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you just going from an see and many more people are coming

i'm just saying the judith and it was carrying the incense
astra how long ago it seems since the last time we did this was about six days
my said brother david stein arrest
and her sentiment sudden
her comments married my own experience it seemed like a long time ago and it seemed like a few minutes ago
it's like okay
the intense experiences of our lives a he seemed close at hand and then in another way
sometimes they seem from a different era
one of the things i'm doing here this week is teaching a workshop conga being fully alive in committed to dine if you'd like if you want to come up and sit iraq

and here teaching a workshop called being fully alive
which is
to my mind one of those peculiar notions like we're
in one way we all know what that means
and then we are may we have our own definition of it
and then if any one of us thinks about it
it starts to unfold part of it seems pretty obvious in part of it seems a ephemeral mysterious
zen practice is like this is just a way to state the obvious
he can't consider if you wish
i'd be
a life which is
if you think about it we already are
so i'd like to state the obvious by talking about a particular coin
but i'd like to preface that you know little in a traditionally in the same coins are prefaced by an introduction or appointed so i'd like to preface it by how i've been thinking about this workshop
may become as a surprise to the people who are in it and making that
it's like being fully alive you know something in his nose
what that is
and when we look at a little more carefully something in his nose that that's an immense proposition that we could explore and probably hopefully we'll explore for the rest of our lives
at last week when we talked to bike
monasticism you know what definition of monasticism to do one thing completely
and as suzuki roshi added to continue doing that one thing forever
and then a little more mysteriously he also said
nirvana is seeing one thing through to the finish
maybe we'll get back to that
so seems to me the first proposition
is to get in touch with what's going on
what exactly is happening right here right now in our lives how do we shipped from our imagination of what is happening or wish towards happening to experiencing it directly

support part of my resource was an ancient buddhist text the vicinity maga the diversity manga is like the user's manual to human consciousness
if you're a human here's a manual to relate to being alive
in the vicinity maga encourages us all
figure right
how to cultivate attention
then when you've cultivated attention
discover what it is to settle deeply into who you are
deep enough
that the agitation the distraction
start to dissipate
instead of being dragged around by your thoughts and feelings you can start to relate to them in a conscious way
and then the prescription goes on like this
you start to contemplate when you can when you can relate to your thoughts and feelings in a countess way you start to contemplate certain things
the first one being deaf
interesting thing about contemplating death is a pretty soon discover your also contemplating life
when you start to consider losing everything you start to recognize what to cherish
when you start to consider dying
it's start to learn about living
it said that shakyamuni buddha said that the contemplation of death
is so vast it covers any other kind of contemplation you can come up with
or maybe an existential terms that are concerned by death gives rise to our desires and our fears and all the permutations that they come forcefully said the first kind of questions
loving kindness
compassion sympathetic joy and equanimity

so you suffuse yourself a nose
like it says like a sponge soaks up water and become saturated

something about reminding ourselves to just get stuck
in what we don't like what we resent have we've been hurt what could have been better but shouldn't be better
how are the people are to blame
i were to blame
this contemplation is that are literally more life-giving
when we can arouse and act from a place of generosity
somehow it's like we're bigger
the world is more inviting
we give and we receive

in india they called such a person and mahatma a big person
mahatma gandhi
indians think of mother teresa as a mahatma

and then interestingly in this user's manual to human life they consider
that this brings us to this loving kindness compassion and sympathetic joy bring it to a place of equanimity

it's not an acronym the based on being impervious to what happens inside and outside in this human life
it's an equanimity that has a mahatma
a big self or a big mind as we said said
a sense of being
they can
the big enough
to hold the joys and sorrows to hold the fears
and the love of human life

so from the point of view of buddhist practice this is part of our endeavour to be such a one
an amazingly senses this is no big deal we've always been such a what
this is not a whole big effort to accompany something is something we've always been
so that's my introduction to the coin so then then says it's simply a matter of realizing it
and the current i'm gonna read the teacher in this comment he liked to use the image
i'm the chick inside the egg
i think were contained in the egg of a small self this cocoon that we wrap around ourselves through self interests through some protection
true self concern
is this cocoon that we magically make between us and the rest of existence
and they were incited feeling alone and unloved and uncared for and unnerved
go figure

so this teacher uses the image of an egg
and it's like something in his
something innocent knows a bigger life is possible it's packing at the egg hatch
to come out and grow wings and fly in the limit was sky
and then wonderfully something i'd side is packing
helping us to do it
that's the image this teacher like to use
the this shell this cocoon and small self cannot be dismissed without personal effort
that we're not alone
there's the teachings there's the sanga there's the teachers
there's the dark night sky and the crisp blue mornings
you see the hot tubs and the stream
there's the cacophony of crickets
there's the sign that the railroad bell at dinnertime
the sense of urgency and excitement as the doors of dining room open
always the world is packing away at our shell seen anybody in there
is anybody home
anybody in their want to wake up
okay so here's the story

there is no by road to the way we're working exactly in the middle of our life there's no option
there one stands absolutely from were always exactly in the middle of this life there is no other place
the dharma transcends hearing and seeing
the truth of existence is exactly itself it can't be contained within
any kind of limitation
what we see and what we hear is just this moments example of it
it's just this
have something with spineless

when we realize this when we're in the middle of this were not caught in our thoughts and feelings there one is independent of words and thoughts
if you can make your way through all the sarney entanglements breakdown all the barriers of the buddha's and ancestors
and attain the quiet and secret land their heaven will find no way to send down flowers to you
and tell no way to send display right
if you make your way through all the story entanglements
the someone at city center said that the definition of duca lou hardman to the definition of duca is there's always something

there's always some thorny entanglement yeah
whether it's just what comes up inside of his or something happening in our world
enticing us back in the small south
convincing us that we need to struggle that we need to base our life on our desires our fears and our contusions
which we don't
we don't need to base our life on our fears and our confusions
in our desires
none of the wisdom of human kind would propose it
they aren't propose something different something bigger
break down the barriers of the buddha's and the ancestors

all the great teachers of human compassion and wisdom speak from outside the cocoon of the small self
as reading recently about st francis of assisi
and st francis at loved nature so when he would go outside i didn't in nature he would go so intoxicated by
the beauty
that he would start dancing around and singing and then he would start talking and they said the when he talked in this state nobody could understand what the hell he was talking about

the buddhas in the ancestors the enlightened ones that my artemis
don't say he should get a good job issue during like some money set up a pension you know keep it for yourself don't give any away and
stay close to your friends
in stay away from your enemies they don't say that sort of thing they make some statement from
the other side of selfishness
and that other side it's like the some barrier for us to cross to that other side
and of course the result we already know
just letting ourselves know that we know
and attain the quiet and secret land
this is pointing at this equanimity
this state of being
that isn't agitated
by being a human being
the state of being
that settled enough realistic enough open enough to pliable enough patient enough accepting enough compassionate enough why is enough
that it can respond
with okay
this is how it is
we're declaring war on iraq okay
maybe you like that maybe you don't want that maybe you think it's an awful thing to do maybe you think it's a wonderful thing to do
it's what we're doing

not to say that we don't act with chest
we accept what is
we don't start screaming and yelling and saying no no it can't be true
what is is
and the notion the next images about god cannot big the heavens cannot send down flowers and
we're not waiting in our sadness in our equanimity we're not waiting for praise oh someone's watching me seeing how good i am they'll be coming soon to tell me how wonderful i am
in ceremony we're not waiting for blaze think i know sooner or later someone's gonna not like me someone's gonna not like just the way i am
maybe they will maybe they won't
besides the point
point is what is is
in this great being is asking us just to be grinded in that
it's like walking on the bottom of the ocean
you just work in the midst of all existence
all day long you act without acting
you just do one thing
you do it so completely
there's just doing
there's no me doing something
it's just activity
this is the joy of life
this is the the practice of zen the fruit of zen the wisdom of sand and the compassion of said
and preach without preaching doing one thing
is the full expression of zen
but it's also just doing what doing being done

you've learned to tap the eggshell
at the moment a chick is emerging
came to that's introduction
now here's the case
a monk as kiyoshi
i want to pack from the inside
so listen to this carefully because i'm almost done talking night's gonna be up to you
a monk said the kiyoshi
i want to pack from the inside
a pretty good
he sang
i want to live
i would i want i want to do it i want to be it
it's really that's that's what i want to do
would you please tap from the outside

to reciprocal process
we do life and life does us
it's all about relationship it's all about relatedness

we look at the sky the inky black sky and in the luminous sparkling stars
and we say a wonderful and
they're wonderful
andy we we endure them with wonderfulness and they cascade their wonderful this upon us

we look around and say i'm in the presence of mahatma has great body bodhisattvas dedicated and wonderful people
and then we receive the benefit of being in the presence of great mahatma the bodhisattvas and wonderful people
i want to pack from the inside would you please tap from the outside
now listen listen
joshi said
could you obtain life or not
could you attain life or nine
so what's a getting at
we seems like a great thing for the monk to say
and here i'm ready to practice you know got my robes ready do it
cut the whole i
i am
could i have your support
in the teacher answers
could you obtain life for night
so what do you make of that
the monk said
if i couldn't attend life i just be a laughing stock
the teacher said
you too
our person among the weeds
it's kind of the most part
it's a a person among the weeds is someone who sort of caught up
wait in the entanglements
but it's actually a compliment
it it's it's come like a zen compliment to select put you down
sometimes when you want to say how great somebody as a high rise they are you say our the old for know
it's likely there's no complemented fully does it so you throw in an insult
design thing
to what do you make it this i want to pack from the inside would you please tap from the outside
well could you attain life or not
if i couldn't ten life i'd be a laughingstock
oh you to yeah you're one of us
what does this tell you about how to practice
what does this tell you about being in the middle of your life
what is this tell you about opening awakening
what it is two people getting it
what made this story worth writing dine and making it part of a compendium
any comments
in the market
could you speak evelyn can package teacher and am i alive enough
the definitely
weekend my for the laughing stock
yes in i like patreon silently me outside
and then you should respect me and saying
what about the teachers com and and just ignore it but i think of china in can be like him
so if you'd been there the story would have been different her
well you know we all live her own story we are we're a her writing the script of our own life
what else can we do
anyone else
but nothing
the your success
is that like first black

a small thing to lose a smart
not a toy or
then came the only thing
to day he jumped
it's worth it it's worth the effort
the potential upside roadways the potential downside
yeah exactly why wouldn't anyone of us want to be fully alive
i am a citizen like this that if i live my life
from my inside out seeing it as only the way i see it as the small self it's my narrow-minded image of
the way i think the world is from within and but if i live my life knowing that there's people around me and they see things differently and that's not to be amiable and adjusting to decide that there are other people in the world and am giving way to those other people instead of just having my way and i'm picking from
the outside of the show he said for initial
and once a teacher get night chris
i'm not be selfish and self centered and to be more
i'm aware that there's a world around us and
kay thank you
can not be selfish
so easy to say isn't it
anyone else of map
but all of these things everything around me
why he's one of us
that that wants to attain like
enjoy it
android wonder and done and she doesn't ah the only finally essential to an aspiration
and he could be unselfish and allison and that's maybe be delivered to singers maybe that's problem
vincent something to attain outside
and susan weeks
and johnny
it is
in the pecking marrying hacking at each other
maybe the teachers already started packing well the typical exchanged and fifteen a difference
he there's no it and i guess it's a kind of machines and know there's no not that inside outside in the shelby thing series
i think what it's saying is better
when he says if i don't contain i'll be a laughingstock and his own and then the teacher says oh you're just like us is basically saying
you already enlightened
is surrounded yeah that's what it's like i go through that to know
and sort the students i think maybe the teacher was impressed at he's bringing out the subtlety that there is that sort of
saying that they're all sort of having back of their head of whether or not during the striking people think one some some be stupid and input that's that's within the realm
containing me
thank you
the simultaneous virginian tapping on
and they already wouldn't see that when you say
are we
could you give us an example from today in your life no i'm from storage
a of
what's taking place
so one way to work with the coin is is we when you know it conjures up a notion
and then it says like the coin says
your life is a g palace
and then you turn around and you think okay my life's jade palace you know i'm gonna try on that reality you know hello jay power
wow what a wonderful palace i live in know
when it was amazing things in this palace
the original beams you know then write it out so someone searched out these beams the same size cured them brought them here
so the con
a construct of reality and so then one ways we say okay i've been living this corner very long day has been packing from the inside in the outside now let me remember again
it may remember a few instances of that certainly right here muslim
k k yeah
chin and fitness swing of
so you know our tendency is to have a particular mindset okay this is reality this is me this issue of you know and in the coin comes alliances have i just down a aside and try on this one
crown this definition of reality
all day packing inside and outside you think oh
okay yeah the guests when that instant happen and was life pecking at me saying allow your weight want to combine when combined into the big world yeah
k any other comments
take what all here tonight and perfected unions die and
you see you will take me outside by my you done fucked
and the other hand we're we're constantly talk talk and and already there were voters
in really among the week it's not practical practical being booed is not practical or know there's a or of other people during hajj against kind of thing but he was
i am and i know this sounds like it's tempting to say that he doesn't he doesn't want that he doesn't serve that the bullet does her it will serve the bloom especially later became popular
he became popular in sheridan road he lived in monasteries and stuff
a little less than the aesthetic and he was interesting
well we tend to fall into the minecraft new line things did you hear that great story about when cassiopeia came and said that to him
cassiopeia but came back to buddha you know the the euro it my a cashpoint off and stay stayed in the street he lived in the forest and save living very very simple and after about twenty years come back and visited shakyamuni and he says i think things are going a little place around here
did you know that's right yeah
i think it's in the irish version
and then the rest is so is buddha said you know what i kind of think maybe i kind of agree with you
maybe things are getting a little plush around here
when alan
actually my country pieces of i'm worried that they get a little plush and buddha said i'm worried too
according to that etc
but wait there's a practicality that would be the point i was trying to make us it is the school that around really easily and them that we are such a high state but we're not supposed to live that way when i'm supposed to on i'm a buddha you enlighten jess i am
we're gonna talk we'll need a and i think it's because even know that truth exists we really current unaware of it and we're not brambles with embryo
in the point it is true teeth in the point it is preach without preaching

so we do one thing completely
completely put the pot of hot water on the table
completely expanding the dharma
thompson not preaching to just putting the para war on the temple
in a great joy ahead
edward it wasn't all that way first i haven't added
permanent turns but in both of them hanging from the outside munich
i realized that i'm here because okay
it's the i guess it's necessary and and then i met point in my training where i'm going to figure out why we have such high notions but reality was done in a completely new play
i don't feel like a good at all the time i don't feel like a bodhisattva
and yet somehow supposed to be that you know
as when i find myself along the region
i'm thankful that my teachers in the movies
i'm not somewhere
thank you

anyone else
hey sarah
do you have at i just heard the can
even at that as i have perfect
to me except like as you said as i just hundred up
for here
the lack of nutrients
simultaneously again and thirty have you got a senior high
young and the teachers thought to have the same
yeah right
teachers to send welcome to the club
anyone else
these days when i was see efficiency the greek i had the image of the sounding going down into the sea to the ocean and have never and inside knowing of going back when it comes from the movies i think is beautiful picture from a row
the inner knowing the of us and we'll also be snowing has been jc to us by by the average of only two yeah
then can wonderful image

when she instead of applications would remind me some of the pounds in that day
the physics they go guns in america as far as we know they don't think about it like week
and it's do that has that's what they do and it amazes me how much time we
figure out what you're trying to i know what life is about
obviously it's good or bad thing
nature ari
it's a different mode
if they know july
that i think the i know
if we gotta look there are teachers that they're packing
on the i'd say
please can you do a black and stuff
yeah exactly
can you be laughing stock buddha
i don't need like hot
hmm in
ines wants to live
at once us to do it


okay i'll ready for you
it is when concern
a teacher says or not

hmm is encouraging somewhere in flexor said you can try but actually move help him
the country right
him to another notion can you obtain like i can you retain my life is life
it's it's it's it's so how can anyone say i will attain enlightenment
our universe is enlightenment
how can i attended
yeah all night
yeah like to know it just testing about here now what's the proposition
when what's a proposition here you're gonna do something
are you and i are gonna do something
something that's not happening is gonna happen
something's gonna be attained
hmm yeah right to

okay please and reminded them
good why
i can break a related
hiking the yeah
all said i'm away on the and with a good one can't happen without the other river

okay so there's said
not much tourism
what's on the fuss about
maybe that's what he meant you'd be a laughingstock by the rest of his be
spending your life
making a fuss over nothing

what can i say
thank you very much