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ah oh yeah on page fourteen yesterday afternoon eyes he read about vast by this the master called cure sure you
that immediate that fast so from is and paragraph two fifteen
to sissy sixteen
i'm patient said even the pieces of firewood struck down are not other than a in my body everything vertical and horizontal is not a matter of discussion mountains
rivas and the great us are the completely defeated cody or third very much
people today should study this exact three as the ancient said
already everything in the mountains rivers and the great us is the body of the remarking therefore things struck down or not other than that of my body
there is a guy king who understands this
this means that mountains are sitting on the as and the earth is supporting command things
when we understand this the past moment we did not understand does not appear to have struct our understanding also understanding could never destroy not understanding
on the yet they allow the mind of spring and the voice of autumn in both understanding and not understanding
when we did not understand this the were allowed to voice that expanded this does not enter into a lot he as that years have been praying around within the voice
the time when we understand is that time when the voice has already entered into a like here as and somebody appears we should not think that understanding is a small and look under
standing is guys because this is not something we could understand by our private sale we should know that that that a king is like this
in the body of the remarking that the eyes are just like the body and the mind is equal to a body
between the mind and body there is not the slightest separation both body and mind are completely exposed
as i said above we understand that the arabian polite and expounding dharma are both the body of the dharma team
so this is a comment but by talking about this poem

i'm this point says even the in a third downs to spread on the ground both are that are markings that means that i'm okay
not only those who have a but everything is hard on the great us
he's architect that nokia
so mountains rivers and a great as other completely revealed the body of the remarking that means he to a new boss is divvied body of a king
not going to human beings but of each and every beings in the swag is a body of that nothing so here we go this will pay me think the configuration of each and every independent beings and can you buy thorough and
and former is
automatic or i got my kayak that in my body is completely hidden creating each other
logan set people up today we should study this exactly of the ancient said
so wish the understand the fuck this means and who should ah
product this was based on this site
already everything in the mountains papers and a great us is the body of mockingbird
therefore things struck down like crayon or not other than that of my booty
there is the terima team who understand this
so if we understand this we are very lucky that my body
this means that mountains are sitting on the earth and the earth is supporting about things
so he's talking about
evaluation between each and every
in the be there are things
within this a network company caterpillar coordination this entirety is about him my bodies
but each and every beings within this network are also that my body
so he talking about this one an entire t each and every part of this network and entirety of a blog or one thing is a penetrating each other
and fuck his thing is ah
the ass
and the earth is supporting with a mom pains i think we're in this case of been pings are patoka you know ground create the earth and mountains as think on the great grass
and great us is supporting the mountains so that my body and each and every individual beings are the same as mountains and great us i'm thirty each mountains are part of a great ass
mom pins are sitting on the earth and the us is supporting come on pins
and in this relation between mountains and great us and each and every beings and entirety open network
i have some ah
our tradition that some variation in a way pay the same and yet completely different as i said before that is
the he's thing by the expression of knowing and not knowing

yeah no next sentence logan is talking about not been knowing this not knowing or not knowing or should i think we should remember fuck dorgan said before about that life and beef
she caught a thing of ancient master who said the she show cuts
wheezing nine and a life pleasing death
and this
this and life reason life and i said he's for are seen as a emptiness or charisma much simpler
in tennis is a cheeky ah for
and secondo gli his form is emptiness
and the fed is emptiness is emptiness is emptiness is nothing other than emptiness and a for
his form
so fast to these to these shut this under life or in each other and the second to ah they are separate completely different
and yet waiting or this life it's hidden
are always inform ah
was an emptiness for we've hidden within emptiness for me to hidden but they are completely different independent and were completely together
that is what i'm talking now
the so the mountains and and great as are exactly the same thing but the mountains or mountains and eiffel ass
finn this to up ah
permitting luciana needs to know each other
and fan they are independent they don't see each other and with the know each other
so monkey is just mountain monkey haven't know the ground and grand doesn't know the mountains
so fast to is knowing
and second to is not
in the against japanese expression is knowing is a
i'm not knowing is who
who here and logan use the expression a book poor and whole a
report means a buddha dharma
so often in here i think he said ah friendly understand this documents family we know emptiness is form and the form is emptiness that means we are preparing makhaya and
del mar gaya his ourselves or sitting is it says the guy to my undergrad alma is so sitting
then that is a time or we understand
on this or another meaning of this one a is to meet
so on things and great as meet or individually things and the universe or angela boundaries think meet each other
and the thin free doesn't know how to meet him to convert they are completely independent completely independent and yet the other side is hidden this is another meaning of and one side is eliminated other side is in a duck
did you go on
soften we understand this cup pass the moment we did not understand police

yeah that the same why the very beginning of this surface she said buddha dharma cannot to be her penetrated by human beings
the same thing right yeah
so you know that to understand the human buddha dharma we need to be buddha
so on the buddha together with put our means we're already here to see to awaken to the reality that we are already here and yet we started studying the burma
so we are living and practicing within our time okay ah
ah didn't go forward so this time over understanding and time open not understanding the past moment we did not understand does not appear to overslept our understanding
so understanding
the time of idea with the not understanding does not obstruct the pain of understanding so these two are not abstract so he has talking about validation between this and this that means you know in santo guy said he got a
go and the vehicle a goal is it things
pammy at each other and the prayer was not intact
impact on nothing packed and it said father interact or not the impact impact
when able to free able to a test or idea you're done
so to very dynamic prevention
so not knowing annoying permit each other and interact each other
so we cannot fix anything in any press it's always moving and changing
so there's no fixed view possible so we had to always see moving and changing and living reality as just moving nothing can be fixed within our views that's fine
know we have to practice with in practice both or all of them are actualized within it but think we start to think we become a kind of us three or four fixed the our principal and we tried to know impact of them
can we are doing such a thing we are we are in or out of this network we are thinking about the network
that excluding
it's so ah
the time over understanding that's not distracted by the time open not understanding
was not destroy not understand peak
so understanding that not destroy not understanding and not understanding of not to disturb understanding the yeah
supporting each other
and yet they're glad a mind of spring and the voice of autumn in both understanding or not understanding in both way forever we are bellies or spring and autumn
that means impermanence
the time of growth and time or whether it will become active some time and we become a quiet for come down while singapore you're young or yeah so much energy but after sixteen or seventeen with
i'm getting more quiet and small and finally disappear
whether we are standing or not understanding that reality of impermanence and no substance or are safe no safe is moving around
ah already know what he uses cocobolo arrow
kokoro in
in a china the character arrow is taco
kokoro ever been to understand accurate me to or came to get to his mind
i know
kuwait is a cockerel a damn not
obligation of cocoa him so he didn't he is chinese
compound he used jab jab running add cocoa arrow and coconut in sorrow
and next he took about queer and a thin we did we did not understand this maybe this kind of this is not that ah pastor but this this might be
present from we don't understand then we are independent each other
ah that allowed the voice that expound this this truth or reality our through with not entitled to our ideas
that years hoping praying around with in a voice that means there's no such separation between the boys and year so if there's a know the voice doesn't get into the ear because year and the boys in the same thing
not in fact a no not understanding means there's no such variation between subject and object
i'm teaching and understanding the teaching is about about how will we are living and practicing
and about our understanding that time frankly understand is that time when the voice has already entered the into how are he as so in the case for understanding or lab
how can i say permeating each other emptiness and a form permitting each other than the voice of the teaching enter into our ears so theories are voice and year and the way become a one but from voice
in over here they become one
then the summary appears that these samadhi but this what understanding is beyond samadhi or before some money before the separation of the summer the and not somebody that means our
if an hour mine is not been somebody that an infant we're thinking and the are the separation between subject and object
both are included within not understanding
but when we are in samadhi goes the
are there
and wish is not think that understanding is small and not understanding is large
no in this case basis our our how can i say our understanding and practice our study and
we understand we are kind of limited that ah
dimitris that my body and car into this small body and we understand and these two permanent each other but are not in not understanding there's an old fat fatty i think called me it's
separate one thing
so usually we think in know with a small if is it does but dorgan said
we should not think that way there's no such as on comparison
in order to compare we have to make separate and is too
haven't you previously used to work boys wisdom boy sits pitching
and if she said a like arabian right the it's appear the food what like a the reagan polite his wisdom but voice a teaching about the wisdom i think
ah like this
ha so understanding and not understanding is not a matter of smooth and be
it used to play around
an idea
ah for be a crew after the arguments walking around enjoying working i felt from is not look for work
you know as ah
i talk about the molina lose his definition of a somebody on the luck
in this case this is our not a walk or task but it's spring and the organs and use
the same expression use the word uk
i think in in door
we frame around in a somebody in digital somebody so does your somebody is not a task or walk but we are like the kids spring in the sandbox
so there's no separation between person sitting and sitting
wow that is the meaning of this october pretty around

because this is not something we could understand by our private safe because of our you know but thinking when we don't understand this
but so we should know that that dharma king is like this guy like listening to this is the structure of got my body okuda so the remember the oprah is not simply
emptiness or nothing it has a structures and
and the induction or nothing caption independence and dependence and and the interdependence so it's very dynamic and for people to merely complicated if we tried to explain
i bought these saw that file you know that isn't are so many little pissed
and none of them are perfect
the perfect sutra is in on this things happening
there is a vase or walker i think japanese said ah you know everything in this as is tempting the unbeaten lotus sutra
i literally not written lotus sutra yeah what was that say someone's to walk a poem i i forget foods yeah
heard about rocks glass is that the same mr with a staff
each and every thing grasses or flowers or trees or bars everything are expanding the lotus sutra
he said
last year i think so
at last yeah
the mountains are working
that's present
have a question about this through the time
sounds like
yes i find that he said
ah that is the was used in the frame
that that is used the expression used in a poem dog in court
it said the completely evaded body of the markings
body of the mapping his whole
or means kadima i only think she is a body gala
ah the whole always and marking under qualified to buddha so whole ocean for the old curmudgeon is say same as him my body
it's quite common
compiled afternoon
i don't i
i don't know why
but the of for example there is just a thing of up is stated by the witness of my pin seats ceremony said ah
fatima whole who knew there
yeah that a map of are marking invest this guy mockingly the same same one
so i don't know why would i call that remarking maybe for ancient people people king is a greatest human beings to so to show respect to the buddha know people who called with the other than machine
raffia we are
so ship ah until he or she talks about the getting a and where understanding i'm not understanding
and finally he says in the body over the markings this podium to carry marking the eyes are just at night from goody undermined is equal to the body the means
because even though this were body is used this is not necessary body can be called i would have i
that fight and got the expression appeared before his and by entire grade us is by and as i so we can call this our i how we can call this a buddha mind
with a record this good our body or good her mind or put up with as i
you know if i gave out why between genius if we want
forget the there's no such distinction between body mind or and the eyes
between the mind and the body that means good as mine and put out body there is not the slightest separation both body undermined are completely completely exposed is completely exposed the same expression
i'm with completely evaded police
so with in here
the good as body with that mind because i'm that is a with them are completely reburied are exposed nothing is a hidden that is another important thing by dorgan everything is
defeated and exposed guess no hidden secret everything is already revealed
who is in this universe from nothing is hidden
but we can see
that's a problem
so lumber and finally he said as i have i said above we understand that the lady and light and the expounding fatima the body of the gary martin baby and light is different to the light
a appeared in their first chapter of the lotus sutra in the first chapter of the lotus sutra brigham as just sitting she didn't say speak anything but from his forehead the radiant light emitted and eliminate and dialogue
that the
and i read and right and from the second chapter with are starting to speak that it expanding so radiant light before to the reality it's safe
and expanding our voice if to or buddha up with as a teaching about that reality using was on the concept
so ah
we understand that the arabian collide and expanding garima are both the body of the that king
the reality itself on a teaching about cordiality are exactly the same that means ah
the truth
and that reality that means you usually are in then there is a common expression
moon and finger moon is reality safe and was is a finger to point out the moon so the common usage of the meaning of this expression move and the female means who wish to see the moon
and don't cling to the finger because a finger is not the moon
but here dogan said moon and the finger or one
and i think you consider same thing if we see the reality of finger and the moon or one
not five in logan's teaching studying is really important please

yeah wisdom beyond the discrimination at is pricing with wisdom which sees emptiness or oneness

so you can say so
while doing the wisdom is manifested through our practice throughout the activities but finn wisdom or truth become the object of our thinking of buying than that is not that is already be the finger
so there's a difference between finger on the moon but this finger on the moon are actually reiterating each other so we should see both sides so logan is always complicated
thing we simply grasp one side to consider know
where you could have another side he said no
so what
finally we have to just sit back
stop thinking
please he said
it's hidden but the shit emptiness even hidden is hidden in the form and the form is hidden in emptiness it does not disappear
the meaning with different
this in on even though all the a the hidden but all of it really is still there it's exposed but we we only see the young lady
that his father hidden means
oh really is not really really isn't it's there
yeah and i'm talking who using language is problem but we cannot be using with a gentleman share the our understanding seemed that is a problem so it's important to
know the difference between finger on the moon but without this kind of a talking using language and concept who cannot share the moon
that is the program
ah now
we're going to be the final ah
part of unit silva to and from here up his thing is not so difficult or complicated so we can just the
hopefully hopefully i can finish to it this morning
fixed a paragraph seven p
there is a saying from the ancient times unless we are fish we don't know the mind of the fish unless the player or bad we cannot trace the path of the bad so she become
again the fish and bad somehow she likes efficient bad as the analogy of
service not living within this a mounting and other expressions person in obama pain and same as bad in the ocean or i'm absolutely involved in the sky and or fish in the ocean same thing that is
another job our
the situation of living within a water
so bad understand bad and the fish understand fish by human beings can't understand why the or fish
people for understand this principle where our korea
those through only understand that human beings do not know the mind or
how fish and that human beings do not know a bind or bus understand this principle mistakenly
either way we should understand this principle is that a fish together with a fish without fail knows each one's mind so fish and fish can understand each other and bad and bad can be to understand each other and the put
and good i can understand each other so this is a logic if we understand but i gotta my we we're put out
as in that way income in the same meaning as a not organise or to reality
and twelve reality is is all about it was so good thing we understand buddha buddha dharma we are the buddha people know
we gotta do yeah you better be the human beings
how it is different from human beings for do not know the mind of fish
even fill they wish to crime that dragon gate they know each other as
mines and share the same invitation this defer to the tarragon gay is or one priest in italy where i think in china there is a big ah that's i think three fourth waterfalls and it is sent from the
and some time it is a fin or fish go up
that dragon gate the fish become the robin
rapid fact that i won't get me
and though insert in show bougainville very monkey his dragon gate is the monastery
why the somehow soften the anyone any human beings enter the monastery and practiced together with anna
following with as teaching they become problem i'm logan said even though that
this in that same in the monkey he said eating the ocean but so it seems different problem to from the rounded on the river but didn't monkey he said
the dragon gate the war the same water
and fish are the same fish and yet reason the fail fish becomes dragon thin we got one to and eat the that we were okay you every morning and practice together practice that
when and other day to day things we are dragon

the implication
after dragon gate
before different
the mind of us
he said bracket
ah yes
he said the unless we are fish with a know the mind of fish and if we are bad we and we don't know that that mine so human beings don't know the mind of fish or bad but this guy
put the mind of fish in the bracket so i think we human beings cannot understand human beings mind hopefully
every day
down with
but we see the original derision
we received the region is the region
he wrote and live with to crime the travel gate so fin fish
no crime the dragon gate together they know each other but when human beings don't understand the fish mind
and thus share the same intention are also to endure swimming up through the nine difficult bins of the to take kim river isn't another be pretty by in china
there are nine pinned at different to seem to seem up their mind as shared by all of them all of the fish
on this we're fish we are not able to understand this determination why wish while in a fish want to go up fattier difficult you know ah river it so difficult and many of them died in the process in the back
a summons or are either defend our fish but somehow the case of some the we can be available
it's so that these are kind of knowledge we have applied and they want to cook know
go up the river but we can get know why they wanted to set a thing
five minutes since i think necessary
can enjoy life in the ocean
this practice way to
yeah that is what he's going to say
and this on vacation but she says i write bad
that human beings or buddha
also about was frying in the sky there is no way for animals walking on the earth animals including human beings to know the bus truck
this expression came from one of the coin by poison for on there must have for them the guy said we should call that
that we raise or bad and we will department they have no priests so we can see where bus go
that these traitorous so our purpose should be right about now migrating every pichia the same way but there's no trace even though have no police may know we have they are going
so our practice to be a priceless lanka ah as what when the public about that means no trace in
back by we want to address
and that his memory no ip the sun-times such a great thing for a chance at different practice therefore i am okay i'm a great person that is are clinging to the to the past
that is not a this but i'm a practitioner in today's list that means it's moment we just do that and forget what we did and next moment over another thing
that is like a trace this practice and the women said in gainesville go on buddha that's not know they are
just expressing what afoot to treat is path

so the animals cannot follow the bad pass by saying that race even in their dreams
because they don't know that there is such a path or buzz they cannot even imagine it
i don't think i need to extreme and the yet about can see that traces of hundreds or thousands of small bus having passed in flocks on the tracks have so many lines over large pass having for
home to the house where migrate to the north but among the bars don't insult
they know this is a place of large bag or a smaller bad and this by the point on the law
steel pipe highway and noise
how do we could know cause nausea

no business advising on the fact he said the injuries you them like
all those things happening between city person sitting and the older beings or entire the remember all those things can be and time to the perception would pass on sitting then why he could know that
but somehow he know he knew
those buzz can see them as clearly as we see the prices of cards on our roads are the footprints of horses on the grass so we can see those footprints of the end
humans or the arteries of a card or car
but can see the actresses so bad say that races or bad
but he want to say it buddha can see that racists okuda even though but as a way he is praises
does are the same regarding this prince blue
good as can think of how many lifetimes the up with us how been practicing and they know all with us both small good as and large with us no matter how countries the number of
them with us is so that know couple down with as when i think that they'd find in or load his show bougainville georgie yoshi is continuous practice and i asked to volumes to for schools
the second and he doing introduce how widows and ancestors practice
that that is a crisis or put us and ancestors
and if we
understand their path for the a way of life than we're less the same kind
so we can follow the ancient masters five
henderson we start to walk when we find in fact they big even though those are stories
maybe maybe not the actor seem really happened
in are in the stories ha
another great aspect of those people are had know written but their mistakes are not written
so what we see they are really great people and we're not such a great people but then i think even bodhidharma it said well that was at nine years facing the wall but i think he had some muse hundred kilometers
sleep actually need to go to target so all those things are not written so we made emerged in a boy got my sub twenty four hours a day six days a week on a year so i we see we cannot do for a thing
but at a reality i think political i'm not even secondary with i was a people are passing a human being so we cannot say we are not us such great people thought we cannot do it often we make that kind of
statement an excuse not to do it
feel we now
so if we have without we know that racism buddha unless we up with us we never know this at all
no such a way of life you know such a way real life means our life we lead the fight bomb was have not taking a voice had of about and practice following them our boys after obama not fun unless we study and meet
with a actor example
oh people who are actually larry lived in that way we can even imagine that such a way of life is possible
so it's really important to
income encounter with reactor young actor living example
you know in the case of the story of sumida in ceremonies past lives then he meet with people kind of buddha and machine a asked the guy with our walk on his hair
he felt something from the buddha's prisons
and he
took a vow to become like him like the buddha then ah
that a aspiration or transformation in his mind
what is known by the buddha for without saying anything paris our communication between smither and a buddha
this is cold

excuse me

ha in tiny the expression come know
come be purring me the feeling
and or if responding
i'm though his way and call at this call it's a cross or magic com
i'm going to say again communion communion okay
it is thy god marching
come is the thing that in this case of that's where that story he is mother felt something
from that ah
the presence of people kind of the car and the responded to smither and the outweigh his merging or
what the much faster in interconnect a modest much you become one anyway this is very very important expression ah a photo can also a been dogs
in a fast myth his teacher and the unusual zingy he the dog indeed the of prostrations at that time ah
new jersey and he said and he said
ah know like should i
show live show
cruz yuck
and can logo cool nancy

no is a pat no line
it's a person to make prostration and the show
riley is a person who issued a proclamation that means in that case dorgan and usual
shaw is nature
sure crew japanese m p and fucking joke calm quiet peaceful
that means
who made preservation and person food issue the prosecution they are no not to inhibitors they become one as emptiness and they are
it's not a feeling but something happened in dougan on something that happened in usual they are way much
each other and that
everything and up incident is nancy
now insane he means difficult it to think or discuss
the difficult to sing or discuss g to talk
to think think to think or discussed to express to explain
so are you know when we meet with a living example something happened to us and that data that buddha or teacher
and find a this to that that is the way we can start to practice we can put our body undermine that pass over the teacher on the buddha this experience is reality
important please

i think both fierce something was smither and deep i'm kind of without that finally bug gonna buddha ah could give him a prediction that he will become buddha in a future
and i think that knows your fitted something from for the dogon there's some connection that my connection with this new a very newest student from japan i think
this awesome
yeah yes
this is the fact that you would feel it means fender we have this kind of communication with that
language then was no joe and dogan are you able to the and the bids was a good up
did you say
you mean the meaning of note i answer this one
the show
should i show
it sure the nature
cool his crew and jack
show cruel joke
no she g
so i think we've given in our life to meet with some leaving the example is very important not the only in input is practiced by the in any way with the
if you are some gotta have some field or you are abused or some kind of any kind me if you are you are athlete
fiber ways it's really important to find to make some more there than that
how can i say
then something inside of us have come out and we find a way to go go past to go
ha here we are
he said okay
unless we are both as we never know this at all
there might be some people for question fight we don't you know
in this is because the buddhist traces can be seen with good at the eyes only by those eyes those who are not with us are not endowed with and the as eyes we cannot know how good as count the numbers of things
how happy the biggest way of thinking or are behaving you don't really understand why such a such person did such a thing
but when we have the same eyes than we know
how the media and his i
i guess so
i was sure what i'm not fine he couldn't write in this way and think
in now for example in or she was from a very high grass noble family and if he wanted he could be a very high level government of shelf or if he he won after
he became a monk in ten they are school if he wanted he can be the ah top or guttural religious order because he is from a high-growth family but somehow she lived
and he went to china after he came back from china and before that he has some
property with inherited from his family but probably he spent all that fails to go to town i think so he had nothing after he came back in a forwarder
people who won't give only in the monday one could not understand that kind of
motivation and and other activities but ah some people understand why do him in such a thing
so if we do not know this we should enquire into a place of the buddhist path
if we're not interested in going
will jump or wow with a good miss anyway
when we did this i think we as somehow interesting about the buddha's teaching on this practice them in the sprout is there so if we still don't understand or don't know than we have pointed to inquire
let me do we have to studies so the the direction we need to go
if we seen the traces of these for us
with our eyes we should investigate without we are put us on the compare our footprint who is taboo guess to the so we need to study how with us and ancestors happened david and practice to to know that
leading a of shogun from jersey or continuous practice in daddy i had a fruit and important to see a pervasive off with us and ancestors
five we are comparing them the buddhist traces are known
links was sharpness shallowness or depths of the buddha's or know we couldn't we can know
we can clarify our own policies by inquiring into that traces of the put us

ah that i said these shareowners should be eliminated
it doesn't know shuttle

and finally she says
to attain these traces is called up the karma
we're them
but as a whole i think fat dog i want to say is in this office clothes are several are you evil thoughts i think it is
is not so complicated but it's kind of complicated that this
in the huge issue
caputo huge issue in english is ah ah points to watch in practicing stirring studying the way
this is a collection of can short essays by dorgan to the people who want to come to a kosher zeke and pull-up this with dogan
to know what they should keep in mind
and that section nine
six named is titled us
you should practice toward the way we should practice toward away
to add the means cold macau
car and this is a part of the expression so cool
that appeared in a show called in nothing until shoes conversation
and logan use this expression in you leave until the third of we can sat in direction we should call go father
token said practice throughout the way so we should practice throughout the way
is that them and we had in in this ah se
what about practice to when
da says
practitioners of the when must first of all her face in the way or you need to have our face or tourist in the way
a fab kind of trust we need to have his those who have faith in god put away must believe that
one that safe is within the way from the beginning we are already in way
that you are free from the receive the has upside down with the ways overseeing things exists or deficiency and mistakes
so know that to talk about we should practice twice the way so way is a kind of a goal or direction we need to go to the soul he said we need to have face that we're already in our way so gotta to fund
that is i think exactly is the movies you know ah in africa etc
who is in but as the eternal life second when buddha allows the bodhicitta and practice
what's that about practice and attain that way so within the way we practice to us that way so get up to a site we are already there and yet we need to walk toward the way
this term complicated and contradicted and yet
dogan always said this to side we are already in a way but we have to practice twelve away
it's very simple we're already there and yet we have we have to go to other when
you know this is i think say my facility circular said we are already perfect but we have to make way for to become that even a to be lucky the same thing and that came from this entire understanding of the structural that gunma i think based on the lot
supra we are already perfect hamlet we have to make an effort to become a i do get better
the see the same idea
and this is very basis of organs ah teaching of practice is it's a document why modification friendly practice where we are already in the way
and yet even though we're on know in the when we have two properties twelve knowing so way has to me one is already here and other guys who need to go there we need to practice to add knowing
this two are almost like a we know we are already in the ocean and yet within the ocean we have to go sudden
night action and this is it i can be wrong
give our has certain direction to go and now goal in the ocean but this are stream he now
price go down to add the ocean is order the notion that is that image of duggan's are teaching or practice and realization
fitch who can see everything ah
good as you leave that the omens
and yet we have to practice and been a place of government transmission both teacher or master and disciple
i are both within this way and and yet still practicing to either way
i think that his father
login the anyone to say in this fast school

is a fiction only any more so
the way
yeah that is for in logan's the expression with the cordial always going beyond gouda
no no goal
it's no good there's no goal the our practice is endless but in each moment we are already in our goal
that kind of strange kind of contradicted
but if we understand this point that i think
fact logan's talking in entire show from is not so different his expression is different but he trying to say friend to show us is not so difficult to peel is always trying to point this ah
ah this idea that we are already perfect and yet we have to keep practice
not to get the there is a direction and that direction is we out we are to their
surfaces invention theo continuous press practice bicycle and so is the idea at papers no final destination or way and he plays i arrived the second the city
the always going out of
on stereo we are already at home and of it up
pay rates at twenty five
five more minutes we have any questions or comments please

ah i didn't know this kind of expression but when i i read his book i
i don't know why i had no understanding at all that somehow i was sad to a that collection and fast i met through chairman she's a guy and i started to study at with the komodo university she came to tokyo
to give a public talk maybe
the first time i met him before that i wanted to visit a fantasy and the i did once and even to kyoto and try to find on time but i couldn't find that place
because i'm price was too small
from outside anti was not like and know that with his temple
so i couldn't
visit to the terminals before that but after i started to study up with this deal about commons are university in tokyo he came to tokyo to give him a public talk or be the first time i met vary with him but i was one of the audience or he didn't meet me
but at the time i was sure actually want my pitcher
but i didn't know
this is what is written in buddhism fixed
he heard to you
very different
well right was little my pipe yeah
two years so intimate with joking
have to say few words about
fun is like
i studied them to know
the to me dogan is very high mounting
i took up kim still there but as a better person you know i have been studying and practicing know dog is teaching for forty years
i think that is longer than
she practiced
the notion he started to pitch finish to she received transmission think he was twenty seven and he died the she was fifty three so he practiced his practice less than thirty years
i hope is practicing for more than forty years still she's much polar and greater than me some the still need to go to and were walking to him
recently the space of time became the sixteen
i feel you know logan died already thing he was fifty fifty three so in terms of aging practice in with aging body i i have entered the vrm hogan never experienced so what i'm doing
in trying to do now is how kids you can be practiced with this aging body and that is very kind of exciting
practice and i need a i need a beginner's mind
no this was too busy neither mine is used in
i think in the army's their me is a very well-known no prayer and writer and he said there are three kind of beginner's mind one fastlane is simply a yearly a beginner or novice lot apprentice we have to
study everything from a teacher and second the type type of beginner's mind is after we become independent from the teacher will become octo no prayer
in i got each day it's situation depending upon his current condition of his body and mind unconditional love that people in the audience on that consumers are therapy you know even the pray the same know pray but
patient to be it's day the person to have been as mine called that is only one moment when time
mlp the second
kind of pettiness mind and his father kind the according to the army is can ah he became older
sherry his body cannot do fuck he did you think he was young and yet he has to express the same thing how can shoot know was actors can express the same thing with when he was young when this you know
aging body
to the so when she said oil in the third kind of big enough mind to do to pray this know pray today with this point he mind is a and first time so it's time we need a beginner's mind
and i i have just entered that that regime so i feel
now i a parody of you're a beginner and i'm kind of exciting our factories pieces this is not really a negative part of my life
the army i think
the me
do you know no pray the are me
i read this in many years ago
so i can really remember i've really getting the army's writing or not
but i think so

i have no desire to translating here
her vogue angel but ah
you know since to sell them to i have been ah
keeping are game enjoying the four times a year
i'm from people who are transcribing my lectures and the i trying to make books on from those lectures and now i have four five book project people up having already working sometimes our fancy secure southern
she and the kisser could couldn't group and ah
and maybe god
angle on great organization and i also two to framework which emulation books the first one is there are that it's fact that i'm working right now our new translation of the teaching of homeless cotto that was published from show job is
how to printing now
so i i'm making the new translation and with my comments on each of circular shadow which chairman managed to things
two more for temblors looks to one is the book and painted a safe quantico the book i first read now as i said i squish children
and another one is his a collection of his essays on kanan gill
canon is so proud of our fish while because she was physically very weak person often he couldn't sleep
i'm afraid he couldn't sit even friend he was in bed she jumped he plucked the chanting over the name of
about a fish my now will convey on buffets
and he lot about this practice and basically pup he said he was thing is to his practice of chanting can consume more handsome and are sitting in rivendell the same practice
i i think this
new terrorist isn't on carnegie is very help helpful for people who cannot see
including myself
solid is a my watch
is to to time
yeah i'm going to stay until tomorrow morning here saw in the afternoon and how to be here so if we want to
i can happen

so out it
bottom store it's sold out
sorted out
the air anymore
is brought something
no visible

it's not that my phone
the wish
thank you very much i really appreciate your practice i really enjoyed practice and sharing burgundians kitchen with you thank you very much