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good afternoon everyone
ah eh
for the whether i should not have broke up the
the topic of mine
it took so much time
ah but before before we return to go against can hope get their hockey i need to not need to but i'd like to introduce another
all the text
in this conversation between showing on on this monk falcao father
through recited that rotates through for many times
gauguin caught this story or from that he called of transmission of lamp what dogma lamp or keto couldn't go look that was compiled the inca rd the eleventh century it was that three speaker
once held under the for
actually none five or six ancestor lived from a second half full severance and fast fast beginning of eighth century so era
i've got three hundred years before between should actually kind which arena lived and this conversation was
decoding and are put in that are
peckish of dakota of prior permission no plump
that means three hundred years is a long time
and ah you know as a you know gauguin given to appreciate the per home sutra
proud the home of sutra is a correction nov train and things but gorgon and the also this on nine or eight you said someone
a change it and i been something strange
ah and that it up was through you know that alma cetera was made
and are edited and revised again and again
and now we have the all this version of a proper home cetera
that was asked to up in a cave in
the small town in the desert named tongue fun
and the oldest version of the pack on the cetera include this conversation between three nuns and this person ah
hot that's or father
and a conversation is pretty much different ink so different in a friend who is that is some color stories
my he wrestled is try to find as many vital as possible and dave from the all of our patterns to that newer versions then we can see how the story
beginning it's very simple story but it's getting more and more interesting and meaningful that is how chinese zen people are able to the than literature

this one
the meaning of kent twentieth century last century
probably within a twenty to fifty people of kashmir and with this was made but today's ah scattered than japanese scarf who studied the history libertarians then
that you know this oedipus the oldest version of their fat sutra and they think vera kristie three day has even within this oldest extant
three layers that means about or this one the all it's in our one or is know bug and made by someone and are tend to buy either one
is three so we don't know what what is to look for the to jail he said by renowned or not
so we cannot trust anything
and that five know logan's
point to study good ways to study how safe is important we can use all the different volume of their stories to study our service not to find what really happened in the history there's no way to find such our history
car truth
not only in gen vi editor but also
after is behind a buddhist scriptures
there's no such historical truth
but a very important truth
no story
ah dogan quote from and i said from got good here we call a record of the current permission
ah the first sentences very different from belgium dogan quote
ah another another monk visit a translation by rehbein that kind translated the platform sutra the order of item and this is from
a translation or a platform sutra
ah this is our a section of the decode
different various monks visited our sri none and have some conversation
another monk named factor or father had been reciting the lotus sutra
for several years
but was be way that as to its to teaching so it doesn't say he decided three thousand times
that's a that's a very different banking he decided america etc for seven years i don't know how many times
anyway so he went to trial she was mounting korea china david to pay his respect and asked the master
your disciple has been reciting the lotus sutra for seven years but i'll be way that as to it to teaching and i have some questions about a sitter
i was hoping the mazda could use his vast wisdom to of them
then you know said
ah father
godaddy my

then literature get many jokes
a father's name with whole hatful in japanese
ah in chinese or far
tar or gap
and his whole in florida
and cut it to lead to or penetrate
so what are shrinath said his father
ah terima regulate the depth but you but not your mind
penetrate penetrated deep but on the your mind cannot fathom
thus cetera daughter cetera doesn't have any questions there's no problem in the lotus sutra
your mind has problems so program is your mind
it's your mind that has questions
your search for a to teaching who is are confused mind
but i uphold he said
should i said i applaud the sutra because i practice through mindfulness to remind the from if it is shaw
sure joys one of the six kilometers
and also that one of the eighty four noble path to a station was samadhi or mindfulness
that means as far as we are thinking with our ah discriminating mind
this discriminating mine has question
they thinking mind is a problem solve
to be mindful
needs to get go on such in undiscriminating thinking then there's no question i guess it was kind of that the stroke
ha all my life i've never been able to read according to the story who now couldn't read anything
he didn't he couldn't read or write he had no education
source here you and asked to for that
if you eat the lotus to me once i understand as soon as i hate so he he asked asked to decide the lotus sutra
then he activity did for that then read the entire system to their master he did a the trend
this entire book
in there are billions of version of data vasant said she decided effects stuck it through this type suit
bruh until the second chapter and actually nicer to stop but in this on he read read entire blog etc
as soon as actually not six but the ancestor or and is the thickest transit system patriarch had she understood the as meaning and explained the lotus sutra to father
he never let a lotus sutra appear at this moment
if you're behaving to not
i don't believe this
you know
i'm john mccrae was are great check them scholar and he wrote a book about the history of in the fan he the than thickest that he had a three or four prince bruce the first one is it is not true therefore it is important

we we don't need to believe this

ah anyway
so after hearing the lotus sutra
showing said the lotus sutra isn't complicated
it's it's several who for ios four years mean the i think volumes
contain nothing but listens in metaphor the parameters
the reason that the guy that i expounded his explanation to include the free vickers was simply because people are slow to understand in this is the fact that he's sitting there a second the top
because the people didn't understand that to diorama of one vehicle he second we expanded that pitching have three vehicles as our
skillful means
but the sutra makes it clear that there is no other vehicle than the one could have vehicle so only one vehicle is reality three e crews are expedient
then china continued gotta pay attention to the one would that decrease on this one with a week who is most essential point of the road etc
don't go looking for the to with a equal
andalusia on nature so too with the to vigorous means ah
you know in the lotus sutra it's mean that ah shut up a copy crew on a project up with a beakers but i think fatima is usually not meant here is to decrease in theory key
duality between ah you know widely dharma and bureau beyond a water thirty dogma on well
a duality between ah duality unknown reality
if we get into the reality we do with our mind
he said those your own nature is nature is a show
in a was sure
ah ah will show it with our nature
you are all is another nature
on the fear in the sutra are you going to find the one with a vehicle that can we find is one would be group i to tell you that citruses or with us and the burger buns only appear in the world as a result of the greatest
first of all causes this is the fact is said in that second chapter or with appeared in disallowed or because of that one great mother or cause and conditions
how are you this teaching to be understood how can we understand this one
great mother
and how is this teaching to be practiced
listen and i'll tell you
and he continued playing a person's mind so he stuck to talk about mine
and enough
again hobby the seen in dispersions of three nuns a coke is interesting he said fin are passed on the mind
has no fault
ah no thought is who she

for is not an associate thinking so that person's mind that's not think there's no thinking in person's mind
and is are fundamentally empty and still
when with our mind has no thinking and mp still quiet
that is what have i said this morning
in the theory of the awakening of face that or know
mine to nature is still and mth but when the wind of ignorance law doesn't mind ah
start to move and ah
as soon as a defined moves
get my divided into two part one we subject and they object and subject and the architect and that
impact each other and we create the old
ah sarah
so ah
in this facility
to be enlightened mean to return to this what is in our nature by stopping with wind over even audience then you know i i think you know the name
one of the names of samadhi called k in enamel

the my is samadhi and high in awesome and in his
no fear
steve is he a a c or associate with somebody
this summer the ipl the imgur about cancer catheter or for our ornaments sidra
and a common understanding of this summary is finn
there's no wind in the ocean
surface water is very peaceful without the movement then everything
yeah yeah the water can be deflected exactly as they are
this is the meaning of okay in the my or senses samadi so often we stop this wind our mind to become really peaceful without movement without the waves then we can we can see the thing
things at the ah
that is ah
the condition
this or is no nature is restored
today so we need to stop thinking
so fuck tonight is talking is about this idea
and yet though
okay gains a really interesting person he told another tapped our high school shop organs were entitled k in the by
and the fact he said is different from this idea
he didn't say we should stop a window of ignorance but in the very beginning of the first group or kinda my a lot worse than serious money dorgan said friend we walk russia face of the ocean
we are also working and really gotten over the ocean
that means
no the shellfish we are waves but wave
on the the surface if we go deeper than
even dead ouch we are waves on the shellfish are the bottom of the ocean deeper part of the ocean is always quiet
the even surfaced of our mind has waves oh he said
that's okay
that's not a mother because not all that this order is happening but the important point in our thousand is we're also working on this beeper
have a book the ocean or she said kk bottom of the ocean
so when we are practicing know our practice is not stop thinking
and make the chef is completely calm and without the move
because it's not possible
but we need to understand that our life
you can we sit in his posture and raping go our life did to equitable the ocean go to move our life that is somebody so that's the difference between bogans
to talk about organ somebody is a kind of confusion i'm sorry
anyway ah so fail we stop thinking according to shut when need to think here is finn
we stop thinking and our mind is completely from free from thinking than is in our nature
is restarted the were relieved
ah of anything
finn a person's mind has no thoughts and is fundamentally empty understood and free of forest views and we stopped thinking there's no forest view of course
ah that is the greatest of all causes this condition of know thinking
in our somebody is a great greatest of all causes means
in today's in that is what you know all put us up appeared in this word to point out this
condition or stage or state of mind without any thinking any forests ideas
mindy finn we stopped thinking you know good up yet
that you know the reason all with as up the in this world
fitch or cause when you and confused about the east side or the outside
hey you are free of bratty kids so you got to in at summer beach we need to be free
obituary piece that mean the artistic is cremate him thinking
if you are confused about the outside
the object we see what we experience you are attached to forms forms
and if you are confused about the you are attached to emptiness so form and emptiness fan we are that phone app is terrorism but can we ipads to infamous that is oversold illusion
we need to be free from both
at means we need to be free from any kind of discriminate the thinking
to be free of form i mean forms so to be free from form i mean the forms
mean when we have we ah
in the is what with forms we should be free from performs but when but we also need to be free from emptiness we are both free from form and emptiness
you and confused about the east side or the outside
so a huge huge nice talking about is in this purpose of know thought police
i see it the respiratory just having a thought pump up in my head
believe it is true only onto it doesn't believe
it seems to me what's being talked about here is not just odd occurring but actually attaching to them as a belief
so maybe they'll again is a disagree with when i was talking about it is not having beliefs buddypress yes you know not belief reading attaching to adopt i believe this is true as opposed to i just have this idea i believe this idea is true
this could that be what they're referring to as thinking as opposed to just having a pop up
ah i think in the case of showing nam phan he said no thought that i think
our mind is completely quiet
no thug
no but in the case of dog as doesn't i think i'm thinking a non-speaking are both there and those are happening always in beyond the thinking that the the cheerios he shadow under presidio so duggan's
pitting on the practice is really kind of a unique
among the know there are many different approaches or meditation practice in buddhism
but gorgons approach is kind of unique practice
it's there but it's not there
sort are coming and going at that we don't claim to or we don't
interact with him
okay okay nasty
so the goal of our practice of made doesn't practice is not stop thinking
but we need to make a distinction between photo coming and going
and i think finn i think means goes for to become the object of this person sitting and that mean there's a separation between subject and object and a half of our mind to become the object
the both are coming and going become the over overtake cop this person city and i intact and i judge this is correct or not correct i like this why hit that or i need to stop this well i want to continue this
can we do such interaction with the thought coming and going then we are thinking so can we find that we are thinking you know the the separation within our mind and guys are divided into several our subject and object
and by letting go you know this separation is appeared and we just sit pretty
the same locker
where the water figure your fingers to describe the five
five daughters are there okay
like is is it's okay but finn with become separate from them and we try to control
or want to
how can i say use as i desire then that does five scan does become a man
ah i just skimmed us
without do with a to donna
so basically said now instead of pancho piranhas canada's just scandals or m p r jr that sonia scanners
that means five scandals simply being five candace
it doesn't it's not separate between
you can go through a subject and the five candace as the object
where we are
while see you understand this issue in i'm not me or dog
once you understand this teaching your mind will develop in an instant this
the iraq is a translation of cage
that means to open
ah in this translation a kite is translated as they will
can it appears in the world and it develops the understanding of a buddha
buddha means enlightenment or awakening
that means weakening
and so he said put the is not a person with dies awakening so awakening appear in award
it was in this practice and this can be divided it into for darwin's
a bit of thing that is a kind the understanding of indictment manifesting that is our translation of g in my translation display on point out
developing manifesting and realizing that fire a fab is go
episode rewriting and force is new
pollution i said that are for kind of stasis
two for this awakening for that appear in this world
enter it yes into
oh come ah
the spraying realize it the arriving and entering
that is
happy said in the second tapped out lotus sutra or the appear in the slot to open but as your site and the display with as these side to living beings and allowed or beings realize that buddha's inside and
enter and as or living things into the buddha's
developing manifesting rising and entering currency go new
all begin from one praise where praise me within this practice of no fault
so he is it
trinity is talking
about this
as a meditation practice
ah from the understanding of indictment is the understanding over and like to make it a translation of a good food
she can
but in my translation good as isn't
when an incomplete this as awakening
so skin of awakening
understanding of awakening
how faint you see your own nature you will appear in the word i'm not sure for to you
is correct on this means buddha with appear in this word
and buddha is this awakening is awakening appear in this world often we practiced meditation and our my our mind it can completely free from thinking
that appeared according to
china that these fat visceral statement in the lotus sutra means or the buddha has appeared in florida only for one cause and causes and conditions
so doesn't mean that awakening and the appeared in this word means actualized reading our practice
still to do shoot on continues i keep hoping
that in their minds everyone in the world where to develop the understanding of a buddha
i'm not understanding of an ordinary babies
what they rarely brings the show job
living beings so instead of butter chicken
keenan said schedule skin the understanding of ordinary people ordinary beings so we should develop with as daughter shannon
so this kind of practice not develop human thinking
ah fan papers bind i'm mistaken they foolishly engaged in evil a enable and develop the understanding of an ordinary beings and instead of goodridge can show your
skin can his side of ordinary beings
and the same paper his mind are true they give life to a right of wisdom
and develop the understand understanding of a buddha that these boots brutal chicken
hey you don't develop the understanding of an ordinary being but the understanding open to that that is when you will appear in the world it's not the you about the i think it's a buddha who are these awakening appeared in the water so
so happy the fuck are between a meant finish it he said we should understand it said in the lotus sutra
through our in a of over our mind that means we should manifest or actors fact buddhist the lotus sutra set within our practice
using our body and mind
on continued this is the lotus sutra to teaching of one v vehicle
so non duality
which it then divided into three or just say coke there the people so funny we have two more three
then we are within the human thinking
ah but you should only take diffuse in that one buddha be equal means
reality of oneness
not separate or
divide the real reality or our life it more than two does see oneness of this reality without any discrimination
that is a friend is the awakening and also put that appeared within in this in the world through our body and mind
sooner continues faint your mind practice it is a lotus
when your mind practice
so this is
now well as of chewing on
it's kind of different from taiwan dorgan courts who get there okay

ah three dans vos about this in this version is
is it

who go
ah hope kitten

senior care
good sir
she can
a chicken pen okay

and a cage george kin

ah he cheating he
hope okay
so longer than the version in the are in this thickest
and visit she
o k and who
robert k
and came
k good sir
ken ken
hi you
sure joe
ah ok
and don't let the pint translation is
when when your mind practice she said she translate this go as practice going should go
the mind practice then ah it's these it's really do to me that this mind our mind is okay narrow etc
so what
read read read read recently id
so he translated this ten as read
not done
probably you know there is a compound such as ten goku
you know how can
local means
in japan even when i see us on special occasions you know people monks ah horse the citrus and like this every room that is called ten docu certain document read
and can i don't know where ten come from probably you know the ancient times ah not only circle past or the thickest are written in the scroll
when they did the scroll they have to come
obeidi to put a probably that is fat can dock means to pandas scroll and ah lead
no the thickest so this this ten or town also means our deep
read the the etc so then our mind is practice
the that mind read the lotus sutra
but when the mind
with not doesn't practice
a kitten is this mind is pound or led by hockey by a lotus sutra in this case this crap this means often you only he the the sutra just as out what was that
ah how can i see
understanding and practice and transform our mind
yeah then we are led by the lotus sutra
so you have to really read the lotus sutra we have to work with our mind
by the teaching in the lotus sutra
got china i'm saying is that we have to practice on the become free from any shrinking and
we should be stored this ah you know ah or is in our nature while my mind
this one
how funny it doesn't it doesn't practice it means the mind not a reminder no nine them
probably the because know that number would i kill or cause is limited because this is a bus so but still the subject is mind
the first time
say that again
the mind when if the mind peace then got mind read the protests and a don't mind doesn't practice then okay hands that means the cetera lead to you your mind
you are led by into cetera
cray your mind is too
no one day while nine is missed
hey i need to like from our mind it too
we that mind
and read the lotus sutra on the fin our mind is not true or false then we are led by the road etc
and ah
once next one is
can you develop the understanding over an ordinary beings
it is fast a know fast can you develop the understanding of a buddha goodridge can could have skin good the garrison finn we develop or open would have arisen on than we did a lot etc but then we
we open or develop
instead of ordinary beings we are led by the lotus sutra
okay fan you develop that the understanding or barbuda that the good a terrorism
you read the lotus
when you develop the understanding of an ordinary beings the lotus sutra read you
so in this case in this ten our tongue is translated as to read

yes got this for the and said we should develop with us inside not sure ordinary being so a human ah
so this in fact we don't sit about the pan and being panned by the lotus sutra so he got to without unbind his practice or not
for new year on only bead the was beaten in the citrus than we are led we are led by the sutra
yoda to read the lotus sutra we have to dirty work
on our mind
you mean
a reality
do you understand that
i gave her
have you understand
we are led by the that means we don't really understand that the with a subtropical etc and saying
but thing we haven't been new in the practice following the ah
a kitchen in our cetera then we turned and read the road etc
does make sense
vickery critics said
definitely be to you are get you are you are read by the cetera
that means that you are just just a repeat for these are written in a scroll


yeah i think so
not the means
how can i say
on this we immediately daddy understand the for the happenings of eaten and it a pray that teaching to our mind and refer to our activity ah
we are just simply being read harry a the it guy the cetera
when we actively practice following a buddha and does teaching in the cetera we turned the cetera
that in fact you know i meant
and finally she said financial and actually and unsaid
hey you strive for you strive to practice in accordance with the dharma
mom with aloe this this is thing you did etc
hey you strive to practice we act gary practicing
in accordance to ways
donnarumma that teaching
the thought in cetera
then ah this is how we can lead or tongue that lotus sutra
after that father or this monk
i had these was he suddenly experienced a great realization his eyes wet with tears he said master i have never truly a read or a the did the lotus
for seventy years for seven years i have been read by the cetera
in the future thing i read the lotus with each thought not mean that with each moment i shared a practice the practice is okuda
but practice practice of buddha is go
good job
i practice practice practice
so he
here the person who are to was transformed have before that he didn't understand about or she somehow he's believed just retiring reciting or leading etc
putting give him some myth
without understand even he didn't understand or publishing and bought him his
our to practice
on this
to restore additional mind nature
through with in may station then
awakening is awakening is buddha for the appeal
in the one
and we are panning the locus or reading a lotus sutra otherwise we are just being panned are being read by the sutra
so that in the front a know practice without practice then finally showing and to practice as a buddha is to be a buddha
that mixes
ah to practice
i don't like this well as up with that but to practice buddhist practice is to be good up
i think this is exactly what is said in that you know that cetera of cetera or good as find out pitching
defend friend after good as this but i asked his ashes and monks you should practice following my teaching
then i put us ah and and destructive or more in not disruptive during my body with as my body remember the of america is always present so within we practice would have crap
is we yeah buddha
and this is also rated with dogan the expression you're good to e g your with eg is another ah first grove show bougainville

go in the same your ultimate practice and good three to put up and e g is usually translated as or
dignified a column or dignified conduct
so you're getting a new this expression is a red or a practicing
with as dignified conduct
so that it factor in said i practice good as practice but
in sheboygan the go with eg dorgan or instead of here in this case this is bob and defeat for is done good as a dignified conduct but gorgon separate this phrase in
a meteor
and he did his job with the as wrong one and this is the name okuda
the buddha was a name is practice
and he saw this is a dignify the conduct of
of a buddha with a name is practice that means our practice is good
it's not mean we are buddha family practice we are still orientalis human beings but within our dignified a column or practice
this per episode buddha or piano
this makes us also i think dog and likes fat tissue and i said in the ah in the end of this dialog but the part of his a club is not stop thinking ah ah
yeah completely know thinking their mind these to aga or is in our nature i think that hot dog and doesn't
anyway this is out of or this bottom of this conversation will from that ah
kama sutra please
it could be a small point but i take it as a big points
this year we've been studying embodied practice embodied about practice
you made the distinction is that you don't like the word as you like with as practice
what i heard is is you don't like as like impersonating or imitating in which you like the actual practice of the buddha's body
i get concerned at the ease with which we can pretend to be buddha's by the way we dress by way we act you know ourselves and if something happens we don't like we get very angry
tells me that there's impersonation but not embodiment
it is why am i just making a big thing out of a little thing or is this important

if we evaluate our practice that is not good at practice
so we shouldn't be any just practice that the the factors can document frankie's and just practicing watch can just sitting which can just do it with up evaluation
with that the evaluation realize this is a reality up with the practice or not but we put our entire body undermined into fact that we're doing
that is a foot we practice with our practice
but not this practice is nothing to do is we try to imitate a good been thank you
i feel ya
four twenty
okay now now we can be to organs

so in this version you know china said you must now believe that the buddhist insight is nothing other than you our own mind that is full of here we left from the thickest
ah hello left nine in the paragraph nine so i start ah from paragraph ten
that is the part of
another version of this bus

paragraph ten
as so after she said you know this with that person or good as our insight is nothing other than our own mind then to express this he present this vase and this the in chinese
is she
me hope kit in

and ching
who me
cage show
ah yeah
may is erosion
open mind is eroded or mine is in the region okay lotus flower can
in this case i think better to read at apparently that town
when mind is in delusion that got from roma
calms the mind
and shin
go go is irritation so in the mind is in the irritation
a time that tell my from wow
what he chained ogre who caitlin and ten hockey in this case that i'm for our if the object of this action to come
in our mind is in television we are can't buy that are mafra wow wow what a lotus sutra and a friend of mine is in realization then we can tom that out of moscow
i do is to reciting and the to in for many as for long time
even if we decide this sutra for were wrong time if we will not may it gratifies and core in a safe if we
no matter how long will decide this sutra on this we qualify ourselves
ah your is
gee is the meaning
and is become
i'm sure game is enemy
not mean he and his we clarify our safe you know we become the enemy of the meaning of the lotus sutra that can mean we we are opposite contradicted
our gaze for he said in a lot etc
and berlin
who in me thought
so when i know thought
and that held another boat
so when i know name is thought of no thought
so indifferent disguise on it's become a little more complicated
you know in our older version between and said we should be the thought she'd be completely in eliminated
then there was in our mind the nature ipr the are relieved by pia
the as net thinking
without thinking
so there is they're thinking but this think we should be we got to thinking
then ah
i'm sorry this is appointed fast on
then with thinking thinking with thinking thinking with thinking began mistaken
and ah
next tour is ah i'm sorry again i missed one time
ah moon in a thinking without thinking
first they said name
let no member
ah thinking with thinking become mistaken but thinking man without thinking
ah is correct
ah my transition the photo of northolt is like thought the thought of thought will go astray
into mistaken
so in this belgium ah this is a candle complicated more complicated he doesn't simply he asked us to negate a remit or thought but there is too kind of thinking why did you you thinking we'd
thinking and i like thinking without thinking
so we're gonna snuff at this means
next he said
who and move at the mean being and non-being without being that mean
when we go beyond our men and women
we are
charming means for a long time at the me forever go is this your bright
white oaks curry carriage
that means when be goof
one recruit
the cut or courage put it by with white oaks
oh the point of fact is this thought with assault and saw the with thought i think this is without both thinking are the root of those thinking that cut off or not cuddle
and to good got cut off duluth of thinking means letting go
by letting go for the has no loot it's just coming and going
like a grouse in the sky
but ah
then we don't let go for has good and it's stay and we have to you know fight against them well we chased after them some how we are together with thinking this is i think visit the difference as i said before
or no other than sorta coming and going
and that is okay but when we start to interact with votes thought coming and going than we are thinking
that that'd i'm thinking wow with thinking
but friend or even fought are coming and going we know we just sit
then thought i had no root it just are simply coming undergoing
can crowd in the sky somehow you know in the blue skies somehow crowes appear
stay for a life changing the shape and disappear
that is no doubt forgot out there but we don't think
but if what do we do we know that them
so often that the our practice instead of aiming to or thought on this tour this ah you know that
or is it out in nature how or doesn't know what who are mind thought out the but we don't think
but is halloween as i said in organs k in some my we don't eliminate the waves but the waivers idea but we are foot is on the bottom of the ocean
so within our them both are there we don't fight against a wave of even fight against a window
but our foot is on the bottom of the ah
awesome that is pretty piece guy
peaceful and quiet
but i mean that we are not overwhelmed by thought coming and going or we don't fight against them
but are we just sit on the bottom of the ocean
remind you said chaired by
and taking dominic flower mean who doesn't side
can this be read as you can practice rather than a delusion is that you're not a start a hopeless case to be diluted that awakening occurs in your delusion it's possible to occur
where's that nappanee
yeah i think in the case of sherene under think
mind is in the region is and of negative
he never gives me so a friend oh yeah i remind me did under we are turned
why dollar amount we determine from our
it's not good condition so we should
the transform our mind into realization then we can pan that that i'm afraid our that is how that transformation or this path i'm are bot that the or father before before that he was panned by the garima but now
now he can panda burma so this is from small formation beating parisian to ah
the elevation or enlightenment but in the case of dogan in bogota poker dental kit
you know he did
this part out
means with our mind is deluded or mind and dayton
but he just said
velma for our pounds from our
that means there's no i know safe
only a are enough for a lifetime determine from our whether we we're deluded or enlightened
so to here to be it is not negative
in the case oh goggins interpretation
a to the enlightened and to be delusion
why without we are turned
gonna throw out or we found out of mashallah this is ah to
wait overseeing one when condition
one reality so to be eroded chimney is not narrative i'm single
the kind of since
chico can be narrative
read here
you mean this there is yeah hope get in cooking is and when it's translated as chair
in that sense of
you know
tommy is it at to move to like you know by school by screw is a japanese or call to detail shop david safe
king is tan and as shy is a baker so safe canning vehicle
so this time that means moving
yes ah
ten gordon earning the dharma wheel is the same same word

here's why

ah i understand the english speakers the american people contract and tavern happy
we will be in japanese
or chinese or a buddhist
the lightings
double narrative is very common
you know for example you know
fuck is an example
ah i i don't dislike such and such
you don't want to say that way but to me why in japanese for us forest japanese ah i don't dislike does not is not same as i like that thing
i don't dislike that thing and i write kissing is different
so i'm

yes of course
good for nothing
you know
in part in ukiah someone asked for his fat removed why we need to understand dharma and the why we need to practice mom than what i said he would have to or
to achieve liberation and the person to ask again but fat is a meeting or why we need to be a village and good for and two are unrelated to attain nirvana
the bizarre ask the fuck is nirvana good for
and buddha said you asked two months
that means we cannot say nirvana is good for something else but nirvana is good video
that is what consultado said that they it's good for nothing that miss gaza it's good now put not good for something is
gaza is good for itself of itself
so you know this driving the ox scarpe it's good for nothing
just three

being kind of mean we are moving to bind move by the got it
after a while
we are moving perceive me i sit nearby park

because we gotta understand how to end up teaching acting in the case of deciding that lotus sutra we just
you know decide what is written
and he was show face of the world it doesn't it has nothing to do is cultivating are mine
custom who doesn't know penetrated active paper when the realization turning
yeah we can come a dime of raw we can i express and ah express the dharma
but if you're reading it even if you're just reading the words of a lot of sidra
lotus sutra is inspiring you even though you don't realize it otherwise you'd read economic boom
at five dorgan said ganja being panned by the for our burger fries not negative but in that case of between on you know when we think about this person's case father's case you before he didn't understand is written the area and understand
so he was be read on
so here he needs some help and because of sheen and help he could
transform she's practice or even she is rife
that is a difference
know we have kidnapped her
yeah not means queenan fool
had no thinking
being being free from that color meaning of things but he he had a good as inside

yeah but in the case of donation doesn't
the and gonna just a number to think or not to read or not to study
but which we have to study we have to lead study and try to understand yet we need to be free from called studying and understanding and do it

ah is
i think so in the case the case of goggins hockaday okay this has nothing to do with re to read are we a dick or not

uses china

and is moving to move so so it's are more active

clinging to the five canvas
after some thought came from the screening
to make this five scanned us
or so-called i more
powerful are important or are stronger than adults do we try to do many things
we our think thinking is used with this attitude than i thought has to boot
does it make sense
and finished cut off means our our forty is not used for the sake of this person's is persons the eagle
then the solid thinking is used as a tour
to express to the diorama
so on
that mixes

i don't think it's it i think it's cheaper than thinking
even before we learned the language we already have clinging to the five is candace i think
but now are you know thinking and language or discrimination is used by describing
and in the case of the for you can prove
if your as teachings this quitting is done by the several consciousness called manners or are evil consciousness
ah ah deepest consciousness is called arya and i just thought house or the experience we had the in the past are started there but ego consciousness grasp goes
see the stored in array of consciousness as me
this is according to your vagina this is the nature of cringing
that's mixes prison

another way of knowing what does it mean

i think his expression of dilemma for was anda dalam a flower in this case there's no separation between me and have overlooked know thought get that means there's no perception but this subject and object
together as both a from our that is for dog the with the expression they are poker function
photo function means serious and others working together as one
that is how we really know
ah sinks and ourselves
so this annoying isn't not all absorptive knowing as a perception and ah formation
but our entire body now
right now because russia yes i think so
oh my question about phonemes in ted the same word has reached when on
he turns the donald the same the same one so it seems related to
yes seating alarm
i'm to prison i think maybe it was really a it's like the power of the teacher
the in that mine would have even good as the student being able to then enter that my degree
for pitchers threw them to thickens shouldn't working together yeah that says you know
no not the only teacher pan has children but student and a teacher or also working together

i'm sorry i can hit to look
okay thank you very much