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good afternoon everyone
now always thought to date now i'll get okay from the beginning
oh really
half of the
ginza is over
still we're starting point but i don't think we wasted time
to understand the fuck decades
going to light in this first crew i think we need it i really have a similar kind of understanding as a background
okay let me read paragraph one

cuisine the borderlands in the ten directions is currently being older not enough for our within these borderlands or put us in the ten directions
on three times and beings of i can make our awakening i looked at some example the ah panning that i'm for allah and being conned by the arima garima for our these activities are original
is raising the boys chat about pass without bucks writing or give eating the wisdom of all good us that is extremely profound and beyond measurement and peaceful and calm somebody that is
difficult to understand and they've carried to enter
perhaps as a buddha manjushri the is the form of sadness of on the buddha together with buddha within the great ocean with and perhaps our second money buddha the or his appearance in the world of one saying
on the i know this reality and the buddhists in the ten directions are also us this is nothing other than the one time when he is a us to open on display that buddha's a be sprayed with as inside
and a neighborhood living beings to realize and entire thing i and i and with us in the in directions are able to know this matter perhaps this is samantha bizarre there is the accomplishment of the uncut
a virtue of the dharma flowers tanning and the spreading throughout young view dupes over the profound great and eternal are some next somebody this karimov flower is the us which is able to
larger the three kind of grasses that to kind of trees and many lies on small shrubs on this data from our is also the rain that is able to moisten them or unknowingly and without being known
samantha bhadra causes the padma for i was planning to be completely practiced and perfected before samantha bother us dissemination of the dharma easy yet finished the great assembly at about a topic has alive
second money verified samantha by us coming and going in the form of light emitted from the white car on his forehead
while second one is disclosed to the assembly is not yet have finished the or is that dilemna for i was standing that to make money shitty consider giving the prediction to my prayer the future buddha samantha other are or good at all with us
manjushri and a great assembly on workshop peak must be the insight atlanta oh to time for i was turning which is good in the beginning in diameter and in the end for this reason shakyamuni buddha
a appeared depending on the on a single vehicle for the sake of the single great matter because
because this images is nothing other than a single great much i'd save it is said that only put that together with the buddha is able to pay rate the to reality of all beings because the dharma is without fail the one
with a pico the only buddha certainly a neighbor's the only buddha to penetrate it all with us including the seven with us unable naval each and every buddha to penetrate to reality and the a neighbor second
honey second money with the to completed
this is the introduction of this our first clue
and are in the first sentence he said within the buddha land the induction direction

when about

i think as a english this is not a good sentence
but but i keep this kind of a strange form of english to show how he doing good this fasco using the phrases from a lotus sutra
ah within that buddha in the ten directions is
the poor with the go shoe
only being is doing
and ah kit dime offline okay
from here too here is a quote from the second chapter of the road etc and she only change the last part in a lot etc
it said you or with those two
good though shoe
you who is she
jaw oh
me yeah crew
with some

jeep boys can direction
but do with the land and chill is in within
and you is only
who is there is
so within ten direction borderlands
rare is already it is your voice when be cool dharma
and ah not two or three
that is what they said in the lotus sutra
this is a user english within the ten direction borderlands there is only one be grew out of my
nothing two or three get no two or three decrease
but he take this bug out and saying okay at of noah
and what he said is
get poke your shoes
ah wow
okay know you
natty this is how he wrote in japanese
so he he doesn't
trusted chinese a sentence into japanese but he used the ordinary chinese within japanese
that's if i know she's writing in this fiscal is difficult to read and even understand and of course to translate into english
so i prefer it this as a who is in then ah borderlands in the direction and i said is you eat on the pig
you use only being and very much for our so as a joke or english this is a only think there is in indirect the he's done a flower
doesn't mean there's nothing other than done them for our who is in in that action lot so everything all things and that action would i like means here
this entire universe feel we are living now
so he doesn't nothing for the heated when we did our narrow etc i wish to study the road etc about
it is written about our life our practice so this world this iran is where we are here and now
so only thinks their lives in this what is got my flower that means everything we encounter
and even we ourselves is got him a flower
there is nothing for it is not them africa
that means even garage on is from from ego and when i say if we if i say i can i do agree with this than still that
it is kind of a from wow
and gonna and so is there enough drama in logan's another expression is crude

me the peach
from pro wimpiness he wrote another a vascular shop organs are entitled to cruel game
our of emptiness usually crew get
means the region
you know thin we have some thickness
in our eyes we see something which is not there that cause of cataract up his gold croquet the flowers in the sky
but the dog and gave his career as a cow emptiness you know
it from its be a true but the empty means
impermanent and and the no fixed entity fixes substance so we or existence all beings is lot of emptiness or flower or garima that i'm and our up it's how dog go games
expression that i'm afraid our means proud of emptiness
luxury for me
okay okay okay okay
so this is the first sentence and he said within this
but their hands
all buddhas in the ten directions and three times this is the fact that we tanked at least three times a day
the horse has she is she threw order with us a inductions
and being over ultimate the awakening is ah i don't get a somebody being go and telephonic some goodies
this before to world cup of us
living were being so on with with the i'm going to have a cramped body the to find the board he the by means
so what's that about his obligation nope i look at a some look somebody sutras
but in this case it but he he not only refer to those boys that up via the in the lotus sutra such as manga shitty or samantha by the ah or about october but or beings are existing with
in this brand has got my flower
always had the bus
we are all there to support each other back together with all beings
and we are supported by all beings this way well being is
void subtler means so
editor for mac somebody or alchemist awakening is not the kind of not some kind of over
happening within our mind but another some example the is that a reality as it is that is to our agree
so there's no such separation between a person who are weak and tourists are a reality that is available to and being seen this one reality without
separation or as the seamless reality is itself a weapon this idea came from ah
in mahayana buddhism that is ah
are they could to that dogma so wisdom without of it awakened to the reality of or beings
with the wisdom
but goodell is part buddha is a part of that reality
so in that sense the dharma awaken to the dharma
so that about person who have a quick who awakened and the dharma fifties awakened by buddha in the same dharma so there's no such separation between subject and object
so we're done and a reality thing
by that with them or
by using we've come in the same thing
so awakening and the
the reality without equal to is the same thing
does and boys that the bus and all beings are cunning that got enough lot
so all beings are turning that the from africa and order beings that my fella
order beings are bad muffler and all those dilemmas for of was are panning that my flower
and also being conned by the down in mahalla
this stunning the drama thriller is a
the came home kit
ten open turning that back forever
that is the fuck
showing and said when
our mind is enlightened we on that are mozzarella and the fin or mind is there oh did we are calmed by the that mashallah is found by the thelema rolla is for our physician or k ten
so in the case of three nuns conversation with father
oof father was before he met a and father was turned by an italian my flower that i mean she didn't really us understand the meaning is a sort of meaning of narrow etc
but the after he received a teaching from you know she
started to town that i'm a sharp means he understood is a sort of meaning of road etc and he express it
so in this case there is a transformation that the means though
before he met three on he was in belgium but after that he become enlightened that is a difference between being panned by karima from and timing the dharma flower but here dog and says is not that there's no such difference
right so all the buddhas and bodhisattvas everything is at the same time panning about my flower and also being conned by know that i'm a flower
so need out is ah negative or positive
so are being come by dharma for our isn't not we are in trouble
that makes sense
that's the difference between as you fourteen said and football games going to say
so you know these at a to can i sit through expression of one priority
now put that is practicing and are awakening and pitching and we are studying under we a up
know understanding and the awakening and we try to share that experience
with other people in addition of what is happening
even when we are eroded and we never we know nothing about burma that they've ago you doing

yes or everything in the phenomenal world is empty
is empty therefore puppies emptiness
not that these are committed reality gets no two realities that is on the reality that means form on the emptiness form is emptiness and impunity the form that is one reality it's not a of virtual reality in one
narrative form is emptiness in another reality emptiness is form but these two should be always together and one thing
ah so what is happening everything happening in this universe is dharma for allies turning about my flower
and these activities or these things happening ah or general practice within the buddha or bodhisattva path is or isn't our practices within the book i was at a bus came from the sixteenth chapter sixteen
of the lotus sutra that is not up there op but as ah lifespan
it said you know
is buddha practiced for many lifetimes before he was born in india has a was that good set about gotten not practice before she was born in india as as siddhartha is called for is another practice that
was enough africa practice allow him or a neighborhood to people that in she's last final lifetime
so this is or can this original practice are unable to put up to become buddha
so everything happening in miss universe is good as practice or boys had about practice
and that we bring ah
you know that all beings all beings become buddha so this entire universe is moving to ugh but or with a way of with and or buddhahood
and without the bucks writing or deviating this is er expression from another topped off the road etc i don't think i
i need to for each and every phrases if you want to check for vips phrase it came from ah if you have that translation by mrs uma
he he's a book he met he mentioned all references so if we want to take please the that book
so this expression we got the bucks writing or deviating means
exciting mean that we stop practicing and go
go back and deviating will go somewhere else different directions but this is on the direction
all beings as got my flowers are going
not at fault for this is called one cool
everything goes to the same direction of under action
so this is one wage traffic
the wisdom of order with us that is extremely profound and beyond measurement this one reality one v crew reality
has no way to measure because there's no separation between the thing that's happening and the person who major
dhaka observer there's no observer
obama is part the other this vehicle so we are all going to address the same action
as done my flower
and peace flu and the com family peace through and com somebody is are uninsured than mine

the my summary on this other unsure appeared in the beginning of the
a tattoo skillful means in wrote as says that means in the introduction without was sitting ah in the somebody i'm here so he didn't say anything but in the very beginning of chapter two skillful means he
he come out
from the base station
and it said he he come out from them as samadhi our peace free and meet me in this translation is free and creating
that is how to unsure means and logan's nz it was this expression on show in converting
when we stop sitting and standing we should start scan comedy family the the translation can really and something like a bit about it we we should not stand up abruptly
that is that allows the onshore so we stand up from doesn't ah
a piece free and creation i don't know how to create a standup means
but this means a peaceful come without any hesitation and also believe that a preparatory and slowly without any abrupt the action
so to me this is interesting know this is no way ceremony get out of the ceremony but he said i show them my up opinion somebody
that means a friend we stand up from doesn't we are still in into somebody
so that is one name of summary
that is difficult to understand and difficult to enter
non gay now new is another expression from a etc visit our blog with as wisdom
so the best referred to wincing in this photo first section first paragraph is the same guy universe induction work is ah
in somebody
if it's everything is
existing as that i'm my frog wow you know coming
i'm going ah arising staying wildlife and perishing
you know is that
any a creamy
it's it i got you know crowds in the sky somehow in are in the sky somehow
crowns i stay for a while changing a shape and disappear
sometimes not know we have a really peaceful avoid grass
but sometimes more than half of the sky is covered with grass and sometimes the entire sky cover the with crumbs and sometimes we have rain or snow or storm or lightning
all different kinds of things are happening but nothing lasts forever
so things are coming and going without cringing
cream to be a crowd now crowd is
water floating in are in a sky
so that the water came from the ocean
and stay in the sky for a while as or crowds and go down to the on the earth on the ground and to become you know
give us or takes pond and go down to return to the ocean and its continue
what are sometimes become like our ice sometimes become like a
what the water
but water never hesitate to change
finn spring comes all the snow some i merit and and go to the next phase in the spring water do something is instead of snow or ice so this up
you know
as a impermanent ah
status or being
this is a practice
has been
and our practice is no following the natural change
without clinging but somehow we have cleaning
yeah i don't want to change i like to be the serb our snow without refinement i don't want to go down to the muddy water in the rice paddy somehow you know
we have like and dislike under his vision and cringing
but our practice is just follow this natural
changes impermanence
but with some not some time but or your journey we feel in ambulances narrative thing
because of over impermanence we cannot be happy
because we have desire that fan we will have something that we like
and defend our ah
life is in good situation i want to keep them as they are forever but somehow it's changes so we few saudi while we feel sad and that we feel we cannot rely on anything
that is a kind of natural feeding for often we see in bamako see i'm the experience in finance impermanence we feel a sadness
and that is okay but we cannot with cannot how can i stay
anything to stop
everything is going so no matter ah
even though we have the sadness and grief
no we have political
and we have to dip
ourselves go also
now is how we awake to the reality of impermanence are no shirts and the a dependent on automation
so southern southerners or ah
know or even feeling of pain is a natural thing but still we have to accept them and we need to go
and that that process that the entire process is a practice as a board santa
and that is how that are emotional was ah
and ah next section perhaps
i've got a man she's dorgan said man just really good
mine's a city that boys sort of a celibacy a kind of a surrender scene
he called majesty and as a buddha
ah where is the form of sadness of only buddha together with the buddha that is really put your good to quizzing the great ocean to the and this great ocean google and a fad too
that twelfth chapter twelve of the lotus sutra
not of that a chapter guy is they weren't that
they want of that you know i think you know today without a is
they will not go was lot
yeah and i'm that's brother
cousin okay
and under as good as cousin by is developed and under his cousin
this game does
of and and not the buddha yeah
anyway this person somehow from after fan but i became old dispersal wanted to be the second the buddha to cover with as sanga so what should be commended secondly to retire
i was happy for some asked me to the
but they were the was rejected
so you won so he wanted to kill buddha
and he worked without with a prince of kinga be missouri so here i encourage
what his name but he soaked king act and be beset out map map magadha i'm usually encouraged him to kill his father and makeover that position of king
and this person did
and are there was a try to queue without and he tried a few times but he failed anyway but she injured with us
some part of that
foot and without injured and had blood
ah anyway because of that
activity that actions to make a
made their conflict within the samba and the also injured with body he for fell down to the here
so he stayed in our here
but in this chapter turf and paid to pay one at that second money gave a that our production thereby that that way to become buddha and then in that
ah chapter
buddha said in the previous one the previous dives of sakyamuni they were that was his teacher
so there who is in this one people there was a
is included
in that tadka of the lotus sutra money shelley was working in this
with and great the or shampoo around majesty was in our ocean with and and another story i mentioned in this chapter is drive on gotta go out dragon king
and magistrate he said i i i have been pitching in this the ocean line
and ah someone some i both have to asked how is your teaching activity going on success through or not i'm a magistrate said a police critical critically successful
and as one example manage your majesty asked this gonna gonna go to come to the priests and ah ah
who is in one instance this dota became buddha
that is a story store this chapter says even not equal person like they were at that who had to go to him
and the also a this now
welcome on that is right because dragon it since the human beings anyone's activities so that beings in the realm of with animals who are in the hero
received a prediction that they are going to become buddha
so no one is excluded
that is the message of this chapter twelve
anyway in that cab the second i'm not second money by majesty was a teacher
and this in this sentence your you put see over there are only put that together we put up in the lotus in the context of local cetera disney's all the buddha can't fathom that true reality notion that
beings but here in this writing though they use this expression you you could feel good to me everyone is a buddha or put that together with the good i mean everyone ipr the in is not this etc put and so
because all our daughter my friend was
no better that human beings or even better that human beings opera
when they put that together with that

so soda this sentences about the manjushri and next sentence is about ceremony apps are second money buddha there is appearance in the world of one thing only i know this realities and the buddhas in the appendix
some are oversold us
the rope etc just means on the i only me no human beings and also order with us either with iran's can fathom that to reality of all beings
but i think she a dog and meant
are they said
ah we all already beans
the existing i've got my for from know this reality
maybe you do
baker she said there's no not possible to know but it's doing it's happening it's there
it's not that matter of ah
duration or subject and object and i know that there's no org us
so buddha appeared in this work secondly up the in this blog i'm not only second money as a buddha but all things appear and stay for awhile and disappear this is how second many locks please
and he he was another perhaps for someone about an hour
past i think
that means
you know that got him afro hours paths appeared at the monastery apps as the man sagen minutes or perhaps as someone other perhaps our shock perhaps are you
so this dilemma for our
that's not a
particularly mean certain are great people and all those you know manjushri ceremony and samantha are very much analyze and not only those great people but we are also dogma for
i was therefore perhaps we are got him up an hour and photo we doing is counting of got him up rely on and we are bound by dartmouth law

ah okay this is nothing other than the one time when he does i as she means buddha to open and spray the badass inside and unable living beings to realize
lies and into and enter saying i and badass in the ten direction are able to know this maga
ah this he desired to
your crew
show joe

your is idea
and lay means to make a living beings to make or to unable living beings
to the allies and into the good as east side
set in the chapter do so important point in different york desire buddha has a desire to allow all living beings
did i have to open up with as out of send 'em while inside and point out or display at because or insight and an april all living beings realize that buddhist insight and allow them to enter that is inside
now that desire
so good that has the desire of course this desire is another name or bow with a hat to court battle to share with got the inside with all beings

i think so
so you know this your creative force of ah
buddhist erosion
you know
in this chapter dog and talks about the chimney as if you know said that means nine in belgium and the shingle
nine in deodorization this go to the only we human beings but do that has mined in the region and that my a delusion is his desire
so i'm guessing the sickness okuda but are always said no i cannot see
know that reality or truth cannot be expressed by the using was and concept
analogic and yet all of it a try to
no fame in the beginning when he stood up from dozen under the bodhi tree and the to teach five monks i think he tried to express or explain how to cannot be expressed or explained by
it was but somehow he tried and
gave the expedient or skillful means that how he could share the same experience and awakening we thirty five months and that is the beginning of a so-called buddhism
so what is it started because of the a good i desire
on this desire is kind of put us sickness
if he didn't start to that from guy from about and seat under the bodhi tree i think what as i was much easier
and there's no such things called buddhism
but because of his desire in a good hug stood up had to stand up and walked long distance to the ballpark park and a poet after that you know
the dijon so-called the a buddhism ueno started and with had a lot of problems and difficulties to to teach and a conqueror not controlled by data with those monks
when so many practical problems or our mistakes in are there are at least two hundred and fifty precept in vienna that is a decode a buddhist monks mistakes and it's time with that so you know some monks get saturday
at in ah and for something would have to say you should not such a finger
you know if he didn't stood up he didn't need to do all such things

don't forget
practice is
it is up august by an earring me maybe that happened in other
in according
actually we said yes
and we have to following second when you bugger
we we can stay in doesn't though we have to stand up and share the same fatima is all being so this is not about only second money buddha but this is about our our own practice the sawdust desire is our
desire that means our town our by the yeah because of this desire we we are always in the problem
know if i don't have this this desire i didn't need to come to america
no somehow you know
when i started to practice or contains you with my teacher somehow mighty to ask me to study english
and somehow i said yes i couldn't i couldn't say no
even though i was not interested in studying english at all
in a fun i finished university i had i didn't speak any english he can do i studied english for almost ten years from a middle school because i was nothing of thing studying language at all
but finn my day to ask me somehow i could say no
that was my mistake
i'm not upset i notice that your desire
i think we can what i should be there
you know at that time that the early seventies in many westerners went to kyoto and this wanted to practice them and many of them can contagious
so often i was there
we had a five decision each month and we use i have fifty to sixty people sit in five days as she on with that points anything one one fan of that participant were and pays it is isn't practitioners often vantage including month
it's andrei people
and another one fad is the people from outside japanese are a people from outside and another one third are why are western us
you know young americans and some europeans they are called hippies
and somehow they are very a
energetic and who have a desire to practice and study them and do whatever is also had desire to teach
but because he didn't speak any western language he need a translator
and there are few american people products and other fruit could speak japanese so terminals ask god's people to translate
even though they spoke japanese in they didn't really understand understand or knowledge about zen buddhism so it semrush had another desire
to have japanese translator turbines person from understand buddhism and speak in english so she asked almost all his disciples
if they want this study english and only three of them said didn't say knock
as governor
ah and unfortunately i was on
so here whichever a sent go see the cyprus to the english school in osaka and that english crew was run by graham british
was that our sucralose his disciples
good petty
she he was one of the first american for practice your practice up a hazy on defense how he just died in nineteen sixty five
graham was in kyoto and he sat in are now forty nine days issue
passed away whichever is didn't do any a funeral ceremony but instead of ceremony he had for the nine day session and graham said some reason terminals that neither connection and the somehow graham study to
i'm got english school in osaka and tokyo
ah so fun as someone of a the she's stood the cyprus through she's quit and school he a discount
and that of our fee was paid by your terminals
so ah
i started the english because the the desire
and payment
and the critter hands are generosity so i i cannot be used my english for my own past i have to use my english for the dogma
that is a problem
anyway that's so that was it was embarrassed the azalea but after i started to study english and practices i'm going to compete group
with desire to become my desire and my sickness and i'm still sick
identify i'm here
anyway in this
is the same sickness with a more accurately the sickness
because all beings are think voice heard about our sick so we need to work
what they about we could do
to help you know
the beings including our how can we he destroy our health
brilliant they have something to say
after a foot in

is dead
i said
i think this desire another name of this guy is about his vow is a force or energy to make great food we keep making the airport as much as possible because of this desire or follow
that to
walk the path to with a full to together with all beings
and of course our to capability each person has different capability and different ah tendency and my capability even though it's not the perfect
there was know because i was born in japan i'm trained in japan i i can lead and the study dorgan in japanese and other with tickets and because of she's new desire somehow you know i studied english and i prefer
the american people at so i can use this
body and mind ah as a kind of our ah to to but ah
i think a lot
hmm i saw
the crew them of
this yeah the
ah yeah
i think we understand the five everything so this this desire our vow ah allow us to nuclear airport and the we keep it making the airport please

inaccurate with reality

you you take a balance
how did about
fucking up to her things that can need to be rebalance desire
in fact is said
he asked for a the national
help us do
you know ally in as he came from i know this
how can i say in ca beings we are supported by our beans
because we are supported by all beings you know i love it came from the water we drink the food we eat and in my case i received energy from my teacher to study on the practice the dharma
and that energy allow me to who
work for making offering to in my case make offering of facto in sync by couldn't make in translation and speak in this way so that and as you came from this interconnectedness

ah could you say target

ah i think we know that is part of my an average
i studied dogan therefore i practice in this election we
my and as it came from not only from logan and his liking or teaching but my energy to plug the sun to share the teaching
came from my life
my life top is supported by order being
is that this you know energy
you know my belief or faith in bogans writing doesn't work
doesn't do i can get that means i i don't think i could continue
this desert
this effort
know that
how can i say they are fast or in our energy
was given by whichever mushy and bogans teachings but when i started to work somehow i feel the energy from inside of myself
that's why even know your mother's passed away
you know i i could i can continue
so with general show our dorgan is a part of this order beings
a subordinate
so i'm supported by all beings including my teacher and bogans india or a second money buddha or actually none latter while anyone or beef
yes of course if no one listened to me
can i cannot speak if i speak in this way without anyone
a streams so your
because we're support i can
we offer there's no one for one to less you my offering i can throw nicole for him so you are the most important
africa at this moment

i don't know
i thought i i i don't know if true that is a lab or not
live on that ultimate is the same thing
are you to than my teacher with address book i was a high school student and was seventeen years old i knew nothing
but i have many questions
ah and yet somehow fan i did his his book
what i wanted to leave night cream
without knowing
happy that was fitting
i think because
in a friend he was a teenager she had the same problem as i had not was happy the meaning of life
why we have to leave and how we shouldn't eve he had the same question and he devoted his life to find the answer
i'm so he first went to the university to study western philosophy and he also studied christianity but after that he became buddhist monk and then he found his answer
his answer to his original question within sarcoidosis teaching and practice after that with generals share what he found the answer he found with other people and
by reading many books for know with a high school student ah about that
that he shall give us speech charity i knew there are many of such teachers
but tomorrow she was a fast the actual person who give in that way i think that way even though i didn't understand he and some his answer he found that was ah logan's teaching and practice but still i wanted to
a few means i wanted to very devoted my life to find that answer to my questions has you are most in
i think that
ah i don't i must well that is a lab or not
but somehow if i didn't encounter in oh she's teaching and actually i i can meet with him and i had a chance to practice with him ah i couldn't believe in the way i have been living
ah so i still don't know if i happen i love brushing why not
the abortion
ah autumn of two like out of the his part of me
it's not like i love him more i respect him or i follow him
but somehow fuck he wrote and a people can pack of my soup from our
when if as at the question
what your face to face transmission is not through a so in order to language
when you put that together with to the right
where to feel yeah
we're we have a long way to go
i so i haven't talking about this what she desires
he desired to open on display the buddha's his site and a neighboring living beings to realize and impact
think i and brothers in the ten directions are able to know this mutha
so that means even though fast secondly said no no only put up no human beings can understand this to reality but now he says ah i and put us in this case this book as include all living beings
in the candidates and are able to know this matter so in that is this is a buddhist faith
buddhists believe that the or living beings can understand this
even though before he said it's not possible
so good guy has a contribution this comprise dixon came from his desire to share
that is about a second money and

i think so you've changed that means she he went through contradiction
and and i integrate
work together with whatever coming to him
and perhaps this is someone provider someone the weatherize another boy said the by samantha bhadra and manjushri oh i have come together with ceremony
in that if you go to japanese or japanese temporaries fan check or money was the main up
god is manjushri and summer nevada and month chili is a symbol of wisdom and summer of other are as we chanted in the know getting audio can be somewhat the law is as simple or obama practice practice based on
and manjushri ah is sitting on the on
and samantha bother is sitting on the quite a refund
if i'm trying
so you've got three manjushri second money and simon provider is a kind of our one sip or as and both set of us a pricey though in picked capital city
buddha until both september

not that translation of name over someone about know ah
so about about the right dog is right there is the accomplishment of the unconceivable virtue of the taliban as turning and spreading throughout young bill to vapor over a profound great and eternal counterterrorism excel
bodhi you know in the lotus sutra someone to bother appeared in the final chapter chapter twenty eight that was the first time someone other appeared
and managed up the in they are fast chapter so this is also beginning and end of the lotus sutra and for someone about someone to buy the bundle a bid was ah
spreading the stitching of the lotus sutra in this jungle department this world
so someone about iraq has been working to share this teaching on the reality of one the group
with our pigs
and this burma flower as someone petra is the us
fitch is able to nurture the three kind of grasses the to kind of trees and many large and smaller status this analogy came from that
tucker five
of the lotus sutra and tighter the are the parable of medicine us
and in the top that a buddha said you know this
that amazing i can rain
valet from the same grounds this is called el merengue
you know
the ground and there are many different kind of ah plants some our big trees how does ah
small trees and some are the grasses tiny grasses some groom a beautiful luxurious for us some has simple a pretty flower that i called by audit whole different macaroni plant all the different ah
grants and any virus including human beings are all receive the same thing from the same krauss and the thin they reshape the lane somehow they that lane the moisten and your life
and yet each and every beings are or different or unique so one dodoma matcha or different things in that unique ways
so there is little one vehicle but many
different things are included and all nutjob by this one recruit dharma
after the fuck someone about an hour is doing by you know she's activities or disseminate this teaching
so on western muffler wise also the lane that this able to moisten the or so ground and also that water rd two nights are all living beings
i unknowingly and without being green on his expression came came from the lotus sutra
that means there's no separation between us and who knows and the fuck is known
that is
this expression ah
it used to mention that because wisdom
it said go through with them it difficult to understand
why a proud to be known
and this difficulty is pico because there's no such separation between subject and object it's not that my pals we are cops or morbidity not fight we don't understand but and there's no way to know or understand it could get no separation
so samantha batra causes the than muffler was with to being known
canning to be completely practiced and perfectly
counting by yeah that that of my flowers so someone about that i was earning was panned by better my front of us and someone about era pants the dharma from
and the fact he is going to say next several sentence means no goes three papers activities are
not to say different alphons activity than indifferent
and i'm on space but they are all
i frog for was work
ah so before samantha bhadra discrimination over the karma is yet finished the great assembly at about a workshop peak has alive that the means ah someone to bother us activity on secondaries activity to are not to supper
great activities it's
when i quit
wow this is one activities
and ceremony a verified samantha about us coming and going as activity
in the form of over like a eight from the white car
second many verified fan samantha about the other i'll be with this like emitted from the for him that appeared in the first took our oh canada etc a second when he was sitting here imitator light and eliminated and
i want i'm not the the way she ceremony verify someone of digress activity
and while second one is discourse in to the assembly is not yet have finished so second when he was still teaching there is the dilemma for i was turning that makes manjushri
consider giving the prediction to my career the future buddha
this happened in that thought that one in the introduction
so yeah my korea talks with and and majesty talked with my career
and monastery gave
said you will become guy in the future so busy the prediction to today not means those three papers activity in majesty as someone about an hour and secondly ah
not to three separated people with three separate activity but all of them are ah
daniel for i was turning out of my grandma's
ah so samantha vadodara or with us manjushri and a great assembly on watch a peak must be the insight parameter over the data about for a stunning pretty good in the heat
being in the middle and in the end that means is these are all one activities even though these are bound by different buddhas and bodhisattvas and this inside or rebecca
that is translated of cheap can
i miss

the secret parishioners are getting a lotus sutra on this skin is knowing on the seeing and this is ah
the path of good at skin with as insight
and he doeth etc i did parameter and odometer means perfection
perfection perfection so this would a data center on is perfect fit
is in their activities the activity means activities by manjushri second money and some of the other
and of again this is is not
the against talking about his go three people ah sometime in the future in the past was people who in this kind of our are interesting stories in the lotus sutra but these are about our practice again
that means but as and with us
at our activities and our boys that about the activities are all part of our practice
ah with
wisdom and our practice activities based on about that is samantha bhadra and the man city is our wisdom we study from a pitcher and also from the thickest
and from alone practice experiences
our practice and my teacher practice and my peters teacher key cause or the practice ah or practice or activities of
i got enough for i was gonna for was a tanning elmo flowers so in of course garage and the temperature very different people they are very very different extremely different
in a circular she was very tough very strong person
both physically and mentally and he was bearish
ah stillborn
free thematic team person
then she says something she's a my talk is an icon
printing big toys a big ox
hey she says something there's no discussion
no one can give christian
but whichever is are very introductory person
and he was physically very weak person i know because he had keeping
he was a university student ah she married and actually the first wife had given and he transmitted keep you from his first wife and his earth she died within a few years
ah and after that with semrush again before he became a monk and his second wife also died
ah fan she was pregnant
within a few days he becomes a six suddenly i'm sure that she died without baby
that because another reason with terminals made a decision to become a monk
she found that he had to practice in i'm studying philosophy doesn't hairpin he had to something who is he told them body and mind
so even though she was are physically very weak person
mentally he was very strong he has no fear about dying
so she has no hesitation to practice with she's a pretty weak
i'm not fine she had to retire when he was sixty three as or then pitchers is pretty young younger than i am now but he had to retire because of his physical condition
but after his retirement he lived more than twenty years
so she said the finish he retired he said after he didn't get him and his blog progressive
on these seeing his life and death
his practice as a pitcher is that done over so now he studied and plug is just experiencing and a
studying guy from this and sharing this experience who are a process of aging skin as and time to the younger people so she lived twenty more than twenty years he dies think he was a p
six so he lived twenty three years after his retirement if he didn't italia he couldn't leave such a long time
anyway so he used his fiscal con difficult difficult fiscal condition of a kind of a tool to share the data my own life on this was a young people so after she retired she
he wrote many books including about the skin on the aging and dying
so circulars and with amorous have very different now and the temperature was very gentle person
very different combat they were practicing the same
so they are both paragraph realized and they were very different
ah so you know the way we can offer a way we can teach or practice was here the garima can be very different and api's okay we need to find our own unique way to share their data map
and yet all people with activity is activity or gotta my prowess
ah here we are

let me finish next paragraph or page two paragraph two
i'm sorry it's the it's already been to five but i don't think i need to do much for this reason secondary buddha appeared depending on the on the single vehicle one singular be good for the sake of a single great matter
that these to share a garba
and our life we are the thing we appeared to share the dharma because we are the terima
because this images is nothing other than a single great maathai itself so our boss is a single great mother and our life either single great mother and our dying good for like good terminal analysis
he's also a single great mother
it is said that only buddha together with buddha is able to rate that reality of all pigs that means order being saddled us
so when you put that together always put that means all beings
and because the is without fail the one good rb cooke the only buddha certainly a neighbors the only put to penetrate it so each one of us is on the buddha or new buddha and on the buddha
everything everyone is on the buddha
that means very unique buddha we are all unique
but we can share the same dharma
so all of us including the seven with us our neighbor each and every buddha to penetrate through reality and they are neighbor second money buddha to completed in this case all buddhas and second when you put out are working together that means
all the ancestors in that you know abby news allow us to practice in our unique way
stop or out moment of dharma dharma from our timing gotta move far and we are part of it

i will
and so i don't know
not a the fuck is said in the first chapter one of the load etc but i don't know why managing the but in that first chapter eight okay
without didn't say anything he was just sitting and majesty incorporated this is that
a saying whether it's going to preach expand the great alma
and ah my career was a puzzle for
gave the question to manjushri
lol happy the meaning of this strange things happening
i think within that conversation monday's shooting no books about my prayers ah future become a buddha

ah no not been the lotus sutra that go him
bournemouth five you please

yeah science and in doesn't he might he verified the activities for that also means i that then under library activities are two separate sinks but they are
or was in penetrating
thank you