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good morning everyone
the morning i'd like to start our i have twenty three
from this paragraph and discuss about
mind the in legalization
timing that enough rela
let me be the first paragraph to paragraph twenty three
mind in realization pound the dilemma for our means that the mind and that are no flour
that is when the power of the diorama for i was turning bad enough that was finding us
is free penetrated
please make out
change here

he i said the flower in town manifest the energy of fatness that pounds itself to put it's changed this part as follows
the burma flower this got enough realize that he is in the bracket
the term a come up in town manifest the energy of sexiness that a neighbor our neighbors asked to turn the dynamo flower
okay so i write down

we're at it
follow our rocket come up
come come on
my new faces
in as he of thirteenth

ah that
i'm a brief us
that omar
for off pto

derma fillers are in bracket
in town is
in different direction
our mind is in the region
my thought fell at times us what we are bound by the damn awful but
either opposite direction this manifest it again jaw
so this gonna throw a manifest this energy of fatness is the all the

key is energy or
our offerings this is one of the pin fatima's
so that they're not flower in can ginger or manifest
you're thirty two
and as your fatness and that energy our neighbors us to time that doesn't matter

the problem is there's no subject and object so we have to get happy the subject and fat counterfeits but fun fun
i continues this manifestation is an instance of turning the gun flower
or as though the dyneema robots previous tanning
of our rates change things to us
not more for our turning tanning of things but tanning of us
us us us
although dartmouth robots previous tanning of us
has not yet ceased
even know this movement naturally causes us
causes us to town that i'm father
ah all though
that don't keep that don't keep mother has not yet come to an end the whole from other is a aligning
sorry depending on the causes and conditions of the single great mother the buddha has appeared here
the woods type of us of the thousand dollars that spring out of the earth have a long being great been an average stages of the gorilla flower
putting out of the us being can't buy them service and they spring out of the as being found by others
we should can we should have found not only that that i'm muffler of spreading out of the earth we should also time the gerima rollout of spring out of empty space and not on the out with us or out of of
the space with the buddha's insight we should know which is no has aware that body set of us spring out of the dharma for our itself
i don't think i've
i understand fatties his thing here so for time poking is a kind of our guests
so don't be here for time thing
you you you need to study by yourself and ah ah
try to understand thought this means
and so what i'm talking now is a kind of work are fighting i kind of a difference for you own studies
and i'm still struggling how to combine for these fit in danger column and fact he's is this expression ah finn mind is there in the region ah we have done by the data muffler and the thin man
and his realization with turn the remote from it's seems or sounds opposite so fat i have been doing is how can we don't combine these two seemingly over the the expression into
that is fact i talked

in ginger cuando get it he said
the region and the realization or merely and subtly are whizzing vegetation with safe division between self and media dharmas so
when we tried to convey our faith filled throughout media dilemmas and try to carry out practical guide them and watch a show token they said with his delusion or mercury
and then media two things come to our get coming to the face and a neighbor is a safe to carry out practice show his supporters
where irritation or enlightenment
and are i said a seen made in this first clue in the how could they help it
we work with this attitude to convey our fifth was a media other things including screwing with as teaching
i'm trying to understand and writer
practice anger and the are also wrote on the practice and study for ourselves but are we tried to express or explained or offer
we need to
think we do
what work with dharma in this attitude we are still in
mind in delusion
understand we work with with that attitude we are kind being time
by that i'm a flower
that is a fact i want to say
if it's possible to say so got to be defense week
want to actively doing things
family are we
in our practice study and practice with this attitude via our mind is in the region and in that and in fact that situation or condition we had found by the got him a favour and and without delmas comes so that are
subject of this activities is not this person ah shock but media dharmas are allow me to practice together carry to practice realisation then
when mind is in realization and in
that situation or condition often will track the study or practice with this attitude
the entertainment in town
tanning the dalai from
ah you see the fat i tried to fake and ah i'm not sure if this is or was it is if it's possible to interpret this way or not
i have no ah
how can i say evidence from either keep this in fact my
if there are not so many comment valleys are on this farcical show organs off because it's not included
he was seventy five or twitter or as crew visor know shovel games on there are few by by men's an unthinking in edo period and also ah commentary on facial by says our young knows
is available so i read all of them but none of them
discuss about this connection reputation within these two so i have to think by myself if it's possible to interpret this way fan we're active we are inversion so we are bound by the database
our from but fin are we open our hand
and ah that the go of our
honestly ah ah happiness
do practice implicitly than we are mine is in the region
in this case or this version is not necessarily never seen that our attitude to add the dharma
that is how can we can combine these two and the another thing we need to combine is this and this is not to define
she may mind in version undermined in irritation or not too different things there are two site or once one activity
yes that is fat i'm i tried to ah
this is how i want to interpret
don't could they hope and organs go going together
and ah that is what i'm trying
if we were aggrieved his eyes
we appreciate

i think ah description of our practice
both sides
no we carry ourselves drugs
the media to things and the earth including without teaching in this case the getting in the lotus sutra and also tolkien's writing
some now i'm
ah taken by myself to add goes thickest and try to figure this is a reality television
according to this this definition
my rock is really is
very dirty activities
stocks has been to new
yeah that is my expectation
filled when i reached throughout the thickest maybe things to give us give me something fuck
no text it made me so you don't decide decide it is both kind of are turning this way and turning that way this this is our
fattening so this is a heartful had had one side of our practice and that is another fido's practice nothing fat and i i'd like to say
but i'm not sure to success or not

i'm not sure
what do you think

yeah fun we are how can i say a friend
unless we sat a dharma and try to find it out and our study and understand and accept it and are try to practice it ah you know what during the thing ah
doesn't make any
i can help to have any meat the for the people who have no interest at all
and yet i'm dead from that point the viewpoint viewpoint of dharma even those people those people are
i think ah give with this attitude
who is that the government
in know kind of us everything out the way and
ah things activity
but still such a such such an attitude dream is included in dawkins ah
teaching writing
i'm not sure that five i hesitate to say yes or no
if we say yes madam may cause a problem if we say know that may be called another problem
i got this was serious
when my practice
the ways of a myriad things go
me to realize they realize me
this energy of such as that was talking to an earlier
we woke in may
a skillful appropriate response
myriad things are not just the dharma but the sufferings of the world
an appropriate response that comes out of this
is that
have you might control
which means
in every present moment if i am practicing presence to myriad things how i behave in speech and action is a skillful appropriate response which are which then is a return
the first circle
he'll be in
so it's a great encouragement
to maintain practice forever i am
the present wherever i am not just for you
this as how i am excited by this is think is that a fair is that a fair way of looking at ah
i think so
i think so so what time seeing these are not to a separate examples but these since simply one yes
choose your own
the be
that i think that in our dog and way to express in a while to read aroma and are beyond the water dogma or one and working together it's not the simply one but these are working together
i'm working this way and that way this way or that is this a tiny means done this way and done that way and they function as a one and that is ah
the meaning of dogging the expression zinc jie many thought that a function it's not simply i carry myself to other all beings walk media things come to at me but this happening at the same time both us working at the same time
you know that is
our father in a dog and men think he said ah then i'm afraid our towns that afra is not motto i found the my for our dilemma for our times i
but the finally at the end of this first screw to against it finally than muffler was thoughts down i'm afraid
that is how foot far or now i understand how to combine nodes teaching in danger go on and they the hotel together

yeah not not two separate things and
these are not two separate thing and something that we have to good decide and the escaped from that side this sublime site isn't our newest is negative and another site is positive and we have to make choice that is not the case of the and pitching

have some located
well that is for time please

transitive verbs
but when you say one way
and in the process of abrupt study and practice sometimes with the to one side with emphasis one side and are another side
and that is okay but then we see our process processor study and practice and also our life our family see this this as one with a vehicle i think both are there and they are working together
will that is fuck i'm trying to think and i'm not sure if ah
busy the success through of but anyway that miss cartoon but he
i'm sick that to say
mind the and realization times the dharma flower disease high finance the expression means that that's our mind towns that are for our i think this is a kind of repetition store or
not visited to some are is a matter of gonna connoisseur language that the means in up in this bracket it said ah in mind the new the or a realization found that a muffler this dog and took this from three nuns package
so this is a chinese
so she caught the chinese centers and the explain or translated into japanese
so have fun we did in english translation this is simply a reputation
dogging sometimes i do like this for example in show organs of was sure she said
he thought discuss about the your shoes mood or buddha-nature
she said dog is a dog
under one one rich apple tv i will take out the sentence because it is that make sense but fact he said is this fast dog is a chinese expression crucial or khushi and that it's not familiar rather for japanese so she
a kind of show to japanese readers with crystal or to in chinese means he knew or a dog jumped in japanese
the about the monkey
i forget which for school but sometimes so here we need to understand she's walking on two different languages
so sometimes or often use chinese expression without a reservation
that makes his writing very difficult for even first japanese but sometimes he's very kind
he said dog is a joke
so that in fact a car
it happening in this first sentence
so that is when the power of the dilemma for i was turning us so previous a section he discussed about finn our mind is delusion than we are turned by the dharma i mean don't offer allies
but he said when this power this movement of county is penetrated this penetrated his translation of bruising

the expression grosjean appeared in the lotus sutra for it says
you you could see up with the i know who is in chicago you saw at is only without to get out with buddha can fathom or penetrate through reality of all things so he i don't know anything then we
the penetrate
this to this expression
definetly really understand this expression means ah
the i'm for our times as we are governed by dilemma africa fan with getting in getting off deeply understand this expression we see that ah in time
that that enough for our money manifest the power or energy of sadness that is one of the ten is that allow us hello
ourselves town that i'm a flower
so finn we are alamein these little did we are bound by the
but finn week
thoroughly deeply see in this moment we find that we carry darling
the reason

i think included everything
happening between this person and the media database
including thinking about making judge evaluation or judgment or actually doing something to or between to add that thing so it include everything
movement of adding that i'm afraid our town our series of faint we do pretty clearly understand this moment we see that this same gonna flower allow us to manifest with energy
power to turn that are my flower
so this on this are up three the same a new and awesome power of that my flower
this manifestation
the swiftly not energy or sadness
is an instance of tanning the data muffler i'm receive this an instance in the bracket is necessary or not maybe not this manifests his manifestation is finding a that of from i think is enough
ah then although the diorama for was previous tanning so that his family are timed by the time of lot
turning turning over us has not yet ceased saw this is not yet ceased but this has appeared that the mean this on this are at the same time
on this expression and dogan
use this expression don't matter and a horse mother this is a better known are expression engine
literature this came from the conversation between a monk and the mustache
was play on chicken
they will soon is famous for his are
experience of
finn she
when he was walking in the bank thing and they rate sit down and that one in the spring and if is so that
changing my god peach blossoms in appearance at the moment he saw the peach from he
at our a grinch
what is the story and
logan's mg in through this this story one of the examples of
a non send them to being to expanding dyneema
casey sancho power a sound old by a stream and colorado mountain
when someone asked discussion re will soon fatties are essential meaning of
with the dharma
ah this they must i said before donkey
as lift
both aligned
you don't care the horse services are basically the same thing but usually we think cause is better than don't you
course can learn faster than dogs it soak for it
for from human evaluation in the horse is more valuable than donkey but actually there that same thing basically
before a donkey leave cause has lived that i'm his donkey a no out together or or even the same thing and don't yandle the and horse or means our
our kind of consciousness
and what could mean our buddha nature and these are the same thing
you know
before in a kind of consciousness de it or arrived
that means out
parsons my five scandals are some some comic tendency
and it's very difficult to be free from
but somehow i want to change your that to change i think i have to take this out then that village i can come
but the same and also rogan says in general is this
donkey and a horse or our cosmic consciousness and buddha-nature are on thing
but there must be some transformation that transmission i think is in our five his canvas
well with baganda five candace through simply simply five scandals by dynamic screening
when we it not we can five canvas quitting to themselves five scan the screen to five candace than five scandals manner and rid of it but then we are free from this vagina
then simply five canvas our and canvas without clinging while grasping
then as ah
it is said in the heart sutra this is when we see the emptiness of five scandalous then we are ah
from he got suffering
about this point
secondly the teaching the and a teaching me the heart cetera has no a contradiction
so this transformation from don't keep to horse is whether we are
clinging to five scandal is the under five scandals simply being five canvas
so there is a transformation but the five is candace are exactly the same five canvas
nothing is added or nothing is taken out
five is canvas is transformed and change how to function how to walk that's all
that is my understanding that the the this expression before donkey
lift our horse arrived
but between donkey and the hostels are transformation
in is an expression that the the opening the hundred for thought the came from our cosmic consciousness and reopened it can consciously listen to still functioning as i said about regime but we don't take action based on rose sought from kind of pricey
esa's this is a how we are released from putting to how are own five canvas
and next sentence summary depending on the causes and conditions of a single great mother
the buddha has appeared here in this transformation happens he would the appear here me know this the gap year here is a expression from the lotus sutra with the appear in this world you know that too
open on display this with that tradition and on a blue living beings to realize and into is that traditional and here i think he had already seen from this transformation is higher
can you that means
don't see on a horse are was there
ah good our appeared like like there
that is a how for the appeared to
allow reading being stuck in me
to realize and entire rapid the direction
what does inside
so ah that was sort of us over the southern the words that spring out of the earth have long been great the average stages of the dharma flower vase v certified to in a number his voice that
as screamed out from the ramp work from the off and dorgan said those are those voice at the bars or not
peep other people but this is something happening within our practice those things are coming up from got the us is
in which his expression our life force
came from much deeper than our thinking
that's come up from
we are released from screening to around five canvas then our life a deeper lifeforce and this i was is not person not simply personal is this rifles working within this
this five canvas as in jupiter being but life force and life force or feature our enemies although all human beings and also
enemy a trees and grasses and bath everything so easy the same thing right fourth fifth allows all beings to be not the only living beings but even his inventive see rings
according to general stuff is a life force
and this five canvas is one particular where of appearing for our our parents or manifestation of this universal life force as this particular person he might just chalk
so my thinking and my view or my opinion is my money isn't my own
but the life-force which allow me to think and view things in that way came from much deeper and broader lifers
we should see that kind of a structure of my life
we don't need to dig eight or kill our pass on are thinking but we need to understand this fascinating way of thinking or opinion why we still felt bad idea is formed by this
universal life force
so we shall see fact we need to see is this structure
and then we sit in in the when we did the walk this fast another path personal view
that is when this right right fourth much broader than this personal view appear or manifest itself through disposal
i think that the to find that are you know this year
means in dogan weeks in danger coin fed media that it has come true he asked and the allowed this person to
ktr to practice enlightenment or electricity realization
but still you know
we have to use our personal energy
we cannot kill five scandals and to keep five scandals as one unit
we need me or something called i
but this guy is not your existence it's a kind of our concept to to keep identities of this five canvas and the finn this and as if it's cute identity of five can this function in a kind of a negative way we go
call it a delusion or it was interested or eagle but when it works in harmony with this
lauda and the bar life dysfunction at a part of life
how can we use our personal
ah comic way of doing things
who is in the context of deeper and larger life
including or beings i think his voice to a practice
so that is what this our boys shuttle bus
spring out from the off means
so they are very old i'm an ancient
that is that he said ah the was such about with sounds and words that spring out of the us how long been great with an apple phases that is our life force
over the delmarva are unsold they spring out of the earth being found by themselves so it it's always working life free the order as near boston in one trees and they spring out of
as being conned by others in this case he might just turned by me tanguy the sheriff fan will open our hand that means and we give up individuality this boys thought about come up
i think that with the fact that you know this mean this in of media does things come to the surf
so indiscreet so these boys such was are also illnesses are caused by works in of it over by itself and also our practice allow this life force manager
the our practice again is the key point or people got a point in this manifestation and or for this our transformation
the absence please


again i think
he said knock was like that means ah you know of course you know even finn we don't practice and with on know nothing about this kind of pitting still the life force is blocking function but unless we study and understand and accept
apt and practice
how can we say is is the same hour difference that is a for i different for me to say yes or no
that means it'll if we practice and if if we don't practice same thing is happening but abby is really the same thing if we really the same thing why we need to practice why we have to study
but if these are two different things and we have to study and guthrie's is bad luck is another programs so really really difficult depression at least to me
so please be patient
i asked that we ask that question to another teacher
why will find you have to practice he are able if we are already within writer is in dodoma why we have to practice
i am not sure
somehow someway somehow something inside the an outside mean ah
but ask but encourage encourage how does the one somehow this or timing of daria from ah
junior i started to practice i felt like this is not what i want to do but this is i felt like i'm such thing to that
got sucked into so it's not my decision on my desire or loaded determination but somehow i cannot resist

i'm sorry
so that the hello in on these boys satirize ah spring from the ass
but dorgan said we should tongue not only that tadema our of spring out of the earth
we should also town that dharma for a while spring out of empty space
in iraq acetate those bulls such as a came from there from the asked but he said not only as a also come from the sky or emptiness
a next sentence he said not only sky or emptiness well as last guy but it comes out all lotus flower
so he always says all possible
a link to make sure
the to mediate a few more sentences here and attract to go to the end of this fascinating
the first few sentences next paragraph is about this voice that of us come spring out from the earth
in january at the time over the dilemma flower
without fail the father is young and a son is old it is not that sound is not the sun was that the father is not the father we should just down the truly the son is old and a father is young
in this expression came from the top
eleven and thy truth ha
spring out from the off
so those voices that are really really old
but second winning or was about seventy years old and he had to be cheating on the forty years or so but secondary said these are all my students i have been getting all of them
so apple's at about had a question was second when he was so young and both was that about their so old house or another young check every could eat all those old remember voice ross
and the answer
notice this is not a tough guy backed up that fifteen before or the chapter of a lifespan of that africa and fuck secondary said into a sixteen was the answer to this question
the answer is ceremony
ah secondary drive is a danny o'connor eternity
but the fact that i'm saying here is this young son who i'm sorry for you young father and all the sun is ah
that how can a situation with the our practice and fat a law practice invite while manifest
you know by letting go of ego st agnes who are clinging to about five us
that if i took this could be doing them in order
i said much deeper and broader lifers come up manifested sitter is this life force is those are good for southwest
so the know our practices is young
even while movement are
moment by moment so attract this is only this moment but our practice in this moment are manifest or allows busy ah
he turned her life force come up naturally fuck are you know friday is young and son is old son is eternal life
i'm a father is moment by moment practice
this is same idea about i often face of had to put a daughter in his in russell's around his teachings
a we practice following ah
second one is teaching than that
that makhaya of tathagata always present
within our practice
this is a our duration between moment by moment practice and eternal or that makhaya it or not tell him okay appear within this normal try new into practice
so we we cannot stop practicing even though that i'm ah kiah is encounter even vote that mock i have a diner unless we practice is doesn't it is not manifested
nothing i think the dogan answer to that question why we need to practice
if we are already reaping whizzing up without the eternal life why we have to practice
and though get the answer is with as eternal life is manifested manifested within our practice that fight we need to practice
if this is a good answer or not that that is dog dorgan is are trying say in almost all his writings
document that is another me anymore
we our practice is good for nothing
but we just anything that will participate this eternal life of zack of
by letting go of our eco same tetanus so
instead of gaining gain gaming or obtain something we do
that is an hour meaning of another dog and expression losing our life
as she sometimes is that
expression or sauce she
source seen some your seats
she now
i forget chinese character said sir

seen his body and you his life and was for and a citizen means to lose
we use in our practice know doesn't we lose our body and life
that means a lot of at in the be there
life as a five canvas
then buddha's as life appeared

so this is our division between our practice and are but us eternal life
so he said it is not that the sun is not the sun while that the father is not the father we should just learned that truly the son is old and the father is young our practice is young but this young practice and manifest that
eternal life that is our oldest son
well now i'd like to go to
the that
she's conclusion
in my was on page twenty one
i either had a rough start
after he discussed about law our mind in the realization tanning that that my fella ah as a comparison she not a few more paragraphs
do you find the press
fatty fatty
ah since the time from the cetera was transmitted okay

okay or since that time when this sutra was transmitted to china and the dharma flower was turned several centuries have passed and there have been quite a few people here on via who
have made commentaries and interpretations on it you know she just a describe how gotta sit restaurants dated and are studied in china
there have been a were some eminent monks who have attained the alma tadema however no one has grasped the essential meaning of being panned by the dharma flour and used the essential meaning of hunting the data
a flower
in the way that our founding ancestor the ancient buddha cows sheep that defer to ah three none that six and sister did
so he praised the archery not saying about this expression know dilemna flower dance ah
dan's as an off night i don't mind and mind in the ancient not mind the time the dartmouth nova
ah and he continued now that we have had this teaching and encountered this dogma flower
we encounter the incentive buddha who met the ancient buddha software we meet his teaching by three none we meet the ancient buddha
fruit met the ancient with or means ah you know
this and some to without of course means that our ancestors in our lineage through
i read
this reality of dining with alma and being done by a flower
why would this phrase not to be the incentive with alan so she said fame we studied this kitchen by three know ah this phrase is the brand ancient with our land

we should be delighted about this from your car park there is that are my flower and the from day to night where is the dharma flower
kirkpatrick potter the defy through the are much larger scale of time and they to night is our day to today
the ordinary lives you know enough like as you almost cannot escape
know get out during from flowers but also in our day to day nothing special ordinary life
on in each day still also
don't realize timing
so we don't see him of revise nokia
for with here with us
it's not the only a matter of reno
lofty philosophy of buddhism
guppies our day-to-day thing
because the thelema flower is from cotabato culpa it is likewise from day to night
even though our own body on the mind grow strong and then weakens this is nothing other than that that in africa
now i feel this this is where vr fits
until up until i become sixty i don't think my body week
but after i became sixty southern dish that is true realities in from probably not a front of me i'm right there
so you know before that i can never have to
no matter how you didn't feel i'm weak through
but after him sixteen you know i can see each year i found something i cannot do
things i did without any problems so this is the teaching of in primaries but he said that is also part of the timing no terrible flour so we cannot deserved why you know we have to respect that change
ah so the sadness of all beings is earlier treasure such as of all beings is really three idea of or being or beings are in sadness so that the mean all beings are really rare treasure
each and everything we encounter in our day to day lives those are all rare treasures
so generous and expression she says everything everything we encounter is my life in this case my life is this life force the bargain
to be there
that is a collection of five canvas
so our life or include or everything we encounter ah in
each day
so we should ah treasure everything
so the sadness of all beings is a rare treasure radiant light
praise of awakening so how we encounter with each and everything is ah
the press of awakening press over awakening is door
as i think our i said before those your if i do feel that place where secondly or think awakening under the bodhi tree though today dojo is used as a phrase for practice like got my satellites rather things
all it's another meaning of dojo in buddhism is that praise of awakening
sofa dog says in here is this is where we are now it appraised of awakening ceremony attained
second money became buddha so how we can
become a up with this in company
in each and every with each and every people and things within each moment
circular said you know because we have britannica and ortho a thief nature
ah we are attentive and careful some are really manifest that fearful our thief nature
and try to get something
but fatalities are often for sharing
you know that without difference of direction in fact we can get from others or how do we can offer to add are
how we can share his time hobbies or people that is that ah
moment by moment practice
if we are not mindful and attentive each moment instead of with an asia we manifest our fifth nature
so ah
in dawkins or
know we just the accumulate our practice and are after setting certain amount of practice will become enlightened person and after that we have no problem
that is how we kind of ah image the destruct needs in after we practise certain amount of period of time than will become enlightened the person
then we can motivate manifest the nature
but that is not true
i produced according to do and also calculus this is our moment by moment thing
if really evil one moment we are not mind the flu or attentive we
carelessly even that is not my my intention we carelessly manifest our thief nature
ah we're getting to the end
but we cheated
ah the sadness of all beings is broad great deep and eternal it is deep great wrong and eternal he used the to very or in a similar expression from the lotta sitter
and it is mild in the region is being turned by the data mayflower and mind in realization is turning the dharma flower truly this is the dharma flower tanning the are muffler so
in each case of on the as a expression of one without vehicle we have to say that my was times the car muffler
and finally following are renowned he dogan ah compose are thus
using this expression and vase is the mind is in version and saw it is being done by the dharma flower the mind is in realization and saw is turning the term a flower
when we are able to fathom it like it like this the terima for our is tanning the dalai flower so there's nothing other than the my flower
we serve offering tweet tweet me to tell mayflower and venerate respect and praise it in this way that means that i'm a flower that means each and everything we encounter at sadness
that dharma for our is the dharma for our
that this is the end of this first group but he lot or another paragraph as or afterwards
and he said this writing was written by thirty one particular person for islam name was a tax so let me read this are after last

on a day in the summer practice period in the second year of the dmz era that is to or forty one i wrote this and gave with to them practitioner it that's so this person's name is it
ads and it that's it means is a prisoner what wisdom and patrice penetration
and we know nothing about this
i dug is is a young deeply that i did that she is leaving home that mean become a monk and practicing the way
just shaving the head on the occasion of the ceremony for home believing that is ah
a talk with all ceremony autonation salmon is a wonderful thing so to become a month is a wonderful you
sharing the head again and again this is the way of to know home riera that is or only not only one time but we shall to in our our hair keep growing so i tried scenario we shave every
fast and the fifth stay in a monastery that means every five days
so we need to keep shavings that means ah
how our practice and enlightenment or irritation is not one time thing but we keep in know
this report i know scandal
while clinging to five scandals is ah
come back
almost each moment so we need to let go get a moment and that his father keep shades in saving i had again and again and then received another ah
meaning of we have to allows bodhicitta
dorgan said billions of times
my a mediums of famous
that means
almost the moment by moment
otherwise by diana come again
our five scandals become mara
so our practice has no end
leaving home today is the effect and a conference of sadness of the energy of sadness that has been planning the fatima frolov from the past in those are ah
effect the conference and energy are
within that pain sadness so this person became a monk what is he the automation because of that our connection was terima in the past so we need to ah appreciate this connection
ah and the present dilemma flower
the occasion of his ordination ah that is president done mafra that i'm a flower blooms on that occasion will inevitably via the fruits of the opposite that my flower this fruit is also one of the in sadness
the that a throw out of the of the dharma afro repeated than enough for our talk twice but anyway this means fat we discuss on do now as i've got him a flower that is a sitting or the nation will be the fruit in a future
and this time of realize it is not second one is term a floor and it is not that dilemna flour of all put us it is the camera from out of that that a flower that the mean there's no such ah duration of owner
and ah for the thing
in our to day to day turning of the terrible flower the forms of sadness or restore exist as not sensing and not knowing this are not sensing are not knowing appeared to be for that
it ah
for cook up

and next he says for shaky
fruit a

please not and the countries to area or sense and see she is to know and he also to know article nice and a to understand so huge are you rethink raise a positive thing
but she said in this happening there were flowers stunning the alamo flowers happen without
the duration between safe and object so there's no way we can ah since what know what dick organize or understand
again this is the same single with the at the images used a knife or those things happening in our doesn't cannot be perceived cannot be bothered coming to our perception
yeah please
i said in a practice you know without a eternal life or deeper and broader force come up but we can see it as object we cannot check if this happening are not fair with took it not
we're trying to how can i say com fellows
that thing that that thing that is much rather than us that is already in the region if there isn't such a separation on the duration on subject and object than that is version so
we cannot see
in order but as good as our eternal life
it appeared with enough practice if we think that this delusion that is erosion forget no way to evaluate what to make sure this is really happening
but related simply trying simply doing that in fact just sit in a indication because i mean just sit or just do it

but i'm hearing
the sharing with our eyes that is that is a part of the ah seng by don't shun or towards on fantasy
have you noticed the awakening there's no subject and object and all incentive to being fixed in burma
finn finn i wish we here with year then we don't care we can create but friend with here with our eyes we can hear that means fan those are infected in sync and things are not object
of person we hear the dharma expounded by all these are intended to peace
so yeah that is correct
so this is happening without ah syncing knowing and recognizing and a a british
and the past was in breathing
and out briefing on the president is in breathing and out breathing this embracing the and out racing appeared in the story about a body that maths teacher
two hundred dollar are browsing data fan fragile tyler invited by a king
probably other monks decided citrus but somehow this person for arising out there with chant etc he didn't wanted ten citrus so the king asked why don't you check etc
and if he said something in breathing
ha i'm one with entire world and out breathing it's moment we are one with entire world and that in the cetera so i never
stop chanting
never stop chanting
that means tempting does little cetera in through sense means not
not something some little scriptures
but living together with the whole beings is how we decide future
so the past was embracing and outraging and the present is in breathing and outraging that means
ah past ancestors and fatter we're doing now is a same thing
so on this point of telling the dharma and being done by dharma
gonna say because i know more than times we cannot plug this like them
as are no forms or formality cause but this time we cannot forget it we can imitate them back that least at this point
something citrus
you need to me to live together with all weeks there's no or excuse we cannot do this in this modern time it could be done on the email instant masters
there's no excuse we cannot practise be the same attitude
oh we should maintain and depend on this
as it is the enough thriller that is wondrous and the inconceivable saw this practice moment by moment
give and practice together with all things
is ah not that i'm a father
and we need to glue the flower moment by moment without leaving the mighty water
that is er volgens or at the interpretation tokens expression of his insight about foot the lotus sutra teaching us so it's pretty different from the way you know scars
or academics
in conflict ah that sitter
i'm now

the much thank you very much
thank you

i really appreciate you are diligent practice and patience
with my
strange english i'm dog and stormed teaching
maybe strains is not a lie to us but the a unique pitching