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Auto-Generated Transcript

put the morning everybody
has already been with past
ah i home or off
this space
a man that
ah now we are facing eight
the second paragraph of line plan jewish for firefox
the center is stalking even our encounters on the basis of the goodness on the faces of my paid millions ah for now confused with the m falcon games when
when they contain even mountains are not only standing on the highest mountain peak in water is not only working on the deepest ocean role
taking in his likeness letting go is agrees with say we all shouted poker with an inch
what we see the ocean or the room or high water these are simply that any helen davies though we may not see the faces of the ocean there are no doubts about or conduct on sin
for example in speaking of your foods one grow or good
are you saying one for to stocks are been and say you are for folks are son is conduct that causes the loss of the ten thousand beings why does he not say a
long of them ten thousand a bent why does he not see ourselves and good r groves cancelled and groves we should not forget leave why our bamboo of will grow up
kershaw same it all the things that can hurt and wings is still that ten southern please
in this
section two in the comments on on this father must have frozen or cautions passing all run by noon

a whole is our this translation on thing
i might be embraced me
who are included
oh collaborative and the venue is ten thousand beings and the in the context of their conversation
the own interpretation is the great ocean are conducting the south and beings so what other commonsense great the ocean is something and problem team is our with in got container that the way
isn't that is no
appeal thing is containing is sense that wouldn't be safe is great ocean
there's no such things called the great ocean beyond what we say with any sovereign piece for everything there is is a certain southern peach interconnected each other and that is called ah were in potion
thought we're going
was in the wrong with this lower call that opinion on the nation each and every be and felt i've been listening i don't know what i said
the i have this happens a problem he said that he goes there's no such sample on you now
when we see is duration get not a to not what is just that ah pleasure of bread but we don't say a solid so regional cuisine i can download just decide
population between water and air
is luca and the air there's no such a strange things called apartment so gathering data name of this african
people don't on
order to the award
what looks right there is an actor is but there's no fat
independent entity or apa robbery just a name or reputation of woke up at there and the ficus canvas and what is it release him
i was five canvas and what's more with you know
elemental this five countless i root for not on my failure
he owns of says it's know how a high school
hometown of real voice cells under as not my entire element in our everything was suddenly since we are going
everything will be experienced become a political with other questions from this person was are all
and so it's videos of times more complicated but basically the same as other show on is it power
oh well known as sea shore and yet
since everything is penelope as i always been an irish
had swung not going me
in address this entire them in powder is being
this entire world is my one show up for one even knows up with an acrobatic so they're not science
i could show her as a manifestation but there's most asking for the shore
this revelation
in your for us
while or history or english and the endangered over the mortgage mortgages for this key i
and the entire key is
we're got us
fumbled got the thing with find you
tinseltown wings and thought
in logan's and the expression sometimes with safe file with empire why
i'm sometimes in iowa and by one flow a sin says sometimes visited with empire he is a sin and sometimes with entirety is a million gallons there's no such thing for the city from there was time
ah that is how things are within this are
car dependent can dish
a dog and and on high in some i think know all and southern be feeling is whenever she coming and going to see my wife
is said this movement is it said smiling
when you say that tokens as sometimes the self and campuses a whole sometimes the whole encompasses know is that always have are both always happening all the time is so there's not even yes separation between those two know
ah is something is televised that door in the some or grass how he said and this part is smaller cut improve entire one
a lot of
wrapped up in the same idea for you know your marketing pistol to that says reading now of these are wrong smell it is
complain that is a social visit not vulgar is a powerful of opinion but it can on the idea what the real
if not the the fact can he he is gonna patients you know in the beach and every global war now you know in this wonder if it is strictly she expressed with will be together each
either in that this practice here from about the mean
oh for them thing or come on painting in on on themes i'm here to say something
horace the tourists
however is
although we did not know how via for now we call them can a cancellation fee
i'm the place even alive in countering of the faces of labradors and faces of the a pigeon and fill our ancestors ah for now confused with than ten fun and games his computer is a confusing
though i'm not mistaken translation to but arise has
different different even from a common meaning of english shoes that the
i love with network was a special your apple inc

me i'm fat is
i'm escaping me
i'm between nicole
so mistakenly decodes on this the one of his family is a kind of not interesting while logan with kids he said
show was shackled in the shower
sure secretary

mean are with me big making mistakes
mistake after mistake that is a kind of cohen's an expression i'm going with used to fish he now positive way
for with apple and we start with the same suck so as thanks for the in europe nice to know our narrative on fish so if this is not simply confused but ah
in often a encounter with brothers and sisters
you know for example the movie
the us actually we compared with a friend that we good
but of getting through the suitors or not only are dealing with no convenience
this is how we mean with us our ancestors
when i went with my pizza
guys i'm obsessed with my teacher those ah ha
examples how we encounter mean with because i'm ancestors and also cameras
don't ha border nothing other than this can be sent out on the means
so friendly encounter a problem when we encounter up with on system
on the particular path for the with yamato ship was a particular castle as are
so why no one can get out of be can be some happy to write something special to some some popular past
but either way this is his grandfather being in tampa residents of at things that can mistakenly we think you know this is my
and i'm deciding on this may be he doesn't make the negative american doesn't mean something energy this is how can i say
that means it's birth ancestral teachers are
nothing this in
see you know it's not really everything whichever you as a person as a data recovery
it's not getting my teacher
you know i i ran study would assume so
a study guide him through his practice on searches
i'm in the passing through guy ah after thirteen years ago
he was eighty six not have had a dog person is not necessarily like teach at an anyone my feature
in one of the time will tell
that the because the newspapers much more than is
there it was a solicitor
whichever is as part of the same on weeks
an idea
the body i'm reminded of after them
we can see from those time so thin ice say that possibly the children's with my kids and no mistaking the because who knows get to know is my case i'm getting mistakenly has national never to your narrative homepage
this means
for me she hit for the young man is completely danny
completely expression fool with economy and the he and example taught me how
team we undergo lot about things are
so he is not simply to the body or wine
he in his inferior
whenever she can sort of things
so we can see from both sides that ah
as a particular person
this particular person is a nine peter
please use yet using your diagram would you say
i think the intercept met the war and
our sport
food at works music and system i think so i mean this little elaboration on gates show that initial was in space the others that with
good morning was in turn
in this day the intersection no place on com
exact figures notice that pistol
everything is
one moment before
those there is power racists either cause under the young
this is a very good reason as up
i'm cause under conditions
things supporting
things got a whole game to me that is so he is the intersection of hi my space on things happen
like you can see it like that
net on this decision like this is a lid on this embracing divorce or a cabinet
but the be sovereign on this is a look
so we should raise all of a similar thing
so even tell you what we need to with our brothers and sisters our teachers we have up for keeping this
network of pedigree his niche on it's a it's just how we are together with all these and that this our practice practice the propaganda i'm just
how dumb as it's done this before
he or myself says that idea how to decide
and our next to run his other analytics or example from ah stages of their masters
when they contain even mountains are not only standing on the highest mountain peak in water is not only working on the deepest ocean
floor this is a same of yeah with that
then someone else shall be chinese
expanding into effect thousand team said six dogs and i usually oxide again i used for an ugandans you know beans so he told by important i insist that county
and this thing some time we
stand the highest africa highest peak of the mountain
sometimes wore a gay person
the bottom of yours
i'm from
the wedding thing
in only visitor from this is the us some days are a young other bracelets are race is going on the
a potion
obviously you're not in both and this
awesome open
i'm there are many more different mountains
but don't do with japan's with our month
pacific ocean
united states
i'm you see the fact i think falco said you can we say mount fuji
what is that and mound visit
i think we've got a big part of muslims scott
in the founder or bumps with the and mom
where month visit physical
and there's a the services
no one main problem get some some comment but i'm as up a terrible reality there's no had founded i'm taking this empire
as even or clownfish
there's no such separation monthly is not only this time
the monk visiting world all this at the film is a wisdom that are being paid
awesome is a public money system
so i'm the
it can be set send we'll poke talk on the bottom of the ocean
it will grow a of monthly
unless we make september mom made
so friendly graph below his
later on
long fuzzy
we would have a patio off
when we have this one loving ocean or you entire
as as a book at a part of little push so the had a poor family does anything i helped me with by saying is
you know the and a particular the and of meeting popular mom games but
look the only man treason or other monkeys inquiry and ah
the happy more about this or any group and dialogue for the slumping in buddhist prayer off
so then we grasp this is one crazy but then we didn't go with it just as there's no such particular mom this is up his da vinci in alleges sentence about taking in a
not chris i'm looking over his analysis fan will take and couple a months which is then i have a month by the film needed gold does not have finished school mount fuji one to the disappearance

can you include and you didn't but they continue to our connections eating out on them into the world and penumbra pedigree egypt
in one particular carefully and this entire team is country completely manipulated and the also is mounting and dismounting completely inaccurate picture
it's both are you know how to get on one page but there's no such a good amount at the time

yeah in our innocence in the other since everyone horribly improve tell me my teacher not at current us so we can say in many ways
so this is found in drafting hundred and will be disgusting i didn't go his uncle vanya can access than expression and also our kids in missile wonderful masters some time
the this is it family in just three
we've got everything and thing you could just cool of his grasp not the order of a so
it's got cooking
is no real cool eating is not reality
again percents not manifestation amanda
three always see
the reality now we
when from suicide plan grasping of i'm doing now now
because i laugh
skiing i focus my energy was just speaking
there's something extra in my life
come for custom kitchen
that is one way to grasp
he's d'souza lists
police are good and i will not nothing is talking about tokens
my for just two months but visit the area please
that is the first time to size of this week
we'll be and this will are acting and behaving on practicing is kind
so we say they were shut of the buddha nature or we say they also know my daughter channels for these are simply a l found on things gave up
two examples of that the list
exactly expressions apparently been second suggests that using this about abortion that
when we needed is tangible expression the damage our or son manager are also know pilot by gotten by the japanese government kind of now
it seems something beyond his work
yeah thats at our ocean or getting kind of activity in can acquire is nothing new hundred families
metro co inc incan to go to me
hey sometimes can games
good i've got north korea is not been handed in southern pigs i really think how we live in our dependence
nothing fun to see here
ah so
though we may not see the face of the ocean in our database and we don't see in this out bush
there are no comments about the conduct of seeming yet we are each one of us everyone was in high hangman fish swimming in the source
you know
recently my book on video coin published on now
he's a painting
and meanwhile my friend japanese paper he was he
the me guy from key
having political particular covering heritage
he teaches japanese painting a that
then i gave up on public though he to stolen
with them
he's painting was
busy the all with the all over she she's been why
fish same written there would
the fish is already very small
the tires and
cannabis is time and face with payments been removed this is swimming then i saw his enemies
this is became my emails for bargains your core so them will work for others is a process the published application i asked him he was thing as a cover on
the resolution around us to use in it was about cut up
the gun pain
fish feeling kissing this area and the we have been used throughout time and space
to begin drinking or
kingery a of walking was you they were in hadn't seen

so according to studies are some from his whole family it's not perfect in particular mental ah effort to unsettling but our holder had to dream team and out of his movement inconsiderate or tonight
if you say private place placing sometimes i get your senses
it's not scream
so how lucky i will be
but in time and space as up i'll told totally normal logan said in his can go with and is being our pity
he gave a not this visit a kind of a common idea of time on his face and they even when i was not something we stayed or with us throughout time on his face started out of our kind of one cologne
i'm not a way of thinking that according to the in that in our evolution why nothing mistakenly the night
what the expression using our was unconscious our time and be run as the actual week in fact over there actually are like our tv the in order to express and understand we
a concept of time on his face and other things
so one day
you can rising that's not connected
yeah did this for years room and can be simply misquoted moment on auto insurance is that before under attack is forgiving target moment i'm here she's a very people and i'm using this
he said
the motion
now i can see me in no time
no spaces or less
no separation of space
north face
i know tell me more separation between a terranova on the mv know what is the one thing
this means

if i started to cover that it takes the water one know us and i don't have much time so hard that is nothing came from danger poem on their i need discussed about of means in a book
so please try to teach and we have a question
so what i had to go
this is a random
i'm lousy or into is another very good example
really everything is one of the and every occupied
the a our family room
five zone to
in speaking of their own flew drove through his car practically
he was a disciple of joshi
your show a good model you know to issue is a very biochemist
well known times a must
joseph guinea visit continue for fox but the a few diners on this title tough to was one
someone has to this person
fuck is a tough call your lose one grow over time group
it seems this work busy the packed with a name of a brace yeah discussion games
oh we don't know to pass on our name it's only said ah as good i i'm pleased
so did initial question this article i drove through is unable to face yeah this past due
so the question fuck is good one grow from good
he says one one two strokes are surrounded
a monk said i don't understand
then passed the state three or four stocks are bed
and at all
entire conversation that can do in court
if we all know to grows up at such easy to have a guru injuries around the globe
interesting point of bamboo grove is
i was both the got i got a good a with all my fish acronyms or do you want system of goods
so this is the kind of are good our example of integrative convenience everything that definitely wrong
if only we only see is talk on the team says they are even
so this game came as a hand underpin
you know this one hundred or five fingers is are potentially home from many from good trees for can andrew wrong
that it would seem same candle
and though isn't about discuss on this thing for example is taking oath dwarf one paddock was one will or to fire one or two strokes i've been so fun
it is bamboo stalks the are key into an hour give him some are you know us from when someone's been someone
see someone fun
ah for someone to be showed for might be wrong
so can we say is going to be fine
double father he said one or those dogs are and and three or four stokes us
and yet
see the good with the with that one getting weeks
you can define gentle blue
right one country
empire can do you
and conduct the court is the most potent ten thousand beings is losses again in
if she doesn't get them what happened
i'm not a game but the fuck
oh you
in this english translation is fuck with your girlfriend
travel it to if you look only english translation
you don't you'll never see some mistakenly goose
we will take mistakenly doesn't mean it's not brilliant post
what stay that means our friendly
in are seeing this powerful possible only in africa
each of palm trees are some been some are far from each amplifier but by saying so
you saw this one this
by showing this one these things have the periodic the older kids stokes
the city and we have not getting lost see stingy
so even when i say this is the one hand now separation of each finger is lost on the
order finger on festival here now it's become other one hundred at all
under now it's run across the us individually or in your costumes at a thing and would we say one summer those
in dire need of egypt by last disappeared and then we're not be done
we are there but the simply become a puddle
the away with in a granddaughter the
it's he and his his team lost only publicity
in our connectedness
so you're always
pinch or two from to five from his grasp and unlike
so he i think he appreciated for a to
a lot of the pen pals and pings why does he not say a foreign happened in turn down an he
two or three of us
was one or two or three or four is not enough the at the many not all always one to four point one grow older group but there are the on you grow so my boom
so it would we only thing from a kid out bamboo grove when we don't we don't get sick of reality as a whole
here here's donuts
the umpires that it doesn't this is god she's talking about a great ocean is great those is not only simply one to see your fault
fernanda what they've had and on these numbers
so i then she said that we should not forget today's will writing about go a one world at peace
has golf
this aspect of awareness and my that is
my picture
you can you
yeah always two sons i'm i'm like this
english raising the time
this is crazy but this is the while go get them here is dog
the story and of out what a little creatures though the is not particularly bullish on this is a come on why english not in chinese
the only going away and g is routine
he's not crazy
so please throw away
crazy credits please
so this is a companion this
kelvin reason that is not getting me reason in this case is visit this is no collision that are wasting things up
so we should not forget the way that things are as are correct bitterness on july
see smoke felicity
so are caution over for hundred thing it contains the can that the beings are all the value is thing that can southern wings of move
there's no such kind of a separation in great ocean
on pain can start on the deal if we game understand industry the separation between our container way person
they found on the drinks and
guess between something at the objects
but an
saga said just all longer than is eight inches there's no thousand
the great ocean is not been so great ocean is not a saboteur while it's not a company
or maybe some time over will contain on painting are
i'm say don't believe and southern days contains inside of means there's no such a container
should go
let's go in the day
comments on that
second question for a month

she's christian ways by is the that how boys dress i spoke doesn't belong on the oil time the sentence is
i think
do she shop
he mean
german fact
so the as at for forefront reason we're point
the key is the stopped crazy so that women are fighting with top reason
on the food is no
i'm doug
in this translation know
shop young means that this coming
a drug ring

as a part of the top the conversation or translation is
why he was caught by police
the person who stop praising it does not know
i think though him a senator i can sentence in very different mean
and the british he said also is has the faced over mistaken impression it is fuck i use him
so getting no question is can is a question but now if we we need is other christians stink
but he said kind of she's are really the having turned away with cleaning chinese
of the a question symptoms of the question as a statement
even in the thing if given the number you
you know that i his grandma
so if someone is feeling descendants each way
the mistake
what should we intentionally make mistakes are you know at times graham
the the
same thickness in very different
so according to him peace with another question
although this has the face of a misleading impression
fuck are you think is a of thinking appeared in the beginning of this guy like that you can you know this means
got thinking of thus
this fun is in a bachelor tax
for this in not a question of his or
the inside that is accordingly
and then it is i've always had my doubts about his gun it may just an encounter with this guy i always had my doubts are com his expression also came from us
the between things or rings are functional friend kate
is it the are in that will come back and reminisce commercial practice darkness come by governments
at the end goal at random this story guilty or innocent i been out now
ogilvy the and resize get such a thing that is that exact moment he actually seen a to phase through this process
because he understood the far food this is is the i heard you talking about
then i have been in the invested i have been nothing about discussing you hear your understood
happy the way to take
so if you mean
this lamp is making thinking about this will go hand in tokyo
for sunday is a free expression of with way on ordering south as inaccurate
and he continues
we're is it into question in high isn't that someone whose breast has stopped doesn't belong for a while doesn't it has a bit only
next sentence here it is a good if it contains the ten thousand beings why is a that someone whose breath or stopped doesn't belong
see now part of the domains game with rats on
davis as a statement on the fish
i'm very you
he changed the meaning of this is the and so is a sentence
in a conversation between rustics or says are under non-local about our fuck is a god has come now ah
in fact if anyone is phone to and
three answer was
jim he walked and for
folding bike
i'm good thing think
and the with home
i'm guy in charge
so our original attorneys for the a special party up has come with only six
tennis characters off a whole car
and of been a question but ah brogan will be with again in know i'm a question but other thing
i mean this thing that can name only his work what we have no education no concert your life so we only we can only call this team as prop
so how out no mean for escaped with academic it was in for business or pepsi in this how can we will complete gosh
so nothing name and park is funny
i solely as a a statement is mean
bathrooms if
come past
as mixes
this is a whole go in the
i i think he did this for the lot
and about this work in
why all fall
exemplary his show a good show of the damage
she discussed about go the right
from a really famous corn of joseph
now if i don't have any deterrent not
i'm off and there was on oprah moment come through
just you only set the moon happy the indonesia recession in the version of are offering gonna to separate from fish i'm in a fast one ah
joseph from joshua the asked as a dog running channel on the first doses and moon
i'm gonna grass everything has begun age five hundred or paddle not night then joshi are answered
if the answer is me
shoot me
he called for one cause how is our third party
a she's she'll and in for because the go a adult who will come
cause she came running processes
have fun on the day in pain
he was your only way of reading these sentences because he has ah
a common questions he means go
common grasped by only the dog has not the guy
joseph said because though there was a political consciousness and is really cool way of leaving
from the way to the defense but in sheboygan of shown in the
how he did business
give me not all because
come also me a faithful
what the thing and out the main passion
try pool a game
so all about
a being or the think of bonds
being a vocal ensembles
he's been clean
can cause
so that means or go with what are the ball circular
lobbying for the sake of others so for the think of other was at about mean conquests
i'm fine though is a dog
so the count is such a thing
at this fight he should move
a survey logan read this sentence so is country this you know our and corn with without dog has a good answer
he has never see how do i have no
but because are in a very beginning of shogun with any text entire week's argument
so the question if i don't have done a job on doesn't make any sense to him so he the inability of pretty indifferent
i'm visiting one of them way machine the histories this is not is this not so please it's almost ponies
so this is not possible to translate into good news so you need to find some similar car sandwich
the otherwise there's no racial past to convey this veil you know angela twisting things twisting things mean being free from circles having trial think we'll thing
you can already see that sentence very different the almost completely different person
anyway and about this fantasy this our fish as i think he is
thirty nine
for the of companies
the cycle customers
passionfruit of are waiting
ah never know
this about this twist
this twisted
it is to understand
the dangers of work and how to work
finders can people within three hundred was germany's been issued the
why not use
there was the icing conditions that nation
he called the question
i three i had to call on was not poetry in japanese is a can just copy in chinese
i'm a fan he adds show gains over the japanese the main countries that means that when few ways so eventually this case khe sanh my movie happens in their previous few days from the collections of poems in chinese because he used the pitch will
escape of nominal british
on my heat twist to a sent as an ear recollection from that at least tolerated here by me to name then please
so being a hangover and for children in these expressions on and of toys and here was enjoying to remain that kind of face
to ah
i first show his children's ah
by renewed for his conversation ends
i think them
these two sentences makes sense appears to me in the fast well as is a up is in his
for more
this favorite phone
are you show you place
it is english translation it's always had a feeling that i'm the guy is this will be
so the place isn't that it is is
the price is deafness is so he's talking about was this business is
i'm not sure if the city with his translation means nothing read something but
in the place where with is
is why i'm here time this
tiny sentence
she doesn't didn't translate into japanese he just hobby in essence of this crime is it got someone for the press has told doesn't long
or why doesn't it house or dead body this is unknown
well i think our previous question is from the
and i think to death read this in other question of this is new not others under not told so we have to be his eyes either thin
so the to the praise of the
or for the faith or darkness
martha who spoke grizzly that is now corrupt of buddy of mine passed of really given from this screening me
ma'am my condition
can i attach or quitting on grass
so is always vividly
on the next five he doesn't it has a dead body it has for the sake of destinies
this in go shopping without stain without saying is same as without rain non dwelling current you know what i'm writing this that person
no matter what anybody ever
pine trees and mean i rarely free or his tenth depending upon the situation or condition wasn't young chains
i hear it is good if it contains the ten them beings why he didn't have someone force press has stopped doesn't belong
so this with a great of destiny's his praise of are or on painting all means that can be disappointed born now than other things are here now in
that prince
and he quickly
indeed a thin thin fence
i'm willing this phrase or classics or ah race or ethnicity is placed on containing his island beans
we are down
haven't stopped brain dead body or as are some coriander nineties turned off
for the fairbanks destiny rather skin wonderful or stay one place
i think that is fucking who is the name
the next sentences
quina we should just realized that contains complain organ is not beyond or had team pretty and or contain is not a highly qualified
although the can seldom babies the dead bodies not housing than means he will only pay them on yes that means it contingency
i'm not wrong even guys
who means over the man makes one with this is another
popular expression in film that special within the master
that's to he stood in this order ma'am
this one is the most all our know the game on goal
move over stone if his own death
so some is why volvo has called in
again good that means ah
of us out to guide to page as true
to allow a more how to be a way to this rare
the job have all the monks are van rouge so this segment cave ah that kind of expression to or i was to understand
what is our crashes entirely runway and these for the think of customers with your the advance in we don't bring to anything we give you
we're on our body i remind them are given

i'm on
the moment

then he finally saw them said
this is our
forums final statement he will go any place as i said before there was no pakistan the two more characters but no
is to track as here
isn't single now
so this sentence is it
are not dominant of the game for those things and others will find you
and go into
whoa is me
or roger
or effort
and the he is really
the western tradition is it's not it's not come very close to the name of a thousand pigs
of grief
i'm is is this means that
whether content found on the games have stopped raining or whether they are not stop reading they don't feel
so pushing will raise such raising or not stop breathing is not a much everything within this is other things
do not wrong with without thing right now we are they rented or not very because he has no way to clean in grantham we do bring into the sadly things to things will live the important
but i tell you can't cream even i want to buried in cream and there's not a young thing really because it's not possible because they have no such awesome for cream and there's no such things that can be clean up
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is the off on a i know we're report
because we're trying to rename it together with all beings all with and seldom these
young than practice
so after the body may be available to leander the digital going on
where there is conduct our practice that study together with the can southern the beings if we have
can you want to practice together with all things with english interconnectedness of economy
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it should contain i don't know how this it means that we are all this is a polka
so now i'm ago the mind is already a drug dog on of
i thought out and we are standing on brought together with all things
ah we are to new orleans we are young within this document
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riverina or all beings and in our internet on a guy
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but anyway anybody any administration of our henderson all beings are working together
including myself and video card
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it's the kind of interesting the squish it is complaining that can have other things he said containing a game of and themes
so compelling that he said okay a place i will be over by you is now great ocean
this great the also contains a great ocean said
all meetings on pain orleans or obtaining contained the country
so there's not that different there's no
separation in subject object on coachella and accomplish this in one single reality to all beings are giving existing together support him working together
network movement within this invaluable is high in them
therefore i hope for analysis final sentence father in however many ways family
are there are not that there's cows and pigs they will not manifest they're constantly effort is manifest in canada
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and cool
logan screen pandora
this is making efforts my practice
we've gotta know inside of the base guess no practice and more effort
so this kinda money according to darwin is now
when in southern themes
been working to get out as peace
the dragon
the primaries
she like try to clean time
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i think people of all with venezia ability to one of you
so no one is excluded with
the an impact organs things people who are filled with the article for not yet ready can be excluded from is one that they are utterly

please is there
any sort of structural rhythm to the text struck terrorism offences to is there any meaning in starting with arising at the beginning then moving to see sing then moving to indra's net
being a furnished is there any macro are larger structural ah
are a bigger or is a rather modest credit during like
but god was another color make that kind of know
preparation as
tactile the afflictions and over at and there's no such program in logan's for know like
to the boys on much more difficult convenes
can i sleep
not with any by one scarf so really we are getting the or marks or scars
so that makes sense to me that that any one continuous tax in a country to country but is there any sort of teaching
meaningful teaching and starting with the rising moving to cessation that moving beyond those to the net is that means there i think that is how we studied by understanding of the guys trying to say in blitz part of the site
so our i know
it but the interface of we are gonna have people we rely on us but that's kind of making of
separation and are point of each section
perhaps briefly with you can say something a little more about concentrated effort is concentrated efforts to him as they weren't kansas and are making a sincere effort itself is negotiating the way of bender lot
yeah cuckoo to in the offer
already important to the engines is making them for into practice i know we have to the devil so going back to duty question earlier is that thing
he's is concentrated effort strong effort is that some odd that like fix somebody i think of them are important part of that somebody in our ally a for to nothing to participate that ah
i'm i he found under also our our practice says our effort is part of is interconnected
so particularly when we see it doesn't know cause we degree from not to grasp i was thinking so camera body upright and
the from an agreement to keep our eyes open not sleep on the go whatever come on this is our important just looking
and this is someone
i'm in finale often or usually means a condition of guy who doesn't know
steak or mentality of mine but in this case of tokens that other hikers cause state over my corrosion
but this couldn't more dynamic movement
is it so for money
and our practices doesn't right was somebody is official to that to
food bar and grill dynamic
stepping on washington

thank you very much
the end of ten thirty
like the image
grass thatched year
six foot grass
i'm afraid it pages
have you can get overtime entire jerry
i'm good anyone
thank you very much for your actions will practice
a study on visiting to money for you
the i'm and strange
image into the bay bridge
well to me this is a really interesting important to understand know that i'm i'm here in i'm doing
i hope
i can come on
the institute
she said

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