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good morning everyone
during this preceptor to we study tokens and you to comment on the sixteen precept with a sheep in this tradition and the yesterday i talked to ah
that ah defend us page to and i already talked on down on on a dog and then she said in this a ticket but there is another a wrath of repentance appeared in the com
mentally on this thickest and i think it's a interesting and the important for i'd like to introduce another bus over the contents and the goal or hope for that
ah this
of repentance occurred in
veteran named gang your maybe
come through game
ah cure
i never let this sutra
and there there there must be no english poet of nation so you don't need to like tongue but in this are
ah there is a rush of repentance and that is a different kind of dependence on god vaso repentance written in the sticky studies
i have made countries but the past all of them were caused by the beginning with greed anger and ignorance born on my body speech and thought now i make complete dependence will pull over this it is our
candelabra the popular but come on over overdependence we in photo and tradition which so we decided this process
but this one is a little different
ah from a concluding told to he did the us
ah this is my translation
the ocean the ocean of all can be kinda on fees
lie thoroughly from the roof him thought if you wish to make repentance sit in upright posture and be the fruit of the true reality
oh don't miss the demeanors are like frost and do
the son of wisdom i neighbor them to melt away
the community again
the ocean of overcome kinda fifth arise thoroughly from the deluise phones if you wish to make repentance fit in upright posture and be mindful of the true reality
all misdemeanors are like frost and do
the son of wisdom a neighbor them to melt away
in the faster know the ocean of the comic hindrances fifth this awesome means infinite boundaries so are a common us is really boundless for are many lifetimes we have been
you know living ah
who is without the korea understanding and a awakening to the road to reality the are full we have been beeping a be kind of i feel favorite sent by the way and therefore we make many twisted ah hum who cut math
and those a comic hindrances allies thoroughly from the roof food
there he preferred his our conservation of japanese by the more or chinese who the more jaw or more for
more is ruthie and thaw it same saw in like our perception
i'm fine with tomatoes said to go before
when opening the hundred phone he used this can this the soul
on point is more joy sounded like you know that our the editor they receive the thought and not the rule she besought fab it's not the recent phone in english right foot correct thinking
but this is not a petition of correct thought but all for our neurosci thirty five it means
for this mean there are too kind of for this doesn't mean to kind of the and this because we don't have the light fog
and we have fellowship so therefore we create our ah kind of hindrances but ah i found out we are living based on our thought for
maybe derisive is are not right write english work may be difficult
picture might be better in all for a fiction it's not rare reality
or thought within our thought we kind of a process that ah stimulation with a sheep through your sixth sense organs and we create our perception and thinking and judgment and take action based on that we don't
any see the reality that to reality before being processed
within our mind
so as far as we are taking action a best on you know
the fog
from are perfection
then in that create have calmed syndrome office
for a cocktail you all for the are there was a erosion or erosion or fiction
so within this thinking we feel i did something wrong and i want to make repentance that is in of course with the thing in terms of good and bad
but still does depend on itself is fiction
coffee the important and right thing to do but few fiction
so if you wish to really make repentance
this bad said fit in upright posture and be the of the true realities true reality is a very core i often books that talk about that for
and you know ah get these to or a genuine and so is usually translated the add form but to trust a this indication if thought had phone is kind of ah
ah confusion
so i trust her dessert to is that a phone true reality
and this is a part of longer expression show whole just saw
they should do i'm not a queue up in the lotus sutra
show how it is so home in the all things
in the indicated hall or paramount means beings so true reality of order for all beings so we need to be mind the flu of truly and o'clock all beings
is fun i want that been sitting practice means and
i it being mindful backup cherry word
ah stay in this vase either she
mean the think
so i'm more literal translation to fit in upright posture and think over true reality but this thinking not right
not fi i translated be mindful of but reminder flow of still kind of a problem it's not something we do it with the you think our mind but in a friend will fit with the to go forth for this thinking that the thinking of not thinking
by not thinking by the to let go of our fault we free from six out fixture you know ah for thinking
both fitting can we sit we don't contemporary or we bunked think or wow we don't be mindful of thumb object code or to reality if there is our separation between person sitting and dog without having control reality as object
damn this is not sell them at all
but what we do in our doesn't sitting within this upright posture facing the war and a dingo foot
is just be
be part of this true reality i act or the park but
you know we are called we are one of our time us we are not the outside of or dartmouth we are part of or government we are in crew ship for the way the to reality of all beings means the way or or beings are and yeah pop of all beings
and yet when we start to think we've become like old favour i ought to have the to reality that way or things are and create a kind of a priest through of i know or are some kind of in off
ha a statement under think this is the way or things are as far as we are doing such action
we are velma and we are outside of all beings
but by letting go of that kind of act action and really just thing we seem are simply part of all pings for we don't see anything we know that him we don't contemporary top anything we don't meditate we do nothing but fitting that had the just sitting
he who has come to that means
so that prison
so does that mean that you hadn't been aware of yourself we are aware of your thoughts
will put the however means yes
but a good good question are we have to be careful
of course you know if there is a for thought are always coming and going and we did go off without the area hyannis is thought that coming we cannot bedrock so whenever we've found with we are how can i think in
think within both fog in offer new you fit facing the work as no objects will get naughty ah into action with cause side things things but fought coming up from our consciousness to become the object and often we and tucked in
that our faith with thought of to time we fight against those phone while sometimes we tried to in a chest after that thought if we do such a thing the separation between proper fitting and forth coming from a consciousness
when they are such separation between subject and object within our firm's them up is not that i'm so we'd stop doing such a thing and it go on the time to sitting at it about the i said yesterday
so ah director of course awareness caught our mind is still working but before we think ah yeah some object of awareness and we have to let go even the awareness
oh yeah i forget
i'm forty
oh ah think of to reality
so we don't even think of through reality sh
and ah this process thing busy setting itself is repentance
so ah in order both already bitten by the pit overdependence in this text is about some kind of
the particular attractions or out a handful customize
i'm a fan review i made some mistakes a few
ah forty or bud or painful for i make repentance
of course that is rapidly paint cans means but ah
you see in a befitting a the faith repentance ah it's much kind of about deeper i'm smart fat it's not only about from a humphrey options
in of even can we do something good
to help others
or something good to for example to study he dharma or to practice
in north to in all
if we take reality
beep and close look up the reality happening inside of ourselves we see free poisonous minds to whacking
you know why because i'm proof when i was young i
like of guys that has studied became our ah monk or priest i want to study with his teaching and i want to practice more than others
and i want to be a good the hype or put up or could be hyper of my teacher
know but ah that was kind of our motivation look by fabian practice and
it's not a bad without that kind of motivation i couldn't practice i couldn't study still have an eye
oh fab or look up my if i told myself gareth are green
and are you know competitive mind i wanted to be a good student me to be better to the than others
for i often not often but i almost all of it want to go to the general idea either
and i want to study more than i got i went to reno ah get more knowledge and understanding than others
you know this are competitive mind to know or create are you know how did a word
in fact sometimes i feel i'm out a night out but more often i think i've up tabitha me
for i fear you know ah
after i say v and also i have a kind of anger towards myself
and ah in this anger
and sometimes i hate myself and this anger and hatred become a candidate to study more
this is not a bad thing in studying and practice but feel that more driving force of this action this reduction in offense is poisonous mind but we don't feel you know usually we don't see that no motivation to
refried poisonous do in a motivation of doing good things can be poisonous
and fan with it very difficult to find that you know poisonous motivation because we're doing good and people might pray me
and you know
we are often how can i say ah can as a drunk or brand because of my enough good actions
that is one our example and another might be i often talk about my experience at the brothers-in-law in massachusetts we see monks from japan david enough outwards in the west western massachusetts and we cut the tree
it's clear the land and i to establish ah small though
ah thought this that work for dharma and i believed in my activities are based on my vow to in our share dharma and practice suis american people
but within that in a work or process of establishing about ah pressed to practice you know i cut many trees and killed many you know living beings and a one time we didn't have ah order
up so i die with always have dug out where with ah shudder at five i have proper the whole or my half-light nice i think now but ah forget it again this article my buck by the caravan
anyway so
i dug about ten feet
and are one time we had a lot of range and of whole was completely filled with water and next day i found a skunk are drone and did in the water
for in on my action was good motivation for the think of garima not some living beings a bit
but often we be because of my good motivation and the people you know
not in our scold me or brave me for the i was doing for i'll easily kind of are drunk or brined because of that good motivation and that is a problem
i mean even can we do good things something hungry could be down
and it's very difficult to depend at kind of hammad things
but when we sit and let go of fought them into the goal my idea of what i'm doing then
i naturally i be become aware of is happening inside and outside of myself it had nothing to do with my idea my you know thinking he notes many living beings ah ah
killed with my actions and yet i think if it could think that is really twisted and this twisted or kadima isn't really difficult to create a fee
but then will sit and let go of my idea of even about buddha dharma
then we start to feed query fee at it happening inside of ourselves now we practice how i practice hard because of my greed or anger or hatred
and other retarded told my work for the dharma you know many living beings could be killed so far
you know this is really difficult things to repent because a huge i don't feel
so different i then i think the southern it safe and being part of this true reality of all beings is very important to keep us awake to the any happening
and you know
many of our in a handful of things to
living beings
ha down by i think not able to people but by diligent and the imminent right people with adult kind of a good reason like apiece while i cross our nation
of justice
now why is often gum with a very good what for very good reasons
i'm not many evil people could you know cause whack but that was down by good people
but ah but it a problem and that kind of problem ah it's very difficult to repent so you have to be the only he can i say deeply see the it happening inside of ourselves and the fuck peter is out of our could
our actions with good motivation
to do so ah this sitting on letting go of our idea are thinking thought is really important and bit important our practice has a different path for i don't think to say i'm sorry i made such and such a mistake he
is one of them are in a practice of repentance and that is important
ah god is that a pen pals are put a kind of obama pto the on duck ah in our app can i say come through our with and we can start new fresh
but ah we need to be aware that there are my much deeper and more subtle a handful way of actually poisonous mind working
and to to aware of that led to that reality you know are an utter dependence is really important
we would share model she might teach our with said dependence and vow and repentance should be always together
so our this simple sitting just sitting is
from one side this is a practice oh wow
oh shut up about and from another fight that the same sitting is our practice of repentance so both i included in our this very simple or practice of just sitting

and the final to ride in different races or misdemeanors are like frost and view that son of welcome a neighborhood them to made it away
i think this misdemeanor is a program
think misdemeanors is option i don't think action it can be military action already done cannot be made it away but i think kind of our for the on a hammer through friends from that action down in the past can be made away
but the action already done cannot be military so for did a good bit i english lot the whole reason our tiny the word is to me or die
sure they
show me too many famous shoe
in show jaw and they ah i look up that japanese english dictionary is means a thin get it
ah amphitheater
included i'd come yeah
kim ah crime
ah for it misdemeanor wrongdoing misconduct offense
busy not that translation workshop so pretty if we have any idea present to me know
anyway did defeat another have as of repentance
ah them are at me go to the next
perception that is
three dish regis the filled out
frost set of the three precept within sixteen perfect way to sheep
ah about does a half minoru old page two
ah three the you
next take refuge in the buddha dharma and sangha
there are three aspect in the three treasures
these are the absolute free treasures the manifesting three bridges and the maintaining three treasures
the unsurpassable to awakening who are ultrasonic somebody is the buddha treasure
the reality that is pure and free from the vitamins is the dharma treasure the virtue of peace and harmony is the finger treasure
these three comprise the absolute free treasures the one who was born in the world and realized awakening is roberta treasure
the reality to fit the buddha awakened is the dharma treasure those who wronged the buddhist buddha under dharma ah the sangha treasure these are called the manifesting three treasures the one
and who appeared in the empty space where in the dusty word in order to edify heavenly and human beings is the buddha treasure the truth that expresses itself in the form of the buddha's teachings stored in the ocean
hm treasury and recorded in the scriptures on the petra leaps in order to transform animate and inanimate beings is the dharma treasure board who relieve others have all different kind of for
offerings and release them from the burning the house of the free weren't ah the finger treasure these are the manifesting i'm sorry the maintaining three treasures
when you take refuge in the buddha dharma and sangha you have become qualified as one who has acquired the great precept of all dartmouth i'm a precept of all buddhist
continue or just shouldn't have their buddha do not become a follower of about with
so ah
well we make repentance in the precepts ceremony that means we he
make a commitment to change the direction of our life phloem i got sent out a way to the way he or puzzle both of them as a means to leave together with all beings in harmony
ah next we he
received that are precept of three different does that mean taking refuge in buddha taking refuge in gunma i'm taking refuge in their finger
and according to a free
mahayana buddhism and here organs and you mentioned there are three not kinds of matters he aspect of the fleet reach us
and those three are in my translation ah absolute free to ages manifesting the three treasures and ah maintaining free to reach us
courts quality notify the for those three aspect of the three treasures is in time
thumb ball

and again then
thumb ball
and jersey

sambo some mean three whole meet our treasure
sometimes translated the street retard or triplet treasure
and it i literally means one body
that means those three add one thing if not the city different things that they for this guy means so i translate the are the absolute free to his ass
and a can mean the appear
and then means the in front or in front
mean the three treasures appeared in this world
and the jew means to him
and the mean maintain
so i attached a this are maintaining three to just
and i explain a each one of them not me but dogan
a first he make a comment on the
as a absolute three treasures frog up with that treasure is the unsurpassable to awakening one hundred a hundred somebody is awakening is itself buddha
the reality that is pure and free from the fireman's is the dharma treasure
and the virtue of peace and harmony is the sangha treasure the three comprise the absolute three treasures this is dogan didn't comment on the sweet tweezers crimea other full suite reserve on the
this means
the reality of all beings itself is three three treasure buddha dharma and sangha
and ah i often fade in according to the lotus sutra ah
ha true reality of all beings is expressed other ten sadness and ten such as a means where it takes another one
a nice touch talk on this but ah
best great means we are evacuating title tyler
and space
and ah you know each one was existing of kind of a unique beings unique person or unique beings and it added to own ah form nature ah substance or body and
the energy and the function so each one of us has a unique ah unique unique enough
and that his first five hope can fetch enough and next for such enough if ah
it is added
and condition
and really common com recompense
ah in in japanese in name cough and whole
i think these are validation
with other beings with in time and space in a cause under desert irritation with in time
in know
most common example use them but it's teaching is good seed
on the frau or our fruit
from seed are prompted
i'm ah it's that to grow and or if i need to flee much of each room's flour and bear fruit is a feed is cause and our fruit is without thirty for bifida duration or connection with in time
feed become ah mature tree and br or fruit and within fruit transit another feed for nick generation did how things are connected with in time at the code under it and the cause and reason
and conditions means fan even funny are prompted
if thereof
a condition are lucky the thief cannot sprout i got oh i feared need a water from humidity and temperature on fun beam and all other things and not only not only
he thinks both not only that things are factors that are actively support this fee to grow but also think didn't that didn't happen
for example if finn it was prompted if ah bob came on pick and eat than the seed cannot a grow
so the fact that no bad
came to eat defeat it also ah conditions defeat can grow that means all about didn't eat the seed are helping supporting this to grow so not only things happened but also things didn't happen
help defeat to grow a document everything
even know how can i say but the only things on the ask but ah you know what we have tapping our temperature because there is a fucking distance between fun and off
no have a problem for keeps the distance between fun and off
we don't know
i think nagar everything in this universe allows son and us you know ah in keeping enough fat in distance if who is us isn't even the be growth up to the thumb know about could be conditional on the
as rebuild different ah it it if it more discount than korea it is then
half is much corridor so we are like to within the thing are tight distance notify you know this form of living beings can be on south
so that energy or power fitch keep this distance between sun and us is ortho are supporting be fit to grow
so nearly everything is supporting to defeat to grow
so this condition is our relationship purposes to order beings within the space and a quote and are caught on to if within the time
and the content means finn or defeat grow and become a ah
our pre mature that tree room from us
finn provide brooms and with for butterflies and bees and other insect come to get our nectar
so defeat fan it in are very immature stage have something to offer to others
that it for a team comp tenth means so far we are in mature oh he received support from all beings and the fen we got fully become free mature we also offer something to this a
nito cabinda dependent ordination
so both for fat enough means
you know this unique
tiny things can exist and continue to existing continue to exist and give other brand because of the support ah from everything within space and time
and the actually there's no such independent things called a feed from a shock ah beside this in connection
we are simply one not hope that net internet and there's no such things called a nap or not you know what live within
dot net
or not we think we are independent
that without this the connection of each thread
there's no such thing called or not
so not is simply a collection of or different ah cause and regarded and cause and conditions
that fine not in fact in this a truly are killed all beings means and those are nine fatness i'm fine out of ten fatness is a from the it said from the beginning to the end get when
ha how can i say now what if ah complete the identity of from the beginning to the end that means from beginning to the in addition one seamless rarity gave no such separation for and
in my understanding this is fun ah ah dot makhaya means
so there's no such as i said yesterday be at no fats no ah fro of time
the moment from the very beginning to the very end i miss it around seamless space and all beings ah in peconic give each other without any independence
thong tell in the case of absolute free razors this reality itself that because durham okay i felt his
ah with that treasure
on the way things are within interconnection that these proper peace and harmony means is dilemna treasure and each and everything within this time and space ah thank god treasure
so on this other folks within this amateur episode three treasures it has nothing to do with ah you know who is the in the region called up buddhism
the reality of or beings living together on the interconnected it said is buddha and his dharma and sangha and oh yeah are part of it whether we are we become british or not
fuck from that is book fast aspect of st teresa

that it had one what he means you have no support issue
and our second aspect of literature is called on god manifesting
ah the she's the one who was born in the water and realized awakening is that without pressure to referred to second money with that he was born at a human being
ah in in praise india ah bomb about i had a happy time about twenty five one hundred years ago
and that person ah awaken to this reality
so sit in this case shakyamuni buddha was up with a treasure
so this is our first digital manifestation of this or fruit set regions within time and space
and ah
ah the lyrically to fit the buddha
that would that if a in this case sakyamuni buddha awakened
he's got the remark treasure

so according to a guy yesterday or provision finn second really good up was sitting under the bodhi tree he out he awakened to the reality of all beings not ah makes him a button that awake week
to the reality makes him buddha
on the dharma is the reality to fit ceremony or will have able to
and ah when she make decision to stand up at in and walk to without the or puck to share not awakening and know dharma he a to ah he you know
you would appreciate that truth or reality she need to explain from he awakened to happy experienced using wife
and is that teaching about this to or reality for had to put our code coding was ah ah also called dharma
so good of teaching or for product garima treasure
and the hangar
ah my translations both fruit learn the buddha on the dharma either from the pressure i'd like to make change on this translation
the ordinary
but if bury him proof
whoa there
saw ball
ah girl in study
and put it products
and whore is burma
and they're mean this
ah for into finger
whoa is theresa
thought i transferred it ah
i added a voice people
those for study buddha and kadima
if sanga treasures but
in a program if whether this is to have one one
but if can be buddha dharma
in often i made me made this translation i thought in this bitter and dharma people food studied buddha i'm donna
but it could be one word at adorama at a compound
i think that make it the center southwest of sentence ah simpler
and also another problem is
i'm not a problem but i think better that mistake that means i made sangha tweezers i poorer it should be a fear
but i think i made this program because in on the subject of this simple visit both
both those people are poor and so ah sung if we sang a treasure leave we make fun got rather don't put it on this mean he killed or two people our fingerprints are
but in this sinatra jr is one thing for edition to be singular
ah i think study is bigger than them
i think from i made this tradition ah i think studied something the character on blind more practical but land is not for profit and practical babylon is not light in a case of padding but anathema
having a bit too
there the same pro program for newer dorgan said to study put a way to three the film it is studied for the into study and this who are the study
ah in japanese is my knob
and mana in japanese about malibu come from my neighbor
my had to this man it means to appease rug imitate
imitate it i got fin ah in our baby bad land by study how to how to french they imitate the apparent do that is how about study or learn frank
that is the quad so to follow on study or lamb in to
imitate fat our parents or teachers or practices are doing that the the studying typing service studying is not simply memorizing know god forbid written
so this include doing
so if english rather the study has not quotation but it okay
problem solved
but be incorrect china study it should be also included is practice include
he used them together for study and practice
yeah then the english become messy
are underway
i know
so we have to read the fine for study means in buddhist text
i was going to say
studies with the by yesterday
not only body also mine to arrive rat studies with
at a program
whichever whether we use we have problem
that's why we need to see that a reality
oh key so that is ah sanda treasure that means
you know
in the case of me manifesting three treasures shakyamuni buddha ah was born in india about two twenty five one hundred a year ago was booed treasure and keep roof study and with us got reality with the are welcome to
and that would have kitchen
ah what are you are offered
to see a lot to so in reality with others are also dogma treasure
and a group of people or committee or people who study of
this but i got a up with are anathema
ah summer pressure if it's fun i didn't fumble or may manifest to three treasures means
and ah fad one
ah is a judy sambo do agitated trading for abiding and maintaining
this means ah finish second money put out dyke
with the stronger last one know the three treasures that you to put up
but the history of buddhism continued and both a treasure have been maintained for you know more than twenty five hundred of the earth so after but as def not
ah get something that maintain both three twitter i mean this government practice and communicate
and tradition that these court are maintaining three treasures
and dog and then this comment on how the with a treasure in the in this maintaining site reserve is
ah the one who appears in the empty space for are in the dusty while
in order to edify heavenly on the human beings if the buddha treasure
if empty space is cuckoo

and i gushed to you our job is jin choose

ah in the district a dog this canada are included so you don't need to copy the country
cool and the cool
colm mean void and the coup is empty
i travelled with empty space and didn't to is dusty want to is inside or with well within within dusty word
that means ah in a buddha appears
after after second were tied to see the aftershock he died but that appears ah within empty space and the all for this dusty word
this also means other an emptiness
and as a fat in beings
oh are in japanese more and do
that connections buddha appears as an emptiness and also other being
to teach us to out to an a rush to awake to the fame reality second when yeah vehicle to
and this can be to aspect of but of teaching
or to ah to side of one reality
and you know ah other common sense
the buddha treasure enough ah maintaining three treasures is
ah if kind of thing i think statue of buddha statue is constructed a buddha the jack or i would as radix
something ah that can be a symbol or buddha those are kind of over our the treasure within that he wanted
taking fighting foam
but this form are also empty
so that is what a treasure after second unit with that in a passed away
does it make sense
without god as emptiness and up as a at a being
and if this buddha statue is one of the are beings
symbol or buddha and in ah we make prostration
try to put up
my favorite morning and
seems like we worship that statute but we don't really what was that wouldn't wooden statue
because this the is is just a form or that is a symbol of empty reality
so i got it we he bow to that family about to put off tattooed we bout to this new reality and a whole
that means put of time ah but ah it's very difficult to wash in panama care to compete had no phone so defeat a kind of our appearance or appearance at a symbol of this formless guttmacher and
and we because we need fucking object when we do a fat and forms had a fair money or we bout twelve this statue
so this statute to the ugly ah but up from one side but from another fight
this is rarely up them
i mean i know this priest
yeah actually everything up that was in this time and space ah deaf
because they are empty

thought we'd take refuge in that that amount of finger ah one seamless reality throughout time and space but within time but ah in fact in time and space we need fatty things
because we have fighting form fat in knife fucking way of doing things we need fucking object so we kind of use both object indicates a piece of wood
that is one understanding but i don't think organs and completely agree with that idea
according to him this is the area buddha
that means good piece of wood is one of the older beings and they visited nearly empty
so this is really a buddha and also are people who made the buddha statue made we see no faith
in finn ah you saw luck through our okafor each stitch you see i'm not sure if you see the editor or not but by take refuge buddha dharma and sangha
you know each of pitches and the people who make the buddha statues to the same think finn they may car in our sculpture so they are face and they are option as our practice of based on that face with
in three reserve makes this an op-ed piece of wood into era buddha
sofa know he vowed to the buddha statue really added bow to the you know ah this being not only disturbing but ah or that are coded and conditions makes this being a possible like
world's scrapped as face and practice and activity and all other people's face to ah bao to this buddha
then this would piece of with function the area item buddha

forgot is a with a treasure and are maintaining fatal chef
so know sometimes can we see the you know the with pouring in the winter in the flower blooms in spring often we see if our moon often what we see our awesome
on or water we can see buddha
of course when we sit with as patches or so prison but
how said
dominance august
ah in the case of the and there's no object but we are part of this ah interconnectedness
ah and our next it or not i'm a prisoner
ah my translation is that truth that expresses itself in the form of the buddha's teachings stored in the ocean treasury under recorded in the scriptures on the pottery with him
in order to transform animate and inanimate beings is can my treasure comedy commonly dharma treasure ah is ah in up maintaining features if
it is a kitten scriptures
oh cetera so our commentary on the sutras while at our in our lightings about karma or buddha's teaching it consent to be that i'm a richer so ah in japan it's ah
when we are praying that the japanese as t
no profit it to the praise our but it should sit on us on the floor
because it lack of respect to the my pressure
but ah
this creature tokens and the thing is that a fame disease out teaching of buddha
the word are they awesome tragedy if ah to the mahayana teaching
you know after the second many brother died
ah after fee few hundred yards maybe two or three hundred the and after good at this mahayana buddhism or emerged
so usually we think in ohio i'm from the is written in mahayana sutras is not without teaching
at least two father was said by this historical pattern sakyamuni and that is true
but with in mahayana tradition it is said ah my higher teaching was told
i was taught by ceremony but it was not to read the decode was not transmitted but it was hidden within the dragon palace in the ocean and ah nagarajan nagarajan where did that on price in the ocean and
found that mahayana sutras and in and abroad the back to the word
so this a scriptures here are stored in the ah cause some tragedy if i to behind our teaching such as up ah proud near pelham puff address
and are recorded in a separate scriptures on the patrol paternity with it a kind of of ah ah the for three or three and are all buddhist money scriptures are written on the leaves
so if the far to that ah
nikkei out or agama cetera and are ah can i add packaged and the order for the commentary on both ah cetera and vinaya written on those ah
pepper leaves that means ah
recorded or with us teaching
yeah i'm behind our teachings

it's really really written on the reef
ah thought was a karma treasure in the main things with with hey
and those who rape others have all different kind of sufferings and released them from the burning house of the fried want ah the finger to jack
i put this was the others we did a but others of and then release them the more sorry for to others but this not theory in now was another sentence
there's no subject and no object
so ah we need opposite the in english right so i put the others and them but this inoperable or not only other than them including ourselves
that means are those who did eve other than themselves
not the only at us
but first we need to live our faith

they're already know the web or the not expression he eyes door his side crew
if you are familiar with the has had cetera in japanese
noice they call it a part of that had cetera
ah in the beginning it said our country i both have gorging on your i meet daddy soaking golden kite cool though if side crew yeah yeah quito really is
not included but defeat for this for lab ibaraki tissue and i did leave all sufferings
now did fucking dog and good
and allow
of beings released from the burning house or three on three april one
oh that to prefer to sephora live migration within fanfare

so people who are
no working to
did he or suffering and to a neighbor or a beings to ah
escape escape the beast varies from the burning house and this triplet ridges called are burning house in the lotus sutra on this
so it raises for you to provide his barn is burning with the frame or three poisonous mind
so our life is planning this is three to prove who are not mean fact that have embrace it but defeat fitted suit trip reward we are running with three put my mind and we are working to
serves and others ah you know being free from this burning house and ah they raised from this suffering with infant tyler breathe
so the perfect house of three worlds
he said the three world is to put it down a son
the of desire and why though foam underwired of no phone out
that is the frontrunner of that okay

the thought know the other three aspect over three treasures and the we take refuge
to all those silly aspect of a sweet reach us that if i take refuge means and take reviews in chinese and japanese expression if ki a

came in to the town
and is to rely on
thought no english he expression take refuge is a translation of the can and it eye on that means can often we are kids we go out to you know how often under
doing things adventures on the thing we're tired while we have some problems with our home and we can stay there in peace if no venjah you know at home that is fun you know ah the time
literally townhome and is that i got in our for kids home is where ah you know they are taken care of they are protected by parents
for this be three treasures put that down among finger is it i a home we can become an we are ah in trouble with our city point our minds
gotta take refuge english from expressing victory for the your compassion
okay okay could it

sophia take refused to return and did i on in the buddha dharma and sangha you become qualified as the one who had acquired the greatest precept of all buddha
so within this
taking refuge in three treasures it said or those are all the preceptor already they're already attained
that means ah god taking buddha dharma and sangha
taking refuge in that are among some kite surf is ah the precept
taking the precinct
that means we don't need a dark ah fatty brisket
because it's inc already included winston see a difference
and yet he the to make our understanding korea we are not leave and ah dog and zingy act free more three for the peer pressure on him measure precept
so both according to that interpretation with you forgot forgotten tradition both sixteen precept that ambition of same thing sixteen times
to make sense
i thought it a ten fetish
maybe we don't have time to talk on the next ah
the ford capri precept so i think this out with fresh good point too
stop talking
so any question please
actually taking
include the idea of
someplace else
i i can't do anything better
a liar
ah ah up teddy ah another expression or taking refuge in
in japanese and chinese it's kim yo

key same rhythm and the muir is rife
so with moderate use his death but cameo that means we return to the roof
life means
in order interconnectedness
and dog which amateur with generous use his disallowed life in other kind of work not the opposition but the puppy to work
at a pair of thought
what are more you do if a new t said they can go fuck from the thing of forty to returning to the life according to him
in life as i was thinking i was focused a part of our life
but we think we think
you know i was thinking controlled our life
that is basic can if upside down view
even though our bray the tiny part of our life we think ray theatre all know by life
but not is clearly upside down view so we began that go forth and returned to the rife
and let it happen we do we now i got him for in that sense either then is ah practice or pretty turning life dr mean that are taking refuge in put up out among the finger
it's it's also interesting kind of interpretation
not private enough
a black death

every journey
everything is some of in english musical compliment me
much from it mean for compliments to disseminate a pair
a compliment to be sure
i think will be thanking him
the i was just gonna throw end at that one teacher
read about
said a young mother and he said
japanese but something like that that is not a difficult path it's a way to return to your long lost fall true
and for me to outpace are
the other is not the ah johnny to get something that is not that are going say probably not probably but ah put it's your hunting but simply to come home
yeah let's see
a technical question
on dusty world or just
he said that those translated as ginger him and then when you first oh anyway i was thinking that there was also saw
while don't get uses the term saw our a lot i was wondering what the differences between saw genji ah sir
ah is a part of the for her world that is the name of this world
ah in japanese recruit the shabbat ah and for her means our patients
so this is a why do we need patience to leap
cause we have lot of difficulties inside and outside or packers
but this was the gym or dust can be does our erosion is her best and ah you know all the things down always there are super idea of fun ah ah ah yes
smart is dust
and fair we need hope cause we need our patience and also we have ah problem with thought into humans who are for a problem that were wired of the problems and
why did i got the same i see know ah
i'm mighty water
but our practice is not escaped from muddy water
and how our practice is not to escape from the burning house of free yeah was
but we find nirvana lie to within there
so it's kind of difficult
not too
or even though i id it said varies from are suffering poor free
they provide is doesn't mean we escaped from that we provide but a tape reward
and nirvana it a fame grace
but wait up to our attitude towards life without we are vacant judah ah emptiness off
all beings who are not
make our this world and our life as a non binding house or
what's your know running house
maybe i don't need to write it is cool
coroner's court a shade of dharma
so another meaning of sungai the praise for yeah we can ah can i think be deduced from the heat of the burning house and ah take as in the shade of dharma
i thought so then you are just to continue to practice as it says you know just even one inches sitting on the first in mean i like to how right now know that
that's really it if
if please
i had served by question and also time is about
a photo session on a treasure and know just the bus of thing i heard and rather than area
and this is a fig how important issue for coming to america is in christianity christianity to growing their bags over just as a community is idolatry yeah and then i was worried that is ending and then there's a lot of cursing their life or not watched that there's an instance
as a person is trying to apple was like throwing a couple thousand year old temples on the buddhist ashes in korea unhappiness happiness yeah is there really you will see that this is worse than he that a push
two as i understand in christianity he understand that as varies met as a horrible things and a nail
so that come up in japan at all and what he added kids first lieutenant
peace with that it
i don't think that kind of thing happened in japan because all that ah can see again because of been against that i drew was pink by christian ha ha ha i islam because he
even though christian christianity was introduced to japan's same as into korea somehow in japan christianity didn't become so popular
i think it is still even today the population of christian girl crush japanese christians into this than one medium
it's barely list to pretty small
but that other asian countries in got korea and the philippi christianity is much as much powerful
ah so i don't think you know what is to start your to r smith wrote by christian people
but goodies
you are destroyed by see twist
the beginning of a major air the government ah to wanted to separate christianity and shintoism on deathride some ah campers and buddha statues please just come down on the christians in japan
i'd rather work and opposite direction in a working under cover of christianity was forbidden anything like a cannon maria cantwell anything to come on figure as an undercover representation on
yeah that that that was before major christian christianity fast are introduced to japan in the fifteenth centuries by ah ah jessie ah missionary up surname you
and it became popular ah within one hundred years
but it was forbidden ah finn i think beginning of seventeenth century shh
as and thaw in are all christianity's i'm yours a christian to prove our
okay so some crushed christie are christian hide themselves into our mountains and oh you know
remote places and continue the off her face in christianity and those people ah made us statue or you know it
molly maria
and looks like have an issuer
so those are the
yeah start to it's called the are maria condom
photo the point your question how can how can we have aesthetic is based in the misunderstanding nurses to said that is
i remembered they might see andrews of idol worship
i think so
i'd like to switch iteration
for nine
can point a boy
happy hour to point the brakes
an action
ah it's see after hours but that death about that
not so you know later them with ah i think ah that fish
just harbor right after up with this you know alexander the great invade to india
and ah the saga king asoka grandfather fought against gotten about alexander the great that is the is she's thin since that time of out of alexander the great greek people's day within india and made a kind of empire
in ah north
wisdom pack of india and both greek people started to make our buddha statues before that indian british didn't make with dispatchers is of buddha the ah ah tell him i will
so i'm buddhist originally thought but i something formless beyond human form
submission or cut interestingly know in the history that kind of a combination of in the young ah
teaching and our greek expression of the teaching
but i
i can't think in our best curry in a the buddha code he's to hotwire i tuesday second new but i never thought the heat people should it was pim
hmm key was simply a teacher
so i e i think it starts with understanding
but every know quirino catholic the are many statues and iron fan i asked do you do that was both touch it or not based on think a faint knock both are just a single and that the cage i'm
i think
ah and
it is that the your question why you're just a comment about that didn't like as thought that was a different way or problem in a of right rally using police in statues or was sounded in took thank you
ah any other question please
when you go and volunteer gigging aware and find a name i realize that you take action can add eggs
lime pie in fact that was what he saw but maybe you did not be obvious that came and drank the more stayed like that and why air so the way i interpreted you need to make the came from all of our and whether we
even live when that plan going hunting part of the whole the young
when you're just being existing eating every day we
take from knife
so we cannot leave without their dependence activity i think not only falcon popular options are being a costumer quoted a programs to other living beings
i think
oh yeah
but the own description it i guess i would ask you is that description within
where do we will provide is good good about keeping my ensure that deal
by a newer when you know you have discovered die i think keep their mind pure means that we should know not to a hum crew beak
you know it's okay tokyo said the more we fit the might be clear that we're going with it
for to see we're not good is a career to keep our mind pretty i fun we know our minds become not korea then we think i'm ok
but that's not really beyond good and evil
i think it
oh of course three that is still thinking about forbid purity for it's not pewdiepie impunity
forever we think is not beyond good and bad

even finland your what finally although i don't understand exactly why but that the the description does not found me like what i thought i heard you say other times about
we need to be aware good and evil what we mean
and that in japan as at a problem because of that culture from so then to zen teachers to balance that he said
maybe beyond good and evil it but it didn't mean this guide but still yeah so what i heard description they can know the sea and the birdies to see me that not be i mean s
at one sided with birds hungry as to live as baby birds know i mean it for me if not for easy to pin down was
i get the question
i think i don't understand i'm going to be a christian okay

in these examples of
good behavior him
it's very clear
what the behavior or a pretty good boy knew what sniper teenager now you bullet him but and other example her and for life earth i see it or something that always so it
you look like an angry boy but you can be now goodbye because you don't to certain ceremonies a and tied it into the in so sure for survey data they're very clear he got a reprieve of cooler but on the other hand
image that kind of requests in that
i think all those are you know about the idea of happy to like fuck is wrong up it's pure fuck is not pure our perception of our judgment on concept or understanding that all within the realm of couldn't run
and are going beyond good and bad means chatted with go all of them
so that no good know nothing beyond good and but within how that animal i was thinking
he will you even can we say we should go beyond good and bad and going beyond good and bad a good not it could impact that is good and well kept we're going beyond beyond good and bad winter speedier
i'm letting go as it is to the yeah