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section seven
let me get this section
also or the put us in the three times
have already practiced attained the way and concreted realization how should we understand that these with us and we are equal fast over goal for a
you we should understand that buddha's practice
the buddhist practice is dumb together with the entire great us and the in fact entirety of all living beings if we did not down together with the entirety of all beings it cannot be that way
does practice from here is a dog and comments on fact is quoted in page him instead ah paragraph kim said an ancient buddhist said mountains rivers the great us
the human beings are born together the buddha's over three times and the human beings have always been practicing together so cropped that before he talks about a mountain device on great at some point together with us and from here he talks about
on without the three times and human beings we have been practicing together
i'm a fast healer is ah christian also all the buddhas in the three times have already practiced and i think away and completed realization
those with us have completed their realization that can find they are going to put up
how should we understand that conveys good as and we are equal
that is a christian and he give us the answer
fast over or for a while we should understand that that practice so ah from
to say we are a called what the practice together with a buddha kind of this card but so don't ah i think and contest to see opposite fast see good as practice
and of course as i said in a very beginning this with as practice and living beings are already been beach human beings are practicing in the structure of tab gotta sutra that means ah he notes you're gonna go
yeah pradesh i'm the fumble or kayak with die and that my kayak buddha or both three what is a protests are all shakyamuni
and that means we are part of this
getting murkier second one
our data he talks about that that the before i start to fuck his thing i'd like to introduce one story or think by ganesha
ganesha is that a mazda
i introduced this pattern said that now
yeah can direction while is one bright jeweller ah the entire great as is two human bodies and was dessa said
me i and ah or mine shakyamuni
ah practicing together
what he used a door fun
those are the same
or together and some is the same town in docusign because it mean to visit and meet but salmon's meet with teacher together got that means call practitioners and the some one
so fat ganesha said these me on the soccer or the chicago she
lucy she's older guy
this older guy soccer and i ah our corporate krishna
then ah among asked
i don't know who is you unique means who are a teacher when you practiced with the community together who are the picture
then then she said ah cha gio
and know

shop son know
so mean to fish above and the go eat fish so fishing garfish that the main fish
fishing and the thin is board
tokyo thin joe is on so on the fishing rod
on the shop is the permitted name of this person before this perfect asia became a monk he a family name was shot and the fun door means third boy
was found the boy overshare family that was she's ah
the domain but the moon and that was how he was cold before he became a monk
so fast i said i practiced together with the sword guy ceremony winderman costs for the teacher then ginza said
ha ha son go on the fishing report it said
before he became a monk he was a fisherman
he he was fishing on the boat so this means
ah guess himself as a lay person
so there are three people cause they must tag asia and all the guy sakyamuni on this a fisherman shazam know
fisher nonsense hope shes handle the fight to the i think she's comic
what he
going on before i became i didn't even have coordination my name was martha hello my name became show hacker activity that found the different about same name i mean finn i was retained the temblors asked me
kind of with alimony and you want
and my name was
ah martha he wrote this the name given by my current
and ah
llewyn davis in only yummy the tv show how
so i think i say i said i like this name so i don't need i do need to change
i just change the oh sung
have not a few reasons for this
you know my peter name with city's core show and his image parker with a name with already here
that is one reason i that is is in japan feb he just became a buddhist monk receiving or the nation and become buddhist monk had we have to change that name
the degree to do so we need to go to a court and town office to chain the ah do your name and i didn't like that kind of proof
i a by nature are lazy person stand back in of india
not a fatty called registration in town it's only this the currency not found
so even friend i change the way to pronounce i don't need to change the name so it was convenient to me
anyway so
same person is was called masahiro for about twenty two years and of conduct i become show but this five scandals five
and ganesha and the shutter knowing a thing so satan five and he said the fisherman with name was just some go on the fishing rod and that you know the about that they must start ensure arbitrary other same path
but this is a aside or five canvas is are you know the like a comic or condition person and ganesha the to with the one are the master and soccer or two guys chicago does not
mean the person who was born in india twenty five hundred and two years ago but this sucker also means ganesha him said that means not
now that i'm okay osaka
the second many as thirty makhaya that means eternal buddha
so that means
who is in this structure
ah you know the
so this ceremony with his de facto universal sheriff of ganesha on the ganesha is that they must have who are to that reality and practicing and teaching and ah
active their master as a teacher so both sativa and i saw sandro is the comic fives skin was so in assess this and these three other
ah painting the young lady already and
that think include both
don't forget or three aspect and i think sandow and ganesha and second older guy shocker different to those three aztec of his being
so we are practicing you know from we practice i i this is only five canvas i can use so doesn't matter defined pattern from my i know
but when i
to come out and receive the ordination i became a buddhist practitioner and
zero five scammed us hasn't defined the name show how are easy his case ganesha but both ganesha on the southern know you know ah or the or today and the young lady approx practicing together with the shakya a all persons sorry
yeah that is i think what his dog is talking about so he's not talking about the person who was born in been there for twenty five hundred and two years ago but he's talking about himself that piece practice has this with describes can
just ah ha three aspect one is this person as i as individually
who you could be a fisherman and a person good to cover our and became a bodhisattva i'm a practicing and pitching ah other people
they are practiced together with
episode the guy shocker of these is universal sugar
rosa three aspect of one actor person has a voice heard about this is my understanding and the finn we perceive the ah
without a priest prison prepress
priest autonation are a automation than not during the ordination ceremony a fast sync the preceptor precept can do after archery bows his invocation
we in japanese always say now i'm with normal kid who nother care so i'm i'm hornsey shakyamuni would say normal course of during your donation and the council just and dash this is a this means ah you i got him up and sanga income deductions and
but now i'm always check out monuments that or is in order pitcher shakyamuni buddha and ah ah course or join you there should be fun to a token vng and pay for your frontpage the fact two kids on zingy that founder of soldiers jersey one yesterday the
this invocation means
in our invitation that means finn
ah in
rt buddhism from monks paper the shape or present a precept and become a monk
to to do that are ordination ceremony of sham they need can teach us three features on several weaknesses so and if we don't have a ten fully ordained monks now through now
precepts ceremony is not have cell phones not the body
but in the case or voice that about president we don't need goes ten
pictures one pitcher is enough
and yet we invite all those buddha dharma and sangha in can directions and the all ancestors and ah to infancy of the kids and vinci to displace we are we have a ceremony so
or actually they are together with us can we do she a precept on take full circle obama so from that beginning we practiced together with guys
independent actions
and fan
we chant citrus getting a service or any time after we tend to rest of us is why i do ah
you know
cite the vehicle identification and after that we see the whole fancy she wishes of the summer customer order out on me that these are all the us
ten direccion three times
what is fun you know get out number is with us prisoner past present and future
and all the bodhisattva path within this time and space
so when we chant know the whole fancy issue weapon border with us in ten direction we express the awakening
that we are living and practicing together with all good as in a ten direction and three times so we are always together with those as unscented and up with set of us and our president parameter
so are within our daily practice this
statement by dogan we are always practicing together with
because in a pen direction and three times he's no
he came out right that we know or not
so if you start to talk
our from buddhist practice
ah the buddhist practice is done together with the entire great us and the entirety of all living beings
as i said in the very beginning summit of finn he made ah different color buddha here i took a vow to become buddha and he would like to help others as with different kind of buddha is was
doing so he take a vow to
practice with all beings and become put that together with on things and that is a fast of for at the bible's
so from the very beginning with as practice is together with all beings
if it is not done together with the entirety of all things it cannot be a buddhist properties if sumida is a practicing
oh my helping others for the sake of this person for himself than that is not with as practice that means if we the sheep that go to these or it were married for this person than that is not a practice to get out
with all beings
so as a bot fatima the meaning of dedication or eco means
you know we practice and the boy chunked but the merit of this practice and tanking go somewhere is not to me
so i'm sorry bathroom and we get nothing
from practice
but in fact that were shorter greens
so we share can be older married
produced by our activity not only for practicing as all but are all activities to she opens all beings not for this person
now is that speak to a study from visit
statement otherwise our practice is not would have practice or points out of our practice
ha next paragraph
therefore cologne that time we allows for the mind to the moment we attain realization we always a pain realization and practice together with the entire great us and the entirety of all pigs
so our practice activities are always together with
people and all beings his entire universe
we have to make sure
our attitude is ah the same with this one otherwise we have to
it's kind of difficult
even then i'm we're trying to do something good or dedicate my
nowadays is to my practice for all beings even though everyday we chant and we say so but still we are thinking this is good performance
i you know i you i think i to in
the oh book or ah
him by book not often i became a monk
ha i really liked cellulose is thing that they it's good for nothing
and eyes i love it
because meaning was a problem for me
they wanted to do something meaningless
so that's why i started the practice
ah and so i devoted my entire life and energy to this practice for about ten years and i become thirty or unsettling
but fill out an eye opener or it said alarmed fatty my body became a half broken because i'm too much work in massachusetts
and i went back to japan to have our treatment
at a time in the beginning for about few months i had a program
and ah you know my body was housebroken and i didn't have fresh to practice and apps sanga i didn't have a madam i think that job i have nothing
at that time i was in trouble but i i thought why this is a problem
you know if from the very beginning i understand that any saw nothing that's why i started the practice and i have been practicing that when find that is a program if i could track i cannot practise in that way if with as an intermediary with the for nothing a situation if you
can i cannot practise
why that is a problem i got the bigger question to me but somehow fan i was in fact etc restoration i somehow i felt
my life is a feeder for a mistake and i should like i'm very good for nothing
and i wanted to know why i feel such as a feeling if gathering good for nothing even if i cannot do it it's okay
it was not okay to me that was a bigger question to why i am to when i am i have been practicing so hard
i am
found that i've been on cause a penny as in my twenties i practice saw her a hug and i worked hard for our funding know that's more than the in massachusetts than the pile
just studied buddhism
and gorgons teachings
and i thought i didn't think anything i didn't expect anything but after i e
the condition i couldn't practice in rockaway i found that that was fun i wanted
that was my desire to give him that the way government to be a good the cyclo buddha or good to death as to the my teacher and the good practitioner
ah so by practicing in that way even though i thought i did i didn't expect anything i was shocked that is supported by that kind of practice and that kind of practice was can be done only by the young strong healthy people
and so finn hi you i was not young anymore
and i was not heresy and i couldn't do that will not fly by the in travel
and around the same time i hadn't asked to read ah
good a italica that visa
points on ah
secondly is a biography
by yeah
but his name i forget i chicago a shot
when buddha
get out of a padlock his father's paris
it's a is a famous story first day he saw a sick person secondly sick aging is person sick person and a dead person
andrew the friendship
for about that experience that chatted with titles and if secondly thought if i think in those are special people particularly people who are in trouble at the time with i was young healthy and strong and rich so
he was not the same with that those people but he thought if i think because i'm younger and heresy i'm different from those people so those papers problem with not night program then he said but he thought that was the arrogance arrogance of being young
if healthy and rich
but fine in our see if the final rotation knit ah
asia's practitioner and the heat that she left home and are i've found that now i can shoot my ipad or practice before in my twenties is really kind of arrogance i could do this i wasn't the
young healthy and strong i could practice in that way even know i thought i didn't expect anything to that was for the i was expected to practice in that wage without expecting anything
ah got to have a kind of our shop shopping experience it's good recovery for me
i'm discovering
ah but ah
from that point i became free from that kind of expectation
that means i i thought
the basic problem is my desire to be a good boy
from i was very young child i was a kind of and could avoid and to be a good boy is a difficult thing
know we have to understand the fact is happy the expert patient by others then i tried to do fat people expect from me from you know parents or teachers or other people's and i didn't write that skill set of when i became a teenager
a i didn't want to a big new i i wanted to quit a good boy and try to become a by the board
got notify you when i became a high school student by often escaped from the classroom
and ah
i'm finally i became a buddhist monk
the was
that's perfect to the against by my parents and teachers which expectation so i thought i became about the boy
but even i ask i came up with this funk oxide i was with the boy i wanted to be a good number and a good student of my teacher our put us
i found that was the program
you know i think i around that time you know i will iras i know on on and
we have no place to practice so eyes stay by myself as a mod our parliament and one day
the myself you're sitting
and at that time in guess no other people so there's no reason i have to sit
but somehow and i was sitting by myself in a small apartment he knows her car i found lotta fun at the i feel in our peace
elementary from i was sitting by myself this is not because i have to sit or because i want to be a good practitioner no such the reason to sit but
somehow i was sitting that
was i think that was the first time i i feel i just sit
and i've finally i've fought in on visit a fun circulating the same know then that is good for nothing but before that i thought i understood and i like pitch
but that was fun i expected that was a kind of a reward made it i already received
but after that i feel you know i could really see
without any expectation that things are really good for nothing
so good for nothing to me is very ah
positive expression
that ain't good for nothing is my translation english translation of cellulose is a japanese expression and i fast how this expression good for nothing and i if the massachusetts
no he received any financial support from anywhere so we have to make find some social good income and first thing we did was are
picking blueberries
massachusetts right very very field and are in the summer time from the harvest blueberries
how many the ah yeah i screw student getting some application
what i couldn't we couldn't find any other job and actor knew we didn't have a car
so we put a tent by that brutally fun and i we picked to properly every
every day for about three weeks or so
and doubt petty off
huge brewery field it's almost like out one or two month things are here is to the had issues
and i've had some phrases were a blueberries and the other berries different kind of varies together and it goes high school student didn't the cap to pick only bolivia via or but pick those are not
either the ways i can be called the vertebrate a dog base
i'm the owner of the fear of our farm or of a starting to those high screws to the track don't take any good of those good for nothing really
that first time i hear is the expression
good for nothing
but to me in a nice thought other difference between blueberries and those debris
book by it's also pretty
brock and underplayed
and yet was are not either
so ah
you know the rose parade has no market value
but the blue bailey
can be sold so blueberry has some meaning and value for human beings
the those two countries have no value to us but as other living beings at the difference there the saying
my understanding of doesn't is no votes are good both very are good the not for anything something is that they are good for itself not good for something but good for nothing but it's
good and in my understanding this expression data is good for nothing means dalai is good but for nothing nothing good as it is for itself it's that need to be good for something
so i fast food know i i could sit really good for nothing does him
after that my attitude toward dathan or practice or even buddhism has ah
change it
it was a really big change i think as our understanding of goodies to a dog and teaching in a second panel my just sitting i understood the meaning and i wanted to really practice with such attitude and i thought i thought i
i did
but after fan i have that you know in the condition i couldn't practice in that way i found i had i received a marriage to
and that was a problem
that means finn when gary just sit
profit from are married to this person than this past be sitting is not discuss on the activity but this person distinct together with all things so this attitude is really important
not understanding but clearly do things for nothing but just to and i found that was a dog and top and he said just sit just do it
ah i think that is how we can practice together with order beings
until then i i understood in have a dog and thing here and my understanding was my soul is taken but i bet he didn't daddy didn't know
get and
so i can definitely put them a point
so from the time we allowed the board in mind to the moment we think the realization we always a thin realization and practice together with our entire great us and the entirety of night living beings to the so we need really to be free for
from my our clinging to myself and we don't seem by clinging
and you we
can't do that
so if him we have a difficult condition it's a good chance to see know how arrogant we are
so we can be you can enjoy difficult conditions sometimes
and how can we have a thought that doubt this this is for certain but still we have doubt
and yet it seems such a thought that said i don't know is into twined we have always question and i don't know what this means to practice together out of beings
so to clarify this we hear the voice expanding oneness your pc the boys from the buddha
and what does not mean sat in person in history but the actually each and every thing is
revealing but at automatic that these in our a bomb on is and ah no safe or emptiness and the interconnectedness fitness everything is revealing that dharma and activity knocking at door for got mine
and but somehow we don't hear
so we need to hear the voice expanding this reality and thin our eyes or ears are open then we can hear any time
and when we hear this voice disposing to put out voice this voice do not think that such a practice is not about our service that about someone is called with or once set of us is not for me
this kind of teaching we often think in this not for me is in form much in a greater people
but we are included from with us sides with aside know all beings that included within this ah that i'm alive so we are part of it and our practice purple good as practice
ah this is a kitchen we should understand
we should know that finn or with us in a three times allows body mind and the practice there is a prince blue that our body and mind our passion out of body and mind are not left behind that means
and with us and the other boots at the bus and ancestors
allows bodhicitta we are included
finn calculus in
she's tired the fruits of accuracy die for very difficult she's parent died when he was very young and he was happy to his uncle but after six months his uncle died so he was adopted again and
the other his adopted parents wow
he added as the father was a gambler and the matter whether x a prostitute that kind of situation
and the who she is how close you into the elementary school
and after he finished elementary school he had to work to support his step parents
and he didn't
like that kind of life
so he he escaped after escaped from his parents fan he was eighteen
to the so he fast fast fast time he escaped to osaka to find some work but he was found and but his parents took him back so he thought he had to go somewhere with his parents couldn't find
and he went to a hazy
on to become a critical doctor
and ah
but yet he was not allowed to become a monk at the age of course because of age he was out monastery on the ordained monks could enter and properties so he had to find a pitcher and and try to find yeah in his but there was they wanted
good people good person to be a teacher so she had to walk from a his to kiss you
crusher is a ah
which southwest with western ireland and source he walked again
more than one month or without the money
so it was a very difficult but ah
during setup such a difficult times she encountered with doesn't on the finish i even before he was ordained he was the ornaments and i got like as haven't or a pimple
after app has happened said haven't overcome put my temper
ah after something big ceremony other monks when to town to a good time but he didn't want to go so he sat by himself pretty nice small room and then out or the woman who
well as the almost like a boss in the kitchen
i came to does room he was sitting
even the finn before that the the all the woman was like a boss to this boy and the always in our news
oh that six to him but finn the all the women came into the room circular she was sitting he was still adding you know person
the or to move i'm was surprised because one person sitting and she made a prostration delighted i got like he he she did to and good as such a walk that as if this was at leaving the that
at that time he knew nothing about what isn't quite as in but he
from was believed that is sitting has some power
superior deep power
after that she is focused on his effort to really just sitting that the us are kind of are a beginning of
want it is circular ring is
so when he saw sad thing he was a starts can you just seventeen eighteen years old that fan he started sit my i was included opportunity
the who was included are we put the safe and second money with i sat under the bodhi tree we were included
so our practice is not a personal in pvp or activity to improve this person and gain some good result but we are practicing and working together
that is a very basis of buddha's teaching at least in my our teaching
ah so
ah if mixed paragraph if we doubt this principle we have already surrounded or because of the three times in a so that's the surrendering with us autonomous and sanga is one of the thin is our precept
so if we don't understand and believe this point that means we practiced together with all beans then we surrender that put out on one sanga that the means we violate the puts up a precept so
he must be very carefully understand for this means
when we quietly deflect it seems that there is the principle that our body on the mind has been truly practicing and has allowed announced bodymind to
yeah that was already put us in our fleet times so we even though we can understand or even we come when never i've never met encounter with buddhist teaching
still we are living within the snow on time and space
from that site we are already included even when we don't know that
when we be fracked on the before on the after of this body and mind and eliminate it the person who asked the question is neither i nor summer
a recent up
this ah
the person who ask a question means of course question came whizzing us whether this is true or not we have a question we have thought but that a person for has been question is eager i was someone is
that means it come from a lot you know five scandals
in that case is five candace is is his mother
we don't see the reality of this chronic interconnectedness with all beings
do we think this is a me
and ah
but i yearn for fat makes me happy that is all concerned
good i'm concerned the yet even of we live in such an attitude still you know what we can do with it could fill out a way because of you know we are
yeah to greece and i want that to drink and food to eat and even
you know we use the language to create the illusion
making our producer he was sent out the idea or thinking completely blind to add natoma even knows last had a gift
from the society in my case you know japanese language is a true i create new ios said that idea but even the japanese language is a gift from the society of japan
you know japanese language is is a product or fruits of you know me on the people who lived in that you know the iran's for millions of yes
if i'm not ah
dedicated in that culture i cannot even speak on the scoop on right
so even ah
our ability to the evil felt that is that give them from the lot
right so even we don't see is an evil we don't believe this with and understand is still we are already in the nipple with that been gone his nation
so this kind of question also came from here in essence
why the will stagnate in the doubt that we are separate from a put us in the three times
but this is i use way of thinking why
living so we have to study and hear the voice of buddha
and the thin we're happy difficult to hear this kind of voice when we are in a problem or a problem or difficulty and we try to find some better way of life that we start to hear but as voice
so to have a problem might be a good thing for us
we are not outvoted that we always have some problem
we are completely happy and unsatisfied there's no necessity we thank to study something like this

these about know things are things thought to not belongs to ourselves he those eco centre the idea was thinking is not
i might put a personal position some heights come from entire universe
through this five scandals
same as got my patron
how fat can obstruct the time or practicing away with they also another mind of all buddhas in that three times so what as a poor practice has been already done or has been done doing
we have have been doing
my mind doesn't dry
so as i said even though i didn't understand logan's teaching
i i had a trust in the way of circular shadow terminals his life because their life cycles the life weren't already done with the over and i knew he practice and television during the drying or
and whichever knows we could sit even though he was pretty weak person extinguishing practice please not for you don't think about for to for the thick of aroma to share that amount with the younger people i had read
really i trust to their activity and their life it will no i don't understand know it's teachings
so that is important to have some ah
how about some example living example
right here
a you talk about trust
did you feel like he really disappointed
it's a part come to you
he i think so i i felt in that way finn in i think of my life under my future as my personal agenda i have feel
but when i
i have nothing i had to offer my hand then somehow i feel i'm safe handling this is kind of really interesting thing
can i make my plan for my own i have fear river this is good friend or not good brand with i can be successful or unsuccessful but then i do something ah
being the by put out the boys
there's no how can i say i even when i cannot see a possibility to be successful sill i have no fear
i feel i went i'm supported by product i mean if it doesn't work than nothing is that from
that's brand still can't walk that all it's not my failure
the higher the time and pondicherry is not a lie for him at all so it's not my personal success or failure
but what i need to the just making your forth toward that direction and when i e have to on that way either have no fear you know for example from i moved moved to indiana i have no i
you know
tour group found a temple in bloomington indiana
we made some effort to do fundraising and san francisco this encounter very supportive and they allow us using their mailing list amidst said the person said
you know there are six six seldom names in their mailing list but we don't have
money too thin
the operator to six thousand flip so he asked them to use on the indian state in people his name in indiana state of indiana and the bay area
i'm a person said that impair our mailing list hotdogs six thousand people he brought in indiana is sixty
when i had that i was happy
even if i make mistakes are my attempts to the feta it's not my profit and
mean not also i
because of my teachers teaching i was always on to v ah
pioneer i want to go to the front yeah
and i don't want to be a competitor with them features in california
he receives there are too many already enough
in california so i tried to go somewhere
there's an old st peter's and still in indiana i'm only one than soto zen priest
and functions is only one citizen center so
and next day i will have a ten ten sandy versa so functions as a patient for or
pay us to me this is almost miracle
but we have more than sixty people now
in bloomington so
it's still small button
this is put us from
so if we practice with this attitude together with the all things he has no favor of property there's no success
we'll just do what we can do moment by moment the afterpay that's all
so fat can obstruct the time of practicing their way with the original combined of all put us in the in the three times so we cannot change you know those put us on ancestors once they are already down
the is continue
so far away wish to know that the way is neither knowing no are not annoying this appear in the story on already introduced between nansen and joshua
when josh should be thinking i said ah joshua ask for the away the nonsense it ah or the daddy or everyday mind is a win
when joseph asked a should i such no way for not
to go somewhere to direct to find that when a necessity for we try to find me then we do it
then ah your shot for how we can know him that is the way and nonsense that way
that hasn't doesn't even not belong to knowing or not knowing is not going on with knowing ah came from that story
and as i've already said this not knowing at knowing and not knowing can be a pretty to is not knowing is deeper than knowing
i haven't become more time
ah here dogging quote another the masters or
the his or this is a plane or bus
an ancient said able the pieces of firewood struck them are not allowed the dagger my body
everything vertical and horizontal is not a matter of discussion mountains rivers and a great us are a completely deviated body of the drama king
of course this telemarketer different to her second buddha
this thus is made are composed by the master

fifth america
a ko ko

codes you

but he was a disciple of things i must have been i think i can i talk show
and hello please
that my brother was very famous person she's a my presence name is your meal in june

he was the master but the she was also a great scholar and dogan vinci talks about this person in the monkeys
discussion before he became a bunk she was our government of shower and one time since there are some ah
disaster in serbia in the region he was working as a government or so somehow he used the government money to help people for in trouble and that was a big
a crime as our governmental offshore so ah
ah he was punished
oh you know when she was almost killed but the emperor said the in the new thought but he was a great person brilliant person and acts cynthia awesome
if he did such a thing there must be some reason so
that chads meant was
seem to be killed
button got government in that emperor said fan he was killed if he had a great then a kitchen nothing if not she must have some special reason to the such a thing
so ah ah keep him alive so often he was almost he was about to be killed
he had no
great commission will go to mosque
the right
so that the person who ah
in that job reported to the emperor and empire ask this person fi know you did such a crime then ah
this person said i wanted to ah how can i make a connection with all beings and next lifetime i will i would like to become a buddhist monk so emperor out him
him to become a monk
she'd thought he was intoxicated it anyway that was fine his name was in jew means they're puppies in a prolonged
make prolong and june means life so answer me to put on life documents he was allowed to continue to him
and go in the jail praise this person's know that aspiration even he was killed our he
i helped people in a travel
and bergen said we should all of us should allow such a such a mind at least once the
it's not person personal your engine and he wrote a huge take issue that has one hundred podiums in the sugar your local but it's not important here on this person is a car my brother of ngo and cheese
name more so had to
dude with a life or longevity
and ah this parcel is called big do greater do and dispersing for the small zoo
anyone that in the person
and often this person was practicing with his teacher or can they talk show
she was walking
and he was carrying fire with
and somehow the firewood
sit down
and he hear the sound of in a five hours
hit the ground said at that time he had some enlightenment and he compose discipline
the poem is the pieces of fire are even the pieces of fire struck down on the ground so he was carrying a firearm and somehow a fire with fell down and sky
shattered on the ground
even the pieces of fire to struck down this struck down his book beaucoup locker

and a distinct disappoint a book rock is used in and
i don't know of how we translate in cambridge
ah i think our friends
a phone call from concern our concern is that enough to and destruction or from the gaming for lockdown that these goku lock is
so logan pick up all those in our expressions from all different kinds of them literatures and it has it's own meaning in the original stories so without studying was there stories with on the area pretty appreciate or under
stand but his lighting and for example of kinds of thing so you have to check on the study each and every what that's fine even those conducting it's very short writing if we studied takes me a long time
so this the phone
a firewood
fell down on the ground
despite onset is track them are not other than the my body
this one was in a bracket is not there this is my addition sits on those firewood struck down are not others but other than ah you know photo this that 'em up
why that my body of buddha
everything but car on the oregon town is not a matter of discussion everything right of written through means really everything without any discrimination but in ah china chinese or japan
nice or courage charged with bad color and horizontal is used to defy the time and space
ah but carroll is usually time and horizontal is space so this means and everything even one piece of firewood fell down on the ground that is not outside of this
gotta my body or shakyamuni buddha
so mountains rivers and a great as are a completely defeated body or dot marking he started marking his got my body for that so each and every thing
in the nature and happy about we encounter or even that devices i we used to do something like a is mirka is also a part of doubt in my kink
you know that is fine we can we buy
ah i know either famous poem by sushi not ah sound or perish stream is that
oh so good i
and colors of the mom thing is i cannot tolerate or pr for the on that
these are a points get through images but not the only view truce where are a present sound off but a stream or a beautiful of of a mountains but everything we see
and or beat locked together is that
part of this government bodies
so these fibers canvas for this facts candor is not exception
even allow on holding find the mind is part of
no this guy markings
but we don't think so
you can't we know we have so much better did
and the selfish and do if you get separation but that
that feeling of separation from our doubt about this structure came from the structure nothing is excluded
but important point is to discover
and reality
he often do we need this kind of literature it helpful but unless we really see you know the color of the one thing was found on his team as good as voice and that as body can even for louis the scandal literature and memo line
it and chant every every day in the zendo in
we are separate
even though we feel we separate the yolks still already there and yet we separate ourselves
at least i got we even if we close our eyes we don't see the night but that can mean life is not there even know right is flew into your word but when we close our eyes we can see the night so it's not that
for old alike but it's the
cause is in deciding

you have five more minutes with see
maybe i can to grow
where it's quite wrong maybe we don't have enough time
hopefully we can finish this tomorrow morning
any question or comment we have five more minutes
no question could
get for out in your eye
you mean everything i d games with as teaching that is but as you take with them i
when i was wondering

i i i think i think they're are both in this point that means he turned the every individual beings are a part of of my body so
it he said form and emptiness up together do with it without each and every thing you know every piece of firewood there's no dilemma a body or i've got a mountaintop audio guide markings so that about king and each and every
concrete things are on i think that it had get by with same so it's the ultimate striker am my
yeah i think
at times this expression

good question
i think it means
we should
think where takes time it's not gonna car it's not a matter that we can understand like away at for a while the is and think this and understand this maybe next the moment we have another question but for a while just ah
how can i say i thought we are fed of in this teaching
you know
but you may we may not
i can understand completely but faraway we should study and here and try to understand forever to get a team
in this tradition to talk about
and hi this is a heartfelt question for me because many of us come from christian or craft shows
fairfax and a kind of laughed at
so the idea of frame is something perhaps standing of us to the kind of left behind and yet i want to do that you want to pray for help so when you're practicing without for it is is is there this idea that you can pray for help
sync we do during the morning not the only morning by morning show see a new service and evening sense we you pray for were looking over all being called wellbeing of all sentient beings i think they are we can't just make it for ourselves that extra
her the same hobby
here we are caught the of being
yeah go centric i suppose that's very human to say you know i'm ill like hell for some skill and itself down menu it's not in our practice in the monastery but before you go to japanese temples vera
ah almost all buddhist temple the doing that kind of prayer some contouring
the person who comes up

and what passengers bathroom
the downstream
dominic sometimes it's easy to not sell time to can put those kinds of images together
the donkey but what some of the concrete things when he had a free you know what the devastation that human against makeup or war it's hard to harder to bring that together and say that's how the bulls
i i don't disagree that i just don't know how can i think though because you know
no human beings make hung to the nature that is that was caused by erosion hello
how can i see
well being bright blind to this interconnectedness so the activity can we hung nature we have our cities but
we don't see that so that is the i think basic so when we can't see now and that's a way to help to turn the situation i think so yes
to will come up

okay thank you