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good morning everyone
talk good
ah yesterday afternoon i started to to combat and packaged have you ever see over to
and we should hit fast and second paragraph
in the first paragraph she said the buddha dharma can be he realized only by with us
that means it has found out we are thinking i'm doing things in terms of me and something we you want to go out with wish while we achieve ah
with a time i cannot be seen
show originally human beings towards migrating within a fan santa is chasing after something we want or escaping from something we don't want and ah
promptly does cherbourg i'm a plan but i think up with the would like to escape from that that is another are picking and choosing so theme we are escaping from something or what is left or something we cannot see
the padma and we give up not are picking and choosing them we are from the very beginning right to in a buddha dharma
that's why we put the time i can have seen by to find out we are
sick with something or escaping something
that is fab
trust paragraph freezing and in the second paragraph talks about thinking and irritation for supper dish in of when we encounter was so-called buddhism or with us teaching for this
practice we are almost always almost all of us is still sitting something
almost always we start with a study or practice daruma for some kind of spiritual teachings when we have programs often react native difficulty and we're trying to find
ah something whether or something which allow me to a visit from that good in difficult conditions so ah you know or bodhicitta is sometimes considered to be things that the way seeking mind
and that's what we're doing we are seeking the way and by seeking the real we are separated from the way
in that process can we are taking their way we are thinking happy the way things up better dharma for this a realization
and the those are a lot as a understanding thing we need some turkish the other understanding or thinking for fairly it might be right
but that is not fun harry put man is are boeing is think so often if we can you read the literature there are some stories such as ah buddhist scholars or doctors give ah
doctors about for example ah
that my body that that started my body for hamper their nature and
no one there must have is since in the assembly i'm listening and start to laugh
so director asked about and the master bath is wrong about that i was saying them about their master said ah nothing along for be was saying but you don't see the nature yet
right you don't know even nearly encounter with product data my kayak or are my body yet so to think and understand by eating a store packaged ah is not clearly in for with
dharma so according to login to really see that dharma is to ah
no i awoke in the first to the to looked as i talk about i talk about
both a sigma in it you know we're living within our time and space and
we can exist only in relationship with throughout time and space now he's a i said an aquifer tightening wrote as the thing we are all living within this
ah fracture
and ah we arouse bodhicitta
but i gotta say the past or to sprout
and we gradually grow
i'm thin or here and
sometimes in the future we might again without with
but as lotus sutra citruses in this process is happening within because our government bodies
so but i'd bet my body is not clearly a body but this structure of interconnectedness through a time and space and we are supported by or beings
and often we are mature enough we can offer something this is about work we are living according to ah
mahayana buddhism
so our awakening is that we are living within that the structure that means lawyer from the very beginning i'm even before we knew such a thing we are already living in that ah
but network with time dependent autonation that the move that we are supported by all beings
the that awakening that we have already there is no i think a time we start to see with a diorama so but i don't my is cannot be some kind of our over checked
who are concept but it's only other thing in fitch we are living of a part of it
so of as far as that we are thinking about the buddha dharma for realization or that i'm a guy up
we are separate from me
cut file although salt cannot be really proud dad and mom
but fan we are awakened to this reality we are not simply giving police as an individual person but it's kind of a difficult thing to say in english and japanese that we say we have a expression
this can candy save me to leap
but i also need to be born or bus
and we can use this as a passive and it can do
means to leave and armored is to be born but we have a pro are expression in japanese
he got sorry
i don't know how to fish piss in in english it's a possible to leave to be given
it's a strange english at just to be a naval
unable to leave we are unable to think
we support of all beings
i hope we have some the guy english ah
expression any make doesn't do her up
the animated doesn't talk can it works anyway
oh yeah you know our neighbor to leave to exist because of the support of all beings we are the actor a living together with all things
you know i have free is desired for the past living beings in their body he became ah sawyer
even got oxygen who was create produced by living games
you know
i be fun
in car sir ray
in in the second paragraph factor it is as far as we are thinking we're not really seen this with the dharma so ah
even though we think about the erosion and realization those are both part of delusion
but fellow priests
references chairs and expression of and because how you
ah emptiness
doesn't tennis me because i do i don't think so
the interface in there's no such fixed things that is living but we are unable to people because of all different elements in that says that the thing as being empty we yeah emptiness
but one the we awaken to this structure and we are living within that our interconnectedness than even our foot
before we have equal to this reality is a part of this is nothing outside of this so ah thin we are to this reality even the region was a part of a reality was in reality or yeah the who did
but the ability
the ability we have to produce the region is very important part of our life
no problem is that we are deceived by the erosion they really become a routine
before we see the region as the region and the we are not be shaved we can enjoy the region it's not handful
you know
for example in on our stories are not a thing or that movies or numbers or even points and even show begins on that kind of illusion but if we don't think in a fact is
written for gets printed on this paper is year the thing when we can learn many things often we see a movie or tv if we think that is not other thing then ah
in a movie can be very education are we can learn many things and yet if we think that basically everything then you will have some problem but we are often thinking or that are key
tv or stories create the poison our mind family an encounter something we think this story is the or think that if the program
but before we see that is a program so we opened our hunt than that is a very good teacher and why this kind of erosion or they receive thinking appear in me to if we study and understand how this is produced
we can really understand our nature of my life
so of from our delusion
even enlightened realization is the most impact of damaging but from realization even delusion is a part of realization so these are not half and a half without the bud on these are yeah interconnected and a
each other
i think that this fuck he said in a second paragraph so i tried to
the fad autograph

ah when i recommend the awakening is actualized as a person
this out to make awakening is cold barbuda
when a buddha is the actualization of ultimate awakening this buddha is cold out to make a weakling
if you don't know the face when we are within the way we are foolish now face that i'm talking about is known the firemen
long before and does not mean that we should force ourselves not to have a collection to go
for to go for the or to stop picking and choosing or that we fabricate a state of mind that has no direction there is known environment in which we cannot resolve to go in a thirteen
the election was to pick and choose no matter how hard and tried to for example when we meet a person we don't remember for the pass on the faces like also on flowers or the moon we don't want to
add another like or car also spring has only the feeling of spring and autumn has its own beauty and bleakness there is no way we can escape from them
even when we try not to be ourself this is exactly our so
we should understand
no disagreement without picking and choosing from this
these sounds of spring or autumn he will leave we tried to make them i was safe they are not a sin we should reflect on this
these are not fat accumulated within us at these are not the thought existing waiting as now the reason is that each other for great elements and the five aggregates at the present moment cannot be grasped
as our safe was traced as someone is therefore the colors of our minds caused by the flowers while the moon also should not be graphed as being a was year and yet we think of him as ours
we think of what is not our serve as ourselves we cannot do anything about this when we cry fry that there is no kara we dislike and the doesn't know connor we should approach and long for the
when the activities naturally in the way ah the original face that he's never hidden

in the beginning his face ah
the ultimate awakening order to make the awakening is translation know
my job would i

was your body is a translation chinese translation know the first great to add an edison exam warning that book as a week
so happy his thing is fan art made speaking me at as and fully i'm ultimate awakening i that atomic somebody is actor actors as a person literally an ultimate the awakening is a person
this ultimate the awakening is cold africa so is about a person on this visual aura awakening
you know how wide vega
he's out i could go on with i came from a lot
what is now
and product is awake when the one
so without a potential for as a away whereas awakened
and this yoga is awakening
so this is like a car from and persons
puppies are equally
the only attribute i don't know
a p
okay i live in your life
anyway this
know awaken do one awakened one is awakening and this is michael because because this is this person has a awakening this person could have a good one so this is a ah
about a person
and fat person is doing and also the passer a fat person has achieved what i paid so without has a pain
i have a pink that has happened our fan we make this kind of sentence as a sentence it's not mistaken with their has up in awakening because without that the government couldn't he was called buddha
but when we did this kind of sentence as i often says that that subject called buddha and are observed called are awakening
and opinion i paid so the has attained awakening
that is the program but for fighting first two sentences for dogan or want to feed these disarm this is exactly that thing
there's no such separation on the connection
as as i introduce a dog and lot in chicago just so you know you leave with the over to and shovel just throw out one thing it's not a map out david silva to up with that to get out with a buddha
can i be able to penetrate
yeah that totally i build all beings this is a famous structure but in soho disco dog and says the
you ever feel with the and shareholders or out one thing
and we can understand that with him and on this structure
before with in or enough and we are thinking using was and language with his things industry rome this point my point of here on see other things when we see in this way we are subject
and those things are object or even when i'm talking about this this entire network of interdependent origination is positive
and the concept so don't trust for dancing
this is not pretty or theme
we are reason that we everything
so he want to destroy this is temperature
so up at his thing and this is the same as in enough for example nagarajan are discussing about
personal for the walking and the action of walking or lana under running
is there i is there any person who is correct can be called atlanta decide activity are doing or planning and after they have no such such person or thing which can be called alaina beside the
action of london
so besides with awakening there's no such person who can be called or how away from the one so i reckon do on and awakening
there's no such separation that this fat gogo i think tank to goodness
in this ah two sentences
the sad that tamils ultimate a wave an ultimate awakening is buddha our person that are the ultimate the album is called up under soda and the ultimate awakening in the same thing
and when a buddha when i buddha is actualization of archimate that weakening
this buddha is called ultimate our evening so buddha and awakening was over diameter and next somebody is one thing there's no such separation
between a person and the passenger accomplished

silica person and footpath is doing
the practitioner and practice should be one and that is happy code are not environment
so next he said if we don't know the face
this face is transition metal more cool

when when interface face and mccain's eyes
like this
ah memo cool in the early pyramid face
a before expression as dog is the expression is used in them for example
or is in our face
before i peered into are born
that means that people explanation know what is another phrase before expiration so this memo quit is that rarer the arrow think before is being separate between from a run landa underlie
alexander wang and awakening
ah so before we don't know the face or three phase when we are within the way we are foolish for within the way we do we are big within this way

i'm sorry macula k u m o okay you
men and we in meme cool
and she said the men local her face that i'm talking about his mom defilement so this manga vitamin is
very important the why the in dorgan teaching and with the expression multifilament allow within not in japanese
i came from our conversation between ah
showing on the sixth ancestor and the one of his disciple
manga to angel
i think this is very famous story so you may know already filled long ago that student first visited
no and sister
six senses are asked where are you from this is betty you know i ordered a christian then nine o'clock gave a very ordinary answer i came from such and such priests we are such and such pit pitcher
then ah
that's a fancy stats and gave a question the question is ah some other team more time

some more it mean the front
and mono good for his thing
and employs a hung
ha ha thus
and lie is come so usually this is translated as fuck is this that does come but is this that gus camel or question
but these were for more hot and a emo how does is used to is a very kind of interesting usage in them literature specially in logan's ah
the news that means photos in we don't read this other question but we did it either statement
what think does come
that means the thing that cannot be called in any way with any name if we name it it's become a cool concept so we both the name this way that you know this show our coop
why this our priest is a teacher who are in this or something else can i call this show ago that means by happening the police priest born in certain here
but busy this five canvas is not necessarily shock that japanese police priest
then what is exact name or peace
ah on the theme is not his thing what thing
i'm hit with funny thing is thus com does appear like a piece
that is so this is not
this do know that interpretation of this sentence i've had not a christian but statement this thing that cannot be named
he's ah
evolving and manifesting in this way that the older we can see and we are we going to busy structure
because everything is connect to is everything and nothing is substantial so or whatever name we put on each and every theme that is in the teach so we try not to use that name that has a collection
with some concept or i'm the evaluation
anyway but originally in the conversation this is a question but ah
china i mean the site through manga to seo didn't understand from the question that thing outcome
happy that
that's come
so he practice with ah
the six ancestor for eight years i think they'd fifteen i think we have tied the other practice with him he finally understood understood the meaning of the question
so an you visited ancestor and said i first finally understand your question
you gave me of when i first visit you
ancestor has how do you how to understand them york fed is a faithful g
it's a module
so cruel to

ctg mean to speak about it
and each mot is one thing
and soccer is it safe
in a vat and who is not
i'm chill is a simpler for me too but it can also mean hit
so when we say something about that one thing that thing then
we are off the mark
whatever we say is wrong
so that means we cannot say about apple beef
so he called just call this have fun
carsharing down asked another question if there's nothing to say get nothing to say about fifteen means this is only one thing by possible thing and there's no way to define and evaluate
companies there's no television and the enlightenment
we gonna say if busy a with into human beings are enlightened buddha
for she actually down the question is if so there are show and the shore
put up this and
this show is one of the three chinese characters as i talked about about it can be read at saturday but in the case of show
it's always used to other pair with show show you the practice and the show is resorted to practice so busy saturday either is or practice
and better the meaning of this chinese characters show
this park means was was
language and this packet with through all right
either as a one what this show means to
no to prove prove or a now proof or evidence
and ah
so are we this day i tried to turn off her is a rather show as our verification verified to villify show is practice on this show show is a abbreviation of our little longer
a expression that is ah no
sure sure
one she show is a process of study by on
our practice moon is hearing or listening
and she is thinking
and the show is a practice and the show is evidence proof or verification that means finn we hear someone fitting we think about you
i know
you know i'm thinking if it seems reasonable one look for a symphony or tooth from our seems it can be a drab abu then we put it this fitting into practice
and after practice we find a getting is rarely true
so this show or saturday is evidence of that truth is correct
what the because through our practice we don't need to think anymore
because we know sort of our our practice so these are the process of studying and practicing and a compression and i find the buddha was kitchen is to in case of buddhism
so shoe is up
in the case of show show as compound the show is a is and the show is reserved
but when dorgan said practice and realization that our verification or are one who are sure sure it's you know up his thing is
using or not to thing
when we practice verification is already here
we don't need to wait until we finish practice to know but as pitting with true
the truth or good at teaching is actualized within our properties
so we do need to wait until regretted
from practicing to know but her pyjamas to with a truth or without pitting is manifested within shoe productive up different the dogan meant when he said practice and enlightenment that one
so ah
it's important to understand this but this expression also came from this conversation we've been six francisco and manga club
is so because knox said
the voices something is wrong
that will get nowhere to to define this one thing this thing
a pirated or enlightened but
i shouldn't the question is if for it they are in each necessity of shoe and show philanthropists and education
in an auction or social practice and verification
the happen is in english
it's tiny with much simpler show

ha ha ha
no i'm from she shows him
show unsure or not
no we cannot fail show i'm sure i'm there
but she show cannot be or should not be defined is divided is for now

we say the word dogan news here
or then not if the firemen and for is not so long defilement
so fattening ugh said is
you know as i said the for new is that this study was pitched a study or practice we are looking for something they said looking for something is that refinement
after the kind of greed
i want that or fan we practice because we don't like something we've been a condition in pretoria we have been giving i don't like this so i want to go with some ads
this in our greed want to get something and this hatred of who we are how will we be this these are potentially poisonous to look the three poisonous mine and go three poisons mind greed anger or hatred
i'm ignorant the file our practice
so ah crap pistol and realization of are very edification without the fight him and means test practice who is that are seeking something without escaping from something just do for you do
but for the are
dog meant can you shouldn't just sit just can't fathom just sit
if we sit in order to get something we want called the enlightenment than this practice is defined with my desire of getting that thing
why if i if my practice is ah done with my desire to escape from fencing then opera my practice is defined by that
that you know i'm now i hated it
but when we sit we just sit
then we are free from are initially poisons mind that this environment
not the the fact that was just sitting was gunpowder or this ah up this realization or productive verification with our defilement means and here during use giphy expression ravenna us out has a face or characters
stick of the python in this way
that means buddha and because the awakening or not to or boy thought about the purpose is not a paying awakening
he was not south dakota regime my teachers teacher said hi i think i intrudes on sunday morning that we don't practice to attain enlightenment but we practice being put by up enlightenment that mean we are
at by enlightenment our practice is lit by enlightenment not by our motivation personal motivation to get something or to escape from something
then within this shoe sure it's already there
that is with meant
so if vega and because the awakening is two separate thing with has always been tried to keep that awakening with him
like you not to lose some of my politians but whether is itself our including
so ragnarok keep practice or keep teaching
this non non environment

so how to live in this way is to live with that silly posers mind and three his mind caused by this separation between python and some
for things personally doing well some gore
in as i said enough
yesterday that difference between samadhi and job
when a kid is
praying was now sandbox if she really dragging the kid really like it and enjoyed she doesn't need anything else but family we do something either walk
often for us or our cuisine not something we want
but work with something often something we have to
to get something unless something is usually money while ah fame ah something
so what we're doing and fact we are looking for is different than our life is good that power
because i'm not the
i'm not fat i'm doing
in all ah one of my one of my brother is our photographer
he ought to take a photo as a at artistic for them but it's really are very difficult to make managed by from
photography happy want to do and she know about some kind of photography he couldn't make money
and the in order to support his very functional family he has to take that kind of park
then and he has been on in some feeling of alienation of he doing in not a p the anyone can do so he is not been getting there
but when she want to shaking do something for gary want to then there's no way to support that is i think the problem many of us have
so how can make this what i'm doing and fact i want they do as a practice or wow how can we make this
ah with explanation is very difficult thing i think of nappies a corn for all of us more than people
but at least i got according to do him a tourist southern practice should be both what i'm doing and had i want to do and what i can enjoy
yoda not in our practice or origin is not to gain something some kind of be ward sometime in the future
as our doesn't practice we need to be leery at now right here and enjoy it
a dozen is not that a missile to die
to go somewhere else read somewhere else but we are there that is why i think most important point of donuts pitching i got a practice practice reorganization i for one thing without the being defined by
our three in his mind

and ah he then he started talk about fat within not an undefined defilement means
ah the sentences not defilement does not mean that we should force our ourselves not to have a direction to go forward want to stop picking and choosing
or that we fabricate a state of mind that has no addiction
this word
to to have a direction to go forward is not that good translation but i think but i need a better translation but this is up
the reason i wrote for added very simple word
that the chicago

show is to go
and the core is up to add lot to add
oh fog to go forward and this expression should go to go for that when he sat in reduction so we go somewhere
that means not staying here but the going somewhere that are setting
and if the big expression school
it is used have appeared in another dialogue between they must test
this dialogue is wow
between nothing under joshua
nansen is non trump in chinese and joshua i think we are not jewish you don't you
ah fan i think finn josue fast with unison so this is again fast the in conquering
nelson the teacher asked
i'm photo joshua asked nothing
website grew asked
in a teacher from is the we what is a wing then nonsense said
ordinarily mind is the way this a pretty famous expression ordinary in mind here joshing is that way
then joseph said sorry i tried to direct my safe to add it
should i try to direct myself driving this direct myself to help it is chicago
if the way is evelyn the mind that is already here because it everything mind
shall i go somewhere to to find it
because it already here you can i be to be mind and we don't quit on me to go familiar
nappies or business school means to go to get something
then nonsense it if you try to direct yourself to add it you will move away from it
if you try to go somewhere to get it than because we're already in this way
we use it
then joseph it
or if i don't try to find it to to have to find a click away
if we don't think the way how will i know it is no way
how we can know everything is a way ways already here how we can know
to know i'm not to know is a very important program for us i want to understand i want to make sure i understood i have outlined to understanding
the way is not concerned with knowing or not knowing
this knowing if t
and she
way has nothing to do with way that we know it or we don't know it
because all beings within the way
where that we know it but we while with annoyed we're already there
that is nonsense ah answer
ha so away is not concerned with knowing or not knowing she and the fuji
and he said he continues knowing his erosion
knowing with i know that thing in the subject object structure
and there is already corporation
so knowing his illusion but not annoying is frank consciousness not knowing is just our mind that drug
so both knowing and not knowing that blog
so if you try if you truly alive at the great way if you're truly alive at the great doing
this is interesting if you're truly alive at out great way of know trying
no trying is a negation of the chicago
this great way if this great me
it will be like great emptiness
vast and korea saw nothing to grasp passing to know it's simply like i empty sky
and we're there trying to reason there please

he said we should have forced ourselves

worse or so
we force ourselves
and that is our another direction
that's it point hours
ah no
yeah we're yeah we're trying to find ways do something intentionally to get that thing that is already against a we are separate from away
therefore or then
go in for questioning about gun
is he flew for them now nor defilement with no not going anyway
then it
is such a different known refinement possibly were not why is it healthy or not
three his questioning about this come on
understanding of them that is
this is
like emptiness vast and korea nothing to gain nowhere to go
when an and with commonly known that the state or toy going nowhere is refinement and that is yeah nutriment but gaga is questioning over here anyway let me finish nonsense thing
so it will be like great emptiness vast and korea how can we speak of it in terms of or farming or negating so we jumped a farm or negating fact we can do is
and as a cuppa gators to the shutdown her mouth under sit
that means the other action our practice
so actually being there please
this is a translation from ah the dolores are three hundred and of course correction a corn collection by dogon
named are shinji show bogans
ah number is nine pin

and i began to to gain sentience here
a fuck are those are in from manson and joshua's question and answer with if we he tried to go forward to
to add a certain direction to get something that is already wrong he's take
so what the main thing is non-qualified a token get that idea we should not go anywhere and we should
stop or you know activity to go going somewhere
so sources said actor are non-default the filament is that is not mean that we should force ourselves not to have a direction to for to go for them is not to hot not the do cause
joseph had a the or anything good how you we can get now way to know that is really the way but nurses said if we try to do that we we see so we should stop it
but don't think
there is a refinement ah that is not fourth ourselves to stop going forward
and another one that is to to and to stop picking and choosing picking and choosing a of course the famous
now at thirty dollars in annual rate of different methods same thing meeting with our in a patch frame away
is it has no difficulty in on the dislike picking and choosing
so this is from us in me the wrong poem written by the third and sister
so if we stop picking and choosing than we are in the way
but what dogan is
is it such a thing to stop picking and choosing possible or not
want to go shopping connection is possible or not if we if that is fab
i know if element means then
we cannot do anything we just be there
without doing anything and is that enlightenment
and organs it know
this or that we fabricate the state of mind that has no direction somehow we can i not to do think of anything or not to have any direction any bad goal to achieve it there
such as possible according to the organ that is up
non-default element
finn them speak about that means that is the election we should call please
yeah find that
titus not going
yeah we need to pick and choose
you know
a coke dogan his i think quote the shinji me about non stop picking up choosing and
nowadays it's not stop picking and choosing is like
you know garuda go to the a big barda garuda only eight rounds
tarragon garuda a big bad
the dragons only dragons
is this picking and choosing or not pretty natural telephoto
that means a both thought about we practice with the way we go the direction to add better food in this picking and choosing or not get the production and finn we have some a situation that we go this direction or other different connection where
but activity has no the only a rome this is only way i can go for a for you i want to pick and choose then
there the pecan picking and choosing and in such a situation i have to pick between
because this i am reading led by rug
so this is this is my picking and choosing and the this is not very picking and choosing pepito way was up about course that's the direction we need to go
so here is a kind of are both there is a picking and choosing and yet that is not really picking and choosing based to my preference
in within this bogans expression
garuda on it only for robins i think it's a very deep meaning
and another precise in dorgan said
wait rice gruel in the morning
rice gruel at this morning good morning
every day in japanese them when i say we eat rice gruel pope
so that is not picking and choosing
but that is picking and choosing i made commitment to live in that way as good as student
so in this picking and choosing for not picking and choosing some good question i think please
no credit

the second one is not return her
i think but i've been meaning is okay
prince isn't permissible to talk about your practice
then adjusted every day miss of sitting posture little broad all that we're doing it
oh of course of question
i think it's after your teacher
i cannot forgive you the permission
ask you a teacher but you know the real can real cannot sit in or improper posture but by making their for me know little by little you can sit in a upward push posture i think it is
a proving improving i'm doing can talk about the
doing it for the sake of doing it love it now because you're trying to do it while right right
in for for alumna learning is ah is the thing right now
it's ah slow or fast or does a person can learn added on long distance the only short distance and the the person tried to
i'm faster for longer that is a kind of improvement and it's okay to make a for the that the way but the important point i think is whether this running is to gain something that night guards fries who are some
kind of be around that is not running
so with an learning now sound good away lab
proper know we're running on the we go south something profoundly of sitting and ah
that kind of making me for
is happy i think what the way the thing that direction we go we need to prove we have to make effort to make
in it
yeah that i work if will you are key in that pencil in the kitchen know we have to make way for to
prepare our best maeve using the aveda who ingredient for all people who ate and practice then you to do so we need a diary direction and we need to we need to study on lamb for many thing
things and then we have to be highly attentive
that is a deduction we should go that is not direction placed on my preference
this is the way they know being for by power
so happy blogging thing is this for dinner know the fairmont is not kind of our artificial
he fought for artist a condition that we don't go anywhere we don't do anything
i'm just be quiet he happened now
but there is a different kind of
had known the fragment
kiss me
there is
non defilement in fitch we cannot reserve to go in a fat in direction what to pick and choose to no matter how hard we tried to
there is another kind of
we got the show core and we had to picking and choosing that isn't not had been some kind of official condition that means are not turn out a way of life
that is for example when we meet the person we don't remember fact the person's face is like can we meet person we can barely make a fourth to memorize the fab know that when a person's face is like
one by one but somehow when we make next time with the same person we know
so without making such an effort will somehow remember that pass on the face
please remember it
yeah like
yeah that memorize this
there is another kind another manuscript which is negated this japanese
the that get no don't there
that means finn we remember naturally in that case it will naturally remember
but anywhere in general to finally meet people with on barry memorize the person's
faith in detail but somehow we know
she can hear it should be
we don't remember we don't intentionally remember back when someone remember
right like
so it's a natural to think without our intention to memorize not to forget that pass on the face of somehow we can be nice person
that's it appropriate for me now i forget the present a motorways these days
and ah also on for hours or the moon
we don't want to add another light or car
on spring has only the feeding of spring and autumn has it own beauty and bleakness
hmm because the again is a poet he used the beautiful examples but not the only from us our moms for i was in in the spring
for us japanese as in the spring not particularly means be far to that tedy brew from and moon we have a fucking a kind of a festival to see the moon in a former september and nikita for us a pure through most beautiful time
the in the summer in japan byram lot of moisture saw that the sky is not so korea but the knack for getting korea so that one see
you really korea
but not only those two are not only a beautiful things but some know agree thinks or pay for the things are our different kinds of experiences we have day today he writes
funny and conquer those things
as up with his teaching what his poking his
the sixers organs
i he has no timeline cody encounter with the object of a fixed sense oregon
that's off color shape ah sound smell and touch and or took don't mind when with on this encounter something happens within our mind in the case of
a under color we call or i consciousness consciousness he our consciousness north consciousness and so on
so she's talking talking about this kind of up
experience to the hump
so in
always in addis contact i said before
we have a sensation ah past a sensation soco you and i that is attachement and cringing and suffering that this fucked up with i thought so
how we encounter with about is not do we were facing our sixth sense organs they encounter with object of sixth oregon's is very important point how to income back
hungry hungry for encounter the or conduct is is a photo problem how can we live with that contact
that is
a very good question to understand the buddha's teaching how it can be free from this contact and sensation perception
attachment and bringing
he would reappear a there any other direction we can go
that i that is up his talking here
and this is preference and choosing and picking and choosing
penny we are so thin we and conquer all those things whether it's beautiful on a viewed through or joy flew on a photo fruit
ah something happen in our mind
i'm there is no way we can escape from them
no way we can escape from and about for once
i mean got opposite poles and finance we are always in comparing with things
and when even when we try not to be our saves this is exactly as if this means the thing and other things happening within our mind when we see and experience things something happening
in our mind
and those that is called consciousness in with his teaching and we cannot
escape from them
i think we can understand until be here even finn we try not to be i was safe this is exactly our safe
know this things happening in our mind is things happening
as me
this is me
and we should understand

not the environment without picking and choosing from this attorney who cannot picking you can choose put away encounter
you know
somehow i was born in japan and i had to i had to and contact with our social condition of japan and nice form of clause nineteen forty eight
it was not so peaceful yet and people who are poor that was how i ain't come out alarm
and doesn't no choice before i was born
but that is that while the priest i was born and that the the situation so my family was not a rich was pretty poor that was a condition i encounter with all these things and that become myself
you know
i'm so we cannot escape from that and we have to accept that this me and yet this is not really any meal but his front
ah he his next centers these sound of spring or autumn if we if we tried to bake them ourselves they are not aggressive
no fact that they know things happening in my mind from on above that is i have to say this is me as a kind of person but is this very me
actor have no such thing this isn't just a collection of all different experiences and yet we grasp this as mean
are buddhist philosophy are pitching this is a cold in all those experiences we have in the past is taught whizzing the the pastry or of our consciousness called arya consciousness was to a health consciousness and seventh consciousness
as are a the eighth consciousness and several consciousness grasp this is stored in the ally of consciousness as me
but actually the a collection of the past experiences there's no thats fixing could me so according to your vagina this
i have consciousness is impermanent it's always changing it's not fixed thing but it couldn't deep and continues but it's it i got water or worker for it's always moving
so from one point of view this is me gus experience i have a plastic is me doesn't know shock beside that thing but there's no such fixed me
well as i can grasp this is me that means i can change it
when we ran we study how this my way was thinking my will behave behaving doing things my you will if i did a bit everything thinks on touching things if we be pretty study not how it was formed
then we can make change
so where is the a possibility to make changes that means there's no such fixed
ntp people the shock so
from one side i have to accept with and shock the connection of kind of us
from another point we have no thats fixed and be go to me but we think this is me so you open our hand
so ah these are not fat accumulated within us these are not the thought existing within us now that mean this this are not fixed
we been already here from fatty
i think it's are needed time to talk about make a sentence so let me start from here this afternoon