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good morning everyone
probably i made a mistake
i will find i talked about the missouri bathos ah
teaching a book my mind is ah
authentic mainstream than pitching and ah nine roy at you and the dog and didn't agree with that
ooh is that a feverish so i asked i
i said i had a question if dog and are there must have not
dogan it was there must have one not i think that there's a mistake i mean ah
although i simply find
probably you got the impression that i said the only nine way to and dogan disagree with with mothers teaching but i guess i should have said mentioned that
nine your wages influence to the laker the masters in china
i can cook hockey hockey
but i think this is important
how did see

nioh at you as i said was that one know got major disciples so between on that six that system and he practiced by himself in the mountains for forty years and he was invited by the empire and became the emperor
as a teacher
so he was very well-known
pebble teacher but he didn't have a four minute the cyclists and here she she's doing a didn't form a school
but he only had at least as i know only one the cycle
now you're at you
i'm he's a disciples name is penguin
i don't remember chinese pronunciation hanging or she
and i don't know if anger has his own this april or not but no one is a well-known so that was kind of up in of his opinions
and nine wages or decide that my brothers are are saying
your wish
have you show me see jin
sagan or the teacher with six to in our news
i'm fifty dollars disagree with the action
and another my brother of nine you wait you and taking your shoes nanga grigio

and nanga couldn't decide who was bustle
our boys
or miser
and mother had many disciples it said he had about eighty dollar my ass
i'm one of the most important
if i grew a bustle or the how could your
a guy
i'm a have creole decide who was ah
he had to measure the cyprus or need or recruit
he wanted and about his some
re you
and the ogre couldn't decide rewards at rinzai
and the sun also has many disciples of my but to important to be cyprus where are your some
your some a joker
and ah your fun and of shogun
you know your son and his son is your son was the major that my elbow isn't and son and your your son's a lineage was called your shoe
show me the school so this is a fast of the ah five squirrel of them in china so isn't and gotten was very important and another from children's can is known because of his ah
a way over a pain awakening
i'm logan not often mentioned about children
ha children was pretty ah
a and the person
and the kill him or practiced with happy joy guy
but to be probably because we have to you have passed away he came to isn't and practice with isn't
so you're barely a incorrect or pass me he knew everything
so he said asked him chris pail something about thelma without using any was you
studied from suit to us or any text or any persons
so he tried to say something but everything she she can tell it what he studied
so he can we talk
and anyway finally he he he left his hands monasteries and they lived in a mount mountains korea you know this person now you're a choose grave located
so you either he became a kind of a caretaker of now yours grave
under one time she the sweep the ground she hit the stone and that storm hit a bamboo and i'm about bamboo and stone made a sound
at the
moment than he had ah
the sound of a staunch thing bamboo the
i pay now evening after with a very famous story and dogan quote that story in his a show shogun through our cases such a sound over a stream a goof colorado one things and that that a sound of bamboo
ah sound of staunch think bamboo is one of the examples of or an insane can't expand of guardamar
the he found or awaken to or
the gotama expanded not in the pickiest using was on concept but it was an actual reality of in life
so yoga and high reputation with
nine or eight you
probably hue he went there she respected and language
and another reputation was
on this python java joe's some fun he was young and before he practiced with his son he practiced with and
nine way to recycle
that is a connection between our nine your issues and
the sounds lineage
and another collection
important to us or to gorgon is a bullish on volition is it your accent disciple was own gun
don joe
and his disciple was a polygon
joe case
towson or don't shun and the hit put on was the founder or tiny the soto than vineyards and finish he was young polygon practice with isa
and some under another application be a
eighteen thousand and nine your nine your at you cause cause on was gone in the praise pay or nine year old home so they came from the same province so probably on i got
fear felt a close connection with this must have new age
on the fen pour them practice with some somehow he asked
a question to isn't that nio had a teaching of incentive to beings expanding burma
then isn't son said the casualties could you repeat fat annihilate said and and poison
a depleted decided a fuck are now you said in his conversation between that monk from the south about that ah in sentence beings are expanding alma
and goes on asked isn't for this means
for expanding our in second beings expanding garima means and ah he answer to something
maybe she didn't say something he did something
he did something and she asked busier here
she did something very simple or actually just kept silence and ask is an ask for on these you here
and she didn't she said i don't hear or i don't understand
and he on ask a via someone who understand this
point of burma in you in each or in you are assembly
and ah somehow he said said there are few he said not many but few people understood
and ah but he
but he recommended is recommended to visit own guns huge he gonna give in a cape i think
so he was not the of none were no pitcher but somehow isn't recommended towards on to visit gun that fine that towards on first visited got his teacher on bamboo new and a file his question was what is the incentive to be
expanding dharma
and now stories continues but i now time to talk about but so are poisons awakening and abdomen is about this point so ah
through are you know call them posts on is very important on sister in our image and also the found out with soto school in china so subtle on his teaching about the incentive
beings expanding dharma
become part of the inclination

is if

i think he thought out if have shown over cell on that ah
order if if if is and if that's not the same person
that was a fire that that was a final final ah ha ha
the final your next to find out
that fen phen them talk to with own gun he had some understanding and he said
in scented beings a expanding gun paramount was very wonder us and fen we hike with work with our yard we cannot hear him we shared with our eyes we can hear
this means you know
i unsound on which and i and a color or shape and yeah unsound are bonded
then we have our separation on the interaction between i and color us and year and sound piazza separation between subject and object
but friend we hear the sound with our eyes there's no such ah
subject separation and connection there's no such separation between subject and object after the how we can hear that ah
fatima expanded by the incentive is that means we need to be free from this
happy the water
our sense organs and object of since ornaments are somehow hooked pets often we see something with our eyes with almost what what caddy think i like this allow i hate that oh how we hear the sound with our yeah same thing happens
but potent potency is we need to his experience with such a kind of a habitual way of
i have a child or coming way of
responding to the object



ah please

ah within than than prohibition
if you like a first person
hearing with your eye
if is
ah so i have to say in a gap pitching of yeah it's january two was part of him so we we need to say in on
magic about a bath was teaching of one mind
we are made trio of them but his teaching also became a pack of him
and also not only nine years to told them but also in a cars and thirteen years for example thick toxin lot of okay
and some good fats sector a lot in san and of and bustle teaching are quite different
so probably not only nine wait you but the psycho had different
understanding how about that of my from in our battles were mind
the picchu
so then it is not a only one teaching but then is a kind of our ah can i say corruption of different kind of pitching ah
and it's a writer like elope but the means you know this is not one school but five scores of within and people with in belongs to go to private school in all have interaction for many years so for it
example a person full load the poem are of have a stream
while sushi he was a very well-known
point in some china
and then she wrote that poem of sound over a stream he practiced with of them must have and that there must have been is a muster so even in ginza prohibition they yet
have this teaching in sent them to being expanding burma for this is not two separate as schools but they kind of a mixed everything
and they because them them must as while the teacher's caught in practitioners and that's not so much emphasis so much emphasis on got kind of
audit gosh things so they didn't i think they didn't care about this to if i'm kind of pitching mix together
and there but i probably dogan had very sensitive about this kind of big difference in let's cut away
so he tried to fund the origin of
you know this are
kitchen got the practice
the region and enlightenment or wheezing validation between self and media dharmas
not simply you know fan we stop thinking the one that my beyond were thinking appear and nappies
indictment but can said the endangered column you know
derision an indictment is with investigation with set of and media dartmouth and i think he tried to find a source of that are eating or understanding of burma and that i think he found nine you got that both
the reality so if we are you here fuck i said as on the niue on bogan disagree that with bustle that was not to

i as as nung nine way to had a conversation without monk from the south that
what about pitching the pitching in the south ah according to evaluate you is a fame at seneca
right up the guy difference i'm now i just said mind is not such a thing so kind about i got ah
a new medium
beyond phenomenon
you know fuck na yeo said is that mine is not human mind is fences wars tires and papyrus documents each and every concrete nice
nothing special thing
like the difference
story i thought it was much of it i might be wrong about among say i hear each mindless

why can teach it that way or something
two children
data that moses haven't forgotten
stop crime he is
i added the bustle
and another thing i have to say is gauguin never criticize the bustle
never criticize the battle himself as a person and here sometimes caught a bus or the thing
a positive meaning
we cannot say you know logan ah
how can i stay rejected that kind of teaching so does it to me how it be thirty two could get together with in one person
you know up discriminating mike in my discriminating mind so there must be something i cannot understand so ah if you are interested in this point breeze study in a chinese them ah more deeply
ah i didn't i got the chinese and i didn't i happened to plug studied chinese then take his so extensively so i cannot say for sure but i only studied chinese in your that understand dorgan so
my he understanding and for time same is biased
so ah i hope someone can study chinese they're more extensively and deeply and trying to figure out for this fuck is this to kind of are not as stream or people but i'm thinking or and
understanding of burma did eight each other
one more question
i ever initiated
others suffering
for me he has a
it sense when i played terminus
i know
i just was wondering if there's anything wrong with that
okay this is a very
mechanistic view ourselves as just causes and conditions
there's nothing else
i'm sure
is the mind that we speak up as the one mind and yogurt shop
ah know were mine teaching is not the electorate's okay with one mile were speaking of
more fundamental them alive you justice
you mean elia
i don't have for testing i just this is a more fundamental than that
one mind mean one mind in a that they let their gonna a theory why is it was under the had delaware to me this is the storehouse consciousness condition
guess what i'm hearing is is that the the one mind
yoga is not condition
ah yes
in your tell us teachings in order to whose reality like capita is beyond our consciousness was beyond the stores yeah so ah we cannot reach couch
but in a or they said they thought this other guy or gal ultimate reality or atom ultimate truth ah works within fundamental the world so ah
that thing
so oh nonsense a beings are all are therefore
oh the one mine special cases a line wow what really didn't know he had all those phenomena of beings is from came from the on my
but nothing's are their teachings but so this phenomenon while the in fifty everything is coming and going appear and disappear is not very real reality pla realities beyond that there's no nothing that allows it nothing page

in the resonate and a fun
i don't think so indra's net or the in my expression the network over over interdependent origination in which everything is connected with the everything is it's a phenomenon of wine
in this ah
understanding or karma there's no such phenomenon
and i don't think dog and me
did mention about this kind of a one nine beyond the phenomenon of large
she's taking everything is fundamental
yeah there's nothing beyond the phenomenon outfit film in at work so issues of his talking about it in interconnectedness of all beings therefore each and everything has no fixed set of nature
so we are dipping and the existing together with all beings losing phenomenon of wired for
dogan never said this is the ah can i say this came from that
newman on
same token nothing
yeah i think not only dog him but buddha
also save but also focus on deal about the phenomenon a lot of death was a refuge the unassailable
many many words to describe the state
have you seen that
i think so
no fan buddha or nagarjuna talks about nothing i nothing british that means because there's no fixed being so we cannot say this aligns we kind of you know i was
gone ah sixty seven years ago that happens born
if there's no such fixed password mesh fixed entity at shock
on the fibers candace get together and stay for a while and it's past nothing was born or nothing by
that'd fiber emptiness means
so does it without wow now there's you know our president parameter never said you know have something it doesn't ice doesn't change beyond a phenomenal reward of you know arising on pretty chic
if you understand that fact that the hardest fucker acid horizon a pretty sure is something there are some this something quits doesn't the allies and parish beyond this phenomenon
then i think that is not correct understanding of the advertising
if you say something that talking about now
something is nothing
the phenomenal
i think i that has been
nothing fundamental beyond phenomenon know you know so if we a kind of

what i'm saying is
who did they use these words like the deathless the registered in etc etc metro
i think i heard he said he's talking about phenomenological state not actually talking about
beyond beyond the filament and a wide not talking about

thing indescribable
something beyond this phenomenal world
he saw no in my understanding the such this does not occur apart from no such is the house phenomenal beings are so we can speak of such as beyond the out
in my understanding but in some people as understand it's a defiant so
in a forest in february talk about rising early supporters anywhere on etc
that just a fantastical imagination to dublin i got off of energy
i think so i don't think dogan behaved you know i there out a all those put us earlier the area because would i not a good put on gorgon said
good i only one shakyamuni other person so all the buddhas are i would i go ah better makhaya booed us like our vital china or other sambo kind of buddha was produced by to ah understand
who second when he really was
so i think dogan go get a new in or other good us are kind of image produced based on secondaries or teaching and the reasons
so there are these invisible or surface in this ruling helping us sometimes you get that feeling when people talk
who does that is very these invisible voting stock because of are always eating
that that is a expression of
we are connected with all beings throughout time and space so each and every beings at the present moment within this space and pew and out or being seen that past and our beings in the future are actually connected
with what we're doing this moment and yeah
i ought to put us in ten directions and three times the or fancy she who and the she humble foreign muck with i means we're together for friend we are eating or what we chant
we are together with all both beings
that is my understanding i don't think dog and the anything goes burgers and goes to pass as or mvp are people ah existing
some way i

why avoided the lotus sutra it's like beyond bali
why to it
so that the the flat of i think about these and shown on said we should read study and understand the lotus etc as our set of mind what is shin and dogan said way to start the bid away to study herself
we don't need to believe fabulous written in the lotus sutra is or as historically true or ah
actor of fact
you know if is the need to believe such a think everything we did thing that surprises is still do you know we become crazy
would be wise to look at the development of that year
for for
or current space and time
i've tried to think in this is not an example
most part
quitting on the fucking
i would say
in a chronic pain
is everything's so because there's no such a fixed or and he cold shock
five scan this is just a collection of different element and they are coming and going
in our even our body is changing something you come in like all our food and they become a part of our body on something or go out so this is a cycling
so there's no such fixed ah body undermined and named chuck
but this is it in with his teaching busy that i can't look up for waterfall
there's no such a thing called out lookout for as a fixed entity
what a for is a collection of the shape of the ground as and water and water is always changing or of his new
and our our life with the thing
guess saturn system and you know all our energy is
running throwing
and that all that means
you know there's no fixed entity separate our independent from other beings means we're connected with all beings
and ah those
and the images of both shuttle bus and buddhas in the ah it's throughout time and space is a expression of this
ha understanding or awakening to everything is connected with everything
throughout time and space
and this makes sense

i don't understand of a mystical means
no there's no such things in buddhism
mystic series are rest on water supply
my understanding mystic means
you know that to lose so reality cannot be expressed using was unthinking consequent
that well meaning or miss mystic to be mister car
i mean that my understanding of this them to be mistake was to be he is the truth or reality cannot be expressed understood and express using was and concept it had to be mr kirby
then that that is a part of buddhist teaching
that's true sorry i cannot be reached and the three expressed using rather than concept that in the park buddhist teaching and yet as
you know
secondly and the lotus sutra and the ordinances and as incredibly than must have including gorgon they always try to express
fat ah they experienced using wires and concept and to a police to go get some of them must have autumn africa mystics but least gorgon
yeah very much emphasis on
by expression using was
i made us
ah you know why know that are first globe cherbourg is go poker daughter cummins
the boys speaking and thing and talk with to be able to
and in that first crew dog and basically says if we excursion something unless and until we can express that are expressed experience using was it's not clear through experience
so for him using was expressing using world is very important in that says ah logan was is not the mystics
as the sense

is a downgrade it could be mystics
his language can be mr kirk
i think it can be mystic mystical elements beyond the language

though those are those are a poetic expressions
but i'm not sure whether put to the point they can to be mystical something

so the reallocate sarah free to beyond was on repairs and concept but without
but bogan said that we have to express using on us
we need to express
the reality and also the our experience of reality by using was on details and he said that's possible that got this possible
to express the reality beyond thinking beyond was on data as using why them rip as pointing yeah he is it to be missed garments
so you for your vessel
point of the inexpressible i think is what we're talking about what why because the inexpressible
but for example not a dog game but videocon you know we use i think was is it i got a finger and the reality is the moon beyond work but dorgan said not i'm so not a real billion mark durkan said car this fear
guys are part of part of the moon
beside the moon there's no such things called a finger
so it's not so simple
i'd like to return to target
the direct experiences something outside of issues and an actual experience like ya know national
an experienced inside it shipped directly without a arrived
it's mystical

there is anything beyond
in that applies
conventional reality
well our conventional reality an ultimate reality or conventional truth an ultimate truth
reality that is a two way of seeing one reality
it's not too it's not there are two words phenomenon reward and the ultimate phenomena are you may not allowed yes
so these are two ways to sing one reality and that this one reality is phenomenal reality
a of it
well i didn't mind
when images college
but he
you express his experience using was
talking of pretty undermined and to me this is no five scandals simply being five canvas it's not something special if to miscarry experience mean something special beyond of what we usually expensive nowadays the apes
then i don't think dog and the experience of doping awkward the and mind isn't something's fishy of but he found everything we do and each time with things as in the can go sort this is dorothy what put him in line or ah
spirits interrupting of body on mind was shinji that's rocco
was bogans teacher the expression not goggins
and finn dorgan asked happy a meeting of therapy work with your mind
well before that his pitch unusual said
deborah sons in the practice practice zen is dropping off with the undermined then go in ask usual fuck is dropping off for and mind and noto said dropping off put and mind is that in
so not a special some kind of special condition within in but then is it safe to remove for the undermined that it's fact the indonesia and dorgan i think it's thing
so i'm not sure this is mr cardona it can be best cover every printer all our experience is mysql it's not happening within our thinking
but that is not some kind of a
special x experience on this percent of people could experience
yeah we keep using the word experience and now
i don't think february
to understand
i just read a translation of the word experience for to it's already have a face
palace so the word experience me
however dangerous
let me go through and i wonder if our association
using that phrase
do something beyond beyond but that for down in that where would not that would not be worried that here you are not just off it's not going through the turmoil in danger of dropping off
you mean the shinji that's rapper who are dropping off for the undermine reminder or any seeing that were grasping for domestic law
in dangerous
for to be i scurried to be dangerous it yes i think that's why you keep saying mystical experience in rid of the word experience is ginger hair of home but how will they not it's not use a japanese so
long hush i'm asking you if there's a better word inexperience in a japanese or helena be translated
down to earth
as up
i'm not sure realization that you
autism good web if we experienced experience mean something happening right how do you translate it
this is the english why the experience but if you are either
i don't think that i don't think that
that english you are the philadelphia
i know
linking it with miss ago
satellites problem where i think
experience is not something special back out everything we you go through everything happening in our life is experience it even thinking about our experience is something we are experiencing so i don't think experience some
thing special know at some think ah how can i see
something which happens rarely
but everything are happening with in our life i think ordinary things
is he experiences
and ah
hey where's
the word
in the child to describe ordinary history
abuse it seeing as a miracle with five
standards as miracles and themselves where whereas miracles ordinary like me i'm gonna be some intervention of some special
and the fact that buddhism of exclude special powers it doesn't doesn't count
exhibit a special place even though through the air acknowledged as something that people and
just as changes discussion
i'm not sure
i'm sorry
please i'm sorry

that while
i think so in order to share what we experience and the fact that we discovered that we are likely to
know that these good as program how he could express what he experienced under the bodhi tree to share that same experience absolutely
saying a weakling who is other people your that to the so he need to kind of a translate fuck he explained x
through the language i think using language
ah i think that it away in were even though or even or buddhist including check or money in think the reality therapy to be on the our thinking and are grabbing still we need to you need to use ah
thinking and
ambridge to share this reality
i said that art art art
why there are many zing art and that is an expression of their away creek so it puts you under and often not often but almost all of the master use composing points
including go him so that is how they express and share the same awakening with other people and allow other people to experience the same thing
i'm reminded of of own a token road alone than memorizing but paraphrase a language expresses the dollar but does not exhausted exhausted the does not exhausted does not there's more to more than
so no no no longer the expression is complete perfect
so we need to develop more and more to snap night
if possible to express the drama besides pressing and words is it possible to express it has to say as a painting or as a dance or music i think so
and you know that there is one of the a kind of weeks pay our expression
i think and even that maiden preparation what doing gosh your ah
eating using audio key everything can be expression i think
can i can i do tend to
dogan thickest
the center for fourth day so
more than half the half of this retreat is over and the we asked there
what kind of stage of introduction
as saw
i think yesterday i finished talking about three nuns poem about the new are being panned by you tell them afro and turning that are my fella
talking about a conversation between china and his disciple father
but i think what i have to a little bit in a hurry to finish this text
ah so paragraph eleven
hey sixty my bottom
let me lead paragraph six a poor sharing the bus further the rest the answer again i'll assist that again sing the cetera
the sutra says that even if all the greatest shrub have cars and boats at the bus
thought and try to fathom it ways all their mind they could never grasp because wisdom
now you are reading ordinary people to nothing other than idealization of their own minds and according it a good as inside unless we have superior capacity we cannot help doubting and surrendering you
also the etc mentions three kind of carriages for the the difference between the great oaks cut and a white oaks cut master please give me your explanation once more
so china said ah
we should study you know this but as insight or because dollars china
with in iowa as our own mind
that means not only put us in mind
each one of us has mind so we have to study and
the allies that mind oh our mind that not a good as mine
so this
this question is about that's fit a statement
the question is you know cetera
little pesaturo said
you know even those great shrub a cause great cyprus or gouda could not understood that this buddha's derision
the secondary said only put that together with buddha ah you know they could fathom or penetrate this with our gershon but you know said we should see our past our minds are
we're gonna remind how is such a thing possible how can we see that put that original that the insight by seeing our mind
you know we are deluded beings
that was a question one question
that is
in the second sentence you are reading ordinary people to nothing other than a realization of our own minds and according it is a good as the inside so
china has said to see our mind is to see with that nourishing
find such a thing possible
and another question is
in this is your father tapped out the road etc
ah said those are three vigorous effort to should have ah car
we grew credit capita vicar and also to help decrease and my are people who is said shriver kind of practice practical with that a small vehicles
and our boys had a rabbit who is behind that means large vehicle
ah but finn but they are or in a burning house of the
samsara and gotta ask with a kind of our ask them to get out of the from that running house to this so because they both children are enjoying playing with in providing house
would i say that if you get out
i i i really give you better toys
you can enjoy and those are those three vehicles
and because of that are teaching from secondly like africa those children are praying in the burning house get out then the and the children as give me give mean those toys
then somehow they didn't find any of those toys but the father or without only became the one big carriage put it up by the white box
so those three decrease or three toys are not really other thing but only think buddha gave to all living beings
warrant that say to him get that came out ago are binding house is this one big cut created by this white box so the question the is the difference between this our boys thought about vehicle
and one gouda vehicle
and this is a kind of are important question in chinese buddhism
no some chinese masters who studied a lot sutra think that ah
mm higher know our boys that by young was in that three vehicles and that
large vapor when baker teaching the that speaker is the thing was a mahayana pitching
that some masters said golf
that boy cetera vehicles within the freebie cruise and one good people are different
and ten day tradition they because of kinda t said those are different vehicles so that are for beakers instead of three that means the boys had to the vehicle within three beepers are
as i as i talked before kind of a criticize goes to recruit people so in that india that says no growth was at a bakery within three vehicles are separate
from to be greece and they say our vehicle is better than you us
in that sense ah you know in that i was up about equal to other vehicles are excluded so that is not really one vehicle so i'm vehicle needs to be me to include although three vehicles that fly
the ah
in a voice of be roof
in three because beakers different from one to that vehicles that these are there is conclusion intended tradition and dog studied buddhism was in any direction so that these tokens to our understanding anyway that is a point of this person
question to which we know
then when am i gave it the answer
the ancestor show on said the meaning in the sutra is korea
you have confused yourself and the photo into that
that is you know in the older version of the same conversation
join us to this person farther and farther means got em up a declaration on the issue and i said said to this person dolomite is penetrated but you're only your mind is confused your mind is not penetrated this is a same thing
so there's no that question it's only you program it's not a problem of about myself
and if china continues when all those in the three victories including boys soccer victories fade to fathom the buddha's wisdom
in the are measuring undiscriminating measuring undiscriminating is

both to measure and made to made to measure and door is a kind of got degree
interfere with them poor japanese provides for temperature is on goal
on though is as a funny was for temperature
for domains degree of all means warmness
so on it on temperature means that degree of how am it is
anyway so boreal means to measure things so fat
ah know thing is they couldn't understand that but as arizona because they are thinking and measuring
ah even if they join a foot thinking on sammy sing together to the uttermost they with go farther and farther upstream from the buddha's wisdom so this is
is this is a kind of on criticism against those ah
in a teachers through
discussed about fuck is written in the citrus so court scholars are people in a pitching schools from them point of view no wonder how much we discussed and the think and how much ah how can i say it
right about what this means you know we cannot be ditch the reality itself so indices despite this path of buddhism is like mystics mr car reality cannot be reached with was under us or thinking
and concept while discrimination
but still rubbish use what go to was on because they they will buddhist
i be say
ah in this part is that i got like to be missed the car
that after has gone before
i said but they use vaping buddhist use a lot of was
i could sort it
so gamal we think them while we get far from that reality
the buddha or originally expanded the three vehicles on the for the sake of ordinary people he didn't expound them for the seiko poodles this is a answer to that question why choose realize our mind can be with as ah
with as arizona
okay i'm not doing a show united saying brought up caught to ordinary pig's not she can teach to us so fat buddha is talking about the our mind our reality of our life not someone below
bond living ordinary living beings costs so to stubby and awakened to the we're reality of our life and including our mind is a good as darshan so that data center is not ah
it's beyond our mind so to really see and understand ah our mind than that is does his side
ah sets it

means to express explain or i expressed or two sometimes translated as to preach
to talk about
so what the road etc saying of had the buddha said in iraq etc is about the mind for life of our ordinary beings
and hunan said
now some of them are probably you are one of them or not behaving a disgrace group
left their seat in the assembly right
five thousand people that's okay for you want to leave us today
still they did not know that while sitting in the white ox carriage they were looking for the three kind of courage outside the gate
that means even those people who left was five seventy proof who left the assembly is tearing this vehicle so even if you you got this and you don't believe this and you your
brain meek
stellar you are in that within the big people
so no one can be excluded
even we say either i'm not there still are you and here
because the etc create state that there are either too two or three carriages on the one
so even we reject you know i don't care about three vehicles i have my own bucharest
but still such people as they were included in this vehicle
and the next about the about the three vehicles for dull same difference between the will set the diana and a one gouda are equal said
the three kind of carriages are expedient means
because they were expanded in the past the one vehicle is rare because it belongs to the present this past and present i think
is said in the ah
check out to
over the lotus sutra as an extra skater from means
you know fame without books
i'd like to hear how she made skillful means oh one coax about three p cruise as a skillful means
i think he's
she said something like

she said the lesion not keep this addition gouda college and find that a that appears he is for creating the buddha's wisdom this
but a traditional therapy or teaching of one beagle
without wisdom now is the very time with us now is a very time means so far i have been talking about the ask from means talking about sleepy could start a skillful means but now he said now is the way time i have
the to talk about from buddha vehicle
so i still stop talking about three decrease now is the time
ah a same thing is similar thing is said little after this said in the same fashion that that good as past present and future preach the my so
so also will i now
proclaim the undivided law and undivided alomar means three vehicles are divided and debate impediments one be crew so now is a time i need to expound this one vehicle be
i think what few nice talking about this time now and what he meant now is not only that time second money ah said this on the boards our peak but
you know now this moment for enough for new ideas this this moment in the time we see now i'm divided terima this is the only time with on me to think about the past but
this is a time we have to see are able to antibiotics terima

ah page seventy four

so i'm only trying to make you leave behind expedient means or skillful means that the three vigorous and returned to the rear means one
antibiotic it
are the short route reality waters
and when we returned to reality therapy is not a mere name that means name can be forgotten
know this name is tara name
that means tooth or reality or a genuine is still
the artistic
truth is detective who is a forest
and other fruit is directive with regard to the activity
and one vehicle is reactive with three vehicles
so finn where he can to this one undivided alabama
we can forget about this even visit one of ah truth or reality or adversary or one vehicle
just be there
and he continued you should know that all beings without exception are rare treasures
and they all belong to you
admitted a few more sentences the shaving on making use of them is up to you
it is neither the father's sword nor the thinking august our children and there is no thought of using this is why it is called that alma for allah cetera
home to culpa from day to night a fan we're not hoarding the sutra in our hands there is no time when we are not deciding it
ah you know this father this treasure here you know said everything all beings
who is a takes exception are rare treasures happy these treasures of course mean everything is treasure everything is precious
and they all belonged to you
you know pro over this came from the crab roof
no ipr the now
force chapter took our for
thou you know that pure are bitch father and a person who left father's home and oh one wonder the here and there and they had he had a very difficult time and the he returned to his father to phone home and
the his father are they expected means give him a job working to green that
hey that atkins and further i encourage him to work diligently
and she the son worked before his father for twenty years
and he learned more and more important jobs
and right before his father passed away is a fraud or said this is my some
and all the treasures
oh where's i have
is he from now then
the sun said even though i didn't expect this treasure house is open and come to me
that is the story so this treasure means i'm under pressure like that croissant
theresa given inherit from his father but the until then until they she didn't think the which is five hundred whales it's his own
even though he worked for are keeping his
for that wealth as a seventh or or manager that he thinks that he didn't think that those it was his own but then father said you are my younger son saw or a wales i have a us
that is the here i think show nine talking about so a treasure all the bridges are owned by gouda
it's hours
and this means i think you know life
this terrorism in this entire network of people dead birds and interdependent origination
and i think with your sin feel we are born we are born together with and pay you want and the finn we are living we lived together with all beings with indecision dialogue and of him we die we die together with or beings with
his entire world so this entire world in which we are part of this interconnectedness is this person's with
of course not only my with but everyone
everyone of us on people together with in dialogue so we're the owner of this entire ah network that means

you know this is a metro rocco interdependent autonation or indra's it
we are proud of you know this thread or not
and everything is connected connected with everything and only thing octavia is validation of the thread
there's no such independent entity called at not
not is how or defense said ah get together and the wax that is our life our personal right so there's no such fixed entity called the shock but the only thing is the elements all different kinds of elements
for we i know that a maybe the unsafe or entity that in fact no of means and because there's no such individually entity only thing there is the nation for connection because of that
this entire network is a safe
does this make sense
so fearful in this entirety over interconnectedness so this interconnected entire network is me
and everything in there is my
sun on tears are not to the buddha said in this and three the weren't is my is myself and all beings isn't that what is my children
that in front the buddha said and i think not only graph but each one of us is a thing in giphy myself and every or being within this interconnectedness is me so and other center with interconnectedness i have
have a responsibility
keep this
in harmony in a healthy condition not the only this mvp to body and mind but can we have to
if want to make this the aquatic fitness
yeah in a healthy and the harmonious condition that is our practice other guy sativa
ah paris
five to nine in our relations yeah once you find our individual uniqueness unique and so is that
but you were just saying that it's all relations so what is number one through five in the context this is born function nature itself
you know to not a different shape different condition if find major different form if i pay energy so
i am a collection collection of all different elements and your doesn't collection of different elements so each eating of even though they're the only connection validation but dakota of that each not are different unique unique aggregation
you know because i know i was born in japan not my english is to the strange
i'm thinking in japanese and speaking in english this is my uniqueness this in my karma
under you have different caramels
so we are eighty different and yet you know we are connected with all beings the way the know that the way connected or what kind of element are connected is different and that is the uniqueness of each beings i think
that may contain change it just sounds exactly like
yesterday adam
software probably
you have that question because i don't know this saga
i disagree is not there
and your that to make your that to so this is a network net in like eight dollars net i i before it but i wrote this cycle but after getting off at soccer
anything at all
you know the idea of indra's net or gas in the but about and soccer sutra and
does it
the etc says there is a in euro has a paris and in there has a beautiful ornament of net that it's fun as it means and the internet has a infinite
throughout time and space that means even go with in the isn't it is a you know placed in the poorest in the policy is part of this net
the infinite mean there's no such down bonding
inside and outside if we
are you think there is a boundary on this entire t is a rarity then we are we could interpret visit a brahma
but or ottoman but
so important point is we need to eat eight a circle
one of the duration of there
i think we will you know this entire universe
now is about the something writer
i don't think this university has boundary
this makes us
national very totally it been path or the five
and you voted out tonight think here is we're not that farther we're not that time there's no such separation even between father and time and even we cannot say i use this or are you own these treasures
and we are part of the prisoners
so from kirkpatrick culpa means kind of to carpet a long period of time and date tonight is our day to day you know huge or length of time we can a hundred and
in victoria living
but even so that means always even finn we're not holding the sutras in our hands
this means a lot a sitter
there is no time frame we are not reciting the that means even can we don't read that this particular cetera
we are deciding that sutra
does make sense
chris sandwich so
the people that left to still in later like he said i think so
a roof and we don't lead we still really
an exception or america
launched year
is that father speaking
and and then be singing and making use of them is you and then the next time is the thought of using it you know how you
cpm making use of
father speaking
i think between us taking to this person this monk
got the main as far as
i think this you his father
ooh nice talking to further in everything is your position with are you make this and sarah i need a van nuys up to you
where that you use this as the
praise to fulfill our personal desire was to make this a press or the practice praise to offer or to make offering or contribution to her father's it up to a you so how are we to understand and
next line when it says and there is no thought of using
ah doesn't actually there's no such separation between owner and our petitions
so we can say i use this because i is a pack of at treasure
so after gets no position and know python fuku this i think that this fact kunai the same here
can i need one two more paragraph and and this conversation it's not it's not important i think
after having received this edification father jumped with joy and presented this bus or praise so fanatically understood
and he wrote his own boss
three count on the recitation of the sutra have disappeared with a single a phrase from kashi cause she means showing them so she said that i have been reciting the lotus sutra three southern times but because of your dance teaching i forget
i'm definitely clarify the meaning of a badass appearance in the world that is fun to an unsafe with as occurrence in the world is filled we practice
how can we end the modernists accumulated over many lifetimes so become free from our comic derision you know we have to see who we dairy ah
then the cetera made up the extent of sheep deer and asked oaks carriages come up could make it to come out as i said before to be were lifted up to the higher level of meaning are the middle and late that means an hour
the kind of us
our process we got a coke fast three a decrease or to vigorous and stevie chris and those and finery that ah one v one great vigorous that is a beginning middle and late
or end
or expressed this reality
of interconnectedness so who is aware that even within the burning house or isn't that are mocking is there
so that as i said in a very fast reactor know the proverb basic problem is that duality between wide-area dharma in fits we are class migrating always in sixty games and ah
and neither now here we are free from our be beyond the turns migration was beyond duality how can we he
go beyond this duality between jerky and the on the heritage and the fact that this monk said is there's no such
give eugene ore separation between burning house that is some sauna and out of burning house is nirvana but he says kingo of karma that marking his they are always in like toys in burning house
but if how in all he understood that oneness or non-duality
so there's no such such and such two separate praises called son salah and news varna or duality and non-duality but we see we need to see that
nearby now i do it in santa and with need to see that do a in non duality and i do we didn't do anything
that is i think that understanding of this monk for father fan he he received the pitching from you know
and i hope you will one was centers
being presented this was the manchester said from now on you can be called the etc reciting monk so you keep you keep reciting the sitter
but not only with his mouth
ah i'm sorry i talked to long