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yesterday afternoon i talked on that lotus sutra in the based on the second chapter ah a scale from means a whole hoping on
i'd like to continue about talking about the lotus sutra from ah ah sixteen to chapter sixteen
because a of
the talking about the chapter two is not complete as for the are lotus sutra
chapter sixteen is about qatada does lifespan on the lotus sutra said that they've got a lifespan is infinite eternal know
i couldn't find a fame the translation from yesterday at the ripe ready
yeah but this
anyone any translations of cage
no translations a perfect
you read this chapter sixteen
in this translation the of this chapter is revelation of the eternal life of that canada
ah here in the previous section section fifty fifteen is about the would set of us spring up from the ground
but these are
there were at that time there are many votes that buddhas and bodhisattvas i came to without succumbing to the land and know that was to got asked ceremony if shakyamuni needs some assistant
through teach because he doesn't have so many was photographed in this issues life but an
data from the from the other put an end up asked the second when you need some help but cameras the i don't need that help because pela
enough post for the in this land is a hard yeah i can he was put up then
nonetheless pose photographs come up from the ground
and those both was looks much organic buddha
so the someone said know those and secondary said those are my disciples i have been teaching and training with him
a have to ask me know those boys had the pass looks much older than you
if second when he was born in capital passed to ban the practice i'm not been with a hood and he thought of forty or forty nine years now and but those posts at was a much older than forty nine
so it's looks right know that sons are much older than the father
how does such a thing possible that was a question on this chapter is the answer to that question
put our was
secondly would i didn't believe so long he lived only eight years but there are so many posts a buzz and second recent the he trained or those boots up of us it's a kind of a strange thing and so the answer is it
in this chapter sixteen
and fun
secondly said is then the word or not the one second money proceeding that the both had to us the thrice without facing repeated their request to explain his question
others to them saying listen
then all of you attentively to the secret mysterious and supernaturally pop it in power hope that the data so that i got the has a supernatural power and he said ah all the word of goods
men and usher us
yeah consider know how has shakyamuni buddha come forth from the palace of shekhar crown so sad sack but i was born a prince of kings do donna and ah
and he was young he lived his father's palace that establishment now have sakyamuni buddha come forth from a policy of the shakya clan on fitted at the training praise of enlightenment i don't like this translation the training phase
is not created during the printing press as i said yesterday this dojo as means praise on the way or awakening
so this is not a training phase
but i was not training with yeah
you're just sitting
so this is a praise of enlightenment not far from the city or gaia so are are
got a bulleted india from virginia he attained a weekly
has attained perfect enlightenment this is or how we study than we did put as biography
ah but
ah this is situated like billion or a games like the sutra it's always a back or however and here
but with it but my good songs says i very cavalry became buddha are have passed infinite boundaries hundreds of thousands of mary millions of copies of naoto
of campus
i can contribute
about this simply with a fleet
came i go that means beginning a spinning so
as such a money good as a knife
born ah
ah captain a boston and passed away in question nevada and leave the for eight years was not actor
this is the life of nearby la a second when i need a monarch guy but this is not his actual life can that his life spies much larger it's infinite or a tanner
and ali reza
still but i'm talking
good funds during this time the life span during this time before he was born as are at her gautama during this time i have ever spoken of my safe as
the buddha burning light and either because they know without burning right
this is a buddha be a bunker buddha this interpreter who gave prediction too familiar
so you know the story secondly it was faster are allowed bodhicitta
finishing his name was neda she met this girl without people canada
a punk era in chinese or japanese his men tall
and go with
and name is burning and toll is a light or lump or free so this are burning light if i two men talk to our people gonna
to me this is a really interesting
people caught out was ceremony
and secondly gave a prediction that smither become ceremony so smither was also second
the was buddha and the bodhisattva ah second one
no so this is a good even see it
only put that together with buddha so good that you're that ah production to
but this without it was ah
what's said about so
this is a very interesting point of this story
damn it's very important to understand the fat building talks about in cherbourg interview with the humans to understand this point so everything is happening within the eternal life of shakyamuni other than makhaya
so ah you know guy is rife is very short on the eighteen years and i fumbled as life is much larger or longer more than five hundred lifetimes
but both are are taking press whizzing he cannot put up such as ah kiah and car according to can dive teaching communities kitchen both three chaos ski bodies are one but is another employee
on the point and we understand the suit me
in japan italy think fans shin
how cool is

sign a free shave the bodies and soccer is itself a lamb saw three bodies are one
you wanna hire some more kaja and grandma makhaya i'm getting one thing from reality
and friend he was think important
we study gorgon ah
he's talking about or everything almost everything within this framework
that means not only our second money as ah nirvana qaeda was like ammonia either some bolkiah but even allowed like our bus
our i think the practice awakening i'm dying
starting we a banner are also
happening taking place within but as second is that i'm ah kiah
everything happening in this lot in the seine ross is happening reason but as eternal life
got it mainly this etc
and the full from this kind of our perspective beyond human perspective ah how buddha says the latter
and this work is called three take her word that is burning house of santana we are we in think this is a
praise or people experience suffering
laika in the same page he said
ah whether speaking of himself ah speaking of others without implicating himself or indicating others and the weather indicating his own affairs while the affairs of others
whatever he says is or vr
so he never speak forcefully
and not empty air
we are for because pepper
that the veneta methylmercury to canada pilot and knows and sees the characters of the trip rewired as it really is we are living we think we are living within a to provide within san and all yeah
born they're ugly be and experience sufferings and dying
but that is how it looks like from ah we see that we provide a from with as view
so photographer knows and sees the character tell the to the fluid as it really is to him to him there is neither buff know are def neither of us nor this or going away or coming forth
neither living nor dead
neither reality nor are any t
neither thus no or otherwise i'm like the way that triple word behold the two april warned that the data he sees such things as these without mistake
so this is how put our says that to currently provided with our life
ha from our human point of view we are born in certain time
ah always inflow of a time
the past put off your job and now we are present we are born saddle time in the first
and now in my case i was sixty four years old
and sooner or later i'll die so are passed on this under we think our lifespan is an period of time between birth and death
from with us perspective have no bus or notice no coming us know redrawing
i think we are we're familiar with this nora logic ah
because based on there
kitting of emptiness
that means everything is empty or five scandals are empty
and when i talk about the in the penis i always used the example of a i saw emptiness
babu is our care act in the water
from its appeared at the bottom of the water and being our bedroom and fan it
which the chef is it disappear
ipc same as all the time but is there such a thing called a bubble
they think their eyes air and water
fear is pam
subaru is got a name of the condition was happening
got a packed in a water
so ah
you can save their a double a bone and babel died from our past the book but actually nothing is born
and nothing is dying
that is that fact the emptiness means
in are not only the bubble but guy
kraus other thing that really shows the opposite crass or the water floating in the air
but there's no substance called a crowns on the air and water penetration between air and water the condition and we can probably comparative called this is a barber and that is krauss and this is a shock
news you'll have or as human beings are billions of times more complicated than that bathroom not only two things but beyond the elements happen ratings this body and mind so it's more complicated but basically the same there's the north
patterson's could show ago
is a collection of five candace
your five scanners are empty so show how crazy empty
so we can be we cannot say show was born here and show up buying via until archie's existing and living here
from human perspective what we do
that from buddhist perspective
nothing appear nothing disappear
that is not very familiar logic and we studied like our president parramatta
so in the lotus sutra dumpster the security or philosophy of emptiness is
cause that would as view without perception
not that was not perception been
the buddha could see emptiness of all beings but we see the are fair and be on and dying but for what i said the lotus sutra said is it is neither ah
yeah know not to be either
that means we cannot say barbara doesn't really exist barber is there
but there's enough nothing know
kicked and a cold or popular
as a phenomenal robberies actor idea
who are another famous expression example is that waterfall
not waterfall
it is a flow of the water of that ground has the gap
so are only thinks there is this shape of ground and water flowing ceaselessly
and ah
the water for fuck is niagara for
you know if we take out water than school or order from the phone that is not a photo anymore
and each time the advertise new fresh different for every always changing
so we can say there's no such fixed thing called the niagara all
and yet niagara for is there it's different it had a lot of shows energy
and the actor neither fall and a photo of nine or for it to be any different
come here to octavia is happening and yet he can we try to grasp what is neither falls not there that is the meaning neither here nor are not clear
but as a pyramid idea if we go down via oregon
so that in a way ah
buddha or from that perspective
our life nice
i think
but it's enough to do combat that on passenger

samberg i has a beginning annoyed
that makhaya has no beginning no end
yeah beginning and annoying
it has enough as a mega you started the practice and ah after i can put i would he become very one with thermal kira so some work i have no nobody know and it has building but no in
and nirvana guy has been and end that these bus and live

ha in a story of smith i said are many aeons ago but still it's sometime in the past florida
a allows bodhicitta and started to practice and the after many times she practiced other both santa and as a result to oh boy soccer practice
by the accumulate in their virtues he he
was born or either
guatemala and
a paint a buddha food that is sambo makhaya some sunblock area is
nobody but that's body are not attained buddhahood because what you are without over long range or practice
and we only see cigarettes or get money to life from birth to this for eight years that is gonna guy
and this entire key
from beginning a speeding and interest in and include the entire space
but his during my kayak buddha
greece body
ah in japanese or chinese some blockade whole ship
this whole the same hole in that one ah
is of the at sadnesses that the companies companies
that is the are to undecided of this wrong practice but of to some loci is sometimes translate as a breeze or responded that means after a long period he enjoyed so good
with a tissue them mine
enjoy a samadhi or my declaration
expressions and ah jeez you whole or cool

the new a safe
i'm do is a receiver
same these you upstream did you use on my and hoisin doubt about
and luckily his greece or i joined got am i doing so after he attained buddhahood he said ah
a sheep the very much joy and enjoying that joy enjoying the samadi
before he studied to teach fan he started to pitch or got people people receive the same kind of maturity from capita
with the beginning
yeah yeah in a story of sumida is
kentico time
continue pressing
this said
illustration chair
ah did they can we talk about organs view our site about time i didn't read that
practice zazen practice perspective
over simplification to say that our practice is to help align with
the big view to align with them
at least dogan ah
brady move around
from this view and with a view on this entire impede view she nearly free back and forth for example friendly even when he talks about orchestral no
in chicago cookies or know that you know that design or okay our was made by ananda
from because he used by put out the instruction with him without and anonymous working right now ah rice paddies and us hadn't this is beautiful so could you is i make the design for the police love using that know
that's probably the scenery organized funny
file the alamo cases color coding in the ah he was a translator and feel that the can them with a dice party as party of virtue by trust but as feed is good then so are outside the school in may so it was made
made by good up within this
yeah that's which is eighty years of lifespan but in
i guess i could accrue
or she said kisa was a a a castle was transmitted from the past several good us
to me it has computing
why he okafor was the focus okafor was designed and made with by second when you look down upon under i couldn't be transmitted from the profession without through enough mixed buddha and to second when
but dog doesn't mind
and the she prison
ah and he also
you know
talks about our okafor has a transmission from shakyamuni to mark a shopper on this city has been transmitted from some china to japan
so okay sir is that ah
a symbol of dharma transmission from past seven good us to until our service
but fish and we think about our logical will thinking is not the possibly necessity but somehow gauguin can jump around from here to see they thrive span or is the entire lives
fun so ah
when we studied organ we have to be careful from which perspective the dog and talking about sometimes he talks about very precise corporate behavior in our day to day to day lives but
but at the same time he's always seemed those each and every complaint day-to-day activity chrome infinite spun it or our lives are not canada
so we cannot ah
be considered a are pointing up our carelessly fits is duggan's a standpoint she has a he almost like she has no standing some point she's already moving around
they freely that is a source of confusion for us
asked about
he said
very very
say how come
well ah for example french the he described how to use so lucky
you know if you read that ah
intel corporation she described how to use odot in a very precise way
can we beat a sunday it was written in chinese he's writing very precise nothing not mysterious
it's very different from sheboygan for so if he wanted he could like in that way but fan he wrote szabo gainesville
no reality the things he wants to explain or express cannot be expressed in such up
a precise logical expressions so that is it again that it's another to a standing points on rogan
when he is beyond the thinking another is very logical way of thinking and they even finishing describe how to use odot in a being of scramble he mentioned about ten census
and she said if had the best with up he said is using ah the example of that the wackier key sidner fab he wanted to say is food and dharma or one
he caught a one under equal
so often we learn how to use or reopen
the beginning i i can take many people like it
is to no precise and app to learn memorize everything
but according to dogan at his alma
and that companies should be okay could be understand that within this lifespan that the means ah but us eternal life by force is manifesting itself in the way we use or yorkie
i am
a fire
you know
i'm the fuck he i think what did not a etc but the dogon if not even asked other thing not to push human beings up everything is a same
let me go to dog
in as show ball gonna go shovel is so

chicago is all be dharmas
ah means being for things
and jitsu is too
why do you
i'm for is usually translated as phone
but the case of just so i don't think it's correct to translate this a form of landmark
so i consider it is just so as true reality
because because the fast of pain sadness in his former
and that form me the shape but this home with just forgot it me
not fame as the first sadness that is phone so this for is not the phone or mark
destroy itself
is it is a reality itself so i don't think it's correct to the state just so as to form
who with part of a part over just for but form is not just it safe
there is a chapter or a bicycle over show organs are invited us to hold you saw and i said that yesterday
you ever feel with you

the the the really ago we we studied the time during enjoy
rooms once same what the same sentence
aren't you even feel the to would only put that together with buddha is the subject of this sentence and soho how toys over egypt
i be filled with only buddha together with the buddha can ah
ha completely penetrate through reality of all beings
our fall within based on this one sentence he ought to different
the first quarter of show gorgonzola and they are very closely connected
sofa we study you even silverton
really helpful to study showed you saw together so i direct to introduce a little bit
in the beginning of the saw at dolan says
ah we have to remember this framework in a lotta cetera but venues study dogan ah we have to keep this in mind but we have to forget that oversaw mean do we have to be free from for lotus sutra is saying because
he go games for free
ah even though of expression shareholders for is different from a common understanding
so this is this isn't my translation of shovel guns or shortage so
the first sentence is manifestation or to the ancestor manifestation of buddha and sister is the completely penetrated penetrated through reality is true reality is the soul
and the manifestation is again jaw so job or with ancestors
can joke or the ancestor is completely penetrated she holds a store
so she said
put up with as and ancestors
not lose our on systems in our the news
our themselves to hold you saw
after he's had just for
true reality that means they are welcome to the reality i'm believe based on a true reality
and next sentence the true reality is all beings but reality is all beings
the are gonna come our understanding is true reality of all beings but bergen said true reality is all beings
this this is a strange nothing's i think
the original concept of a shovel these toys you know the things or beings are there
and we have in perspectives an idea of concept about each and every beings but that our human perspective is not rare
but true reality of all beings
that cannot be seen by human positive aspect of it can be seen by buddha
that is fun this mean so or beings and to reality are kind of the different
we cannot see come to reality hope of all beings could we see all beings in a kind of are twisted distorted way because a lot
distorted views based on a massive st agnes
so before we are free from our he wasn't that way of doing things based on like and dislike comic consciousness then we can see how to reality of all beings
martin logan says
to reality is or beings themselves
and continues
all beings are those or beings ah
that's your phone such a nature to the
fast to have consequences
ah i'm such a body
this body on such your mind our body and mind are all beings who caused the of weeks on such a loud is loud it said and has crowds and rain clothes and name how old are beings
thats walking standing sitting on guidon done that is all are all our activities more of our tipping fees are older beans i think that's something
such anxiety
anxiety joy moment a moment stillness evening in often we have anxiety anxiety is also kind of all the links of course i'm joy and movement activities and assertiveness or are part of bot
on such as tough stuff under fiscal stuff is used by monks fan they travel on the fisk is used as as they must have in the pitch so those stuff on the fisk is either
devices are tourists is by monks for practice so this to represent our practice with practice
and such picking up where from picking up after an hour and the breaking into smile disbelief or to second money's transmission to makkah shopper him check or money up a flower and of a market for smile or
all these activities are including within this organise or beans
and had dharma transmission
and prediction
so he i don't want transmission ipob
i guess the i said even though and said this you ever feel that is that our government on a submission back from we need
this past crew have you ever children
no such word that must an assumption that the app so
it's not clear why you been filled with his as the about that not the resolution but the in soho the serbs and government transmission is one of all dharmas
such a good know people call up with that gave a crowd our prediction to smither that is
for or not they're all beings
and hat studying and practicing
how are studying dyneema and our practice
using our body
and such faithfulness fest freeze
a pain the pine trees and our integrity or pangu so pine trees and bumble
i request that they are faithful and or integrity because even in the winter they have green leaves it doesn't change
anyway for just show this was all those things and activities including matters
two thousand
krauss and rain
ah close
in the sutras crowds hard core gamer crowd on their money it can be metaphorical but i don't think he i told him
nations these things as a metaphor or karma at thirteen actor grass and dr rainn i think
india okay
then after that scene of introduction after that dog and caught the second the tactile duluth etc about that reality of all peace and ten sentences and dog him made comments on this state
element in there are no the citra
photo essays is
the pilot us at anna's ultimate the and the identity from the beginning to end this is the tenth fatness the ultimate the identity between from our fast to nine statuses i'm not
only this fast to nice happinesses but i think that she also mentioned in know from the beginning and end in reading and in the from her time we allow the body mind until we are attain buddhahood
so ultimately ultimate identity from the beginning to the end is the every expression in the of expression of true reality of all pings
so ultimate identity up everything
is the are expression of this ah
we've all these reality of all beings
that means that we're gonna kill the or brings his identity of everything as a oneness
and self expression of an acharya
it's a why that we chanted this morning and return the woman ancestor that means ah
teachers british teachers
but was allowed who is qualified to give the present but here are terrier been a practitioners human beings as a practitioner
as for its this
identity or alchemy to add the i did kills everything is a set of expression of all of our since
as that boot sativa and this is one and the fame study one on the same study
because study is one other thing is quite an understatement and series in goal
and the front of have had done the fuck is one or one unseen me not to mention that this means one everything is the one at the same this expression in toys used ah
in gondola think a he described just use on my as
then in my translation doesn't is equally the same practice and the same and night mint
for both the person sitting and the for all dharmas so if is account the the python fitting and all mouth and i said in not mean by pagans a defendant was sit
the spring the camera all beings is our lady sitting together with us and they become enlightenment
so my practice is not my personal actions but can we sit with too easy and entire want everything this entire wanted me to the family the cold one and the thing practice between performed for
team and all beings that means and we sit everything become part of my city

and ah next prev only a buddha together with a buddha going to feel that piano here only a bigger together with a buddha is the true reality of all beings so she said you even
yoga is a coal shovel just so it's not a out order with us
only with us and the oil together because can penetrate or reality ah
the article border beings but
you know in that sentence this is subject and this is object and penetrate a var
so up thing is subject and object or one
it's not a motto
a that
can't see the to reality as opposite
but that is itself to reality
an actor you are to reality is buddha
so there's no such separation between subject and object
and by doing some by putting some valve we collect the subject and object i say something or i do fantasy barbuda buddha or penetrate a reality the can we see in that way the the separate
show me to me and that i'm talking
oh buddha buddha us and reality a reality for it is seen by buddha
that is a problem some logan said subject and object with guys and true reality out one thing
i often says about the first sentence of the heart sutra it said about is available to talk about from a practicing parantha clearly see that five scammed us are empty
in family we read that sentence if we think there is a powerful with the name was the upper cashew butter and the here are five is candace
and this guy from as he the five is candace
and boy it looks like there are five can puppet not really hairy their back into editing of its kind of means
that is what the faculty thing this python is a thing the thing as
but before we understand that sent that sentence in this way we completely each
how can i say misunderstanding understanding
because that intention of those people who made had set up is a to a thorough this framework
emptiness of five scandal mean you know what you get one person who is not five candace
see the fibers canvas as a projectile
then emptiness and there is a separation between is powerful and five canvas and the fibers canvas has as it is thin usually and to nappies emptiness but about tissue of is types canvas
such things called avalokiteshvara beside five canvas so this sentence is five canvas see the five scandals and that is empty so only there is five candace
i'm going the same here the same thing here
put us and reality or one
at me about fish for and five scandals on he has no such a separation and revelation
so in our sector it is technically translation wrong or are we supposed to have a bigger mind and see what it says like you explain translation script
uribe he has greatly to disease some professor so that means when we tried to express this emptiness using what we have to
how can i say
use that kind of logic human does peaceably your project
but will find we did but sentences we have to see that is a package said
a word
it's not the campaign that fiber about a pitch for is a zero five candace
more often more because mean nothing more than five kenneth kaunda five canvas
anyway so here domain is negating this structure separation between subject and object
in a buddha which stays reality
but buddha is a pint of reality
reality thing reality
ah and is only a buddha
yeah buddha if you you good sir
only a buddha is that a reality
holiday buddha is truly ip is one
and your with them together with a buddha is all dharmas
olivia put that is that true reality and together with a buddha is all beings
so he cut me too
you know expressions into heart and he said
it's the autumn of he said he will put these one buddha and your with three the another buddha
i'm to me this is interesting because the buddha and together buddha
know we are only one whatever we do i'm doing but factory that is a hard fast five sadnesses i'm alone in a young me i'm a unique but this unique person cannot exist without irritation with
others throughout time and space
so this only buddha means this out as are in the video and together buddha is we hold of is deanna so he was on the earth can sure to site over the rarity
fast five our fantasies and unluckiest for happiness is
no we're alone we are on the blur but at the same time we are together buddha
two a very funny costume
you cannot usually thinking at away
and he said upon hearing the occurrence all beings for all beings pro at me many different beings collection of all different individual countries that this show do not so approach sharing
the utterance or beings do not study it either as a run or as maybe
hi i just get the many collection of many in the of things but we can see this as oneness this entire universe is lying universe and indiscipline universe there are many into be there things
is to with the are these or in the bigger things
existing separately or are these one things ah ah for example
it was my family is one family
you know there are also down people
the collection of those february get it people who are one family or is a hunger is a collection of independent of people that is true and yet one some one sangha
it'll be one thing oh know
different ah or that from different streams get into the ocean you can become one motion
but i still get an individuality also so package to fit it to
but the main thing is we should not decide this or that because both until we are in the video and yet we can give on we have to live together with have as with that realization that with the others there's only
one moment we cannot do
you know that ai is not me but somehow he or is there and i can read
can leave us are in the be in a person but without the air or water or food or someone's help i cannot clearly
why exist
so from one point i'm one person i have to take care of my body and i have a responsibility for whatever i do and yet
this one individual person cannot leave had
a delegation we serve as an actor this one being is only as
in the case of in a
though doesn't it
we are like can not
but no same as our bubble there's no such thing called up not not his only validation of these are not number embodies threads are getting together
we cannot see in a piece of a correctional be little things
maybe you can be prepared things but we all can work for thing is that one unit
so we cannot say whether this is one on correctional many
and a poor hearing the utterance cruel reality
inferiority is the shows the the oneness
but at point sharing the others to reality or just so do not study do not study it as not to being voided jitsu
means through our young who are actor and as other was this is a composite of kill my point

ah do not study it it means to reality as not being void
usually diesel is a opposition of void
he said not study other option of void or for
well i've got to being nature
she continues or not ah
autonomous too much so let me ah
skip over last sentence
next to the end of this paragraph when all beings pen or beings are truly all beings thing all beings are truly or beings we can we call them on a buddha
when each and every pings are truly each and every geek's
we call them on the africa are new good
and when all things are true reality we call them together with a buddha that is he opens
so each one of us is derivative and the also yields and i am daddy shark
with that kind of with some kind of fun party but i want to be
fun fat the from i'm doing fun to should be to do
that means right now i'm talking about logan so i tried to do my best and the forgotten fat i'm talking then the isn't be show shocker
so i've become a shock
that is only put up and back now
you know what i'm doing is only a chalk can do
as but i have to take responsibility for what i'm doing so show agrees manifested as shock at this moment
that is the meaning of being whole hackett oh to happen to lead to something and that is a britain
and thing all beings are true reality means shock cannot be a show up without ah no other things and people now i'm talking but if got no audience i know we i'm talking with that the audience
is strange so i can be a speaker on the can there are people who are ethnic so i can have a guy we have a provisioning without you so
so how come to speak up and be a speaker was shocking because of all of you
i think that is a fraud from all pings are truly through reality with in connection with own beings can we call them together always a good that that woods
certainly called he can be funny but you're into to and be the one buddha one i picked older and the yogurt faith and another aspect to that
and not only without that each and everything we are in the video and the year and yet we are together with all beings these to side and in for example in cherbourg angel
with an nature he called this to say the as good an hr and move the nature
you know is soccer has a shock as a person while in detail and the another i'm a speaker if you work with an hr but activity has no such things called shock was speaker
that is more than a child so login i use these expression are you familiar with to show to side of one hundred every thing as a to reality
the question now i was just turn that first paragraph
seen it since the internet connection
the impression in this is that
it cannot
the is good actor
is a contradiction
ah it's a contradiction
it's pretty clear contradiction
this contradiction in the same contradictions and yesterday i said not true reality can be seen only put out together with put up nor human beings and yet with us on the job is to show to reality to poor beings this is company
so get the thing contradiction in so the point is without with us and living beings crusher by melissa same or are defined
i'm dorgan said thing i miss you know about the same time see different
so we cannot take any side but we have to say from all sides
ah but ah excuse me
rita in the prosperous shovel you so she says really encourage see
i got that as i'm human beings so are call happiness is it

we put our to i think

in the hand and about the shovel the song
he says therefore the to reality or this soul
ah studying under the guidance of to reality
is a burger ancestor transmitting garima from up with and sister
this is about of transmission so the tolyatti reality study under the guidance of to reality so we had to read it then we are without ancestor
this is again contradicted
without we have with on sister what a reality or we are are the my weeks
these fits
you know in sheboygan though
what about i sheen logan is caught judah and said
america is an delusion
mara was comprised of him without i think of a greek
but that doesn't kill mara
that quote magazine i said the five scanner samara
this five is kinda samara
that five but i couldn't kill em nada
the combat is to the himself
and ah as i said i got that
how the have cetera
how about the case was are active canvas
five kinda sad empty
that means of the five kenneth can be manner
i'm describing canada's can be of peschiera depending upon the trigger we grasped this as a mean or are open our hand and he know we are like on bubbles connected with all things depending upon
how we deal with this five scandals our life become
ah eroded human beings cut off my mardi gras migrating who is in clara while is same five canvas can be about the fish were
can help others who are describes cameras hide surprise new parliament
that is dough for the in shy shoguns or maca hundred on he said
in form is emptiness emptiness is form that is a factory setting that sutra but he's continued form is simply former emptiness is just emptiness
we understand what this means this is very important point to go hands goes
you know if they always say empty of form is emptiness
yeah two things for an emptiness and by putting his we want to say these two things are one
but finn how these two things are was it separated there's no way to get together again
so funny or saying we're thinking form is emptiness and emptiness is form we are thinking about two different concept as the one we trying to make this took two different concept into one thing but we're doing such a thing
we are still thinking
if the grouper or phone is very emptiness
we don't need say form is emptiness that we say in a epiphone emptiness is already there
the emptiness former is already there
so for me to pay for me the emptiness is too much
it we still are kind of are the bad from the reality of for what form and emptiness at one thing
so famously phone and witnesses or in here as reality and the fair we see everything is former is already here so more precise thing it for me the phone emptiness is entities
that's the mattress and after that he says
ah five canvas are five intense instances of cause now
five is instances or criteria
so did five cameras can be now
and at the same time this facts canvas is maya
it's a fucking a pathetically any anything
can be both delusion and making a prize yeah how so our practice of a studying and and practice is how we can
these five canvas function or numbers from five five cannot function at moda to dysfunction despite the same from five scandals function as prisoner
that is only
you put many people that a point of our practice as mahayana buddhist
and this is what is called dropping off putting on a architect body and mind our fight is candace by
five scandal somebody on the mind
and friendly with grasp
i'm going to be first laugh at me
can we we're cleaning but when we open our hand
no facts can be couple
as him and really like manifest as emptiness so dropping off for the undermine the very simple thing
open our hand
yeah no opening up the hand of thought is it said of president kaunda and according to watch copies of him
from fathom is instead of pressing opponent
does make sense
i have equal partner very day
yeah andrew
yeah that doesn't doesn't is itself through your to the and mind
back to the fido incident we just sit
if we are trying to is in all six something called pricier than ours are there is not pregnant yet
when we really just sit open our hand and fix without expecting anything president is already there because our five canvas apparatus yeah
it's very simple logic that very difficult to access
the against our way of thinking
summer breeze we say for the for
conceptual and therefore
what is best
to say or like for can we say form is emptiness form is a concept and emptiness tennessee that concept and we try to make these two different concept but top with the concept has one so familiar think
form is emptiness we're thinking that these two are opposite concept activity when
but other reality
if is a really emptiness and we need to stay for music emptiness so already there that in fact ginger or manifestation means it's reality is already there with that thing with of thinking about the
thing about day on it for after the unnecessary
so finally you how to we can we just see
happy you are mice
your mouse the king of thought and justin
that is photo is that when jessica
by some point
good if all thousand all my son and i just sit down and
or is something our family
you know i know i'm going to the lab trying to achieve something
and yeah i don't exactly see sit down and
that is a kind of is ah
the rating three within dreams
you know it was in letting go we grasp something and you forget something
so we're very used too much complicated money they cannot thinking is really completely would no fan which think or here this kind of getting we wanted to understand that while we attain that know a painting
but that is our problem we create things more and more in a complex complicated
integrate hit the goal was reality is already there because we are already be part of minority but i you want to make that reality my understanding my opinion my my philosophy
in a problem
hundred that program is important again but if i go insane by writing this kind of strange things
oh have you told me here even i'm sorry i can we started have you ever feel to it was from this afternoon i started