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would be shared with any and eleven and i usually accompanied company leaders any and i feel it usually up and limit you can leave a partner yarra ranges and done that edit control or monitor and good given their premise and given the premise premise in a neuroscience brain time that the consciousness or awareness is
it is a state the psychological state to state our state of brain and so therefore they have to find out whether at that point of clear like still very whether there's still a functional brain or not
rock crusher
do something being have previously
if your confident that when you you deserve the now i'm managed to run and now make good on italiana can you got a good theory and hundred number on and us yeah like a favorite didn't have guide you can write a i and according to the british explanation i can
individuals themselves as spoken of as masters of their own fate and also
also all living creatures living beings are believed to possess is our primordial buddha i can get a sense that someone rabada the potential or feet of an argument with themselves so therefore our future theater in our own hand what can a feel free will to win heat
good thank you going to that
you friend
yeah i'm get our news media you mean that
now let us do a meditation on your out epic and it is to the meditation for about two minutes on love and compassion are you to the meditation and i would take a rest

what i mean to accommodate new day
that i did it on it can we didn't get a lot to the southern pelican reviewing rogen and never the regular get dot com uninjured you use like needed that kind of are going to get you want to get raggi
cit combined total bottom of the casual it's like him
on the importance of
compassion is such that the
has categorically mentioned in his mother nick avatar supplement to the middle way that the question is like a seat of
in the beginning for once practice it is like a seat and during the actual process of the part it is like the at the moisture and fertilizers and that give rise to them and that the growth of the sprout and during the result instead of the brotherhood it's like a ripened fruit which could be enjoyed by
by all sent him being so self compassion important extends not only at the beginning but also doing their part and also the result in stage editor
academia media hundred lose them about how about new you combat so you just get in fall titania right a joke cut under hawaii right now i couldn't move on and much i heard that i can get on much i knew right
now having cultivated such compassion and induced by such and compassion than one develops the bodhicitta the expiration date and an argument as for the methadone are generating bodhicitta there emerged in india to measure technique at the
name of seven point cause method method of wrong ibiza and the exchange and equalized in an exchange he wanted with other method developed time martin and shattered ever
can you tell if there's additionally a for
and shepherd of i'm going to get into much leisure i given them to or julia lama limburger you look with you didn't even and your daughter or it in an audacious tech
ibiza received that are the transmission of put these methods can do you mean decided that
looney gonna do to stay and they are my yeah we on it is very effective and beneficial to
engage in a method or technique which combine both of these two different conditions that aims much i want a new child
im twenty one mind through equalized in an exchange you want a bit others is very powerful
have you heard of them up warming we known each other way it is infect design fault put output grab greater mental faculties
and i was somebody that you want hoshide radical kind of eye on and this approach is particularly very effective and in this age
when between our mind according to that approach
ah ave
right change though
about us them didn't you look jeremy and it's been digging your temperature macedonia in never been the carolina temperature you are now a thing as a result of applying either to at techniques or combined technique from the two traditions are want you have had and
thread experience of for the cheetah a realization of bodhicitta then
in order to reinforce the generation of this artistic exploration if you do it through ceremony are taking what is called the s aspirational as gonna for the cheetah then would be very stable and alcoa
india and a day
about the find your children are the top group and all right tiny number today google camera
jan job a changes you know gender jet fighter on my aroma happen gender age and eligible for earlier that any project hit by monday get out of our color shirt romney care about total number of stem from tabuchi run the thirteen patiently for assembly mobile yeah
a digital juggernaut and shouting dot com yeah neon blue some we have taught the area and i
as so we will do that by
yeah the by eat all of you here repeating after me diverse
shogun besides and why do it was a repetition issued a thinking i think you're in your mind that them for the benefit of wholesome than being oven aspire to attain enlightenment i'm beat an argument and then with that kind of motivation if you're january his attitude it'll be
very stable and from and this will also remind you in the future when you engage in in the work and then in the task of working for others it will always remind you of the pledge that you have made at this point
rebecca canada the anti-odor now make sure that the radio he noted that you to show them that i am a it to fantastic and premeditated on ballet oh my god so those among you here were keen for of the interest and respect and why think that who
who consider themselves as a buddhist practitioners and particularly my honor practitioners and they could do this a type of and reflection and those that not consider themselves with such sort of
this practitioners may not to the visualization or reflection
petrella learned about about can kind of tailor your publishing temperature
for that visualize that in front of you are both in the space you there are older brother and put a couple and around the power to your country years appreciate get hundred a hundred and our calendar to member do a t v temperature and imagine yourself being surrounded by all living creatures the sentient beings
and reflect upon data of nature and thinking that like mice can they also have a natural instinct to be happy and overcome suffering and him to do we do the job i tell you how to train they needed you need them give up on it and did you just get out you can we do the job on a couch and new a geology or property
in rhodesia and then developed a currents that there may i be able to take up on myself that responsibility to help all of decent in being get rid of the captain's undesirable experiences and then and then induced by such as sense of responsibility you'll take the place that i will work
i will i will put this idea into proper corrective and i will work in relieving the ascended beings from the taproom with these reflections repeat after me
sanya heard on projects on r law when i raised the alarm on years on her mom or about lot on a your project and hear about our dynamic as promises are you give us a lunge baggage is not a game as the army dollar pendulous longer rochelle your adventures on the andrew
yeah heard on project on our and the that aren't aren't here to challenge the whole bottle on and it was okay until about online and on
he is owed us lng added volunteer with ninety dollar pages tangy and robot at all around on years yeah my handlebars
san diego on foliage on a law now here's your downvote age
go about old on a your ability and you know about organic diet regime against you will give or salon de ballet is not details on ign dolla avengers dungeon and rochelle hi engineers and yet
but i don't think give a nike cheney i sort of way our country she had a miscarriage was really hot or cold owner had my pain
i'm telling me some pretty that was the korea either way
i don't come to an alternate shot and images which he added cash estuary now having generated this altruistic state of mind now from the depth of your heart you should and make a pledge that from now on i shall always be a good human being and i shall never i shall help others and the whenever the okay
in arises and if not at least i will restrain from harming others and this to have that kind of pledge and a commitment from the death of your heart and to be able to live with increasing id as a result of
having taken this have been generated this artistic mind is very important
back in it and ask them guinea scindia power dalia shepherd mix mitchell what of over now having generated the artistic state of mind now being satisfied with that exploration alone is not enough now that type of artistic ideals or principles should be put into action you do with
and this action refers to the practices of is professionals
don't deny it has them by local area a hugging i'm an illustrator without really need for additional talk about it now in short the british adverse way of life or captains
is a union of method and wisdom
and you are about childhood and i'm gonna have a computer and a new to new to overpower the huge catch any part anyone shelley now what is meant by method he referred to practically live
reinforcement one generation of ultra defined enlightenment and in motivated by that engaging in a pool means of helping others like yeah generosity maintaining pure morality and so on and wisdom here refers to the a to reinforcing and development one and attending of antony
have you can be hit of you to get in the pub janet how she more cuddle me to go to on money and you will get your for how did you become ago now in the profession of waco the union of method and wisdom is spoken only in terms of better method method as supper
voted or complemented with a factor of victim and understanding of emptiness of wisdom as supported or complemented with a factor in method from the unification of the two factors is not a deep
but them
kagami as that
help them give me your and hardware damaged jacket yet
it got of number one killer berkshire hachette book group drama matter what laura to you get a g cushy yeah michelle conditioning amici algae or yeah i get it being are going to hear ya i've been on you have ontario this type of unification of method in victim is not ultimate it's not even
didn't behind you can have it among we already know all indonesia to worry and this type of unification of method and victim as
explained in the sutra system is not ultimate and not read find
there is a more refined and more ultimate a unification of the to
i am that the unit in in the tundra system and a contract part the unification of method in victim is brought to such a dead a and such a refined state where both effective than method and victim or complete are pregnant within the one entity of a single consciousness and that is one of them
although there are many unique features that distinguish tantra from sutra but it is one of the both one of one of the primary a distinguishing features the unification of method and wisdom in an indivisible manner is one of the primary distinguishing features of tantra
but i know
neil young men are record me right a k j l ne binet only i i idea about you might have a problem getting and melanoma shitting in a gooey about it
zhengzhou getting a to of temperature about
don't youtuber jenny and i need around you can just that are hunting a bit too new temperature during your temper kenny can they the tuning into look to need to he and in new orleans she's just how much king gave it to get a new meaning only medical yeah argued you understand it about twenty dollars on harsher you need to any capital of pony tail
you never thought to tell me what problem me and it not i to me about on the only way
unification of method and wisdom in the contract can be achieved in such a refined state are such an indivisible manner
because in a account of meditation as britain in the deity yoga once ordinary aggregate the body and mind are dissolved into emptiness or foot individual reflect upon and teenager was aggregate the body and mind and then dissolves not only that super improved status or more of been on that but also
okay very appearance of ones ordinary everyday the body and mind in the though very apparent into internet and from with that emptiness a day individual arise it into a divine being and then that so good taken that define appearance that divine being as an object
of meditation and then you reflect again up on an empty nature so here are within one meditation or meditative state or a state of mind you have a meditation on both the your body and also apprehension of an empty nature so you have bought the d do yoga and then the meditate
on the gaiety and understand of net complete and present with and one and killed the mind
hmm and early only you been reading that your time but you need to show you take a thorough hi there i'm going to hear the i show you your pet on her go to package chevy i can i can take advantage in your do all me and i check you get an education that would be
about one want to look be our heads anyway
yeah i am not think it's okay come on yeah right had a negative was china but i guess she any nine year old carnage and about a bathroom window genie i'm not actually get like a the inya judge or that
what they need me in niger
cobham kindred i'm jewish having this unification of method in determining and in debt in in such a and an indivisible manner that is to say that both the effect of the method minute and being present with the entity of a single consciousness is common to all the tantrum and also the law to three lower class
with tantrum korea korea and yoga tantra although they are certain differences among them in india the subtleties of the yoga and so forth for can indicates the yoga tantra one big brother for four types of moderate
the right

kevin look pushing in me that i need to do they met have a meander yes how can i couldn't really hear have was killed by other she get them some at a dosage
katie than that i'm able to that he didn't run
about talking about and asia now these are these are these people in it after the at this point that the modern approach in one spiritual pursuit as next plane out from the a point of view of the six yana in the insulting terminology in any month
terminology with people and nine yana or line hatred and the first three are called am
but are than that raga vehicle produce a buddha vehicle and neither again the british a vehicle or you called the it no longer longer to to sutra vehicle is are called the other legal or out of people and the next three are korea korea and yogurt
yoga tantra and these are called the and eighty you bet your ticket and tumor good listen
get with it
aoyama didn't want it
she let you do that can i need can be a which
the country is divided into two out of hundred and in tantra and the first three o'clock the contract is being korea on yoga tantra star called the outer tantra i
by bargain and a cargo de una de and it to me per year and i as a high nanjiani are high in jogging or per capita candidate kim jae mataji part of the should be covered don't you can manage weight bearing now up to this point
and the basic approach in one meditation particularly on emptiness
apart from the presence or absence of did yoga the basic meditation that on internet is thing and it's similar in all the six vehicles in balcony a well let me you can be
one yet to me about our to do need ten a powerplant minaya on your writing and a dark corner onto that casually italian now in the highest yoga tantra although the object emptiness it so there is no possibility of
and have incredibly defenses in fatalities but from the subjective the from damn that's a different point of view of subjective experience of the internet through the defenses in the subtleties that i experienced a canadian do about you look how to make magic dying in a parent every year to me do
i need a have of the maybe you never want to understand for wanting do i need authentic a year ago and they are polluting it primary so from the from the point of view of the objective emptiness it so often it is spoke as a spoken that the in a condo in the question of the wheel the doctrine of emptiness
there is no difference between sutra and tantra but front the point of view of the subjective experience of dampness the there is a different in in the and in the view of emptiness between sutra and tantra
on the t have a colorful data about that day
no body and i met a new what would really give her a the ig but on record i'm numbers like sharing about go ahead to want to share but they immediately charged in regret losing a be calculated or tend to change for kindle county getting a new did he get her
they can eat it to in amateur do you do done it using it in a casual toilet
now the difference between the subjective experience of internet
according to the sutra practice and tantra highest yoga tantra pattern emerges from the felt bad in the height of a tantrum
much emphasis is placed on are dissolving the conceptual states of mind the ground growth levels of mind so that the state of mind they brought down to set a trap of level of them are the fundamental in your mind to taillight could become manifest and active and can proceed and for
with an internet and proceeded and one that realized that the subset of experience of emptiness becomes very powerful and much different from the kind of mind that is used at employed in understanding internet in the to trusted them
right back to i had another dumber around do it a permit or they were having an ancient many new reality t people you know yeah
the past by america me cry it yeah lose losing
without removing the lever grew ne any that key you begin gradually casual group of cali crying know what you at want monte korea to january
trojan company come winging it at dodgy regret losing a lot of magiera we would have you give an idea that money a beach right now although the a basic are that aim of
utilizing the in it might of caroline in realizing emptiness is same in both than the approach of than a new transmission school of contract and gotten on a system by the difference lies in the methodology or the rabbit approach in the in the systems
evolved from the new translation school a tantrum
the emphasis is more on utilizing the coast levels of mine to continual state thought process and purport while utilizing their energy and and a state of mind in understanding and net at the same time trying to gold them so that eventually to understand the of emptiness could be brought down to such in-depth there
fundamental unit mind could
mine would become manifest and and i realized internet whereas induction pride from the beginning
when avoid having to utilize an employee is called levels of mine to conceptual state pod processes and understanding internet but rather
utilizing are making a manifest get about clear light right from the beginning great in a way simpler live
something like touching it with with your bare hand go to speak experiencing the decline in in a in a very experienced in vain that the do you do and dodging the gundam you
but are completed than it anymore or nobody can go primary
give him my yoga or what only are in a to watch him work at a dealer
a day and then we adopt thousand to but gave up from one thousand from and it it is from this point of view and the last three yana or vehicles as broken all these being to give up my yoga that as a reference to the
teach and
had my yoga that at the development stage and then
ip only yoga debt is the critical and the completion stage completion stage and the third yarn is the great completion stage at jobs a chamber
how can i can they are are you making you meet eugenic you know that are lucky
but in no i haven't you
i need them today i trusted you can't mandate you but according to their systems evolved from the new transmission school of tantra at the division of hot yoga tantra is made
no made according to terms like a prototype for grandmother times where a non dual tantra
radha wife yulia any point in re-signing gonna go to me why choose whichever charity you need and a why we were on credit them like it put you are
want to show up wondering why you why she was still a luka modric meet you don't own a possibility and then the divisions of the height of a contract made with rihanna the cat crosses a private and grandmother tundra and ten non deal tantra the division is based on the basis of how this
we are how the country's emphasize a certain subject matter appointed them from the point four in for empowerment about empowerment is the authorize or the practitioner to engage in the practice of generation stage and the secret empowerment
the to meditate on on them
clear light on the went on a nine point you are now only one on me cause i
one recent deposit
the secret apartment authorizes the practitioner to engage in military practice so therefore it is a means for purifying transforming one speech so from that point of view any contract that emphasizes for it for subject matter that the practice of illusory body
is spoken of as for the contract and any contract that emphasizes that practice of cultivation of play light
which relates to the third empowerment which is the written knowledge empowerment is called the mother tantrum and the any time for that emphasize equally is to aspects of the completion stage illiterate body in the caroline and which is associated with report empowerment which the road empowerment is town
parents that classified as non dual tantra running your country why should i don't let them under the the you know yeah to to bed and do with charity and how make you need cute little chalet although all the country countries belonging to the highest yoga tantra clown do the deal with them the
aleppo and but and due to the differences on their emphasis on certain aspects of these empowerment the classifications of private and romantic tantra and loan deal countries made on that basis
hmm peggy anything to you live on my humble just as hydrogen with that guy who are kind a tremble why mercury that gather data that that kelly i just mean biology really traditional evening bag you mean we're doing now
to respond to the what to one of the questions ban now the question i asked about the difference between mom would and to canada don't want to move which i guess you would kick
lot one way you know all the chinese show on that they had a traditional diet just it read the temptation with the arctic rules hydrostatic now the respond to the a question on mom that which came earlier
then the top of bomb on that one should understand the guy different levels of mom would at one speaks on
mahmoud glad that is common to both sutra and tantra and a mammogram which specifically refers to the practice of taillight a real estate the them as third apartment that is that this knowledge and parliament and another level of mom aka which refers to the you know it is a body and
i'm not going it but remained today
the ipad vatican where he never got to the lavina don't it doesn't look color-keyed any alcoholic the you needed that wish you read a gay and internet era
when you download the ahmadiyah relegated them to read a communist and a general the yeah
a don't you about a bit of a combustion engine users in a probiotic
i'm gonna i'm about the total number about yeah yeah i'm bookmarking and i need to combat on the rock la lacuna game or giveaway isn't valued in a obama i look at a more capable are other jaggi shannon i didn't you can uncover the shallow on to call me when i learned or the duet they really are
shannon obama got to show up
now the significance as i spoke or broke earlier the significance of emphasizing the practice of clear light and highest yoga tantra is to enable the practitioner to utilize or employing fundamental in a mind of clear light into understanding internet to realize the internet for that it could provide you a very
unique wisdom and very very unique wisdom about it and realizing emptiness and we need when we travel meditating on meditating on certain things and generally speaking to a different types of meditation point and like meditation on emptiness or meditation on a tablet mode where the connotation
is emptiness and seven as is taken as an object of that meditation and then you reflect on it and a your apprehended that they are different types of meditation guided meditation on love and meditation and compassion which is totally different category here in this the second category it's it's not going
we talk of meditation on love we're not speaking of take a lot of object but rather we are aiming to transform our mind that of mine into that thing a state of love
more compassion so mad so meditation on clear line is also like limitation on love here we not take play like as an object but rather with generate our mind into the state of clear light
about how to play
we believe that do
how can you talking about living the tomorrow we will talk about something niche
hey there are encouraging church too delicate to get home
like the judges
i got did the little think i can get here protection must be correct
going to target clear light can you relate examples of the experience of clear life
experience of clear right
the clear with a lucky me or guarantee gonna get a college sorenson
the vessel geocaching dot com k were so the in the younger younger the better than the experience can be either mature movie capital of a blockchain key player like to share the experience when i get it from did not with your mentors and we'll have been india and then getting into your thing you think
thirty many jungle that will included education and dedicating
you will do a dedication at and casual angela
a year by he go by now
audubon dot com r injured andrea data daniel yergin yeah how held on go about on
bringing my home to your family income will come on out and buy a you know that
and only end-all and i hit by a you know that i e all
you can download
i'm a gay and omega i am rather than a lot
yeah no no around not money on a i'm angela
obama on one and lineages and dollars and go on and no no a go on a law not going to get on the album on yeah yeah know a lot

in some ways that the this teaching the property where is said to be punished particulate i
according to the provinces and returned to more difficult now for example any new and along the ocean region even the doctor or rather unknown
and internet the your children on egyptian of data she could not division an option is haven't you been a which me and she's wandered institutions to be number josephine brown typical the time is
jonathan what of thing
and so can the people have the capacity to understand you some them little danger when and presented rather simplistic to say if you just leave your mind naturally eureka yes we all have the financial include in age to promote just an undergraduate with an injury and even just leave your
my naturally she's just after hundred village is not really clear when you leave with my naturally after i put a legion of a clear
so devs running accurate cases even though actually cleverly on a local level days there is a fantasy you can rewrite just by simply resting understated
but to the primary by is different
we can get occasional glimpses of it to our medication which also shows me some residents may have that kind of experience in canada congratulate access it's just a good because we have your name
it but we mustn't be too excited about it either because the paper
animal when members the original budget when and as was recently been keeping them in an extraordinary campaign and everything that he said wedding the cakes happened and i got really excited as a bridging it's all happening it's happening what happening in interested condom
the it's neither good nor
and what an externally but there is that he just brought me right down to the doubt that young reality it or sometimes an exchange we can kind of bit locked away
in the experience is a good jail for eradication but experiences not really language
so that's why you see i think in in india in the kind of a the his his teaching about talking about the different pianos all these things is some it it's very difficult but in some ways that you see you really to realize so much and but even the talking to a simple but it could be misleading
but yet did the same time and you hear like sometimes in attendance the amount some i know that when you begin to hear very tough teachings will be slightly discouraged do not be discouraged just continue continue continue continue continue slowly slowly slowly you begin to understand
like language if you stay in the country long time afterall you begin to understand what they say first it just gibberish had no list will begin to make sense and then when you begin to make sense is a kind of a joy and then he was a joy of staying on and job discover
as you begin to discover more and more than this inspires you had to persevere on the path because wanting in the west people have the time to meet the damn i think he's that iowa city setting few years ago in los angeles but people don't have sometimes gonna to continue on the them
that's why thing i always remember the sayings of the display master gumbo pot in is in a former player he offered in which is going to pressing so that my mind maybe one buddha dhamma raja and your blessings that the time on my progress along the path of the be successful in my life
grand your blessings especially let one as a very difficult thing and in the west that might be successful in one's life first the beginning it and it'll be easy but many really get down the nitty-gritty in every day level if you don't see signs of progress than you see one begins to be going to bet it as shoot is want to become be bored
you practice for regular example maybe you'll be back in time for years but your friends have become managers are big companies for example if you're not even become a llama
what ladies sixteen she is not so much what you become on this level is what you become inside inside inside slowly study at uni you don't change but you learn to live with yourself mom
it's an episode
that's what happens voting more just literature and cope with the like i there are some teachings a have production and help us in our line to prove is as you have more view you see review into the i if you see more you see mom
you understand more and what we need to develop understanding and love and compassion which is only speaks of summers and they'd also the compassion and love developed to understand that's absolutely to have the really to view for example the absolute that the status of a chamber then you see from our debts
date of the wisdom of realization of emptiness comes a tremendous compassion for all those have not realized that rhymes optionally sit in meditation is the union the wisdom compassion that's what the name kansas and came to visit
so that's why you see slowly slowly and then if you speak very practically festival you see what the difficulty with us his mind
even to be a break by mind is the problem that's what clouds us so then what we need to do is we need to slowly because minded where the unstable is tracking the part of states is not stable that's why do practice of meditation like simple package like watching the bread here
is to be mine more into focus when you bring mine in the more raucous bring more stability than out of the stability comes claret it there's no stability planet is not so much use your players sometimes people who are already very clear intelligent not stable
and not been used for for them for other it useful for themselves not so useful
so what is important duty is to be your you should be used for for you your clear like should be used for you
so in that respect it is you see
the practice of luggage basic factors like samhita and his practice is very important in terms of grounding
downing that the magician dream then the training of the mind receiving the teachings this is what is go to the wisdom listing and harry he developed a wisdom contemplation melodies as canada pretty often put it it's more and more you listen more and more you hear more and more you here and
deeper deeper you reflect than you see deep and deeper your meditation becomes so in that respect as you listen to the teachings when you begin to hear same people began to hear differently as you begin to hear then you contemplate reflect then meditation becomes a different flavor because you have a cow
kind of an insect transcendental insect that's the from the night men meditation is served as you'll ever gotten an orange as training with reminders to to as an antidote to the girl distractions and life as the meditation is to work with the subtle destruction and amount so together it is the discipline
so fast and to simplify quietly like know vegetation and once that's done then you see wants to i as my master gemini cancer permitted to say the problem is not the scan or the senate not any the cloud of scary
prominent not require is the mereka not seen so that's why in order to remove that see that's why we do vegetation and then through the practice of meditation to the practice of like at a bounding then comes to clear insight of a person
i'm thrilled it clear in sight then as soon as were saying in absorption the investigation into my gimmick approach or be investigated raiders my come from where does it go read it this day or first about you realize that actually some and everything is my mind because many people that you've even though
on realize that he takes a to realize that sometimes need christ call lot of experience realize even that degree it reminded the most important some of us are very very much materialistic innocent that we really believe in outside we don't really regard you know i'm even the we say with mind is important
but real really speaking we believe more outside you know what i'm saying
and so you see through this kind of investigation which is not an intellectual investigation but the meditative been done with in adoption agency set to three things the body the perfect posture the speech remaining silent and the mind transforming the motivation and then you to do yoga in
working all the masters of the doctrine and eighteen their blessing enters into you and then as you inspired by the guru yoga then you enter into the practice of vegetation this message investigation into that kind of analysis which is not an intellectual but admitted to one and one goes and sees ones master that
why when you do get are two types of his way they taught judging can be taught publicly or this quarter of talking publicly or it can be fuck it can be taught student to student experiences when he's done as mentioned kimball nuptial that great option and a much he was it
extraordinary aimed at giving the png the the step by step process in which it instructed this many day for the this many different that it's also important that this people should know even though these texts rather secret they not really taught because they're not even written down on paper they kept in the year year
even this most and campbell know to himself he received it whenever twenty one years of age i'm twenty and he only wrote it down i was forty and even at age forty he remember everybody's masters it because it really retained the purity of even the colloquial and the kind of the slang that he must use he writes it down with that
heck even the grammar
he's it's graham so then you see you go and master master step by step you ask him at sometimes debate that are funny stories about seeing how his mind and somebody's meditating and the cat jumps or minded like the cat masters go back and it clear that this new investigates whether
in the rest is much more sophisticated and then you go back and then once you really found discovered that certain understanding her with the emptiness of mind which has to become a realization as against them but he says when you realize that no longer mind at all and it's true sense than that non-binding is finding a
in a human relate with will present
six to simulate upon approach which kind of purifies then one that's been terrible than then the master to jesus
of course along with the other purification is it in some is that when he spots of jogging absorption it is somewhat understood that one has done the other practice rather ans that's why as holiness presented today he has come to the inner tantras my and and actually even in the my yoga and yoga and idea the there in some ways that
the my your than any other relatives abduction cousins but that they're strictly speaking reduction is a toyota
and even see so that you see when you reach that level the structure itself has its own preliminary
what if example on the main level preliminary on the examining nature and here of course very much imagine approaches used because the option is no different it just it is very famous saying the ground is my jamaica a good the view the ground is magic
but the park or pad is mammogram and the jewish nation jewish it's the same emptiness but and the ground the view it is magic but the method is manager and the fruition the and realization has cancer but
you often quoted the edge mr minded with buddhist when brother became enlightened that he's at your state and wisdom mind meditative state i mean we can never see them interested because winter is not meditating because he has reached that level beyond vegetation and state in the mind of the bidders is the
like as me getting realization under the bodhi tree when is said sorry judo isn't the my solicitor koichi can select think you on be mama nothing as leverage mean is it i realized this profound he realizes but to whosoever am i explained no one is going to understand this we need that he realized this village introvert
temple which in many ways invade person which cannot be a minute to summarize to the words because word that just metaphors and what association we had and how much we can hear your words even these words now everybody here is definitely so that the student who needed knows how to here then it communicated in
the option that are stories the extraordinary wage immune-mediated gladwin but room began to choose to hear she looked up which the story i mentioned in this book he said uc the stars in this guy and we get a dog barking from the egyptian monastery you hear what i'm saying to you is a designated depression what it was quite ordinary but that
the what was extraordinary is that in the way ordinary words what was communicated was quite extraordinary because words are not important what's communicate the an age of eight it because even an ordinary would like the target is that do hear the dog barking even that you get the dog barking has has the dark matter
so when the master who had the realization that transactions is authentic master authentic student and authentic lineage of introduction not anybody can introduce an authentic master authentic student and authentic lineage executives even a even a
attending master may introduce to authentic student but it is not an image of authentic introduction he or she may not really get it may be grabbed a bad to by that would not really come on so let's by these three propensities are very important authentic master mechanic student and authentic introduction
when such an introduction of the meeting of mind or heart takes place and at that moment something extraordinary happens which across we cannot see

you bet
is it helpful
he nodded to get back on the point
it's whatever you see the things i think the important thing is the important thing is you see more and more to abandon more more more to let go because the great the view is more we can let for more easily here comes the kind of a human
kind of a human kind of a in a checker as cancer images on is constantly bemused
but the seriousness of the situation
i see it as a kind of a kind of inner relaxation it begins to free because as usual as we're seeing today sometimes it's very difficult i mean it extremely difficult to translate it must sympathize with translators that atrocities known gonna set an excellent trusted but to constantly uranus is almost
and his mind is extraordinary so if you don't get it it's fine because many of us don't get it also
but the main thing is you see what you do is you just you see feel his presence is is who he is what he knows what am i to me is what he heroes and really relate to his compassion and his his the watch of an agent as you sit if you communicate that way then see
he he received something particularly tomorrow when you receive environment it was teaching is monday me he says that because he's very open and he says well those of you are not really put it to the were at the americans for hard for this
just because not not real but it's a heart but it's a that you can just listen to an academically but when you recently seem impairment is rather difficult to receive academic it
that you cannot eat academically you have to eat it to see so therefore certain amount of course even heading sometimes we say that either your mind because maybe some of the a little bit tenzing know sometimes people say i don't want to admit this the movies but cannot practice so has finally can practice and after the city they don't say the right
your business but actually the practice and that's fine you don't have the a particularly name but it's stepped up and at you need bigger was not particularly good they didn't have a particular axe to grind in particular will come to teach buddhism as long as people to help and realized with an agent he was quite happy and ryan's family they open at the buddhism for other or other religions is
because of this from this perspective
this is clamp
huh where i mean

here and then
and so you see main thing is to
has i think when especially dollars giving environment especially have any clue empowerment madness and baba am
i'm sure he's going to mention something or epidermis and baba is important but then also i have tried to read little introduction here inspired by teaching the cancer but because i never tried to teach on my own i always used inspiration my masters
have you seen the humanity in extraordinary master
the thing against the media was a great living master in some ways was to teach of his illness
and my massingham constitutionally was my inspiration and of the teacher and then opting against him to his name's cropped up to the time and again and make the whole teaching was based on some is the approach of damage i can teach later
enemies so inspired by that are trying to say something about what they have from what i've heard from them teach and him and then other ongoing budget for using canon protests were can have he's going to come in a few moments and be does also
she's see the main thing is making what's important is for you to just do when you receive a permanent gross you just to feel that he's gone with him sheet is really present and communicate connect your heart with him and receive the blessing or his wisdom man especially for very simple people there was a way
great master called encryption multiple and them
he had a method which he thought was very simple be writing was quite extraordinary something he got a method in which to consider especially when you you have a perfect teacher to consider the perfect teacher at the buddha that was the only thing and in the case of dalai lama he's the button even though he says i'm a simple buddhist monk
i read the it's the real buddha to set a simple man
said that virginie to communicate if your marriage your mind one with him merger mind than your mind become little bit like is
like if you put your hand into the water eat a little bit wet if you put a finger entered the by it's get little bit band if you put your mind into his illness now you become little bit inspired by his compassion is blessed that's very interesting tibetan we call his own is kinda benjamin his
and in his progress to communicate it you receive the hard to even if you don't know the words or much even if that's bath and don't let that put your you know what i mean just any if the air conditioning not so good or you know it is that a bit hard as bit noisy don't worry too much about that because it's a quite a unique occasion to be able to
some makes quite a historic is something that i just can't believe or this or less when he said this is kind of like maybe like a fleeting like a dream at it's quite through it is a dream and we might wake up

can you see demanding to just quietly let go abandoned your thoughts it also in like remember that realize that this is because this money management is was talking about the egyptian military it in the adoption meditation there's nothing to hold onto
nothing to protect you see because nothing to protect normally when you meditate the something to hold onto and judging just to view nothing to protect nothing to hold onto as you have more more that kind of how would you say that kind of carefree the abandonment and just quietly allow all your top the me
oceans to settle in the natural cylinder is the tibetan saying if you keep as if you don't stay the water to become clear if you keep the mind i know that all show manual that and san martino day if you don't steal the what had become clear if you're if you keep your mind in the unaltered state it will
find it's peaceful nature his mother nature it's go emerge and wisdom to the you need my naturally at a murmur then there's a more likely would have your mother nature manifest
and that's wasn't on any practice we can experience at goodness and compassionate bodhicitta aberdeen a cherry a little bit maybe not the for completed a maybe bit about with smell of it that far away but nevertheless a kind of a taste or poor taste and this should be
an inspiration which keeps you this is the reason why we practice when you expand that nature this is the inspiration inspiration for your practice and as you begin to practice practice helps you understand more to understanding broadening your vision of game vegetation and then magnetic tape and helps to be liberated in your
like and then you see even though you may be the same but when you deal with things is that either as its inception in the garage and the same as before but differences in the essence non-competitive delivers
so i think that's none
and they never lags canada to come and it's you mr to come any kind of mr krabs was also say a few words because is an extraordinary it was adoption master
and and then we can practice to bit after that but we won't go too wrong because of a dystopia but not like it to be go too long and i'm sure you to don't want to go too long

and then also are fortunate because and there's a very good translator who was the translator for his own for callimachi
he's an excellent translator and he will transit for your skin
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can never say that's a theater it's fortunate that we wrong had the opportunity today to gather together every president thousands of a programmer that
to receive this record about usually have an object reconstruction
this is a particularly auspicious occasion and he tries his holiness is no ordinary teachers he is universally regarded by a separate
as an invasion of our reputation bar about it's not the body compassion about this
and this makes it very fortunate very very holiday occasion able to come together as never seen such profound teachings from such an authentic and realize tissue
you can

at this point i would also like to express my appreciation to the so you'll replace anything for himself and my decoder is recognized as the river walk close to the practice mother and teacher to me
seven a saturated name was jim doherty
particularly i'm impressed by the energy that soviet ricocheted is sprayed his activities to bring the diamond to the west to spread and established the teachings to the other here in the western hemisphere so that it may once again to shine like a sun throughout the lands of the west
and i would like to express my appreciation and thanks to him for all the preparation and went into his stammering and for all the work he has been established and connections with all of you that brought you to this event

trees anything
i'm compare because i'm really
it's going to say
to matters worse the he can take one incomplete
as she is a good
i will let you can do dress nicer
i'm not
when we refer to the dharma dharma we are speaking out a tradition that goes back to and a have no idea
to the occasion on which for the shockingly here in india and the first promulgated the teaching that we now known as good as tradition
it was this event the parents children with a shiny money in india which is often metamorphic compared to to the rise in my son in the same way to his son dispels darkness and world he opposed to her mother dispel the darkness that rise within the hearts of all be
has he been a screen in would much rather ten transition is seen as
two month of property

ten minutes injectables a that political had on
can you make the
at thornton
look like once the sun had risen once these teachings in here the the world
he developed a tradition in generation after generation of people to follow the tjc
who realized by pointing easy retain the models
how can a here and conduct in practice brothers how it was founded upon thousands of people who need the fruit of these products on various levels are ya site for is minute with nice day of knock knock
united practice for and he was a pretty organized or behind their
whitney's baby sit on rewriting say of the rugby on company time
kill the word of the practitioners as guys generation after generation thousands and thousands of people
that established and rely on each me the traditional political game spread through all need to remember nanospheres he the in virtually every option to some extent is
okay play any games and gotten to conservatorship ticket
key election
he gets into small actually
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so much local to kinda get it
all the coach sneakers
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okay since all necrosis can keep on mobile
no contest

about a thousand years ago but is be as traditional what has been a case that during the break even advocate who is blonder by the plan katie's an honored parties like the equation the world with in combat particularly
nowadays we're accustomed to thinking of government is being marketed as good as one can radiate steady your money line course the direction
some definite the bad saw rather his role is government completely out designed by a little credit is bad a traditional diamond standards under torture the that would make a therapist to the hobby
during an israeli he spent about putting his asian people should immediately latched onto the night sky will teachers have a look in india what was it began girls from china and other areas surrounding than fat albert a lottery spread he made what it can be heard could already
most scholars and teachers from all the highlights of the buddhist world to tibet to bring them together to the capital where they really need to gain can translate all the makeovers are hotter than the heritage into the language
and will be passionate about redistribution into that he began millennium he neither to other people
about four years in as he entered me a an emphasis whose eponymous harmony is gonna build a unique upon abundantly collaboration upon pondering the any yet to our rules in that particular over
and it was during the millennium really better
that quick teachers such as november he currently lives in their adult back to each other
it was during his millennial lucky a great is meditators because there's a bunch and gaza
and taking the findings of rainbow mandala total translation into be funny and right on deck to rapid pace teaching
so over this period rather than one thousand meters it
many military coup for the raspy thousands of through their backs he detailed realization is very dramatic stated transformation we might have an awesome great song about the the tradition and such have been learning a socket and ashish holiday eliminates all of these variations
he stays traditions period during his thousand year later his posterity
that took place in the bed right than the months for islamic culture
and with it that when i'm eating replacing a good
out in lot contact you couldn't have degenerative
the phone company
i get the whole times
a democracy
can you don't have done that
iranian democracy
dependent on to the deal
chicken parmesan
the past
so we have these intimate situation is bad a group of the world's ramadan at is by
hey and almost impenetrable barrier no ma'am
and it finally ready for a thousand year his spiritual tradition has been practice and study law and yet it the bottom realize i found alone in platinum thousand on her piemonte
where the role of government problem as by mark for ones and for louis and encouragingly and hundred and spiritual tradition thirty one cases in the history of kings and rulers in certain areas during their lives giving him the very my life
teachers is better presentation
when it's entire corpus encoding
kiki and as the doctor's bag for the in the back to the present day
that lady is not the kind of the magnetic pole has not been destroyed or entire corpus in his
amity candor to shape as the art gallery here to the work
we think you are guaranteed for dessert as good in and around longer work

and all the new data we're eating each other language religion is that you accept our offer on enjoyed and usually packed the summer
love and they can have that choice in the car is inaccurate and unfair changes
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so chris might as well what is and gonna be
he's not more more as our minds
producing a dollar beyond one's own article
the season the conductivities and stated in the open the carcass
now let like to come back in the family feeling human pathogen pay
he had some simple and education is good news in a book
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it tells me can i it that practical heat and innovative proposal
anything needs him to conclude including to take constantly
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congrats and prematurity
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