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good morning
ah i stopped her from god hard oh that can measure precept so we have eight more precept to talk this morning so i need to be naughty
the thud precept is not indulging in sexual agree
ah let me did god this precept it from that brockman etc
the for how the major precept on fixture misconduct
a disciple over there buddha must not engage in life can ts act or encourage others to do so a young monk he should not have sexual relations with any few may be he i human any
mero de t or sprint know are created a cold conditions before our karma of such misconduct indeed he must not engage in improper sexual conduct with anyone
i buddha's disciples who ought to have a mind of feeder p t this queueing all sentient beings and instructing them in the dharma or purity and just to t if is did he act compression and encourage or
others to engage in sexual relations promiscuously including with any mars and even their mothers daughters sisters or other close relatives he commits a average car fence
this is god the father precept from the brockman et cetera
and a body that comment on this precept is
safe nature is wondrous and imperceptible within the dharma that is free from attachement not allowing a desire to attach you unsafe to anything is called the precept of
of not having fictional greed
and dog and then this comment on this present
not indulging in sexual greed when the three weaves body speech and thought are pure there is nothing to be the dyad
all the buddhas are walking in the same path
cook are quite different
and ah the precept in the brahmana etc is ah
meaning of the precept ah and ah ethics within a society is petty in this ah present for the monks any sexual conduct is prohibited under for that ah lay people ah improper
ha ha
sexual misconduct is prohibited
and ah because of the nature of this precept or that knit hard
khadijah a society is protect was made that means or fifth century in china and as morality or ethics of sexuality based is bit was based on the family system so basically improper or ah
ah sexual duration ah which is not a proper
is a division ah outside marriage not embarrassing that kind of sexual relation destroy the family value
that if the person's sexuality has been changed quite alone
i mean until i think care about fifty other go in japan this
kind of good concept of morality was body buried but not not
ethics or morality based on family system or body doesn't work anymore
so probably you ah wish to the in incorporate to the right even be right in on this precept either a big concrete
our ethics with extorted teeth and that thief kennedy body ah in this
ah model for factory and i think one of the good exam proof ah is made by ah taken a ton inches ah what book and fighter the entire being he in made candover ah
she the version of the precinct
and about this precept org sexual misconduct
for his are precept is as follows
he said do not miss three to your body
learn to handle it with respect
do not look on your body as the an instrument
to to
in know fruity our desire
preserve vital energies sexual breath ah spirit for that the realization of the way
so we should use that life energy for that the i this one of the way not for from feed our the fire
for our brothers and sisters who are not monks and nuns that the majority people are sexual expression should not take praise
without love under long term commitment
in sexual relationship be aware of future suffering so we should be aware of future for for funding means for our children and grandchildren that may be caused
to preserve the happiness of others district the light and commitment of others
the free aware of the responsibility or bringing new life into the word
ah meditate on the world into fitch you are bringing new beings

ah defeated her hands are pattern of this precept so we should this ah respect our body and are in her life energy and also we should be a sponsor is possible to within the cause and designed ah we are the result of it
no no
you are a previous generations and we will is oh yeah the cause of the next generation so we are responsible what we do influence from ah nick nation needs to be
ah so i think we had our actual concrete it a go
issued we have to really think what a them ah varied and go ah ah conduct that can be he
but cause i think fixed so that they are or fictional ha
conduct itself is not bad i don't think so i mean enough ah commentary on the logan's ah
towards your kind one ah from answered if successful is a therapy is a blue or bad you know i'm six how to conduct our old bug then you know or without our format desired or bad thing thought it should be
consider end up to it and yet it is also to or enough in fix it and careless it irresponsible her conduct validations create a pain and sufferings so we need to be irresponsible to her
our actions
bodhidharma comment if a point out if we have any attachment that is against this precept
in this diorama this ah dharma or but interconnected
for his nation is a free from attachment things are coming and stay for a while and going it's happening without attachment the tangshan the time fan in for example our flower to bloom provides as gloom
when time comes to from i just for and you know each here it comes and goes free without attachment
so within the government that the to free from attachement not arriving at the jaya to attach oneself to anything is called called the precept of not having sex or agreed so not only section greed but
any kind of greed
ah not allow us to attach relative to the something that is violation of this precept
and in ah gorgons with or comment on this precept nourishes commenter is almost thing with the second precinct he also talks about that how can i say
how subject and object me
free he said finn the three reuse three with in this case means body speech and thought both ways of our karma that you know kelly or and continue our life
body speech on the phone and those are called three also free cutomers or three way we for city but our aspect we make coding with
and said the free readers are pure this pure is again same why the job or katie
ah it as fangio i saw a jaw
finn body speech and thought our karma ah pure or cream not defined
there is nothing to me the dyad is not for c o weaves his
subject hope we are
and then we encounter with an object with are pure body mind and speech that means who is at the environment
in either i often said ah for talk on the teaching of second money buddha about the fixings of quotation
a perception and others the object is now madoka finn a perception and now murder dog meat
yeah something happened that this code of conduct
and conduct a caught is are a feeling or sensation
that can be a present or unpleasant and that makes us are create causes are cringing
oh the dahlia
if i if it's so cool
i e
clinging and ah shoe
i mean the dire and shoe is quitting
these are the process in our life become suffering
i mean about free now
three words become a burning house our life become bonding we'd see poisonous mind but if we are free from that the fundamental to sleep not mind that means we are not free from this ah enough foot band-aids between subject and object
or desire and the object of desire
but ah the buddha said finn ah you don't get it up the stage or state ah nama rupa fit to be
and that is a stage without know perception
right now without ah or the natty perception without ah disorder the perfection without no perception and without any an accusation or perception fan we're in not stay estate are now murdered by fist
to be
then conduct the fish to be and confession ceased to be and they are and clinging on for fish to be and suffering fit to be so ah hmm that is fucked with a cop
and i i think or i believe this interstate without ah without ah or denied a perception without disorder the perfection without no perfection without any an agitation of perception is but we do we know that then
five let go
so that our other than is the posture or practice we are deduced from this ah
bundy's so in order then we are the east from this in our ah
process of creating suffering that five dog venture this isn't about at them is not the method to become enlightened
but this data is safe safe adamant or and also itself is a banner this is not clear the ah ah kind of rob means to get something like to go somewhere but defeat of yeah we need to be that he
is in one
if we believe it or not prince and then practically hundred you just you know for example if i felt very strong urged at any period as desire or sit this to figure out how to lie
later in international way sir
practically how do i get back to language on the life that is what we doing in practice outlet it now and very angry i i don't go in and i don't want to go out with them come down
come through and to him
we are here we are
the when we have be from this in a fruit brandies ah then
as logan said in bundoora or to do than my friend we sit
showing now with them with out with our free reeves body speech and thought then he said this entire universe the universe to come at an item mint and each and every beings within this entire that my word become dbz its own
on enlightenment that means a thin we are released from this in op edition with desire and the object of desire or perception and ah mah tulpa then this object divi divis the reality
t as it is this is not the opposite of my desire to fulfill my you know ah past these are just an the know they are and we are just utter we are not for dog and engines
i took a up on the second and third precept he is talking about dozen and how we can ah deep in our daily lives ah
how can i say based on our doesn't practice based on this year i'm ah
this meeting the fucker bandage between sept area and the object of desire oh that mean how how are they can work in our daily lives
i now the again we can't make you know and be fired caravan with free a goodie for our speech and thought but when we stand up we can make any kind of my when i eat healthy or unhealthy why he blew or a good
hello are think can work in our daily life that is the point of ah these priests the practice of this precept in our ah products some brief
obviously we
sure i
sure where when we did a with other can we work with others that is so much fun fat and organ than in ten the joke and on his to work with other things and other people
so it's not enough a new we sit in rosendo we are alone we just facing the war so there's no object but if and in our daily lives in there are things we need to work together and they are object and if
we are care if they are object of my desire to set up to who satisfy my desire and goes oh if god object doesn't know luck for that fake i become angry that kind of you know i'm cringing or bang
this is the force of ah suffering within fanfare and we are friends my grid within the stage or are our continuous changes of the situation so our that is to cut off
now in a bandage and b e r phillips and at all beings are they are
that is done not by our effort but allah ah logan said ads in defend said decision our we become ah pure because without power or dependents and we become free because of the pie
a or them up by our fifth you know if what sort of power effort so we can offer i am enlightened awesome there's no way tooth fear factor thing because
we cannot do it by in you way to power because our willpower is are foolish of defilement
oh where is so
this means all being fit to be the object of our desires
then all the buddhas are walking in the same path so not only does person but order with us working together
one who is in this one network will be codependent consternation
ah i think this is for dorgan meant in this comment in now she's committed very precise and he doesn't explain he just express
so it very difficult to understand the pub fuck help he really think and love next precept to me is most difficult to understand
so did go to the next to force precip that is not speaking for would ah a foot
and the fifth is also very discount for some fifth
the force precept
ha in the up on etc is as follows
first major precept on the tae keung lying on the forest speech
of the buddha must not himself excuse for us was on speech
what encourage others
to lie or like to lie or live by expedient means
he should not involve himself in the causes conditions method or kurama of line saying that he had seen for the he has not seen or vice versa
or lying in pretty sick
daddy through physical or mental means
as a badass disciple he ought to maintain right speech and like views always and bleed or others to maintain them at will
if we instead he causes long speech long views or evil kadima in others he commit a periscope offense so this is a precept top of not betting on an eye or photos speech
ah bodhidharma comment on this speaker been on this precept is
philip nature is wondrous and the imperceptible
within the is express couple of dharma
not speaking a single word is called the precept of not speaking for food
and logan than this comment is
ah not speaking for a good since the dharma wheel has been turning from the very beginning there is light neither too much nor to the to when a drop of a sweet do
moistened all beings rarity and to become relieved
for many as i don't understand cup is a connection between this comment and the precept of not kidding line
ah i extreme cutting my current understanding of dog meant but faster i want to say a clue about bodhidharma comment on this precinct
this is
a number for within the inexplicably dharma the dharma and reality safe
can be extreme cannot be he free express using was no was the concept
ah can be very reality safe though was on the conflict ah i expression or explanation fees ah i think chris and i got that god map or address of the for example the
earth is you know
like a ball had three dimensions
on a map has only two dimensions so when we tried to copy the know as on but a frat fetal paper you know something is distorted
ing for they were muffled with our the address obama is made in or for example in our in from otras green and isn't much larger than united states green added a small island and the a bit much larger
or something the shape or that size or direction something is distorted ah around the center of the address to 'em up reactivity accurate but specially the edge of the maps are
completely distorted and our view into thing
so there's no way to
produce a perfect map on the a frat fetal pepper something that is distorted and ah know our way of thinking using bad and concept into fame
i think both other copy of the reality we don't see that the aditya safe
with the other i wonder if we only see them nama rupa
so our view is distorted for forever what we use is not be edited safe than some distort distortion
so therefore in buddhism ah you know we use the word retard no meaning lanka data on the path
but that means vastness or fatness to have no meaning no definition but to see these well about our thirtieth
oh a dozen if
ah lager that guy xy dip it has no meaning but that is ah ah that just the point that this reality before being processed within our mind
but as a you know
it is fed into interactive instruction of the corn or condo some ah had a question and answer advanced to the ceremony said he will find way does it already distorted
even it will use these what it has no ah concept still already it is distorted
so worried about comment means is too
no fee to a fee and to show this reality safe be up to set our month
but finn about or fuck about we say even one wife i got that nest or fatness or have it is it's already started
that it happened was during my thing for fit say nothing
keep silent
for thereby you say that these aren't i
so whatever why that we use is against this precept
so it's almost impossible to keep this precinct have found out that we are we have our you know mouth and thought please yes
and that it had both the moment
but we have to use better to go off i up to two
feel to understand the reality that the that cutting our problem with our karma
otherwise there's no way too deep or other of a human beings
now we have to reboot the tours
the create delusions
so how and if we think this is wrong for we have to take this out the new can dream that is not really a healthy way of life so what so far is a very basic corn for human beings how can we do
we had to being blinded and with who is a distorted view
with this enough ah
green richard always creating distortion
how can we do that that is up point of our practice and the point of our ah study of dharma prince is that the case when
and it talks about
ain't that a check of cake
pink eat rice cake at which is locked mistake mistake
on the by professor a
yeah is that paying painted life cage we have nothing to eat
let it appropriate
for thirty who is in a derisive concept or idea unthinking ah is our life so how can we live ah you know
with those things because there are few things without without being deceived by those delusions that is going to grab practice i think work only to buddhist practice or them buddhist practice run the order human practice i think
in and comment he says autumn us open it for em bodied out a month so this is really kind of interesting kind of a trip to go in on this precept of not allowing other or concrete social ethics
and ah absolute reality or ably any thing is force for what thought we have to do not stop talking
and then logan face
ah faith that diorama we'd had been planning
from the very beginning
that the from the very beginning means turning the dharma wheel means buddha ah package to teach and after you know ah second when he attained awakening she awoke to the be a park and started to teach about a five month and that
i was called cold are fast turning of dharma wheel
but them from the very beginning means even second when he started to teach those five month the automobile he has had been in are already tanning being panned
that means that reality safe
is not ah how can a fabricated by when put up from here are making but he awakened to the way that things are so a reality what i kept therapy danmark
oh why they're even before without raping tweet
and even though we are be routed we are living in that reality
so dharma is always his tanning the problem with if we are to buddha awakened to if we can awaken to eat or not so i've always tanning
karma never disappeared that made to order to working but somehow we can feed we can leave based on that to reality but we do based on ah man-made reality mom made ah concept
of reality or mom was tony we create their story and the always the hero or she joined the story is me that if the way in order i love you become distorted
and yet even though we did we not the way until we mix our we make our life with suffering or from farah still got my standing that am i never stopped planning
so ah within this tanning of burma
reality is going on within you know within that ah
ah to our core winter dependent and coordination silhouette space and time not dharma never stop tanning it's all of being kind
and said that isn't neither too much know i told the truth
you know
the dharma is test dharma there's no interpretation know ah how can i say oh by estimate know jonathan turley to estimate that decode the item no separation between truth or reality
and ah october the at an all or data everything is included if dharma forget nor oct or fear
and that he had defeated seen if is simply one reality
but m a g fella yeah defeated is the user myself and in our doesn't practice we participate this disease on my free become part of this good that judaism my
that is front too to matter how to the to there's no way to evaluate to make judgment without this is a light on but finn we see things flow inside about the things happening
there is something we want that is something we don't want carrying something healthy or unhealthy forget his or ah discrimination and beyond discrimination means that this reality itself including old ah so
i've rarely one seamless reality
so when a drop of a sweet do moistened or beings or beings within it
this network
reality and truth become revealed that means each and everything happening within this network is reality itself that means there's no way to tell a lie everything is tooth everything is reality even finn we
there are we are telling a lie in intentionally
this know what i'm saying is a line but this god fuck that i'm telling a lie because i want to be sheep that from and get something from that bathroom this action itself the view the reality of piece bathroom there's no way to
achieve that reality for everything is really added these dvds the reality was tooth
we need to see this reality they have no rank eleven i mean a bank things that no way to tell her lie no way i can hide myself through with from this reality
oh we we cannot throughout the ship buddha we cannot deceive this dharma
we can be seen our service and huge embassy the other people
but but you know the fact that we're achieving our fear of or about or each other is that to reality that is happening and sure we are there with it
so in that sense that know for a speech even the a speech reading this reality that reason why this strange living beings called human beings can tell on i i had no computer cannot tell a lie
or computer cannot judge judge was determine if ah for us or ah
tooth i must demonstrate to runoff
i ah from i'm from ah
some computer platform for conclude that her offer for the core processor
how can i fit even a human beef even a young child can carry
read our if light truth or line or that power pattern from someone can pay online but i think complete i cannot judge
the pattern is intentionally to ally or not it as soon as a longer a zero period yeah and if it's something that would result us state in between and just get stuck in the way i am
i started talk about his kind of thing
brief without what does that make actually sharing
witness a drop of three new refer to fit do he referred to dharma
three do is a proliferation of can know
ah but this country in english know some sometimes the are called the art to do or ambrosia that is a symbol of buddha's teaching
gunma so thin or beings are moistened by the dharma beans and gossip or things are just tell him are not be not object of our view
everything is debating
the truth only or kids safe so there's nothing is fourth if we're encouraging the forest speech
the this variety know we understand it doesn't work to tell a lie and deceive others
i think that is fun ah can go in with
meant thinking in this comment
that's the mixes
that means you can we say there's nothing can do nothing can be hidden
useless to try to will make get to rely on the height or something
because it's
it's always or already revealed by doing such a thing that condition of our life is revered as i brooded me
ah okay the next run is
catholic program
ah the fifth precept is it not selling intoxicating liquor

ah in the been more kill
ah his measure present on sitting or aquatic beverage be barred ages
i decide disciple of the buddha must not trade in alcoholic beverages or encourage others to do so
he should not create the causes conditions method or kalama of setting any in books count whatsoever
for in turkish guns are the causes and conditions of all kinds of offenses
our the buddha's disciples he ought to help all ten can to beings achieve clear wisdom
if ah is dead she causes them to have upside down topsy turvy thinking he commit our car offense for this ah pressure upbeat about are sitting intoxicating rica
or in chinese or japanese of course you came

through the core issue for is not quite fitting
and shoe a fuck it in japanese okay or are called a rough edges
the thought this is not a precept of not drink alcoholic beverage but not fitting not drink is oh no ah forty eight mine are present in promotional
but this is not drinking puppets in about setting
and ah
traditionally def
at least in i am not sure in chinese in china but the oppressed in japanese photo and provision we are in interpreted this question our this shoe are intoxicating rica as ah ah not simply yeah
our had a quote blueberries made of our grains and i got a knife or other market years
but this intoxicating rica is enough pornography poisonous mind and or we may feel that ignorance or views or teaching based on ignorance that is
that is a point of this ah precept
why is it so when i read it i hear it seems so directed to lay people
and the other a more general like products first to the monastic order and then then he was one of his city
i just get this must be very quiet ago i mean in a chinese version and is there some kind of i'm fair enough how to translate on the character or based on historical or black
you are hard to translate cancer so it today translate sectors ah are carried a feels so directly to let people i mean there are no monastics trade alcoholic beverages
i'm not sure you're catholic monastery
ah but ah
now i don't have time to discuss about the historical buck would i notice ah present maybe we can talk maybe
how after you leave
on wednesdays curriculum now we are standing our ground when etc
ah so i'm sorry but i can't talk on battle theme
bodhidharma krista comment on this crowd
is safe nature is a wonder us and imperceptible
within the in interest curry pure dharma not being blinded by your life
if course the precept of not drinking certainly not drinking intoxicating become
here are embodied got a month the comments
so in this comment this drinking or fitting rica been filling he ignorance
that either cause or from delusions
so even if we don't fear that it ah nigga
if we are not free from ignorance we are against break this precept so we need to be free from ignorance
dogan vengeance comment this is a problem
ah she is comment on brief fifth precept is
do not putting in took scanned in do not let them come in this is truly the great brightness of wisdom great brightness of wisdom so
it is korea that gorgon for two against are saying is about the second half of this present in momoko that is ah
who you ought to help origin can to beings achieve korea wisdom this creo wisdom is muir a
new can be korea or a right
and it is wisdom
so ah the one dog and and use and ah it used to indigo a thing where the your air
bria korea or bright wisdom that means
king all things clearly as they are
that is the practice of good and buff but if we offer something against this wisdom
based on our negligence or ah you don't want
we are fitting intoxicant
so in a job
i feel
in this hundred the are to translations
night were another one era policies
is there
the faster i need a kind of a common interpretation
all this project
ah you it is
the first part of the his comment has only six
chinese characters
that if a
she a next ways ah this is to read a great brightness of with them despite has no problems
so this is about the
no no not fitting
shaw play
my crew a all
shin mi is can be not yet or never
and sure his whole life com
so hold on the cummins bring in take in
and mark is not
co means
let or make something to do something
and the sin is it i got invade
what his path
is it another come in
that all talking faith
thor ah he gotta say who and he didn't say what they have no subject and no object in this sentence so we have to interpret fact he's talking about and for translation possible
translation is ah
not me never bring in never let them come in that something coming never been something bring in
but we don't know what this is so possible for kimono interpretation is this intoxicant our eternal life so never bring this into can recur and never let that the inputs
can come in that is a common way of reading this sentence but ah i'm not as first sentence means but there is another possible we're reading this
that means ah
in the case of first real real bleeding be
if cup into to path
length of for or two sentences ah
never bring in and drunk had something come in two sentences but are there is another way of leaving ah
that is get reading this as one single sentence in this case this michelle lie
he something pretty sure not to be
hey we should not that come in that means we did not let me surely coming
ah in japanese we did in that way we did michaud lie more ah okay fashion would have cotto nakano to read one sentence
to read as a one sentence
and ah for many as i don't really understand of apis means but ah this way or bleeding appeared in consider young doses are commentary on codes okay mom
and ah
he introduced one cohen story
about lithic special shoreline this is interesting
and then i carefully dot com i started to understand the fuck does come me is you know i've been to ah
don't let me lie are coming
ah this story is about ah towards them or don't shun

with our much time
ah he's talking to a heater assembly
about that i think we you know that in a competition or without my ah between g issue and in or sweden and aga few se and pugin to choose to select our neuromorphic fisher ah such sanchez star
requested his disciples to light a pass one buff pretty express their understanding and ah but the issue was i had the monk and he was ah respected by all other monks
and thought gee shoe made a bus
hi i'm a shit about his fagor nobody this body is the body bodhi tree body mean
bodhi tree trio of awakening
the body is the bodhi tree the mind our mind is like a bright meteor stand bright meet stunned as something to do with this bright korea will come
at all times we should put a sheet
and must not let the dust correct so our body is a tree over three or by awakening and our mind is a camera or wisdom clear out with them and yet or if we are carries you know that comes and
stay on the bright mira so we have to or with cheap parish and keep the meta korea that was joshua
ah him
and ah another person in or three nun who became the fan festa ah at that time he was not a monkey yet she was a day work at the monastery but he think he had this er jo should play him she said
that is not ah
enough to express their mouth so even though she didn't why he couldn't deed or light that he could made claims so he asked someone to like a claim next to tissues ah when and three an in ah
was claim is
body or awakening ordinary has no tree are you can you have no tree
the bright meet our has not a tank neither
from the beginning there is no one finger finish
fairy garden for august
this is totally i renamed poem and the fifth and sister ah
judge the know what we know how much
ah deep understanding of dharma and when within this chain and a claim this cat is no one single thing is
well it's humid

you got your understanding the score for the we need to understand these two points because towards on are about be points
she said
ah even didn't put on or those shun that i found out over tiny photo school
even if you straight quadri say that origin really there to no one thing roofing alchemists know when one single thing skill you will not be able to get that she's ancestor
a bug of the begging bowl that means in all the claim is not yet enough
ah back over a begging bowl it means odot is a symbol of dharma transmission so important thing is no fat between unfair not be enough
then a monk asked ah gee issued their first puffin said that we should division three practice and polish the bright meteor to prevent the dust from correcting on it
when why did not hear a sheep the lobe on the ball fine did not the dish or not receive the transmission from nephew san sister
i wonder who can get him that means job to them said pune and cuomo is not enough and monk said oh joyce you i'm in tissue lowden to such a plan and so both of them are not good enough than who could
ah receive the transmission from the few fan sister
then told on said
thou one the one who does not interest through the gate
this it most important thing in the course tony the one who does not enter through the gate
that means no gate is between subject and object and usually something coming in and something happen in our mind
so busy the gate filth
the one who does not ah and pursued okay to me there's no such
separation between subject and the opposite brief the person live in such a way that the bathroom can receive the transmission the different ah put on fed
then the monk asked
does such a person who does not enter through the gate
getting it or not
that means if there's no such and if the person has no thirteen
separation between subject and object that means after actually one with all beings not such a powerful need to the the transmission transmission
no what are the schiff no doubt karaoke ball or alone
there is already separation
if you're such a thing you know that wouldn't happen that pattern with the gate can be sheep why is it necessary for such present to deceive had a thing because he's already one with everything
ah then i thought said
even though it is thus that means he accept this monk statement you know she hadn't such a person than me to disobey anything any kind of recognition or approval
even though it is thus the fifth son sister could not avoid giving his to such a passion
source somehow in school if if i had had to you know give up around commission and or father or aoki ball or love a finger of this dharma transmission
you are to continue this tradition so the dolomites fear of cannot be transmitted of north norfolk things to be to give what to be given because karma is this and totality of in taliban coordination
and we're getting a bomb living on time within that dharma there's no way you know can parade the dharma
for nothing can be given nothing can be received
okay then the master pour them ah gave another instruction
even if you spread further he say that from the beginning there is no one single thing again he stuck to talk about when and ah expression to you will not be able to
the sheep the lobe under begging bowl from the fifth and sister here you should keep one people turn of phrase tell me for the you have to see so again he said in and think from the beginning there is no one thing
the thing is not enough meeting what is not enough you have to say something you know better
that was not a decreased from the teacher or about to his monks and there was one monk who tried to give his you know people down phrase
but ah
he tried again and again
but poison said no four ninety six times
the monk said in i tried to face nino different things ah for a ninety six times and each time put unfit know you need that not be enough
the last time for ninety seventh time
the last time finally he said something satisfy the master plan thought i said why didn't didn't didn't you say so sooner
so after know ninety fixed time of no finally he said like that it okay that's fine
that's interesting
but there is another it on the interesting thing here in this story
often the monk was trying to you know give not his expression for ninety six or seven times there was another monk
listen to the monk trying to game with our give put on his expression for someone else was hearing trying to listen for a monkey thing
he the a person could he could hear in or fast ninety six things but he couldn't hear the finer why this successful monk in a thin
so this monk asked god so this success for a monk what he said finally
but the monk who would not carry him so the success through monk or wanted to keep secret
ah then the monk who kept the asking for three years
three years keep asking caramel patio fit finally
ah still the other monk did not tell him
so she wanted to keep it his own for the favorite position
then i finally got a monk the man quarter keep asking became very thick and he was dying
after three years
then the are thick monk asked to about successful monk i have been asking you to tell me for the said for three years
but you have being ah rejecting my request
if he said if courtiers administration cannot convince you to tell me for what i want to hear i will convince you in a violent way
then he picked up for swamp on fin if we don't tell me i'll kill you
so she was very furious
and elicit app made up story i'm near the very interesting
no or both monks are very serious
them that ah monk was frightened
i've fed rate i'll tell you
so finally he said the fact he you know sheer what he said to that matter
and fucker he said was
even if it is taken in
i don't have a doomed to press it
in i don't have a room to proceed this ah
we even if it is taken in this taking in its shoreline

putting in
i don't have space to precede that mean i don't need it i don't need for to think it's such a thing means the or cue ball or either love or give him from the office and vista as a symbol of dharma transmission
that means i don't need it because they don't have pressed to spread to put it to store it
that means we are already in it
ah this is that fourth or before the shoreline cocaine use in this comment
so are in this story
you know towards on negate the train an expression ah mu each emotes no one single thing get there is no one similar thing from the beginning
and ah thought the negate it mean to say to say no one thing the thing on which months is already extra if we really which much we don't need to say that no one single thing
that is a fight for the unfit for ah we know or i know a lot in the poem is not enough
to say my fingers no one finger thing is already extra
then got gordon asked to his disciples to say something beyond ah train on said
and ah favour the monk said
i pulled on said no for ninety six times this thing nor for nine four ninety six times is important it's caught negation for bebo monk said no
and finally ah monk said even from such a thing comes in i don't have pressed to site and i said to the accept that thing
so in this case are this monk negated the train and no one single thing
there's no i have no had no press to satya things court no one thing with him
from excess
please just get inspired
good it's as if like that when interpretation of history that
to to watch line sir
no intention let's let's say in this case drinking it's not a substance itself it's inauguration
i'd like to come on higher i think we're know the meaning
ah well no i didn't to dog and comment
dorgan said mean sure
so dogan negate the monk titans monks interpretation and he should nor nor be sure i never miss misura never shoreline
he put the other another know
so this is ninety seventh know
and fat dog and fit is even this you know ninety seventh know should not i adequately how your same english wishes is not even
not with not let even this be sure i come when that mean
ah even if they come to in there are no press to put it and so we have to negate the shoreline harrison but even disintegration she's not be putting green
as make sense that means stop saying anything for them we say that is wrong
grief even though we're talking
so much material
so being free from ignorance means just the single foot on visit what we do we know that him for deva a know thought comes in just to go this case about this dharma is in one seamless dharma and
we try to understand try to feed and try to understand it until i do expressive like that this monk who put on monks in in on
and ninety seven times and the factory to up into how do we do under each time something and i'll come up for them know
and finally know he said something ah right or correct but burgers and this shouldn't this even this chip
oh how can i think not
come in
that means keep letting go
this keep predicting goal is ah
yeah not in a fitting any not are sitting the even on us
so ah my understand is this our therein of letting go of whatever for come up or write up some come up to the goal is the way we are near east while free from england start or
in talks country car or even on us
and keep practicing in this way is the way we all job this precept soft to up to keep this precept we keep sitting on letting go and he that he added t beyond ah or before being cooked
within our mind
that it's fucking that is the camera to the expression
you know we are drunk with i thought
with i thought they would rarely did with its thought or ah how can i say it fought from based on the or know are good to you
forgive our thought is the delusion that is fattening body out my friend
so keep letting go is the way we are free from even or us
well cooked can pick up
since when she was right it
yes in this case for this know
this process of a thing know he is a process of pursuing the amira so it's return to the issue and the february so can we say the issue is right then
know nokia or got is not light than cotton said that he not enough and in orton difficult think are endless process of thing nor then say something then ah again the know unfair something that is a profit
of our practice
so is it okay to love it
i haven't
hi rob this kind of enough stories and shelling with people it's a tough one
what a five my precept
i'm tammy survive
i'll fixed precept is not next five or not so complicated i think
ah the can just read and make sure to comment like logan
gothic precept is not talking of the fault of others
squad this precept in the brahmana etc is
ah six measure precept on broadcasting the fourth of the assembly i liked his brother casting
i'm ah tom ah poking
i defy through of the buddha must not himself broadcast than misdeed or in production of bodhisattva ah products or a boy thought about lay persons or over ordinary monks and nuns nor encourage
he must not create the cause conditions method or karma of discussing the offences of the assembly as a buddha disciple whenever he had evil a external wrist or followers of the to vehicles speak
corporate abrupt is contrary to the terima or contrary to the car park or precept within the buddhist community he should instruct them with our compassionate mind and lead them to develop wholesome
faith in the mahayana if is thin he discusses the fourth and miss these that cow within the assembly he commits a periscope of for this is the precept so according to this translation
this means to speak talk about the fault of ah
people inside the fonda and to have fatal
up with his summer fete know people wind up with sandra doing such as hijab deliberate mistakes
so i don't think this is this precept in are talking and discussing fan can some problems caused by some member of the thunder those are no mistakes and cody's or difficulty or a pain within summer need to be
he ah in a query pointed and discussed the court for the the cause and conditions and the result resulted and how we can avoid the theme programs in the future
i think this precept doesn't encourage us to hide the problems
he knew he avoided armas comments
sheriff nature is wonder us on the imperceptible we didn't have flawless dharma not speaking of other phone it is called the pressure of not speaking of a fourth of the for kinds of member
as of our hunger
and dog inventive comments
not talking over the fourth of others within the buddha dharma
we all approach the same way study wrong or study i have no future better the same doma realize the same with verification and the carry out the same practice
do not discuss about fourth of others do not cause disorder in the way

so when the thunder we're all walking a thin craft same way and we studied the same dharma and we share does the verification his soul
ah this word is used up with as a pair of shoe
i'm logan's and used faith issue and show our one
but the show means ah
how can i think
you know this issue and that i often felt this show and show is are ugly abbreviation of a long way expression at the mom
sure sure
more is to hear
and the see it to think and the shoe is to practice and the show is vilification to verify that means here means we hear some teaching in our case buddha's teaching for logan's teaching and we think
about the teaching try to understand ah intellectually before practice on the finn we think
the teaching
sound light or it seems to work with me
then we put the teaching into practice and through practice we e see the teaching was rarely true that the the fact this verification means through our practice documents through our experience we
see the teaching we studied is really to on the early works but this show is so verification or evidence
and so this show is usually used as a result of practice and an historical practice
with he not teaching me to relate to that is fat show means saw this show is a
often interpret at saturday
we've realized that teaching me too
and fat dogan federal faint men thank you that shoe and show or one of the means a show or evidence is not a after practice but the practice is it set of shore
we don't we don't need to wait until we finish practicing or until we practiced for certain period pt of to see the ability of the teaching the practice itself is evidence over to add
a tooth of the critique
so shoot until or one anyway
ha fatto game meant is within ah sanga we are practicing studying the same burma and practicing the same this and or pedophile and realize the very same verification we do
good together and the carry out the same practice so do not discussed about fourth of others i think this means to blame others and accused of as they are not good of question some for it's our mistakes we need to discuss
actually point out on discuss and as our program not he on that person's problem and to push his present out but we need to discuss as our program for is the cause of this program how can we avoid the same problem
i think that this front ah
yeah this precept means
so we need our compassion each other and embracing each other
and seventh is not praising one fish nor slandering others
ah in bomber killed or brafman etc said
several measure precept on praising one safe and discouraging adults
i defy pulled over there buddha shall not praise himself and speak ill of others or encourage others to do so she must not create a cold conditions method or karma or praising himself and despising others
that if i pull over the buddha he should be willing to stand in stand in for all sentient beings and in viewer shoe mediation and surrender
accepting blame congregating sentient beings have all the growling
if it did he displays his own virtues and concedes that good point of others that causing them to suffer saranda she commits a political fence
this is the precept of seventh precinct in loco
and the body damage comment
if nature is a wondrous and imperceptible
within that long discriminating dharma
so with environment has no discrimination between self and others not distinguishing one ferry from others is court the precept over not praising oneself are surrendering above so even who can we make distinct distinction
between surf and others that is a violation of this precept a and cream
this it out a month comment
in or us is ah is often fed some guy that i can caution means ah you know order from all different ah
rough comes into the ocean and the wife or oh that from different only rather ah getting to the ocean ocean become the and it it's simply one awesome there's no separation who is in your question

but a lot of course he now common way of thinking even put the sunlight or collection of intimidating people who have like and dislike her has our comic ah well during things and doing things
ah from in many different ah cultural religious ah background so
in order to
to say you know fungi to an awesome is easy but other reality you we are all comic problems
thought to become dirty rung or shine is a really different thing we have to go through a pay the current process or a practicing and ah a supporting each other
the food to keep this precept is it really difficult but we to work if in the direction we should go
in our practice
ah three more

i didn't lead dog and comment not praising one north run during others
who does and ancestors a thing verification with the whole sky and a great us when the great body is manifested there is no inside and outside in the sky friend
the data my body is manifested there is no in job grand on the earth so this also point out this far in a seamless one reality throughout time and space undefeated with as pure body
if this is manifested there's no such separation between set of run the others
so we need to awaken to this reality and we are proud of it
forget it nor your side and as fight in the sky usually we think in else
if i don't mean something happens and outside of me or different things and i write this thing i hate that thing that is for do we do but i'm from with ah in a seamless reality there's no such separation between inside and
so ah behavior in our daily lives should be based on this awakening to this reality of one seamless we have that i mean ah interconnectedness and probably have ah finally express
some is difficult to understand that is there is no inch of ground on the off
when the that my body this is terry my body is manifested that is no inch of grand on the earth this is a famous or expression in then literature that is they key
in some know
ah you see
similar they cheat day died great she is as great within a great us
ah boys know son it inch and door is ah in this translation i can read ah ground ball can be as ground or for you or fund
this means
in orleans
so it under the ground with great us and so you are exactly the same thing
so finn we fear we say the earth or the soil is included within the earth
but the means finn we see often the my body is manifested in all in individual beings including our phillips is already there so there's no such a no separate ah in the video
the collection of individuality and this whole seamless all reality realities that time at i'm and space are exactly the same thing
nothing to find the i always say it using the example of no one hundred and five fingers
now for each finger are independent individually in dvd-r different into shape and different names and difference we are moving but fan we see it at a one hand you know
all five finger are still there it's not negated it's not disappeared but still there but somehow is five fingers box of exactly one hand if north at separation
oh when we study and try to keep this precept of not surrounding a philandering allows need to
with however to this reality of in or even though we are
bbdo females we are actually one hand
if precept
is start from there more this is
well as stinginess and abuse
a disciple of the buddha must not be stingy or encourage others to be stingy
she should not create the course conditions my fraud or karma or with stinginess or other bodies had to buy whenever i distinctly gifted chewed person comes for help
he should keep that person fraud he needs if we instead out of anger and resentment she denied or as his path diffusing to help with even a penny i need to upgrade or grass even a single sentence or vase
who are afraid of dodoma but his kid scores and abuses that person he commit a parasha offense
give a final eight nine and ten tins precept about ah greed anger or hatred and ignorance
and the body dharmas or comment on the eighth precept is sheriff nature is wondrous and imperceptible within the terminal countries the all pervading to reality not a rousing greed is called the pro
shipped over not grudging kadima for my tea house
and slogan vengeance coming
not begrudging the term our market years
ab one phrase or when vass of dharma is nothing but that expression of the reality of the media phenomenon of beings and the hundred grasses one dharma and the one verification or good as an ancestor
why should give them whenever requested never begrudge them
so this means he not only the material but one freedom in the wrong phrase of tadema allah would have kitchen
experts in a vast or phrase enough february but as any with thickest those ah ah the not when of dartmouth and market at of things ah or so enemas and ah
this is sure this is about are offering while giving donna
we should not begrudge
you're bringing this is my dharma i understand this by understand by good i could off monk told and monk who want to keep his fab he said secret she don't pass out of playoff position that if begrudging so thin
ah asked we have our my understanding of dyneema
finn ah we have something on the funny we meet some on he need with you to offer some material things because both in a phrase or teachings or burma and material ah
actually in a part of with us during my body it's not like personal position

authorities five to eleven but please let me talk to one i definitely be and make a very short commended nice in or more kill
nice measure precept on anger and resentment
a guy pru of the buddha should not harbor anger or encourage others to be ugly
he should not create that causes conditions method or karma of anger other the hopefully over the buddha he ought to be compassionate and video on helping all sentient and pings they were up the good news of no contention if we is
did he insults and abuse his second things or even transformation beings such as dated and spirits with hush was hitting them with his fist or feet or attacking them with a knife or a crap
or herbert grudging even when the victim are confesses his mistakes and humbly seeks forgiveness in a thought coins confided three voice the disciple commits a porridge car or prince
so this is about our anger and hatred
ah what did alma faith
finnish nature it's wondrous and imperceptible within the euro stoma not lay find the ego is called the precept of not being ugly
ha of course this eagerness if another one an ego is alpina
and allowed man
i'm not sure if this english translation he got his ego and the hadith is like for a double and anathema
but determines
this means another possible in return is safe
you know we usually think it defend yourself and there a a this dishes me and to but didn't get no such thing called me if you'd only five scandals that it felt god for etc feet and even famous kind of are empty so there's no such things called me
oh i said of what evil or altamont but still we cling to something called me
on this cringing he's a cause of hunger because i want to protect this keep it is safe so if someone they know ah
attack doesn't mean i want to for big pit and yet if thou does are stronger than me i have to fear and ah
those about against me ah keep trying to attack me i have anger and the or fear and hatred
so this are
grasping to the fifth
if cause of anger so wish you did it go on this cringing
on dogan when comment is neither with drawing nor setting forth
neither being real nora nora being void their in you will see the ocean or great crowns
the ocean or magnificent grounds
you know withdraw unfitting fourth is to were two things we do
fitting force me to go forward to
oh the things i'm checking things and the eight things and judge if this is something we want while something we don't want this is the fact that we usually do in our dirty night and but we're drawing means we stopped that kind of
things are intact interaction with others and returned to the sheriff that is this what ah will throw in if pay hall
you will get a for is or negative what was going means or bucks riding
usually you know going forward go ahead is a positive rug but dog and use this were k hall of in she described she's taught him how other day is going inward not the outward i'm letting go
our fault or judgment or
our perceptions
so this is too
side of to aspect obama activity to wine to go out and do things with object and guys become home and be silent
and being yellow or being boyd
i must show or is there is a literal translation a work he used at gg but this is same same i think in this case him as will and the moon
who is being a non being or emptiness fan we go for and go forward go out and work together with object ah we we in the are there
and we work with all the all those things but the fenway
the down home and letting go foot or those things we or do we think there are i'm not really via its are empty
jack a growth
in not browse other similar wimpiness but crowther have ah
if no such fixed entity called crowd it's not just our floating our water on the air
and then its rain quarter begun to the off so and then on neither blue sky it there so ah crowes is used as a symbol of emptiness and impermanence and beard growth other
grid power it's called of comparable our life brian on making ah rating if we don't have ruined that is a problem if we have too much it in but it approved him if we have snow that makes you know some difficulties or we are happy to see in a blue
truth no
so a cross us mth and it's not really there and yet it has
ah big power and influence to tough
yeah got it different game face in a bright crowds and the magnificent grounds
i thought the i know there is er expression whole on the remote growth and whole gotta marlene
so this
grounds of dharma
that is empty and the it has a lot of power and influence
so often we see ah not fan we freely
ah act to practice both going forward and it our home
the moon or being and non-being or being on the emptiness fredy you know or everything becomes are bright ah good fruit margaret stunt growth so there's no longer there
love it
ah this is a know how can i say
point dog not poke about this precept
tense the final present
cause major precept cause ran during the trip region from or malkiel or buddha's disciples are not himself as spits himself speak ill of the trip region or encourage others to do so he must not create the causes
conditions method or karma or cylinder if we decide to here's but a thing grew out of thunder against the buddha from external wrist or evil beings she experiences are pain similar to that of three hundred sq
pears piercing his heart
how then could he possibly rhonda that reproduces himself
hence if we're to say prove that faith and the filial piety to add that we presume and even are fished eagle persons or goes up ah a parent views to out to approach will he commit the average car
and bodhidharma cummins said of nature is wondrous and imperceptible within the dharma fitch is the divided and divided reality not alerting a dualistic view of cent
and pings and put up
is called the precept of not slandering the three treasures for in his comment he said to make his cremation or separate separation between
human being so i think and the beings and buddha what they really did beings and enlightened buddha or from father and new banner to make fatty discrimination is it fifth surrendering are free to just so fun zora nirvana out one and the poodle
unscented being thrown one
but we have to say be than one you complete the tube also visit for the new dog and said in the very beginning mopped up again ginger corn the first sentence he said piano human centered the being sent to the terrorism and enlightenment bumping the second
second sentence going to a there's no no fees
and third sentence he said again in the data began to and him to beings and there and enlightenment for she used this hurt you know expression data to and there are one
free and who need to see vulgarity from both side

but the if we cling to the separation
and we are in funciona and we are fully so we need to go to collaborate another priest named nirvana if we think in that way you know we are funding thus snugly twitter
ah in the comment
the buddha manifest his body and expound i think expand her into the expand did expound the dharma ah
president is
these sanga i'm sorry these three treasures ah the crossing point of the word the virtue of the three treasures returned to the ocean of old annoying welcome and are immeasurable
we should respect free accept happened on fab the three treasures
is the how we know take refuge in buddha dharma and sangha
and finn dogan when he talks about that ah fashion was three mind and especially a big mind or magnanimous mind he said and with in are not given any my mind i'm sorry i'm not telling mind the mind
of parents she said i wish that we should consider three treasures us ah how our only child
that means we should take care of three he you to put out that month from now as the planet takes care of her children

griffin point to cross the river
between sulfur and nirvana
actually there's no such a diva there's no such in on the participating ah this sure on either shore
and yet near east
i mean there is transformation
otherwise we keep continue to leave creating not suffering thought there must be some transformation but different of formation does not mean we need to go somewhere with
but in this transformer and be three points the treasures in a crossing point of this transformation
the ultimate truth
okay where i'm sorry i talked to long
oh i guess rigidity the pro shop
chicago and week retreat
where ah
let me lead the i find out of three and city lines through the and then i stopped talking the above outlines are explanation of the sixteen the with a precept
shane you receive instruction or they are conferred on you you should receive them with ventilation now i will eat you means nicieza explanation of the precept that the british pm a sheep and know that person fool
ah of our present in this teaching ah did not a sprint to the precept master cut it for this ah now i really to you means
well we didn't have enough time for my talk is very incomplete but anyway i reach pay via text
finally i like for the people food who ship the priest ship tomorrow i'd like to show the cutting out too because i usually this is not helping
to assure for i'll sure of how how it is like
ah this is the kitchen york oof
what for only people
when people a shiver talk with door automation i asked him to copy by themselves but if is reprinted i i
mate i
this is my handwriting
and i asked our print danger japan to remake of printing and the field for getting a to like
in this the lead line is called the kitemark kids mean brad and mercury's vein blood being so see them but at the being of ah you know but as with on life
i'm this a circle is a symbol of that of this ah the to corbyn caterpillar consternation
and ah
the first person if second buddha
answer from shakyamuni it's go to mark a shopper ananda and
bodhi dharma and chinese sisters and dogan i'm blogging about the dharma to japan and it continued to ah my teacher which am a cooktop kusadasi and ah ah ah myself and be so
i'll be yeah life vein is transmit to or and and from the recipient ah this lying go back to return to the ocean he can to the circle so behave
one seamless from was fuck with foundation of without with them life
so of course this in transmission
from india to china and china to japan china to japan is historically to or that i'm not sure about the india to china but the for this is not historical truth but this is the expression of the for our understanding
of ghana hello
ah it has been transmitted and how we he to you to us and how
understand my is chronically or how we are connected with without an unfettered in this venues

and i think jaw asked me to talk about democracy
like through is another ah think know this pm through the sheets indeed achieved that ah patient ah like see them ah how can i think simplify the for more focus or and it personally that are free
he kind of open fluffy fans ah five strip several sip or more than nine strips
and our luxor and simplify the form or five strip officer and i'm not really sure for the the origin of business simplification it i don't know who often it happened but a based in japan
ah shin we're not the now for marriage situation mud monks or priest and put on dukson instead of okafor
on the are fin de people receive the precept ah
don't a beer people the sheep also production as a symbol up with a rock and ah probably i said during my lectures is love wow casa it a symbol openness
nito cabinda dependent origination you know this
ah originally in india mug buddhist monks ah corrected or discarded plugs and watch them and ah di them and put them together at means ah those montpellier it has no market value it
both that discounted i'm not didn't know but market the means it does not ah defiled by keepers ah compassionate it's a free from my pajamas which snow abundant was thrown away
that is from is called pretty in buddhism
now today we used the you know you ah fabric material but we cut the matteo into small pieces and forth together not the means we cannot use for something earth saw people don't want to throw
this it also means free from greed it's cannot be ah object of our greed or desire thought this is a symbol of in know interconnected interconnectedness and the also pretty
or deviation of freedom from drinking or attachment
and let it soften ah we put on no shot i like a so we
think you know we are locked with buddha's teaching
we're in ah
you know but as rove
but usually were often people think titular kind of a uniform
of buddhist monks priests to other people but the uniform with not that i add you i think we only for me is one form you and me into one night that is easy it's you and saw in the form but or
cafe called with soul nor form
you know if a new he chanted are
a bath of our blog we see ah guys say get up to cook it up queens law over deputation and my soul more soul coding a

then then is are feared ah
rice paddy up tinge to field they grow rice in asian countries and the fuck is happiness so this is our allies field
the happiness
who knows
basically we saw and of could any add two names over this katha and this to i'll say martha in author my the crevice
in a crowd is empty and it's good for a little power or function and the power function of or guitar or oxford is ah
in all its glory or happiness off nirvana
and the allow us to be free from suffering wife and fellow
and yet it has no form
so we don't think he noticed a uniform but this is no fun
okay i think that ah
our what i have
any questions if you don't have time to question
i think we got tired i'm tired old so i'm