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good morning
this bonding whoopee start up paragraph three
in my vase on page pastries
this is the beginning of the ah
a section dogging interviews three none the six sensor stuff
so let me be paragraph three
races throughout india in the west and china in that used are waiting the borderlands of the ten directions
down through the centuries until reaching the thirty thousand ancestor them muster dire jumpy what i can
that transmitted dharma is only the dharma or with us one vehicle that has been completely penetrated
it is the one with the vehicle thoroughly dependent on a single great mother
now it has appeared in the world indeed it has appeared right here the buddha wind or queen your was saying game has been transmitted down to the present and the dharma
eight of nine way or nanga group has been expounded in this word both of these streams are the target as his site over january reality as it is
drury this dharma pitching is the dharma for i was counting on a full penetration over the karma of only good out together with buddha and the the opening the opening is praying realizing and entering
of the rich can make with us and based may keep as of the protests
he introduced they come in know
oh wow
died young tree numb
and he said the books india and china and between india and china iran smaller countries on along the silk road that is how you know basically we didn't have been transmitted by piece of both india and china are within
that ten directional
with iran's so
these are not two separate places in times of dharma

sections paragraph paragraph three

preparations throughout
because everyone not here we're good
then he said that is about the dive space and the about our time he said down with through the centuries from that type of i second money and
from the to the time of three num down through the centuries until reaching the thirty third the ancestor them must start nice young like i know that are transmitted garima is only the dilemma of without one vehicle that has been
completely manipulated so you know that emma had been transmitted from second money to my gosh out back on the market up bad to ananda in already knew then the news condition
that that america has been transmitted from ceremony to mark a shopper and the mark i shop at the nanda and leading to die guy and all is this one be grew dogma
that i took out the want to say
and the threw one vehicle dharma is ah
i've mentioned within the lotus sutra
so he said got out of my parents' committee but with in zen teaching and that narooma
x breast in the lotus sutra or same burma that this one be cool dharma while when gouda likud kadima have no to r three r decrease
it is the one would be cool thoroughly dependent on a single great mother this the families said the in a second doctor to have dialogue etc in order but that's pure the in this work
completely dependent on this one great mother and this one way to my car is with as edition or because the inside
and now it has appeared in the wild so or with appear in nevada for this reason but dogan added indeed it has appeared right here
in this word means some way i do some good like somewhere somewhere else in this world but he said right here and that means not only the praise here actually not practiced by not only that
our ancestors lived but like to hear me back here yeah we are now
this is a time now and with is the praise here so this diorama is ah
appearing right here unlike now
create out we are now
so dogan always think are two sides on his out getting know why it's a kind of our
how can i say
ah everywhere
creative a pit but he also or almost always and the it is right here
no way i s
he said the buddha with
oh god
query you on not to it one of actually none beside grew and unattended the fact that nine year or non gawker so not only and pill but three none but also africa china
this one vehicle dharma continue to be transmitted
and get dorgan i'm that did not be in that and you pray or yeah
until today this one be cool dharma has been transmitted pretty

yes is
it is can everything can be toys even allies are they can be doing

our when we study or practice something even without pitting or some kind of object to and tapping person that his toys
so even diving champion points
it could be enough
so toys mean something we uh we do or i found some object we treat and back in this person it's not ah we ah can i say we and
ah you know intimate the one and we work for you but for the thick of
but ah
i think dogan said when we will convey are safe to meet our mess and karaoke practice and item is a religion that when we practice in that way in our everything including put a diorama can be a points to impact this person
but then
all gotta must come to agatha and carry out practice realization or an argument
puppies realization after means ah in our our practice is not to not for the sake of this person
the cycle of about about
than anything we do including doesn't or everything else in our daily lives are not poise it's our life
that's a difference
we so the
nanga cause the thing is and in our i talk about the bustle a massive and i said the probably though imprison to agree with was teaching my the he's isn't mass was the da's is included
she didn't exclude mazur
if he excluded busy is not a van de coeur
but raising one recruit in or he also how can i say
measuring a difference
so you know this is a kind of a matter of

happy got a wide margin of difference than reality
note within one vehicle there are differences there are differences but we are already know one people
so we must be careful and sometimes he said or including
but some of whom he said dispassionately foolish
or like a dog so she always in both sides and if we take one side of gorgon same and we might do make mistakes
so we need to read entire look for developers shovel so are the one writing
instead of issue is studied one particular of ethical and he's and we just think this is dogan than we might make mistake she might say something very different from in other high schools so we need to read the entire show google
kinda at one nineteen
ah so she said although all the credit that must transmitted goes sagan's and our anger cause teenage ah ah target as the east side of virginia and reality as it is this is
also expression from the lotus sutra
and next and this story this dharma teaching is that the for i was turning of the full penetration over that are a novel one buddha only put that together with buddha saw this teaching this dilemma transmitted within
the who was in outstanding news is ah that panning over paramount it's gonna my expressed diorama
it's not that eighty as different the individual person's opinion
but each person can buy the dharma and of express the dharma dharma and the dharma
the pit for the are only buddha together with forgot about that means all although the ancestors and other them practitioners ah ah oh buddha in times
i have ah
in always in one vehicle friend we up a buddhist practice as actually nonsense when we put that we practice that practice or us
but if we impacting our troops and the and i'm the speak our personal opinion in map is not
so we need to be very careful
and that the opening in the spring realizing and impacting our goes for things in a buddha are open the with that original and display
or show or pointed out that is put on a direction of that bar but as insight and we realize
in fact that we took off at the buddha teaches and we enter that up
so goes for
kind of my interruption fat buddha of are on the fun we accept and impact they are the so with as and student student to put us shouldn't we are working together
appealing to things or is that saying of their face to face transmission in linear way for me to you in is is necessary
an conventional planets
but i'm appealing something else as well the actual present saying of one to another that itself involves the affirmation of the or seals yeah right there and that only the only in the practicing face to face and you
realize the for sales as a living thing
my correct side both those things are happening i think so
you know as other metros mission he token
of we the expression
and then

i come in the single or one and then in transmission
so apparently this the other ah
singular transmission or something like that that means a singular with one
and this can means a or discount this expression can interpret the in a few ways one is ah
you know one dharma this one vehicle karma is transmitted nothing else and another is singular means teacher and student one
it's not our this one dynamite transmitted from are indeed be pass on to eat the be that person or their personal collect our condition
but the february issue transmission teacher and student are one
and we are both are in the ah one big
and then another possible meaning is this dharma can be transmitted the only from our face to face person to person it cannot be transmitted through
oh are keen on or any kind of media between person to person a on pizza understood it needs to have a direct communication
okay then our next paragraph are not it's the same paragraph
but continued what has been transmitted is also called the sutra of the one does dharma of the lotus flower pcs are so he he's saying
that transmitted garima transmitted to in our lineage or in the coalition is the local cetera
it's kind of an interesting thing because the community in zen tradition said we are we transmit a separate palomar outside of teaching so no one said you know that that i'm out crimes committed within zen tradition is some kind of
that will transmit my only mind to mind disciplined single mind beyond in the little teach you
but he ah dorgan said this garima of has been transmitted through their needs is the lone started my the lotus sutra
but of course this lotus sutra does not mean the written a book published by the similar etc is this one we could i'm i've laughed that also
important point we need to keep in mind that means that reality expressed in the sutra and the reality transmitted person-to-person the same reality while should be doesn't reality our than my or and
so not to be something separate quite different from for the buddha both in the suggests that these aren't the important point out against a teaching she said in short walk into a good kill book
kill he said yes because no such a separate transmission outside etc
he could have ah
in mahayana pitching it according to the road etc my higher teaching everyone be cool dharma so these are not too figure
so in that case mahayana does not to me does not mean relatively larger vehicles
but they absolutely rights include the everything that by jaw
haha yeah not me

ah and this is the dharma dharma talk to boys of us you know that that mendota sitaram buddha said she's getting his teaching on before police autobots should have ah cause you could set up our cars are also bought something else
and because this dharma kept out of the dodoma is also called or because i mean all dharmas the in this case all beings
there exist worse your peak empty space the great ocean and the great us all of them having time off from us and their homeland so that my for our is a home run and each and everything
within this homeland is also got my flowers so it's a programmed to translate into english he's got enough for our singular or plural and that am i the thing
you know this one for our our collection of many flowers and it could mean war
that is a strange thing i'm really automate if got for me to translate into english and japanese there's no such difference you know hope case the always hockey there's no hope kids or with recognize
so we don't need we don't have such separation or distinction cruel or singular
it's this can be both and singular
so it's kind of our string it's not create rich guy speaking is not korea know for the japanese people face the always something vague
we can incorporate the from gsa or have to in
that is a problem but also that time with point
to express this inclusive dharma
so anyway for his thing here is everything
now this entire world of his lungs dermal filler and everything existing was in this alert is also got enough for us
and this is truly reality in as from here he does stop the different names of this natoma on this data my flower
so in original japanese this is one sentence and the end of this paragraph
this is truly reality reality is just so in true reality of all beings and new they're in pain sadness
no these settings
and the buddha's inside this is with us data center
and the way the world where is constantly this an ortho from a lot etc
now we all have things in this world is is
and reality is if you know jesus
new jersey
the chinese characterized the so i don't think i need to like that and i don't know quite a about on the life span over the barnetta
this is a hydro of the chapter sixteen of the lotus sutra the lifespan or apartment us so this garima from our is both he knows space and gaia and put a ramp in a conduction and the also
so without the lifespan puppies eterna eternity
and this is the profound an unfathomable that means that we cannot measure in using some kind of unit you he was approved for human beings can we measure that time
we used you know
the language of day
one day during for one day twenty four hours and we cut into twenty four parts know we measure went out to about three hours allow we kind of create while week one near one century and so on those are how we
we measure the time and in order to measure the space we use something
close to hours to us you know what we measure this can be you and one foot in length of human food
you know that and how we measure the things and under us using something ah close to us
but if can we continue
is it's really possible it it it's useful to us human beings but the idea such measurement ah
buried for the reality to save
he said i think this is a good question so before human beings appear the in this oh and before human beings invented such a method of measurement you know there's no time in this universe
i've got no such space in this universe is is simply one thing when seamless movement from the time or deep pan and hunting now this is seemed similar moment but when we measured using setting
measurement that endures than we may across segments like got one minutes one hour one day funnier
when we stop it or of it before human beings appeared in this universe there's no fat segment this is simply one moment and one space nothing we've been nothing is more nothing is wrong nothing is in short
on the family's sit and letting go of vote means letting go of our unique
to measure the things like this like good but you know long shot
then we are getting one with this seamless i'm an of space
i think that a different game described and he wrote juju them my friends he described his doesn't or did you run by he said the phone we sit ah
the spring but i would allow so
the undermined know all beings within this universe
it is it on
that means
we stopped measuring using our
then there's no fat separation with this person and the all rest of the universe and each and everything that universe that is another way dogan describe this one be true dharma
are you tell a story describing is inevitably like to ornament that was in the palace but is that one that taught everything similar to what you're describing now with yeah thought if it's in l relevant at all universe whatever is on w
yeah we did the goal our measurement to describe to discriminate things than we are the only one with all beings and all
time and space
i think that in fact that dogan ah
says about his regime in this user my
ah here we are so unfathomable profound and unfathomable and the impermanence of all beings that is one ah
nature of this that of a fella in permanent
oh so impermanence and eternity are both the apple that is interesting thing
and this is that enough for our somebody who cares online than offline equalizer monday appeared in also the lotus sutra
so this is all this is going on within this seamless time and space is a somebody
and the thin we sit you know the spring buddha buddha we participate that that's somebody that means you know in the first the chapter one of the lotus sutra buddha was sitting in samadhi and eliminate and tire
during my word
and i think for the for
to say is faintly that somebody or buddha continues
still continues and by sitting on this thing with a motorola we participate that somebody opened up and somebody is hook isn't my or samadhi or that my our
oh our innocence in would have given to stand up from the seat under the bodhi tree he was still sitting and we join his seeking
have been somebody
ah as somebody will be somebody in english
concentration absorption
right discrimination that secretion
for now
yeah finally think if often we see to in this poster if we think that is the same as what we do
when we sit on the this i couldn't buy the best school out in front of the computer so that is not somebody

what distinguishes
wait that's catch you
well for coming and going on we think are different
this to me is a difference is very important even fill we sit this posture facing the war thought so time coming and going
and even though with a dog in court is seeking can buy that i just sitting but a roofing we sit but who is this posts are facing the wall
we can do two more things besides just sitting
while neither thinking another is sleeping
the thinking is not thousand and three pin with no doesn't but just sitting is doesn't but that was injustice sitting sogo are coming up coming and going but we don't think
goethe those thoughts coming and going is not the opposite of person sitting
we think about the both thoughtful we start to think about those salt sometimes i think i write this idea very much or i hate that i know memory coming know a dozen we start to think i'll take that or i have that a know
new or we chased a good idea appeared in know it doesn't then we are thinking
but fence thought even though for that they're coming and going but we just let go they are just simply like are like our douglas
it covers in the water just coming ongoing it's not nine thinking and so i often said i thought the idea about i don't think
this is a kind of interested in interesting but
difficult to understand strange thing so i x i if i explain this to or the beginners i used the analogy of driving a car
when we drive a car
yeah and put the gear into to the engine is to moving car doesn't come move
so friendly with this posture this engine is still moving on the function of our brain is produced thinking thinking or imagination or whatever we don't stop
how our brain
you know fan we derive a cafe we in turn the key than engine stop unfortunately our agree doesn't we don't have that key hits
to stop you know now
ancient so it's instead of our morning
same same as in or even fun with the reason with this posture our had continued to up to cooking the brad
and i was to walk continue to work
to digest factory eight
i can think of yeah but that is a reason or on the our brain can stop function so able if he ought entire world is still working
because the ah gray is to working photo coming and going up a very natural thing but the fen goals sought to become the object of this person then there's a separation rpp zone between person seeking the architect peter coming coming and going
then we have our interaction
the i could be so i hit that or sometimes i want to alienate them or i want to keep those no idea
no i don't make it north korea if we do such a thing we are thinking this is not fathom


you suggest
when whenever we are aware that we are impacting with some with the things happening what you know our mind we stop and they to just sitting just sitting mean that this upright posture and breathe through our nose as if they
yeah cause down to our abdomen so busy that be and peaceful bread breathing and do we keep our eyes open you know sometimes for we are thinking
we're dreaming
so make sure we need we our eyes are open
and letting go of or anything coming and going they can go mean that you can come it didn't come and go freely
the over just sitting
and fan we are
stuck in thinking or some kind with some kind of emotion something with distorted
often so often we are aware you know those things are happening then we be done in a posture breathing and keep our eyes opened that and don't sleep and they can go opener on the fuck ever
thinking or emotion we open our hang on it and began to just sitting
this is fun
which i'm going to say to opening with one hundred and forth
and unfortunately if we open our hand next moment it's come back
that's a problem but we have go see next moment
that means it
stop but the next one more moment it start again sofa to it's emery said we dp this video on those times when we sit with this attitude over getting go before billion two kinds even
ibu when we are
because next moment foot comeback so when we measure
the fifty minutes or forty or fifty with a period for if we measure the time we are thinking might be larger than know
guys i'm letting go but still with or said that is a good good vegan but if we in
our mind to separate into two pieces subject and object and we kind of are impatient and
interact with those salt then that is not at all
so this is very important point and does it make sense to us
the service
i don't think so
very nice and friendly way sit with this attitude you know not only fifty minute
but our entire life is when period of summary or want somebody
since the to the actual
where doing
the please
i've heard other discussions on somebody
two elements disgust
shut down and he propose a man the plaza was inside
how is insight or positive different from thinking
i don't know i never put of new persona okay
the pretty dusk someone who has experience
recall that i grabbed an opening
here here here
yeah yeah
yeah very slowly declining is important
yeah not to whether he's a very unique way of expressing the karma
thank you please
he could be aware that concentration
ah yeah our according to build an hour the day is another concentration concentration means we be concentrate our attention to one by pura or project and we don't do such a thing so now are some id or her cousin is not the concentration
the happy money
you know
dogan described somebody as disused on my that in somalia according to build them being one with all beings there's no separation between safe and list of the universe that these samadhi i think

maybe i cannot finish this
has good tuesday
of here we yeah oh hopkins on my got enough for our somebody and he broke this deceit second money now
as our second money as ah
you know
a lotus sutra our according to that tradition chicken when you put that ah
it is nothing include is
now that i'm ah some more and new monarch higher those three karma with a body or one secondly
that means that america as or barrymore makhaya with us buddha is eternal prevent the lifespan is a donna
but either some gaia you know that allows bodhicitta and his name was summer as mega and continue to practice more than five one hundred and two lifetimes and because of this or fruits or desire to this wrong
and practice he he had happened achieved without food
she's alive find a lifetime
if we see second win in this way ceremony is some booger gaia some sambora kai means
not my body attained as a result or fluids of our long practice
and neither binoche i am is a manifestation
oh the garima kayak with in time and space as with sat in particular for the undermined and always inciting particular praise
and time in the history that these check em money as are ah
history kind of person who was born in india about can be five hundred years ago that these divine ah kiah so all we know that i'm ah kiah some bore kayak or to my nokia
ah ah
i have to say opposite second money buddha is all both the diamond bodies
and after that is this one day crew
and the turning over the dharma from that was ten cupcake and being good can't buy that for our that is how kitten so was in this term agua de cordoba there are to us picked one is a who
the iraqis or a them
i'm she's going to discuss from is can hope can't have a get them after a conversation between three none and the father so we i'm going to talk later
and this is that true dharma i treasury now wonder as mind the new gonna be seen the show bogans or nam your she
this is the name of the fatima transmitted from shakyamuni to mark a shopper you know i think you know that tony you know thin as secondly sat in front of the assembly
assembly expect this ceremony games that get some dynamite this causes but at that time second when he didn't say anything we can sing anything he picked up of flower
that's all
then saw no one except about shopper didn't understand the fact she's doing motto on democracy or smiled
at that time september he said ah i have this diorama distellamap is this a long name

according to the this story that garima transmitted from it's a community to makkah shopper is cold
yea hum
no shame
just so
was so
you know no whole mom
this is a burma this is a name over burma see that allows me to makkah sherpa
go in though
hum know she
so this for
me meal
no ah whole month home we got him again
garima cake or a show boys true dharma and is true dharma is same as
a meal for in got up america
sedona can be translate your whole or show go your voice wonder as karma and and show boys true dharma these are same cinema and begin
then his i am though it treasury so true that i treasury and this is a title the collection of organs se so dogan took the name of the collection of his essay from this as disturb his name of
and next party nahum meet you'd obama
and you're if one does
and see his mind
so wonder if mind in nirvana
and just saw in true reality somewhat in chaco just saw
just so we saw is no form so true reality has no form
and mimeo is very subtle
so this whole this thelema gate that was transmitted from secondary to marcos herber his show balkans off to a doubt in my eyes this is wisdom and also ah and of mind in uganda
that is to reality but to reality has no form to reality without the form and the
betty sutton therefore it's not ah and now i've just come back from using our discriminating was can conceptual mind is the name of this
the name of this dogma transmitted
from secondly to mercosur and from aka sapa until ah
dogan or even not give us
and for dorgan said thing here is this dharma and a now
sad that about in the lotus sutra a the same thing
so this is also one vehicle dharma

so he said this is that google my treasure into wonders mind in nirvana and that manifestation of the body under saving all living beings this is no
all with us manifest their bodies to the appear in the world you know that to saving all beings
so busy the activity or of from flower
and ah
there is maintenance and wedding which are the best towing of the prediction and becoming up with the
this prediction and becoming a buddha is
jerky jockey happens

join to give or offer or bestow on the key is prediction
ah t that the resurrection of our grief while a beat-up car right now in sanskrit visit a prediction in a buddha gave to or the cause
from saudi to try to ah
in the fast or thirteen chapters of dialogue etc the main thing is whether gave this prediction that all
all of those shrug cause
we've become good at that is a production
ah and in the
tap outcome of the lotus sutra
shakyamuni said
thin the lotus sutra is expanded
to everyone who here even one phrase and how and
rejoice by sharing that alma
all all of those people were to become buddha
so basically ceremony gave no cavendish the shrub or cause but also everyone who rejoiced share the a man rejoice the thelma we become buddha that is a visit jerky means giving
or bestowing the production means that these parties said in that
look etc
but dogan tokens mg lot are the first crew or szabo gainesville and titled gypsy
and he in this fast cool
but she's understanding obesity is a little different from ah what is written in
a etc in the lopez opacity this is really our prediction that means ah goes cylinder cars and everyone
who accept that dharma one the astana we become sooner or later will attain buddhahood sometime in the future so this is really a prediction about the future
but are in show bogans or jerky
dorgan are lot as follows
hi he says we should certainly know that the prediction actualize his the city this activity is gun job so projects prediction actualize the set of
the prediction is the safe prediction is passive
that is actualized
so this is not about the future this is here and now and for this reason what has being the estimate retransmitted from a buddha to africa and the from an ancestor to
two and ancestor is nothing other than the prediction that means she said you know this show organs of now news you that has been transmitted from secondly to america sherpa that his prediction
and there is no single calabar transmitted that is not the prediction so all the doubt about that it's all got enough problems is it safe prediction was joking
and early later he says sharing one phrase
so following a teacher through from my teacher
one phrase through studying scriptures is nothing other than is shaping the prediction
the production is not something given to someone or the buddha to the soon as i we will become buddha in the future but according to gordon fenn we study and practice or even one craze of dharma that a production
that means we don't need the buddha our practice is it's our practice
here are now is it's sort of prediction
that means fan we practice following with as practice we are buddha that the the function and sent in a very end of his conversation with the father in the earliest version of elaborate on sidra fan will practice buddhist practice we have with up
so we don't need to wait
i mean for the future sometime in the future but when we wholeheartedly products here and now you know buddha appeared
through our practice so each and every practice each and every moment is receiving or giving prediction that this logan's understanding of receiving or giving prediction
so phenom
i had i enjoyed it i got the a takatoshi about this for school you know i studied in via lotus sutra about jerky
and the fund which i compared with the billion a lot and the flood or is written in the lotus sutra
you know i studied lotus sutra because i need to understand for be said about the jerky in iraq etc
but i after i read both i became which
after or disappointed that prediction though dog discussing on the prediction in the lotus sutra is very different
invaluable lotus sutra ceremony gave are people who are not sure if they could become a buddha or not so second money kinda give a guarantee if we grab a few they accept the velma and continue to practice story
emma you will become buddha sooner or later in the future
but football games say saying in this fiscal is if we abrupt practice here now at the prediction that is buddha
it's very different
ah but finn ah i you know kind of digest both
i started to think probably fat dog and said is fun the people fooled or produced the lotus sutra wanted to say
but they are described as a story
but dogan pointed out directories as or reality here and now that the difference but probably even people rushing through produced the lotus sutra wanted to say that the same thing as dogan that mean
for example ruined our top that to as i introduced
you know it said even our children as a prey billet correct that's cheaper than those children again the the way
if we focus on that part the or gallo etc whatever we do as a practice or the all hearted practice then
the good away is a pay his arc china is that within that practice at that moment we don't need to wait until sometime in the future
so probably if but the lotus sutra said on the for dogon pointed out might be the same thing

i don't think so
my my purposes without but i am a derelict human beings
now and in via in the bag
and they under bob


please make station trade practice and practice
i'm sorted

oh how to cook
or to is a
ah no separation or division
this person on the practice or one thing i think that the the fact the whole academic means
but if we practice for the sake of something we may attain sometime in the future or something different than ah
that is not at
so i say wholeheartedly practice
it means
when we are e ally and player body undermined his yeah in that action activity

i think so

ah maybe we cannot know we can evaluate now i'm doing a whole lot of progress if we do such a thing it's not a whole lot
so far out practice is something we we can just try just do this is a foxconn we can we just do without even evaluation where the i'm just doing or not
if we will think i'm just doing or not then we are not just doing so
it's gunpowder were just doing in the early just doing with that even evaluation
you know you know it doesn't need in order and because there's no object and several objects so it's kind of
not so difficult to to just sit even though it's very difficult but in our daily lives you know before we got for gun crew ah thing we cook in the kitchen before we start to cook we
have to think you know flu fighting the menu fatter gotta feet and are how for know what kind of great ingredient we need and forty either procedure
process of cooking venerable and we study and understand on the make ah not korea and once and once we start to cook we even forget about for his fault i'm just doing
for we took the beta to just chopping i think that this or rapid properties but if we think in that way even the preparation just a phase a trip preparation using thinking
is part of whole or lack of practice
so in assess there's nothing fits much all happy
what that is a if we think so that the problem
please is another of a chair for all hearted practice perhaps most intimate
yeah i'm also somebody
oh kathy how
so that is about juki and he said becoming a buddha that is subject to
the is a expression of feared
for the company in physician
shop organization dog and court our story about martha
talked about the measure the story about are pushing a pie
no i've got time michael was a young monk he sat day and night by me safina are hundreds then his teacher non-local with to him and asked her mother are you doing this page on the she said i wholeheartedly cup stuff and they are now
night and fatty but if you are impatient why do you practice doesn't know
from us then ah bustle said
he used it to my sabbaths the habits
the me to intend to from so i i practice or in
with in asian or becoming buddha
so i brought this to become the that
then ah nanga could pick up a piece of pie you from the ground and started to polish
on the stone
this is a kind of a strange things to do so bustle asked peter fuck are you doing
and longer cassette i'm pushing a tire
to make it dummied up to make it into a media then brussels asked again how can you make a meta by polishing a you then ah non-gaap said how can you make your body into good up by
by sitting
is a very interesting and important column and bogan are made long comment on this story
and are so in that story now look at the moorish bustle to practice zazen with the intention or desire to become buddha
ah so to go sit to become a buddha is nonsense same as to a i'll make it into amira at is the meaning in that story
but in logan's comment again said
it's possible
to make media by placing a tire
but rather he said polishing a type type of asset
kind with five scanners
why we can miss five cameras into buddha by just sitting but logan said polishing a meta now i'm so placing a time is it said of making a bigger i'm making me up
it's not much help
in a higher become a mia but policy the practice of pushing a pile is making lumia
does it make sense
yeah so this blog to see the buddha
notice how ah
dogan interpreted this story i'm betting the fact that south of the here means our practice is itself becoming buddha

and one day will here and now

yeah keys a skillful means you know to make those a check of people i interviewed up into boys up about those for chinnaiyan of practioners into boys
a positive that this be higher practitioners so those are you know sort of backup
wow great disciples or buddha
but of course of the time of shakyamuni there's no such concept as mahayana are going to suck about so somehow the lotus etc want to make those great
the disciples so put that into balls at the bar
and you know this jerky is a kind of a skillful means to make those will shrug a car into a voice up about
but dorgan said you know
our doesn't is our she said duty is giving or receiving with a prediction and like there we become buddha
so this is a kind of a skillful means
yeah no end are no beginning
alicia i'm now they are not

me i

logan's logan's understanding of pain there's no separation between past present and future
is it also meaning of one vehicle no past present and future this new one
seamless moment
a widely held
i i don't think cogan said to we are buddha
i don't think dorgan said that we are buddha he said our product cathedral buddha
no same as a secondary said in the cetera of the final kit you if you will practice following with as teaching after put as this the as the makhaya manifest within our properties
so this doesn't mean our practice make just five canvas into buddha five canvas or this comic set of his new comic
i gonna say show how creates a buddha
but my practice is put up
fit fit yoga
anyway that is how we maintain that one because garima and also dreading in
that means our continuous studying and practice our jersey continuous practice is the way we the main thing and transmit in on this quantity could have now
i think that is for building the thing
where then hop
though instead they talk about the conversation between sudan and this monk father and are we already he i already talked about that conversation so we now go to
ah in this was on
the or i got pulled over fifteen

they find
ah the paragraph starting the cause on the conditions of there must have five as visit to our sheep are like this
they find it

they find the breasts cooking
and the virgin i have thirty nine
there's nine or seven
i'm sorry for this confusion

we only have five more minutes so i did sentence by sentence group
the cause and the conditions of there must have fathers visit to kashi i like the so he finished the story of their conversation from this conversation the dilemmas flour or being and by from our and of turning karimov from has been
the expanded so when on the six senses that was the ordinary person who coined this expression on
didn't got him a flower and being done by got him a flower
before that these expressions were unhurt
so it was our in only person toady to qualify the buddhist insight is to clarify that through i treasury that is a show bougainville
and people who have qualified this are with our ancestors so buddha ancestors other people who qualify in this determine from our
dunning got a muffler
scholars who vainly calculated the fans and the papers of was on as cannot the know that with as east side this is obvious now when we see who father used to be before he met the ancestor so
he said to you know that the alley and transmit the person that what the teacher should really awaken to his shovel kenzo just reading was on it as like a out before she met the issue none
is just a kind of calculating the
numbers of without last
how can i show from set
that's color put his colors are like ah bank a bank clerk they count the money but none of them note known no money in their own
we are just calculating
i'm here or circulatory forfeit there are too kind of studying
when need studying
i like an ant and the i tiny easy and can go everywhere and get take get something little guy to do and are paying him in the are doing
but she said another kind of study is study like a spider
know spider eats something and make it into our beautiful
that means we need to digest it and express you know our own unique way
otherwise we're like that bank could a contest counting for the buddha said or oh fuck kind of wet concept appeared in certain kind of scriptures
so a good dog a thing is who we need to study with a teacher who really ah
the book without the inside is the dope
knowing about it
i so that to qualify that to essence of the put a flower we should completely penetrate the tourist that the opening and spraying by ancestor are masters is the one single great mother do not seek it
in the other vehicles in this case just studying
with as teaching as acknowledge
so before the ancestor before showing on in china it was unheard of and no emphasis than it is and that that true foam true nature through body to energy to cause and to effect
those ah ah
not out of ten as activists
he abbreviate that it is a few of him but if she said i think he's talking about the input or ten sadness or this at this not getting not vle the
ah manifested through their own body i'm a mind as a practice
un peu trina in china
so that means show know as fast gotham fast and sister who really the
he manifested
yeah these pens sadnesses if we we need this kind of think we are
instant relief in could fun fact about pulling out a math

ah doleful study with his teaching on are incorrect
a interest
who is that correct debating me through our life using body undermined
are you saying that he
and he get here is saying we may have my name's the first to express expressed in august
no in fatness
ten seconds virginia industry as a lot of our tons dogma from mashallah

well ah fast i with my picture the book
when i was a high school student
i to understand their answer he found but i understood he had the same question i had and to issue
his life he found of
what is the meaning of life
and ah
how can i say
and he not been that
not only in that book but he wrote many other books and for it he explained in written form for the answer she found and that is basically shakyamuni i'm going to teaching
but if i only read those books written by him a know what he wrote is simply a kind of a new orleans i could understand
but then i actually live with him twenty four hours a day and seeking how he behaved
or different the kind of restorations and how he practiced that in and how he do other things by pricing his
life he's a october activities
i understood the a p on
i understood upheaval in the books so to study as a concept or thirty or philosophy and actively practicing with kim and ah
seeing how to how he really are
gift in sat in particular ah concrete ways
know that make made me possible to really understand of what he meant
fan not funny thing i think that is a difference i think the same difference between the okay talking here
he took it
where in this sentence i aged had a for question marks
this is this question mark is about every singular or program
all this pain sadness of is cruel or ten different things or you know that tens tens sutton is said those from the beginning and end up from one to nine ah
you know ultimately one thing
how can i like this this sadness as a singular in english nothing
the fact that i can do so i met you i kept the that christian luck i paid so these are not in separate things so i found strange to me
those was it is or are in yeah
it doesn't mean the i don't know
ah anyway
certainly stand by the time of wow

if a fool
dorgan said china was the first person what about forty del mar and five five ounces before shutting down
i don't know
well i have a question but i don't have answer
you know to me not
having a question is a kind of practice and i don't necessarily the answer
what that means this is one of the point know i can continue to think

hey the