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good afternoon
page five
second paragraph of is he
how i with with
that now we have or yes
they are locked for boys
the that will help your last they are no the lately mays' got we should realize that arising is arriving in beginning reader with it it is of sharing your account is have a need
privately held with drying apples and a car i'm sorry
invading with a rule out of ten arising is not read into is not opposed to live fish though there is a sudden arising of guiness we are here had previously been see
the arising office it is the arising of animals
because it is the arising of kindness it is not marked by opposition or relations
no are facing i'm feeding irritation or opposition to me other
seeking is sitting at painting we do in this is our case or in mean in when he got into pulling act well if you raise the idea he knows it's air
though facing or cause suddenly we're there had previously been a high
this is not cathy both or rising
it is that facing or organic kindness because it is the setting of the pharaohs it is not for both or ready
in this
he's talking about
in return oceans with for money the summer
because i'm on the surface and oranges birmingham can run my always and fees for madame is film that been over iran is than the rings movement or graves says very the
the structures of work i can get
we got movement then
awesome can reflect everything
the up
don't represent you in like that idea
he said as just moon
rabies named davis and we need him
to grab
and are in the case of golden came down environment maybe it's not a window of illinois been or should have and
the windmills ginger cool
i you know waves actually i think is
know ask about yoga in know found him we are sending ah but he says the really not a slightly
the walking or a in the surface and yet at the same time we are working a water water wash
so both power
you know
gov no wins but it would have shot on the surface still waves worrying
so we have fun
moving and working i'm changing
i have come down still and peaceful
just kind of dominant please include size are both
i'm ah
first he discussed about key
or rising
the way to discover convincing
allow issue
you're thinking

first the out in already thinks that are killed discussing about its allies in the patient of their work or are internal new fields but free
i as an is this morning this with a not not always to know you're alive
but this are official or arriving not increase
but his family hasn't he just got something here and now in cooking i think about the allegations we can whiskey and is with not a question of team not five is talking about
i'm tell he is game arising and passing on reagan's it's not over feature
i love
reading the running game and i just arriving
to make the incest
to me these are arriving on facing
it is
same thing as in sell beans show his no age
i think i'd already been
in the very beginning to think and talk
in my permission
he said that great way or with us and it is completely the integrated is
she said degradation and then he said manifestations the relation all

i'm a manifestation is the perfect angel

from a great the well to there has to offer
like to watch it when is all about will arise again zero and i probably already familiar with this rather get a job manifestation
our boys his coach
oh you've learned something we can go through even though the south ah separation or division
can go through
for example i got you
what transparent
from this is transparent in in there is some a few if the filming of parents
like can go through
i'm karen
in japan is call me
so called minute or something which can go free
even if there's certain divisions or separation
i'm doctor if thing that when i broke the on your my shooting as up or down
the goal that means out on the in to get authentic is said line is
river in different right
and this is served given i didn't give
you are fulfilled life is a manifestation of thought and function
this is the orange bowl manifestation of bodily functions things
so there are three five one is
manifestation another in revelation
to me this means you know and i was gone
this is born
version five scandals after a you did so they are a national congress
scandals was me
much like you i'm there i became a police ma'am my name on my site
the and know unless you know man monday become a show
islam at this five can ask offshore
you can try became our list
no i can just five stemness manifests as a japanese goose is and i'm fucking
kyla candy sticks how i can do i can do what i am right now up in a this five can manifest
and yet even know i'm a japanese i am list
i think in know at the same time and what a priest and increased only for between know for a monarchist and do
i'm i'm a for can i compare myself with some people who this
i'm not that just released until i am
i will get our topic for hot
i'll tell them at test week
but funny i studied together either people for local police has served on the time i like jumped i was very not free and is
thing i thought compare his five struggles with other instruments and this month or two please is no good
and i'm on the pitch
london for that means
damn dangerous i'm right you're running into this
this is only decide
at the same time i'm know
the truth that and where we have written show organ or the show with answer
jorgensen on is to size as me
clinton was showing buddha
put on it
he is the final two separate aspect either fifteen fifty or half in the hot but both are hundred by puppies are just means floor do a nice job
this is not have been
i like fundraising a thing
right in thinking he said line is a manifestation talk and function so like is
i have three hundred and and we are alive and we are one hundred percent gonna happen
i'm offended we're then we are under and then there's no waiting for now ha i have skin in we i know
know yeah this experiment if we asked her how we are hundred percent online you can be we're a rounded person the so life and death never met each other
when we think about like thing
is coming year
one thing and the and because the id claims to live a life is something i knew
i like how i i hope continue on this is something i don't want to
so now i'm thinking with a hundred if over the each other
but other reality a knife in under a passion and this a lot of food person they never needs are meet each other
find a winter you can see the and we are and i'm just need
if you will be time
of course it can breathe is essential
on within life we have put your feet and weekend
create this game discrimination act of writing and with
i want to make a choice but somehow not amateurs that are so me
one we saw
but according to go kentucky's how but i'm ready so we need to accept them know where you live other things
yeah i think that the from she's discussing here
a kind of obligation
the variation on the manifestation and he said there are no obligation most a wasting half and hour
the dish so airport are multiple counts each other
the simplest is are you know string i think that this point here discussing this phone
that to that now we have that was they are not to post rupees to side arising from a patient or integration and manifestation
no support each other and they are not paid in egypt
means that we should realize that arising his allies allies will be simply awry manifestation is
ah in inbreeding
we live on in
it is of sherry
you cannot is that i need
for i need to be you could drive and krumholz on the car and smooth this is our
popularizing expression
from of books particular them
and run program in china
are you
garmin office
oh shame
they are forced to nothing for it is not mentioned in a logo with regulation the cannot do any
but privately three you go back gave you know everything turnbull in enough is ah the meaning of this on this thing and this is five means i think you know
finn sings the arising just arrived
and yet nothing reason
like a problem
there's nothing i've nothing please
as these of for like me
it's not me
that is boom it's not sure when screen it's not sure he's going to die
so method actor nothing is known as an easy one
the guy from his can is just a name is process or other appear on stay away and disappeared
nothing or our eyes as nothing pays nothing a all nuts means
so ah of chevy malibu are nice mesclun page that privately i'm still so happens re-enable giving her
i'm so how has shown as well
and everything
older people and everything is back to one so everything there
if part of my laptop
whichever is so thin i were famous time of the well with apple this castle an entire while our own together
and then what we are given me discussing and the entire world is living together and the thing is passing lines entire on guys with distance
that is impregnated everything their lives and yet nothing
that is the meaning of this program
if we will we want to use to describe my third time this is our ultimate truth and of vision
of sharing getting nothing everything is empty but private was a conventional reality
nothing is missing or can be no
we're happy
another expression building continues his abandons ambitious
one does conditions
so our practice a wonder is going beyond abundance ambitions
we were jumping
i'm you know i was utterly beyond fence he was writing of our hundred percent the are still time
so of share your child is that i mean to privately you could drive a horse on the cracker and smooth
in beginning we do on end arising is not be able to is not opposed to physics for arriving i'm thinking or not or condition
go where is the some arising for type of darkness where there had previously been see this is not the arising of ticket data arising from and jones
know arising very are thinking a level position on an island or you know now with a knife on the thief
at least one mean
get are facing and big getting a different
this morning
this is awful
you are in this case and in facing america over the future they are much
they are both arising on christian of garden where or the results therefore as an illusion and of the dirty work with each other this is just a are for informational type of movement are changing
of that
so this is rising a prisoner know yet
ah because it is the arising of darkness it is not marked by a question or british
no are taking on sleeping
this season and seventy clicking in ambitious
seizing i'm facing innovation have a question to each other so just physical speaking our from no problems of each other that means
we don't need to everyone with arrival can facing our tradition
listening to one hundred percent ready and this met through are facing after the facing or arising arriving a place in the also one percent
so it is ironic relationships and is to act
egypt on this done this is not are opposed to egypt
everything is hundred percent
very strange doesn't this the his awesome
so thinking is taking up beginning middle and in
this is a case of in mean he doesn't bring it out
but if you raised the idea he knows him
let me filled with a one thing for last trip and we can program or other things
but friend we see and was taken both cook up and they are all here
have you covered from this is a local on about ah
popular expression humans and detach
so even though we got discussed as out
they concept children when i thought to on and the separate and opal under the baby thing
but felt we a program these are all here i'm working to him
so in meeting she didn't bring with that we will need to discuss the on
these things
we are discussing
so are we asked thing and we are in separating these things under we discussed i wouldn't release our in the
so we know we're in
i'm talking about
map know that years
physical reality that they had a meeting with strength was awful with both love everything is ordinary via and simply
those feeling across suddenly we're they had previously been hiding
this is not the kissing or an island
it is the taking corporate congress so everything is a movement of violence
therefore get no such separation
because it is a history of the guy was it's not a post or date
i'm finished or assault on enough
be that this is or freezing or that this is of arising it is just a oceans pages for money
all the kindness
the practiced under verification or this is is not known a christian
it is just this undefined me
which is called the ocean seems fun
here much to discuss talk about the final sentence
both author quote from passing safe
as it is

this is porn the portions things sometimes
all is you know

so do
the old one
come on

i'm here the service is
where is the case
and made a name
and he is
together we could leave in them so is his name was called
kyle in town and then share it is
paragraph this is of an official local
if there's a physically fit fit you received it safe whole trying to them
so this is this means is horizon and pace
without in addition you can have it really shouldn't be ready
moon is it safe
awesome see someone
whether it be the peak is now this is a book for vessel of fifty
or the whole for eyes isaac whether it in a place over rising on thing
this this isn't simply for
it is just the was unstable for money
he said this kind like is nothing my donda on movement of times the is your be the shoe bomb
we got my start moving and telephone and i think and fish
this movement itself is oceans risk
and we are to fine scandals of problems movement or guns
and the practice under verification cope with in jail for keys
if not know exist so we have practicing within this woman
so we can say there's no promise
dizzy from amanda said she was asked by tremendous extent system ah happy that your scouts
i wonder if yeah professor andrew vilification episode where you can stay there is no
practice and vilification and the practice amplification i know if five
it is not known a them it they just is on the final
let me see everything is now you're ready to damn getting all right
if care is just is a of this time
for nothing we have to desert
the soviet know the finally there's no way mirror is a fine
is called promotions view sometime
it wasn't like is kind summer
and next is a kind of of version of this section frustration go in comment on our battles disbelief
and this right wrong very hoppy
back of finished
this afternoon
almost all the expression came from somewhere else
so i opted to remain probably that we need to have credit
in school sometimes
from army is a realisation if pays cash saying
it is the line when the house globes for computer pillow behind
the groping for a pitiful or the hand rocking for the pov hang in there night like this is not very hundreds or millions of pence of program for kindness it is in rio
ocean i i'm always only collegiate the lotus sutra of the one happen
because she does not state eyes i am in the boss
the former face is well i always preach or the slightest motion over as the real name and can fell down the waves
and the other faces is the lotus sutra or the one that has done for the friendliest emotion or ten on the waves and as through way for us
are we wind up or didn't out are lying over thousand feet or ten fell on feet
in what way in the read is that it goes straight down
the former face and the lot of face here are i am from your face of yours
they are like three the for my head and other
the former head under man who are putting i had on top on your head
it is not that in the ocean there is some
i am in their voice is not fair that allowed to read to him
it is no fun is by his face i am paying in it was this is the region or always on the interest in the ocean does not belong to this thing
it does not belong to his time or answer he gave remaining forever
preaching the suit
though it is no in east west north or south it is i come home with our free free and people laden with no known this to the town is immediate can be can
coming back battle
you could call me to conduct or getting drenched in in realized already upcoming read of the way or africa
we came this at a fee of skating war
expressing it praha it is that you have feelings car
expressing the tougher it is a fear of feeling man
a theme of feeding work is not necessary that he or feeling the ocean
beyond the peace there must be father as he or theme people the city a of feeling it was this is called there was a c or what was you or a month or the mine
singly can new combines it sees water fish my series citizen the sky
i hope
i don't know i heard that
i'm interviews fuck are really no different expression can ruin
we we understand the meaning of each expression that always you know now that by expressions in programming we know
the first to said somalia is an irritation because of fame

the renditions of course danger all a widely can your

i'm in worth of salary is bravo that have saying wins

i already talked about google good
expression of time
so according to draw in someone our practice of as an only son
like we said is within this tiny town
someone comes them is manifestation it's actually happening
and it's a can job it's glaring
it's not for my is beyond as well
an iphone overseas that is
ramona manifestation is it's
our expression and door
we have been our ability to face up to speak something using while or see seems happily is itself expression when kira
and we're probably

it is in the night the night came from the whole story
he took this man
come and go
salem hands and eyes of god
another visual
no conversation though
a away about cash value simple survey ice is it icon has been sleeping with in that night
ah losing a pillow and trying to find
ah back
so is kinda nice mean no separation law disclaim minister is darkness
the famed alchemists in
what can be some don't know
mayor i'm the problem
brightness and darkness like under clinton

japanese means you're squeamish like means is reached or distinction we can see different probably temporary mclean complain gardens
before we are ironic twist in the back in a man if guess no one seemed completely you can see any
no the squeamish yes in one
all dance
written with more discrimination from our about a person sleeping and each girl
we are making his conversion
i wrote this for can tell

is it that expression
where this paragraph that
contract nutrition
i've always commercial of in this power
but i think come in a total mean again enjoy it safe ginger ale is a federal express
so hard it's not created something
come from
i hope good sign
so this in the night the hundred groves for your pillow behind
it is that canopy of gainesville
saying that could be over a reputation with not make me squeamish
i'm the groping for a pillow
looking for their pov behind in the mind
like this is not getting hundreds of millions or tens of thousands of cannabis is
forever and is now came from another i went to touch a lotta sitter
a lot of films the proper name of the guys
job for your for was fatima nearby dispatch
in this area is no personal practice and bridge time
nowadays cause focus mean with within this darkness is no groping the pill continues
many kinds
and it is in the ocean i have always on a priest and august cetera the wonders time this the top expression came from an era just down and requested
the name of the tackle level
i think we are currently translating that
i think it's in a know
the river cocker of develop and grow test center and the two stories about is far and there was a cousin of struggling with us
cause he the separate summer but did you come back over the summer he gave me fit down and up
no of his extremely popular and about have off his out the book from i have a crown
you know
listen foundation was living in the ocean
staying in the ocean

there was living in their motion and i'm staying at the price of browsing
and he was always creative with ah
lotus sutra a lotus cobra literally

oh in time
i'm those came from
in his favour defer to their loans so is a lotus flower
flip around my flowers
and i'm in that story
my mission said i'm staying in our ocean
and always on expounding is
the rubble come from
and know of risen from logan uses hannah from sit around and i'm not attacking in print and one
last creature between replica is player and i'm me
in reality as a time
and each and every be
fellow album

so this is of things are of magician in tampa
a in under twelve
that means
why you're practicing with posters like run we are always expound and expressing the time
one guy myself not only so based on them practice is i'm very thing for us at leeds and the kind of things i'm crazy ass
everything is really expanding our much now
get it
our company romney's crown peace and some organised team are all the secondary with as out of shape or canal
so is expand were expressing his cabinet
so i'm a product is this person expressing down silver i'm into day-to-day activities are the only still in virginia
that is from is awesome see someone means and we are expressing his than before you each and every activities then our life as a whole you can i am done
because she does not scale by allies this is the fuck is that the in for
i am
in the abortion so here are some weakness after your order a fake ids
to watch and diana dors covington income and mental reservation now is called the ocean so we're an awesome the we're in this calamities
so i think we don't say hi rise or i'm british
rising patient of guns collective each other
so everyone of us is innovation on it
the former face is the i already ate since the of one just the thing i'm always greeted of the slightest motion or wealthy will range and can sound of the waves from
this is

we've been crushing come from a place

at the master was may be thankful for with you

or she is a kernel driver of gum and low in the are people from canada ah other visual on this thing for the show was power
a no-brainer bear all cyclists of young son in alisha
i'm discussing is a kind of interesting passing then where the giants come that were three people discussed from there into an office possibly saved for the older
i know grammar
fancy a visual said i don't want to be up
debrusk and hey i don't want to be able to run with us so i want to give by the river and there'd be ah goldman
this the money piece is very young boys after a walk
fell into from his show up to the much
three into want to become are huddled masses
i'm taking have to have will a long
this progression want us to you and me young sons time to
but actually i'm as them if you have some great passion for his finger asked me
and don't want to be a teacher but you know how bright side and that been history for it says he didn't a kind of one
page and cheek
he he wanted a literal me like actually
operating very hit or is doing
didn't mean not like saturday she did he was yellow one yeah because there's also the expression you know it using the da vinci carry in the underside
isn't catching fish
anyway then our dog i'll find a very ah in the person was only a pitcher
look at them one
but he was ah
ha ha
every time she was talking about that got one nine
finally he wasn't talking about got enough guy the was the assembly he started to laugh
then i got person his before they was custom vinny
his chinese provinces but anyway
he came to the go and as the geographic names thought
good but for most of you your understanding is okay you never been encountered with real time
means you only know as not perish film
so i see a dog was sent this bathroom to
she's gonna run to to from became ah
i money out of systems and he laid down his custom gamer very great the must so if can government continue
this funding for his
he just passed since the visuals on
and the man i think internal against are currently full translation he but i've found another term vision
ah this safe room

dense chinese pay fees than bundy was
this translation is and by your point is
lifting put down the line can fathom food thought
he was talking about the water
the game down the line ten thousand feet
our ranking way makes in southern italy's
at night is still water a cold fish one right
an empty bowl filled with no nine on the dance
point maybe correct translation monica
but it
now the three hundred and two facto get a quote here that these are breaking wave one great movie makes can sand dunes
i've been controversial translation from calling for industrial applications than one way you can sound waves adults
the to say like
catherine as you can keyboard
ah gaze from forty six
so he was he was free and this
slip go that straight down for ten thousand feet needs think this guess
according to i so younger this is a strength also this means
have been i've got a call ah
hook hook it was great history i really the that not only in a line
food industry for we have no credit protection
yeah indeed and to a street
but anyway and we wound our way it moves in several ways to follow and will represent or warrant ago interdependent those huge
then at night is too warm for all the fish won't find so busy international and moon is tiny
i'm going it's are in the winter it's cold night
so even though he was fishing of all nine law fish fry
could you know what having to breath
therefore are unemployed people so he channel
he couldn't can catch any fish sold out his wife is age
and people feared with long time comes
so you're fishing is year good for nothing
and then given really have no intention to catch a fish
this is a description of in progress
those so out of it
i was as it is simply be to girl line gp internal life
an hour
it's strange for nothing
we can expect to catch
neither then this is with with
about some i've probably this awesome enjoy is all night quiet in a very quiet and know nothing to chance
get good
love is the
description of his regime
fabulous talcum powder as he said however there is no she's not so great that is the and very interesting
of funny
she said however lens right i c c brain into item chaos
another day it's like a fish break into our country has nothing to escape
therefore we're going to escape
so we gain nothing we find out
now is ah another expression our president is nothing could for nothing but it's good
it's not good for something but it itself is good
oh nothing
then like this
great for now
our practical need to be pretty awesome
to get some
but with beautiful
i'm done is a fruit
i'm gay nothing so we used to calculate how much we can make money
have you need such expectation has no calculation with fish but just quiet activity or you know cooking
daydream not
this is a on this person since two thousand and two games in support the second
means is funny running
it may even is a very good for nothing and just sit in a cafe ran into
empty house still absolute steal because of calculus as a mini cooper started to pack something that is up to one way to movies and southern move
wait for us
and one
no people through started to practice that for in southwest thousand was my teacher cause a generous in and someone added to practice so
sanders helped by mistake for
sure appearance without doing any he sucked up into an agreement and that we're just in everyday seventy nine by she said without even meetings with fool
that was is beginning of his purpose of censoring for that he was studying your therapy account
you're a for you want us to be now that he found on many people his time would like to study buddy and you can discover
but she found at many people here in the yelling slogans and justice compact so she
she was almost reaching that point here is she photographed the other pitcher in your chance food that he quipped that
asked the
the able to that worst to allow him to do it now have to people
no guns and she was
congregate answer machine said
we pulled towards yes
so that was the beginning evil five years ago that or doesn't see
on the from gun city are choosing
ah many people profits profits profits in our own a funded by big moves can sell them waves world
another ten years
ah so ocean seals somebody is a description of reality
nothing we do is good for anything that has everything is good for nothing
so the difference it's way
realization and realization is non realization
we think
the whole
try to have a hook and get some gets together we're not going to get in anyway even if we have a book
have because it because know we get
how come so much writing about this
the morgan know you know ninety five of this kind of right right
yeah they're amazing
now i'm ready to write up of gang of his time

well anyway busy i have a belgian court

so does right the machine holy cow
the right is more suitable ah symbol names and things for them the waves photo of kinda second the dynamo
discussions python
and the of face in the lotus sutra on the one i'm gonna go down
slightest motion or can fall down the waves and a single way on for this enough simply push
that means not only one with if it or not for the mayor parallel was that are the weekend of all
everything within this parliamentary process
if a mission and we follow up a southern dance sora
waves like if they're too old millions of wales hundred million the waves perfect his presence there
so it's an everything ah rating on currently under underarm together
it was on
when from of whether we'll wind up on it out our line over thousand feet this is the first rhyme or she options for will help me with the up in up wine and i know
what isn't fact that means we moved his products
when they are online over thousand feet and with can find that feet much
you know
fuck we regret is that it caused the town with a full a strength
we will need to be read
but somehow or other causes
the purpose of fishing is catching office three reform facility then there must be some or something comparable
so as that like the fourth line of the get your car should i buy flowers though
our force and in our in our is that programmers their level estate regret
on now i have an inch too
and of using in
i think i'm
let me think later
ah so we lived in and we're slowly been as no fuck are no life so we don't expect any fish to catch
so we're like i feel boy into our empty house nothing there
no the is another eye exam room taking another bad news building bombs
let me try to kill him
the former face on gotta face
for for officer interface is getting jokes and our products manifestation i'm rich
she up for item on the face of the bush
so either if we often first occupation we are not use the dog at your rich
they are like thing the former head on rather than these archangel and told us ah
it's going said is to and these are completely different and yet completely screen and for the weaknesses managed the hope i hid under another hit are putting our head on top on iraqi
really expression kinda they don't perform your i had means we do something dangerous
why he is not
the i had on our hey this is something extra to be beloved to the such a thing well the artistic by using this expression though he said his schedule anger program
completely the same vision
both are the same kill so if we think these are two separate seat or isms
it is not that in the ocean there is someone
that we were suddenly know in the video past
everything is cramping that matter slid into just are not on thursday
i'm in the ocean was just a guy news
is not fear of a library branch is not fun is loaded dice stages again his expression can somewhere
this is a lot
how do
kwame buying three tall thin
the federal campaign is a song on grass
commutation make a demonstration of the parts of that plan on the dogon twenty years
hey your with is again a huge food and i found a translation riley highly have them coming from the hook off
cultivating the and
it's a guaranteed employment so that mean even

why we have written by such talks and for
is that are taxa with you can find a picture of gum i don't know says
what man yeah peter is a toxin the dockside teacher is set to watch them on sicko
the name is person i paused or so from dog
your family from us for wrong way
so this is another point by bicycles

i big or grasp
well there is nothing or wine
after him you relax and enjoy up
when that was completely fresh is again now it's being built in cupboard my knees
the person in our lives here come
no stuck to his side will have in between
it was three people in she doesn't pee
yes wondering people with learning she doesn't love
though perhaps a small it improves the empire run
in ten feet square and all the money he remains forms and their niche
i'm a higher body count about trust without doubt the metering while loading loading the cannot help wondering
well this hub dish me when is a polish know
based or route one hung the original master in prison no dream south or north east or west
hobby based on steadiness
it can't be so surpassed a shining window below three times jade president or by million pounds cannot compare is
just sitting with help cover all things are at risk
thus visit mount terry mom doesn't understand at all
living here she no longer works to get me
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and this in the ocean does not belongs to the center this does not belong to a center or the okay from said point this has no don't do center or outside or in between
and we just north of separation with sent off or or sign off in between
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and then it does not belong to a nice side by side there's no inside and us
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for everything within this ocean in bridging by expanding camouflage
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the right to travel
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i'm he's going back to time i'm going to use this one of his expression t v show us all
cheers from taking refuge in arena summer
and he said will take refuge in buddha done and summer because are both three presents for everyone is to raise when the character
so this compound
it's not really going to the south returning to come with a with empathy and got into people
in is really coming about home he may be coming back home or something from sink or swim
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seeing the water saving a sky was faced on sitting a man
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our practice within source as sensitive somebody is
establishing a hello
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so with an interesting fact is each of those two seems so much so which are anticipating
we take this as a key or feeding watermark
sitting water expressed a need for vanity that ceo of feeding sky
expressing his father it is a asleep or feeding man
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i don't know how seats
beyond this there must be further the ceo with feeding the ocean sloshing
know continuous customs he said i'm pretty of opposite
this is not necessary or something said this is also awesome scheme
beyond this there must be further the c or see the portion is all that was on c home the water theme or a magazine or the mind the see so i'm going to say
in this the feet

since nine or hot food he said from has been making grown without
our ancestors
no each durations and that this month iran's kinda me
and wish
so this or sensors are lacking practice within is awesome and
in fact when everything is fact has been transmitted through
and then issue so of new is transmission
simply translating the line the see
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to live with this attitude that reason was the program is
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i hunch
from next tomorrow morning nice that
your fish
hopefully you're release