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this is situated says that it's an access services and didn't

one thing that i just wanted to our scientists
we had some idea that
tarzan was making all this up
it's just by on buddhism and celtics are doga to tarzan's glasses
filtered through his understanding to make it available and easy to understand

so on page
thirty seven
this is to
mccleary translation and this is a naturally real that inconceivable it is not lose the province of delusion or enlightenment
it returned by it and it means probably the mirror
naturally real yet subtle that it not in confusion or enlightenment and wonderful is the eternal reality beyond delusion and enlightenment genuine in wonderful it is not subject to delusional enlightenment true natures inconceivable that has nothing to do a delusional enlightenment
his purity and changeability is wonderful it belongs need to do illusion like so here we're talking about as you can see the check everybody translates as failing fairly
the meaning is pretty clear in all the translations
we think of enlightenment as the opposite of delusion
or we think of enlightenment in contrast a delusion
but here the text to saying this is beyond it true enlightenment is beyond and like minute the duality of enlightenment and delusion
this you say i was deluded and now i'm enlightened
that's dualistic understanding
in is enlightened activity
we sit ins as and in the midst of enlightenment but you can also say when you should judge in your city zion in the midst of duality of in the midst of delusion
he's sitting right in the middle middle of your delusion
so how is that so
we say buddha-nature good nature is the same thing as the mirror only it's when we say buddha-nature we talk about in a different way we're talking about the mirror when you talk about seventeen reflective retirement buddha nature we talk
or something that is
usual interpretation of buddha-nature is that everyone has buddha nature
but don't get this is a way it appears in the my pie nirvana sutra
hobbies have buddha-nature this actually there was a time in buddhism buddhist and jain when
there was the idea that there were people who didn't have buddha nature
and you can understand why
sometimes it just think about certain people they just don't have insurance
but the bad part nirvana sutra said all beings without exception have buddha nature
had dog and radicalized that and he said all beings are buddha-nature
so if you say beings have buddha-nature yeah that's dualistic because you're talking about beings that have something
so when you say are beings are buddha-nature it means that
each being is an expression of buddha nature
he's being
is an individual expression a buddha nature so buddha-nature expresses itself in as forms
emptiness is form of contraception is so all beings are expressions or buddha nature that's why
all beings can be saved so to speak
salvation is open to are beings in buddhism buddhism islam is a religion of salvation
and they even have a messiah evans i called my trail
my my trade is messiah
he's a lot of parallels in this way
in religion
and so buddhism is a religion of salvation
and we shared our time i vow to say it was intubated
so you are my trail
religions are always
are always a that said they might try
the it says
the him
yeah we think of some persona it's going to be my trail some manner
near mine and kaja
we think of that that there will be a new monica and my trail
maybe i mean yeah but you know
but if you look at it another way and you know we say in buddhism that and this is what buddhists in apparently
have you have to find your own salvation
u h h one each person had found should find seek their own salvation
i say save salvation from what
from suffering and delusion of course
from delusion meaning
wrong understanding of what birth and death is about
and suffering of that because of that
so how to find our salvation needs to find to to discovered or true
and a buddha nature and to realize what the nature of transparency
and the nature of suffering
and the nature of clingy and the nature of
attachment and the nature of freedom
family and you're just be another how can happen
yeah that's good point so each person has to find their own salvation and yet
we say i gotta save all sentient beings to that's your phone
he didn't take buddhism was easy to egypt
if you know
we don't it doesn't mean that i personally am going to save all sentient beings there's know what it means it means we express the desire for all beings to be saved
after that means
we expressed a desire for our base to be saved and and wouldn't really express the desire to help them do that
so it new meal can we say
free ah beings right about a free are being
so are you go out of here
dharma scissors
and cut their bonds so they can find your own salvation
it's just that it just a it sustain this any desire which
is very
altruistic desire
but this shouldn't take it literally
when i'm taking things literally
hello as you said catch up and didn't do that you know that two people are going to say rarity dying while i'm talking
thousand thousand people are falling off the face of the years and while you're while you're sitting there looking at me so how you can save them is it is
we don't although buddhism is impossible to complete it's not the and we don't try to make it that difficult
just contacted her
your furniture is as if you're reading somewhere that like fish was a breeze of junk
either accept that idea or see it and years or something controversial about buddha nature there's nothing controversy but and nature it's just that they're are different schools of buddhism so buddha-nature came
is it as a concept came for with an eye on
so many you know that the the schools anyway
minitab kidney ionesco and let me use the word heaney on a not in a m
as is applied to any special school of buddhism
but as a attitude
chad henne on schools or any out of buddhist
i don't particularly
line up with my and and thinking
and i understand it you know my and is mahayana understanding you've been around since the beginning and buddhism
we think that there are the of schools you know that were actually there twenty toward eighteen schools of buddhism
hup until one of credit you know for hundreds of years or at least eighteen schools of buddhism which we can identify and they all have different ideas about what the diamond was
each school has different idea there were some very prominent schools that that that have very fixed in and
a strong ideas and the schools would have controversies with each other for hundreds of years
so ah and then
around the first century with nygaard you know
her guardian is com the the dharma and the the ancestor who turned the second wheel of dharma
donna and then like arjuna in the first century turned the second wheel of dharma with the pricing apartment or sutures
we chant the heart sutra but the heart searches on the a very small sutra within the persian empire meta collection of sutures
so there's the persian empire meta in twenty five thousand lines there's the project time he's one hundred thousand and nine budget parm into in one letter and so forth and so tragic there's heart surgery and the diamond sutra or trying to like a complimentary churches that are same murders
so the the heart sutra is a mahayana sutra which
if you study it you'll see that it makes a comment and all the old
i'm ways of thinking
they came before it
and the second turning of the real means that if treated expresses the non dualistic understanding of buddha dharma
haven't you an issue is a foreknowledge years and are older or the the
main doctrines of buddhism or included in the heart surgery
and as a in no no notice no of this definitive meaning non dualism
then the not to understand it in a dualistic way
can i understand buddhism and unknown to should chagrin so the my underdeveloped out of and of that
there are other hand and such as to of course but pressure by meta specifically and the load of shit jobs that criticizes the you know wage of initiating so
the other similar the doctrines of the old schools are you can see them
appearing in the mahayana literature
the my and a liturgy can coalesced
and and is my understanding is pretty much shared by all the schools have booted out of my and schools of buddhism you know that their outlook is no different
from buddha nature is
a very fundamental understanding human my and buddhism
you may be some
buddhists from the old schools or schools it didn't they didn't go along with my piano
minute think in terms of buddha images
some do but
if you don't hear them expressing themselves at me
you say something with the difference i have good
is enlightenment how is that politicians are likely just don't realize it when he said a lot of things and nobody knows exactly what he showed that debatable the whole that presence and it's hard to the nature at everyone happy
for another we weren't not everyone would express it that way at
well some some school would say there's delusion
and then
a allergic to enlightenment
there are scores of my head or which especially xin school
which says because you enlightenment is your nature you can be enlightened
you're not adding enlightenment to something
you know you know
creating an enlightenment your your for you
allowing your true nature to come for unhindered
which is called enlightenment

so my trainer
it is you know
we also each one of us is my trail
because we all have each one of us has the

the nature to save ourselves
much is you know is is is in each one of us is simply and when we're in practice now bring brings and forth ah
i just read recently taken on hand saying that are a community is my trail can be you can think of the community is my trail
not just some person
so it it it's my maitreya is the embodiment of
salvation attitude
or put into practice
so i didn't the laugh and he gets my tree is right here you know
ah and we just within our practice
enlightenment is beyond like the duality of enlightenment and delusion risk can speak of enlightened in different ways and reduced be given like you and lot of different ways you can speak of a dualistic lee where you can speak about nine dollars degree
but when you speak about dualistic lee you're thinking about it in the opposite it is in opposition to delusion but ah that's misleading because
i went when you realize
here on enlightenment
you realize that it's not something to hang onto
he's not something for you to show it's not a flashcard can say you realize your nature and you realize that if you cling to that you're just holding onto
you know this
suzuki roshi used to tell you about the person who put their mark on the boat
now you out to see you know when you want to come back to the same place tomorrow so you put a mark on the boat
they are the rabbit you know that for former a hunter and went out to m i a hunt for a rabbit and while he was sent you was standing next to us as a stump whether she had been cut off and this rabbit rent out that was renovated the stump
killed himself
so just the
the hundred and one stood there the next day
hoping another ever amount of
and i'm ready to the stump
something that you really enlightenment experience you know is a wonderfully light and experience and you don't really don't think about you your delusion within your life and experience
when you hold onto that enlightening experience that's delusion
do we have enlightened and experience valentine you know
all the time having enlightening experiences
just let them go
into the sea of
because enlightenment is beyond enlightenment in delusion
problem is if we hang onto an elopement experienced than we think the next day we are the when is fading out
miss a god you know this is pretty crummy
waiting for the next enlightening experience what how can i make that return and then you forget all about where you are
the enlightenment experiences this is exactly where i am with lives shit
a few enlightened and and toilet
a kind of michael savage she was and at this link
when he's got the college and way
just acid wanted to tell practices are about it
pakistan yourself
master gergen is right outside tories
he said he wanted to see you then you walk in the room and you could tell what's going on is an excellent keep going

giggling actually
so yes so ah how it's just not using
andreas realistically how do you think about it not better to speak about the wrong
they can't speak about a laundry list
well the thing is you see in and
buddhism especially in zen
we use dualistic words to express an duality
that's why genius are confusing
to hang onto the words you're lost
say what they mean dualistic reddit so does the dog have very nature
my know right
well as i write iran
where do you think it's the what do you think about to dog does it if all beings have buddha nature
robbie's if all created things aren't buddha nature does what about to die
since the nonsensical question no ninety nine cents would you think that's because you're thinking realistically in dualistic thinking he a
it's an entrance for question because no is no and yes yes yes
in a non dualistic
understanding know includes yes yes includes now
you include me i include you you're making me and i'm making you
at this moment
domestically your city over there and i'm sitting over here nine to realistically is because you're there i'm here and because i'm here you're there
so how does wonders for the day pakistan now
that's sick on
that's century just supposed to be working with if i tell you
how can you won't be working at it yourself into all i know now johanna he will be seen

ah so naturally real get inconceivable is not within the prevalence of delusion or enlightenment
this this is the fifth rank towards and fifth rank beyond delusional lately
two words about presence
this project
stresses of towards
the present
dark is present as attacked
asked me again
god has a state of consciousness as
who doesn't have yes ask me again keep it
the consciousness the same question
oh god
your consciousness for trust
as we have made you know
just take your pick
a presence
doesn't relate to
just just take your pick
you can see either one

either way he went okay
it doesn't matter
no it matters it a few owned it really really matters if if you're deluded by yes and no
the on the and delusion
yeah because we're using dualistic turn to express non-duality
you can use a dual as they turned to express do in actuality but and then we use to his degree to express non-duality
yeah to understand that
when you read cohen's here to understand them
that the teachers are using dualistic turns to express non-duality that's why they seem confusing
and when you just do a new
let go of
clinging to dualistic thinking
it will become parent with familias

you're still here still clean
you have to be able to let your not let go of the idea about
yes and no as a duality
turning an hour
keep asking a question

from the next page

so this page this is talking about and
it's shining it is shining
you're standing at the top with causal conditions time and season quiescent lee it shines forth
the fact that shines bright would you say we said north korea so yeah
creatively who yes yes that's right a cool he actually a year like third year and the company evidently
thank you
or conditions time as these and creatively it shines forth
it is shining for so within causes and conditions it's shining for this is the meaning
i get users with casual condition casual condition i think he were images within causal conditions
and under the right conditions and the right time it shines bright and cheery and tranquility
with concurrent cause and time revealing it will appear with bright and still bright and still it appears as causes and conditions time and i like that one because that would mind
brac bright and still it appears as causes and conditions it that's what it appears as cause you to get it didn't change through constantly it appears as causes the condition
because it is cause you did it if it it
to say it shines through his dualistic
because there's it and if and whatever is shining through those a two everything
but it shines as come here
it's the causes and conditions nature shining
so that's why it's so difficult because we think and dualistic terms where we always dividing things in the dualistic terms always
and we'd have to do that in order to identify these families we think we do
can we do so it's not that there's something wrong with dualistic thinking it's just that isn't it's unless we understand non dualistic thinking that interesting debuts delusion if we understand non dualistic navy than dualistic thinking is also

and as there is an idea that in only current soto's in silent illumination
practice or silent illumination
so practice is silent illumination
it is pretty ancient but in historical terms
and it was
kind of the term silent illumination was popularized by
in and around it
talk century
so and
the windsor school and carry criticized
the social score is silent the practicing silent elimination
and characterized by
rice bags sitting in a row
or in a dead trees you know
but this was a misconception and sort of them as you know
but salad elimination is definitely our practice and it was it was
the views were examined luminosity is where she can taza
by sitting it is and hungarian a keynote
book called
cultivating the empty field is a wonderful poetry an admonition just is as an ammunition
just a incredibly wonderful so if you haven't read that you should read it and then you'll understand the background is sound of elimination game
the cultivating the empty field
then layton
and the chinaman chinese man
scholar translated
so but this is not talking about silent illumination you know things like it if you get the characters are not the same
but it is talking about
anyway it's time but illumination that it's not talking about specifically about the practice or sentimental illumination
so is some confusion here
even i fell for it
but i did say in the realm of dependent colorizing the mirror always shines through all of our activity
i like that
then she's n w
let me
as the
it silently illuminating yeah just met but not sale of elimination
it's not talking about sitting judges talking about just the nature of things that that
if you look around you you see that all these people are silently illuminating
it's it's sister fans
this is to get pretty measure
mr anderson was a severe and around the pentagon in your own chancellor like any this i'm not sure exactly where you are outright where you're worse off on w to get hurt earlier you said that he didn't like this one translation
it said a it shines shines through causes and conditions possess realistic yeah has under saying they're different that yeah
that's petsmart different from what i said
i didn't it i liked what i said i either any like a wage and intuition
in other words like you know that am
i changed my mind and like electrum actually to
a second
it's just a little subtlety and so
but she and wenches f w that's also where and
we translate into the bright and still it appears as causes and conditions time and is interfered as that so much a little more inclusive little less touristic
but then i wrote something else for change and everything is buddha nature
that's why we need to have a reverence and respect for things
we a pillar and about dogs and cats and this is cosa mirror wherever i turn a c buddha-nature

various translations active
under certain conditions yeah
that's right
yeah yeah so i don't understand the under certain conditions
but i can see where they maybe why they mean that they may mean at sometimes you realize that sometimes you don't and they're under certain conditions you realize it
is hours but it's so it's like the sun is always the sky
where the mood is always in the sky but you don't we see it
so it seems like there's like four k three options here one you can say that it shines through dazzling conditions say that it is causes and conditions and that
one i was on he said
oh yes up under under certain causes and conditions easier so
can you say something
then are they all kind of right i think he added that is true that you can see the two different ways
because you can see it as like richard said sometimes you see it and sometimes you don't even know it's there
the other way of saying is that it's always there shining through condition whether you see it or not
so different ways of viewing your the ways of
talking about it a proceeding and so should we look for it
you should look at it
the minor was yeah
we should look at and buddha nature
don't look for it
look at it
because if you look for it you think it's somewhere else than are you looking

what we're seeing as a metaphor every night
and he she comes with it
this is one of these a metaphor for an automatic
we will take a metaphor for
understanding some
spiritual sense of thing that might first
versus actually the recklessly energy yeah i think that there too
and he get there too

those limits is conscious and conditions right this moment shine completely in silence
that's interesting

can the inertia and each time and condition and quietly shines that is always shining really you see the sharing you know
we say reality is right in front of our eyes all the time
it's always there to be seen but we don't see it
but we do see it we just don't recognize the desert receive
the second to the time limit opportunity second to the second shooter and the film for characters the characters it sounds like it's really this like
fancy i can tell from this this thing
if this particular anger and are right in i'm it through all manifestations is a semi known to say here yeah but i think desperate sense of it through all through every manifestation is it's it's shining it is can even though it's not
perceived it seen
yeah not necessarily and we just don't know what we see
so you know the difference between enlightenment and delusion is that we look at the same thing and when we see it in a at really see it with a deluded mind we see a one way when they see it within the night might we see it another way but it's the same thing we're looking at and it's the same but finished that the same consciousness
to get into that a little later because when we started looking at how to in you agree will take a look at consciousness and how consciousness observed things

you look at me when you said
it took it
watching visit visited and my address
you know when when you look at waves
i'm in the sun
the oceans you know the breakers are there in their ways or in the ocean and they're breaking on the shore
but you see the light of the sun reflected in the in a in the breaker right
so within that activity
the light is shining forth
doesn't matter what the activity is the activity everything is it rest

but it's not and although he got other means besides or even so
you know
how is no
he assessed
it's not to start
that's right
and health
so did you say
the bridges moving one of the water standing still
because it's nature debts its nature

to be yourself completely

so page thirty nine
it's still talking about it
and how it when it did it is it's size it's in an
in its finest it fits into spaciousness in its greatness and is editor libya and location so this was talking about
conforming to
whatever circumstance
it's like tom
it has no special shape and it has no special shape or form
so you can't describe it this way you know it's impossible to describe to nature and to describe
the mirror
because it doesn't have any special shape or form
or characteristics there's no special shape or form when characteristics that it is but every shape and form or the shapes and forms of its of what it is
so all shapes and forms are its characteristics but if you say what this is
you point to anything say what this is what it is
it is that but
but that doesn't describe
my toes and much new canaan
stream he says
it is me but i am not it
it is what i am but i'm not it
but there's no place that it's not so
the these i think all these
the translations express pretty much the same thing
so fine it penetrates no space at all
so large and bounds can every measured so small it enters the newspapers and a stroller i just beyond dimension
small it enters where there is no space large bursts jaw bones
so they are pretty much saying the same thing in other words
it just
it's kind of like water you know water were just fill up whatever container when every space that it finds that flows into and
air is the same way

so it don't think it needs much explanation the area talks about hills in if you come to the top and then second and third characters as lou and gene
know does the don't have buddha-nature woo it's best to character room
but it means without know my and
gian in chinese is interval our separation or
ah gap and if you look down and at the bottom of those two characters they're connected the tour together mean richie rich is a sanskrit word meaning a certain kind of applied to buddhist hills you are a buddhist health
and it gives a description about the details i don't think that has anything to do is strictly it just kind of where to exist the to say what you know to to make come in and richie hell on earth and interrupted her without intermission
so i think it applies to this in it in a sense that
ah it's uninterrupted
it's just like there you know it just all pervasive just everywhere without exception and so that's the can added the meaning of uninterrupted or mpg
the amici hills and buddhism or the hell where
well one of museum and you just go right there and pascoe may just get there
it's interesting buddhist hills it's a little off the mark and in general a little diversion to talk about buddhist hills but i'm in
both my jam in in mahayana buddhism
even though there that these illustrations of wonderful japanese illustrations of hit the shelves i have some pictures which are showing
we create heaven and hell you have been hell or are places that where we live right now and there
i created by our show their mind and except in extreme circumstances where you know where turn into a dungeon or something a death and but ordinarily we create our own dungeons and our own heavens
and we try to create our own habits he's a big problem we we we
we smoke dope and we know we create
all kinds of circumstances to make things to make our lives heavenly to create these however this fake heavenly realms to live in and society is just loaded with it you know the american dream is like this fantasy
creating a
heaven and we're just creating a health
the more conveniences we have to harder we have to work to get and we have to work at them to make it work
you know i don't want to encourage but what's happening now is that
the am
offense industry
making mechanical soldiers
that's the wave of the future
mechanical soldiers
and will be able to think for themselves up to a point
yeah anyway
we're okay we're creating wonderful heavenly realms you
so you know
the enlightenment is to be able to know i this is hell and i have created it
this is
heavenly realm and i created
if it is coming up it was feel here
a it means like know
there's not a character that is can i know how this would all about it chinese it is it
that's right now so it's it is not
you know it is there is a
neutral turn
does not apply it does not have an object and this you assign it an object
so we we assign object we assign it to objects and we say this is it
right so and and whatever we point to we say what we're whatever we assign
we say this is it
it is like zero
if you have an equation and you have a line and the below the line is zero and above the line is one two three four five six seven eight nine gym
so one two zero is it
because wanted to revisit eight nine ten all contain zero
and i will depend on zero
so this is zero is it
but if i want to talk about five five is also it because i assign
it to five
so this is called the real and the phenomenon
at zero comes to him
this is the same thing
as form is emptiness emptiness reform if you see it in a light
so it was hit on time in its know it is so minute it is so big because the only way you can talk about it is to say it because it doesn't apply to anything in particular but when you say it is zero it's buddha-nature it's what where you want to be
but it also applies to phenomenon
he's beautiful
the chinese to do that without
yeah well well yeah i mean they have a different way of expressing a bunch for us too expensive we have to say it
so it's just a bad time
and then nice
a nice not a day
a nice day

a engineer