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but the morning everyone
this morning we start page nine
the meter or page nine that factories dollar my body of receive
this me this intersection
also we should hear and understand that the entire grade off is it itself the garima body of our safe
comment mind of living things that we seek to know our civ
and yet it is rare that an eye sees the i it's safe only put us know this the others such as known buddhist and so on vein be think that something which does not exist is the answer
the thief talk about by the buddha is nothing other than the entire great off
for this reason for all of us without we know it or not by our ourselves
there is no entire grey as that is not our safe
the laws of this moment should give way to the person of that time
so he has been talking about these for expressions using this entire great us an entire great us is our to employees who are that i remember the over safe and with the entire grade
the us is the gate of preparation and one i one single i have without
i'm here to repeat the same thing or so we should hear and understand that
the entire great as is it safe than sorry my the over are safe we should
them without teach for they must ask our express these
we have to hear and understand
but it's really difficult to understand
it is a determined the mind over living beings that we seek to know our safe i'm not sure about other living beings but at least human beings we have to know for a passive because we can create a very
ah great many different kind of fantasies about who we are so have to study and understand from in ah
you know cap can be the earlier cat
it seems i'm not sure hundred percent but this is captain doesn't have fun to be lanka another thing
but we can make fun of me in our mind and because our mind has the ability to create something pretty is not reality and our mind can think of something which we can we don't say in front of our eyes and that ability to
create something it's not there in front of our of our eyes i think is important the ability that makes us human beings
you know
if we cannot ah
see and think of something which is not the in front of our eyes we cannot play points we cannot make stories we cannot ah
visually would kind of have run for the future or those are quality of human life for that the ability is really important for us human beings to live as as human beings
if we're not careful that fame ability create from from great makes our life completely
the roof
that is the program so we need to understand aplomb and understand for is is safe
and in a case of buddhism adolescent at least this traditional buddhism it says ah
hey on the it is rare that an eye sees the i it safe we need to
less than the food mika that means we are trying to see crew this person is so fame as a in order expression for your boy seeking the firearm in this serve is seeking a fear and
as our eyes cannot see our eyes it's really difficult to see a massive fan we try to fit our fave that save you come over to
i'm not sure if that is not become off it is not clearly does have you know we can
how can i say
correct all the information about me but i have been doing and not suitable for the things i like in my resume that is are all my information about of what i'm fat i have been doing
how bad thing i read know my original
i'm not there these are simply or information about food is far from the is so they already make both information on my serve myself with with decide
so it's really difficult to have almost impossible to see this person as and so she said in
she's a poem or how to do
it's not possible to see our eyes but also it's not possible to see the entire mounting equipment we are in it
so how can we know who is a surf somehow ah we have to study and february here that pitting like with as teaching and the in this case bergen is thing is empire
our great us is passive because there's no separation compare everything is connected ah
but i think thinking the beginning it's a hearing
they've got to understand so far somehow we need our faith who i trust within this teaching and we put ourselves into practice
that should be commended by with us and ancestors and we can experience exigency and would not as our object but through our experience will start to see that is very true
that is a bad practice and realization your product this and verification so he have to put ourselves into that practice i think we need some face or trust in this teaching
and in my case
you know i didn't understand what with seminar she's cheating and i faster and she's a book but somehow i wanted to have to rape and action
so that fi i wanted to study fab he was teaching
and ah
i went to come up with feel right to understand that but as teaching and brushes to develop autism and tokens teaching
i i think i have some understanding about with teachings but i didn't understand the dog and pinching almost at all but it's pretty attractive
they did somehow very attractive but i don't understand you know for example ah in bingo i have no exception of a use on my he said families we sit at this frame with a missouri than entire universe become an argument and hm
and every pigs diabetes is it on enlightenment and the person sitting and all things improve each other but later he said we cannot proceed with
my question was if we cannot pacific while talking to the seek
while you could like such a rich people he couldn't buy theory about my question
and i can have anthrax
ah that offenders
i started to practice because my desire and motivation to rebel like my teacher it's not my practice is not based on bogans teaching
but my practice based on trust to my teacher and my of pitcher and it was soaking code or lotion on the terminals hasn't been practicing vellum
what is something i could trust a we live in this way so because of that trust i could continue to practice if i have to and understand football games and was logan's road then there's no way i could continue
it could be a so many things i couldn't understand
but after many years later after you know practicing i started to see for logan night make sense
not not as a positive but my life my real life i might experience kind of our approved
ah fuck dogan is thing is to even though i don't understand
so this is with goggles teaching not only token that buddhism is not a for fish but it's is
region i don't like the lab english through addition
but japanese word for reddish on his show kill
so often i use english word or religion
in my mind i'm talking about show kill
sure choice japanese equivalent operation
and issue means a basic or essential truth
and the cure is pitching
for teaching about the truth and basically didn't mean to punish him
without a weapon to the reality or truth and he thought about it
paid for the show your means but the english word ratio has a different meaning
so often i thought the i think i say in buddhism is a tradition that buddhism with show cure
but teaching buddha's teaching but that and the reality to fit with our able to
so we need to have faith faith is she
this a face with a face was trust or we cannot the each practice

police will be spiritual practice the word spiritual practice will be a better translation of she'd show she'll kill
it was at the facts straight or means
religion means really an institution which you think about where spiritual nourishment something better than our he was fabulous
the fabulous pink
peter mean something i was spinning through
a good fish anyway ah
please read that get
sometimes we just read and
ah returned and and yet is rare that an okay it's long
a mother to monaco monaco is another why don't mean i know
can you just think it
celebrity the entire sentence sugar added more monarch oh no ms out over medium mono nari
story hot okay no me curiosity
so i cannot see the sale for i can see guy is so owned a buddha was so this is about without the i but as i is not the i please see some opposite but with as a means that reality zero
okay so the others such as nobody's and so on v think that something which does not exist is the are safe
fifty does not exist means
this i booked before are alcohol
that is not is something permanent and only one and the owner of this five canvas and operator of this body and mind
according to whether there's no such thing but ah
number list at least in that time on whether i thought the that for is that to save these body undermined our desktop part of aggressive or position of a sieve
sanada data it past but this set of never ah
but ah fat dogan come up during the buddha the photo is the sheriff talked about the by the buddha is nothing other than entire grade as that means in my expression that is this
interconnect learned network over interconnectedness it's not the your space or scene of us for this planet
this interconnected in our interconnected do this is itself our safe
ah for this reason for all of us with that we know it or not by it we know it or not by our service there is no entire great as that is not our said
service entirety of the network is our safe
as i said probably yesterday this know and not know can be interpreted in two different ways one is are not as it as commonly we think to no means fully understand or not not to no means we don't and
understand in that case to know is better than not to know but
another interpretations not knowing much more
but the much more but ah is good because this this reality is too intimate because these are ourselves so we cannot know
and that is the at as he dorgan said before that is the way we know that means
not know as the opposite but ah
how can i say
animated by it and ah manifested as a a to our activities for experiences
and next sentence is a kind of
a mystery to me i thought the idea and less than five this means the was of this moment should give way to the person over that time but is
the of this moment is korea
you know
the entire great us is our to save that is a single word but the fuck is a personal note of that time the five to
i it to meet not clear what this means
ah person of color to keep no store or app
both that time
one possibility is know the ancient buddha or his master said these things so we should trust both people things that might be one possibility so we need to trust does a mustard to book as saying what
another possibility that is my guess is
this and that is often used in then literature and also in dog and i think
shoddy and nourish

shoddy and
now be
sally means here
and nodding in there
this or this or that this that referred to this or concrete reality we are facing an expanding each and every day and are means ultimate reality or emptiness
that time the parcel of that time possibly a factor
you know we are
one of the not to this network and yet as though is it are entirety of this network the entire network is me
when we see ourselves as a part of it of individual maybe this is
here and this and then we say this as myself
how was he received his entire to than the person of that kind means not only here but within in on and ah
i call this i cannot rely for buddha did it so eternity it or not a safe or in with general the expression universe fellowship fifth anniversary routines iras seems like a space but i gonna room in the time
and divided seamless moment when we see ourselves as this entire teach then that can be the apart from of that time
not within this flow of time from past to future
the is from possible in country patient and that is fact that i think that is happy and he meant here
if you you
have some other idea please let me know
a prick
and i agree
i'm kinda changes in the air
intimacy and police and the boundaries
the next in the next sentence she said
i agree great as is dimitris on the boundaries right that we need to both intimate and boundaries
with in on this
within this a structure know there's no bound as i said you know this cycle is and problem the actor gets knows how to cycle ottawa
how cool this is intimate that means
you know each and every part of our body
it has billions of service these are actively one body but each and every everything are in athens independent and yet they are incremented erupting other one body you say i think the same idea but been the case of this personal by
found in in your case of our body know this is one kind of our body so the as son boundary
thank you
have ancient how it starts out
person is to the ancient said this was movements
so that patient good up is not particular person
so maybe this is a incentive to that probably
read one hundred teacher talk about the sell it going to sell him
ah yes know a terminal to be fired or to this reality finishes his safe that is only necessary there's no others within this network this network is it safe
a safe
ah than had mixed
are gonna after he could ah
things have one the master
in ancient times there was a monk who asked out all the when hundreds thousands millions of things come up come all at once what should i do
the ancient or they said do not try to put him under your control i'm sorry this is not the literal translation this is to was he in chinese on the three characters
before that this person this ancient was he is ah i don't take the chinese pronunciation but his name is holds you
it said show
oh sure
whoa to show was sure hoa's you'll probably is a name of the temper she debuted and there's the only one chinese character for his name this is kind of a common practice in
china the final part of or names is actual personal name in other cases show how to
i think steering rinzai monastery people are called with this final iraq mike as hacker but anyway so this person is not so were you know but he is
disciple of clingy or the inside
so here is a disapproval
there master lindsay
ah the question is are all different things media on the things happening at the same time i've come to us
should we do
and often these
zing what's happening now give us a difficulty our program when it's in our joy fruit of our enjoyable we don't need to worry about it but then we are asking for trouble do we usually think
that is a problem how can we a reason no actually this is not a particularly when some particular situation but activity every day
all the time or both million things are happening
had unmasked not only outside but even inside of ourselves or those media on those things are happening and we to about this but means everything is impermanent for everything is moving and changing our including myself so it will have to
to also move together
it's not possible i even i sit in the window without moving still we are moving it all you're sitting without are moving still the entire earth is moving is
or even when we sit still or moving and everything in our body on the saves powerful moving on the working
so that is a reality opening ceremonies and things are always moving and changing then this person or your show or show said ah my poor

only three what
i'm in this in this time
map chris not
and i traveled the can as control and guy is others
so don't contour both of things happening
and this who are the come
actor in not only one button is this expression macro com is appeared in congress and
in the beginning
when dog describe how to sit it said let go of all associations and put or affairs and side do not think will be either good or evil do not concerned
fly to along
either like to along this do not be concerned with either like to along is macro
the v and he's like and ago so this mug come
you know it doesn't we that role of thought and the we don't think of with the
good or evil or like our own
is opening the hand is ah i think that's a in this that this expression means
and this come for example is i got
the control or deal with it
the conqueror power at the airport in japanese is can see go
he saw that not a power you know people who control everything in the airport to pick up hobbies com means we tried to control everything and thumping order
the right ever to me
rapid fat cow can means on the map cummins come to that often i have
is it possible
anyway map and organs into tags this impression
so ah next paragraph is tokens comment on this expression com priests
he recommended with are those things
not oil
his his he discussed about whether visit and ah
the commendation or or that statement
didn't make paragraph so praise the next paragraph
happy him manage his let them come as they do do not try to move them in any way in all things that come our them service put an adorama they are not objects
we should not grasp this thing as a wonderful admonished 'em we should understand that this thing expresses the to reality
so not admonish on or not recommendation but visit a statement
that means anyway we cannot control so we can come control
no matter how hard we try we cannot control him
because we are part of it

so this expression map can do not concur on them
is i think the same thing that
indian joe cohen organ little state of things
we convey ourselves throughout the media other things because things are things beyond of things happening
and try to
carry out practice a realization is the region but the media other things come to a safe and the arrow the swedish to carry out of practice embankment that is realization
in fact okay same here in the same thing but we control you know that is correct needs network but we are living together and walked together with all things happening with invisible universe
recommendation state
don't try it
criticized as
yeah do nothing
hand it think
dang oneself
that's a
right right but before finally we do that that a delusion
you know we can
and yet we do
that is according to the and up in the region and yet later not in danger corn in danger cohen got it in a meeting but later for example in sheboygan the diogo magri great realization he said we need to return to the region
so now
in this
but are active on
how can i comparing ourselves to meet at the things that is also important to help when
i stand that is not possible not to control them but to study them
for and also to take our to take care of things
image that is for the dharma i mean among those five eyes i just talked
yesterday afternoon you know that go
the put us on both talk about you know that to help other people we need to make discrimination or disarmament or distinction and known for his the the or cause of that program a person has because each and every person has different cause
the conditions so we need to compare ourselves to the situation and try to find fat is really happening i've got these are in bogan definition in co and rapid erosion but we need to return to the persian
that means after we truly understand
you know that the division so we open our on or
mccown don't control we barely see we are now to read
then with this basic or fundamental attitude then we can see and how these or period billiard media things are moving and how that influence our life in ah
tivo a narrative when so
began to erosion is very important
see a difference between
move under control
ah in this case movement move in the way we wish we want so i think in this case at the same thing for example in there is a
hi story about a fox and bhaijaan i have to go
about our
if the great personal practice falling to cause-and-effect or not and
a previous cartridges said such a powerful such personal great a practice does not fall into causality than the person for to that prm of anywhere as a wider folks but and that person
asked the president perhaps your could you say something awkward thing in people panic lot to allow that person saved from the the animal anywhere and i have put your said ah puppies he said
in in in reduction in our cause and result of causality is korea or yes i think is something like that fan dogan folks about this story with angel in the monkey
yeah she said
door inca

in got is cause i'm retarded her toys not move thought here
she used the same word in with the same meaning don't don't move or cold and result means
no causality for cause and result is working but we don't see all that causes and old and he but we kind of
desirable cause and design of result now
for example the infant we think you know we need to be i a healthy then we do some exercise
i'm so exercise is a quarter of becoming healthy now is a cause and result in our wish and that is okay but there are many other causes are no dessert
if we joke on the street and before we are not careful because of jogging for becoming healthy
the might be hit by the car
shit have a serious injury
so but the in even that case cause and or it is a working but somehow know our mind we only take could think of cause and result as i wish
that is a how we you know whoop cause and result we take out the other desirable cause on retarded all the think if i do this i will get that thing that cause i'm it is very clear to me
but those aren't many other
ah connection of collision resulted on conditions
what we use our move the cause and result in a way it's good for me
so this movie the same meaning
the current
inga ah up he said
however she said
you know the fast
past capital said the for our queen
and the second that the current happy to said for my in
but page for my wind
the summer north that translate english translation i thought it was
dominated by
yeah this is my means dark or being the cannot now they're going to fly to of can line to that
you greatly called for is not blind because like a brand
for fattier hard pass on a great practice does not blind in court on retired
do i read appliances observe observe
please cell phone
so carrying the power
the cookie
no death
so there can be some kind of by a
but phil
yeah partner
yeah but that is that you know the elusive or possibly mistaken way of viewing things and understanding is only tool we can use to understand and to help others
there's nothing i got nothing available for us
yeah so we need to understand we need to know there might be i'm mistaken favour idea or a skillful means we can offer because we're not buddha so that might be a mistaken for might because another problem
and yet we cannot stop dreaming
i thought that dreams
to take care
in nine
yeah so we're both fuck of us living in your free rearm three wired and yet we want to know headed by the us as our we have to help others so
she's not think i'm always right and i have a photos you right there's some possibility even though i do my best and yet there might be some problems caused by nine action to help others i think that is important and that is a another meaning open the papers
do we all not
must be right i mean we have to
because media the video other things are happening already so we have to do something
that's it
nothing about vow unto repentance we do our best but guess some a possibility of mistaken a lock that we do mistaken or one thing a hairbrush paper to this person might be hammered to other people so there's a
always uncertainty so we need to have a
the to we need to avail incompleteness
the perfect list of imperfection of our activities our even though pieces for the sake of others then we need to
equity print them so friendly have vowed we have to practice dependence at the same time please
this paragraph after
it sounds so wonderful
based however
actor falcons fucking to be utterly abandoned with certain centuries
in today's world there is that i live outside the temple
want to
if it's really difficult
i was
my is allowing county jail because are expected to
yeah to make a living yes so how
how does it feel to you
i think they even though dogan ambitions as assembly the in a month in the in a small monastery but situation is not for different from our allies they have they have even begun had to deal with by r three sh
our politics and the economy's and how to reno planned a pencil he had to negotiate or reputation with the are farmers around ambition he did you know so it's not so different but
how can i see
this is the pitching and the know that kind that kind of how can i say concrete way they manage their lives in that is in that monastery is not recorded so it's not
aveda referred us and the information so are these are the teachings and the our philosophy teaching and practice that they think this is helpful for us and others and they know what to leave
in i had a way
so we need to create people cannot you know
just you know take this as a perfectly light pitching and if this doesn't help us so we have been nearly
created in my guess i was born and trained in japan and study and practice this kind of teaching in japan and the i came to his country it's very different so i cannot continue but has been practice
the in japan so ah
and yet i think was in our style with this reality ah before we are both that about of dog in student or with that student ah how we can keep
the when dealing with those many different things in a word
pocket prince
it seems to me and based on what i've been selling that you can look at delusion and enlightenment to the size of the same coin that green and say that lighting solutions version leaves like-minded circus a reality of things is it's a no-win
we were in a non dualistic way of looking at reality and an unarmed realistic way you can't have enlightenment is good and delusion is that delusion is are like and a delusion has a very bad sound force and maybe it is that to also it is alive
yeah there is an anger management or one is a really basic physical mahayana buddhism
well not going to go
so this a statement or vista mustang mach canada has according to the way is no matter how hard we try we cannot compare with him so we don't compare them this is the saving nosy cast in on
and nothing can be grasp can be grasped so we don't grasp we open our hand
ha next
as another could
i'm ancient buddha said main mountains rivers the great off and human beings are born together
the buddha's of three times and human beings have always been practicing together the see that have ah quote but we don't know again with a know who is this car and said the buddha
and our next paragraph is the gains comment on this thing
ah paragraph eleven is about that first half of this same
so the thing is mountains rivers the great us on the human beings are born together
and though comments on this however even if and pgw however even if we look at the mountains rivers and great as thing a person is gone it does not seem that another mounting the bar or great
as is boom on top of the mountains papers and great asked that exist
however nothing of the ancient should not be in the back and how should we understand this because we should not put this aside even if we don't understand without fail we should understand this who should inquire into the
this since this has been already attacked by the ancient we should listen to read when we listen to this thing we also should understand it
so even though this isn't a buddha with on know fortunes new is said mountains rivers and great us abu together with this person
but often we see someone is born doesn't save more than another day as a month in because on grades as a bowl with that baby so what this means
you know
from i think from here this thing of dogan our i ancient
do that
the gmo said the exactly the same thing
yeah sounds interesting will
michiana ration one of his books i think he said this idea was when a person before they bring the whole with them when they die they take the whole with them
in this
ah yeah this is how to cook for yourself is low to the comment on pendle kilcoyne
i'm happy know they changed the title of this book
before this was something like girl from the kitchen to enlightenment
i hate that
even before that the title tom light made was defining your life that is another expression of german-jewish
then i went back to kyoto from massachusetts ah
which homeownership i encourage me to work for on track on our translation was to write on the first work with together was this book
i'd recommend few to
title this book as a couple life
you could get bit more detail on the or is another tight through in japanese is jim
joe the a no home
this is human life and jody
is cooking and hoy his book so book
human than actual cooking with human life
cook a life i think he's a good title
but the upper-right didn't i could
she said because english you and the cook cook or cooking doesn't have the meaning that the program but this is the operative other jody houser
good meaning
pin of this job means my pity or or ingredient
oh that material we use for cooking and deal with principle
so jody mean
using gonna do available and transform with based on are following the principle that the fuck prodotti means so ah to my prayer in in the case of human life this is my period is five can
this is a must-read mapping opinion how to crookedness how to or
make this
delicious nutritious healthy food is what is rioja is about so to me know how to cook your life makes more sense so i like this title without them
from the kitchen to enlightenment
that as a reddish
anyway part of this book logan not to but whichever models a said we are born together with this entire world and we lived together with this word and the fame will die this entire white guy with me nappies
the same thing with fuck is for this or dogan and this ancient to put that thing

but the pentameter said is
ah page forty one
as i mentioned in the opening chapter the common notion of bath but being born is that we're alive on the stage of an already existing word
op human beings
who communicate with one another and that one more member has been added to the
depart partly company by this same sort of reasoning dying is seen to be nothing more than leaving the stage of humanity so ah
the he wrote er diagram this kind of kind of a cool idea of our life that isn't that our disabilities dicas stage and a
one time we are born within this stage and leave and do something some performers and ah and after a certain time we get out of this stage the stage is always there but we appear so
yeah i think this is a the common ideal image over life this word is rare already
but which i'm she is against this common idea

ah and now
page forty three he said faint you are born
your word is born with you
and the thing you die for died your entire world
you are true self includes the entire world you live in for the fucking thing is exactly the same with the way thing you could feel that
i wanted to live in and in this world there is no possibility of exchange
despite the fact that we possess a mind capable of discriminating are shown in diagram two and three he will though we are able to communicate with each other in a general sense through language this does not mean
that that true or whole safe there was only inside this word conceived in our head so
he said this is a creation are produced in our mind
ah as our actor life experience with a word is born and he wrote
you know a circle on the person is entire world is his own safe
i think hotdog and his thing you feel that and a hotdog with ten she's thing in this chapter in this book interesting thing
and recently or maybe last month i received an email by someone who likes to terminal she's fittings very much and he said this book and the opening the hand of sort or two most important books for
a person but i have she said the person said i have one question are
confusion about this
description this single with most if entire world is born when i was gone in my work and we live together with entire yard and the family family guy this entire world also time together with mean if
for in there is my word and another person person's allowed and learn
no each path on have a two word means that are to know if we have a video know people who were beyond the ground
ah how in on if so is it seems like a pretty separate my where they can do my own and the another person the world is the patterns own word for it seems we are each really me separate
we are living in a separate different world
that wasn't a question from that person
and i think that is a good question
ah so we have to think for this means and
i think
what he's talking
when he talks about this way of doing things is
made in our mind and he
and on the stage that something valuable and something not the body abu us at it something buddy over his rocker money or wealth and fame was take us over those things there's some fixed system of
barrio and we have to get in on the photo got value but facto grocery thing is that kind of value system is manmade thing it's so finishing discuss about this type of work that is
our production or of our mind and the he said this
i type this is the actor duration with all beings with a safe
but if we make be some kind of idea when get separation
that is the program so we need under from this is the word of actor life experience not the this is not a another kind of of up
the was
without water per view
you know as as our october life experience in i was born
and i have been living for sixty something years
ha and because i know
that ah fei him even though my parent or passed away i still here this was still continues so i'm pretty sure of before i was born described the ones here i mean so
history finn i we studied the history we understand if had happened in the past but those are the knowledge what will the study and what we understand and the and that makes
since so we think that is correct but god
passed before i was born in something i cannot be an experience
i'm not sure even after my this visit to people who continue to live but
the life the word after my this is something i cannot be explained payments and for other knowledge i thought i thought we think it up is correct
i have no no argument about that but cup is not a life of alive with john geary experience as my water
but it was infinitely deep within this lifetime before between pass on this i studied things are about the past so i understand that and i agree with it so i don't ah
neglect that knowledge we studied but we also understand that people already gone know
for my personal direct experience
so this world
oh yeah loud that is born with me and a large that is die with me is
ah see him with his tongue you know here are six cents ornaments
and six of the of a cell phone runs and six consciousnesses we call this our eighteen rather my dad's
since oregon's object and consciousness six the in this case dharma that means elements eighteen elements of our life and but this gunma my dad's that's also means wild
that my guts can translate of better my work
this is entirety of my life according to breathe so friendly with tomorrow she is talking about the life but all covered born with mean and die with me is this painting elements
i think and for and within
this who are
you know everything are there as my object of my sense organs and we create some consciousnesses and within the six ah not the six stuff
skanda under these our thinking or consciousness we create a while to view
depending upon what kind of of information we receive from the object we create the world view and this is one type of the world view we create a basic very common with the wild we share the same understanding
still this is a god production of our mind through a lie experiences
and this entire
why did not amount that is born with meal and die with me for example we see now what this was the word use i got
a finite day in san francisco bay as are kind of our and the or in-app and tightrope are the world of answer randoms that photographer a the of answer items an answer your items lived he really deep in that work
and the he took a photos that is a wife he he views but the the word she did
is dead
with him but we can you know appreciate he's worked through his work
but she's a word is already corn so fed up with terrorists is talking club not only in german or ship but ah buddha my dog in talks about this world that these own with me and guy with me is not that some kind of objective while the in which we are
living together but that is our work
i think that is important to make clear for via talking about
so other fought i agree you know not this
a situation naming structure
but oh yeah been good i'm sharing a life together with a looking
but the way i experienced the way i feel that way i view is my own
and i i think i am responsible were described is ah
to hit a few are ah ah
in good order
ah disorder
up to me about this why the we under the hype each one of us is leaving but these worth of each person are completely huge
how can i say she added a work permeate each other
so with think we are living together with well not whizzing by bible
and i don't i
i disagree about know
idea why thinking
but often we think about the sheriff and the world in time soap buddhist teaching
they are talking about this world
have you happen to say okay
she didn't die is the standard and since objects and unconsciousness others will be happy
yeah this success organs i e and with somebody on the wine and object of six cents or runs ah to corral found taste smell patch the object don't mind and consciousness caused by the in conquering hobbies
and the fuck dogan is talking about this these are not separate subject and object but these are working together as a woman
the the fact that he has been talking with is
and even feel it
a bell i hear
i experience
next experience
caviar the intermingling or connection no interactions
i think so
now for example ah
a file which models my teacher was alive i am package the right should to arab as his disciple
but when the cameras passed away the show how cool that was his disciple inches while passed away with him but it was in my word his to here as my teacher
does connections
so this is about the transmission also
i was part of his life as a disciple
and we share the same understanding and practice and the way of life attitude attitude towards life
then she is wired and my work is completely different the one that is a fraud in dogan for or
but the court
who formerly the foam emptiness emptiness
you know she's provided under my work is completely different to art and the it are we are active really living together
i was pipe of she's wired and his part of my rights to
for this is how this strange since called burma is transmitted he will go because nothing to throw from it
and yet somehow this drama is transmitted not file a notice colder wonder astronomer wonder if my means we cannot grasp somehow wonderfully beyond the thinking that word is transmitted

however we can be
how will be real thing
our belief can be a regime yeah yeah
but that is a area kinda do we are living with the region
i think
even when we're away when we cannot leave that
we did the web
how how come we retired
how can we can to
earlier than now able to player
to that to the erosion
that is we leave that is only why do we can do together with all beings so as i was because i was at the the by we cannot escape from that weren't so we have to leave without with erosion yeah
yeah i even though i said to be done to africa
as know a parting undetermined
offering them
the or something
the mountains on the body
the used in the car in his poem about
i think that's something
where next paragraph is his answer to this question but his constant answer is not for understandable to me i'm at risk
clear he said is because we don't know
ah paragraph to the way we understand this is as follows when we inquire what this life is like from the site of this person who was born
who has clarified the beginning and the end of his life
although we don't know either the end over the beginning we have been born this is simply the same as even though we don't know the edge of the mountains rivers and a great us we see here we are
our and we walk disgrace
don't be sorry
thinking that the mountains rivers and the great us are not like our bath
we should clearly understand that the ancient said that the mountains rivers and the great as are all equally our lives
i understand this conclusion that i understand why he just said we don't see the beginning on the end that fine with this work is born with with us that to me there's something missing
this area
nick is essentially
at all
yeah it's done
yeah it's not impermanence so each moment everything is bomb stay for a what for staying changing and patient in each moment that is ah
this ah
understanding of impermanence so in a moment we are in the new word with you life
but the dog and says here is a up no fattening the beginning and end and that is too but
a connection between this we don't know but we are born and we are living here and we walk here and this word is a bomb or is mean
i don't see the exact connection
but possibly different names with who are these beyond our understanding
beyond our viewing beyond our thinking
but at least we are doing here and now as my word even though before that for that we don't know for that we cannot know apartment and after this we don't know what will happen you know as our knowledge we
we know the past things happened in the past and
i think sphere
for now i can acknowledge we know this universe
the deals with something called big bang and it is i don't know how to be about means but he said before big ban has no time and space time and space is created produced at the moment or big ban
but i don't think that is a beginning of anything of everything there must be called and condition a big bang happened and because we are inside of this system does it with no way to know
so even though i know about we know about this planet so we know more than dorgan he said when she didn't know that age of mankind from the bad but we know's so our to is much much larger but still there's a didn't we
i don't think we can we not even know why big bang happened there must be some cause and conditions and we don't know how does the world ends but
still in we are giving within this word or dc universe even know why it happened how why and how it happened and we don't know how it in so this is my word so hot dog his thing it wish to know that limitation or
our knowledge and understanding
that is my head
understanding so my understanding is limited so if we're helping your own understanding ah
that's nice breeze
no resignation
no designation in the arctic
our nation or no or designation of origin
feel full free fitch probable that cetera
no no know what else like the camera
no or designation
no boss
crucial for method no of us this or know all i think are no petition
that is because oh yeah like up babbar
bathroom or bedroom in a water
it's come and go i'm sorry there's no such seemed kota who preaches born under free to reply nothing was born nothing right
so it's not it's not about korea haven't come from
the that guns are three a christian
please is the relation between
in a bubble
or the relation between the world
and season with me
in the world it was the world before me
is that the same
for example
randy is the picture old lady
simultaneously the same thing is exactly as i think so
now that is a of
the painting and i think i have the painting
i always keep peace
visit a one
you know
you know already on the young lady with a that three one so or ability and young really out exactly the same thing and the yet think we see yung gravy or the vacant disappeared and the fen with your order that they be younger baby disappeared
so these already on the young will i will never meet each other
to me in this extreme for abigail thing for me the emptiness emptiness is form on the emptiness emptiness and for me the form so emptiness and the phone my exactly the same thing therefore they never meet each other
same ambition same as a buddha nature and the comic nature these you know our famous canvas become manner and also become
i bought a fish were so mahler and other patient because they're exactly the same thing they never meet each other they are each of them are hundred percent
that'll fuck da vinci's for me form have no emptiness ambien and emptiness is already via a native hidden so often we see and gravy already it's hidden and the they are completely in here
do you understand that that in computation
it's the same as in a version and realization via exactly the same thing but completely different so therefore they never meet each other can we agree with it we are one hundred percent below the human beings and get five scandals
is completed monarch
and yet the same thing can be a frontrunner and ah on an issue now but mother never disappeared still here but with heaven
not that
he's a prince
certainly or whether you're looking at the

inside perspective wisdom and also our understanding
through the pitching
and also his site ah
i wish
the object but i experienced by letting go
no i got us with me and tried to satisfy this person's desire than this five canvas is mara
but then i let him go even idea to go open our hand the things need to keep this five scandal is naturally given as a gift
right we
yeah somehow i don't know why there is a up and we can produce that finally can believe so it's a gift or water or food in the thing somehow
ah you know it's a given us as a gift
everything is or making offerings and we deceive offering so we tried to offer something to support the others
so this is a saturation natura
universal saturation the that is way out we can give together with all the beans but ah when we're manner we think or other things along me is a moderator i can use
to make me happy
i think that is a very slight difference
but that said difference makes pig defiance mary
precinct it's similar to the passage out
nine objects or as editing
type he develops a domino of aspect perception nothing my
sarah pierce said
know you're taking a bus
this is japanese bath
big path record poor i think we you know because we haven't with spring heard screaming data that the kind of but you can we try to keep the water with me to go out
bobby who efficient and water out to come back
so there's no
but somehow within in our mind we make the boundary or war between my territory and rest of the world and we calculate how much income and the how much expense to outgoing and fan no income is larger than out to going
we feel i'm safe my rice godfrey successful but that is that is a kind of ah
erosion within this land conventional while it lacks a only always ensure my word human conventional work but we cannot save the air
you mean the poem
ah sure i can the
i have ah
actually those who am i in a coke
ivorian nine
bottom line is a collection of nine p corn and organs and g compose the vase of each coin
this i think this is number twenty five
in volume nine of a look
dorgan given a quote the fishes claim but i think enough to not we
put associates pay more for
see those two aspects that's basically both sides him
first to undermine
hmm changes yeah so is that then
i as
i think
i think a with the mine or crazy i is a freedom from discrimination
i think
and i got my eye is r for tagging into somalia again you know
can i talk about that one thousand i always used the analogy of driving a car fan we put gear into neutral and ah
engine is still moving but per car doesn't move that the fact that we do in mountains and how our brains are still working that means our brains to produce thought but this and to move that means we
make a determination not do anything based on those thought i think that is ah
prajna i know to meet our than is present i so thought or discrimination still here
but the fifth fun with that my i will put the gear somewhere but we know those are discrimination is not really other foods three to but somehow we can use as a as a to or device to had a policy
riff and the others
helping please with time
looking at the picture senior
people navigate
i think i is it
will we see when at that time but do we know the other is already there
okay the now it's already caught the train
i hope i can finish this tomorrow morning