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good afternoon everyone
at the end of morning lecture talk about that our income an interpretation of with that thing from them up other about ah
to set of teachings pitching for people in the word on getting for people beyond a word and ones set of pitching is about are doing good and go to a
otherwise you'll go to hear
it's kind of moralistic getting and the another set of pitching is go to nirvana
to the so we need to go beyond such distinction by discrimination between good and department
ah for robot that was not fucked second money buddha meant
but i think that was
ah the message behind our people here from a system of monastic his petition and also that are pitting system in abu dhabi map
you know i think buddha caught either to other monks or to the lay people who
teachings of our teachings depending upon a patterns problems or difficulties
but to have up they know it's not a problem but you know what with a talk was corrected and a computer and are maintained by monks
i think it's a natural really know what as pitting for monks are mainly connected coughing and a new kind of there are some without pitting second money for a people
but anyway that was what i think my hire people here from
yeah the condition of those
monk saga
who they focus on in was padding garima and philosophical discussion and the military applications and ah know practice meditation and going beyond good good and bad
and they didn't i mean my hire people didn't like that kind of pitching or system
that was the point mm hire people criticize the condition or monk sanga in that age
means around and our ah
first century over com era
and are fast some of our alley behind the citrus ah
you know my and with this star like across protester
they said that is not like
so ah
in the idea behind us to trust men the thing is ah
the negation such discrimination in
the program is our on-site is basically nation and other side going to nineveh we need to go to beyond discrimination but this to become discrimination the early t a tibetan charity or non-dairy peak
and ah if will think the are gravity is not good and non girl are beyond quality is better than this is a reality duality that is the main point i a good with is behind our citrus
i wanted to say so that men while of the main point of the are teaching these of our cents an hour
you know that
you some farah it'll be reality now what are the i remove duality a nirvana is a are to non-duality but is to or widely and beyond the library and much should be one how can we go beyond such discrimination
young discrimination and non-discrimination that is are i think that a point of our behind our pitching
ah in the case of about our president parliament that since address that it's not go on particular theater a collection of many citrus ah
this face
pointed to go beyond the this duality by a car concept
why is sight of emptiness
there's an author to fix to react
that five sankara and nirvana can be one
and or another
as such as a paramedic a t-shirt dress
human activities etc
it's very interesting
so tight
of the american visa is the name of that day possum
and ah this person i was very the millionaires and yet he he has a very deep inside or proud now
i'm here for best griffith he good in that suit is criticizing was great the cyprus or put us for example prove about the market tampa
in america shut out
so i know that would hit king a great the cyprus of buddha and catch with emphasis on really strict practice even of cash i can remember got accept the donation opryland and establish one as three with monastery
up i didn't want to live in the monastery so he and he kept a but in living in a forest
so he he was famous for very strict our practice
and you are quoting took out the american baby cetera
a shopper likes to hit on the eat food
he gained on the by baking
and he won't he liked begging in the a poor area in the power
so my gosh up i didn't go to be american pizza house
but we were a kid the crystals up at that point you'll make discrimination you make this cremation between poor and rich and and are ah poor food and they just food
this is a kind of were opposite
our was discrimination from that are common discrimination dts better is as for the typical come in a praying food appears that are common discrimination but if which is think this is better than that
you know we'll see a life and the rich food than that this honor that discrimination that is how i'm human activity or criticize ah shut up
and one chapter on have a american t sutra
they a give be asked to ask their both cut us how
we can ah
in car that gamergate of non-duality oneness
when there are many bullets shot of us and each both of us are picked up fucking the teach like are arising on pretty chic
and ah going to be on duality is going beyond such discrimination between arising gotten pretty chic
and more than twenty boys south of us are said that same kind of things for the ability and how they called me on saturday rarity
their finery manjushri was that you though points out device on monday he said ah to do all those boys soccer bus by doing by saying such a thing
you made another the rtp
the between duality unknown variety
and fight the monastery said
if we your that to into the about a to non duality you should not use any language
and you was
to say something is to make this distinction or discrimination so you order to do a reality open i don't do it a reality over non-duality we should keep our mouth shut
let let go of
you know
now going to happen by industries said
she said if we will say anything you are you ain't gotta be ready people
fatima industry said
then managed to get ask the pmr acuity how to you in power that on the oddity
then humor activity kept silence he didn't say anything
then we were a mandatory praise the camera qt she's a silence is the most eloquent
you to be expressing on the rtp so your that to and gamergate have known to duality we have to stop saying anything
the basic message from my higher pitches and it's continue to zen teachings in many of those stories from someone asked will have to say something about garima you know often they kept silence i even faster
worry about a transformation between ceremony to mark a chopper
what i said nothing
and market up as mild within saying nothing and just a tesco watching a up
and america shop smiled with a thing anything you know better my is transmitted this means silence is only possible way to transfer for me this that amount would not be oddity
so that is the main point of criticism from hi-lo buddhist to those people in the monks sanga they think they are beyond word
and beyond non-duality and they thought they could enter nirvana by pressing in that way but that is the way they create a rarity
but ah
that is fact the main dish behind us address
pointed out
but the about the road etc might be he made produce after goes to prajna parliament and the american peaceful address
i think because ah you know they many criticized the monks sanga
and they called ash ash a car
and are is the and about named called operatic up that shebaa car repair our image people who hear the voice in case he had a boy so that that means is that the cyprus so ah big sandra
the monks in the books some car quarter are sharapova
and they thought that there's another group of people who are called crappy couple job is a cryptic advertising i got a comment
you know people who who practiced by themselves in the mountains or forest without having teacher
experience the famer awakening so they have awakening that it fat meats are called crappy to an operatic and means alone
means doesn't a belongs to the sangha or group
and practical book have gotten teach
so practice by themself or experience how they could invite a themselves and just enjoy that irritation and i
i'm dr it that was
but the condition of second a muga before he make
a resolution
to teach
second when he would have a kind of as patient
ah to teach because fun that truth or reality he discovered was too deep and difficult to understand so she said it might be simply tiring
to teach no one could understand but somehow that in the are not there brown mock came and asked him three times
and she
made his decision to stand up from she's sitting under the bodhi tree and awoke to
that the puck had started to teach
that is so before he made such a decision she was practicable guy and he wanted to end his life as a practical buddha it might be easier for him
but ah those mahayana sutra called those people who in a big summer and overthrow practical because ah to be cruise and goes to recruit ah ah according from
hire a point of view kina yeah he not mean smaller or for mora so they call those people hinayana and they call the emissary of mahayana or peak oil large vehicle
it means we embrace it as i to put people
expect me bank sykes exclude that's a problem
that's a no know he likes discrimination
so much
so that there was a problem for the people who are group for made the lotus etc
people for me the lotus sutra thought both through cars and the private practice a good i should be included
so was are good
idea than got africa there was the mindset record big kill bit means separate or different means they are separate mahayana from indiana
and my yeah another name of mahayana is our boys thought about yeah
so here's the thing foot or by diana is raja ma'am kenai
and behind them ah keating is to become buddha
goal to becoming buddha
in that id is totally over second one is a life not the only he after he was born but since is he allowed bodhicitta as frankie was smither god he's he took prozac had about practice is for more than five hundred a lifetime
in that story that ah boys soccer by was only one know i've had people who could be a boy soccer by
but the nose behind our people thought if we allows audited cheetah all of us what's whatsapp of us
and the sooner or later will become buddha so for mahayana buddhist the goal is not to enter nirvana
a goal is to become buddha and yoda to it can put that as smother made a decision
he's his skate in santa clara to work with people
i'm fortunate to you know a lot more people in fanfare than in nirvana
this is something you do is allow you know we often decide for boys had my palace
now on the first one is beings are is you about to save them for free
just come in painting of visible in we vow to save all living beings
and this you want to save it a translation of a go in japanese
lol chinese dome is to crossover
crystal by means there is a diva between this chore of panthera and the other show our over new partner there is er eva and the to save or free means boys up about works on this river and help our people
rule within some fella to cross over this river and nirvana this is for disavow in phone number is power to save them means
and in this case save him or already living beings that means and this all living beings in fact nirvana
we had a boys had to bar you don't enter nirvana so this about means i will be the last person to enter nirvana
so this is a very strange about
you know if we are all go south of us
everyone said that you should go faster
i real estate you should go
so actually the other sure is everything
noise there
so this is very strange wow
we're almost none city
but this the you know strange ah or products kind of wow
and this very important point all posts at my palace so we had provided a kind of really paradoxical being
that means
i was shocked by the always to stay in some fella and practice with or beings and if all boys soccer bar
practicing the same attitude then we can find it either than you know like there
there's no competition
and the activity that means there's no fatty liver
there's no such a pound a boundary
that means nirvana at the nearby nonsense on our one
depending upon our attitude how each of the mean if we take both optimum powers and and try to
how can i say help others to be helpful for others
ah then within this attitude you know we see with discover you joanna
like yeah with only to crossover oliver
that is in my understanding that is the meaning of this fast of the phobos had a palace and the idol be thing i book living by wow
so what
the lotus sutra people
group of people who made lotus sutra wanted to say is
ah even mahayana sutra such as our president parliament up human activity made discrimination
exclude that a throwback us
so ah
the maha in the lotus sutra it said we should include ibaka
pratik up that
oh my so called hinayana pitching
and that is mandy that point is set in the second chapter or a lot etc
that is expect from us in this translation
what act act through nurses or analog
i i had a translation for the same where these skillful means ah ah preferred creditor why it pie
anti police who are is a whole pig
whole been

whoa and have been so that i throw the second term elder or great whole been
so i direct to talk about the alkaline i cannot conquer and ar
i took that it's pretty long so i to talk about outline of a said in this chapter holding on this is the most important at least one of that one of most important
the top us in the lotus sutra
ah i said as i said busy the second chapter
first tough guys called a joe home that means introduction
and within the first chapter with a second been in buddha didn't say anything
and because it i can be american
no he was
he gave some vermont peace coast and that getting was called ah immeasurable meanings
and after he gave that bit our speech he in pad ah samani
we the he started to sit
and and cross his mouth
but has something special happened at that time that there was some our car carry here on his forehead from there he emit light
and ah he eliminate the word in the east
i don't know why east
but it said the fan second when he without sat under the boats at about i mean bodhi tree he tried to find the best ah praised to sit on the hill somehow he found service sit facing the east is was the best
so he sat towards the east that fi he could see the morningstar's
i don't know that is true or not
anyway so
the not on d think he was hitting another poetry but fan he had some kind of gathering and he gave our
my talk he or whole i'm not sure all the way to or not but he usually sit facing east
and are
keep people audience sitting of facing the west
in india but in ten i it
you know about almost all timber buildings
while built in china ability to the house
so whether the whole is bid to i thought that are facing the house so good a the always facing the house and so he was very often forgive our karma course also facing the south that's the kind of our carretera difference
i'm talking about this
anyway buddha image the like from his forehead and eliminate the ah
live in east
and it's because of this light everything become a see you become korea and people are so in order
or living beings within not only six aerials back on our according to tendai teaching can be items and adams means sixty items under the items of should aka for a couple that voice that about and put
up makes thin so not only six pack in reruns everything become really korea waiting but as ah samadhi
so are both of us people thought this is something i huge her
and yet they want to know the meaning of this unusual are happening
then people who asked manjushri
manjushri shelley that was set of our as a symbol of wisdom and monastery said ah
i had a same kind of eyes experience a kind of phenomena
it's not that sat in buddha in the past it the same thing and after that ah that the buddha expound the other solar to garima or great burma that these the lotus think of etc
so fucked up basically had monday she said was ah
a second money was going to expound cannot etc
that is for the city in the first or
tata so good i was sitting with a thing anything so people are waiting
you know buddha at this coke
and that is a beginning of the second step out of a whole being on
this took that shot extra shots per hour was one of the ten greatest a cypress okuda
ah sod it
a asked second many priests expand peach dialogue etc or the absolute truth or reality
that is the beginning
of this
chapter of the load etc
ah in the very first sentence of the second content is as follows at that time the are the owner do on rising quietly and query from amputation was hamadi
i noticed shirley putra so buddha said cerifera
the wisdom of good us is very profound and if you've seen it
there with them school is difficult to understand and difficult to empire so that the server costs and the practical with us cannot apprehended
so buddha of it you can't understand
to shape that i'm concerned if the us rebecca
you see any interesting
ah you know is sheriff or was a great one of the greatest disciples but buddha said you don't understand and this is a visit a kind of a famous situation
but what the situation or condition second minute second money with a hug under the bodhi tree he thought so you know the truth or reality
here we are awakened to or he experience is to beep and subtle so no one could understand if i tried to teach i simply become a hub so i wish to enjoy this revelation and i quietly
but there was his fast photo of a here experience awakening
but as the other i as i said brafman came and asked him to teach and second money
detect it twice
i don't want to
but our father time according to thirteen version of this story i think being a party be nya
ah we hit it went out
hi gramma ah ask second money to papers or can lead to somewhere
there is a pump
in which a lot of are growing
so from the very beginning of ah
but it's history you know this a lot of flour is used as a symbol
and fat buddha over that in that are invaluable as called is in a lot as grow from the muddy water
and are some wrote us cannot go cannot reach the show office
of the muddy water
but some of us could go to did not show office
but ah and preferred some
as long as could grow beyond beyond the surface and broom a very beautiful flower
so from the very beginning this is a image of that i'm afraid a lot or that buddha's teaching
you know
glow from the mighty water but go beyond the mighty order and room that be beautiful flower
so you even within this image you know that ah mighty workout is it i got like a really belmont
and yet we could go beyond what burma
and room that
not enough for a lot so this is really an image of
no doubt about
and ah you know
after no oil can be you know chant that ah
for the according english
in japan to we call it a shot at a born
you know
chinese them on a streak
no order came here but they didn't jump this bus
so according to the dogon
ah a sign that the first japanese master who went to china and ah trust transmit our inviting unfounded ah
faster than japanese and monastery in technique or the person who started to chant miss vase
chris chan at was

in that era you may replica you made your business do

i'm to whether this is so this is the image of the locus has a dozen up for our of which ah
given leave the mighty water came out on maybe you're a and go beyond the my the water so this is how is are worthy or log lodge car and local color or can be integrated
and it go beyond it go beyond and yet it doesn't leave it stay in the muddy water
and yet go beyond the money order and the balloon a beautiful from us
that is a image of the lotus sutra
and another think aware
about the bogans zingy andrew etc is
you know also getting oil can be we turned ten names of buddha
by don't turn up with app you are not makhaya and so on the
the name of the tenth it could do but do but some your documents ten name was silted up at string things is that i haven't
i have you ever come compete
there live eleven
and bogans in the attic at one
and that one is
beijing you're hiding our king in japanese acme's
mahayana sutra or
have you say here is
that was bogan the edition so gaga made this eleven name is over that
so for bergen this image of a lotus flower came from the lotus sutra or very important
i feel we are oh
finish i out and shouted cerifera ask for that priests expound the out about this other sort of the dogma
but jessica
at as patient and detected
you know if when i say something you can understand them
and ah he continued
ah shut it essentially speaking the buddha has all together fulfilled that you it banderas unprecedented in pit row
in this translation dolomites translate as low i don't like this consideration so let me use burma
so bond this unprecedented alomar
enough is it lot there is no need to say anymore
we are for because the garima fitch the buddha has perfectly perfectly is a teeth unprecedented low dharma and difficult to understand
only a buddha on the buddha together with the buddha can fathom the reality of all existence
so are only put that together with the buddha that means no have aka
not only notion of talk about no human beings
could understand and see is reality of all beings
on the buddha can see
and the peace corps that to reallocate named a you of already distance this is one of the most important ah word in the road etc

ah show who just saw

sure means are various who are many or or and a whole is neuroma
indeed in discussions difficult moments beings
what a distance
and just get to need truth through a january or attorney or the other and thaw usually translated as a form
but to cancer before at a form i think is confusion
so i translate this expedition as to to reality to yeah repeal of all pings
in is the look to form
because we are to another
how can i say the same what is ah is up here the in the intensities
and after the second when he said our shop
this show the sort through reality of all beings can be in this translation used to fathom
chinese translation used his guru ji

ah with your goods or only the us together with the buddha
grudging charges for nine or good in
going to make it korea so clearly sing and jimmy is completely who that leaving anything
ah now fathom could mean such a beep perfect complete understanding
i think father moved to meteorite
he said he
understand okay then fathom it okay
i knew it
thought so he
check him when he mentioned this one ah to reality for all beings
and he continues in this translation chris

as as last time
we have the game over here
we studied that ah
fesco show organs and activity or you could see all that only buddha together with the buddha
it's getting interesting
i've only put that together with a bigger means on the buddha nor human beings or knows rebecca in a context of gallagher etc
but the dogon incorporate this a very different way
his goggins this is your liberties one buddha name of one buddha or your the pizza another buddha or
two name was the one buddha
you're able to means on buddha means for example finn you know we practice
even family we practice with the other people who live in goes with many people who am i wrong
i'm really along on the oda
but we cannot be alone
even for new is it a in the and go without any other people
to us in together with all beings
so to a site of our practices on the buddha and together buddha
you need angry over to i think they'll get used interpret this expression in this way in i think show the what shehu at he saw you know she wrote another top up about fight club jacques cherbourg or entitled show i just saw to know the irritable or beaks
where is the asset in question
and that this conservation fate ah chicago to sort through the air if you're bored border beings have ten thirtieth

you know and there
joyce ten
your is a thats why like and they is this film like this and usually de sua know the up
is translated as sadness or deafness
and so that means or beings has ten sadness
and ah chronology by a translator hope this ah shit lot from sanskrit to chinese
this state those in sadness and both ah ah
was so sure
hey nicky
in nam
com oh and our home
so one two three four five six seven eight nine in
i found a organizations for sure
riki far
in in or
from this together career we an assassin in ninh
i don't we this is in and the car ho and a designs home
joe torre
ah saw his form
so same tennis characters
that's why i couldn't read this first fatness as foam
but this is not a form is included the old pen
that fight to collaborate it be so art form is confusion
i'm sure it nature
k is a body or substance and decay is our strength or energy
and site a functioning
and i think these fast five sadness is the uniqueness of each and every beams
has it own unique phone
ha body energy
and the function
so we're different
but ah all those
beings in their individual beings can exist on only with integration with others that the the front next four sadness ah means in his cause
and in his conditions
cause if it resort
ah literal meaning of his car containing the a guy in foods
and who is gonna be in this translating crafted a hoodie com
the becomes pence
that means
thank you
i'll go
you know i think later on
so i'm going to cook
so i think six and seven six and eight is deviation within time
his cause
often ah
in to explain this ah
exam proof of a parent is used for example
proceed feed sat in front is a cause and up for our fruit you know it is already thought
so cause and without it
and ah
in condition and whole a the decompinauts a duration of this being within space
means ah you know your the
i said over need some conditions such as the humidity or a night or something temperature
those are called conditions and the important thing to understand the meaning of conditions in buddhism is in all those things like our humidity or sunday to a temperature
give a put the people you friends to support this is to grow
but not only those things to politically or actively support the seed at or other things or other kind of a narrative of things that didn't happen
for example if even apparent if i say the trunk prompted on the ground if i bother came and eight than this cannot grow
order by all the buzz who didn't come to hate a seed support as his to grow
right that means all the all the buzz
in this world support is grow if they didn't if no one came to eat this seed
i'm not only bad but ah
you know all things that
didn't disturb this is to grow
you know not degree support is is to grow
so that means is the entire word everything within this entire world or within this our
a network of interdependent or destination
preacher give a positive support and the also pretty different disturbed therapist says to roll
support is set to grow
so this condition means gary everything everything within this
a word help
see to grow
and you know this crunk gradually grow larger and larger and finally become mature and this brand can prove flowers and a bear fruit
and up
blooming flowers or bear fruit for this brand itself is to continue
this life to produce the next generation
that is for this brand itself this is a kind of our meaning of a goal of fun
twig for this print is doing
but finn ah the plant become really mature and
grim for us not only to continue the is
continued with personal personal in in their real life but some are somehow this brand can have our nectar to the insect or butterflies fries
oh and the bear fruit in know in my animals can come to eat
so frenetic
brand has something to offer
two other beings fan of and with brand is not mature they need support from other beings
but when i become much rod
we have something to offer so heaving offerings and give offerings and this give offering is called a recumbent us
it makes sense
and the full fathom
the lotus sutra is teaching is not simply about their parents
not not about the parents
i used tire
example of plants but this is a process of boys had about practice
fan we are the bodhicitta and to study and practice with his teaching we need a support from all different people
teaching from teachers or it from ah you know corporate practitioners
but do we gradually grow and mature than
it'll they do we can offer something
to at us
so this
second the for this means we can exist
not only human beings but or beings can a british on deal within is in a connection validation within time
and space
we're we're correct do with all beings within its network of independent autonation without this variation nothing can exist
on d are moment even by moment
i i think
that is the meaning
and in the case of was about practice recompensed means friend we mature as opposed to talk about we become buddha
then there is not the goal
good to become buddha is not a goal but to become a buddha it was helping point
to teach to off obama
so to know our
as a both fatima our goal is to understand that burma and practice other boys had about then back when we become fully mature and we are somehow we are called pitch up
good i got you know butterfly or obese come to it nectar if we have dharma you know it will come
and then we can offer
that is the faculty compliance means this is a coffin we ran how to drive a car we added ah how to ah
the structure of the car and how to drive it and we ran with study the meaning of the of each and every no traffic sooner a traffic sign
and wish that to
and and we can get a license
to get a license is a assess our goal of this study is the process of studying but can we get a license will become a driver
and that is not the end of the story in fact that is are beginning of next phase or practice to be a good driver and also fan we are drive out we can have a allied to other people
that for recompense means else mixes
goes up
nine sadness that means everything has these nine sadness as a business
and important thing is final one to one always wrong name much to go in this transition is is it translate as
tatiana such a complete fundamental the whole that this mixes such a complete fundamental holder or with a will know
another another possible translation is the other photos identity i've heard the identity of the are beginning and end
beginning means the first one
and in means knife
and throat identity means these nine are not naive independent factors but these are one
that means
you know this is one one whore he there's no such separation
and there's no such i was in each beings as a ah
phone or nature or body was on this is one thing
and including a connection with other beings if it don't think so north audition
this is an expression of the interconnected
a great business
our interdependent autonation in
no etc
and another famous x symbol of interdependent or destination ip the in that ah
hi kick kill off for this ongoing
from our ornaments etc
is in the resnick i think we in dollars in it is more will provide oh wait know
an indirect met in a our ornaments cetera and i shall hold the saw in the lotus sutra i think saying the same thing
is interconnectedness of all pigs
this is reality so within this nothing is excluded
so there isn't a not possible to make such a distinction or discrimination between why to read alma and beyond out of the rate rmr
lay people and monks was some fella on nirvana
this is simply one reality
nothing is of a fast think what i said and whereas if you don't understand this to shattered throne
ah and i
no fastest studies the lotus sutra i had a question in this is very kind of understandable in a pity
why would only put that together with move that can penetrate is rarely teach no human beings can even charlotte drop and there was my question
say no
good already buddha together with the buddha means no only with and no human beings but rica without
it said something different that is a problem

but i think you know we can understand the press provoke the aesthetic
but because we're part of it we cannot see is observed is as or other object we can be observer well yeah right to isn't it that's why we can see
and we cannot feeder
we're gonna see this interconnectedness as a whole
cause we're part of it
anyway this is fast the thing with the fed to saudi putra don't ask me
it's it's not menu hook
but same as that ah
up in the broth my he continues shouting for a continual to ask
three times
so this is
the second chapter of the lotus torah is kind of imitated the iraq by biography of check or money with that
in fact that satisfies preterite doing the same as the fact that brahman paid asking good up to three times even know it difficult to fathom who understand still ah sheriff blog keep asking three times
and after that ah gotta have it up
means he accepted sheriff ross ah
request so he started to talk but before he started to poke in know five further two people left the assembly
that means they didn't believe us satya fatty are pitching
and both are travel cause and they thought they have already achieved the nibbana go to by buddha
but fat badass started to teach is that nirvana is not a varied
so basically fucked a lotta separate thing is not seen by doing it does this ultra conservative canada or of a cask
i'd say the five hundreds of people who are a lot of him second many died
how to how commend they and are going to end a nearby
and the program for the lotus sutra for the people who made the road etc
that to wanted they wanted to say all people who or beings become buddha
but ah
when the program is both five hundred our hearts they are already in canada runner
they are not within some soda and they cannot come back
after after i'm cutting need violent they can come to send sarah
so ah fuck kind of most people did was ask know iraq came back they can for from sarah
and cancel their new runner so i'm sorry that it's not pretty i any device
but you need to continue to practice to become buddha
that is how you know lot etc include goes the shrub or cause
so and
secondly ape to shut up a car is what it is our packed through means ah skillful means
that amazing that is not a two kitty

and hot
that's what it is for thirty
and it in this are taco download etc as good of means buddha ah
continue to teach that my dharma
it's only for both other bus i'm in this case boy was started by include sure abacus that means share of workers are also percent of us
searched and but that it's going to give a prediction that shadow putra were to become without
so that means started to track it down from new banner and continue to practice as a voice set about
i'm not only shyly to turn up at all
or the cypress you know marcus hyper and all either in a great disciples to that
should continue to practice and they are boys up of us that is how
lotus sutra include goes shrub or cause otherwise you know they even wrote etc says one vehicle tampico ah
except sort of ah copy proof that the them to make sense so you order to include the shrub aka
doubt cetera
ah as cool those great separate to return to send sarah
and continue to practice then sakyamuni gave all those are hard to keep our prediction that they are going to become buddha
that is a main topics
almost half of the lotus sutra from our second to thirteenth
fast but i give our addiction to cherry-pick are second to fall for to the cyprus such as marchesa a market china ah shop will teach those people and then he gave a prediction for
for one thousand two hundred that's why should i focus then more
including for are not allowed to yet
then after that finally in fat teens a tough tedtalk
but i gave a prediction to become without to mahapatra parties and the a florida
ah degrees so that that is a main
theme of the first half of a lot etc
that means buddha but that rio octo to teaching is one vehicle
or it got yana and only for voice at bats that means there's no such people called the shrub aka operating kakuta what they are all up us
that is about ah main topic main theme of the high for them with etc
and another meaning of this
expression ah
skillful means
is that not only those shit about guys our monks who practiced as a as cyprus but day people also can achieve or complete the way
ah in the was the end of this chapter ah
it said ah you know
all with us in a cast
present and future or use this article from means and ah about the scale of remains in the past buddhists
on this cetera filthy such as a
after the extinction nautica in after
but at night those who worshipped their radix
and built many cookies of sort of stupas so this refer to the lay people who built it stuka for as i can release relics
his gold silver and crystal with a most tone and a gate was just for hundred up in on this is too long list of good for thing
but ah nice that misc skip that to why the things that's a program will be indians citrus
anyway all those people ah
list off for buddhist shrine and even even children
even today and in their prey nah seriously in their prey who gathered fund for up with as cuba
all thirty beings as these have attained with away
so not only those great disciples called the sheriff baca but you know gotten those play people who took care of probate and to care of who took care of stress
i said i didn't notice it drifted the a team that would away
and it continues
not only people who built it but this continues or those who with the precious seven with grass red and white cuppa with works lid on pin it me
have alarmed i don't commit under made with us at mit is so the people who made the buddha
good of patches or painting the buddha you know in ah history in the beginning of buddhist history dating no-one didn't made with as edges
but the enough to pass after road after about two hundred and he has one hundred years after but at this they started to
produce but if we sculptures character or buddha
and they are
shine with as a jew in the last two-plus and they worship the scripture
and the kylo practice instead of studying burma i can be that my while practicing meditation like a did in the monastery
a people's practice such as you know better things to pass and or far the statute or paintings and offering the flowers incense to those tattoos and also make offering of music
we're attempting you know that i do we do today
and also
ah our practice
i went i think can be offering
and our gosh show can be offering and now i'm making process edition are offering
all those practice pit cetera that
practice or those kind of a devotional practice instead of monks monastic practice they or for achieved or complete of the way
ah so that is foot skillful means skillful means me
the to create a monastic or system and the allow some monks to practice in a monastery is a skillful means and also ah
i'll read a paper route people to
a shrine or stupa
and make allow them to make offerings is all flat skillful means please
their are interfering
who act is act these values
caring for other people
that's a good good
that a anchor
that's a good question
i think the answer either yes or no
if we say yes it might be called them it my some problems and if we say no create another program
so i have no answer
but i am
make ah the ultimate truth according to address the according to dogon
according to the dogon billion even the trees vase mountains rivers everything is included so without pedestrian on multiple this all human beings are included my think that and say in hello
i hear that
nobody else connection

i think there are many different levels of the scooter from means scares me the for to achieve or complete couple away i think could do of our only by buddhist
if why i just i you know invent something and said this is could have been typical to active with a bigger way than i think it's not i don't think it's correct but i could use some skillful means for we can prove to
stop children know something r wholesome cost can be ah skillful means so i think ah
two lovers of fatima skillful means skiff means me

in the merchant
did you them my yeah
is the wins expression of this know in iconic readiness
and then
last may we had the in the here at san shinji and we studied ah sound of stream and the colorado man paints not only as a month and are the very stream though is that everything is expand power
so he because everything is expanding burma
everything can be buddha
should you have to study
i think i'll tell you everything hearing everything will have any exceptionally expanding dharma about an hour or being economic openness and now tomorrow of empowerment is and that a mile north of
if even there is one thing that doesn't explain express in obese tooth and this is know the truth
i was wondering
nobody can understand
said later on he said something else why we're located
and changed his mind
i think part of a skillful means but ah
the i think it's aging problem
i know what i i want to say but while doesn't come off
and forget
i i want to say

i'm sorry i forget
but basically if a p sniff factor is said is you know everything is interconnected therefore everything is expanding the reality or being peconic business
that says everything our boys the about
everything or far this true reality power beings
you jerk
data katya jacket
so every man
he was me homage to yeah
yeah those
fuck a fuck about the other without such as amitabha or by rotana i'm a fictional ovarian
you know the know that seven good as in the past was kind of are produced a created before all those other would i see mahayana evening
a new nikaya or seven buddhists in the past up
so it's are all this kind of access to the
what that means because fuck that reality or burma buddha sakyamuni buddha had a his cabal
is it can or a tooth and fat buddha said oh he was alive i didn't create a tooth but i discovered it
someone known to spot hidden you know like ah abandoned castle in the forest no one knew it was such a thing but buddha the discovered
that means
not only shakyamuni money but before sakyamuni there must be some one who described the same reality
that was the origin of the idea of passed on us second marriage she's not to be the kind of to be the first pass me
there must be many other people who discovered nothing reality

yeah that's a different idea or it's an you know indian with its thought a buddha is only one with more good on what within one universe but ah so on the ceremony was put up and know buddha a call and
until my korea ah piano
many kind of pass baker
is that i think all it's in our idea
but later number this create the buddhist or so much creative people
fast they invented or found seven buddhist i'm six foot us because seven cr sakyamuni six put us in the past
and the number mahayana
what is a buddhist yeah kind of our
ha created
so they are very creative people
the scene think there's so much validity in the teaching and yet this idea that if you go to nirvana you can't you can't return why is that so prohibitive and why why's it so i don't know
what i think mahayana buddhist didn't like that the idea of nirvana so they also invented another kind of need of honor
for voice heard that before mahayana buddhist for there are too kind of nirvana
are you know ah fast kind is nirvana ceremony and dat phan he became buddha
under the bodhi tree so even he was alive for the as more more she was in nirvana but this nirvana is with body
and the are in japan japan and this is called we only ham we all know how the eyes in uganda will ya mean there's something extra to know is there and that's something extra is good as the body
so even though buddha was in nirvana
i ah he had some pain
fan he has he was sick
ah she has some sadness of course
nothing but not as cold
nirvana but ah but second kind of nirvana is called a party new banner that means him with our past are we put an end as a great into and i've of to need a partner
who is that the body
so there are two kinds of to kind of a new governor but the malibu they seem that this is other kind of nirvana
this other kind of nirvana is nirvana for both set of us
and this nirvana is called module show now
now you need a partner modulation means no abiding
law abiding need honor at the means boys thought about
does not stay in santana because of wisdom and does not enter nirvana because of compassion
so what's that has no abiding
and this know this practice with that ah
without abiding that means without the attachment to neither son salah know our ivana
so this is freedom a really good way of life is a cold
but know how they did have an open or abiding or know doing
so in that sense you know if we rarely practice following
boy set the bar vows we are
we are in need of honor
or i said i even though or post talk about are working with in san sierra within this sure but if we practice at opposed to but then we can find nirvana within in his santana
and that is fuck is good
ah no i've i didn't need of ah nauk
it's time okay
it's almost five
maybe better to finish guy stood
so tomorrow i tomorrow morning i'm going to talk about a dog and and and than year and a cetera
after that i started to on thickest
but the arctic