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good morning everyone
yesterday afternoon i started to did not take it to old hope getting okay
and i
studied to
the this text or frome vast thirty or conversation between china on the six and sister or chinese zen and oh i know that the monks and because showing unsaid
we should study what is written in lotus sutra on the basis or context of our g shin the mind over there safe so i started to talk about the mind but this mind
showing on on six francisca mentioned
and as i quoted bogans much
fast group of show gorgonzola and tighter the suction they could put a mind is itself up
and they're broken introduce one understanding of the mind
a rich dogan doesn't agree
that is of from his cold seneca the idea of mind
and irish irish thirty chris to i should talk more about sinica
in at the or or your desire
well seneca it or pass on the name
true appeared in are my high end up putting nirvana sutra on this person was not a buddhist and then disperse on poked discussed something that
about something with ceremony and the five zenica said is very common idea of ah not exactly hinduism but a hindered teaching before second money
i got this about ip man
i think you know what admire his item and sometimes translate as soul
an ottoman is pure
without that any defilement
and fits doesn't change and the fit existing in our
body and mind
and this soul is our automatic is like got or know the house this is a house and with this argument is that i got now
and according to hindu teaching or whereas monism teaching is the ultimate is pure and undefiled and yet somehow this automate is is in prison within
and this body is a social opprobrium for so
the regions and do we do we have become a with it and do we do many mistakes so in that pitching ah how to degrees with ottoman from this or fresh my body
that peter force of evil is the goal
and along the time of shakyamuni there are two method to allow the outcome on degrees from the if really bad influence from this fresh that is a source of evil while meeting with patient
meditation and second is very severe a practice
is by
a he practice of meditation we come down our mind than this sort of can be free from that era it
and the another missile authentic practice is bye week when the energy of my body of physical energy
not eating
why you know both to
the practice was five secondly good
in the very beginning like after she left his father's paris
what's so that i sit and hot second when you practice as ascetic practice it's he didn't eat
except a few grain of
i'm not sure rice on something else
he stopped breathing and pedro autumn with he died or she did many other belly a strict streak as a people practice and he found that kind of practice into walk so he quick
and he received food
and ah
from our
the are girl the village named siapa and he ate something and decouple some energy for his courage and as you understand it to sit another poetry
and ah
i don't have much time to talk about the good of right but after he a pain she became with our teacher fuck he thought is anathema i'm not a mom with no automatic payments are ottoman doesn't exist
so this is the difference is between buddha's teaching and ah
hindu hindu teachings or pitting that was common in india around the time of second money
so as a non buddhist indian person
to talk about our c'mon it's very common thing or they don't you think he just experts his understanding obviously belief
but because ceremony negate that the altamont the idea of on if a great book about ottoman
as a part of their
thirty on the practice than ah
that is called a no modest
one mistaken idea because you know i think you know three or four dharma seeds
three it out of my favorites is everything is impermanent
and everything has no safe that is anathema
and everything is suffering
goals are called the three gunma series and for that must see means in addition to those three a fast final one is giovanna nirvana is saying ah jack limits
jack with you're sitting and pure
those are called three and history or fall out of matthews and in this case saves
means a stump
stump stump means you know what you pay you like a while make calligraphy or paint some in china and japan we put their stamp of the person's name that means if we've
find the stamp of sat in python name than it satisfy his calligraphy or painting is done by this person so busy seal was stamped with them as signature in american culture that the mean if we find find the
those three or four point in someone's teachings than that pitching can be called buddhism
or for
if we are called our luck or something or if if something against those four point is included in that pitching cup cannot be called the buddhism
that is the criterium oh fuck is buddhism and of up is not
i have trouble understanding
this time
colonel to me i just a portrait words to me too
that they're not are encouraged very interesting and important point but not very confusing
panama city
see me
i'm sorry i can i don't have answer to your question it's a big question and i have to write one book a fuck a quick question so that means nothing permanent that that
doesn't change is i was serious and that that's something which it doesn't change is that right it's almost like are right garage owner of this tribes canvas for the buddha said is there are only five generous puppies
rupa no power or phone in our life in a case of human beings this group our our foam means our body my video and other for perceptions a sensation perception formation and consciousness
you are familiar with five from the hard cetera and the had suggested there are no all goes for or goes five scandals are empty
but fat buddha said if five scammed us there are only five canvas nothing leaders specially this something
that can be that all now of five candace
that means up is in canada while at the matter there's no such things called argument that is permanent
and the owner of this body and mind and opaque out his body and mind that is one of the definition of ottoman or guy
in chinese optimize translated as a gap
god is usually traffic in team of chefs city so anathema is translated are either nor nor safe

so somewhere but somehow we think there's something
which is the all know this body undermined
where festival
the definition of ottoman or got in buddhism is ah
in chinese or japanese jaw it's a shoe side

joy is a permanent which doesn't change or with existing in the same way and it is one
so optimize only one there's no to out the money is boldly in this person on the one allgemein for one person
and that show means ah the host or owner or gold
so ah this item on or set of or god is permanent never change i'm the only one and are own now all these fibers canvas and me to operate
okay operate
like like a driver
not so that ottoman ah
is that oh now this fibers candace
and ah operate with five canvas how our body and mind and that is only one and that nearby change that this is the definition of ottoman in buddhism
and for the buddha said fatima both was because no such thing

no because dogan food
in function difference

that's the problem
now a the area program and i don't know
i mean please

that is what the buddha said on the five scanned and under five standards are impermanent and it's collection of five elements and with always changing and sooner or later it is pass
sometimes referred to the
to safety and refuge
actually that there's a fat buddha said the furniture is made his decision to start to teach now the date or visit businesses open
this christmas load it without the death
so fab with best christmas or know what this means is another big question
and who also in the lotus sutra know that dynamo kira ceremony is a downer this means
these are big question
and i don't have any answer
i'm kind of our question fact this means i'm still in the process of find the answer to this question so i'm not there yet
well so
that that is the buddha's teaching of anathema no safe
and as
your question asked what is put on a champion
the nature the concept of buddha nature isn't exist a often the ah
lotus sutra was produced
there's no such concept over buddha-nature before nagarjuna
nagarajan i never use the word put our nature but the this idea of liquor nature ah appeared between neither judah and bus of answer
neither to now lived
it said between
one fifty two fifty we'd been to the any it got pretty know when he with but ah
arima hina buddhist british are hiding behind a citrus were made before nagarajan
including the lotus etc
and bus van zuid is anna is my than other very important great must out that this master
it belongs to the so-called yoga terrace cook
neither gina's could court muslim car and another
screw in lahaina in india india was called yoga tara and the bus van bundle was that most important teacher or muster in a china school
and he lived about forced to few century
and between possible but now do not under best friends you know there are many other goodies and behind a citro are produced
and one of them was ah
etc cetera named
that got gotta wow this is the first cetera mentioned about para pagar bar and took out that tiger buys another name for put our nature
qatar got that garba sutra
and according to this sutra
ah you know in the very beginning of visitor in know somehow buddha using his mighty power he's might
i somehow
many beautiful has taught us from us pr the in the sky
and yet
soon after got the lotus flower become became it
and become really beautiful flower became it became agree and smells pretty bad
but within that a lot and for our yeah it was up that
that is a fast image of buddha nature
it described in the first cetera
about got a lot of this means you know we all come from us
hello delusions
but within this a locum lotus flower there is a golden batavia
on this golden buddha doesn't change but it doesn't say this a the all now ficus canvas
but this is a baby or buddha
cut a pilot a gutter that means on who and embryo or baby
so this abyss buddha nature or a tiger tiger river
or isn't a coincidence as a baby or gouda so even though we are deluded and that we make so many the mistakes
but still are all human beings all living beings have golden buddha
wheezing us no matter how lot how are open and smells bad korea
nothing's are very he or isn't idea ideal buddha nature what to pack up and kind of bar
and i think
only pretty only behind with need this concept ago baby buddha
and this is called this is conserved considered as a possibility to become buddha
you know ghoulish before my high and i didn't need such a such concept because no-one nobody's fuck they could become buddha
i've got a higher not be behind are people who see we are all about south of us when we arrived bodhicitta same aspiration as smither db input as far as life
but finn with that we are out bodhicitta and stuck it to practice we don't feel we can become buddha it's very difficult to have a confidence that we can become buddha it called we see feel we he
honestly and credit and closely see our city
god delusion is so deep
even bills erosion is our service
how can this be loaded things can become buddha so it's a narrative even though we allowed bodhicitta and try to become a practice or both sativa and try i do walk the costs was go psycho pass to become buddha hundred it
said you not from a time we are bodhicitta
until beach a goal that is buddhahood it's core it takes more than waiver
number is bus
so i think one good set of us are behind up with his needs some kind of a guarantee
even though we are such a better the people
continue to practice following without fuck a bigger pork than so no put about much data
but hundred percent
ah guaranteed that will become buddha
i think that is our or origin of the ideal buddha-nature so buddha nature is nothing to do with the idea of alchemy
that is a owner of five congress on and okay down the fibers canvas but both that about behind a buddhist need this know i can teach you know
if we continue to practice nordic data will become buddha please just wondering if i mean that sounds a lot like the prediction the buddha me to young people in the assembly and i whom he cursed can get a birds and they're not have predicted like that's like wave
encourage his finn buddha was alive we could achieve prediction from buddha but because good ice cone could give us the prediction
so i think they feel they need some some kind of our our confidence our faith or trust that no matter how much better with we are and how deep our the region could be you know if we the
practice study a buddhist teaching and practice then sometime in the future know it's sure we can become buddha
ah excuse me
to some
yeah pretty still have you talk about becoming pakistan
the other words like i used to buying that
nature's that activity
moving activity not a thing like that these organs idea or good amateur so we were from for dogan it and it's not something within us undefeated up and change
not fight in sheboygan to put on a chair dorgan said put on a chase impermanence
and i go from here
oh with of from very beginning of
no this idea of put on a hour but i got i've got about was ah
yeah rob kind of our questions or argument fact that difference in this buddha-nature and another point of with on a child is like a vanity is that i can go the golden buddha statue in a cupboard with that
and said without we are barricade or and i can even afghan we become buddha is good on a doesn't change so dramatized prominent so the question from other people about this story
he's fat guy difference between buddha nature and the altamont
you know with nature is not out of five canvas
have you because five scandals are old in permanent i'm coming and going but
it said mother nature doesn't change the fact is this the strange thing
that is the question so that people who for created this theory has to argue back and visit but an hr is not alchemy
but this is still this is another are endless discussion and it continues
continue to the time off
stop ah i talked to yesterday nine you were you
please the idea

yeah come had man is adamant is a imprisoned with this body friend this body died the album go to another body
and that is the bass means

so are happy to put on hiv put on a is not the outcome on is a long lasting discussion without the final answer
and that discussion continues until your time or nine wait you and even
dogan logan's time and even today crazy you have something to say it that

why why
oh god

right i think that is a good christian to buddha
why put the negate the five five-year their alchemy
there must be some some some some point wouldn't need to mention
and i think that point is
for secondly there's no fighting fix fixed think everything is a collection of different elements that fi even though our life is suffering
suffering can be he
how can i say
if something get something fixed and there's no way we become released from this way of life because everything is coming and going as up can put our condition fan we change the condition we can be the
east from that way of life i think that is got his second marriage point fan he negate the teaching of the ottoman
stop loss
the same guy problem
so that's a huge difference
guy out taken
and optimize never never never never never people in hindu teachings you know for example in order
ah gun v is called the mahatma gandhi is a commandments maha on that means a great person
for album on it has been never who negative concept in hindu teachings on the block and only buddhism that negate argument so buddhism is something strange in the context
the over our indian or i can do
a charity
that what's strange person
why he had needed the on
at my son before congress and good thing
but because we are that student somehow we have to accept for the with a corner
as a through burma that is our problem please

wanted to say
when at school

he is very similar
yeah because i don't have much as much knowledge about hinduism so i cannot tell but i'm sure
if i studied war but he did maybe ottoman and longer anathema can be as a million same thing
all the negative and positive expression
i said you know at month and that is one of the flu or for alma serious
and if optimize their than that cannot be considered the atop with this teaching that these are kinda wife dues within buddhism
in the context of buddhism ottoman i think is created
you know because we think
our thinking i think need something it doesn't change
in of five scandals body and mind and ah when i was gone my body was not like this much smaller and my mind doesn't work so well
but that was me so sixty seven years ago i was a baby and fifty years ago i was a teenager
and i go i have been going through this process of change i become a from baby to a boy and teenager and young adult and media to me the way to pass person and now i am are older person
i have been changing
but as far as we used the work while language i have to say i was a baby i was a teenager so you know the conditional body and mind
different in each stage not not going to eat estate but each day or each moment this body and mind are changing
but if we don't have one word that can i point out this entire process as me or i then we cannot even poke about that change
for noise i say i go through this change
know this i doesn't change but this i that that doesn't change go through the process of changing
so this is concept of irony is that i think origin of the idea of month or so something our kind of identity
even though five scandals are always changing but they are some i did he doesn't change so this i is our production of our thinking mind that means closet
but somehow quantico va find this concept of i and we think with a is because i used this body and mind
now i use my mouth to speak so i'm using my part of my body and part of my mind
so it's kind of not your thing this i
is are all now the to canvas and ah ok to have described candace
but this i is that
ah production of five kindest
address that the the fuck up with that said
you know god
yeah i have to finish this
in sheboygan though such a book i see
dogan pokes about impermanence and he he said fan here we are the bodhicitta put that the cannery life appeared within this impermanence
and at the end of this the first clue what hubspot i shouldn't dogan said about a mara happy tomorrow
and he could neither it does definition of mara
and ah
now that you know said there are four kinds of myra my lives something critical prevent as
to be enlightened
marla was good at up with a conquered tamara subdued the matter of and he became enlightened and now guys as i get a four kinds one is our derision
on the second is def this is myra this and thud is five canvas is five is candace amara
and the fourth is marla as asset instead of being or haven't being
that is that know matter appear in the story jack a story in matter from what i was sitting mila came up a second money with his armies that is a kind of our story
so neither as i said in the script at there are those for kind of mara but he said as a reality on the one mara i the only one and that is hives canvas
so ah according to another regina mylar is five
and i thought this is i thought this is not very generous interpretation but actor the second when he of said
five scandals armada
in party canon part party new kayak
yes i can pay to create it appeared
i have got no
and ah another part or part in ukiah ah but i said
buddha said about his condition before and after he was in out
and he said finn ah you know the five candace i had three
ah aspect one is five canvas give us a happiness by be right
but second ah is five canvas is suffering
and the sad point is therefore we need to
how can i say liberated the these are the path from tribes canvas
and he understood that but the until he barely become free from fibers canvas got this amada he did he said i didn't say i was enlightened or i became buddha
so five scandals five scandalous
that move his own body and mind was mara
but he god was subdued his gripes canvas hit manner
but the important point is he didn't kill mara
he didn't kill kill
that means valor living together with buddha so mara appear sometimes in with as a life even lied to before his death marla visited buddha
because my life buddha himself
and often
we studied phone number twos
the first noble truth is truth of suffering everything is suffering
and ah according to buddhist teaching there are eight kind of sufferings fast for our showed or viewership but
aging sickness and dying or beef and next three or something like we have to meet with people we don't like
meet people we can like
and do we have we have two separate from people we love
that that is our second and third is ah we cannot game we cannot get things that we want those are several five seven sufferings we experience so i think we all of us experience those seven
kind of a cell phone is kind of unique not a unique but ah
a different from first seven puppies five scammers are suffering

in that case five scammed us is called a punter
by donna
and purana means apartment or cleaning
that means five scammed us at that
the instead of to themselves
that means five candace attached to this idea of i
puppies are suffering
it's so those those are kind of a concrete suffering is happening because of the quality of five canvas
because private canvas up at the bus service
a to themselves to fresh canvas so without it was only five is candace there's no such a who suffer
five scanned us attach themselves to five scandals and five scan the suffer
there's no also suffering with there but no one suffer
important point is
take this gardener out
five can the simply become five canvas
that is a decrease from quitting into five is candace
five can become free from five canvas free from attachment or madonna to themselves
that is revelation
and if we understand for to put up bot in this way
and we read the hut the very first sentence of the heart sutra
i think
the a on the five five had to supra said is exactly the same thing
i think you old all over your load the flu had cetera know
our rotation about our boys set about fan deeply practicing president parameter clearly see emptiness of five canvas
and saved from suffering
so when we see five scandals as empty
it means nothing to krieg or at that
so we often know hon
we did is from not we but five candace are the least from the screening to the five candace
that is quite happily finn other application but i see it implemented five scanners
then that is a time of
in a in free from suffering
so fat buddha book
about ah to stop suffering
and the fact that ah has had the signal since how barack h obama fan people who practice in a parantha clearly see the vibes candace
and leave from suffering
so if fail receives five candace
that is a problem
know does this sentence first sentence of the hard sidra said about architecture bar
fan deeply practicing president parameter clearly see that scientists can as are empty
within in this sentence there is a person who is the name of the about casual and they are object that know got the person
who is seen that are is canvas
and this person using a kind of a to proud new bottom car what wisdom is a kind of a tool like are like eating grass
you know i cannot be the forbid it along this paper is that this but when i put my reading grass i can read i can see and read and do we use a we've done with something like eating grass without without this to what device
we cannot see fab bcd and it is but because of the
eight or of this thing i can clearly see five scandals are empty that these fucking wisdom means so with them
in our common understanding is like a device or to i gotta getting aid or anything grass
so will this to ah about this about could see coriolis see the emptiness of france canvas
but this sentence is barely seem so this is not mistaken understanding but before we understand deed and understand this first for a sentence of hearts in this way we completely missed the point of fact the people who
who made of hot sidra wanted to say
because foster grown
that's cetera wanted to save the has no such person whose name of the upper cretaceous era decide the five scandals
so avalokiteshvara his pipes canvas
and prajna is also five canvas and emptiness is five candace so everything they're all think there is simply five canvas
and fell five scandals simply being five candace
without a kind of a separation between five canvas our subject and the five skanda size the architect
that piece of him occupation when i see the emptiness of fibers canvas so avalokiteshvara disappear and five scandals as object is up here and this is simply one thing
cut it when we are deduced from the sufferings please
this might relate to sean's course children
it was
bird but it seems to me that we can hear these words that five scanned
our this or that
he element that just mentioned is that they're only words hell we see those words through the activity of practicing
right so we can practice prize new per meter
and don't need words at all
so in the case of goggles teaching prajna parameter is our guys in not help that we think about the little five chemists we also say that doesn't is more than our idea or form of says it that then
how do we do using our body and mind fibers canvas and in goggins expression our doesn't is talking of korea undermined
doping of for the map in five kindness
right five can this her body and
so begins the expression to lopping off body and mind opposite actually doesn't is exactly the prisoner parameter
so that is one of the thread i found from the second one is teaching mahayana buddhist teaching like the hotseat as teaching and the and teaching when vick was said doesn't change
at is five screen to five scanned us then five scan the some matter
but then five can see the emptiness of five scandals as dorgan said his show ballgames or mccann yeah me too five is kinda stuff fiber instances of pride in yeah
five years stances instances see the or out will come
oh prajna got the fuck logan said
desert transformation
five canvas asmara to five scandals as prize or even as r r borrow cash bar
you know this
transformation is what i think that buddha experienced i met a money tree that means he deduced from with by or cutting into france canvas and the five scanners and simply become five canvas
this canvas reviews it emptiness
is how a started to teach and ah
eve at a teacher

at the big question for it as i said literally means that had at a part of our body but ah
i i need to talk more about him to answer your question for the the free day i i mean free they are as i said yesterday afternoon free days are used as or another name of of
agatha or sadness augustus while the reality safe
that is another point that we need to think or discuss

in psych
can ah good as the inside at yeah i think so
whereas insight is to see them initial five canvas and a not seeing emptiness of five canvas is not thinking
but is as a bogan said it should be practiced for know we think five scanners are empty
this is sit still thinking
we think about the five canvas as object in that sense of the era that case in a separation between pass off with sing france canvas
that brain
i'm sorry but in fact buddha taught
in that case from buddha said everything is suffering that the means of course we experienced some very painful sad or things on sometimes we have happiness and joy and the right
you know that is how we expect of how can we experience with our life so our life is know one the expression is our life is like a rope
no suffering house suffering or pain and unhappiness come together
but gap
according to gouda that these suffering
does make sense of community we can't to
we cannot ah
we can still have satisfaction because it we cannot control
we always want to have only happiness and delight and success you know all the positive side of my life but was the fight over life and narratives had come together
at fight we cannot satisfy that would of perhaps have complete satisfaction sometimes we feel like a heavenly beings but it's challenges and next moment we may pour into him
so that pay the piper your son salah was of surprise migration means so this if only one thing like are suffering or our happiness
then we don't need to we don't need such such a practice such a pitching there's no other possibility but because these two two sides are all of it together
then we want to go on on the you want to have one side but another side the order of come together that's why our life is this a factory that is fun a dog and i'm not book i'm sorry second we said
everything is suffering in this case the within this everything happiness successful the right everything positive is included
so this life as a whole
consists of cetera but he can't put clip on narrative is suffering
as make sense
five that i can i didn't do
golden brown
not yet dogan
so ah yes the yesterday afternoon i stop his talk about
dishing the mind of their self chewing on our nation
the popular said is this mind opposite of dishing set of mind
is put us derision is no i'm great mecca in the
a dota cetera so i started talk about them fuck is this mind
and i x i start to talk about one idea or mind
to go in didn't agree
i'm not only dogan but nine it you also agree on that mind
that interpreted professional mind
spread talk and spread in the south
southern them groups at the time of little asked casually none
and a monk from the south ah
someone lies that teaching southern pitching or them to their mustang nine your at you then i were to set that is no buddhist teachings that not buddhist a over the sinica
i think not different from about pitching of ottoman
then this monk from the south asked nine oh wait you then happy is a mind you are pitching on you're in your understanding
then nine way to said combined is fences wars paris under peppers
ah fences wars paris and chivalrous dog and often use this expression
and then
the the monk from the south set goals are in xinjiang
gaza in sync and pings how is them in incentive pings could can understand thelma
and i have good onitsha
in this question came from the pitching about the nature in the mahayana or a new banner sutra than ah
on the living beings only send them to beings have to nature no incentive intended incipient beings such as fences was titles and pebbles don't have that damage so this monk kind of a crusade nine you you are
teaching or understanding is different from puppies are said in a private party new been a suit
then ah
this person now you wait you studies say ah incentive pigs can understand that i'm not the only understanding but even even creating extra funding nevada in that is that was no
origin of the idea of incentive to beings expand gunma and gorgon load another takedown show bogans or and patrons much was your support in sent and beings expanding burma
so you know this is very long conversation of nine your with you and this one monk from south but this long conversation seems pretty important to dogan dogan get got a very important is funny
asian sheet data he wrote in cherbourg enzo that is she's understanding of function separately mind
and also
was your support infant and to beings expand dharma and he sent and the pigs include was fancy was a tiresome pebbles
ah and that is our origin or source of goggins
teaching about our cases and shock that these sandal valley stream and color that colorado mountains they are in good as voice and the buddha's it
so that mugabe's that came from one conversation once the top pitching of for op nine no wait you so this is very important teaching for dogan and this teaching about or incentive
the to beings expanding garima
ah is a kind joke optimistic or position over the idea of a guess mind or mind to nature that is a prominent that is inside of by service
and that is a subject of
thing heading sensing and knowing
that is what a according to this monk at age five he was caught in as ourselves
so in agree great ways nine you were to about this point
and i'd like to introduce another teaching from the south

this is the same by missouri

mas ah
the or bus or it's in japanese so naive way to was showing on to decide which and mother is a disciple of nanga casual manga crew
angel who was also designed for of machina
so much joy is a kind of a diorama nephew of nine oakridge
and he
russell or mother taught in the south
and his teaching
is very important than pitching and no one question the authenticity or or was her authenticity or massive teaching as than teaching so this is a kind of a mainstream teaching of them
and ah
this is all this is from bus decoded saying by muzzle or bustle for going oh cool

yeah busboys japanese mother is chinese pronunciation
he said
in that are dharma discourse
bussell said
is it

ah the great master massive preached who expanded
if you want to decarbonise a mine so this is a very modest cost about a mind
by battle or massive
that that features speaking is your mind that fit is speaking so
so now i'm speaking
what is speaking
he's got my fights candace
but he said five fifteen is speaking is your mind
the mind is called the africa and this mind is called the buddha
so this mind a sin
he's buddha

ah the mind is called that buddha and it is also that that my body and this is a data my buddy
that means this mind
you know that these fuck is speaking now
do you think this is that my body
but according to bustle know this something fitting speaking is
gouda and that my body and that is a mind
ah so it is also that gala my body i got my body buddha or to form
and is called the way and this is way or town
way in without waiting and this way is a translation or body or awakening
and was it the citrus is that buddha has numerous names in the three great countries culpas future named according to conditions and situations so buddha has many different names
but these are or the name of the buddha the mind and that these the name of this something fitting speaking
ah for example the money pot of money
the no money
in this transliteration to set the car but usually to see trust our dream
manager who is transparent
but this transparent drill
tenjin pakora depending upon pr is a transparent money is pressed for it placed on the lid
in paper it's become red and authentic placed on the black paper it's become brock so this dreary is are transparent and the depending upon the situation or condition this
transparent jail looks like with sat in particular cara
and this mind is that say is a with this june that means
you know this thing called mind i experience different things
and sometimes
we experience never people think and our to become block
when we're happy this drill some become like are you know i don't i'm happy to happy crafts
anyway it's change the color is changing but that this jewelry never lost transparency
it's it's take the his condition is to condition and appearance or change but this money itself doesn't never change
so for example the money per changes in accordance with the connors it company or it on a compact it faith contact the color blue it becomes glue
when it contract the color yellow it becomes zero though it is ss rucks correlation is no color
the finger does not at maybe i don't need this pap haiku to the next paragraph
the mind so he pokes about the mind a mind is as wrong lived as space this mind
is this mind is as long live with it
as space
like i would that lifespan
as space means forever
even though you trust migrate to market proof forms in the sixth ways over migration that means ibu bluefin friday we are parents migrating within sixty atoms
this mind never has passed on death
this mind has never has bath and if arising i'm pretty chic
since the central to beings do not realize they are set of mind instead of mindi is exactly the same expression three nine
d c a mind of the same

since the sentient beings do not realize they are set of mind you know impressive
they falsely raise their a good feelings
and receive retribution for various customers they are confused in the original nature so this mind is also called the or his mother nature
and the forestry quitting quitting sugar matters of the word
the body of four elements a body of for limits
currently has bus and with his body has a pass on this
now you realize this nature
fitch is called longevity and the also called the longevity measure gone on gbp major over that data that means propaganda as lifespan eternal life or pennetta
fitted core a cut down at the and that more shown that nature more shown this nature of fundamentally emptiness
all stages over the past and future dick overnight this nature only as a way
so this mind is called a set of nature or set of mind and this is the according to muslim this is that are my body of atlanta and this is donna
but because we don't have a quick to this mind whereas this mind we suffer with you
nice and sarah
and no think returning sensing and knowing
fundamentally you are or is in our nature
fit is also called or doesn't know mind
it is not that varies or buddha
other on his nine so this mind is buddha
these socks in the with means in missouri or not bathos teaching
his mind is itself that'd that and this mine is permanent
and has no color transparent
this mind or originally existed and the ab test at present with that depending on intentional creation and action
it was ordinary pure and is pure at present
without waiting for creating a cleaning and wiping so we don't need to clean or wipe that means we need to progress
sarah from later attained nirvana surf nature is pure set of nature is irritation and said from nature about from the region's it is your mind nature fifties originally replica and you do
not have to save caprica
from somewhere else
you are
you are the diamond samadi diamond somebody that is no by changing samadhi by yourself
without again intending to a paying somebody by concentration that mean that we don't need to make we afford to
to encounter somebody because this is samantha is
even though you attain it by concentration and meditation
you do not need the supreme
so you do not beach that scream
supreme ultimate so this is the mind
in brussels teaching and the fun of said this mind is itself the that teaching or basil please
by as an array of for by personal practice it's we everyone inherit yeah every on encouraged this mind but we don't see it because we don't say we are terribly
and breathe
i don't know
so from today some with scar think then is not a buddhist prison
sounds like you're actually describing
a credit score is mine
my mind
and then i wondered how this
i think though it very use this rug and penis and this mind this mind is empty but my in that case and kenneth means this rock of illusion any delusive idea
but no ordinary meaning of emptiness so empty-netter in distance this emptiness is riker have nothing in the house within a building but i think all you meaning of emptiness in behind our pitching is the house doesn't exist
but in this teaching his mind is there like i'm married jane are already pure and yet it empty that means there's no no trash in
so the meaning of emptiness tainted
and then i did you know muzzle or busses teaching about this kind is teaching about mind
ah know foot that
a monk from an arthouse set to manual at you
if it's not exactly the same got one different thing is mouser doesn't say this mind is are all our fibers canvas
oh no the house than has been than this owner can leave and get a new house
but no in such a thing
anyway busy there with him with his teaching if this i mean not buddhist the authentic than teaching at least no one quits side are you know this is strange by this is a question number is it a mainstream than teaching please
to see now this is nicole over things or battle or mother and up this transgression was made by up his name
something that i could jeffrey jeffrey brought them
in a book entitled
hung true
i forget
the hunt your meal me a is a definite cause shoe that is the name of the place where bartholdy with bathroom miles from deal with and the bustle our mothers school is called core shoes shoe or hunt to school
ah cause you in kanji is

and this is not only if i'm teaching but this is kind of the buddha not bad not to put up at the muzzle or bustle based on is a teaching
it from several citrus
and i the basic idea of this teaching is a kind of a combination between propaganda godiva theory and your vagina pitching or or consciousness only
no ah
who said i don't there is a to kind of mind that his car and frieda
and this mind or mentioned by battle is frida not thinking mind
and in this salary thinking mind what ice cold our consciousness
vickery arya consciousness up is a concept used the yoga therapy cheap
and this free diet mind at free day or or buddha mind
is a truth or reality our pinata senior itself
but i was thinking mind is called consciousness and consciousness cannot teach this mind so this is fuck
you know ah
thinking mind or philomena remind or g bind us teach and pc is frida is called mine as re and all those idea came from as i said several sutras
such as are
in the case of bustle mises said this teaching of one mind came from rank about and etc
lamb kebab bruh
and also srirangam i'm i'm on gamasutra
and ah
help complete enlightenment or in kakaako
both goal in those suggests they combine the thirty or capella pergola bar has a buddha nature and our consciousness only as our our thinking by
sure i'm gonna a massacre
and ah
pacwest to understand this story is awakening of faith in mahayana
hmm prison

according to the authority in the ah awakening or face in mahayana a doubt
to reality is called one mind
that is shin
and this one mind
has to aspect while these are
mind in the other sort of the aspect and got a called qatar or sadness or vastness and second is shinshu medicine
the mind that allowed on the page that moves but ah that mind in the us of sort of the asset doesn't move it it fixed it he can agree that has no things
second one is in english translation it's called a mind in ah
ah has a good phenomena
phenomenon fundamental aspect of this mind
in chinese it is she called cindy sherman's reminder feature allows and pitch
and ah
this has also to size
one is awakening ananda is no no likely
and it
no no a week long awakening cuckoo and of country
and that aspect of cuckoo is called mind over photographer malabar
hundred the aspect of non awakening is called our consciousness
and basically for this story is saying is you know i am mine doesn't move doesn't change but somehow suddenly the window open
pinged off
people want us somehow when of ignorance bro
then this mind you start to move this other sort of mind start to move like our our water
without a number there's no wind what water it's completely peaceful can move decrypt everything as the are as it is but when
that window is ignorance grow a mind doesn't know the surface of water start to move
that is a wigs and that is what is called consciousness we think we start with think so thinking is caused by this wind or even audience
and as soon as this stock and wool this mind divided into two side
one is subject on a date oct
and subject and the opposite or contact each other and makes our life since sarah
so too
to become enlightened means to can to disorders in our mind so called mind to nature or mind the sauce it is before this you know wind or evil or and study to grow
that means faint with stop thinking this
other fruit mind is restored
that is a basic bit basic teaching of awakening or freeze
are we going to my face in mahayana
and mother teaching about the mind is it says to that came from at teaching
that mind is what has been transmitted
by good as under and sisters that the fat you know minds to mind transmission means without thinking what had written
i kissed topic
it's called our scriptures or suit us
we've had to be competing this mind have solid mind is transmitted
that is app is called issue then she as my to minded transmission
but i don't think dogan use this expression mind to my confirmation
he used face to face towel information but not mine too mine so mind to bind transmission
means you know transmitting this dharma
and if you are family always ah scramble or over cause are say pakistan his benching whole your ah
it is so burma that has been transmitted
and this karma in order because of teaching also the same thing
and ah you know why the can show can show means seeing the nature this single measurement and think this mind mecha so this
is a very basic theory of
the practice of seeing nature our cancel
that's why i said this is our authentic mainstream than teaching if this is our authentic mainstream than teaching in fact puppies now yours teaching and your the idea of mind is offensive was there with tires on the pebbles
and dorgan agree with you
the big question and i have no answer
that means my question can be is goggins and mostow or off
what is dogan teaching them or not please
that is enlightenment so in mars's line or even in windsor a tradition are pitching the pity method is a ruckus shouting
what hitting
that is
that is the way masters
help student stop thinking
and awakened to that or is no mind
i've found out that we are thinking that we we never did got ditch or awaken to the ordinary mine central we have to stop thinking
but in duggan's teaching i think she's teaching basis of teaching it at least it'll different bit fandom basically in a bogan doesn't sink our thinking is caused by that window but even on us
gonzo coa he said this is when nature
makes the water into gold or cream
standard he called this is a wind of ah
want without without family do with as house so this when when is the nature
so nature is not something fixed or something eternal without motion but
logan's teaching wind is our life even moving
and know fences worth papers and public anger pebbles means to titus on the papers that means or all beings who is in freedom and i want
a mind
that means
we are connected with all beings within in order
a network of interdependence or destination
so to me in the case of goggins teaching this mind
is the way our life is that means our interconnectedness
it's not something are fix within the our series but the way we are that is living together with all beings
supported each other connect with each other
now that is fun
according to in dawkins under study that is to the ipo or beams means you know through pain sadness everything is connected with everything but each singer have it on unique form nature and as a function and so on
whether i'm sorry i talked to wrong
but i think this is really important point to studied organs teaching

so thin dogan quote showing i'm saying that we study and understand the lotus sutra on the basis of ah geesh know a set of mind
i produced in bogans understanding this chin or mind set of mine is not this kind of mind
but fuck his see i think he interpret these things like showing on as a as he said in general column to a study with our way is to study their safe so we study the robbins said in the lot etc as to study that you
it's not in a lotta surprised like a fantasy
there's not so much philosophical discussion but it's a really interesting fantasy images so but so if we had a cure q we're not careful careful we see this is some kind of sure that has nothing to with
but ah as hotdog and setting engage your coins to a study abroad away and this sutra is very important dota cetera is very important cetera
ah with an epithet to started up in a away so we have to study on the basis of are studying the thief who this is what this is i think that is how dog and interpret this other punish them
by freedom
as you know but as version i'm a us inside his mind to consider
that is a guy you have to say today this morning
then i will continue to read
and conversation