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good afternoon
ah as i said this morning i now always acting the a pic stop or captain hook cake
ah i said i go to start from the story or conversation between three non gothic san sister and the one nutritious months was the name all right fiber art thou
in japanese the whole that's because business story or this conversation shows
it does it not kind of got ah
then point of view to be the our understanding the sutras specially in this case ah lotus sutra
so our dogan discuss about expressions or willow passage and base some children's ah
and yet we need to be careful dog and is very unique person
even though he used the same expression with the q naturally none of his dog dogging thing can be different from fuckin on its think
and this differences is important
where for at me beat that that conversation it's quite wrong
ah so it's that page five and i'm sorry put out a full
a monk
foster just let me the entire composition a monk named father or whole at
once visited the assembly of the master dogen or guy come at about in are holding improve on month colossi or some key in
how it to our show a shoe that put it in the parentheses japanese pronunciation
district of gotten in a great tang dynasty
he boasted i'm this man caught that ghosted i have already recited the lotus sutra three thousand times
the our sister said even if you recite the cetera ten thousand times if you do not grasp its meaning you will not be able even to recognize your mistake
ah father said this student is the room with it
i'm peter now i have been reciting etc and the simply repeating it was on the characters
he could how could i possibly gratifying it's essential meaning
the ancestors it why don't you decide that suit your life and i will elucidate it for you father then began to decide the sutra
when he reached the chapter or skillful means to see the second chapter
the alcester said scope
the other fundamental point of this sutra is the causes and conditions of the buddha's appearance in the world
although the cetera expound many crab brews it does not go beyond this point
what are the causes and conditions simply the one great mata
no one great mother is nothing other than what as insight that is opening is praying realizing and entering the reality of our beings
the one great mother is naturally who does insight
those already endowed with this is site are already us
you must now beep that the buddha's inside is nothing other than you our own mind
the ancestor instructed again by composing a vast that says the mind is in belgium being can buy the data flower the mine is in realization cunning that alomar flower
unless we cry our ourselves no matter how long will decide to the cetera we will contradict its meaning
the thought of know thought his right foot the thought of thought will go astray
when we consider neither being know our non-being we ride industry in the white oaks cock
upon hearing of us fraga addressed the ancestor again saying the sidra says that even if all the great shrub cars and boats us thought and try to fathom the
they are might
they could never grasp buddha's wisdom
now you are leading ordinary people to nothing other than realization of their own minds and according it put us insight
unless we have superior superior capacity we cannot help talking and surrendering you
also that sit route map nations three kind of carriages foot is a difference between the great oxcart and the white oak scott
must that must have please give me your explanation once more
the ancestor said the meaning in the sutra is korea
you have confused are safe and the forum into account
when all those in the freebie cuz failed to fathom a buddha's wisdom the problem lies in the are measuring undiscriminating
even if they join effort thinking hundred something together to the uttermost they will go further and further three from the as with them
nevada or originally expanded the three bakeries
only for the sake of ordinary people he didn't expound them for the seiko good us
some of them not believing this prince to left the seat in the assembly
they did not know that while sitting in the white oaks cottage they were looking for a free kind of courage is outside the gate
the sutra clearly states that there are neither to nor three colleges why then don't you realize it
the free kind of carriages are expedient means because they were expanded in the past now i'm v group is real because it belongs to a present
i am only trying to make you leave behind expedient means and returned to the rear
when we returned to reality reality is not a mere name
you should know that all beings without exception ah rhea treasures and they all belong to you
the shaving and making use of them is up to you
it is neither the fathers thought nor the thinking of the children and there is no thought of using me
this is why it is cold and velma from us sutra
from character to character from a two night even when we are not holding etc
in our hands there is no time when we are not be it
having good a shape this a edification
father jumped with joy and present it his vows or praise three thousand recitations of the citra have disappeared with a single phrase from policy
on this will clarify the meaning of the buddha's appearance in the word how can we in the modernise accumulated over many lifetimes
the circular made up the experience of sheep via an ox caddies
i get into one sentence is missing after this that these to be well lifted up to the higher level of meaning ali middle and late
ah i really got going to be well maybe i should write that

this think
hi ya
a better
when up it
me too
activities is not my translation
i take it
i found a one sentence is missing and try to find someone's to resolution and that translation was made by joel mccrea
any questions
come in early
hari mineral and eight
ah yes
ah lift a i s t fifteen
and finalists or right he is who is area who is aware that even within the burning house
what is in early that danmark king is there
being present in this verse the ancestors said from now on you can be called the cetera deciding monk
this is a conversation they had
so basically effective as are six ancestor trina said if we should the offense or a point of the highest cetera is one great cause up
nigerian in men
it's you go
it's she died
in in eighty one
guy is great
gee is a matter
and in cause
and any condition
one great our great cause and condition and ah this appeared in the second chapter on the road etc
as i said yesterday that is that very basic point of a lot of teaching
but i don't think i talk about this new today's in yesterday so
no this is from the has doctrinaires said the essential point of the heart sutra is a today's in
i'm a furry got us with a lot as treasurer
is one great mother one great cause or purpose or reason why would that not only one buddha why you all began to appear in this world
so you know
but in a beginning buddha said know this reality of all beings can be a fathom only by good us know as human beings source he kind of a dejected to extreme too shabby petra but sorry for up to our continued to
ask good priest paramount
three times so after that would start to
after that five thousand people left after they got people left but i started to
and that is what about up the suwon great mother
please raise phrase
this is a blue this is a part of the right now like
how do we interpret in there
what part does it go
this is a part of a you know that bus in hard part of the first sentence and endurance after bucks carriages but it a comment yeah yes yes this is a one sentence and thank you
so are in the bus the sutra made up the experiment of sheep via and the orcs carriage come up then to be me and his goons thank you
how key
ah so with a standard pitch
know the buddha august shiny putra
such a wonderful
roma of this is only created by that without propaganda on rare occasion
lotto is just as the autumn but are from
is thin but once in a long period i see you know the don't a for it's room for hours only once you three thousand the years
i don't know if we're south africa yeah
the exist or not
ah sarepta believe me
all over you in the buddha's teaching know what is false
shouted to know the meaning of the laws which the buddha's expand our the opportunities service is beef cut it to understand saga he's a different different this time
who are for because i expand the dilemmas by number is packed through ways
and with various reasonings and parabolic expressions
carla boric
these dilemmas teachings cannot be understood by pause or thought
while discrimination
only the buddha's can be found him again he says the only book i can't understand this we are for because the buddha's the while the owner the ones
only on account of the one betty great cause this is a transracial to each guy sitting in
ah account of the one very great cause appear in the word on the one reason
sherry put it out why do i say that thou put us that while the owner the ones on the on account of the one very great cause appear in the world
because the buddha's the are the owner the ones die gas or good has desire
to cause or living beings to open their eyes
to the buddha knowledge so that they may gain the pure mind
therefore they appear in the wind
because they desire to show all living beings that buddha knowledge
they appear in the word because they desire to cause all living beings to apprehend that buddha knowledge they appear in the wind
because the desire to cause all living beings to impact the way or tablet and knowledge they appear in the wild
sorry put her this is why it is only on account of the one really great cause that put us up here in the water
as check the setup that to the texts act fronius or skillful means
page fifty nine
in this passage
one great cause is a teenager in men and in this translation said broader knowledge that is
was she she kin

repeat put out cause and cheese through know
i'm a came to to view
what to see
and in this transition this can is translated as our knowledge but i don't like to be swabbed knowledge for skin she's how to swim
see and how to know so i translate
as insight
you've i might either that knowledge not to some and a collection of the information but this is how would a seat or beaks
and ah
for the buddha said here is that one great mata on great cause or reason why all the with us appeared in this one is too fast open up with kind
and the second is a v
find his go
fourth is new
kai is to open
and andy in this translation for show
and to go is english translation apprehend
but usually pronunciation in your life
and new is impact
so all as appear in this regard to awkward
with as insight please
ah to fear and to know
the same as com know
different if for him to come
this is a kind in consume but vicinity kennedy and felt script while before tk is that a center
yeah pirate gina
yeah not out of santa
it is good that way of viewing things and understanding how things really are
got sanskrit to for t can put that inside inside
so this is how would i see the reality of all beings so or with us appear in this regard to open this good as direction and or good as his side to all beaks and r g is show
or point out this is how good our seas
allow are unable to all beings to realize what as arizona
and also allowed or unable to all beings to impact
the path or to that parishioner
that is ah the only in leases all boogers appeared in this latter
as badass can he said many times is a very good as a person or buddha's a hillside can be penetrated or fathom only by buddhist so here is a contradiction
this to reality of all beings can be fathom only by us together with with us but would have a desire to open and point out and allow all beings to realize and into the buddha's personally
this is a sickness
this is a good as a route
good attract beirut
desires without christ to do something impossible
because view or because the insight or the good as a sight to see the reality of all pigs cannot be e c or fathom by our thinking and the cannot be expressed using was under us
you could pay a dualistic or language is terroristic a roofing we say non variety but they do artistic
with guarantee
so know what can be a you beyond do i teach so
to express this reality beyond duality we have to shut our mouths and sit facing the war that is the only way to express this
yeah to up or beings but somehow got or buddha as have desire to ah
a neighbor brew all living beings to see
a same way to see that are thinks same way with put us
so no because desire is to desire something we it's not possible
so this is the program with as a program
and voice that of us program you know the problem remains in the primary bremer acuity cetera
the more activity was sick
that five second when you asked and usually under the other boys stop the bus to visit him
so this sickness but human activities sickness is with as sickness and put out want to
kate something which can't be cold
but all buddhas appeared in this world to the this impossible walk
that is for busy means or brass appeared in this regard to a neighbor us living beings to see the true reality of all things that cannot be fathom would buy any
he even greet any human beings using our intellect how can we
i see or how can we are clear ice and empire
that way you us in inside
and i see that reality as it is
how is possible it's very difficult task but that was on the reason or put has appeared in this work
that is basically factory nonsense
this is that essence of the most important to point out etc
and about important things sheen and said is
so fast he said fuck other causes and conditions
set up do one great mother
and this one great mother is with us insight or because nourishing them
and that is opening display i crafted with a g r be spray to this free open display realize
what's the t and entering
and in in my understanding
fast to opening on this spring is a foot buddha does
the allies and entice for we are human beings while living beings do so this is a kind of over interruption the buddha and
having wings buddha open the inside and tried to show this is it
and ah we
yeah is fuck it is and we enter
the way or us off with our national so here incentive for us but i said it's not possible
on the buddha can do this but now she did she said good i can't do this but i can open and display or show and we can realize and enter
is as i said yesterday you know that has a pen fatness in such certainly is as i said his expression of a chronic illness or independent research

and next thing showing unsaid is
those already and doubt with this is site are already good us
so if we
that we i am out we have this buddha barrel sam we are
finally his congressional use you must now believe that good as a site is nothing i welcome you are own mind
this is kind of interesting
this your own mind is
magazine that he she

these you and g in itself
i'm a shame is mine
so she's she's a good that direction on is
simply our mind our mind or you are mind please

visit you i think so my mind not other people's money it's your mind so
a to see our to
the realize and into
good as a side is to realize our own mind
and actually expressing his our mind so fuck is this mind
his next question please
do you have something

in fuck are going to talk next
that i am
details the thinking mind and the free day are is not thinking mind
this is difficult
sounds great
vision or a denier j j in way in indiana
so now we have to same crap his mind
this is very interesting and important and the yet very difficult because this work mind washing
in chinese and japanese is used in a very in many different meanings
you know been seen as a buddhist come this dishing turned into our the sheen or japanese corner is used
translation of to sanskrit the water
one needs
hannah very free day
and the cheetah is ah
i just thinking mind
nobody to tie the time bodhicitta
photo of awakening so this
cheetah is thinking mind
but isn't free dana
repair has a word means hot
happy as a ah part of our bodies hut
and such
china is
it's added
friday in the heart sutra
ah mau uprising our with our day etc so you're gonna you can concern

so this is this mind set of mind of the sheriff is a thinking mine or the hat
and ah
in in chinese buddhism
this it is understood as are in
joy this thinking and amy is object
thinking about the opposite
but huck is is another problem this is not that thinking wind
and ah
another way to kind about
distinction make a stink
some between these two is mine
that my chin as a new edition is called a g she
g is phenomena
g phenomena of phenomena and frida is called to be sheep
d is a principal prince group a g and be
g is concrete
thinking and d is not so the decision was scott is a function of our psychology however mind works but frida is not our psychology
when happy this we are on the chin of lydia
for western people like think heart has a connotation
no share
various thing
true for
i don't think so
he has nothing to do is allah
thinking or emotion
yeah the chinese a paper route translated both at her and three gaia with this one was a shame that is a food source of confusion for for american people
sanskrit the indian language and are english sure european languages are or isn't a same group same family so ah you know it if you know translate
and the free they are from sanskrit to english there's no confusion in a taser mind and the three days hug
but tiny people translate these to add into one while she
that is a problem because not because nobody chinese but with japanese or song we think we think we think we think we're thinking is happening we never had not been no ahead
priests i remembered a
a picture when you could see it either as
hey and on it is established
shifting you
i don't
i don't think so it's written this to are not a positive path or narrative or you know mind the can be good or bad
mine can think something very good on something really bad so this mind know what that was thinking does not necessarily negative a few
now never been so that are you saying hey shin
admission is free now
i'm thinking about principle
ah this is considered as another name another name of chenille

she knew is a to topeka
to packard bell pepper and the reality is as it is vastness los angeles
so free diet is the essential reality
it's not our thinking she knew senior yes
just to clarify and guy doesn't have feelings
no no in this case yeah have a meaning is our hot so hot is moving and how as some function but then after days used as a buddhist time it has nothing to do with
as a pack of the our body
even in that case of
president epidemic are free day etc shingle the shin mins essence does is free there are certain i mean essence that means you know my president or because us a huge the does huge collection of citrus but how to set
hey is tiny one of the shortest citrus but within this short etc a since of this empire it has six hundred volumes
all president palometa is included
that the front the essence or in this case free or means so that's that are contributor i said as a buying the sutra

yeah in what i'm going to talk
ah yeah but he's probably universe is that a reality of all beings how's things are

in a dog in to please
he says
other your on
that is why interpretation
but there are many things to discuss up our
fathi the essence of our mind every sense of ourselves
sanskrit notice the route is it would ordinarily to nissan's companies or the translation also the original sanskrit is chicken
those words hours
how does she turned to die up here
as line
oh i'm not shaved oh how free they appear in toluca and i'm pretty sure they are they appeared and
menards you've got translate both was as she into shape
so happy the scene
and that this is you can into important public
in any buddhist teachings so login lot a several top coffee shop shovel gonzo about his sheep and one ah
on fast growth within show poor general bogan discussed about she is so questions a with that is the mind is a set of buddha
mine is itself without or minded sheriff isabella

so cool
ah in so-called there is ah type wai be used in a city so good a cool
chickie the form and the fuck the crew is emptiness so this a shame is it of buddha is the expression this is very famous and important expression
going to buy a great the master mud or bustle he is a contemporary of are six toxin in our news who composed ah
hi sandy okay
dogan genji
socal their true but there's a food is sending the heart sutra

no separation
entire body undermined is doing something
complete it
yeah no division or separation
find to heartedly
anyway a program is not only one teaching or one definition about fuck mind or heart or she is that five a dog and has to discuss fab is focusing their to me the fuck
his mind that piece of buddha

so that me
read into this photog in disgust
and he introduced one know why not that mistaken understanding or machine
but it's see face it

and this is i think this is very important point of logan's teaching
is it still bogans or functions a with the mind the it it said gouda
logan says
how to put us and ancestors without any exceptions have been maintaining an interesting is simply flying itself is black so sixteen seventeen very important expression
and yet in india this expression minded therapy to buddha is not appear
it was hard for the first time in china so in india buddhism there's no such expression on the in china
and only income pity this expression is created actually by as a master baffle are muslim
ah but because many children failed to correctly understand this expression they do not continue to transmit it to meaning
pour the mistake on make another mistake
because they do not transmit it's true meaning they fall into the us open gnome buddhist
so she's think this is very dangerous
this is very important sincerity to oh what as and ancestors tradition but if we make one mistake we become known buddhist
upon hearing this expression minded safe many foolish people who can like this like a foolish people
many foolish people consider that the thinking on the fencing mind
that these are dumb
this is show organs or function have so it's not there
i'm sorry
that the thinking on fencing mind that has not yet to body mind is itself put up
so she said in a mistake is if we think this mine in this expression is the our thinking mind before we allow the bodhicitta
i me before we start to practice study dogma and is that means are usually we use our thinking
ha ha discriminating mind if we think this discriminating thinking mind is buddha then that is
complete misunderstanding of best teaching

i'm so she's so complicated in for completely indifferent
first call he said we allows for the to start by discriminate in mind
throw the through arouse quality that we need to use discriminating mind
yeah because we have to think
soda is a problem of human beings
so mac we're i have to go
ah this mistake is caused because such people who have not yet met actual teacher
ah what it meant by saying to become a non buddhist
isn't that there was a non buddhist practitioner in india whose name was funny car
seneca is are non buddhist a puffin who had who had a kind of a discussion or is buddha about abdomen
ah and fuck this person seneca said was
ah she's a view was a great way to a great way exist within our own body
a great way great awakening exist within our own body at this present more moment
it is easy to know happy is right
what this means is that
it distinguish it from this mind
according to sinica
his fingers shit suffering from pressure
naturally nicole nice called from once
and clearly not paying and itchiness that kind of fencing and knowing what is happening
that's kind of a function of our mind
and authentic car continued it is not over selected by myriad things
that killed by media other things is this can exist and function without being refreshed by me at all dharmas
it is not restricted by any objects
in our circumstances so this is a independent beings
things are coming and going object or lighting and perishing but the spiritual intelligence this pattern called this mind our preacher intelligence
it by transportation of

yea is peter and she is to know what fame t some function to know something ah
so he called this a preacher in patience
always exist and never changes so if beijing according to seneca never changes
and the function without being influenced by the circumstances
this preacher incursions powerbait everywhere
it doesn't stay when fixed run fixed and can appraise
there is no separation while difference whether we are ordinary beings or stages that means that we're we're deluded human beings were enlightened sages this
but instead of intelligence doesn't change to always the same so it has a permanent nature
within it the empty for hours of barrows he with things might appear in priority so within this some kind of emails come and go
however because in a moment when the wisdom that correspond to it appears those things where the parish the object
will disappear
and the spirit or impurities that these that this is a orders in our nature or is inner nature is horns show and be i don't need to write doesn't
alarm clearly exists prominently in quietness saw this
and another name is rachel crystal intelligence doesn't change and always exist
even when the body phone is broken
our body is broken the creature in colleges is never destroyed
that means even fame with die this in brilliance never destroyed it gets out get out of their body so often we died and the fibers us is passed in this spluttering pages div this five this body
the and go somewhere else
oh for you
for example do it is like when a house is been
by a fire the owner of the house deep that wedding song for this nine or intelligence is that i got all know the house fan house is bad or not can leave and by new house or a lot while i know what i got
although the car fan car broke down you know now or not can you buy new car
know this is how they understood be certain scene or mind or secretary intelligence
that is how you know we can
the people on finn will die in this five scandals is about this past this pages
i go move to another podium
yeah this is this is not a buddhist teaching soil fatty fat dog and thing if we understand the mind in this way will become an august
so i'm i'm talking about longer is teaching
so don't believe in fabius said
it is a point if there's no such things easily incarnation possible or not

he's complicated
so she said in this kind of reincarnation is not possible because have no such things so this is alert on oliver name of alchemy
and the fuck with a coat is anathema there's no such things so this is not only a question but we need to ask to the buddha
if there's no optimum what is trying to migrate
that do no good answer
cynthia moss
don't ask me
ah she she said he or she said there's no thirteen pages this saga has no such things happens finn ah but he did or nine or something with that seen far said of moved to another body she's
so a korea is a there's no such essence and yet she didn't need the in condition
how can be to can be can get together this is our underground was difficult question ah i think
who is in the history of buddhism many people questions and i think many teach us extreme how you know transmigration is possible without atlanta
but i think all of them are for successful
i'm sure
let me continue
so can describe or been under of a fish fruit of indian philosophy about this shame and dog and that it's not the buddhism
but here
he continued his career on the yet mister car
this is called a nature of away can do one
one otherwise
it it's a that buddha
it isn't named enlightenment so that this has kind of a permanent in secretary in pages called the she is enlightenment
it is equally and fully equipped with both self and others so everyone has he
it penetrate both the eroded and the enlightened so already been beings have is a she
no matter you had a kind of conditions those media to things and or object may be the spiritual intelligence is neither together with both object nor i didn't come with those things
it is permanent
within many culpas so it's
continue to be without me isn't making any changes for many colobus
changing the body
all the object existing now as the enrolment also can be called we're it cause it it it means he chose it is appraised yeah the creature incursions or
they are here things because they are parts over the conditions or arising from the to nature so this is called to nature
ah even though it is so both things are not permanent in the same way or the spiritual intelligence those things means with things beside this preacher in into things are not permanent
because they exist and page pay
you know appear and disappear allies and british that means impermanent
but this chin or peter in intelligence is permanent
it is also court that through safe to the thief he's single

going to safe
ah the force of enlightenment that orders in our nature or i have already know the essence
a two year i such or is in our nature to deride such a mind permanent mind is called to return to the permanent dwelling
on such a person who had to rewrite their orders in our nature is called a great being who had returned to the truth
after that such a person never plan to migrate within the fight global life and death so when we realize this essence we become free from current migration
life and death
but realizes an impasse the ocean of the nature
that hasn't know or writing a no policy so thin we here at this mind we he began to the original nature and we become enlightened
there is no truth other than this
they say that unless the true nature has not yet been revealed
until we see or mind was military intelligence is revealed the free was and six volumes allies say seriously that means ah sixty items within sarah
it's already clear and we always trying to migrate but then one three we are like this if it's a nature than we are released from that transmigration
and dogan conclude such is nothing other than the view over of that known with this sinica so this is a teaching about a mind according to his pass on sinica
and so this is known buddhist
and dogging in social volgens or for christians ever to he interviews one the masters conversation with another monk
and this ah this there must have name

young young
huish song
in japanese
now your
it to
none no longer nine your eight you was one of the disciple
of the sixth as actually none so this has a a connection between
dog discussing here on your way to was when and disciple direct disciple
and she was very well-known famous teacher you know after showing them died
a special envoy to give in a modest in in a monastery but in the mountains for forty years i've never lived among things but after forty years government after he became quite the on the empire invited him
to be a teacher of the empire so she became embarrassed teach us at thirty two or three parent teacher so he was really graham known among three nuns the cyprus
she is very important question for dorgan
you know that defy she dog in court this line new issues conversation here

if he succeeds events
one monk visited nine to and this monk came from the south
you know finance school at called southern school
socially nuns are descendants
live within the house many of them so this monk came from one of the ah
no one me what
korea china and decision and descendant was the upper teacher
but anyway because this monk came from the south nine you know it you asked
what kind of teachers idea in the fence
the monk said there are many pitchers
i'm night to said how do they instruct people
the monks in those teach us
they are enough house directory point out to the student that mind itself is buddha so pcs functions empathy that peachy teaching of the south people who innocence i mean teachers in the south
buddha means away clinch
it's if guys not a person but good guys the awakening it safe
now you are already free in dialogue with the nature that sees hears senses and knows so this nature we all endowed with this nature that ah sees her
the as senses and knows
with nature is able to relate the eyebrow so nature use i grow and move a i grow
on the brink one's eyes
to go and to do actions
it pervade your entire body
so it's not a particular part of our body to compete in a ability and allow or parts of our body function including our mind
when something catches your head
your head knows knows it
when something touches your feet your feet knows it therefore it is a cold or pie baiting intelligence
apart from this dysfunction of this incursions there is no good at door
so this is plan
this is father she were mind means in this city
zen buddhist teaching in the south
the my
no i don't think so it's some
it's not that thinking mind
it's are some kind of
some kind of
a function of our body and mind that allow all parts of our body work
i think
so this body has arising under pretty pressure
the mind the matter has never allies in are pretty cheap
so this mind the nature it's not never allies no fish
ah when the body allergies or parishes it is it like a dragon changed each born
when a snakes growth it skin
often a person leaves and all the house so some kind of idea with the ottoman by sinica
the body is impermanent but the nature is permanent
so this mind the nature is permanent body easy department
roughly speaking with monks it roughly speaking
what is taught in the house is like these
then ah it you said
if so if that it's fucking caught in the south
ah their view is not different from that one of that known with his sinica
so now you said the pitching in the sense than teaching that sells is not a buddhist
yeah we're pitting the same with sencha
ah he said that so i went to extreme the teaching of seneca in already bit so i skip over is
maybe not so wrong so by maybe i can lead it
he said the within our own body there weren't divine nature divine nature this mater is able to sense paying and eighteen is
when the body disintegrates the speed day we'd just as if thing a house to bond there or not the with it
the house is impermanent but the owner is permanent





oh hey
ah now i just said
the correct three hundred to five one hundred people in the assembly's they graze a milky way and said this is the his sincerity teaching of the south
they hold it to continue they hold the pratt home cetera
from a homesick and oak it to the teacher who none they hold the proper home sutra and make changes to it
adding stories in a popular ring
and the expert expediting the separate meanings
thus they will make for was in beta simulations be weird that
be hours follow us our photo has
was some
how can this be called the orphan teaching so it you are very critical against this teaching in the sense
here said how pitiful
the essential teaching over our it has been lost
so this is very serious problem for this person of who is a direct to student or disciple or between none
ah if the subject of theme subject of seeing hearing sensing annoying
wow buddha nature
the activity would not have said the dharma is about from seeing hearing sensing annoying
if we practice seeing hearing sensing and knowing that means this mind is a subject of those functions
it is not seeking a dharma saw this kind of teaching and practice is has nothing to do with the aroma so this is one ah understanding of mind in china whizzing
then tradition
and one of the ah
disciple on said i know the destroyer ship destroyed who naturally non teaching
and say that the
yes because of this
he followed he just picked and the followed nujood kitchen
and because of this dogan said platform sutra is not authentic
then what is the mind
at least according to jean and i'm not your number two three tune
you know this conversation between a to on dispersed this monk from south appeared in the very long conversation
and this little conversation or is recorded
i'm in
volume twenty ninth of that the court of law he called or transmission of lamp or burma lamp of is keto couldn't go look
you know the first twenty seven volumes of keto keto look at a collection of short things of i said seventeen hundred the masters so all the conversation a pretty short but the in this twenty eight
experience this tech is correct several famous the masters longer
go things and annoying to his fast one
and this conversation ah is a part of a very long conversation with this same monk
so often to criticize the teaching of the south the monk i don't have pronunciation is long conversation but the so now my monk from the south since then foot is the mind of enchanted buddha
some guy you are pitching if that is mistaken
then fat nine to fed was the mind is or mind over instant put out his show hickey guardian
have been showing good iraq
ah fences worth peppers and pass that is a mind
do you see the difference
mind is ah fence is wars stones pebbles and paris that is a mind
so it's very different
this is my understanding
that means
no god this mind according to a you is not something in our or the undermined and oh
permanent and subject of sensing and mr thinking
it's not a part of this or the undermined
but he said mind is wars fence is worth favorites are stoned and pebbles
that means nothing this fisher and it it means each and everything

according to with their history perhaps
no so ordinary
but grasses and cheese to a point to something more
i'm not sure
i think i talk about that later so braithwaite
is the sunday school associated with certification
when the champs in southern or northern ancestors the summer i didn't know six associate
i mean
that is before the previous your know five screws
no screen and decipher
now you owe it to are not have children disciple oliver decide for over three now was in our innate sagging yoshi the sagan's disciple was sector and and other design disciple which we now was nanga crazy now coolidge the the disciple was battle boyd's
our muscle belly
and now mises the squirrel was really peak and in the south
and from a manga cool and the battles of the news beans i and and your shoe to schools up pr and the from a second yoshi on sectors of the news photo on
moon and the hogan hogan will see a screws up piano so fat they are poking his much area than such a separation into five schools
but miss teaching the south has connection with your entire that is true
that with my thinking so i don't believe me
the have a question
after where it's for forty five i have to talk about this more
so i continue tomorrow morning
i think this is really important point what mind means in bogans teaching otherwise we don't get you understand not only this fatsicles and not the only have a piss expression mind is the reddit we are bound by
ah about am i would cry and fan my lazy enlightened the and enlightened
we can adopt a flower so far this mind means i think is a very important so i'll continue tomorrow morning