Jewel Mirror Samadhi

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let's see how funny humor
sending even your your you well let's you see
so tonight roshi has given wants to test me on for lines from the upon the song of the precious samadhi mirror
right i know you're be gambling
he didn't send you fly
i've spoken on this song of the precious summary mirror in new york and i in fact that you published a book on it
but i mean to someone that
for things and amanda
so to understand the chinese version of the poem is very difficult
by using a ribbon knowing you can commando to understand the japanese when it was translated into japanese to understand japanese is even more difficult
i'm gonna be going your career
and by the time it gets translated into english nobody knows what has been said and
hmm you may find out what are your dog a filmmaker
they tied up put on a theory
so the something that everybody doesn't understand as the easiest topic to speak up
personnel indiana
say it
no see there was a your path loss is a don't know
killing nine yards
but roshi has pointed out for lines in particular that he himself or understands so that makes it difficult
make me makes it difficult for me
i didn't something
yet is why can't we hope them
so the poem song of precious a mirror summary was written by and enlightened master or dung dung shine after his indictment experience
i had a much higher with them and how did you get blamed when you make you reach him at it
thanks for you even combat that's a given user
he got enlightened one day when it was going through fording a river and looked into the water and his own reflection she's a sceptic santa from fans and smooth interior and you
before that occurrence he had been practicing for quite some time
it was unable to achieve enlightenment
what is the law
yeah me back upon the time
and his master was unable to help him in their quest
are you can go
my boat
tickets can in innocent savannah has a public as an obedience and that when he was a couple in uganda has it was even
and then that they came when he crossed the river and he looked out the reflection and thought is that reflection me
as a woman is that reflects in mi hija many user said as a woman is that
yeah is a reflection may go with the one with in cincinnati and of that even if it is me why is the reflection there and i'm here no boy use it for so long now so your way you like some oblivion sooner now the reflection is not may ah
the than other than myself than why could they be reflection without me she said system when he saw what was what was that you actually this is all at sydney need needs found out that diversity and i'm actually a shiver doesn't know that does the exact thoughts that went through his mind but he's just put his
ad nauseum
will also present answer you what the today
susanna gotten them couple the kettle
actually if he started thinking dislike shifu was describing he wouldn't get enlightened
hang on her martha code
just right upon seeing a reflection he immediately became aligned
looking at them
on there was no thought process going on here at all
i can hear back in seventy games of weekend in on
england are people know
door from that move on to five hundred you must sit even second party handle your face
so there's a there's a lot of important things being said in this song of the precious near samadi however only four lines deal with a his and might may experience itself
i'm thinking about how long you may want your hudson petrillo so you don't get him out of the on three
so my throat is not i could from getting too many elections recently so just as know my voice
sit your password
are you from one nothing at all
so the full line read them in chinese and then i'll repeat them in english routing about him he
champion he said war
no can see key
so the for lions are translated as as before the precious mirror the former reflect the form and reflection gaze on it at each up on each other you are not it but it is just you
that that i mean
i can't say
man in a way tom fitton uniquely him
i found him
it's like taking a very bright a mirror and
reflecting your own face in it
why it right
we are very expensive mirror and ah exciting your own face in it
what can i be passing them
not that when kinda began to in hinted that wagon machine
so what's seen in the mirror is a reflection and what's being reflected out here is a the to share
said about is one's body
what exactly have a huge any india and the king can even in ram yet kamilah said essential
so the body is looking at the reflection in the mirror and a reflection is looking back at the body
he was even me me again that result
does the thing he was the beginning in into
what's the figure thank you
today i paintings on him the even in a year and was the listen so the reflection in the mirror is not this body
me me me the santa me again me i'm gonna be
so the you talked about in these lines is the reflection in the mirror
thank you know that doesn't have it the body it that which is referred to as it in those four lines is the body so again that line when you are not it but it is just you just to refresh your memories i can say into any danger was chosen
no never
so the reflection that is being that is in the mirror is not the body
back when i can
madison here
my magazine here literally couldn't can in
and that body is that reflection in the mirror
we can go on
does everybody understand
about and it down with have literally meal ah so that's the way master don't tent
to get enlightened that everybody can lend

on a team
some guy
many and gina
when making them even to agenda
things are kinda point in so reference is made in the
ciaran gamasutra long engine to her and the suture complete enlightenment to mirrors and reflections
let me know it
it's also a story
every time so
come on a holiday
hey san lorenzo
haven't they've had it easy
mckenna later the line
oh you lucky thing
i'm judy kids
and joe that team the shamanism is a kids
the jeans or chinos a summer
we have been better okay
because the of people's about go mad king philip's others
that's i nine ago things that are how to how is it that that made a whole design amateur
sending and could not a big a kitten
i say that it's handsome young think seeking it out
and since kinda sappy sappy thought of that city
hey melden and the of of denmark me i touch to a only therapy you
yeah so in time there was a as this is a story this one chan master i was talking to one of his disciples and said
this these monkeys are carrying mirrors on their backs and climbing up the mountains and the generosity of tampa but they're unable to see that their own reflection in those mirrors
okay to miss that the pay for out
because the
mirrors being carried on the back is no way for them to see the reflection and easy to follow
a bed
so the disable replied that monkey is
very stupid
and tanzania fallen human amin
you need when they cannot eat internet and the master replied well you're smart have you seen the mirror
i'm eating to canada whole actually we're all like that monkey
i'm kinda leaning heavily performance when i mean you cannot my team
the mirror has never been we've never been away from the mirror but we're not able to find where it is
it's a fatal about kinda keep back in simon parkin
she said i mean he did so quick
so the precious
mira somebody is refers to our own wisdom
alan they have haven't is the hello what's it about kinda
before were enlightened we don't know what the mirror is
how do you it
hey i'm kind of battle
hey bob bob
at the are enlightened depending on whether you are she had a great nightmare or a smaller enlightenment experience if it's a great enough one you won't even need the mirror anymore there was a piece of headwear
back in my kids love you back your in
even thought about commission
it does a shallow water cast kaisha summer feeds come data cable shalwar in the
because the and have happening now the first time one gets in what has enlightenment experience one discovers the mirror and its importance
when so
he know about
this phase of slap a superfan even from in cuba ten selective
can see the chancellor
so now describe explain those four lines in several different levels several different levels of understanding of those lines year
so many thinking is one who has not seen the mirror
well the team's really can keep the dilemma
did he
you ready
in for you to so
like kinds of from hello
for someone who not seen the mirror oneself and all other p all other beings are separate
when is he
hence the s her
we're also alienated from ourselves
have you decided to you for himself and help
one's mind and body are separate
the a kenya your whole year is a pinhead
former and latter thought ah separate
team here for me in made him to a helping hand
today and tomorrow a separate
when you pay for equal so we don't understand who we are
when i'm for
i'm kinda now it it can appear if hindi
func heavy cynthia on a date now
has its own quinoa
the self that we understand is just understood in little strips and they're all put together and
that's how we understand ourselves
as we would sit out for down here a dog
new good sundar raman said so he can seduce a from kenny
but those who really understand this kind of alienation are very few
but he is
the allison said
emily in canada chemo
so that was the first level second is one has already seen the mirror check into the somebody here in canada so i look him now or hanging
it's not seen with the eyes but it's heard with the ears and yet there and one has a belief that the mirror is there
shining your kinsey
i'm to wow
i know but simply a fan hope you hear that from happen
find out what would you recommend have have i forget
by david their time to get your dying susan when you've at this stage a one discriminate between ignorance and wisdom a vexation and body you may kinda for
yeah chungking city fine
one is heard that there is with is something called wisdom and as and also believes that one is in the midst of vexation on the kinda saw on the session
that's what is it main thing now
one has heard of buddha nature but has yet to comprehend it i downloaded enter you create anything someone at this stage is ready to practice he didn't know
oh i can a campaign by a children and for your system can
i'm and it doesn't kinda phone you're to the
and you simply cannot
what i wasn't a fan on your hate something
ah belinda a chance that's the pregnancies
some people have just heard of wisdom of this precious mirror i even though they're not don't have full faith in it yet
the existence of it yet but
the they're willing to take a try and practice to achieve it to understand it
my homosexuality
so can you get him
solution he said some sample
at the third level one has already seen to one's own nature
kinda fucking it
for him
well by now
the animals
once it when one season to one's own nature one understands that
the buddha nature and vexation are one of the set one in the same casino
kicking he heard in the then you will find out to see for protection
but that's not to say that after one has seen into one's own nature that vexation will not arise again within oneself as it happens without somebody somebody must have for soup
what's about
get them
but one will be very clear about what is wisdom and what is vexation and will know what put a nature is physical copy feet on video
she that's about
for by now
free time museum such a person it will be ready to practice very hard
having clearly able to
distinguish ignorance from wisdom
i can
have we come up like him new friend
and when vexation arise the person will
the lv very easy for a person to discover them terrorizing he kill him
that that men papa
the remember from kinda
oh a lot
the they can be civil about ego by from financial aid for high fashion yeah
so when this person who has seen to one's own nature looks into the mirror he knows a reflection in the mirror and himself ah the reflection and self other one or one in the same thing so you're paying and city so tiny that
a virginia or finality does your honor years a pancake
ah but when vexation arises again than
again they become separate
wait as you are you go wow
the twenty
so such a person wouldn't have a very strong desire to continuously practice and seeking feet and of kill and their faith will be very strong for say well on he and they're not up to the faith is not up to a risk
said he don't wanna get down to go sometimes sometimes when we came back though he doesn't either
the wasn't gonna send them
i'm in down and say amount and since i know
so now what level is let's take a look at what level this
master dung don't tell what a who wrote the year parker wrote a poem is a talking about we've talked about three level so far as he's like actually he's referring to this fourth level
what kinda
wait what
a night for you
it had to be like him
that this is what you can eat your them
he had to beginning
as far as he's concerned vexation his wisdom and wisdom is vexation
that seems will eventually came back
i kinda leaving but keep the wedding planning on animals the reflection in the mirror and what's being reflected in a mirror is a one in the same some came down all
we simply ending the was the path
can we can you believe getting he was the path so you in a mirror or not
ah it meaning the body thank you linda
made up whatever there's no self and in that
now get and so where is self
me was how she said miami or title
you are not it and in fact ah
if you do not exist and neither does it
you mean meal
i'm not convinced that macau
we say about me was the can things outside your name google mail why is that one meal to completed by doing half
the wading through one or whatever
three or up its value of the
because if there is no self than you are unable to know that there is you and it
for in nevada may then we must have that me and the pioneer
you may or may only need for st paddy's he doesn't have that it's not need some able to tap yes me
and when you push it does it be i showed me that he not yet you're not it you are not it
precious time in medica having use that means
ah give me your
need to me but in that pilot so you are not it means that neither higgs you exist nor it exists
tema de balance in manitoba neck and
didn't we have open data what permanent
so if neither you nor it exists ben of course there's no self
i shall employ it can be easy to that
so does everybody understand that
and then
that was shot shotgun
the easy i think about it does have to eat at them back
what we have tamil
so there is neither you it for myself
and that funny here
that's wrong
tap kissimmee
but the next line says you know pass it but it is just you
what is me bad
but you can
in impacts of something for him
that t your habits of them up there's a festival good at bats are created for so this line is an expression of a
great wisdom that arises right at that as enlightenment experience
maybe you are
oh man or something
that is
so the fact that the previous line was a refer to yourself know others no and beings
i when we're done here
i think i'm entitled to a line from the
diamond sutra and shooter and
fourth by negation in a diamond surgeon as mentioned is no life
the figure similar
well it's sort of waiting in ten like yeah
citizen eep and etc
so even all well said that was a similar i
they found out a your where he had an for so
this could be turned a wisdom which is apart from vexation
ah seventy year history for
had chosen me
famous now
so the week and gentlemen
didn't since a get
these are unclear to you
the next line though it is just you expresses the
wisdom a functioning aspect of wisdom
you need
come on come on you cannot have a move on kenya he's the one wrong movement
so you can write anything similar like that flew in for you it is a fleet of would run cancer can
just let it be
why men that don't sound diving into the year
didn't survey and see the time
so at this point one says others all sentient beings as oneself and there's compassion
i have worked as a junior that d back
he some them
the time
i like running then he said
can plenty of since it's a event that go thank you
so if one were to have stopped at the first of those two lines
this would have been very negative one is likely that a person who would stop at that point would be someone who would practice up in the mountains along by themselves and are bother with other what other beings mean that is my the year here
i kind of function
it's the second line where we see the expression of coming out to
welcome them know i know
to it's timber for
so tight on tell me if i you for wager your we
yeah reason so somebody you might be familiar with a a kind of grouping of five positions used by the soto as insect
she's something of permitting
hum cancelling either
sometime between
in fact these five positions from one through five are really ultimately all the same
then came in
come to that high council the we go
but on day will be like that
i was watching how she said for channel
they seem different but actually did the same can get one meals and piano jan manga we're
why we are we're not going to get into the five positions tonight to the lack of time and so on can't i can tell
kiss me
ah me ha focus on me a town city even then
when uncle mikael he say yeah ten
e the area is hannah a year sit down
when die
you be
for this again is to get through each year
don't have to get it well but was like hm
so what these two lines again are telling us with the information they're giving us is a twofold again one that want that there is no self and to bad yet all sentient beings and myself or one
a tiny dancer
i carry china and can be put in cancer put on million again
and that one is different after enlightenment than before
now can we can it
don't then can we get on thank you it you cannot have you ever
the ten master don't tan before enlightenment and after lightman is different or the same
when you keep the battle
it's a anybody now

we can be you can really compelling
they're the same than how could they be a before enlightenment after environment
no i got me she sleepy and never will be no need for practice
yeah yeah your hand there's no need for then
notice is a put on now can you hook it on ten trillion from and now
if you say that they're different than the
massa don't and after enlightenment where did he come from

when you gonna get back
can you can consent
can you could not have plenty of you are so first a wall
the mazda don't try before enlightenment and after an i admit is not the same time you go
he was it hot
that is to say you are not it
but it can you hope to them to get up
how that's it be and can we can twinkling
but ah
what is what he says after enlightenment is that he after that the stone town after enlightenment as the same as the one before enlightenment
i know you're a coach now
a hamster
let your cat you can they be think in a cow
you can tell that she man i ip by the pizza and up an amended mum
when i'm not gonna get people back in
i'm i'm confident i can make the pizza that
i can hire people
so there's one famous as and story that most are many of your paris mayor with a zen master who practice for many years seeking enlightenment never gained enlightenment and all of sudden one day he bumped into a doorframe
what is now again a bump is nose bumping as doorframe and he discovered that his nose was there
ah coaching kakashi he's very happy about that i never happen when that reason i'm a company people asked him why are you happy with our wiki intense it up repeating that canada because i just discovered today that my nostrils are pointing downward
he said
okay i'm not me along
what are they discover
i haven't been it
one night
for the yes
he discovered that everyday things are just as they are
what's that
right once
like neil kelly
so i can not a pizza
what can be what we cannot impeach pizza yeah
cowboy jenna busy in february how to be a little boy yeah yeah
so just going to turn so there's a problem here though
the he knows a the knows that before enlightenment as the same as the nose after environment
he made him her
can be kinda had dark headed our hannibal on co
i really had was from sunweb from she like for me and been some yeah his shoes
presuming that about
we can be the conduct and totally separate coming here that are
lemon andersen yeah nine to keeping
so before enlightenment the person is seeking enlightenment and feels that it's something outside themselves but when he is nose against that door he realized that it was there within him all the time
i definitely trying to way i'm back and this time parts of is another kind of but if you went over and bomb nose against something what are you thinking enlightened
chesapeake instant you mean he will come possible ent
why we each month
can you
shoot i mean by him
but we can
i'm not going to be
it was only after having given rise to the doubt sensation and holding it for a long time that that this occurred for this person
have me department from content counselor
have we got to be that harry potter can you do it in chennai
me with that downpour
i think we can
go either
same thing with his master he was looking for this precious mirror and only at that moment when he crossed the river was it discovered
i'm gonna be new
this precious mirror is only an analogy
how really didn't go for
south australia the you lap
just the bachelor so
so that that seeing upon reflection when he was in water as he was crossing a river was merely a key
sit going to me okay made by market on puts it all sorts of the summer pencil kimball's slowly being candidate for i can has given them are a
so you can simply about to take years together
have you
he was looking to get into the door but he had no key and at that moment
what is going through the river
top and seducer summer
vanadium he discovered his original face
why can i
a simple black outline now i
so of that people gymnasts the gospel
that's my explanation on the the poor lines
i don't know whether i've said i'll explain them correctly or not
perhaps most you can tell me what i have i
ten and had snow day
ah then
speaks of sudden enlightenment ten super young
i cannot be spoken what kind of all the time you know younger he had some ici yet i'm mostly a can feel hot summer studying sunday on her nine he hadn't been so you should see and feel
ah so it would be much better for us to experience this directly rewatching bot demanding years for you by getting to a permanent years at a faster young so one hundred different people could give a hundred different explanations of this same
a topic
i am and it all be different you mean physical time comes out as the well because i'm that master don't who wrote the poem and he's not me
so you know what turn the t icon i said mrs well path isn't what is it happen
if i can take it speaking about the poem like this
not sure we should be ocean and need to have the services we're going to have patios and what is that to say that i'm him and his me
my action from calculate so mean only if the master himself don't turn could come forth and verify that bassinet
for sure is handsome
oh you mean been to me
shanteau there are you can eat and
we have to pay
there are different levels of depth of enlightenment experiences and only those who had the same level or higher can verify the experience of another person at the same level or lower until we we're in now
i became from time has to be packing sending soil perlite is game
human embryology and have
well that's it
i paid you are aiming funny matter
so i've spent a certain amount of time
trying to understand as precious the song of the precious mirror samadhi
the but ice tell you the truth i don't feel i fully understand it
leave them all were happy about that he could i can kalina india she had it in here that can be the all
trinamool voyage yeah i know what now
well like am tonight for a canadian guy yeah i am going young in years similar
so why am i have i spoken on this and written on it on his palm because when i read other people's explanations of it i really understand what they were sent a new timber downtime and job and we will need handle it would probably want and on a barren a gesture i didn't fully understand of
people's explanation
so i thought maybe other people might have that problem too so i figured i'd write something on it of my understanding of it
when i think anything yeah no yeah
so the time is up for today
i know
well making a chin chin that not coming with tomorrow
so thank you for your patience and listening and he's gonna any questions

can up with if you have fifteen
should anything dollar baguio and to pay one
you may come up with an evil
leverage because it's difficult to understand therefore it's probably not too many questions
read with like questions are you remember hearing way
tactile sure need to put it in included video coding and per episode when did on when to so they show wooden mother
what i tell him
i'm all for casual that can be here
or the not let me awhile
i haven't i haven't been that we are
don't believe him
ah i don't myself say that i'm proclaim myself as enlightened
but it seems that my teacher
it feels that i understood something
make it over
kinda hundred and patient on when
you can't go back and we can we are or for camelot and get a lot more like you're not getting a hank one that was re so a lot a lot of people like to ask about enlightenment opposed to say i was enlightened people somehow expect you to be able to show them something of that
liberals are real hell inadequate your when given the account for them we can help by was to say i'm not enlightened than people is going to be respond to that with or going not unlike what are you doing sitting here talking the model
it i was in hollywood eight i found here
i phone you pull out a pair of the catwalk well network uncle tyrion
nicola chance i can find out there here
so my usual responses to say don't worry about whether i'm enlightened or not but
just if you feel that what i'm what i'm saying here is of some used to you and can and his elbow to people in decreasing their vexation ben that's good enough or if they've actually been a candle right what opinion
what can i actually this book ship was holding up now talks a little bit about as own experience if you're interested
innocent again when you can win
i mean any other questions
i'm kind of time is up anywhere