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good afternoon
finally he going to start to the status of right you could see earbuds thing let me be the first paragraph
do dharma cannot be known by human beings
therefore since ancient times no ordinary human beings have realized buddha dharma
no practitioners coca to vehicles have penetrated buddha dharma
because that arima can be realized
only guy put us it isn't only a buddha together with africa is able to completely graduate
so this is a introduction and
crystal ball she said that the amount can be he realized on the buddha who they are buddha to get out with up with that no human beings
i got in the first sentence
for the human beings if she's afraid just hit hippo
new human beings
so bitter that not jump to be known by human beings
ah and on them therefore says is at times no ordinary human beings is no ordinary human beings is different the one bomb pool

and no cracks as over the two vehicles to the crucified to ah should have a cop
and appropriate have a job

from the higher point of view this to be a cold hinayana
and ah
this was store is commonly human beings
our good standing
compose shrub a car pratica with the and a up one
and the buddha
there are a before bombproof there are six theorems beaucoup is the beings who are trans migrating pleasing six three items from him to his
that get affordable good things so compressor beings who are living
in sixty items for the sunset our no heaven
to him
sixty atoms and there are one two three four altogether ten aramis
ten years
i don't worry is a people fully free transmit migrating with in safra as i said that definition know pompeu is ah people who are living by living proved by kadima
that is go show

both are living
but it being pulled by karma karma means our chronic conditions
what what i can't dislike for like and hatred
making a good club at the canada and if as a common he said if we do good thing and make create with karma thing we can be born in the heaven if we create a wholesome karma we need to go to him already are
little hungry lost or any matters or have i think speed or ashra
and ah
the difference between sure about protect up a guy it shrug a car is a good as the cyprus so buddhist monks and the practical buddha
are the people who practice by himself
and attain awakening by some safe
never teach and possibly a while and then into banner so he put out ticket with up in the habit
you know if samantha in a story didn't meet its
the can kind of buddha maybe she was a pretty capita
so these two are kind of a sneaker categories that means are people who don't want to live within sixty items as a bumper
so they want to be debated or escaped from samsara
beg your i
try to just just hike
okay that's talk with my turn is funny you display is perfectly u-turn
i had tried to keep
as for these two category older people people who want to work cannot be nice
but the the water i might have to agree
satisfied with in this kind of life being probed by karma and class migrating within six games so they allowed our aspiration to evade it came from san santa
and should have a car became a with as a thankless and practice you know that to deduce that the versions and desires and the fence should ibaka ip and i had the food than next to lifetime ah are added after this era
can enter nirvana and pratica with us ah ha
go the same stages without teacher so sporadic of with that don't have a teacher until have disciples so
but sometimes with his transit with as are alone how he couldn't know something like that
and the boys at the bar is next one as i said was that about is not even by could by kadima but granted it said gun show

gun is are about
boys cetera lives being led by power
i'm just about is our cats
smith out made a vow i bow to become buddha
i've i've seen on the been caught up with that was helping all beings she vows to become buddha i'm here to go on beings
those are our cars in japanese could do k
what can be aramis
the of the items press are for and with cord
mandy in candy teachings we call with fix bombproof six or schumer ordinary human beings and for us phases was show sacred people
ah but the fact that dog a think here in this sentence is a of course the the dharma cannot be realized by people are migrating with in santana being moody with a rabid bidding
put my karma
and also those are people in should have a car and the preppy capita
we're you cannot be we're not cannot realize buddha dharma
i'm the only in that fences it's infancy to the only buddha can realize that anima
ah madden
we had to be careful not
ha trust fund his writing
now one of the most important
teaching in candy ah screw is this ten
ah ah penetrating each other
dark web is a uk go group
go means that each other
and who is endowed or include that means ah even in the hero in the help there are other areas are included
and even in the alamo buddha who are there are nine realms you could hill is included that means or even with the reruns or buddha ah
or other nine are there
that means that even buddha has him
and even in the hero carries a buddha
so it makes one hundred animals
that is a kid on the purple and i pity they are so they are not for different
even ah you know
like us for migrating who isn't san santa and yet we are not bodhicitta so green and lose your body subpoena precept and will take a bull set about life so we're both of us but we're still gonna for migrating
because they are loops of are coordinating banks or through and yet because we are out bodhicitta and think about we are going soccer about still we include the or or less experience with a mess
so we're to us migrating and the important point is good sativa was soccer practice or i was at the bar as i said to before
is the vow not to escape from sixty dirhams so we are staying in six volumes
as a booth at my bar
and yet i a good september we can i not to be pulled by a karma but we deemed
being read by valor within six gallons that the that difference between we are still no ordinary human beings and yet we're going to of us if we take the spouse so we try not to escape from
the samsara that's the difference between both sativa and shutterbug the park and capita
the other two and
i can't
they're wanting to escape
that is from
that is from mm higher point of view
that file they are called the hinayana they practice from the for their own irritation
that man those people didn't think so
who is i'm sorry i missed this that
the distinction between
i stories on a common work in japanese kimono for human beings but the pompeu is a buddhist to of com
either people who are trans my rating within six idioms
okay so the he just doesn't have the characteristic know
any precedent any preference don't
so actor he didn't even though dogan says for the karma can be only the by buddhists and no human know bumper and no schreiber our practical be back but they're not so different we are we have all or elements within us
but let me introduce another
the things from sheboygan xhosa shovel just saw
the one i talked this morning that to the editor of all beings
a hit the in talks about boyle said about on the buddha
i'm without words bond with our or the thing or different
and i said sometimes goggins said thing sometimes he said defiant and in just so he said was sacrifice and the buddhas are the same and i think in that case in that means in even in that i hear you could feel that issues basis
if good as i'm a bot the bad either scene and fat he said about
both had run with us is as follows
all boys set of us
based on the here ah or put us so good set of us are good us
all buddhas and the boys tata cars are not defiant
neither is erica my younger
neither is superior or inferior to others so he said was heard about and because are exactly the thing
this boys set the bar and that the booster to buy a bank was sort of us this such such about and that was to south of us are not to separate the person's
they are neither safe nor others because there's no such distinction between self and others for in both fatima view
she which
sure to so as someone i talked me this morning
so they are not individually persons
the mean was sort of us and the possess they are not individually persons in the past present or future
the our anyone
rather becoming buddha is a term dumber style of the practice in the pass or sativa is becoming good at it

ah finally carried me to make
making good gouda
this means
making good that is what we do in both team was that about path
at me this making buddha
yeah is our practice
it's not a clearly becoming buddha that means
ha you know in that ah cetera of ah
but as the buddha as last discourse
ah in japanese you killed your this is i find out of putting it on that in the in the end of that cetera
a like before he in
died he said after his death
if his disciples practice
he thought
what the buddha taught then with as part of my body is always there
this is a very little return on other things from that sutra
that means even as even after with as if we practice following put us anything but i'll tell my body is the are manifested always
within our practice put that manifest
that means that our practice make buddha
and that is i think important point in dogon and ah
i'm sorry id
a huge
ancient too many fast clove show bougainville parents show golden fruit
entitled go with thi

joy the practice
good you to buddha e g e my translation are
i think the water dignified the they can find a conduct dignify the conduct off without and this ago literally mean our common way of leading this expression is cracked peace
buddha's a dignified conduct
but are not come on where you're reading this chinese expression that he again he cut off this expression into half
and he did this as your good thing
i'm he thinks different go with is a name or barbuda
it's not tomato we practice with as dignified as conduct but go with the his job with the
this job was so this is a name over
that means our club pc the buddha our practice makes buddha
that is what i said the in the last teaching him about we practice with as teaching buddha is there
if so our practice makes buddha within our practice to the appeared one manifested so that that that practice is itself to that
using this expression gilbertson keep talking
kind of a created another kayak with al-qaida but busy
practice kayak
the that i'm okay ah somebody or kayaking the by nokia and grabbed the skier that means our practices
that is for this making the that means so they going to find our conduct following us teaching we make the now
reenacting the re-enact in my end up in ah yes following with us are not be as it
yeah yeah that
kate in the case of gorgon fan did
describe this gilded a that we practice our was in a monastery on a community of practice practical people as described in cheap
when we make aspiration they compiled and practice together with other practitioners and following the way but it has been practicing that these people to find a conduct so who how we sit in the know
how will we eat it doesn't know using odot and how will we make prostitution or those each and every activity following good as a teaching his job he said that practices itself
that means we're not to put up but our practice or for hockey practice hezbollah
that is a fact that
ah she mentioned in this are
tactile shoguns our gilbert easy so are making guy here who are becoming a buddha here means our practice
so are the cities they are not individually person in the past present or future ladder becoming buddha was sample to his pajamas tide of the practice in the past past of bodhisattva so within our bustle points up
the bar we practice in a following with as teachings and by practice following pitching we make that
so bodies had to pass goes to pass become good us
this become buddha is are not have it about their jobs

to accomplish to become
so boys set of us become put us at the moment of arousing body mind
good set of us and come to that at this moment of arousing bodymind mind having bodhicitta so when sped i met with a different kind of to them and made the vow to become buddha that was the moment of from
the announcing on it's tough
at that moment the samantha began to the
and that is a is fit in that ah ha qigong kill our our our santa cassandra
and ah you know the name of the city centre emperor name of the same kinds of questions he and the the and our office said show scenes your cocker that means finn we fast an autobody i we can use their are we can use it accomplished
so often we fast a bullet stuff with fast make
the that
ha ha
in our in so gorgonzola thousand shouldn't organ didn't see our first doesn't is a allow fast sitting buddha
so buddha is not something we have to are you know
accomplish in that future but in each moment from the time of are rising bodhicitta each moment he to activities we make buddha

and become good us
fast she said the boy sat about become with us at that moment of writing bodhicitta
and become with us at the stage of wonders awakening wonder if awakening preferred to look you know according to mahayana buddhism who from the moment of others in bodhicitta there are fifty
key to status we have to go through and this are
ah one does awakening
he's a name of the fifty second
that means
once daily before becoming a buddha
so that it is february first arab bodhicitta will become buddha
and in each moment and eighty stages we keep becoming with that or keeping making buddha and the even we did the fire escape we still making buddha that means practice doesn't
is not finished
no matter where we are
from disappoint to right before becoming buddha we continue practice
that is fatima
hot dog meant to be seen on practice of buddha for your goods and fact his thing is each activity or practice is instead of buddha
literally means he can to make make a buddha and job can become buddha but the actor the same thing
ah he continues those who say that
after becoming buddha so after finish this ah
stages after becoming a buddha boys thought to was quick to practice and they have nothing to do anymore
when they did the goal that is ground then was bullshit about doesn't need to practice anymore because he his korea is a thing accomplished
and organs and at is a mistake
those who say that after becoming buddha boys thought about a quit to practice and they have nothing to do anymore ah ordinary human beings who do not know the way or with our ancestors
that means we have to practice in order to become buddha but after we become buddha don't need to plug this anymore
if we think that way that is the area a view of ah
or do not agree with pump from
so ah or and one more sentence
give me this is edid fascinate sentence those who are called all the body sacrifice
all set of was ah the originally originally ancestor of all good us
what would the older boys had was are the orders in our ancestors of all with us
the buddha's ah i used to be put south of us so boys had about our ancestors or good us
and all the buddhas are the original teachers of all aboard set of us
so was suffer and with us or up the same thing as i said this morning know people caught up with us who gave prediction to smuggle nasser county
check or money
so that is the word of only put that together with the buddha
so not only posts set about that all those beings in ten the atoms are already there
okay but
ah here in this fast got of
you filaments and if if i fall us we are
living with the attitude of pump were being pulled by our karma and doing something good something that we like
ah tried to escape room something we don't want if we the beep in that attitude
then we cannot see that rmr
and if we want to escape from that way of life as as me that it
he he gave up his family wales
ha that vacation while escaping from
six reruns
those people who also cannot see the dharma
but we need to kind of intimidate both that means we're not staying in the san sarah and yet we don't escape from since era
and that is another definition know pull sativus that means we'll set up has no reading trees nor abiding
because of wisdom boys thought about doesn't stay in san saba
but because of compassion boys said about never in kind nirvana that's a difference between gossip about and synagogue and writing up a doctor
so ah boys out about our a fallen from bombproof and
to vigorous but go fuck about ah act and boss
but for the differences of seoul korea so this is happy blogging thing here is not kind of are making a discrimination between a those people but depending upon how attitude we can be any time
who can be a bumper if we a refill practice
and i'm pretty have practice if our practice is to or i pay something we want then that is evident from bumper
what if we practice you that the escape from a noisy busy know my pet rewired and we have a matsunaga cause of practical for this how can we integrate those two
you stay there and yet free from here
he's suggesting possible and nothing

so that the find a for me to moment it's not until the to there before we think a goal is somewhere is on some sometime in the future than that is really becoming a goal or ipad or
object of our desire but
fucking think thing about using these what is moment by moment for that says we are already in a goal
if we practice
means in each step that you know ah it's a cell from but i was born she like after his birth he stood up and he walked
and in each step over here to walking dot dota fella support
is a feat
nothing the same idea when we practice whole happy duty game being read by our town
hmm it is tip
a not as flower blooms and support our practice so it's not our fault we are doing and fact we want in the case of with a structure is different
in our clock piece work at risk in gorgon practice is to be the same this is ah
one knocked out the a master japanese them as there must have marina for colossi one said about this is about someone if i could somebody
and he said somebody's like are tight a kid
putting in a sandbox you know we she you know
they do shepherd a sand in the bucket and the caddy and making something
that is a kind of the same action who is ah you know
a grown up workers severe that son
i can walk but there is a difference in a case of kid he thought the part of the kid is really enjoying so if someone is asking a kid we want to
kids should say the would say no because he's enjoying in a juggling the summer but if
growing up worker doing the same thing and if and if someone said they want to change that kanye for you and if the person or the sheep the which
then there's no reasons to say no because for the workers know
the parcel is doing is not the person want to do
but the pass on the option is to get some be the result or do you or thoroughly so if without doing that thing we will with that without working if they can wish you with them there is no reason to say no
that's the difference of the quality of options and the molyneux understood the kids praying with son is somebody
but workouts are lacking in order to get in on something as i decided or the word is not a not so maybe it's a walk it's a job it's a task
so what we're doing and the fact that way you want to get is different than that is not somebody
what we're doing is probably we to do is somebody that means me and my
action at one
family work fuck i'm doing and fact i expect is different
in that case that is our goal was something we need to achieve to get that ceremony in order to get side you have to walk but the working with not pretty are in fact i want to do
that separation i think that separation is in
another what a adr nation
we are a unit from what we're doing
so somebody is very women but i'm doing hundred that i really want to
good went to get is the same thing
does it make sense them

so that is my understanding of with his first paragraph
with go to the second paragraph
one completely penetrate and realize it it means but at alma
we our service would never have thought previously that realization will be like this even if we had thought of it this is not a realization that is not different from what we have thought
the organization itself is not like family had a imagined
because of this anything we have previously thought is not useful
for attaining actor realization
when we realize it we don't understand how we have realized from this we should reflect that whatever we have thought about better garima before the it is not use fruitful realization
the fact that with the dharma is not the same as fat we have thought in various ways does not mean that i was thinking was very mistaken or i was thinking lacked the ability to think correctly
even though the thinking in the past was realization it's safe because at that time we were trying to turn it upside down we thought and said that i was thinking was lacking in ability
can we feel that our previous thought i useless there is something that we should know
that these we have been afraid of becoming small
if realization appeared through the fourth or short prior to realization it must be an and reliable immunization
because realization does not depend on depending upon previous phones
and it has come from transcending the thoughts prior to realization realization his assistant salary by the force or irritation
we would know that the region does not really exist the organization does not carry exist so here his talking about thinking about irritation was happily and
saturday it safe
ah you know the first doctor i said i know that type of lighting of this first create a very unique because it doesn't not logan doesn't used many chinese characters
you can see in this paragraph
i can only see three chinese characters
i'm three ten is corrected but one character your
the what barney is the bottom of page one
the this pansy
and let's see on the second sentence and paid to the at the end of one two three line for three with the same character appeared
and there's one more yeah foreign tourists steve for fifth sentence in the beginning of fifth sentence you can see also the same kanji for three are only chinese characters in this paragraph four others i
this is the kind of very unusual
in dawkins ratings
tighter is not the by dogan
this means to use or you use
same with you in use them my
devin make it is

that's not how dog and north
i understand i understand that you don't understand
in japanese the regenerative in a soul or andrea
you know
is an example
you know i
i don't dislike is that american i don't dislike
and we interpret we say i don't dislike a kid i do want my kid i mean it's like the one nine can i do not is like but not i don't dislike is nothing with iraq
it's can be neutral i don't like but i don't dislike
ah how do for are expressive language that kind of
before when don't like governor negative than i can express that kind of feeling i don't like so much and yet i don't i don't want to say i dislike it
to with that kind of feeling we are commonly is a ruminative in japanese
please well
i know you wouldn't

in this case it
that is compliment means a realization is different from we thought before
you have something to say
for it

ah we're not sure this is very unusual style or lighting in bergen writings i don't know why he opened his way only in his chapter
it was a very common
where are among the buddhist priest and our community of buddhist priest it was coming to light ah
i think only in chinese
chinese is riker the latin or greek for european scholars enough
not maybe about time but before dogan is very i use on a food he wrote show bogans or in japanese not chinese japanese means ah candy or tennis collector and hiragana mixed
but and as an editor extremely candy is not where the possibility this is written for someone who may not leave college but i don't think in on guy content of this writing is about terrible transmission
i don't think those who is possibly a shift transmission cannot believe tennis capita so i have really know either way to can type in this way
often for new in are innocent people like let us they are often tied with she younger now walk up o'connor we've had to using so many kansas but this is pretty unusual and i don't know he isn't
this paragraph is about thinking and realization our factory
here doggie is a cabana
hiragana as a at
when he wrote concede somebody can be three different at least three different tell me the characters are one is go
ah another his cocoon
fabio show
although three times characters can be did a support in japanese
but as a chinese character pieces three different grad and different meaning
ah in the case of go on a def opposition is made
the often translates as the region
television and second
and the the case of cuckoo this is a show no movement
more his dream and the cock is awake
when we're dreaming we can see the reality that thing we awake we can see the things happen in query that is another meaning or saturday when we are
yeah not really our can we see things using our distorted view
when we are distorted view is taken out can we wake up and see start to see that reality as it is
not this a meaning of cocoon
and in the case of show this is always used as a pr with ah joe
when i sure
sugar means practice so show is output is some up or desirable properties for faculty as a as a result or practice
and the finn dog and then said ah to show it's you know that these practice and enlightenment that one he used this one the show
dr microphone curled up on the other side of your
the site
let me out ever does it work
around of all i
i said
i see
so these are are three different meaning of factory but in germany in chinese that in japanese we all those three was our read as subtly
without making clear distinction and all of them can be translated into english as enlightenment
but the meaning is different
so we must be careful cup is no oh or scenario one in this case doga use it but when he the right in louisiana we cannot make a distinction that it a proven program
but probably my guess is this one
go go
that is the opposition in may
may is usually translated as the ocean but it's not really in the region but may is a kind of this article delusion
for example often we need to go somewhere and yet and yet we don't know how to get their query but st louis
uprooted our crossword
ah then we don't know free-to-air we should call
and we few we are lost that feeling of lost his may we don't have to do and even though we don't know how to do somehow we have to make the decision
without actually knowing a wish with the goal so we often make wrong decision that makes our situation was then we are more and more in got actually that is this main means being lost
we are
drew did so we don't know which way will we need to go and if somehow you go without without clear understanding that it and then are we are lost in my life and goal is
to really understand know where we're going and how to go and the fact that we should do in order to reach their that is saturday in this case i think
and ah
my own out
cause or mine is in our case in that case of our life is thinking
discriminative a conceptual thinking based on as i said at this morning and his son
subject object and the fight i should do
a separation between subject and the opportunity and and finn we as a common english take an uber the teaching when we encounter something and this gave me her present sensation i want to
yeah piece as my petition for know encounter something some object
it's give us the unpleasant sensation when i come like this so i want to stay away
even though i want to stay away somehow without my agreement they come
we become angry and we hate this thing
a fenwick
think in this way
this are chasing after some smoke we want designer group and the escaping from found something we don't want that landing after and escaping from is a causal some sarah
cause of the erosion we're gonna fluctuate we want to go to bury find a peace peaceful stable foundation of my life because we are always running around telling after something or escaping from something i think i i'll use yahoo
way of life in within samsara so there's no way to get to find a piece
we are we can be some some time are successful and we feel like our heavenly beings but
lot more often we are we feel like we're hungry ghost if we gain something and we want to more and have no time that we can be satisfied our desire that peter how are our life become me on my own we don't
know how to do we don't feel this is accuracy where would i but we don't know how to get out
how can exit from this pm of transmigration
but what are the lotus sutra and okay is saying is to seek to fit in on this is the problem
this is structure is a program i'm got the foot
ah buddha taught energy he thought about that
ah thinking happy the yankee
ah dependent origination
the know when we encounter past that is called r soccer
cause think folks coalition focus conduct
subject object or income car or that his conduct and a compact create a sensation that they do present or an unpleasant sensation and we you have a attachment or i
and are creaming that be the shoe in japanese
those are our six seven eight nine inks with intuitive readings of causation so you know this structure and contact is a problem or our life i've become delusion paralyse under with
start to turn to migrate
so from how we have to avoid this or combat
we can
we kept we don't need to try migrate please
yeah look at a later section
oh okay
turning it upside down
a she using a safe topsy turvy patsy thirty view
i think are in addition upside down view
i think come either
is know a piss expressions a usa appear the in the had cetera
kendall muscle upside than view admins are
the view which is different from korea heritage
how five whatever way and in the case of dogan i think this upside down is you know in danger com she said finn ah we convey our fifth to media dilemmas and try to
carry out to practice enlightenment and rapid erosion that they can manually
that is upside down but we have a dream has come to the safe and iota cells to carry out prompts indictment set up is fattening so in this case know before we think i want to get that so subtly is over sector or
my ivanka
so i want to get back i would to attain that thing at this out i think upside down
ah please

yeah as i thought it might be correct
you know if a new way to study for example four noble truths
and ah
a new is by the buddhist text
we can understand that you don't find a book or about four noble truths suffering cause of suffering fashion of suffering under the price paid to personal preference but it isn't a
so we can understand but finn had finally we are thinking then ah
follow through see the object of our thinking and we think i i hate suffering cool i love sufficient suffering therefore i have to practice
that is our common way of thinking and the according to go get that is upside down view because i you want to get it i want to do something to become something else something i'm not please

yes and grasping andrea's a dejected comes to separation between subject and opposite

when he said

because such thoughts were actually bad
in thought
selling were already realization but since he was elsewhere
thought and said that thoughts
the translates you have a certain as since you were seeking elsewhere
i think
the pronunciation problem
why is it seems
seeking is here

cause you gotta know when the snows snow or massacre somebody's and push carries much conduct our home i e muslim
seeking some samples seeking a syria is not the nodes now

hutch sit at the time he we are trying to turn it upside down
i think meaning with not so different sitting self-aware mean seeking something as opportunity
how can food as
we killed in a creative
no no
i think we
we like to be
the time to become enlightened a mean to become great person
sydney so i fear not now i'm smoke because i don't have enlightenment so i feel something lacking so if i e know who get that thing and fill that empty space than we will become think we've
come great person you know that that often that is our motivation to seek the karma to become a grip be great person but according to the organ that is a program
we need to see how are the realization was actually is there's no such person
no safe
but the hip hop he said his you know this ability of thinking or create the illusion is also a part of our life force
quit he does which is exactly the same with with as rife
that is also taking place within with as eternal life so in this way of thinking is not
something we have to eliminate
but if we think this is true this is a subtly than that is a mistake but our practice is not a made in this way was thinking but we have to use our ability of thinking to
to help ourselves and others are waiting to evaluate the beyond such separation
nappy the photo you know or with us and or buddhist teachers have been doing think i'm not ready sooner and dogan that fi innovia lighting their usage of language it's pretty you know if got peculiar the they they're playing to
using what is what doesn't work
what was it doesn't work in a case of numbers you know he's to watch curry said logic doesn't work in the case of kogan he used more with expression and said what doesn't work and yet even to say while
doesn't work we have to use was
that's the problem
but without using that the woman in our language we cannot communicate and we can share the garima
so you like to share that alamo features beyond thinking and language we have to use the why the and with that the program that is a kind of up
ah difficulties we have to read we always face sofa good as an ancestor just trying to say is reality is beyond thinking
but three the to show that reality they have to use the language and thinking
so that five the are expressions often ah to follow of are nonsense
prince and a contradiction

he can

could you say talking
when like
at that

seems like that a hobby
now this practice of letting go thought you know what doesn't and i lost a little space between five happening and what feeding and my reaction
hundred up in fact i think ah circulation
in she is ridiculous and expression not always so
if who can know this person with such a thing that's why i become angry but it's nobody else saw it's not always so that means we can find the more
ah course of this anger cause or this anger not necessary that person's particular action
but something inside of me is kind of our how can i see come up and that performs action might be just a trigger or
anger already within my safe come up
ah i think that is a important point not react right away
him without on or
to read the our sadness or painfulness
our practice of dozen i'm letting go give us a little room or space that
we can not enough as doubt my understanding or my feeling is this really correct or not
it's it's not much difference so i'll become angry
but i try not to react right away
and that small space i think create a big difference didn't know life
so we booked become like it like got like are are gonna say python we've got a feeling or emotion dogan benjamin pretty much emotional person
she actually had under under he has sadness of course
i'm probably would i was a thing
but we are
if when free from this kind of structure i like this or i hate that therefore it's not to i want to get this or i know fight against that thing if we will only within this realm
that's the only way we do we have to fight back to argue we have to compete with others and then why that we can't sustain now the truth but if we see what kind of a larger perspective people are like obama i've got to we can give
with can support with all beings
not only people that own or things in his word than
it's not the correct that i i always think i'm right
they are room
there might be a possibility that i'm not so bright sometime i might be wrong
so my anger might be not to read a number
so the we have to work with always in ourselves
that is another pitching or buddha hunger divided us
even the anger was caught by that person
i am doesn't provide that person their anger if i this person so we have to work with that camera i'm going by andhra so that is my problem
it's my anger does not cease
because that awesome man in a complementary oh wow
no in w for that person acknowledge a person is wrong but the anger is still here so we have to work with our album anger by ourselves
i thought it is seven and you for forty
ah so tomorrow morning we continue from here