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good morning for everyone
yesterday afternoon irish introduce some show up
awaken new face of to use as we will be idea of what is that kind in german
some scenes summer in
context of
i read glass coating really be given
i think that came from and problems and is kind of our lives in
so i like to
did you run you about how to win in and told yesterday that is

all your best no matter how dare they do we are
have we have encircled buddha nature a pan-african andhra another a man of that but i mean to have interval situation on my own for giving peace or issue one line
oh up with our nature
i'm the bar
this mine has a few different names the same wine that is
see show
mind nature
oh i see time
this is a good time in the body by in this the essence nine the distance or seen again

what i had my source of she like for mind as a wonderful filter
what are you or origin or fatima
dorothy parker february nine with of this one mind
and then this
this man is hidden within our the it is called at all laughing

got go up or easy now
no matter how they ready to yahoo
have you are hung up is still there and yet we don't think we can find it we are so deluded so
faster we have to the see discover that is one nine or
origin or enlightenment work with annika is he here
and we try to become that sauce
that is our practice and that process of a gun under the reading or is another enlightenment in course car

and in the translation guy he was yesterday the scarecrow is translated as a process of actualizing our enactment so busy that grosses
forbidden basically a fuck our practice means first we need to find the to combine is in here within us then our wish to be done here
by a million little guy he usually song for what symptom
hide this two hours you that night while one man so we become free from our for coming and going from is and cause oh
sandra was a this playmaking thing was caused by the wind of ignorance
a guy in the my means the condition or go surface of the ocean is peaceful with at any waves caused by environments that is from kind summary
in based on that teaching
and ah yesterday someone asked
no question about the southern enlightenment and gradual enlightenment or gradual practice it's also came from this
framework when we got
our emphasis on this or generic enlightenment or beings have poison unrecognized
the emphasis on this original enlightenment then we have originated in already and hand
who's done this our resources
what are you like a man is already there we need to finding think
and another
agile enlightenment or rather a practice in a from here to there is
according to that paintings a fifty two stages and this case three thousand great characters or less from
by state still a jungle from going through that process is oxidation process of actualization enlightenment but that is the ideal roger practice or grazia arrow enlightenment but in the case or
the difference between different family and then teaching is this can be done with in this lifetime than thing for him
that means that the part of a very famous then i'm saying is in so
the key
he or she
the right
she intending one joke is that transcend on jungle
i'm thinking a directory
new is enter
newline is a canada and she is like a ground or than luck so giphy means with one jump
directory and a longbow pedometer
that means without in a going through this you know many process was painless within one terms can be done to or doesn't let me back to the different
sudden enlightenment means and the other school with
the emphasis on stage step by step practice it's moment we need to in polish namir
so you know if
seven enlightenment and roger happened and can also from are based on this film
and another famous events change or are almost black gowns
a catchphrase of thin screw them pitching is
can show

kill me
give the them
are you feel more
if you were studying headed at books on them you'll find these he must things diction instance direct game point chevron
mind or hot
and can show what you're saying that nature are becoming
an outside of teaching there is a separate transmission
and bar without a standing on our depending on what young on ah
was on rebels
this is about that you better known than things
i'm in this case is the managing director entered our point out children while pupils band disbanded me is mine correctly point out
and this show he fought to his show is show so can show or this thing the lines nature we will discover this
one man that these cover how to please
when i'm just a piece around screaming mind
so these to ah
came from this feelings
and next to ah
saying from point of them so they are from is different from pitch
that means these and an authority based on
data text or have they got in teaching of buddha like assiduous
but in them outside of the pitch aggravating taste or good as was that that on my chin is directly transmitted
so you in then we dish transmit with as hard or online machine without the i'm on any was and leaders
that so this a fast to shows their practice and teaching with based on the same theory and the yet in germany we don't rely on this kind of therapy than with teaching is not a feeling that animal
from now he died like a check on that from the standard a certain point to their goal and you're attractive happens in each stage's that the teaching that kind of things is no matter we directory experience
this one nine finally
and without did i knew on any one is our new paths and astoria guernica transmission wrong with that to shopper he finishing up as still go from markers help us mind is a symbol of governmental permission without
using glass
that is so than getting with very basically based on this theory
but to me dog and somebody is different from discovery
i mean in this cell to go on line for hours right enlightened if hidden
like that have now have an analogy is that i've got them
if hidden within covered with iraq and dust so fast we have to this is one very well-known energy of
the damage
so bang on is here but we cannot say the beauty of diamond until we didn't make his jokes
him in a pretty fast award we have to discover this time fear within his gap
then we'll take this out and replaced with the diamond when it's really just a beauty of good amateur
that is the one game as an at this practice
in this game when i'm saying or important point of she's teaching and practice practices nothing is hidden
nothing is hidden
so for him that are a chance you have something hidden of he you know recorded in the children about his conversation with can go from are you more nasty after how he
he was inducted conversation with denzel can visit within the entire world nothing is hidden
and after that and zingy interviews when when or brass by schrader said
king cuisine or the waves that moves like is a friendly
each and every waste allegra
the bright and beautiful so for him
this enlightenment or to reality is not something hidden it always revealed
and so for him happy
have you discussed hiding killing someone waiting for them
a and practice is not
stop and wales
rabies is very important
he was have to deflect the mood and wave is necessary
we can drop of i wonder how she
said enough can jump on in each and every drop of water from this moonlight defected and ads
and then
turn the water that is to impoundment it's existing body in few second
about this moonlight is reflected and the tiny
don't know more about become like me right back at me so that the government to
nothing be the shoe
the another film reveals the us as i said i should practice is not for his family is not ah
i'm training to says that when the movie in the of ignorance understood the waves
you know in-country end of ginger born he introduced were going story about
at must have said no ma'am cost to the muslim man
indonesia is
evin prison
at the already here
and this mean is not being of ignorance
so i'm guessing that difference
in with these waves are not caused by go in the of ignorance but she caught is the main the of the that families
and that window that family i know that mounted that now
well in can develop into our cheese was
was cream and grab your brand
into gold
so that
in is kind of nine waves to rowing the when is not
when the of ignorance
when off
the family
tell them when the input image
the is to win in a difference between this common understanding of the or and practice tests on have family for him
happy with him
brad practice is not ah
in waves
we cannot practice without the wings
so rates is very important
to me and that is two one two
an analogy is about was shining and the wind
the waves and the third allergy of this practice is old
capital gym or no
he also mentioned them

don't know is usually translated as erosion
and the cat way that i got vista
i'm jim is that
so busy with means ah the version is a lycra like a visitor because there isn't a hotel or in
i'm that check out one mind is like the post or go now that in but
don't know at the erosion is things coming and going so it's not a
can i see
basic inherent it's an app center
so we can
the federal government the stop abuse than notice that
so only the deposit
tattoo is one language can here
but organization again given to like this an expression check machine
good not matter
guest visitors
nothing expression appear in kenyan government's
for example can
this one
never can be used in door
like company she said
line is family and a body is impairment
it's that it's a uncooperative
line with one one is permanent
the body and that the thinking caused by our body and mind
so this one nine is not our thinking mind this man doesn't think the thinking mind is combined with body from think to mind is impermanent they are a business
but this one mind is a was on down pin
i'm tammy the body recovery is important so that the body
detroit when with you
wind blows to the anna dunwoodie that kind of idea of regrowth
the new ban of oppression in gondola told is scotland that this month
i'm listening special virgin
against the that discussion
so to me the organisers is teaching and grab this is a little bit different from that are on than changing the practice based on this more than other them

some people think so
other people will begin
forget how many variation depending on from the pin foods but this is a are very we don't have that kind of feelings and almost always schools in chinese than i've had with the schools are influenced by his field
tiny little mean separate with was so if don't get in didn't like his family she's getting a unique person
anyway that that is why introduction
how are you
to me
top ranking of helpful
this to finally use
the translation of down a bit as a part of football school should the toll on the report
the reservation project
i don't think i can really
and yet they're fun
come have kind of of coming

i told me that fast
helping them translation
treasury for the irony of that through gonna look fab king horse dung see someone
a good as and ancestors in always a on same with a man
have they seen in this someone they have a time to kids a time to pay by a time to craft
they are watch you are working on the ocean goes through its bottom
they walk on the ocean and walking the floor who the best the ocean
the stage to cause concurrent or was and death told me down the false is not what are you thinking
why previous pendry previous rendering the barriers and breaking down the affections
maybe the faces of the buddha and ancestors they have the was returning to the souls of the ocean seems like
i have enough
in the first sentence burgundian says that as and ancestors of our i use them for sensitive
so good as an ancestor are themselves to ask for money
what we can say though that somebody came than is itself and sisters
is there a kind of strange regime
to see a path of an innocent man
in case of going to have to say
i'm ah
samadhi either will be filled with film
who can jump over and over to use that energy on
fish and bass saving in the ocean and friend in the sky
and that's ocean was guy is right as somebody
and fish is getting into some money
and then said dance fish and the ocean as no separation
host of fish in the land
and ocean is nine
and for the fish gave the ocean fish will die
so for a fish austin is nine
and for us awesome fish is right so
you know that fish fry fishing plan is this entire ocean
so that but as an ancestor's not the only as and access festival in the past that family practice
going to the logan's and call this is not to use on wonderful mattia clean that gives us
then don't have to use on my damages from me sit
even for a short period of time empire
dan malloy become enlightened and all beings within the family also be intimate a night
so ah in the case of the organisers teaching and practice
the serum and all other things are one always together
in the case of know that qatar better kitchen we have to find something hidden inside of me and we find finding under we eliminate our is thinking
so our best can be down is a way to find something precious visit me and to pay for in dusky is a meme can have either end of practice
and then we are connected but now the russian and enlightenment in logan's and teaching are different
yeah beginning of the game joe cohen to get these can we convey our active to all beings or media things and the carrier to practice his delusion he says his definition of a parachute is an all need or we ever
things come to other safe and the karaoke practice ferguson is the realization
that this she's definition of at his garage
transition so realization on television is only within the relations with safe and all these
tomato of something hidden inside
so no matter how hard we what is kinds of ourselves nothing to do with organs engines via are there is your kind of the organization
she his teaching that area of division and realization is only within creations with the others not something that is sandra massive so our practice is not that treasure hunting of something hidden
enough sales
come out by these traumatic dusty and from
ah cottages but can we take or carried out there we can find some princess
if we think our the practice of meditation station practice to find that treasure ship and in a garbage then that his mom and pop
relationship to all be or being means everything
it's not all
yeah everything in good everything that it got a bump or beams decor and bump
sheriff and media venice so not only people who are not only giving these that all beings
and all things improve something abstract bank
why parish
you plays a repeat of definition
coffee did my translation of organs catch up on
have you seen says is conveying conveyed our service for conveying the safe to add ah or media journalist or media things or things
custom of
writing this case for present document is wrong one
that these
sure sure

show his practice
how this show is a resume or are very patient
the temptation
so carry out perhaps the verification
his delusion
and all media darling as or things come to address it
and the carry-on practice verification or anatomy
the organization
and so the
was young and enlightenment is a high quality quality others
if we take ourselves on when i'm trying to make tracker fifty
try to see and understand handmade in this is britain and to a forest industry has been so i control and fixing package for we carry or convey our trip run all beings and fixing or
the the border
this is a self is
logan's in this definition of realization all things coming toward us
so it's not the topic for this purpose is not win but all things come to our me and allow me to practice so it's not a matter of i do something that i can practice because for
the support of all
so this is a difference of aperture to add that themselves and the all a of things
to me because we're different from some you shouldn't treasure inside sense
if you practice
experienced body
his first sentence snapshots parties he posted seals
so in that comes in some way ah
discuss this the awesome me this awesome in this entire universe in the ocean in a case of doom is no got your office of our mind and in the next sentence he said not the industrial office we need to the also not need we are all
show walking on the bottom move that
the ocean so it's like a fish right has the ceo
see the far too years
here is i got a fraction
this the deflection are sure this is not a fixed an image that this is a like gas images
that means in parliament and eagles can no fixed entity
an independent beings but because of castings within this entire anymore so buy porsche things up your his way wanted to
don't that thing
so within the potion depending upon the situation or condition the relations between her for under others are constantly changing
so there's no fixed
if you are killed for as the others sometimes you know
now that i'm a speaker so many responsibilities to speak to go something about dorgan this kind of strange thing
dr phil nice sit in the window like free from
everyone i'm just that
he packages so in each situation
when is different i'm a buddhist priest soften is lacking the i have to behave at least priest
i'm from a shopping and know fabulous taste but i'm accustomed so this bathroom no chains and we have to behave in different ways
in terms of what i just cool
kids yet the speaker i just finished standing up on the condition surf and obligations between me and other people's i have to behave in different ways and my response will be different so each person is not fixed that is right
a tiger
very deflection of the potion
but if if your responsibility changes and the practice computer is continuous what is that
whatever situation or condition or my you need to be in the same
whether you're a boost every speaker
yeah be i do shopping off the line the kitchen or marine division with me and give before are listening to my dog and people who who are at the show and or my attitude throughout the food greg
yeah and or fire or water not if someone
does make sense yes
i'm the so or the very first sentence of this
kind of drama he said that as an ancestor of alpha
but we get loan separation
i'm from is this as best thing in this on
the we are swimming with mister madam
they have one time to cage until verify and and to practice
title track his shoes
i'm fine to verify his show
i'm trying to get his coke
to pinch to grab is to verify
this is a kitchen is lucky to about fuck i'm doing competing
try to ah
expressed my understand to share with other people
i'm the shoe is travis
on the show is a verification sometimes misses called enlightenment
this goes to show on new york in campus
and a job can be another wonderful job with fence
that been expanding
using once
so ah in
our practice is teaching or expanding were expressing dharma so using words and letters is important
guns in the really think you know how to use words to express them is very important and that he said this we can express
using was about fact we experience in practice that exchange or practice of that activity is not again
an unjust until we can express using our own was on expressions that the front door open
we do
road on tactile show know
and died in go
this is down powerful away but in this case this door with say
i'm taco is
i came over again while being able to so i'm definitely comes with a daughter who express how you experience that experience is not very experienced
so experience and expression of experience needs to be together
so for him not on kids you from what i got to chance to him expressing and sharing and burma is in was with us is any
and practice of to courses
and three
this verification verification the kind of strange word to use here
in his case the show and show
a striker called under isn't
perhaps this is because i'm sure is reserved or practice after this is our ah
abbreviation for longer expression that is wrong

the chinese characters show set of means evidence evidence or proof
the verify something
and this morning is sharing
i'm saying is a joke
i'm showing practice
i'm show is our desire to watercraft is this data processor are studying and practice
you know
first thing we do with hearings and maths teaching with yeah or the
i'm studying some easy
in this case of the desk kitchen
i'm like we think of
try to understand the interaction if it's
right or neglect why if we talk to me or not
i'm a with
i've got thinking it's looks like and work do able to me than we've put not hating little practice
and after we wrap this we as a
throw from our experience will hear you know that painting was very true and one
the fuck this evidence or show for verification means so our practice a show is that isn't over practice
that is the meaning of show and the show for sure the poems and sure is preserved
i'm a fan dog and anything
therapists and verification one that moved within this practice education is already here at me
we don't need to wait until we finish practice can find that to but i won't practice is a self verification
oh i experience with is it safe or verification know
how does truth
we don't need to thin
will need to clean
when it's gifts and we know this is right
that is our
kill was teaching practicing and a verified
so this entire process of studying practicing
very fun
no i life
where in the profit over of our practice or ah
ten tokens and recent history i got three different things
that's actually in a cold
i have a copy of the
the discuss
gonna discuss this an everyone laugh if you want to up now
fatima lot fees
volume nine
my wife
dogan and shoe
teaching an elegant kitchen or the only one thing and practice is a practiced of are teaching on the verification i'm getting is is getting a practice and vilification and the very
catherine for teaching and practice from those situations to always one
in the window tinting it's not as famous check out this process
in each and every activity from i'm katie
now i'm talking with good talking is talking about name or by grabs a guide to how we how i view and fuck is my understanding of compassion ah we are truth
that has and organs city
so within my talking and my practice is a good and how to put on town in toronto is the
if only if had i'm broken is right or correct it's maybe
so we have to
to be
yeah to check by
he seems like you're going along
the practice and teaching verification or been the same thing in the saw it seems like
he didn't have a different this
i get it took about
it's all the and usually expressing
that's basically everything is seen some money and so then
seems like that's that's another way of saying that there's really no illusion that seems like these persons of the expressing
auto expenses
i think including our divisions
i was a region is to expressing something where
hasn't been
a moment
sources sunday eleven not only been answered
he was well
as we basically covered up in fact
within our trap
not have he said he does you have my
since all things the beautifully to on
that's important when parties within africa
and then he says something strange
they are watch your the walking on the ocean on there was something other than one water shows
go to each bottom
after watching how in all of our common understanding of long man in ah
the get measures and bottom
it's only the mother of the waves on the surface of damage the rogan engine
the point that i don't do furthermore wash means but on the surface
there is always ways that waves is only
i don't know how exactly how deep that the is
ten feet or so
we don't doubt raised now
what are you always is always come
so on the bottom of proportion
no way
at once our practice is not only on my belt and waves on a portion and stop and weeks
oh cage know now waves on a surface but we are scattered them on the more bills
to me this is fun ah gorgons and you to city
i wish in
kinda thing
about he expertly extreme how to sing about the posture and waving and about our mind she just for one corn that is think single not thinking how do you think of not seen beyond thinking
this is a kind kinda months separate said a candelabra i expression of practice need action
in homeless shelters about line why a horse and dems ways you know how
but then general see my teacher extreme havana
however the practice in the opening the hand of salt
the use
kind of iron
and business know
well thinking and no passive she really just see what friendly with practice it looks like from next moment some or nice
and is a vanilla with maria
you know yeah i got to thinking then will be done to this run
next moment he might say becomes empty instead the sheep and the never
find a way of shaping a wake up
and i like activity along the way is full
oh you are it
have they shown on this we've got and know whichever is that our trap the goal on purpose to open a club visit to were getting the although the waves these are the ways
but i'm scale
on this run but important going into the town to visit so within the houses in ghana ghana with
our brother is not a remake or these waves as thursday here journalistic if our practice is to become know thought
when it's i of offer
dog i sat next to me and look with more enlightened and then it
the replacing the hill
that's because we have rain and the function of our brain is using
an hour from is not stop her a function over a brain
no not with a showcase our mine
ah is still greatness and sometimes the way isn't any shoes
and it's a for pretty huge fan i was young i could think of things and also i could switch
the and i'm asian my brain doesn't work so quickly
thought was like a asheville and other
no distance is also being so to me or my doesn't practice after i became sixty more peace instance mean i'm getting and i to
hey i'm a is
i'm realising it and us to create our ears
as i walked through a large area and the ability to make something not them is very important and precious really people attribute for human beings
the know is you have course create some some but it's also create completion work an addiction
for the future
oil hundred and the to write poems or stories or novels is on
you know a function of lockerbie to see something is not an issue to me
but still them so we don't need to ah
his ribs are caused by wind and in the lab
kelly in the awakening of face the wind is even a mouse but as i said ginger corn will we invented this is ah
in the of greenwich
and even though the our with the online is still moving i can be ah yes we are all political
in on the bottom of the ocean
and he has no such movement in the ocean
so visited thinking with nazi and or together with the something similar happening in this practice is beyond think this is a universal movement over the network are interdependent to finish
to industries or sensitive for money or kinds
so on a boat that was not thinking about that
i'm thinking the studio
i'm gonna fund i said not thinking that when rachel

and i can sit here and beyond thing

both fool hung hing means not and some translation this is not on this is no well or nothing
but i am makes so much sense to me
no not thinking or no linking to mean a thing for either of this beyond the simple
the understanding with means it's not a matter of thinking what of thing
cold or flu and machine a boston a short vacation but i think huge you are often this to negate the gap an option i'm ashamed he had a none
so this means she don't miss a lot of action of thing
so thinking or nothing thinking
how was it each other but his schedule with nakamoto thinking or not thinking
that is my understanding key issue
he should you
on the surface of the ocean bottom of the ocean
where is he should have a year
both still and she'll are thinking and not you are the expression of
be i'm thinking or both are happening
i can see as a know many people are interconnected this is not my thing and it's not mine not thinking
this is is is happening
i express her boss roger life
young mighty thinking or nothing
ask him out their virtual what are supposed to it is though translate that into this would be say saying the true of thinking is nothing
the virtual of thinking is not
how about show thinking is not see
ah i think accent
i think that getting him that is correct
what's a deal with isn't it a whirl the surface b c don't remember certain
these kids are going a book from it makes a strong had me wearing a poems on ways to store
that's what i want to go in was launched stuff when when the waste local one
a bottle of me see what
a legal gipsy
the water
it may seem
the go we could have when the way i mean even really months in the bowl you know that goes window
what good is fed the jets we both is the with it would they wanted with moving in the audience age him so means that in the space or should be made
thinking you're thinking goes because human world the
you the go to violence between the water that you still going the to
what can you feel a bot
with the
combining thinking receiving that way
she's always i'm open in
that happen
a restaurant in the case of the organization he also feels from adam and oversize tin movie with very dynamic it's not about that we have to stop the window even around and sees a the movement of waves
if not or how can i say more motionless starting condition over mine but with now doesn't everything is still long you know i was torn up in digesting family eight and our had in creating and are sending over that
the entire body and everything is working is in this
there's no oh not possible on the our brains to working
the function over brains produce thinking get more generous than this is a suggestion from of rain so when give ah
producing erosions on terrorism i thinking
but a problem dog and they got this writing his friends with there is her the mainsail was thinking coming and going allies in and patient
well we don't need to grasp all that kind of thinking coming and going and take action to tell you in a daily lives we do they have some are some idea of thinking i feel after to them
but you know that then we make the determination not to do anything
based on the thinking coming and going then got nothing from opening down for means we can't grasp so far is coming and going
that is ah to explain extreme is strange idea i used now example driving a car
when we're sitting i was raised in writing to generika they will drive a car
and put together into neutron than the motor engine is the movie but because that here is the internet and the contents book
we we don't take any action in all different kind of phone are coming up going so don't mean we don't create any economy
bristol both cosmic consciousness so with knowledge that and we are nearly every human mankind
at least when you were sitting on letting go of course can use left from doesn't get out of sympathy empathy and we have to be to some and walk and make decision to the don't we need to thinking
ah even boys nokia is in a new term still engine it moving so our brains producing or different phone but when we see chasing the wall
there's no most it in front of us only the wall and it means nothing but ah
as up as you know friend we get facing their woman we have still we have reported that is another thought
she'll be were city sitting posts are facing the wall i think we can do
three weeks one is just sitting he forgot into thinking and faggot sleep
the aware of
not thinking
he quit or it's up to you can go from the quality or nature awareness if we think ah area of something that has oversee can get a separation between a person sitting and that longer see what's happening is even more food
if there is some object with know as as if we impact get a surprise was in our mind subject post and sometimes we fight the against or fault i hate this song or i love this thing for now
i see i don't think anything inhabitants if we if we have such separation between agarwal and things happening and then observed if we get have preparation is a young man who stopped only time for
sitting at this opera so in the area and if for your area you're thinking that is a fine just i'm really being aware of get back if we think because i now i don't i don't have any thinking for this i could tell them that you know already
how does with know that we they are just sit there is no with of no camp
that is important to them
in that are in practice their know there's no separation so this is the mum piece the person sitting and things happening one piece of whenever we find buried into something happening down money
in the study
but we cannot stop with our thinking from the i think i have to sometimes when i'm still thinking
so to the so the posture and greens
is very important
in ah
he was breath
whenever we find we're doing something with you know mind we stopped by the coming bad posture or we
we can't stop thinking by thinking
smith says
yeah so notice a and story buckets has a been mean
ah yeah

and the next phone next sentence is to take to post the current or was on this to the time the source is not fuck are you thinking
it's the kind of a strange sentence but the first half is what is not so difficult to escape to cause are current or cars and this to down the source is this
you know
kind of our focused on this is from are thinking
first that means santana enlistees because the was thinking with trans migrate within himself
so we stopped thinking
i'm began to one night or
mindful that is the practice in the not settled into i introduced is that
tried to the source get down maybe so
i just downloaded it so i don't know action probably willing to return to the
the next or the last sentence of this paragraph read said you how to retiring in two vessels what the same
it'll be down to is though why an expression
but five sons were hoyo years
it is gaining again

you know i can although fathom the great master came on oil for our young school
extreme fact is kind in drama
but he named his com compression or meditation practice as more ging gang
a part of their liking a part of the title options right number more the game game
come kind of contemplation the wall
the illusion of the erosion or ears or anything g it's exhausting
and a sauce
so this can use caution when returning to their by
very basic now
she get one
source or origin or what i had or command before all a or thought
this is the common practice of guy in some way
but here argues that is no
but you have big papi you are thinking if the preservation of fish

the duo a fumble
and guild
you go with activity so activity of mine and this always hap
this is that astonishing that question but is this thing mind activity fucking piss active field mind
and got to the to know he falls
so journey down to be sauce is not
this and this is a kind of difficult
centers doing something they're after his to opposite way of or interpret this one is this regarding the clothes is positive and is this negative
that means a three
the draft practice over the returning false
is something good thing and then she doing ah but she's not done
with our has our manga activity activity open mind copy do one possible interpretation so running the first to be very not so action with an intention of i need to become
episode one or possibly know british and the antibiotic is a basic narrative hogan will negate this
an ambitious positive think that means this summer can
not never been to this can follow his same as team at with facts or bass
that means if we want to is want to return to the false of mind and that is not guy activity in mind goes to own or according to the customers
this the second interpretation
i think i agree with the secondary

is no is trying to defend those
if he is imperative things so our
sentence means a the
practice is not the activity of mine based on or according to tests
i agree with this reputation because ugandans never used
this was a and gap accounting sauce coming to south positive way
the always
isn't his expression and disruptive a pretty paintings tuesday sauce
ah i encourage this one examples
did you feel finish this paragraph
a thief
it's the intervention showboat just show begins with as an issue
that is she would means with acupuncture me so it doesn't seem to african chinese girl us in and around
as she picked out of here you know
charming the road that was until she can mean two things one is doesn't is an is agriculture needle that heal our sickness
another really is scouts fucking sticks to the sickness caused by sudden practical way or practice of thousand
how do we have to you
and the and went for this ah
once you show up with some out brasil thousand sheep
and then he he interviews them from his point of view mistaking way or at
ah for example in the very beginning of this chapter will show provincial southern she she discussed this expression think i'm not thinking how your vehicle nazi thinking
and after the she's a discussion of this he says
nevertheless these days some carriage stupid people are saying
an easy target
perhaps pieces or them and do not be old with anything is the eu on line this is a track thing of enlightenment
this view is penis even abuse of in cause we visit because he to the teachings of human and the everyday beams those who whole dispute cannot be called a children or regular time
so do not mean the practice meditation practice to eliminate everything
and the data in the same
he different she interviews or was she rushes doesn't issue
she said as for us

he said bit before wednesday that are similar ten years the master follows about the them
and when said
and the informally
i love the for able to sense his sons times few people know the photography is that them
so not many people on the various mountains over great from china today even when about the amount of prestige as well as please few few understand doesn't the or in russian
oh no they they are come to do they are few after many campers of course the gravitas of doesn't is scheduled not the only the about but also the monks or sell them their basic part
when peter encourage their children they also asked them to practice fathom
even phone only a few habits know that in korea
he's critical ramekins chinese masters and humidity china
for this reason from ancient times to modern times a few or the masters have composed doesn't mean
what knocked him over that am a few must old masters have written g or a standoff the bathroom and a few or the masters have written that then she were hacked temperature neither of them the may i
all no good
and that's the thing he are not korea about actual practice
then these were beaten by people who did not know dancing korea and therefore has not yet it turns transmit pin second
i defined to that doesn't she
in picked up again don't while the both organizational diagram that are them may in cafes told those a correction on them intelligence
and he continues it is a pretty food that those people who spent their whole lifetime
feasting on the practicing and the monasteries of the ten directions and the yet they did not make single minded airport in even one sitting
sitting was not there said via a for is not mean to waste yourself at all
she can they didn't really need to film
this is not because the began their body and mind but because they get not at kaja for the january afford or possessing and vapor quickly intoxicated by division
nice she says their rankings are the reason why dog and then say than didn't really understand is the are things seem only discuss going back to their souls while returning to revolution and the guy
amd indira and dividing to stop thinking
and the become are sold in turkey
so this is to his opinion about to become sauce that really is simply stunning
their writings scheme only discuss going back to the course that is
and then
i'll tell you that
expression he used is
gang gang
oh and telephone town over
i'm on me
returning to their it
gang gang him for i kept pounding and gain a popular expression in today's buddhism
logan funding quayside
just didn't like basic fish by this kind of practice returning to their source that means
he remained on
discriminating thinking
you know just be quiet
he didn't need thinking
sometimes it is corn and that
so you're writing seems to only discussed going back to the truth or returning to their origin and paying and dividing to stop thinking
in from creamy
for this businesses
the variation the other this candelabra his wife of king can be planning to them as both so notify your i agree with just a company confrontational
this sentence in january
to the can tell yourself that means to
call a current or past and guests to return to house
ah and
why previous collaborating with their as and breaking down the sanctions radio than fiction is that ground ah
the primaries or content we are caught up now one and i prefer eating the right here on the breaking down sections me become free from the that kind of the right version cause made
and in our wine that mean that go so can let go of view we are free from got and of man-made barriers and sections
maybe the faces of the buddha unmanned systems of his era properties really going off as a president can go in young a reading new vessel letting go and the eliminating really different he will have to let go with fox
if so never come in cabinet go
so it will not relent ago we did you have to be free from women slot
i'm not
and i don't drive fast
this translation of next partner please they are delivered a cunning to the songs
in this translation compression is his to the his friendly
oh my dog adversely to vote

two opposing got how what is your visit our
that means ah
no the ministers and the game as of that the emperor is a visit the and
he not only of ministers on retainer government offices that can turn out as were in salamanca and dynasty china
a representative from japan or korea went to get our mom visited
chinese emperor to show how can i see
have you feeling against china
now visiting the internet is good choice should stop this is rebecca order
go was a awesome
against each other for
ever you
products we do
now i then we need to go under the we work in mtg we have to go over our he was self centered things and try to constantly focus on for to be ugly
just cutting was washing dishes those ah ha he didn't free from these values or assumptions and all those practice or throw in flowing for you are going to their wish
cunningham number
you know
for for example for the hundreds of people chinese not a sauce that notified the real reason separate people visit china gender
what is cause
so in time
and the folder the waters in a of divorce
in a boy roy into the of easy one because all chinese air force so i don't like this transition has now
be coming to the source
but although practices will do
he doesn't know what the kitchen or new
this is flow into this was sensitive to one
i think that is the meaning
okay the