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you put it in rejoice at the wonderful new that you have been awarded the nobel peace prize in nineteen eighty nine maybe today

maybe a major you are congratulations around with the deepest feelings of gratitude for your courage revision your wisdom and your determination it did a time for the tibetan people and all their home
as signal that the world acknowledges the justice of the struggle and support the aspirations for freedom going to know much camping aided the message victory for older throughout the world puteri p and human values and a signal of hope to encourage
it all the other people who are struggling for their right and their happiness it is a tribute to your unwavering to stand on nonviolent and to your message of compassion and love we can move so many millions around the globe it is the long way to information
have you place as the most important spokesman for the world be in the troubled world about us no one else has championed the cause of universal brotherhood and sisterhood or reconciliation and forgiveness and you have done at long last the world and truly
we recognize what too many have known for so long here and probably the largest gathering ever london and democratically from all over the united states and other bad the world and is tremendously ambitious that these teaching and this environment dedicated as they are
to the world peace or the very first to take place after your winning the nobel peace prize
to be able to sponsor their money is a special on a press on behalf of the follow the beginning of the good everywhere all over the world on behalf of all of us year the upper obviously the dedication and as we used to be paid for the success of all yeah inspiration
for the people of tibet for the beach and happiness of the more world


so every kick out to be a charging a customer and and need it
a bad for me
after the magical comedy to
me first of all out like to extend migrating through all of the you hear my dhamma brothers and sisters have gathered here and also out like a tank for your on the t i and all all all of you for your comrades relations upon mine receiving the nobel peace prize
any a tautology that novel can we go get to cissy and doubt especially allowed to thank for your loud applause
you know your day i got it at this price
the so i didn't meet him
from i thought are you their am so down gap the essentially a creditor category credit goes to the my motivation not that are the it as a month but mainly get the gotta wonder they are date or do we are just to pay
address it
i presently so dapper ray every human being have to get that potential now only thing is rather we truly is it take care about can use the potential to develop to further development
and implement in our daily life can the question so that the point so i hope they a more and more people people called really realize the value of compassion where you're at crazy
atomizer i they've become but it's that that the my years but
destination of technician so as if you like called normal more than that one simple but rock
so thank you very much now
better it enemy
thompson disney yeah ebay
today we are gathered here to conduct a teaching on locked in
tell that generic and eighty meters design and all i need
and i just tell my kids to combat know you've got them again
a good day
cabochon build that passion be authority
by chinese from the border the i believe me it's an issue and you were doing
as followers of the couldn't
as a period preliminary to that show a teaching or let us
let us read let the grand ideas about master put a check or money that are reflecting upon his great kindness and the as reset doesn't reputations and also and among the sutra my sutras are the wisdom to track is most important
so in order to reflect that they will recite a hostile cause them
and raleigh i did you ever that it can remember to get you america and it and i are malia shower chair
the magic pass him down any
right about our humid a power and he met our our eligibility to toyota pneumonia yeah september way those who have is kept in in mind and they could join him in the reputation does got told they don't have to reflect and content
wait upon that and the importance of altruism and reflect upon than the ultimate nature of reality internet
anna dodging ye
notably unit anybody in any about anything
the able rum jungle productivity
was canopy protonated honey
how do reishi in a i wish i am it and don't have any certain experiences of adoption the great completion and they may also reflect upon the experience of britain awareness with berlin and
remain in that state
da ba dum da da la di da di da la the yeah
goes on are wrong now i want in yemen iran contra you know
yeah no longer than i don't i don't know de la zona de don't want i don't lie on on the on to have on our young on him in a gym i go on the corner
a lot i'm an idea davante adams and a i tonya and on down on own
log on that day i i got a marianna of others on yeah no don't worry about your day jump on him on your alarm of banana at amazon and ebay elijah yeah no larger than all yeah no i don't know how they're going the
i get on and on on on an unaided and another egg i jog and and i know hey out all day and no on alanya the not on now about a year out of there was no damage and and and the
and i lived on our agenda today i gotta love 'em again i'm an agent and yeah that a lot about oj j yeah but about than i and i know de da that i don't i don't get any and
da da da da da da lat da gama dot org and i and another on yeah my and and down i am a bot yeah they are no longer lot and i guess i mean ahmad and then yeah i get em i am i mad dog am i never i do wrong mama
not and to just run on that day and i'm here that i am a lot on a gang and are that are gonna check looked at where they went on and on oh my all the yoga my god unit and i know that i'm not know that i gather
gallowgate in and giovanna and urban and or jump on our target as don't know i'm on now i get that yeah i'm not and and of onto idol my on and egg not much
is a other a giovanni giovanna know about i have a lot and i am i am a mama mama and rj dirt and i am i ever done on earth i have ah yeah no want a lot tamer him a reliable ally a partner them around them on july around online
aged i'm not i am not vermont dermatological and and karada my toronto don't wanna get him and will get a about am on the gym or montana yeah yeah urgent among amaya roger on it on about on ever long a lot and i have an idea and i'm on not
yeah no idea that are no idea the yakama oh my yeah yeah right yeah my antarctic and on the yet on the head on my mind i ran out of our a lot i know that
and yeah my mmm i get my mama mama on tomato not to mm on our server that iran one yards on that arm and again and again and i might have i mean maybe a my mma gym they may email from abdominal amusement camera yeah me and i'm like in like ever
i am that i'm not a white man but a i've ever met a man i am about diana and i don't know on a gondola or whatnot i made a model home i am and i know a genuine number of toronto a a yeah hotter than yamanaka agenda they're gonna i it up on them on a
and an and and then
and i'm am i give up on yeah yeah yeah rather jump on our dynamics god i like other i can learn about of our found you're gonna get out you have rather than a gemini and yeah but i yeah that that so yeah
major that are but i downloaded a yeah yeah i don't know going on
barra barra funda cambodia bought and an anathema and i gotta get para ganar en el mundo and a candidate an agent it and time like i'm i don't love online and edge on ever knowledge and i learned early on a in india
navigate homage and i can i get harder than ever i wanna tell her that they'd have an idea as well yeah i know that da da
none of are either new tell your grandma grandma more power generator older not have you don't have a product or other that i am i ended up to get any day and i know any idea or ramadi no muslim jamie and about a am i am
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canada garage rock god again my gear maybe i would i can land
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actually it on a yeah me
seven seven and i are number cover
chicken your mother money and i are gonna number committee tiny and he will check every night when engaged in a teaching it is important board and the part of the teacher and also confiscated or festival i develop up your motivation for listening to the teachings and
conducting at a engaging into teaching ah
that's however many raggi roger goodell banana
get out and make it easier to talk look on an hour
and each awkward to get rolling yeah no kidding you would have been there about chatting with vanilla aren't any other kind of javelina laundry if on the part of their teacher if he's conducted the teaching is motivated by
self importance arrogance or desire for fame or servitude and african studies and support than that type of motivation is wrong
back on in
saccharine reddit
gathered to you should be motivated by an altruistic attitude to be all benefit to the tetons
hey i log on information how to put on dollars a tiny girl at man bashing share my summer come on each other germans in bushes growing nation still don't get way and i still don't know at ten am the only good and member tech and i can eat a time it can be keeping you and she can't it tended to be a quadra andy murray
their attitude of the teacher ran in conducting the teaching ship is such that as explained in the eight lines of cleaning up your mind that whenever i associate with april adult i should always regard myself as inferior and i will
always got other as more precious and respect them so whenever you as a ship that address which dad that kind of attitude towards others and pursued a teach teachers when conducting a teaching should have the same type of edited to access students
back in a number money you know about year bad shudder
category yeah i mean changing i want to tell you know in our and change into any at energy
child i'm gonna dilemma regarding current hundred years spend their time i mean you're going by also on the part of the listeners
so long as your motivation your attitude towards them are attending this teaching is get about and am a spiritual one and a looking for arrays to improve and advance your spiritual practice than your motivation of attending these station should not be in
produced by negative emotions like hatred anger or jealousy or attachment
that did it and each other that can watch of a king a shit she really did on it
gilpin diet or are given by tell me and it can register your com create a turned on in a tiny you provide come in here at tiny king and got get get but and actually give them daughter cindy is and they in bhutan at the handwriting and especially the teaching that are engaging in today is get over my
piano practice my on and eating your motivation you should also be influenced by artistic exploration to be all benefit to others therefore
your edited your motivation for taking the teacher should be preceded by
taking refuge in the three jewels and generating an altruistic inspiration to be a benefit tigers
that coriander date as order yonder and how you i get a message usually at long american day
and one member dominating the and you don't show that time ever the day i think any under covering it those are a causeway
an average younger taken our major condition buddy got an academic session today at the antonov day i shariati any music when we care about it may take him or and there's a parodic among the audience he it is also possible that there are few who may not consider themselves as good as practitioners but have said an interesting
at penn culture or a buddhist meditation is are certain aspects of prison for you it is not necessary to cultivate these initial motivation but rather you can listen to the eating as from academic point of view
that they do today we had a financial records from or the window magdalena or the delicate line
gil from just didn't give a ddi tavistock
so in order to reinforce the importance of these initial motivation but will reside in unison together data vs particular huge and generating alternative expiration date and an argument for the benefit wrong when we do the repetitions thinking such lines day i kill for bag it yeah
didn't total shame designer rather julia about
competing in the one you could do some work with allah yet the money which i'm jeffrey you ever got kinda rashi much any aranda and okay
today a new journey about any gilbert a and they condemned to go through not pick a metadata right
when going for it use between you'll reduce gonna to raja now are then going for refuge individuals it is important to be aware of the fact that was the meaning of ultimate refuge but it's the ultimate meaning of refuse ultimate make of refuge comes from understanding the patel
you'll see that the own projects with ourselves which is otherwise called the in nature and this is a potential or seed which allows us to our ritual purification to attain a completely in arkansas state once we are able to activate his potential seed with knives and explore it to its fullest extent that is
when the meaning of ultimate refuge come into being
gallup any the coolest i was going to do and is a potential see that a protest is an inherent something that is inherent with now my mentors claim which is technically called at the old goodness kinda someone that's under bother
how much
it is also called the primordial buddha amitabha could number to them
that's conjecture cover photo joe millionaire can get you are going to be going to go on with the shabby cockamamie idea we should he ever made it it was awesome jet from j down can get it up practically brigade
multi-carrier picture to innocently of activity money and not only one can but all other living creatures living beings as the proposed also present equally this potential seat for eventual evolution into eventually becoming of a ten min of primary with some and rwanda therefore are
after having taken refuge that rituals one should cultivate an altruistic aspiration to be able to attend liberal and highest decoration for the benefit of all sentient beings so that you can also lead author dbz to the same state of promoted buddha or somebody about that i don't remember what good somalia and i give god a political commentator who doesn't in
good yeah baker cameras can get to some time that so written motivation to lead opened in beings to this primordial state or of nevada
let us to the recitation together
yeah by and on on i don giovanni dog on a young boy and i yeah yeah yeah yeahs on yeah no i yeah although and on don't know about all on a down
nine yeah
i gather yeah
yeah nobody all ah yeah i la jolla on on on a download or read a hey the venom yeah
as i am i
well that's it yeah not a the ach of andy
vanilla but i should do
she the triborough about should be korea in part iv south asia and actually going to to project to do able to check about de they should you check on in passion into our challenge starter the format of the teaching will be that the morning session would be
of half with a fifteen minute break after one and half hour i got in and he shouldn't i wouldn't touch with anybody i put it any kind of question yeah your apology caroline on with question are any reality so after the fifteen minute break during the second session
if you have the audience if you have questions than we could spend about fifteen to twenty minutes on the question and answers are headed into question can i make a collection of the our our cushions could be written down and ashes will have left them
god t daddy we say pages and became me
the form to actually permitted for teaching that i'm conducting here is not based on any particular text
that they thought on because because a date
can you imagine i'm can be achieved and it the missouri the machine but and one particular type crime i'm basing my phonetic the teaching is
composed by can get lumped in long jumper the text known as the treasure of from the and demagogue who wanted it
the treasury of canada to reality

but i need
and in my done than a that
hey i could look adobe aig japan
some power gotten better or that worked on to undertake rogers pneumococcal vaccine
on portrait of about times than i could get a digicam comic genius in india dot com you can we convenient on a alamodome
during the course of the teaching at certain points there
the meditative techniques or stages of that teaching is being to has been explained i think it might be quite helpful if you could pose for a while and to and to meditation i couldn't contemplated meditation for maybe a now a minute or two ah peggy
ravitch modality around a you know
did it t to get it on it apache lama returning to gain by run mit and a woman can get a i not to we have a good way i me with parakeet to yeah yeah yeah michael savage that dot com chem mater you baby shower hundred i get any up on and me to that
the agenda nokia and a
couple will look at t natalie only didn't shout from kitab dishes from conduct discharge economy saturday going to shut down and you put me in order he made evaded in you can tell it is i'm not not in the bottle and a lot of our didn't deny me more money to loosen their my ebay he needed a partner
sure to shovel crusher chicago i hurry am what can and need a new on as a totally than i look in a car as modern tiny main the dalai lama late to the anomaly to the yellow green isn't it fits in my daughter at traditional approach in tibet and conducting these types of
teaching these to really emphasize a practical effort of the teachings so the teachings are not conducted or not given in one stretch back as working now rather different elements of the practices as as a taught at once different element of the teachings are taught separately and
after having taught one element of the practice can the student is advised permitted on it a possible for as long to the tongue but at least for few days for instance one finds explicit mention in writings of a map nocturne tibetan meditator a master
he mentioned that he specified
identify different sections of the practices and says that for this element of protected
after having received teaching you should at least meditate on three days or four days and so on so that has been the traditional airport in tibet at these type of teaching that never been conducted in one stretch where all the elements of the visualization or meditation so given but since way
you know time you can always use a lack of time in this modern age is now a pretext for just a running through and just sweeping through all the the all the elements of the meditation and and giving him just going through in one stretch
he ain't done it right down near the trd pro console way that
but shallow again today on a holiday or are gonna take you to tell mike savage data in the hooked on a shelter and emerging that looks in it any key here are incomplete proteins her daughter dani
so from this teaching that i'm conducting although you may receive the transmission dense version of the transmission but he's not be satisfied for that alone rather listen to further commentary in teachings from your tea masters and also meditate on them for a long time
tender manner as a tv a new as are some sort of actually about game dev okay new patios arrival a little domains and gotta to retained by baxa otherwise if we definitely advise if we just a that the budget cut
color teaching alone than our listening to a teaching would be just like a main experience of a dream a fleeting experience of dream and if that is the case for your and listening and learning the teachings than so a video video results of your meditation will be it repeated the fleeting experience
they didn't mean as i never looked to it can be added casual religion point is very important to have a long and enduring effort in in in engaging the meditations

we can shut be it
is he just impossible to change hola have a concept or all are at a mental attitude downvote it need constant effort
the in my own little experience you know was a fifty five
typing down to my h stage sixteen seventeen smooth then i i started
how much you see this effort is to change my to mental attitude on the improve my has the mental attitude
love it five so how many years but it was jellinek merging a luxury
as any new it is if he would to get motivated but
they still are not satisfactory is that the that
so so you have to fight really happy that we have to work hard
so that that situation then as a buddhist practitioner we're not counting the hours of weeks or months be counter iran
beyond beyond as the the beings years spending billions of lives
so anyway is a thinking baseline sometimes you may find or something to have assumption behind high average one might kill little discouraged and discourage them
but anyway is a thinking is a very long term is the future and that give us a termination
that gives really how to take some way to in a tank it will develop intersect determination and from that viewpoint and time is nothing the thing is important is much change is muslim group no matter how long will take and so that is
a campaign was from determination that's necessary
tell it out
dossier cabinet
katalor and i need to watch him play catch on the dalai about issue to embedding
but i could get laid by already been paid take away from does are kept lethal that rich ebay about the role of have a triviality long somebody we have a choice either than a kick it really does that but what you a reality
love similar that a ship around to show you might need me doesn't it
dodgy hair
a similar guy issued an urgent need of a delicate virtual reality
when we are talking about
he practiced depending on the primordial mind we're talking about the practice entirely by understanding the conception state of the original minute
so there are two types of practices one which is the conceptual we have been practicing and a superior one is the bad one which can can be
intellectual or a conceptual a state of mind when you're talking about blockchain it is the to supreme ultimate take the origin notated mind which is not contaminated by any kind of content so there are two types of yana we're talking about
nine different types of yana in in my teaching and when we are talking about the other yoga they lead to the highest take which is feet on any content for israel and it is talking about the two types of stages are two types of
men men men are following a meditation
ha ha
he did that air and i heard
he language legit sally reality chevalier gala on a double digit madame a a heliocentric did you didn't i set your paradigm they're better all mandela and earlier
yeah know jenny lama picky about bear tavern correct correct heard that to year lot of poverty but para at our middle of the da jamie planet and it on digital kenny
all the shimmer nobody in and if a total kenya like a day we are in new did not like a collab between and we all gotta do you agree about it
hit for management now this to method for call one which is are intellectually followed is called employee loyal j
law and that's where my is conceptually active will be a follower following like that and those are the stages which are meant for they unprepared a gradual state of rio de
asia but when it's only pays the usual am j e a shame in a nunca capture a shit i'd say the primordial consciousness is the consciousness but that consequent which is primordial and it's a
it is not contaminated by him let's call the usual i'm lampshade and you should be understood the like lumpy is
according to the mental ah
but which is intellectual way of and authentic now the initial i'm j is just jumping into the ultimate state state way now is in says that are that many kinds of human mind
there maybe some who are very fortunate and up
occupations and comic interferences absolutely clan for them if they are fortunate enough to come in a kind of across with a teacher was equally realize then in there at one go at one one can or
realize the ultimate without any problem but those who are not to will have to take the gradual take gradual that ah
canada gradual steps that we've got an antelope good he look kind of those second subreddit kenny enable you did that they don't all vulnerable to decay or number cause i'm limited area call it the holiday be adopted kenya with any on tig your we are you an idea i'm it
i've been a major done it you've got want to create a when you hand out about me but get out about her name
to dig a bit to do it in a or than the huge you get us sabotage your shoes you wear down on the college of corporeality yeah be rich sugar daddy some guy and he made major done it you can have each other cause immediate you've done a huge any
step by step general the catcher manage any good young men macedonia
welcome to recreate to leave it or a develop of yeah intercourse she that could mean to you really understand it called it a symbiotic
too much merger partner virtual reality problem bd fatima jinnah queen i am i wrong or can made it done in a tower mirror
people that can go back to come any younger and are very usual am j plum daytime and go out percent beaten by in a on telling you a kid i did a muslim yeah aliya hey get low you can get them saturday or shimmy shake or the a biggie go dot com privilege and came it
and what you've been done in colorado vienna me about some much money for our kinda nematology heliotrope
even though
taking a double chamber is regarded what is known as he he loved it it is detecting division in the bad and it is one for of a superior practitioner someone who is the to receptivity and the comic coalition could realize an instant the realize the hundreds of a chamber hi
ever even though that maybe the case but in terms of methodology interpretive actually applying the teachings it has to be related to the capacity of the people and had to be taught step by step process in this we're not done the to meaning of the deduction teachings would not bear fruit
no yeah that didn't mean it that it
we never need one can be catch it or can a lot more trilogy alia or dodgy ten wiki
doran ebay yahoo him kick didn't come to shrimp a comment in the watch of the spaghetti chef to look your check about even crew didn't want to watch any and made a comment here i'm going to be or
shit about should i want you to me mr kg a shallow julia could you be somebody i never took plasma dot com on it can be made today at rg are now must i get it
and i did chemical me to get a check on t shimizu kooky to cinema chain daddy pundit or without your energetic
it is of that most important that as when engaged in the practice that first one much of a to grounding in the various parts of the buddha dhamma the various yannick and one month understands this and to serve as a as very important preliminary and in this were properly diluted
and then for example when the looking teachings are given than the one can realize the true meaning of it better
but believe me the done it can even do that any coriander
cause i should take a shot edited and are on our to do would be a majority
yeah tebow gene i'm should i rather have a tremble
ah yeah so i'm keen on each any shaking
for example and this morning session and this afternoon sessions will be gave for primarily focused on the the general approach to diverted damn
can watch him in which the concept and gets to say the accounts of for example the hinayana and mahayana teaching could be focused on bet saga and the including the secret month and the teachings
and it can take a lot to the comedians don't to our candidates regular biggie
don't you
do whatever we can get to dog
show your public image galia can look at my tv some generic universal was any best post ever about but additionally sharing that p obama kenny and lieutenant and to did you a lot about a pagan good we chef action according to the the
the coach of gaming industry jewelry which has been handed down through the weekends temperature they didn't mean basis is this the famous quotation from the teaching report indicates no mine in mind naked my these grey like and that in this one statement by buddha and all teachings were gathered in and us and taught this
as the basis
the hemlock can magically behind curricula know minded devoid of the mastermind is devoid of mind for the major of minded taillight
mde similar can begin and at
color combo got a huge your wallet to value to a game or game reality now ten thai buddhist thought and practice as explained on the basis of understanding the meaning or get particular quotation it is added to repeat the mind is devoid of mind for natural minded caroline
right now until explain the foot
elemental quotation the mind the meaning of get for over a word encompasses the entire meaning of the terrible the hinayana teaching that is the teaching based on the four noble truths
so much she didn't a have ended up from reality and in the second part of reputation that has it's being devoid of mind this part of reputation encompasses that the meaning of the an anti are written to trust editor who can turn out to deal of the dharma let's go you know in earth all that they will call a comma
a cold coming on not a county level manager but the continue to the challenge extent that they don't nobody way by a conscious that dot com though have to change that the media should give you a new good daughter would they make a qualcomm i you eliminated dutch to our ah dd wanted to a local orphanage ottawa have come day
he her
gathered any in a bar he is sunni are recommended and we are in problem presented as deleveraging problem we are can be made it that it can be like in the earth or adding a call or come on how kevin dineen finally got a to china we are and a large part of reputation that is because nature of the
mind is clear light at the meaning of this could a part of reputation and the entire subject matter of the third to anyone to deal of the dharma he has specifically reference not to the that the sutra had taken as the philosophical source or thirty of the demand for a school that at the aka terrorists school but rather
protections of the third term which refers to the sutra like that i've got a car sutra which is the route sutra of are treated like a meteor with a tantrum the plan continuum of consciousness
in which that in which the meaning of the primordial kayla match up the minded expounded

that the game simulation that are value on but total about what to do the lamine kone me we're very that did saturday but it it's fair to tell us the name and don't
we you what did you give it that bad attorney sheva are a tennis shabbat of started going to go on data in i am right right thing yeah
baton better charity janitors were gonna really put gibberish geometry the money you can now misha be pretty much each other
although the
the ultimate meaning of call fundamental unit mind of caleb is expounded in the highest yoga tantra in in general but that actually practice of law actually practical for
touching more into the product packets of experiencing is cross-modal niche of the mind in a very experiential and included manner is to be found on linda talked had to
i saw palmetto made no yagi rumor has it either as as we are at our not much can be reversed and the yagi handle the property but on a kid we endeavour you were good we endeavour the when you want him to not only can only use immediately
they should have been in there and i need the and ended in a lot lately on
any three key you may get on i teach younger
as our to lose you meet them anymore
the to continue but jimmy can anyone come when a guy negative don't know what's it gonna stop the new pungent alia come up could have sympathy currently being data for your machine which they are called from lotta shit on february committed area that it
meet them out a nice change from geology shut out of located title we can it get on leather finale machine data type typewriter and he made by making the bitch or picture you can be monument o'malley
and i knew what have you ever read in a path i'm an alligator or take come to watch a bit about you should look for with we out but actually condition and you can share it here in atlanta how about on bushes economy out cheaper you ever see chappie right now call the the totally
the fat that said ultimate meaning of what it called a fundamentally netminder clear light as spoken in the new translation school up a tantrum and the height yoga tantra and what has spoken of as britain other or for rns
introduction teaching felt that the ultimate meaning or qualities come down to a same point or thing in the meaning is to be found in the writing for planting them temper and i took the martha new gmail limber in it in his commentary on the treasury or
knowledge and an hundred and one could also find in the writings of the fifth dalai lama and particularly in the india in the later writings of from
don't have to meet them by emma he was that heard in the in the lines of productive me and and the this month often and but if you may combine your mom was great not only a great scholar but also a great meditator an adept with a vast knowledge of for both the a new transmission
schools of tantra and old transmissions group of tantra and also sutra and tantra and he's understanding of
moneymaker philosophy
and so political the epistemology and logic are very profound and one could find in his writings very explicit references to the point that how the ultimate meaning on what is broken into new transition schools that fundamental in a mind of caroline and adoption or terminology
the britain iran and riparian and how they are one of the same thing and also one could find a mention of this fact in the writing go for kimble now malcolm and where he explained in re specifically mentions when talking about the debate is the ground and appear
the ground when distinguishing between these two a phenomenon the ground and the appearance of ground he refers to the ground as the prisoner runners or reaper
that are doing a lot of those committing the a yeah i know it's a name and don't lot i don't know or comic to a ahmadi that you need to build a family detached doesn't even do we or thing in a jesuit you know of higher
the although i i cannot claim to have authentic advanced realization of a bargain as know
a fundamental in a mind of clear line but when i read and compare the in the writings of different masters from communication is i also are key to look orange taste now when a particularly when this point is analyzed in a relation to all the different writing didn't put it a different
the schools of thought including the sutra system hundred systems all the whole classes of control system and old transmission the new transmission school i i sympathize with it
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she'd come back from general but are pushy lumpy kitchen after energy and i template come to a lot about it but neither could critique on your your to aig an autoimmune do claudia carry upendra yadav a movie or a and i don't ya titles i find particularly this inside very beneficial and help
with my film in understanding the families of older different traditions of buddhism tibetan buddhism and also give inside enable me to and develop a genuine sense of with and respect and the in respect in in all the different divers at our diverse
approaches in the into different traditions of tibetan buddhism korea
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now for the roll the first question would be how do we determine whether something is a christian or not it is the fundamental question that would arise in any philosophical system now and to put it on for purposes that anything that is verifiable through experience or awareness and or any
never have commission of are valid cognition that is there is the criterion of something being existence and any event or anything that is not verifiable to from experience or awareness panic not existent
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and doesn't making to ten and you're time at the moment i like although this is the fence but there could be many different types and levels of verifying a or cognition it could even extend to a very heightened state of awareness
a meditative experience and also as to how to define something as terrifying commission or a valid cognition also on this point different philosophical systems have different viewpoints
ten i are shipped couple should you play ah the curriculum pedagogy or whatever quantity he could get point it and it looked through a seller majority are several the arctic and a major dunnett you imagine that the character which everybody can rouse earlier and come combine
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candy them wouldn't mimi about can give it up from the solution wandered out of diabetic the reason why we see so much discussion of epistemological at epistemology or the how did it how do we define some kinda felt cognition or verifying condition the buddhist writing is the
cause of all our problems or sufferings and confusions and support comes from a quick feet notion of of of perceiving thing so it is important our for a practitioner to determine whether something is amiss misconception or a clue know
it is because of that point are refined lot of discussions of this subject of epistemology in in buddhist writing we will see in our own experience how our state of mind goes to a different level eventually leading to a true knowledge point and on a particular given subject or
our topic they could have our initial reaction might be a very hot and the contraption thinking our gratitude and totally
i'm mistaken notion but then that type of a strong grasping at a at a wrong notion are when are countered with reasoning it could in the second stage turn into a kind of a lingering doubt are kind of
about thinking that maybe it is maybe maybe it is not and then this when further exposed to written or a good evidence than is kind of lingering doubt could turn into a presumption tending toward the right decision
still it just the presumption just have to believe and then when that is correct both written and reflection than eventually we could have what it called the influence through proper logical process and then that infants still very conceptual it is not a cool knowledge than this inference when are constantly familiarize
and developed within yourself could eventually turn into an included and direct realization or direct experience of the event so we sit around experience how our mind or as a result of being exposed to reason and reflection or to the different stages eventually leading to a a direct experience of and even or thing
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oh and on the question of whether or not a true knowledge or verifying cognition you could have still a certain element of illusion or not on this question or think a lot of local systems differ in the in their view points for instance are great indian philosopher but
a lot of another tuna maintains that
a state of mind could be a true knowledge or very limited knowledge i wonder have been around the mountain
neither joonas philosophy which is explicitly interpreted by
to put me in his writing in a in their philosophical system there is a they maintain that at the state of mind could be a true knowledge and a very valid cognition but at the same time could have certain element of
a illusion in it
well as or it but it is a true knowledge in the tent that in respect to its main object it is and mistaken
don't you know that believe we did it
a godly what are you dumb a weird of a little usando coming you use animal about
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how did daddy teddy be covered media should get pretty we are and in their writing we also find a distinctions between the different types and levels or object remind point can plug one mind i wanted of mine could have did not give like on the situation rhonda how quickly you how coming because it's any new book
lieutenant cause she usually charge the manufacturing but new charging that kiddie beauty the magnetic for chip timing and any can tell a committee or it can be a you know what kind of nerdy reason it keller k network too much how to write and call you about your knowledge with the ten
it or kill hiv integral and because we hate do it to didn't and galloway such philosophical systems maintain that a good knowledge can be
we can have a an element of illusion they distinguish in the object at different levels of objects for instance bed wanted of mind could have an appearing object an object of apprehension and understanding so point and like a true knowledge could be mistake
one in in relation to the appear in option because it has to it is perceived in the wrong manner but it can be undertaken in relation to the apprehended object of apprehension
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they maintain data no matter how distorted or correct one state of mind could be point and like a distorted state of mind as long as it is a state of consciousness it has an appearance of certain object and from that point of view in relation to the appearance
our of of that object it is i'm mistaken
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ah such a philosophical system maintains that them are no matter how to taught it or correct one state of mind could be
a consciousness or awareness could be only permitted in relation to an object without object they wouldn't be consciousness without consciousness they wouldn't be object and consciousness or awareness and object are posited in relation to each other to data because of their basic fundamental belief
the relative
the philosophy of relativity but the other philosophical systems maintain that them
although the object exists in relation to out and and but iran and in order to
in order to establish the existence of awareness and it required or what it's called a perceptive nature of the mind defense that man should be aware of itself
added to the geneva to release the i get to the coverage of they don't use that over the i just saw the from shelley hundred and i did not have your money so it is important that one should not get me confused miss miss confused with the that the that he couldn't the same term that in used in encourage philosophical
system called run rig or self awareness or consciousness with the type of grammar and that is a self consciousness spoken of in other contexts like in the tantra
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having established that thing than nominal doing it and within get it didn't the category of existing phenomena got to closet or things to glasses things that are things that exist occasionally things that exist not permanently
this indicates that they depend upon certain causes and conditions or circumstances for their merchant
for the arrival and then they are other type of a phenomenon which are permanent and did not depend upon such
causes and conditions or circumstances
that the libby and i you getting any to kenya challenging but
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currently watching who were gonna medulla called a good care of gotta give you a relation to good energy you just ended are doing is chatty i can he done it doesn't ship engaging are talking about
a phenomenon those who depend upon the causes and conditions and circumstances for the arrival
before they arrived with our other part in defensive doubt down under the power of the a constant condition is so the very fact that they depend upon their cars and conditions for their arrival isn't enough
having the potential to disintegrate
therefore anything vintage produced have the potential to disintegrate eventually ah at the diggy diggy children are alia
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wouldn't the category of nominated arrive as a result of causes and conditions these are called to produce phenomena there are three types we will find a guy three different types of phenomena within this category those that are our physical the get material and will get a tangible
all submitted weekend or perceived through our sense faculties and i couldn't touch the phenomena which are only a could be experience which are only at at them within the domain of our experienced such a such as our sensations experienced awareness and so forth and then the dad
to a third type of category of none and which are just mental constructions which are abstract which could only conceived things like time
things like that picture on our digital digital can please contact like production disintegration our process pattern and so forth
yeah but i've got a they can have as a dad got my the i when a human being human beings that the idea
that emitted you was gonna miss out on the road all about going to mean media release to january could you how biotic
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i'm getting a good way to in your hike down and yeah i'm toast and pushing a have a nice eugenia genetic been any major going to be recommended you to show you are able to be a third type of categorical phenomenon called technical and non associated competition on factors is include even our now
ourselves what he called human being therefore i
giga two entirely different level and different categories of nominal unlike the first to the first to are and basis which you can identify them with point like from physical matters idea you can through sense faculties you can perceive them you can come into contact with them
the and experiences awareness and support although you cannot physically i'd come into contact with them but at least two i said i subjectively you can experience them you can have the awareness of them but then the third type of phenomenon
could be understood only in terms of concept point and like when we talk about human being what is human being when when a women and search for it for its essence we do not find it is nothing and human being neither our body now mind by it's unable imputed on the combination of both in mind it's
if the metaphysical entity