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good afternoon

we stopped a paragraph nine king
ah page thirty in my version
let me the several sentences
either for whole wishing to see the buddha
we should enquire whether
the one who wishes is safe or others there are times when that are my body a pain away as that pass out of body and there are times when that i remember the attained the way or the whole
appearance together on vulture peak is possible because ah i put the buddha in the bracket but please delete this and change into all living beings
not to put us
so all living things do not do not they're good at their body lives
there is opening the spraying realizing and entering in continuously abiding here and expounding the dharma and there is opening the spraying realizing
and entering as as careful means for manifesting giovanna
not seeing even quite a being close
we could fail to believe who could face to believe wholeheartedly in understanding or not understanding
the praise always filled with heavenly and human beings is known other than the homeland of sakyamuni buddha viadana that is the eternally sitting and bright and
who we who naturally belong to the for lions ah just giving in the fatherland that is one sadness until you here
in these are several sentences there are many phrases taking from one part of ah the chapter sixteen over the wrote etc
so at me he introduce that fiction of the lotus sutra this in the final part of the chapter sixteen
the title of this chapter is in this transportation life of that atalanta well as i thought a translation
dive should i spun of katana and the in this chapter know that you're gonna see a guy lotta
but that was rife is a goner
even though second bomb that imperial certain time on the fourth four or eight about eight years and he passed away and that nirvana so even buddha sakyamuni was in
prominent here allies stay for a while and disappeared but the real good life
we are through life of secondly okada is our economy that is fun
in this chapter is saying grease grease
so he's talking about the this eternal life and impermanence
things are impoundments impermanent including a second remember that
but the player a through life of company is eternal fuck is this impermanence and eternity
ah maybe be that to read from the very beginning of this fast this is wrong grass at the end of that that sixteen
ah that immediate the front or beginning of this verse if you have this book or page two fifty four
fis i attained buddhahood the characters through which i have passed ah if in it
but thousand of media are myriads of qualities of a funk jr yes
after meters
more than we can calculate
ah contrasts are quite as of creators living beings to enter the way of the buddha since then our and measured culpas in order to save all creators could all colleges here
all living beings
by cut through method by skillful means i really need a banner so this is lotus sutra said he's entering nirvana or his death is a skillful means by skillful means i here
yet truly i am not yet extinct
he secondly died but i certainly didn't die
what forever here creating the dharma
guide but he didn't write die but he continued to expanding with alma
but forever here preaching the dharma i forever remain in this world
using all my speech at powers so that all perverted creators like us
though i'm near yet failed to see me
so even though it's a gemini is eternal with he just stay still he here but we are ah parvati the creators so we don't see him even though he is mia from us that means he he said
families still here with us but we don't see him
all looking on me as extinct all the people who think ceremony died
every of here
because he died everywhere was my rear relics so human beings have constructed does took us under worship ceremonies relics
are all cherishing longing desires
and we get a fasting hot a had up hope
when all when all creators are living beings have believed and obeyed in character upright in mind gently
hello happy three wishing to see the buddha
not caring for the our own lives
then i with all the sanga appear together on the divine borgia peak so even those camera he didn't die in our team
we think he died so we become sad and we
egypt the stupas and we worshipped
his relics and we wish ceremony to come back
again to teach about him on the finn all living beings are hollow had country wish to see buddha sakyamuni will appear again
then i wish all the song appeared together on the divine virgil peach
then and then i tell all living beings that i exist forever in this world i didn't leave
by the power or hacked from me medford or a skillful means by the power or skillful means
the reading myself extinct
i'm not extinct or extinct and not extinct
mean the guy and not i dying i'm not dying
if in other regions there are beings give aren't and with face aspiring again i am india neatest so not only be so hard he may appear somewhere and receive people there wish to meet you
to preach the supreme data
ah you you not hearing of this you not hearing of this if you don't hear for time think now
hearing of this only say a young extinct fan you don't understand here this or understand this ah we you are only think the second money passed away ah you know
twenty five seventy seven hundred and years ago
about the second when he didn't die actually
i behold i behold all living beings sunk in the sea of suffering first and secondly see all living beings are sunk in a sea of suffering not these are burning house
living beings are suffering enough veining house
his i do not deviate myself he said because of that i don't reveal myself
but set them all aspiring so he was he is waiting
no origins become as tired
q when their hearts are ramzan
i appear to preach that dharma something we are ready to listen secondly a
is such a supernaturally pervading power
from a pile with flu means throughout a son carrier culpas i am always on the divine word our peak so a second look and is always under the on that mountain and the in every other dwelling pray
when or the living's thing or the living see all living beings see at the caracas and percent than the end of the corpus entire outward will be pond and ah disappeared
cut it us in the configuration confrontation when it is running this entire universe will be banned
the trunk cliff is this dram or mine even though in at the end of the characters and entire universe is burning
ah truncated tranquil is this reality of mine my put an end his twenty-year
ever filled with heavenly beings always
she's a vegan and he's fitted with heavenly beings pucks and many policies
with every kind of dim adorned
precious trees flu or blossoms and foods
we're are all created take the pressure
all the gods strike the heavenly trams and ever more make music
showing manda lava from us on the buddha under his great assembly
my pure land will never be destroying my pure land will be near never destroyed
yet all or view it as being burned up
and grief and horror and distress
fill them all like this so
this is a fact they sent so buddha is still here
and with around if always peaceful
quiet tranquil and beautiful and many in heavenly beings are always clear the are peaceful press but still we human beings think this is a binding house
so this is this is the know are thinking of in order to be burning house is taking for is within with us eternal life and or even though we feel this entire universe is burning
you know put as laundry the always peaceful and beautiful so these two are not two separate press
separate places and spotted times but are from
when we see the same reality from with us eternal life now
this is a put around and yet when we see our human eyes are human they wrote it
we are we're for him we're without we are we leave to
to fulfill our desire all of us feel try to fulfill our personal the desires and compete each other and fight each other and kill each other
that is how we see this weren't either sansa or binding house or how idol competition
but at the same time frame
no with a feed from with as center in this is the phrase were all things are supporting each other
our interconnected these each other working together
this is i think this is the factor this was his thing so one reality want one praise or one reality can be seen from the really different perspective and it looks very different
pretty through
is our corn fifteen fifty three be a reality where is this phrase of competitive fighting
each other already this the phrase we are all the boys subsidize working together to help each other
fit is correct
i don't know
oh well ah in this part of the hello kitty hawk k da da vinci are quote on many phrases or expressions from this part of the lotus sutra
as i said this morning the last in the last sentence of that paragraph previous paragraph eighteen as a expression the place we are living beings enjoy themselves this
appeared in the same was an english translation said korea or create as take the appraiser
and ah another one
ah it or not present as my pure land came from the same was under it he said my pure land will never be destroyed my parent will be never never been destroyed
and in the first sentence of paragraph ninety the expression wholeheartedly wishing to see that the guy
this the translation is it heartedly wishing to see the buddha not caring for the our own lives
i made some this quilt quote finn i id these sentences so a decent with expression whole heartedly wish to see the buddha ah came from this was a dog is it as a for a hollow happy you wishing to see the buddha
we should enquire whether the one who wishes who is this person wishing
is is self or others
that means this and as our and always said it's you to get me
but this me is no separate from others
so this is the me or are in ah
a initially nuns saying gee she's safe
once once from mind is this man's mind and are fun i talk about mind in ah
us or our southern schools and dogon
to fit in dogon in logan's writings mind is not something are hidden within ourselves while and also mine is not simply the function of a psychology but this mind the far to the korea
narrative all pings in which we are connected with all beings that is how we are activity existing that is to reality of all beings
so ah in a dog and quote or nine oil to the thing ah this mind this the ancient to put her mind is our fences walls tires and the papers and the also in chicago gains or functions zones
while the mind is itself to the he said the mind that has been ah authentically transmitted is one mind is all
dharmas are all beings and all beings are one dharma about one one mind answering machine cycle

a scene is funny or and his family or his shin

one wind is or famous for that with is same as media daddy was in danger cohen and his side whole or that muscle all beings are one mind so
this is how to mind means fan she go can use his ah she is she so it's not something beyond fundamental right and it doesn't change but this is ah
or it together with all beings
so say same as a know if a dog inside in ginger kong he knows it's safe and media during was his corner this will be of all beings together with the safe that is fun visit our mind in dog food items
this one issue sale for logan quote this in soul-crushing the woods
the the the itself to the and this expression came from tendai pitting

my pity or remind interests me
no i say i think this means the way or beings are truly alipio for all beings is combined in logan or a she
it is so it's not the psychological of mind and also it's not down one mind the us that ah can a
fits doesn't change and bit before god or brown with a good run the window where you can arise that kind of
mind as a human but in dog writings in this kind of writing the wouldn't mind means the way things are like reality of all things

so you know this whole heartedly we think this whole heartedly is a translation of one mine
and next sentence there are times when the are my body
attain the way as a positive qualities
and there are times when that are my body attain the way as the whole body is possible and whole body is

boone change
and then sheep

if bone means a part of something on portion or something
so i translated a
sarkodie but i'm not sure to see the right translation were not and then seen his entire body whole body
this this expression brushing up your the in the sea
tense chapter ten of the lotus sutra
is ah in that chapter in or somehow
the huge to the happier
call the our treasure trips are treasure stupa somehow i don't know from korea
and and stayed in the in the air
and isn't got steeper there was ah ah
a target name with whole your right

because they don't want no a home in many treasures on the name of this to pies or so hard coal to stupor or of many treasures and the this data ah
lived long time ago
i don't know how many her off but somehow yeah
this started a whole new light are made got that made a vow that ah so this cause you the older already in nirvana and is right in the stupa so this this total data is interface in
that means that
you know almost a candle ah
in the past
but this i'll attempt made a vow that out whenever and the ever this sutra lotus sutra is expanded i will appear and and verify kathy cheek this verify each show
in sure sure
so this tathagata with within this ah
periyar stupor appeared in the in the air
a stayed in the air on some house second money with us he was sitting on the verge of week but he's ah
go up through the sky
with or
people all the assembly so or or the assembly are in the sky
and ah
ah keep room
wanted to see this data
so second when you open gases are stupid
then this authorities said i i give you that proof for identification friend you are all of you are going parcel everybody appeared here get together here
that means you know
how can i say i don't know how to stay numerous it
the image is image of this puzzle body is you know for example
a big buddha in nara
that is isn't by rotana
on the hollow or by rotana that a floor with as many small us those are her body of in this case via viadana and they teach their own bronx
so this way i pad or via retina
they have their own our practice into
and the here for the rotor stator thing is second new today is is a thing
even though it's a company was here on the bullet gold team his positive body are all over and expounding dharma and a whole new light just started gotta asked second money to
as read all those cars are a body officer company he can hear then i keep the verification so or all of his castle bodies
appeared on the sky
what it's really interesting scenery
everyone is are floating on the air and there was one stupa and are so many good as and bodhisattvas appeared number is poised to perkins
if we can make a computer graphic it might be very interesting having a leaf
but so that that is fact this glenshee mean that means second money and his i think he's influence
for if are we
ah study and expand second is teaching we are the cuisine or price reporting the officer camry
so are vision means are in the btr bloody and dancing or ah
whole-body means this whole body and this could also interpret you know
as i always ah
the raga in canada nitro coffee interdependent autonation a note we are either one not have this interconnectedness
show up guys and person is facade of worry and from maybe i should it is this summer
but our entirety of this interconnectedness can be horrible
so both are the sheriff or both are secondly that partial the body as one particular body on that gonna pass on individual person is a quincy and this entire t is all
ah not the thing worth but as
the expression feature same meeting occurred in the famous call on of at this point or
ah verification
has a
sudan's hands on the ice and add gonna undergo discussed
i'm that way vos said i entire body or whole body that is coins are the thirst from the scene on the hanshin those are i think that same idea
that means in that the ingot corn or verification well as south on the hands on the and and eyes is this interconnectedness
and we are to good and we he use our hands and eyes as a part of a reputation for and under and eyes that means we are one of the hands and eyes of avalokiteshvara
and by using our hands on the eyes hundred means ah practice or activities and the eyes means wisdom
then we express the entire entire whole body of other conditions
that is the idea of that coin
and probably he's a dog in his are saying the same kind of things in our our individual activity is the activity of entire body of ceremony
and appearance together
on versa peak
ah is possible because all living beings that's not too good at their body like this this came from the are out of your boss saying
hello happy to reach wishing to see the buddha not caring for the our own lines is not caring for their own lives is ah
not begrudging not the bugler g be good at their body relax
then i will
i with all the thunder appear together on the divine was peak so thin
living beings want to wish to see the bigger and the even don't care for his own people at their lives buddha appear on the voracek at the means thing we wholeheartedly practice using our entire body undermined
buddha the buddha has gotten more guy appeared within that practice so this is the exactly the same
with photo second when he said the in the third around his as ah last discourse that when you come my guess
ah if you practice
the on the plug this my kitty then the buddhas in the toilet keep telling my body will manifest right there on
is present always present means within our practice without appeared so family a hollow had to the wish to do that and are actually practice for it than that is always there
together with us
the fun
develop encouraging
an interpreter or
translated as not caring about our bodily lives
it doesn't make sense to me i mean you know you said that at some point your body said no and you responded to that
get could be gradually more like
probably better translation ah hold dear queen queen of quitting so as we are here

so if we wholeheartedly whole had read single-mindedly my mind
wish to see buddha and practice them with i've always there
appeared on the bulletin boards borgia peak and workshop uk is not a the particular mounting in india not the fear about we are
it also topic
so where is our opening displaying spraying rising and entering this as i said this morning this is our practice studying on the practiced together with buddha like a teacher
are entering in continuously abiding here an expanding garima this also from the vase
ah i don't need to lead i hope you are you remember this fact i read but meaning with theme that means
second one he said to my lap
my life is eternal
never punish so much as care for means i ah and can you to varna but the he he's always here
that is fuck are continuously operating here and expanding dharma
and there is opening the spraying arising and entering as a skillful means for manifesting nirvana this is also buddha a said in that bar in that was that means she has to think i'm always here but as as care of means i died
they disappear
this is i think dog i interpret this to kind of awkward its side of for the said indecent one vase has to side of
our life
as for example for monday and things
ah ah rising and finishing and never at i think about very chic
that that is not about something else but that is about our life
not not about second money in the lotus sutra but we are in a always a big bone living and dying and yet we never been gone and we never die
if you believe or not sure but ah
i think this is really important point to of
how are to see our life
in the in terms of
behind up with his teachings that is thing impermanence
thing impermanence and theorizing eternity
realizing ecology
if and eternity or kind of rope was put opposite but this open or was it or contradicted ah not idea contradiction are both within this life
and ah the right thing to do this when playing
by the terminals about his own life and death
often she was about seventy years old now as i said she retired from and tidy thing he was sixty three
he retired he had to retire because she's a physical condition could not continue the practice teaching on practice
so he retired she was if his vehicle because she had tb tuberculosis since he was since the early twenties
anyway after several years or around me think she was seventy he was very sick and weak expected he was dying and i think she should have expected he was time around that time he lot some
our poems about his own life and death
and he made a small collection of several things about life on this
ah i think for himself
you know what fan he retired from anti he said ah you know after my retirement my practice is not to teach
but my practice is to the are you facing my own life and death
for he really faced on his own life and this
i'm not only that he wrote about his own is a experience and insight of process of
being sick aging and dying
and lot of poems and essays about his own aging and dying and those claims are about his own life and death
me and thermal i translated into english and ah
on the occasion of tenth anniversary of fanzines and community was and cng we made a small book
i think all enjoy the next hour ago and for it
anyway one of that you can find out for him in that collection
is a poem as photos
ah the title of this poem is samadhi
and in samadhi of the treasury of the radiant light daddy and date is coal mill

call is light and know my name is bright bright radiant right and this a dog invented wrote on top of group show volgens intended to colby ooh
already radiant right
and you the title of this poem is samadhi over the treasury treasury of the radiant right this treachery is console

ah so mean tourist area the same though his shovel gainesville police your house and this is one of the name of somebody call me old all than mine
samadi of year old radiant right
and are in the second-ever to the a hazy tokens jeremiah com seo
he didn't like many things but he fought the early focused on ah
preserving dogan silver gainesville but ah
come is a lot only one lighting
and the title of she's on the one lighting is call users online
and organs and took this expression from that item
that means our life is the treasury of radiant right very bright beautiful right
and we are in the samadhi together with own beings within this ah right
and what he wrote the poem is as for us though the poor
never poor though thick never think though async never aging though dying never dying
rarity prior to division here in lies unlimited the
so i did again
though for the or the poor
never poor though thick never think though aging lever async though dying never gain reality prior to the beach division prior to any separation or discrimination
here in lies unlimited the
you know half a fast half of each time and then the second half will featured on our opposite
and in our common commonsense fast
okay today is reality of his life when he got this claim he was poor because he never made money
he said he had are they regular until for and a regular income only six months in his lifetime
he lived eighty six years but only six months he had a day garage off at was
no after he completed our graduate school he studied the western philosophy he became a teacher of our catholic seminary and he thought our philosophy and mathematics and the he also wanted to study catholic theology through
he thought trundle through really understood understand our western philosophy he need to understand catholic theology
and the also he has some intention to become catholic
but after six months he
it's not possible
and so she quit the job of six months and he his that was the only time she had a regular income after that he never made money you know he addressed many books but when he published his books he asked the publisher
gave me ah
the copy on the books and give them to his disciples and a people through studying his students so he didn't receive the money from the are publishing books so he was getting for
but he said never
she's alive was buried it
not even though he has nothing
and he a on the donation oh i heard it was stunt from others enough whenever he has a guest someone and are many people with him to talk with him and he'll they want to ask questions about their program
mes or difficulties and the fun never he has such are visited he daddy you meet with them
ah so many people thought retailers was not noted their teachers for
if his life was really did in access
and though thick he was rarely six
in our and think
even he himself thought he was dying
not only a tv
but he's sometimes vomit the brand
and she's issues wife at care of him
and his wife began ah
ah scary family he vomited brat
fire he went for meeting the brat he encouraged his life don't worry don't be scared so he had no fear about dying
but anyway he was very sick
but he said never sick
and though aging of course he was easy was about seventy years old but he said never aging
and though dying never dying
so these are two aspect of her life
we are born live for a while and guy in the same as crowds at the stay for a while thing that's changing the shape and disappear
but ah you know this second half or to time is
i'm gonna put our eternal life
with as eternal life is not not someone like everything that i've named ceremony at our life our life is ah one half on not one half entire teach and
the life is impermanent we are born stay for a while undying always changing but from our that faster faster team you know this life is never be born and never be sick and public facing never
i'm never die
you know arising or not pretty chic
in visit to say the same as rain or form is emptiness emptiness is form emptiness never appear or disappear
and our life is empty
so from one side we are
i indymedia to being we appear stay for a ride and disappear
but can we see emptiness and the interconnectedness with your own pins somehow we appear with this particular five candace
and describes can that this past but felt we are born nothing added to the to the universe
i'm a fan will die nothing taken out from the universe
in that sense in on our life or allow five scammed us
there is a kind of our expression this is it a hit from a pure on pure land buddhism say we are as we had the same age
with amitabha buddha
you know the meaning of this name amitabha means a feat rife
so we're living that infinite light
since we are as old as this with we are the same way is it with this universe
that means nothing is added after big fan
nothing taken out the form the universe than that means we are all there on got moment of paper
but we are changing their phones
so if we don't think we take this five scandals are me
but this five the sit a part of this entire universe that is always are you know
holding and changing and changing reforms and this is one for one falling you know that energy takes for only fifty sixty seventy or at most one hundred years
so in that sense our life is really
a family or a goner
in that says this i
is wrong
but latin this happening is cannot be he dated was separate from his took them out isn't simply ah
coming up coming and going to the together on this fast or of this energy
so in that sense in hope we never die
we never we are not born and we are not giving and we're not i
but between these two sides you know we are born living and dying and then we never in born we don't leading we're not leaving and we don't die
putting these two size of our life you said
i really try a reality prayer to division to be devised the division into to with to aspect of our life
ah he says here in lies unlimited depth
that means how we def
this limited individuelle ah like individually around conditions life
in essence comic life
ah in the way we can express this eternal life
how can we express eternal life or to that through this very emitted conditions and also parodied
body on blind
that is a thing with in how we can bloom the flour or dharma
ah without leaving their mighty water
and are he said whatever said is an infinite depth
in this practice that means we kept we can say now i ditch to the bottom and has no more depth but no matter how deep we go into still there are ah
ah more depth
so this is really are an infinite
this is our generous interpretation of a life based on logan's kitchen not only tokens but behind our pitching
oh ah form is emptiness that emptiness is form how can we take care of and extensible size
solid doggy interpret these expressions from the lotus sutra that is continue city are biting here and expanding the thelma but as experts at us eternal life and ah scale
as secure as a skillful means for ah
manifesting leader gonna manifest thing we need of name is passed away from a guy
so this to after aspect of our life as a terminals
he described
and next sentence not things
even while being growth this is also quote from that vaccine another cetera
the know
he has a skillful means he he died here and a uganda but he acted he never died so he was always there will or with here with us so he's very close but we don't see him
but his shot not thing even wider being growth means who could fail to believe wholeheartedly his whole heartedly is also a sheep or minded single mindedly
in understanding or not understanding understanding with you think our intellectual discriminating mind and not understanding means beyond beyond that kind of thinking
you know
ah who could fail to believe this
activity most of while many of us fail to believe this
and our next sentence the phrase
the press always filled with heavenly under human beings if it's also quoted from the bus that is that the rand
is no other than the homeland of second money buddha thrash by rotana
this is interesting
think so second money on the by rotana are two different to put us and viral china pr the imgur or kevin kill or other kinds of as sutra or for from our ornaments cetera
and other by rotana is fewer than makhaya as we jumped in the mutant
by rotana up appear out makhaya and the second money is a
you know a kayak
so much higher teachings ah
kind of a strange idea what are you know got mckay out to the core the by rotana is greater than second money as are ah know it you buy nokia in america has a reputation second you deal with the only ideas and
and disappeared but by rotana as the thermal korea is a diner so this ceremony and the by rotana
ah shows this this to aspect what to side over life in companies and under eternity and will always always always always think eternity to fit that and imbalance
we don't like the in companies for months we fear son came from a day
that fight we want to see to the again and behind a buddhist
invented the idea of mongolia which never die
and dog i interpret this as a suicide over our our life not that to that ah philosophical discussion about the buddha's body
and he here to and combine these two youtube
a kayak and i'm ah kiah and make it one buddha
i you temblors said you know
ah go dying never dying
in a second money you put our is a part of the guy is dying or he did and yet never time
so dogan that make these two names so couple into one or need a monarch eye out and tell nokia to run name okuda
not so many with his teachers get such as strange thing
so that homerun means
fill out the life we are living
is a homeland of second money hasn't yet been a kayak and my daughter up or as tadema kayak and
the eternal sitting on the bright land this eternal sitting on the bright land is

yeah cause no

though his land
and joy is eternal
i'm jack is a screen or quiet or tranquil and call it right
so he can are sitting right
rand and this is the name of and with around
oh are one of the one of the for good and
intended teaching that is the fact logan says next a next sentence he said we will naturally be wrong
to the four lands
ah just living in the fatherland that is one such illness so basically from his thing goes for with island are one brand of sadness and those for the far too i don't have time to
explained each of them are in detail but graph
for without an for kind of with aren't intended pitching and the first kind past with and his habitat and ah for
oh look for ordinary beings ordinarily living beings like us
the turkeys are in the how there is one with and second secondly to put out and it's hard we are we
there it beings are living
and there is for example i'm covered with us up with aren't named kokoda group or pure land ah in often i believe us or pure on the poorest are passed away they with people in that pure
and so that that the like amitabh as a pure land viola ordinary beings so the first kind is good and for ordinary beings and the second kind is with ran for two people are to vigorous
on the third to bucharest not two but three vehicles that means should have a car traffic of with the and voice heard the bus
at the third kind is ah
he's a pure water and only a great boy sat was can go
and forth forth kind of pure butter and is this one joe just call the door and this is a pure pure with a land for ah thanh market where buddha
not for living beings only got omar khayyam buddha is there and that with iran is is tanner and this jack or or three means ah no up and down
you know it's quiet
and like means our wisdom so this is a land of eternity and city mickey and brightness of wisdom
but the here dog and we are living there
this procedure fear that we are
and don't fall separation of growth for our experience not pretty or truth that and is only one
this are jones or corridor
that is what his thing
yeah we food naturally belong to the four lands one of for lands are just living in the buddha land that is one such as so this is another meaning of the one without vehicle within one with a vigorous the
such different brands only one with iran's of fatness

this is our last sentence dogging quotes many phrases from the chapter sixteen
ah next but ah
he talks about our space
a tiny space and entire got my lot
so he's basically he's talking after about everything is one
in terms of time and space and no that separation between ah better that beings and was such a buzz and put us we are living with him one
without vacant lot one reality if it's everything is connected with everything
so when we see minute particles very tiny projects like atom it is not that we don't see in a i got him out and by this entire universe and one item
he says family see one item we see his entire universe
because there's not no such separation between each and every atoms and this entire time my life
and the family we verify the entire data my world it is not that we don't verify the minute particles think we see this and this time outward as one we don't miss any of tiny again
it's for
atticus so this is the same idea with in fact it said in the american cities sidra within must start the feet months tomato can be a credit or always each and every fucking qualities
on for live from fear for it yeah
the entire awesome in here
that means when we stop measuring the size using some kind of our need as i said when we don't measure and didn't this is one seamless space and this is one seamless time because
cause we measure
and rethink you know must have see these tiny or partners must have published the purposes is tiny and the months his peak because we compared him using something rhoda measurement but when we take read it to go this measurement then we cannot say
in a poppy seed a small and r smith monks matter is be
that that such as such the comparison is only happening in here
you know neither caucuses know are a month no think i'm bigger than poppy seed or i'm so small some source model can ah
in a month new
it's only with the human mind
no separation no separation
yeah there is no separation and no comparison
and finn or buddha's verify the entire that by love it is not that they leave us gave us mean the human beings without verification so fun with us is this entire time we are
i included
so or this it could in the beginning individual and in the end so within this ah antibiotics seamless a man's face and one life of eternal life hope shakyamuni or
or different things are happening on the phloem our human ah view
we see this as a burning house not only see but we create we create in this world ah eyes are burning house
but this burning house is now happening within this eternal life and also seamless space and time
so have to change our way of life

the moment ah

for this reason let me continue for this reason the even like to now even finish he like bouquets that i think this for good or fan we are studying this farcical right now nearly right now even like now it is form
as sadness in edification
this form or sadness is fast the ah ten sightedness
even the surprise doubt fear and all
we had before
ah nothing other than sadness got the means ah same as the five southern people who left
the assembly finn second when he started to
expand this
am i
without p crew de alba
when we hear this kind of kissing are we cannot believe
he knows
this sounds like a fantasy
if we think that word we are living as a our burning house i think this is really a fantasy is is simply an idea
by the strange people named the poorest
know this year are actor as actuality this is a lot of fighting and the competition
but some are enough to a new group of people think this is a breeder and
so some people may think this is a strange while surprise without fear and all can we hear this kind of teaching
but the only difference is that now we see the minute particles with us inside not are not that
you're my insight but we see from put us at insight and we sit within the minute particulars the after upsetting there
that means finn we see things as a ah can i say oh is this couldn't make mind and the comparator and compare things and make value judgment and ah in
test after something new we want our we think variable who are meaningful and escaping from something we don't want that create some sarah
and then ah
i was human human insight is a made up with that kind of idea why i don't ask view
but family see the same reality from with us sight it looks different
so the difference is it without we see children with human view or is with us insight or if we are sit within the there
that means just really be living there

ha friends we sit within the entire live so often we sit in the though we are sitting in the entire got my word
it is not broad
and the film is situated in the minute particles it is not know
so ever we sit it's not a knock out well because more distant this and enjoys pretty big if i compare with a nice and
our vendor is smaller than this i think is hope
ah but i don't think my vendors more than this general because we are both sitting in this entire data my work
ah so thing we situated in the entire demo on it is not followed on the family sit within the minute particles it is not know this is because if we do not maintain and it i had formed reality
we cannot fit so when we sit we are rely on this reality beyond the such separation
and the family main thing and the rise up from reality whether the space is broad or narrow we have no surprise on here because we are free from that kind of ah companies a separation and comparison and the variation
this is because we have fathom the body assertiveness and energy as sadness of that that enough from his ah body and energy is to to of can fatness
i tried to end try to finish dissection of ah
mind in the region one more pages
therefore should we think that our present form as sadness and later assertiveness or originally practicing in the entire that i'm alarmed about originally practicing in a minute particles
actually both because they be the same thing
so we have no surprise and doubt because we don't compare and do we have no fear and all
we can accept this teaching of one ah
the vehicle
there are simply depth distance and eternity
nothing is the original practice or being can't buy that that enough flour so this is for being found by dharma from our means in which you know we are practicing we are starting we are studying
ah within this
you know ah gonna life
next fish think these minute particles and seeing the entire dilemna one are not conscious actions are accompanied by discriminated a variations that we make so this cannot be
this is not view using our discriminating mind
i even thought discriminate their variations and conscious actions should be should land that extent of for our flowers and their functions that means even our such discrimination and
our separation and i and ah chasing after since sunday escaping from something that create gonna create gas and front of his favorite part of this one to the bakery
that's how we should see even ala they will get mind
surfing we hear of opening this frame realizing and entering crazy go new we should understand these these days means these are studying and practice to get always put up or teachers
ah we should understand these in of the us desire
to cause living beings to attain the with as inside
so this is because of the azalea and this is a cause of with a sickness so but i cannot cannot stop or inventing the toys
for reconvenes
and activity in the very end of this
chapter sixteen ah it mentioned this desire okuda said ever making this my fault how shall i cause all the living to enter the way scream and speedily accomplish
yeah without
so that is why in august cannot have to have to appear in this want to teach this in a better that human beings
in other was opening the buddha's insight is an instant of our being can't buy that alma floor so our study and practice
as our opening is fraying theorizing and entering is why he stunk of this being turned by the muffler that means that i'm afraid was activity
and we should learn it through displaying the buddha's inside our list of this paragraph he says those four things opening the spraying or arising and entering is really not fourth bullet ah stages got that one
thing to say so he kind of are depleted ah
same kind of sentences so i don't think i need to repeat that he says realizing with the site is that that enough for was planning on the wish to allow each through entering the put as a insight is praying that but as insight is on his
of our being panned by the dilemma for our and wish to learn it to rewriting the as a side he just repeat to this to say those for are the only one thing
in this way within the being can't by the dalai lama lama that these
our mind is in the region
why she may being panned by the gamma from are either phase of opening the spraying rising and entering there is a pass or penetrating each your fees so our practice
yeah he is on our goal is how than more realize is panning
through this ah it's a human body human beings body underlined or five candace
ah finally she says ah to someone has a conclusion of of are being turned by a flower to sum up the inside parameter
this expression appeared before but this also came from the lotus sutra
one of the parameter inside alameda of all with that fatality is the dharma flowers tunings
fidget road great tape and eternal and our searching that alma is part of in a this dilemma for our stunning
for giving the prediction of future with a hood is nothing other than opening the as insight within the safe it is the terima for i was turning that cannot be a bestowed by others
as i said yesterday about discipline getting a prediction in ah
lotus sutra in this getting prediction is done by ceremony and he said all the ah cars and voice photographs and all living beings young will be
the every to become buddha sometime in the future but the show gorgonzola juki logan said this jerky is our practice
at this moment when we practice for with as teaching you know that are velma guy up the idea that is jackie that these predictions so in in logan's shop organs or juki protection is not clear in production
is about a few church but bergen said our practice here and now his prediction so we discussed with predictions
that's ah
the same as a show or vilification our practice is it's safe verification
oh front of a talk
so no one can give protection to us
our practice is it safe prediction and but i'll tell my kayak the at night there so there's no times separate from here and now
this is exactly what is meant to by mind in the region is termed by that or my flower is the conclusion of against comment on our three know the expression
migration policy issue
shim me she made my day in delusion is she may
so this is or end up she'd comment on
combine the inversion was she made
so our practice is she may and yet it is that i'm afraid i was activities and then we are part of it

we have one more lecture tomorrow morning
i have several more cases
i don't think i can lead
of the this fasco
but i think the for to eat it
so far until this moment
ah is basically way i want to say on the about the my in realization was single he said
not this the same thing we're doing as a the being panned by dharma dharma flower is a way we can the dharma floor source she doesn't say is to a two separate stage two separate things
but this one thing can be said being turned by the afraid or counting the dharma flower