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the morning everyone
an early happy to be and to talk about but as teaching
jordan he made it to me before i think that there today this morning we have some young catholic children's so fast a few minutes i have to talk to a children so i brought one
on books but it look for tethering and read or fairly short story i hope
yeah at a story he said
ah interesting story about science

she to overlays are not always
good at being silent and this is about
ah tolerant or kit monks
they are studying how to be silent
so that a for boys they are nervous lungs
ah the title of this story is learning to the silent
a group of fall friends were all studying meditation so as a novice monk in britain they had to study meditation and of costs fan we practice meditation a need to be silent
but it's one of the most difficult thing for young people
ah but they are very good monks or sincere boys so they decided in order to clear their lines so they made their decision by themself not be ordered by their teachers
to korea their mind to take a vow
oh the site is
and not talk for seven days so they decide to have a seven day session
who is that we have any coke
to be very difficult to practice
and this happened at the fast day
the first day they meditated
all they without saying a lad very good novice monks they didn't speak anything for one entire day but
but fun night fair so it's become back
and the oil rank in the vegetation whole grill beam
one of their friends with pad to a servant so they had up or iran and fen it's has some window or something it's cinnamon isn't work were so one of the boys said take care of those law
amps to the seventh
and then one of the others
shocked to hear his friends speaking so that was a fast speaking than next person and shocked to hear that his friend speak something so ah hidden in the second person said you are not support
asked to be talking
that is a second pass on the talking
and the father one was overcome with irritation
and he said you idiots
he said hi did you talk
so he accused those two money to friends you spoke you are not good
and by saying that a pattern or fifth book
and there's one another one
no the boys and she said
i am the only one who has an adult
all those three or top but the i dog park
that was a final fast and said
said the force friend smiling proudly
at the end of the story
i hope you like
ah now if you wish you can be
and they can poke
as a whatever you want

this story was ah
in this book is a report by the also this book but this audited on this story was from a collection of buddhist stories i think compared by the japanese monk who was i think a contemporary of dog and age
and ice hockey the roshi ah my teachers teacher ah not often but sometimes told about this story and already in the original version these are not about boys is about very expedient
amazon has almost no arrogance and thought it was told this story about how deep and subtle our ego cleaning might be and we can see other people at fault but we don't see our own for
anyway ah and this story has something to do with fat we're going to study during this again zoe on now ah kei into my was on sale for monday and this top top showgirl gonzo
kite in some way is really difficult so i tried tried to study about this
teaching of guy in some my not a in dogan vengeance i think i've been that context of buddhism
and ah fight i was studying i had a question
about the ocean
i mean my question was did secondly would see the ocean or not
you know he was born in a par and he went down to the central india that maganda or casino i'm he practiced he traveled extensively but ah as far as i know
in put as biography there's no evidence that the buddha did the ocean for first christian i think busy the interesting question did put that the ocean or not if put an didn't see the ocean maybe he didn't
teach other the ocean
but i in the process of my searching i found that there are several teachings about the ocean in part in ukiah
so that was interesting when buddhism in encounter with ocean and the fuck is awesome means
and that was the starting point of my a study on google changes or some save somebody the meaning of this why the awesome feel fear is riker a stamp
finn you have a come and some ink and put on fat in ah paper or something then exact three focus on the on the stump is a copied on paper today the fuck is awesome for you
means that the means
and ah get a strong wind
awesome has a big waves but when the wind become come
and the waves become peaceful then everything
is the it as they are on the surface of the ocean and that is ah
one of the analogy of a symbol of our meditation practice fan or mind come down and there's not so much waves then ah everything can be reflected a
that is if the ocean for you and samadhi means
i got to one party or about the ocean ah
and this is a conversation between second many buddha and one eight that the chief of ashura
asher is one of the six to get himself samsara and it's originated the name of good but here it's seems like asher was some native indian people who had lived even before the
the in the indo aryan came to india so it's a kind of minorities
anyway ah those this these people called asherah were familiar with a ocean and the lab ocean so probably they lived in the by the coast
so good the asked to the chief of a sugar
ah this is the ties from our anger kaja
i would ask to the cheerful as yoda
because ah the passenger name is a ladder
the ashraf find the right in the great ocean
so you people are earlier you love the ocean
and the chief said they do
and the buddha said now how many wonderful and method of qualities
do that the the assurers again and again perceive in the great ocean
so that they take the right inmate so why the fuck kind of good quality of the ocean do those action people like love the ocean and the person sitting there are eight characteristics eight great
virtue of the ocean
and after the person
mason both eight virtue of the our ocean with as fit ah not better the button that ah ashur key asked buddha
fuck is a great quality wonder how wonderful quality of
but as teaching
and practice
so with that repeated fat the asserting said about the ocean and compared with the virtue of the with samba
to me this is really important to follow us to understand what is the quality and the characteristic of put his santa
and how we need to make effort how to
create such a community so those eight point are really important and some of them might be might not be you know might not work in our community enough twenty first century but anyway it's important to know
no fat buddha book about the quality of buddhist community
using the analogy of our virtue of ocean and this
difference to mahayana buddhist are citrus
and it appeared in dark qigong were other times cost sutra and it's is it became the origin of the teaching of ocean see somebody for its
deleted or to the dog dorgan and to us
anyway so i'd like to introduce those eight great virtues of ocean and also that with his family
ah so that king over i should have said i supports road the monks take the right in this gunma undisciplined
and what does it they do
out but how many wonderful and marvelous qualities do the monks again and again parthiv in this dharma and his sibling by reason of fitch they take the right
it in it
and a buddha
dogs application those eight qualities
on first is
just as the great ocean great the ocean throw away gradually so it gradually become beep
forest gradually in grains gradually not in an a lot way like our police see peace able is so i even saw is this dharma i mean dumb
and the supreme there is a gravity or teacher training gradually training garage your practice gradual progress there is no penetration to final knowledge in an average i pulled up to we
so what is in with practice has a garage or a method foods some purpose for between us and it can ah
getting deeper and people go that in our experienced people so there's no such a blood ah makah ah jumping
it's can go you know what actually
on second is just as the great ocean is table
and does not overflow
it's boundaries so no matter how much water came coming in from if and rivers or they'll never overflow i mean i also never over from
even so when i haven't made known alu of training is it about benaiah precept but i made some certain doors for the monks to follow
then a load of reading to my disciples they will not transgress it even for life with fake so member of the finger in this case month never have our from that means they
follow with as the dollars or been a precept with the ah set up that it a second virtue
and a further one has something to do with our show balkans okay in some way
that these just as the great ocean where not tolerate
i bet the body a cops but quickly carried it to the shore
and the cast it on to the land
so it said
a caution if there is some a dead body the ah
the body go to the to the shore and get out of the ocean and stay in the shore so awesome peasant keep the dead body of anyone
and ah able so that hang out will not tolerate the stronger community over it will not tolerate within its lungs a person for is a moron
but character of impure i'm suspicious conduct a secret thief in his action not that true authentic but rather as some acidic not chased but taste but
but pretending to be taste lot on to the core last through and of vinyl behavior is touch your case the standard quickly as templates and expelled cuts across him
even if seated in the midst of the monk assembly yet he is far from the camera on the sangha is far from him so this means if among monks if some monks ah did something against
the and thoughtful called for parrot cat precept they have to be he expanded it cannot stay in the summer
ah so this is like our ocean or put that body to the none
so now
ocean and the also buddhist sangha at the power or ability to keep it clean or pure
ah get a cool story about this thing of the etc
and in tiny the when the mustard changed the meaning of this so that is it at one point of duggan's in them
and ah for
just as a mighty rivers on dating the great ocean road they are former names
and ah designations and are just reckoned other the great ocean
there are what does from different rivers are in the case of india ganges to ah in as if our and many other difference and the water came from different rivers even much smaller oliver's by the wise it
enter into the ocean there's no such a separation
and this is a or that it had to put a thing here
ah when ah
even so when members of the forecast in india our society there a forecast that that his novels brahmins come on corners and many years
so there are many different classes in a facility but finn anyone who came from any
crafted was they enter the buddhist sangha they are treated as equal as no such discrimination
that is another virtue of with sanga so ah go forth from home into the homeless life in this gum undisciplined proclaimed by the tathagata they lose their for my name's
and ladies and are reckoned on the as ascetics following the tongue of the shutdowns that means because i chided
so all of this month or code ah shocker
so family our family name is or a shocker
it's no other names
and but as a this is a force wonderful and marvelous quality in this gunma or the cyprian
a fifth just as in the great awesome neither or decrease noah an increase
we appear through our i'm i'm sorry appear though all the streams of the word throw into it
and being forced into it from the sky so it never decrease or increase
i even saw even if many month attain finer nirvana i'm the new bank in party
in the new barn her element that is without residue left there is no decrease or increase in the nearby nibbana element that is without rescue left so no matter how many people attain nirvana needed
anna doesn't increase or decrease because it's not that matter of quantity peter madoff quality
and our next is fixed just as a great ocean has but one taste
the taste of salt so all
for javale part of the ocean the taste of the ocean water is a thing it's ornaments forty everywhere
ah but one taste that case ah even so the dumber and this spring has but one taste that means ah
whatever summer and whatever a part of the thunder
or the pats have only one same taste
at a good fun
and the taste of revelation
so ah
we have to make sure in our thunder if we have a paste of one taste one single taste of tribulation or not if we have different pace than we have to be careful
is this test came into a offender
that is one of the very important ah
quality of buddhist sangha so this is a taste of revelation a taste of karma
this is a sixth and seventh
ah just as in the great ocean there are many and body a gated precious substances such as powers gems etc there are many beautiful precious things in the ocean
ah so in this dharma dharma undisciplined there is much that is precious there are many precious thing
in the practice of the summer and those are these are the priests are precious things in it that is the full foundation of mindfulness meditation practice in para state of practice in and
the for like the effort the for basis of success the five spiritual faculties the five speech or pass the seven factors of indictment and the noble eightfold path those are all practice
but pratt is and those are the precious gems while paris are awesome embraces so we have to make sure we have that kind of precious practice teaching and practice and activities
you know our community
ah so there are many precious things in russia
and finally our if if but you have the with sanga is

just as the great ocean is the abode of vast creators
the that means that many kind of fishes knock on the deficient but indian asian people from travels or lived in the ocean for huge ah great living beings are lived in the
i even thought is this gummer undisciplined the domain of great beings so great people arriving within the combat
and those are does stream entire and one practicing for the irritation of the fruits of stream entry the once return her and one practicing for the realization of the
fluids of one returning the know beaten and the one practicing for the realization of the fruits of known determining the other hat and the one practicing for or had the ship so these are the for
monks who are in those four stages of development or practice those are great beings living within the summer
i've gotten the mahayana buddhism or then at them buddhism is part of the hannah we have different system or was pages of practice and specially in photos and prohibition there's no such stages
essentially convention in the era
but not
only those kind of stages but ah people in the sanga should be all great beings great people
and identify ah traditionally in them teenage we call the assembly from the as die shoe
monks are called die shoe diet means great and show means assembly or people from great assembly
so not only our experienced papers in satin you know the advanced stage but all people giving in the thunder as to be a great people and great people means
some very interesting the analogy of at this great means
and in asia
with have our kind of analogy that we're like ah ah frog taught in that will
living in that bottom of and where we are living in such a small in a home so we only stayed a tiny part of the sky but still we think we've seen the entire sky
and that is or analogy of us more of being a cough
but bogans nz in a cool look he said people living in the summer is like a frog or thought giving in the ocean
of course there's no fat frog
but this is ah you know we're like a hooks piru we're like a frog but fellow we are living in the ocean in gonna up
with december we are like the flock living in the ocean that means we don't
on the view the way we see
but we study more broader perspective of a reality by studying with as teaching and also of giving and practicing with other people and letting go of our floor views small delicate
views by living in this way we cannot be self-centered it cannot be like that a frog in there were so even though we are limited conditions living beings like a frog still we're if we do
if fellow we live in the tundra and practice with other people who we are like a frog in the ocean that it a great beings i think means in either revision
so those eight point are the that are teaching about the quality of the ocean and quality of a summer
and ah this
yeah looks very interesting and important for my high end up but it's also ah take this teaching to define a quirky of put his finger or monastic practice
and the thing same kitchen appeared in the upper panel cathedra and or soda mahayana party new banner sutra
ah thou or shall say to somebody become ah the names of somebody's
ha in fit our if it's good that
ah is drink fin he preach the other kinds of sutra
that is an origin of this or subnet hamadi k in some my ah shan seems someone who's so we're like a frog in the ocean
and finn our our mind come down by practicing studying burma and practicing station and are living ah following up with as president
oh yeah like that
great piece in the ocean giving pastries
that is the very basic meaning of the ocean feel somebody so sensitive mib is that somebody but also we are part of that from abby
it's eleven o'clock
any questions or comments please

okay ah number two is number two a number of favourite to and five number two is just a great or shine the stay stable and does not over from its boundaries so that
ah ocean keep the boundaries
so i have made in know alu of training so funny buddha set up something precept law monks remember with sanga never go get out of that a boundary
like our ocean is always within the boundary that is the minutes no of the second project and the fifth is
just as in the great ocean neither or decreased know up an increase so soda ah devereux of awesome water is never decrease or increase actually seems it is increasing now
and that is a human problems caused by human beings but not by the what as fold but our fault that into nature
the water keeps the same level of the water
and ah
we appear through all the streams of the word throw into it and they forced into it from the sky so or the to virtues that number to a number five are not so different but in the case of a number of
five no matter how much water comes in from ah
outside than what the work i'll ever open ocean doesn't increase or decrease ah so there's some through the roof or subtle difference i think
his loss against the shores
cause i think it was in japanese but there's a book entitled why we don't say that body in the ocean
in or shines always korea or if a crane isn't
unless the fucking disaster like our oil know
the ocean
we don't see so many dead bodies even though there are no numbers living beings living in the ocean
and we sometimes see that the body are on the beach so maybe ancient people think ocean or been are not traded that dead body and ah put them out of the ocean
i think that mixes

i don't think that avoid something bad or immoral but in this case are ah
the monks food isn't have a you cannot ah you know if if we become few people have become a monk fair to take to achieve the precept that means they he take a vow to follow the present and
but if
these about for ah
most serious precept got that is erica
stealing telling a lie for a speech and six her mislead any sexual our activities for monks
so when people who received the precept and became a buddhist monk they take that power and if they even though they took the vow admins a make a pray that i follow these precinct not only goes for are
more than two hundred project
other than minor so-called nine up precept and if those monks ah commit some estate against those for a piratical precept they have to be expelled in this case i think ah
what is prison
the monks thought the person is already dead
when the he commit
vote for palatka precept i think that if it meant
oh okay

a gradual and southern in a tricky thing
there's nothing fathom nothing gradual i think that is fun
dogan point out you know in chinese then as far as shown getting sudden enlightenment and gradual enlightenment that very important it's separate to schools southern and northern schools but ah
you know for example a sec toxin a patent for lot sandal keiser dealt in that that has no a foreign or know them our ancestors at means there's no such
criterium separation between seven and gradual i think so
you know there are certain people through you know
cannot study and practice so quickly
and of course among the with as disciples whereas something very brilliant people like a putra o'gara other ah
michelle grew with is not so ah
but buddha
gave our kind of our ah
skillful means
even though in on
i forget pass on to name in sanskrit about in japanese the person's name is it should be hundreds of who ah was his introductory not a talented so he couldn't even memorize any buddha's teachings
so put i told him give him our ah she's trapped is that green something
and by cleaning things day after day a person it said attained or hat hood
so for that person that is
i think seven innocence favour as charlie potter so ah southern know a gradual gradually can be depending upon the personality or persons characterised characters
or quality and we cannot say fit know salad torah is really better than
so talented person
so it's to meet really difficult to make a distinction between garagiola and sudden
how do you think

okay oh okay
yeah she's are representative of a sudden sudden enlightenment
that this or that is another point we have to say we are going to study for new in kinds of mine up his organs position i don't think kids graduate
and he's not he's teaching is not fathom neither
i i think he's questioning the validity of that separation between seven and grandeur for him reality is only like now right here
southern and grog grotto is in terms of the flawed time how wrong with that to take or how show the bottom cannot be enlightenment but for go is discussing in kind tonight is the quality of like now right here it's not a matter of in the future how long are you
to practice or how should you cannot be enlightenment
so we're time have my pet for it
ah ok
thank you very much