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okay good afternoon everyone
now we're in pages seven three
i got one father is done
we have a long way to go
right from here i think it's not so complicated so i kept i think i can go faster
so i just heard it this morning i just read those are three four expressions in the beginning on page seven
and the here make a comment of each
these expressions faster one is the entire great as is a to human body
ah this expression
is a originally
at that by

his sayings is quoted by his children his students name is uncool
ganesha chevy the fame good
is a famous for his a thing of the ah
empire ten direction work is one bright jr
so same kind of thing the entire ten direction while shiite says and a great but the original it says great pandering to work a great pindaric someone is ginger poor kind
shinji funny time
jim jim paul
zinsser in time and ids entire the poorest ten direction k a the word for entire ten their direction word is
shin and did both moved to over again
do under the other me a human
you man and pay the boredom
so go get changed it
ginger pork to gene deitch entire great us anyway this expression ginger pork since its new guy appeared this person's uncle
a q
i'm sorry i didn't take that pertaining procession of these pupils name
ah this person asked a question to go into in is a like a director of his modesty
uncle great you said his lead teacher he made it teacher said ginger vocations to new time the empire in direction while but is to human pudding
and he asked a question if so do you see the monks hook
do you say the monks home
oh man months how to solder then though
hi i'm sorry
pepper means this person is entire ten direction world than you know they are talking about within that a temporary building if we are as big as ten direction word do you see this subpoena for
race actually we're leaving on a practicing his concrete press if we are one with entire world what is this we're we're actually sleeping and sitting and eating rocking this concrete small press
do you see this concrete praise or not
then ah this innjoo cohabiting fasted master don't have cataract
don't have cabinet cataract
is a of didn't care about game
k a car this means a favour of the i would i lie in the eye
it means a catalog something even though we don't see there's nothing but we see something like tremors and this is the same while with gay
crew get means for out from our emptiness and dorgan got killed when for screw of sheboygan were intended to crew get caught over emptiness but the fact this person said is must have don't have
cataract that means if we think you know i'm here and i am one with this empire kinda election word according to him that in a cataract
the that is a bedroom really be an illusion for to really see the max hall and the in abrupt form on free-to-air city and the order to used for it is seeking abuse and know our actor activities
the be to the breeze we are we walk sit practice kid at the actor praise is it is tender actual work
then i'm co-create you the i would said ah
my hour or hour late teachers
has passed away has ah
did on the yet his fresh his fresh body the flesh is too warm that the weeds my pictures to our line
that means he accept and recognize these puzzles answer
so we need to be careful when we
no understand the fuck this thing
this kind of thing can direction word is to human body so our bodies such a big thing if we think in such a way that is the region
ah on the second one
that and entire great us is the gate of revelation this thing is ah
i uttered by cancers teacher games as peter is his common

the phone he he supposed a person through
had a conversation with told them about the with are you select our lives from stuart sand or else it sand from price
ms parsons said police on ah
said something said as follows and organs and coat with thing by zippo again in sheboygan those shovel just for
thibault said is the entire grade us is that clay is a gate over the relation but people who are not willing to enter
even though they are drowned this entire direction word or great us is a greater revelation that the people don't want to enter
even though they're in a prude to into
ah i talk about this expression data
and the third one is ah
the entire ten great us either single i have vital china i i cannot find exact expression about that has this
ah but
his uncle could accuse dharma my brother is let's see can do
ah said i do keys

can you do key is a great use the remote veranda not means they just use a different group another disciple
ah says i don't have time to talk about entire ah ah terrible discourse but in here this person's face ginger poor guy submit the
is seeking a gun
i had told me with a diary or and that is one single i but it doesn't say ah by rotana
it's only save one single i'm
and i also cannot find exact quote of the force one the entire grade us is that karma body of the same
but the full expression garima or body of the surf is used in a negative way
this is
our conversation between between nine your with you
maybe i don't need to fight candy
nine yo you
key is one know that the cyprus of the six san sister and organs and respect nine it's a very much anyway and he was a teacher of the emperor
and ah this is a conversation between nine your at you and and the
the emperor
ah impressive name is so so so too
and this is this our conversation appeared in
ha i think visited i can go local case ninety nine
ah the emperor i asked my new youtube
what is the ten body controller heightened the the son of a fight embodies or can go the control i in buddha puppies or buddha
then money or at you said patron at means a empire walk on viral channels hit rock on by rotana his head woke up by rotten as head here by wrote on appears so maybe gauguin
you know made some kind of arrangement
so now you way to fit to the emperor walk on vital china's head
then the impudence said i don't understand
the national teacher said a minuet you said don't acknowledge you are all pure body of reality don't acknowledge you are on pure body of reality body of reality is karimov money
i think peter thomas create translation so this person and are you interested don't he don't perceive that pure data my body of the safe
so this is used in never to return stuck there the entire time up with he is preparing my body of the to
but this is one example of this example this in our expression
during my body or passive but he i used the narrative meaning
they will go the out for statement

dogan in you ever feel the to a comment about those for expressions
paragraph seven
what this event
means are fast fast the expression through human body fat this means is that the true reality is that true body that reality of our being shackled you so is that to body hope that or each
ah we should know that the empire great us is our own through body that is not false
if there is someone who asks why we usually don't know this
we should tell the person that we should bring the expression the entire great us is that true human being intimately to our service
why we should see the entire great us is that true human body this is the way we know that this is his logan's comment
so ah chee
says we should know that the entire greatest in a award
he's our own through body that is not force so our body is not this enough five or six feet tall
correction nov five scandals but this entire work is our body
and got is through body
then if there is someone i think the decision really natural christian
who asks why we usually don't know
he was do we know we think this is this is my body this is a human body and this is not am i couldn't visit me to my burden now why is not my body but why we do if that is to
tired a greatest is to human body if that is true why we don't use and got no
then though insists we should tell apart person that we should bring the expression this expression the empire great us is true showman body
intimately to ourselves that means it's you don't don't don't understand don't try to understand as a kind of gaffe objective statement
it should be applied to our own body and mind that means
it's not something we can see as our object that this true human body is that
in dialogue
when i know through this kind of you know
fucking corn
okay network and and the guy i say no fun this way your partner or not have this network be snipped finn i that's why not i got this entire world
our or very connected with entire world when i took this expression in this way and if we understand what i'm talking than this is an illusion
that means that is what the way thing we should
not think industry as have over egypt or as a concept but we should apply this expression like to is in actor five scandals and this is the ah empire
great ass
because this is empty
so here we need to understand know we think we are one person and they are a collection of many people and i'm one of them
we think this one person is the same tired great us i think that is a mistake
but ah
my he
hang of us strange idea is one he called zero equal infinity
this one should be negated
that is fuck the inside of fantasy due to study with our way is to stab yourself but to send you a free for the to forget sf and to forget the safe is to be nice
at the nevada verified by all beings in up in direction
so when we forget this than this ten barracks and wound up added
otherwise before we don't negate this awareness this one of many and under we think i am isn't it
i am infinity than that is an illusion that makes are many programs
but this one should be negated is why is that five this body and mind is cameras are all operating
and not only about this person but also spray some time
you know ah the in a dingy guam
hey she said terrorists before and after this is time
yeah past present and future and friend or firewood is a at the dalai position of fire it
you know
for and after is cut off so thin it is in a position of fire than
do you know this is one hundred percent firewood
then he discuss about time
i think that's not because of one particular statement and the family study a cut
dogan and the fact his is think the thing about a time i think that's three kind of times
and one is of course this kind of up a flow from the past or to the future through present moment you know this is a kind of a on our idea of time we have time flows from past to the future
and now we are at one moment
call the present
but actually just one moment
if we came across to catholic
you know
this entire past has gone so it's not really anything and entire future has enough yet to come so this is not prepare of thing only moment only at a moment is decent present moment
and important point is is present moment as no length if there is us even a slightest rings and we can cut into two and this is past present future so present
have no links at miss darrow right
that means time disappeared
you know i park or that is what i'm going to civic
the time and
pastor is gone should have an appear to come and the present moment is darryl so time disappeared and fan time disappeared as you said you know that paying a turn at a time i'm pretty doesn't floor appear them
as the mixes
you know in just them my the against the disease was then is one with or all times and all beings that means when we're sick and letting go we are only this moment this moment for it
as an all links here phil we stay here and now is now has no links and i think now get out at prince philip slightest
even when i think now you know what we say no now and i said not always as theory in the future and can i say nice already passed so that are links but actually brilliant to moment has no legs
that is it in a lives as an operating gold thought then somehow dorgan said our doesn't is a good one with entire time and this time doesn't
doesn't fry doesn't flow that means from the beginning the painting until the end of in if one shameless moment
we we cut the time in this way and present past future onto we measure that time using
something used for winning crew for us nikon are lame so one day or one noah then we know cut and it become a sediment but when we don't measure the time notice from a
al momento big bang until now it's one seamless this moment so time doesn't flow
that it to me that this eternity
the time that doesn't throw it's always there is a seat building one by moment
and finn
this one one time one time oxygen
and this one time disappeared because there's more fatty things and it become he can keep this in canada example of one he called they're all equal infinity
and spacey the same thing we say here
what is fair share if we say this is here than we can separate divide this room into to
no know my car
there is a rightist ah ha didn't call size then we can cut into two so actually here has no
space but it only a dot which has no the no size
actor here has no space and actor the present moment has no limbs and this one person is no person
that is a time we can see
this entire grade us is to human body
please i still cry i'm gonna roll
a you paid to me you can a team is no separation
there's no way to measure it beyond the measurement
one man next the woman
a moment
that's a good answer
that's what we can go to the gospels on time being from my understand my epicenter that fast cool is that also eliminates time this time is been it's not some world and practices that are unprofitable seem like time is being and being with time
on necessary if she emergency use the expression of guy who
go go who this is one thing go me the safe safe being time is one thing
crimson sorry to ask any questions about that
is also has been said that
president employees past and future
the already know this present moment as an all things some at his zero but was in this viral moment entire past is deflected and the entire future is a district bid so that means passed on the future came out of this mou
daft metres
the front page means it's not really existing but it's a different people here i mean this person's this conduct is possible for time poking his is as the fraction on what i studied in the past
if i didn't study in the past i memorized i'm think and experience
no i get i gonna say anything but what i'm saying but i'm thinking now and what i'm saying is a description of my empire past
and feature come from what i'm doing now
because i'm doing this something happens
so without fact i'm doing now as an no future entire future is from here
how i'm doing
print determination
what you're doing our
where it may change depending on what i do next moment
so this is one element but i'm doing now is a deflected terrified i'm going to do next that means if i make some some mistakes
then next moment or tomorrow i have to make the i have to apologetic
and make corrections so in fact i'm going to do
is deflected will be deflected a father i do in the future so it's
ah how can i say it's open ended
oh our president moments rural internet a number
prevent moment
you can it bones and put it in number
i think so if we try to count has no time i can finish
i it
well anyway who fail up
how five i started to talk about this one equal the infinity i forget
a do to me he began to the centers
ah so if someone asked cry or usually don't know
don't know this we should carry the person that we should putting the expression the entire great us is the tours human beings intimately to i was a report from here to our say not as of
a as a concept or thirty
then logan says or we should see the entire great us is that true human body this is the way we know that fan this i think this means not knowing
one person asked why we don't use any know this is we usually don't know is the way we notice does dimitris
dogan use this knowing a not not knowing in many different ways and the one important when he used

a and free

what she and and footage

our come on you say you know i'm not to no i'm not too no means
not tournaments i love coke notice
so i don't know but that is of course don't use this word in the same way to be the same common common way we use but here again on other occasions he used over the not opposite but
ah you know for example when we ran how to drive a car fast we have to long the structure of the car and how to open it we have to think read think and memorize and understand
and we then we start to actually tonight a car
that is fattening knowing i know how to drive a car and i can drive a car but when we are really getting his to driving we don't think
no fifth gear each year we should put or when we should push that
brake pedal we can do it without thinking without knowing that these for not knowing means sometimes knowing if that means or
you know how to you thought gop
when we thought we have to learn how to do things and a odor and it's putting too much complicated for beginners so infant
getting oil communities we have to think we have the understand and the food and right to do
so we were very careful and by one
but when we get used to an earlier comedians for after ten years of practice without thinking we can do that that is what where means
i'm for every go
i'm understanding grupo is a fast stupid
but when we really
into and practice and leap about emma
gatineau space to think about the fact that anatomies we're doing and that is called where we're going for not knowing and probably this new says you have dog and came from when cohen story i think about the
hogan the master hogan of often his she was trying he was giving a more rustic she's peter the monastery to do a image a teacher asked fat is typically ms like then hogan said i don't know when she's a teacher said not knowing
not knowing his most intimate so because it's to intimate that means we our service there's no way to know to understand
this entire can entire guide our great asked in a safe to say because we are like there we cannot see
the reality as object at five we don't know
we usually do know is the way we know
can we be dogon we have to
pendergraph how can i see ah put the our
mind in different work
we have to be free from usual usage of her was
he learned that
doing it
you don't know if provide unlimited
now your land
by studying dogan we're learning new this entire world is our true body
even until now we never seen such a thing and now with to study long then our practice we maybe we cannot know as an object
but we're actually we can experience that we are acting their a lot we allow with entire world and they agree does
when we understand a and saying here in our life we can experience the under feel that me and whole being seen entire life if anyone one thing that is how we start to think and understand
and forget understanding and activity not knowing that these a process
if we can make the process

long time
it over and over
and then when i
activists are quite like could find a pace without thinking about know if i started to think about it and you can do high of it i think same thing
you know it as him if we think didn't know how to sit and how to breeze
how to let go from thought out there i have to let go
if i'm thinking i have to like ago got no time i can do go because i should let go is another phone so by just sitting weekend at go
yeah everything
can you please
you think there's some super a statement
know the earth and
i think it's gonna keep your greatest mean fear we are we actually are not only this product us but the with us space we are existing
hmm that means are in with his thumb our that my i out of my that
are you have something to say i was just gonna stand down knowing knowing sounds like heaven your feature writing within you
don't miss and not knowing what

i don't know
a popular area remove letting go front
opening our phone open the hundred and phone that is a fear i don't know what not knowing is happening i think that is zero after life

he experiences after the good question
before we tried to
a like scares than it's something different they need to become another option so fun photo tomorrow said is what we can do just do without the or evaluating whether this easy or not so it's ready
this is far too generous often said this is barry and is unsatisfactory
there's no way to make sure i'm on the light truck
please story
people like from
don't know
we ever seen
please this related to now it's
that mean that it's hard to chamonix me to opening round of food
so this is a how can i say about the while or practice was doing are leaving not thinking
ah how can i explain
you know in our common understood way of
understanding of know here are now is even now has certain banks now i'm talking
in this room
in this case this now has a leg saga about another half hour this is not but this is not really now the know is
in know if this that need now means we're not going on the half-hour then we can cut into two
now this moment and
the past it's already gone and ah
for the
i need to talk with twenty more minutes while fatty for the anyway then even though our
concept of here now has some links on size but the actor as actor reality now has no links and here has no side but only a petition same as the definition of the
in mathematics
i'm not
dot in mathematics has only for the shown no size
i'm sorry this is our answer to have christian or not please
future past
get your average
to me
the future
getting another so time disappeared
we create the story
you know i'm here because i became by teacher disciple understudy the english so i have to study i had to to talk about organs teaching in english that is a story in the past and that's why i'm doing this and ah because of this
now i become so tired
this to life future
you know is this is a kind of our our story memory an expectation for my from that is ah
within that wasn't our mind it's a production over mind as the actor reality there's no such thing only this moment

when it a failure
i thought this is simple
that's strange
well let me go to the next about the gate obligation
also the entire great us is the gate over revelation as i said this is a support thing
the twin into the fuck dogon comment about this thing in sheboygan the shahada just song
this it interesting
the in quote fascia as deposit and he commends therefore we should know that even though the entire us and entire world is a gate
it is not easy to exit and enter
right this entire world is a gate so how can we enter
how can we exit because we are already there
this is not the you ever feel that this is from georgia so
there aren't many who have exit and in bad at telling no one can
i even finn they are dragged they do not end cause there's enough exit
when they are not drunk drugged they do not an apple do not exit whether they are dragged or not they don't enter and there's an exit
those who try to take for the steps and into will make mistakes if we tried to enter that is a mistake
and going to try not try to take backward steps
we just stagnate
so there's no way to enter and a good there's no way to exit
what can we do
duggan's question
and his own salaries when grabbing the people grabbing the people i'm trying to make them getting in and out of the gate they are getting far and far under fire
if we tried to grab someone and
tonight and maybe this person to enter
then we we're getting far under fire so when grabbing the gate and trying to put it into the people
hey there were is a possibility of getting and get out of the understand
lotteries same as the inserting ngo your corn think we compare ourselves to the media during in and up is an illusion but media have done this million dermis are gate to devolution come to add a safe than
there's a possibility
this is a very interesting
anyway are you even id enter your input sealants about this expression
the entire great us is the gate of revelation before to the reality that we are not entangled who was trained in any way back in fact the population means
the was the in tire great us our intimate with the time with the year who is the mind and without was they are intimate with at any crack so
how with the meaning of this expression entire great as means intimacy
i'm that fifties dimitris and the boundaries should be called the entire grade as so integrators is intimate and yet boundless
nothing for the entire great as means
and we're already there
in a gate of revelation but we don't feel we are rented that is a problem but if we want to get into the gate revelation he said even if we seek to enter into or exit from the gate read
duration it is not possible
why is it like this we should take a look at the source of the question announced that mean this expression the entire great the us in an eighth of illumination
so even if we want to seek where the gate of regulation is not
it is not possible to a companies that mean way that we are that is the gate of indonesian you know sometimes
we feel we're clearly not bound by everything all the connections obligations with was inserted situation and not for with a know how to get exit from this condition
but i don't remember exactly for kind of conversation and when a monk asked through a teacher
how about that the person's are difficulties from providence then the teacher said that his address
to that item on
entrance or exit
means right here right now in the situation is if we don't escape from there that is that gate or inclination for paper ah or how difficult destination is that is that when we can be winning
an actor it we're liberated from the beginning because there's no
this is justified his campus an empty that is a gate over elimination
that so this gate of the reputation is you know
as you know any good is teaching says you know fan subject meet with object with a conduct
and i write often said already and other secrets of are suffering start
we want to get something we want what we want we want to escape from something we don't want and we are
often too often we're not successful so we suffer but fact that she's talking not only dogan but with us and or put his teacher cooking is cause another direction not going way to create creator a burning house or
view our there's a
exactly the same
condition we can find a gate to irritation that is the way we see that emptiness of not only object but also subject
when we see in penis than we can see we don't need to necessarily go this way to test after something we want while escaping from something that is the place where we can find a pretty peaceful
to stay bruce ah foundation of my life
and we just sit right there
by and letting go of phone
then we will need to learn to start to run after something we wish we want or i've learned from something we don't like but like sit like now by pia
and anyway accept and work with destination
that is so
read about we are and favour difficult condition we are that we are like a potato remuneration
but very difficult
sometimes i feel know we feel we cannot see it's newness stations too difficult to pay for so i can see a doctor we can see i'm letting go
i mean i know i started the promise i can practice when i was nineteen so i know i have been practicing in my twentieth such as forty or fifty years now i'm in my sixth years i'm i'm really
fortunate that i could experience leave and see the life from that him
the you know who must be very difficult situation
i could sit
my about my sitting across the are usually the five this issue
what was the each month
and i'll take about to continue to practice this way and i paid for about twenty years i think about i began forty
that means i address the pin system are here for twenty years that means the almost one southern braves i'm just sitting from for in the morning
eight or nine and everyday
it's all i've got twenty as almost three years are just setting
it's a very waste of time
how before i didn't sit down and do something else maybe i did much know meaningful thing
but that was delish
i think really fortunate for me i could see that entire life and bioterrorist i to live from something
in a certain way that practice protect me
from doing something very to
otherwise the way i might go really different ways but doesn't was system is no got to meet i got car or by ship
i don't float how we live but the ice tea i tried to steam here and now
without that making too much can tell kind of fantasy and story and chasing after something i wish
yeah the i think to me a powerful practice
i get nothing
but doesn't it said if i think his reputation
we'll feel you
so doesn't know
the boy gone just wanted to ask about this questions here so
i took this statement we should look at the source of a question arouse him as darwin suggested that we shared wonder we should look out at why we want to ask why
why or where the christian come from the source of the question
that means we are already beat up nothing's funny
huge his thing in the last sentence doesn't ah we cannot find anywhere fits is not ah
ah get revolution
sodalite fair you are that is again

ha next is one single i

also the entire great us is the single i o by rotana means that a buddha is the single i
do not imagine that abrogates i is always lycra human i'm there are two eyes in the human body but when we speak of the i e only say human i'm we don't see there are too costly
both for study the teachings of buddhism are not taught that the buddha i that arima i the heavenly i am so on are actually eyes to understand them as ice is off the mark
ah now we should hear and understand that there is only a single i have good that is the entire great us it said there might be a thousand eyes what ten thousand i
ice but for the time being the entire great us is the one among them
although there are so many eyes it is not a mistake to say that this i'm is the one among him
also it is not a mistake to understand that there is only one i'm in because body
there must be many different kinds of eyes there are good us who have three eyes i found on the ice while eighty four thousand eyes you are he as should not be surprised when you hear the with as eyes are like
so this is about i one single i
and of course i'm a bot to wisdom
he said the about of cash gonna has one thousand but her hands and each hand has one i saw about feasible or has one thousand hands and the one thousand eyes
in that case or in a hung hung is doing something actions but when we do action in a tasteful babel fish about to hit a plot as a petition for on his wisdom
don't find abundant fish for has southern the ice
and son with us that you have three eyes to eyes and one i know
so there are many different kind of eyes and
ah dog in the for two or three kind of ice that is a
should you opt for a buddha i got my eye and heavenly i
these three eyes came from
what is the screen ah cetera
that is
ah tao
diamond sutra if we use studies diamond sutra i think you know what these eyes are
these are three or five eyes
do you know those fiber eyes

diamond sutra is who i know that all this mahayana sutras
personal parameters citrus is a collection of i got six hundred volumes and diamond sutra is one of the oldest
because it
ali sitters
the diamond sutra
that's not use that was shown at that or emptiness yet
even though the main topic of apparent that is emptiness ah finn diamond sutra was made the people didn't have the concept of emptiness
so this is very old
expressions those five eyes and probably this so i'm settled much older than nagarajan now
and the probably neither is it as the teaching about to truth may come from those five eyes
i'm not sure this is my guess and good five eyes off
nico game
ah peng game
ah again
and a hogan
and goods again

nico jin kim ngan a game the whole game and good kinda the five eyes
and nico is fresh
fresh high pressure off his canal and can in heaven
for haven't been heavenly i and a his wisdom
while browsing now
virginia i and the fourth is whole is dharma dharma hi
is good that i
and in the diamond sutra
should be asked to buddha
does i'm sorry the buddha said to djibouti djibouti for do you think does the data for this is a physical eyes is kind of i is fresher nico game and sure should do fit the yes
and ah
ah then would i said she voted for do you think does the paper published or divine high is a way i think again and the same question know does answer repeated five times so with the has ordered
both five eyes and ah in the sutra there's no explanation
about the five eyes
but our numbers are not made our commentary about those five of ice and ah this is from our translation the diamond sutra by red pain and read by introduce neither has commentary on
on both five eyes
faster about
nico game or fresh or physical of i now know you know says
the fiscal eyes see veneer but not far we can see
growth yeah but we cannot see too far
so am i i have limitation
the the yeah but not that far
the front but not a buck we can see how i can see from but we cannot see a buck
ah and the outside but not the inside finn paragraph read
we can see it outside about the we cannot stay inside
i'm the light but not the dark and bright we can see but when it's complete darkness we cannot see
the top but not the bottom we can see the surface of the ocean but we cannot see the bottom of the ocean
because it is obstructed or limited i bot thought about six at divine i
so busy second is divine i about divine i as i said
the divine i sees both veneer and the phone
the front on the back that outside and the inside the light and dark the top and bottom so this i have i can see foot our fresh i cannot see
top and bottom or without the instruction so this heart this i have much more powerful than our human eyes
i never met a human beings or i don't know what kind of right they have but we can maybe i can
guess no basis riker this is a our eyes which can only see the surface is our front or outside but this i is like a relational will be thinking missionary was scientific
when with
kissing so is our humor i we see and we make judgment based on whether this is good for me or not good for me privacy by the andrew or not the body ago i used for not a useful but when we think i know reputation are you thinking
we we can think more kind of our of its activities
right for a reservation her
that means you know now we can resolve our office kind of i we can see only one side or the moon because the moon is always facing one side but because of that and shot
your favourite we can see the other side of the moon so can get more information or knowledge until we can ah
correct all different kinds of information and we can see from even the backside of the moon or inside of our wedding
i think you know this is our subjective way of thinking and visit more operational and object people will thinking but anyway both are discriminating thinking
and of about the father i before going to southern now that it's not continued but the be buying i see is only goes probationary name of the things
that resulted from a combination of causes and conditions
i'm not there to appearances
those are thinking subject or object of thinking we cannot see the two appearances that means emptiness not via emptiness or their formlessness form les mis they are know exists
they're breathlessness or their definiteness
the same hold for the past they are prison or their future his are both thought about six that pricing yeah i saw was had been need a sad and frightening i
and about the pricing i he says the proud new i
does not see beings does not see things in that sega forms
ah for all common and differentiating characteristics are extinguished this project i see the oneness of everything emptiness of everything without any discrimination we have any ever
so that is the ifit says emptiness
it is free of all attachments it is free of all attachments and immune to all mice
including prajna itself so prajna is free from even branching narrative but
yet but because it does not distinguish anything that in i cannot believe it either beings
let's see because it does not distinguish anything the progeny i the prajna i'm the average see the emptiness cannot liberate other beings
because the this i doesn't make any this distinction
who does make sense
yo to help others we have two new no fat is a cause of this person's problem
you know each person has different cause and result and different kinds of sufferings so you're not help those people we have we need ah
ah with them which is difference and the cause and conditions so is pregnant i is not about find out of thing
to become good up
so pregnant i cannot deviate other beings has a bodhisattva gb to realize to the that lama i saw a big thing is that my eye
so this is a prisoner i is a do out with them up with without discrimination seeing oneness and the equality
i think so
that the media the fuck magazine assays
about the to my eye
the dharma i our neighbors bodhisattva to cultivate our dharma and to realize a path as little as to know the expedient means you know that the experience means expedient means means as
for means to give a scare from means we need dogma i you know ah prajna is not or cannot do that
know that to find ask you from means and to give to people who are in trouble we need that my i can make a distinction in a discrimination thing fat is a cause of this person's property
to know the expedient means by fitch other beings can do so
no second you put that day
gay many skillful means to each people each person he encounters source or she's teaching was it i got like a dog does see the programs of each person and give different medicine to this all with i need
ah ah time up i
a prize nine it doesn't cannot do happen that way
so regarding my eyes however is not cones cause i'm sorry is not only silent
in its awareness of that expedient means for evaluating beings his our boys sat upon a six that guy so good i is a final thing
and as about but the i magazine the says there is nothing are known to the wouldn't sign so good i know everything
though it might be completely over productive it can see everything
what to others is distant to our buddha is near factor others is doug to a buddha is great for to others is confused to agadir is distinct from the other is
fine to a buddha is cause for to either the it's a profound to a buddha is shuttle there is nothing of fridge a buddha i does not plan
nothing it does not see nothing it does not know nothing that is difficult and yet nothing that is perceived
he's a brother i see everything or nothing that is perceived seeing without a pass the perception
the i shines forever upon all dharmas
so actually that i is not that i
it says some kind of competent but booth as i is this reality itself
and so
this is a distance
include all other for eyes and perfectly developed
did you read it
we are
okay there is nothing of fitch the buddha i does not run
nothing it does not seem
okay nothing it does not know
and nothing that is difficult
and yet nothing that is perceived
so this is this thing is without a prescription
that means this good as i is a reality itself there's no observer
but anyway good for
i think is to add discriminative
our home with discriminating thinking or wisdom and the third one is beyond discrimination
which sees oneness and emptiness and the equality of all venus and force is and forth but
this one is again discriminating thinking which can be sung or make a distinction
depending upon a cause and conditions and fuck is that a problem for that person
soviet to discriminate to mind we're thinking
that that am i
omniscient he is omniscient in italia yes
so get a to kind of this creative thinking
and as never did i said this is a kind of a process of development as a bodhisattva so fast to is the discriminating mind first one is subjective and second is more objective or
traditional way of seeing undiscriminating things but this pride in your eye is the i've reached his equality on the oneness of all everything which doesn't make any discrimination and beta this is called the prize now
what with them which says emptiness in the diamond sutra a word emptiness magnet
yeah here and the sub is that am i if it's also a discrimate mind but it's go through this no discrimination
i think these are
how can i say the origin of
how how margarita nazis things from our ultimate as the ultimate truth and convention on tours
and in bergen as as i said this morning get up in a four point for me the emptiness emptiness is a phone and emptiness and just emptiness that these same as got my and for me just form or got
this kind of thing that things from all different perspective both discrimination and non-discrimination i think came from this teaching diamond sutra that is my guest
i am i don't know if somebody's gonna ask
think so i'm not
anyway so these eyes are not very human like a human eyes it does i defer to wisdom which says oneness for nothingness or emptiness or minas marchi forgiveness and make some
that the fine dogan says mean we're not ten seven or eighty four thousand eyes but these are one i actually
when it's already can to five
i think ah
this section must be difficult or complicated so if we understand those different the eyes on these actor in one night i think that these enough
i hope
so ah
nick tomorrow morning i started from me to load his name about that a monopoly over that hill