about this thing

because the teaching about this thing is that it doesn't have any dust so it's free
well i just thought that was so wonderful that it was almost like something that wasn't worth anything at all
they were it's it's so wonderful that it's almost like something that no one would even try to get
and no one would would even think i'm trying to get before somebody else got it
i mean do you have a feeling for how wonderful this thing would be
can you imagine something so wonderful that nobody would even get greedy about it
something so precious and yet nobody would say what i want that for me that no one would reach for it before another person
a job that's so fantastic
so unsurpassable that there's no there's no violence around it nobody's trying to steal it
and yet everyone's interested in it
an all around at all there's tremendous interest in this is jewel
people are more interested in this than anything else
and there's and yet this peaceful and harmonious around it everybody's kind of like saying let's conduct the buddha come on let's go
how wait for you
are you done packing
you're not ah
they say the boy's gonna leave pretty soon
maybe we should maybe you should hurry up little bit i don't mean to rush you
or maybe you mind if i go ahead no no i don't mind go ahead because
i know you won't get there before me
but if you want to walk walk
i don't feel jealous
as my phone just the idea that you're walking over there to see booed i feel i feel really great about it i'm just i'm tremendously happy that you're and you're gonna go ahead and get them if for me maybe
if you're happy that i'm gonna get there before you cash
you got there before me
this is this boot is really wonderful
it cures all ills of competition about this buddha there's no competition is not a problem actually we can compete we can get now a row and line up and race to buddha without any kind of this harmonious competition
it really is free of all dust
you see there's another kind of buddha which is all of this is wonderful still it needs to be realized it needs to be verified
and that's the other side of it needs to be verified
and so on
and it needs to be studied and we need and not not somebody needs to be but the fact that it is studied this study of it and the learning about it
he's called the sanga of a manifesting and verifying

they there was a great zen teacher named one bow he was a teacher of lindzey and the disciple of by john weihai and i used to say about him
there isn't much to won both zen
the buddha should be like that to not much to it

at the same time they and another zen teacher had a kind of up
an uncle of a one boy name ja ja schon are ya croissant again he had some disciples and they then
for forty years they never they never did they say their their sides never touch the map they never laid down
for forty years and then some commentators said
this doesn't happen unless there's enlightenment in the temple
don't i don't i don't mean to make any of you feel bad that drink that jude sometimes lie down when you go to bed at night instead of sitting up i don't mean to say that but rather that when there's that kind of study when there's people
who are studying that intensely for that interested in learning that they do it all night
that kind of that shows that there's buddha in the neighborhood
or that there's buddha there
not the
again a free of dust buddha you don't know exactly
where to point the finger
but that kind of study
now i
i do sort of wonder though how you feel about that
in other words
how do you see some learning and studying at the buddha dharma

you see it to experience it is their study of buddha and dharma
can you sense it
when one respectfully receives the refuges a buddha dharma and sangha
one attains the great precepts of all the buddhas
respectfully honor the buddha as your teacher and never take other leaders as teachers

before receiving the trip before receiving are reciting the three precepts
we usually ah make a confession repentance

and so this repentance ah procedure happens
and then the three refuges and the three pure precepts

and it is said that
these by going through this procedure of repentance and receiving these three refugees and three years paid three pure precepts
there's nothing that's not included in that
so we start with repentance

and then the three refuges and three pure precepts
but these are not separate from delusion
he meant a patient is attained in the midst
while you might say that before the diluted aspect
the parts the true aspect
has arrived

this is the meaning of the an expression before the donkey goes the horse arrives

there's an expression the whole ocean of comic hindrance
and usually when we hear that expression or an expression like that
we might think
but that means
but we should i throw these comic hindrances away

since their hindrances right should get rid of hindrances
otherwise why call them hindrances
or if we hear the expression sitting upright contemplating the true marks
we might think that that would imply that we should grasp these true marks
since it says true max

we should not

see such a dualistic intention
in these words

wrongdoing cannot be actualized

it is not reality for you or for others
it is not to be grasped or thrown away
and cannot be actualized
therefore it is not to be grasped
or thrown away
however even though it cannot be actualized by anybody
even though it's not a reality in anybody's life
we confess our wrongdoing
we confess something
which cannot be actualized
those who truly understand that wrongdoing cannot be actualized are happy to spend their life confessing wrong doing
those who think wrongdoing is real may or may not be willing to confess wrongdoing
are you following me
where did where did you can last
the german passed down the part about those who realize that wrongdoing cannot be realized are happy to confess it
set makes sense
it doesn't make sense to know who those are that realize that wrongdoing cannot be realized you know who they are those are the buddha's

does it makes you are you surprised to hear the buddha's confess
that's surprising to you
enlightened beings are constantly confessing what are they confessing
do not they confess
they confess wrongdoing
they also converts right doing but that's my call confession so they don't actually they don't and when they confess right doing they do it in such a way hopefully they try to do in such a way that they don't put themselves above other people
but of course they slipped sometimes and confess right doing in such a way that they put down people who are not doing right doing quite as well therefore then they confess the wrong doing a putting themselves above others by confessing their right doing good father
but they understand you couldn't follow it
it was pretty fast i just you know

you got wrongdoing creates karma in reality wrongdoing does not create karma
there's no reality to the karma created
by me since beginning was greed hate and delusion
but the confession is all the karma ever created by me from beginning was greed hate and delusion i now fully confess
okay that's the confession which buddhists do all the time they confess their karma but they understand the people who are confessing the the people who realize that karma has no reality the people who realize that karma and wrongdoing have no reality they are constantly confessing
wrongdoing and karma
why are they doing it because they fully embrace duality
they fully embraced the dualistic view
wang and right doing
why did they embrace it
because in fact living beings embrace it
if they understand
this duality is not a reality
they're very happy to confess this process of duality
now some people also are willing to confess but they think that wrongdoing is a reality and they are not happy to confess
your understand it make sense
they're unhappy to confess however they still confess and it still is good that they confess even though they think that the confession they're making is a bot a reality
but they're not happy and not only that but they can't do it all the time because they're not happy to do it they can only do it once in a while like and the new moon or full moon or you know in the morning or when somebody tells them to or when they feel really bad and there's somebody tells me to help him it does help you
even though you don't feel good because you think you're wrong action is a reality
still confessing it is is wholesome
the buddha's joyously confess constantly
now there's other people who also think wrongdoing is a reality who don't confess
they say it's a reality i don't want to get in i don't want to even look at it it's terrible to admit all the bad things i've done just forget it i just think about the reality of the good things i've done
and deny the real during denied any wrongdoing this is this is really a bad situation
also in buddhism in the buddha dharma we don't set up beginning and end
so when you practice repentance which seems to be a something you do before taking the refuge not to mention before realizing completely the triple treasure
as soon as you take repentance you immediately complete the way
because it's not like buddha's taken it's not like the buddha's repent
received recite the precepts and receive the precepts
the refuges in the precepts and then become buddhas it said after they become buddhas they continue to repent and received the precepts and become buddhas and repent and receive precepts and become buddhas
so when you repent you complete the boot away when you receive the three treasures you complete the boot away when you receive the three pure precepts you complete the brutal away
repentance or we don't set up beginning or end in the buddha dharma still repentance is the beginning and wholesomeness the refuge taking refuge is the middle of wholesomeness
i'm practicing the precepts is the end
her personas
which leads then to go round around again beginning middle and end but we don't set this up there's no reality to that but we embrace the duality of it

so what has just happened is or
some words and
revelation that has occurred to you this morning
and tonight we will ah as a group receive the precepts again
confessing again

complete to put away again
the put away again is is again
you completed but then you complete completed again it's constantly completed
and never
has an end to its completion
and it's completed by beginner's mind
it's completed by
being willing to admit
dualistic entanglement
and realizing and watching and listening
could the arrival of non-duality before duality leaves
non duality is not waiting for duality to leave before it arrives

so they say

the or in tangier equally penetrate a really be