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good morning
ah this is bob precept richly to hot in japanese i call the a than keeping ah
theme is of costume

the in them and the ke means precept and air me given the same in ginza would pay for this are gathering to study thing on the cage
humvee and okay on to things but ah this is sometimes used the other one at a compound compounded one word that means ah jeong on the pay out one thing and get that an expression in photo them career that
vin k each new
then on the k r one fast enough
so we study
can you either precept ah transmitted within that then tradition so this is a they a case specially tradition note gorgon tangy and in a dog and the tradition we study on the a
understand the precept with a sheep ah best on toggle went to comment on the sixteen police him to entitled in japanese co uk mom time but they do i know but i ah handout
i can be have ah my japanese i'm english translation is comment on teaching and confronting the body fat about precept that helping authentic curry transmitted by buddha and unfished pan is a long title
but visit a very short writing button this ah teaching or dorgan about the the christian to the sheep so hard dreading literally to to i focus on talking on logan's comment in ah show good idea
and the second a hundred is ah
adopt him measure precept from barbara money fiddler
ah the main part of this dog and comment is about his ah you know site about the can measure precept
so have to understand the front door games talking about we need to understand for easter those the meaning of the both tim major present from now but ah c'mon et cetera
so this is a second bar and out on the father one i can do you have his body damage comment on the one mind precinct
ha although it is said the bodhidharma comment hi i'm pretty sure it's not a written by dog imeem bodhidharma and i'm not sure who lot this and fear discoms room for at least from the seventeenth century in photos and tradition
disclaimer is ah ah studied ah as i important a comment on take to off
a larger tank over those this is a very short comment when those ten measure precept
so those are the three takes to use this time and
the reason why i give a lectures on the precept have before the precept ceremony is ah in the ground at now and from last april we have been studying the grant money etc i'm and the
brahma sutra is a very basic ah fedora in feature in mahayana precinct to both such a patient is mentioned and but ah in that to he said ah you know but his teacher ms to g
emma who who about wish to the shave their present and also understand the meaning of the precept for fan we have a precept the sleeping ceremony or uk a ah the teacher have to give x
pronation fatima precept means forgot it's kind of my he responsibility to ah give off our my understanding often a precept
in a precept the shipping precept is really important ah thing especially for the people fooled a shame the precept
this can be ah you know like the second birthday he not a or or recipient receive a new name were a shot the by name or determine my name
and ah that meaning of this name both to by means a person who lives being led by vow not by karma
so are our life force or other bush had about it our wow so we need to understand fact our life at the means of happy to about ah about with boys had to or both
for for the recipient know this is really important or time but ah you know not not only for that is splinter by the who have already achieved the precept ha
listening to that teaching about the precept is there are many fruit ah ok opportunity to dinner
including myself ah the new our about and also for other people have not yet received it i visit a chance to study foot in this kind of a strange precept
ha ha you may understand about definitely the best strange precinct
ah so nothing for to we're going to study ah during this retreat and ah because we have our and the persepolis shipping ceremony on now on monday so i can give only for now
pictures and i usually eat tape i usually in a conductor's lead to cover an entire sixteen precept but this time i tried to ah finish entire package for i need to be added it a natty
ah they had something to say

before i started a talk on the thickest part whenever i talk on the precept i start
from with allow very well known was from them up other
and i think it's very important for this time again i start to coke on
this very important and a very long ah bus from the mapa
i think
you already know family the my other first
the mapa data collection nova shot buses and ah
considered to be the one of the oldest scriptures in that are and but it in britain but if history
and the was a direct to introduce is at photos fade do not fuck is able
ah pretty days
i do the is good
keep your mind pure
this is the teaching of buddha
i think are you are you already know this path that media be tugging do what if a black and before
hi your highness
what do not what is evil do what is good keep your mind pure this into teaching of buddha ah in chinese translation is a disburses had followed shaw
ah shoes
gee jaw
show a crook
mark cream sir
show then
joe g joe go he
that show
butcher cure his show a coup moxa show them google the jaw going vessel the cure you know this has done much english translation of them up operate from her transition from party party
damn a brother and his attorney transportation
if there is a shame ah for example in this case of us ah i were embossed party continued translation that means ah this was he was already existing friend that ah for
first division of british sangha happen debate about one hundred as ah after that death
that means this but is very cold in both chinese thread a cartridge shelf which you went to china and the fit to imitators within the care about oppression ah that division happened before the division happen this vast is already there
and a to me this is really important ah
click to understand a dog and comments come on the pushed up to his sheep and ah within this very short for us and it's very korea or nothing difficult
show up means or up with evil or bud or ah some american people with twenty you don't like videos about those what use or something like our wholesome
or been if shock
and mark with not and far is make or do
so do not do do not make or to not do ah or everything
for coup agree but hebrew unwholesome
an issue of them means or good day is good and boo
the poor boys that i got left pic tree and the go go his finger in should go that is practice is picked free practice everything good for been of shadow or wholesome
and de jogo e g is safe
angelo is a pure or prettify
and the goal he go means if
and he is hot one
so cheap ones keep one's
mind pure undefined and this show jaw is sober to means good this is all the buddhas code teaching is order without teaching
so do not anything on unwholesome and do while practice everything wholesome
and keep once allow your mind pure undefined if is all about the that teaching of all good off
it's tradition disavow his court a court as she with for kg

since she
good sir
who can get minimum rush or poem
tibetan seven buddhas and through means kong and the k is a
but teaching or accomodations for this mean with this means this is a bad or good are buddha's teachings of or seven would've seven would have been several good at in the past that it had this order with us
mean or buddha to defer to ah sabu good us
anyway this means in this teaching is the official teaching or order to death and within this short vase as a kind of are not the kind of
yeah did there are to settle ptx
fast fast two lines of course means good than bad and louis should avoid a blue or bud who are mistaken deed and we should practice everything good sagar is a distinction between good and bad
and ah ah the rain pure keep your mind pure means go beyond couldn't and bad

there are this dust is in dimapur odd numbered won't eighty three each
but there is another was
not is one twenty six
how about do about these to set of teachings
ah vasu on twenty six phase
hum of people who are born on this i
vote who do a group are reborn in hell
the like just try to go to heaven
but board who are pure beech nirvana
so there are two three kind of people
you know we are audible on this earth and there are three kinds of people if someone who has some people do evil or bad or unwholesome the only born in the hair
and if we practice good then we can be born in heaven but the to onset of teaching if we do by the thing you will be in here and if you do good thing i you would be born in the hair within the in fixing the years
with all the fanfare
know there are six one to c to see four five six ah from a hero to happen
if we do good thing which are people in the heaven and if we do bad things will be born in the hair ah ha ha ha phoebe or somewhere between her to and heaven
depending upon our actions so defeat about our cause and the result causality
cause and result
so if you want to be born in the happen you have to do good things
otherwise you will be in a sheriff
that is one fifth of teachings and ah this boss said but board who are pure
reach nirvana so ah the a our initial fanfare
and if
how are we keep our mind pure we go a
that is another to to the teaching so if you do but think you will be born in the help in the hill if you go go good things you to be born in the heaven and you can enjoy your life and the u n
does i yeah that will be completely fulfilled but these are all still order within fofana it doesn't last for him anything any condition left do not last forever so we have to try to migrate we have to go through changes
but ah
the buddha said if we keep our mind pure that means going beyond good and bad if we are giving within the wii remote go down the bank will continue to try for my do with from fanfare but if we become free from distinction or
discrimination between good and bad then we can go to a joanna
forget his are to set up kitchens or need ah based on discrimination between good and bad and we should chewed good thing
and i wish we should avoid but think and another for top keating with we should go beyond is good and bad and then we can and cat peter gonna
so twentieth your if you're not a permanent and there's no
there's no change
i never been to cash
just checking
so happy to nirvana the important points that is how can we help we are going to strike
and the weekend in know oh find are many examples of this kind of teaching about a defeat about morality or ethics we need to be good pattern
andrew good think we should avoid ah he would think
and going to going beyond new oh good that you good outlook discrimination between good and crap
and curve de janeiro understanding
in buddhist or history is this set of teaching about morality with the bad is given for a people
and aloe purify one's mind and go beyond put it good and bad that he was given to monks
alchemy and baby blue estate ah at home and live in a word thought they'd have to do ah could sing or but cynthia could make choice he would have to make just you have to make this club nation fatties could fuck is bad and when they should
in hot ah do good things and avoid the bad things then
they can be born into heaven but that is not the cough up a month for monks they have to go beyond good and bad
and keep oh my go
keep their mind pure than monks candy and candy runner
so nirvana is only possible for monks who can go beyond good and bad i find out who we are living in dirty arms or good and bad we tried with not try but we have to keep in migrating within from florida whether we are born in a good part of something
our difficult part of santana not is
that pitching
and yet fell we hear this expression going beyond good and bad i become free from discrimination between good and bug we are if we are carried we think we can do bad things because we don't need to think up the good or bad but
that is not what this means going beyond good and bad and means if because you know to go beyond good and bad good that ah you know ah request who are expect monks to accept to
hundred and fifty placement
story stricter no more articles than in a lay people so going beyond good and bad never means we can do back by the fifth
but going beyond good and bad means ah we should do good things and we should do how we should avoid he grew or a wholesome options still we need to become free from discrimination
often that we think we are good person doing good things we become in are arrogant and fan louis and come meet with some people who don't keep the precept we think they're bad people in addition discrimination and this is a problem
caught by this discrimination we make we judge people we are good they are bad but going beyond good and bad means we need to become free from that kind of attachment to our good teeth
and also going around in if can we meet someone who made mistakes what i heard some things ah you know
we need to be free from anger or hatred against those people
so going beyond good and bad in british teaching never mean to with in what we have licensed to do anything we want
but how we need to be flow free from our ah attachment to add our good deep for just do good things without attachment and without the expectation aah from our good deed
and also we should our for the all always have compassion towards people who who failed to do good things
that is for going beyond good and bad me down so
we have to be very clear about that
ah so ah in the early buddhism and know this kind of a frame works very well
but in the case of mahela buddhism titular program
i mean and early buddhism the distinction between ah lay people warehouse or other and monks are very clear
and if people want to be to want to and gun it abundantly have to become monk there's no question about that but in a case of behind a buddhism this distinction is not so korea oh i get the north at distinction that means either household as
olap brew and month or call the boat fuck above the no distinction
that means boy had to by means all living beings are children okuda
then this distinction become a question or problem if no one group of people have to keep in touch migrating within africa and the arab that children can only can go to heaven that it a program
no because we are both both a day people and monks how could our children our definition is to put out to become buddha and because we are all with a chip with our children you know if we keep continue
the practice or or bath or all living beings become buddha that is very basic teaching or mahayana buddhism then you know this distinction become a problem
so how we can integrate these two is the point are very important teaching in mahayana buddhism
and you know
this to in has creeped up this way is called a lot
q an car and
entering nirvana is court law cup

and this rocha in ah in chinese or japanese culture for the second hole

sikkim into work so diorama of the word
who is in human what
is good and bad and ah
crab migration
and ah logout loca is also the word on the lookout that i didn't i needed to shift second

dharma of should me to exit or get out
and up sometime
local oh or got that i was his second it translated into english as that kind of a strange english sprout sprouted
search function x chaparral supra or beyond the wind
so data to set of teachings that our dharma one is now what about with that amount was in the one and another terima going beyond the world
here in this a latika dynamo bloke comparative good and bad and we should avoid the bad and wishes practice good and local law katara or like outra that north had a distinction we need to go up
beyond the saturday distinction
i think this
ah how can i say distinction is a
within the history of british history i mean he she through buddhist philosophy
later decide is called are archimate tooth on this site is called a conventional tools
and in ah chinese then this site is called d
andesite is the t
the me to press proof or added to make to familiarity and the is a concrete or conventional reality or truth
and the how can we encourage these two and how can we or also
make a distinction between these two a will be to ah ah interconnected each other how how puppy evaluations between these two is that one with a very important point up ah
entire buddhist teachings
we create a understand garden in of this point i think for you need that arena
ah collection of poems stories in the privacy almost all or of him or not or of impact many of them ah about this point how can we go beyond discrimination can get how can we avoid evil and practice a good
fat add the reputation between these two side is the point of
very important point to for his philosophy and are than teaching and practice
so often we study about the precept we study about this point
that means in dogan range the was how can we just too good
gerry duggan's you attacked our show bogans or entitled show up moxa or do not ah e-book

so we had to adjust to good think we got the expecting the fact that i really don't just do it that is
the expressions come people in ah not only in tagum he called shift cutting ah scum color just sitting
but i'm a county
that in practice but also in our paid to the activated we just too good things we have the expert vacation up some reward from this good thing that is even go there is a distinction between good and evil and we should do good
two to good things we had any appartement any expectation just do it not is
the way
funny dog him but kind of then way of integrating these two does to there and yet ah god knows how to describe distinction between these two both are the out within this one option
that is in my understanding got some main point of our practice of a precept in ten tradition while apple is no convincing fashion
okay now
i thought to
that talk on the text
oh this ah co uk man logan then your comment
ah on the sixteenth precinct in the and tradition name's photo them in japan ah who either ship or six came present
both sixteen me city if you
and thirty four
and ten measure perfect
and disease or the comment on the sixteenth precinct we on the only ship sixteen under the no distinction between ah monks or priest under people posted a people and monks or priest issued the same sixteen precept the
it only precept we achieve
so there's no distinction between day practitioner and are monks or priest in terms of a present
and ah
we consider this bogans comment but this is actually this is not written by logan himself but it says
hah whenever they have a precept the shipping ceremony or two guys ceremony ah logo png made explanation about ah this precept
and one time ah in that precept are you going to her ceremony ah traditionally at their out with to teach us one is called a casey precept
master or preceptor and second is called a gorgeous

jaw do she kill me teaching unto others do is giving or funny
the new a different this was cordial ah is used in modern japanese as a professor or teacher in this gorgeously is a person for assisted a preceptor and give an explanation of the meanings of the bridget
and one time dog of closet in logan dangerous sanger logan was the preceptor and he measure the major disable angel
it was a choices she who are happy with english you are the for is ah
precept explaining teacher
ah at that time is your ah lot down the point of dog and teaching
and that is hard in this writing so this is a actually eaten by seo
but because far as you wrote down a sense of tokens to logan when teaching there are commonly we consider this ah the gains comment on the precept

and ah for originally disposal written in chinese but our kids and joking
kill them was a fourth generation from dogan
my eyes israel and the agios air if a guy
on the keto was the guy the disciple and the on established for gg for into one of the to measure monasteries in photo and tradition for a dogan is called a founding ancestor
and kid i was a fuck is python
i don't know another and another founding ancestor
actually there are two major more athlete a hedge and throw a hissy up actor you that photos and tempers are connected to
a came from kittens tradition oh for dizzy is much more
anyway a on is very important ah and first i not in use and then he gave with the precept to to his ah ah few major lay student ha name was ah
cq not a secure a you
ah see either lay amongst shouldn't have occasion he kiss on dot this thickest far in japanese
translated into japanese
and or give this coffin and this has been transmitted to his cousins decide route may horseshoe pits and the he also received a gift our is liking to iowa his lay student that is ah fuck
there are two versions of this or
cause uk mom
and do we can see both and gaza not different activity
so when in our tradition and we study the meaning of the precept to issue with studied linguistics at our fandom how fundamental text and of coffee are many ah common base on distinguished and
commentary the most more difficult
cambodia's you know where more complicated
anyway ah so add her during this little bit i focus on ah district
page in page you on ah the first section is a kind of introduction and logan benji
let me
call this a dog and for writing
ah talking when you ah
faith or these preset are in the first sentence it said the great precept or the buddha's for this is called the buddhist precepts
i'll let median of our introduction
the great precept of the buddha's how been protected and maintained by badass
good as conferred upon us and ancestors transmitted to on his time
transmission of dharma transcend past present and future
the identity of teachers and student verification is continuous from ancient times to the present our great teacher shakyamuni buddha comfort them apple mark a mark a sharper transmitter
that in the same way these precept have been legitimately comfort from teacher to disciple four fifty four generations go transmission leaching to the present about of this monastery
now i confer this precept in order to sincerely express my deep gratitude to the buddhas and ancestors and make the most essential teachings for human on the cabin de beings forever
this is because the life wisdom of the buddha's on the ancestors continues through transmitting these patients
so ah v the precept is called the buddhist precepts
ah in japanese called the book kyle

and dogan for the is this good that precept has been transmitted from ceremony to mark ah catch up to ananda until this tickets said fifty four generations fifty four means our kitten
so this up this precept has been transmitted until kitten
dogan what the i think fifty fifty one
nus so
you know usually you we think precept is a kind of a collection of regulations were lose that mean the corruption of we should do and that we should not to prohibition and of course this project are kind of a prohibition registration
logan said gif the precept other dharma which has been transmitted from put up to the ananda
i think we you know the story of dharma transmission from ceremony to add to macos apa
no one the at the vulture peak ah ceremony a with a fat on his feet so ah or a people in the assembly a expected known buddha ah up with our it's going to keep some to
ah but on that occasion but i didn't say anything
ah he just pick up a from i'm just watching
who is i thing anything then ah within i don't know how many monks or idea on the one person who mojacar shopper smiled then other time but of it ah you know i have this dharma named
schaub organs or
if it or long game so i don't like true dharma
on that okay on finn ah market or bus mind phim that have to watch the flour is transmitted to him this story is of coffee is made up in then prohibition
he would not do
ah so you know job dharma that have been transmitted only within then privacy ah is called the she
xing it mind
why hot
i'm pushing his opposition no boots ago
go me to put out a wife
that means
you know ah he is alert but at another disciple ananda was ah she's passionate personal attendant for many years more than twenty of and ananda was a good good at memorizing everything so he memorized you know every
a thing with a thin or but either way to have memorized by ananda and the fit after brother's death and under decided what he remembered and up those i become with his sitters so with set off but why i came from another memory of but that
i was so without a word had been transmitted through ananda and bulletin them are decoded it within the fortress but in generation set beside the transmission of data app within a photograph
his hat with have hub was directed transmitted to a shopper without using any wife
that is a painting of this story on know ah
without pick up ah ah from our and market up as mike without using any language or was that am i was transmitted
from without to mark shopper on this
that with a mind has been transmitted in the tradition that was ah from how people who made up the story wanted to say
for this is another example of enough to set of teachings using wife you by using why do we have to make a distinction discrimination fuck is true for the forests are there is a good the bad for the buddha taught but i didn't thought
for with or negate the front put with of and
but within transmission of this put their mind or heart they have no effect discrimination just the dharma to to fit into the awakened to is directory transmit to an to catch up without using any language any conflict
what was that is a meeting so that means haverford truth is transmitted without using wife but his teachings but of teachings using wife while normalized and decoded as through and and
a using our in the other form of a suit ref that is a meaning
any we've had to put dogan vengeance thing here is this pressure
is a fuck is transmitted from put up to two malka shopper
that means these sixteen precept are not ah made up
ha by in studying and interpreting for the is written in the theaters
but friend we awakened to the same reality or truth without having to then ah both again precept is about the job discrimination good underbody so this is our integration between good and bad and beyond good and bad fan
but fab he thing is in a fin we awaken to the same rare it could have akin to before with a family to explain happy face of apis means
you know we cannot we have to avoid fatty things
and we have to do something things and ah when we express using wife
about this dharma ah inquire as to do and not to do it become good sixteen percent
not for this means
so in
this comment dogan mg understand the precept from
the other for truth or reality
but ah of course is good and about his integrity to are included within ah this actually choose
so this is one note the examples in or near activities or compassion or truth and facilities are integrated and ah is teddy and show us how we can practice including both
so what this introduction phase basis is basically thing is these are these and sixteen precept or the expression of this ultimate truth
in over our day-to-day activities based on that to us

ah on to
the fad sentence it said transmission of dharma transcend the past present and future
frozen past present and future mean transcend the time and space

this is also important in your friend of study goggins idea why insight about time and space
where it takes forever to book about the
if you want to they are you study about audience thinking about time and space preceded show organs or wiki
cause he is be being time and in that chapter the shogun or he said being is it fifth time and time needed to be for being on time is really one thing it's but usually we think that it of are in a stream of pain
fifteen or fraud from past to future
so present
and you know we are living within this time i was born ah intuitive in nineteen forty eight and now know i'm sixty one he adored and i have been you know a living
within the fro of time
and i can know like done for the i did fun i was ten or twelve or twenty or thirty forty
that is our com understanding of time but logan said this is not she didn't negate this but he had this is not the only way we can see that i understand the pain
ah and for example in
ah get your corn he uses ah the underage analogy or firewood and i failed
and the ash ah
to show he'd understand your time and changing while prominence in often the failed a ban it to become ash so we think this of this in this present moment is binding
for them by know this ah in a condition of being banned failed become ash and we think as she is i'm at the fire out would it before and ash is after of course and that is not
long view but he said if not the only view with on the understanding but he said you know at the time at the moment or fired
this is on the fiat fiat would stay or dwelling within the thelma question of fire and and as know after i he said that if before and after that the means before
before fire with it was giving giving tree
finn giving tree is cut off and dried me to become fire and forget it had passed and finn fire with his barn it's become much for being our future
but he said ah dog
passed on the future are cut off
cut off means is our translation file down

five mins border or and then is to cut off that means there's no such border
know between past and present and the present and future
that means past has already gone so it's not there anymore
on the future have not yet come from the no such thing good future
on the truth only real reality is this present movement that is fire so fire away it would just hand
doug your time prior would used to be are living tree it already gone so it looked there it's cut off and the time filed become hush have not yet come for it's not there at all
on the this present moment is reality for fire with it just fine
matthew meals and and important point is is plenty of moment hath no
have corner buildings thank you that the mean this is phil
so you know in this kind of our diagram
this is just a border between past and future
and only think are there is this past and future president doesn't really exist
few minutes ago i think present moment is only reality path and the future are not there
it is true i think both are to
if a payment a strange thing but the talking it time in this being
at this moment
and this past present and future and this flow of time is created in our mind
to understand changes time it has not really exist ah
without discussion without the person was being
actually being untamed you
so the time come from this being
i'm visible
and another thing
for example dog and fed in ah bend over fan he describe up she sat in as tissue some my is it when one person any person fitting into them
ah for even for a short period of time
ah he had robin is one to one with entire ah all beings in the empire space and all time
for it seems ah
in bogans writing get a free kind of time one is that a time we usually consider either kenya
a know from
from past to future
but it says it it seems he think of it
time that doesn't from that and doesn't move that it called the eternity
this is not permanent is permanent and it can be should be no different
eternity means to from god he might understanding i'm not trying to night or not from the
moment of big bang and to i don't know the name but the
the end of this
uni rough this is one
seamless moment we make no kind of a filament
using cops using fucking in a he had to stick by car second minutes while our ah one day or a sibling or one we call one knee our one finchley
make it easy to up to in our understanding and think and and grasp but ah there's no such things can be
fatty job behind up behind but beyond human being so and human being stuck it to think and open job and make that kind of if you know segment
time is just a wow moment and even finn via it now for new we are making that kind of discriminations to time it felt i had no such separation for this is one moment and visit time doesn't crawl
and ah i think this idea came from the lotus sutra got it or not a life of buddha
for this eternal life hope that does not mean something called with that rife continue within this from
that's why i want to make clear distinction between permanence an eternity
thubten are
dorgan said in bundoora is you know in our daily lives we fit know for a look for tapping a period of time here we sit fifteen minutes a period at the the very short time and yet moment by moment in know
we fit to theory this will only this moment and this moment is not the continuation of the past while continuation to the future soft past and future cut off that the only this moment that without any links then
i think that the with it then
defendant we become feral after each we become one with eternity
so this becoming zero is just be like now like here only this moment on the for the undermined
that is how do we do we know that in politico by letting go foot we let go of the story we create in our mind then we are just on the this moment without an with and this either kinda the word ah gateway to other eternity
so it seems fun i i have been studying dog and for many at but ah
he may understanding in logan's teaching their a free kind of times and both three kind of time it's not really three different time but if you know only one time
and ah finn we practiced virgin and letting go of just be like now like here in addition see become the only one thing that is foot family means no separation
i'm him things yeah
he says ah transmission of dharma transcend the past present and future
for this a comment on the precept is about dharma transmission
it's the same thing for new leadership transmission from teacher
then teach in luck or transmission teacher and student area one thing that gosh i can with without market up
oh goody dharma and under article or
in duration of cancellation same thing happens but this term a current mission a transcend past present and future for this
means to gain density think ah receiving the precept it a same thing we're gonna get in practice it kept up the means ah one moment within this full flow of time on this only one moment i prefer to moment have
charlotte present moment and eternity become a any one thing
and within the shaving this precept
same thing can be sent
so this is
i think to meet his belly for bribing or amazing teaching with they are with you don't think when receiving principally that we receive the sagging news on there i take a bow to be now following and keeping these rules than i can be a good
so-called buddhist
but according to dogan know
the meaning of rushing receiving praise prison is not a i think
but ah
the sleeping precept means receiving this rarity and this reality means
what entire space is one thing is space and entire time with one seamless movement and we each moment we are hearing eating out is ah seamless moment and ah benefit
and famous space
at this present moment moment by moment

not that find it's no fun
in his thing in this text is it
and about beyond the understand before we understand in traditional appreciate mean to rishi without notice
ah anyway
ah few
sentence dust or that'd fit in the same way these pre-shaped hoping they can make the call for further from teacher to decipher four fifty four generations so the dharma it has been transmitted from teacher to disciple teacher to the circle is this reality
alyssa reality cannot be eaten
so there's no such short fat in particular garima our teaching but can be transmitted from one teacher to ah his disciples actually i didn't let be anything from my teacher
but what is transmitted is this reality and octane
with this is the shooting hatch i think we already didn't hear from the very beginning
aw or the we study from teacher is to how can i say nothing
ah allow that study or practice allow hours to awaken to that reality if future we're already living
from our buff
that degrees what has been transmitted and in bend over this is this thing it's gotten your home your point of one gonna ask ranma one does mean beyond our thinking beyond from
our understanding
i'm this transmission has been dating to ah that
this precept teacher
ah a next sentence now i confided precept europe to see shirley express my deep gratitude to the without and unfit path
so in my case i studied and i e practiced and ah following my teachers teaching and example with ah and i even though i didn't receive anything i
night as she with transmission i didn't really understand the thing and up you might enjoy teaching but somehow i received
never twenty six and much later i gradually started to understand
and ah
when i ah give the precinct ah
are you really how can i say
feel gratitude to my teacher and his teacher and this tradition from the buddha so i'd like to share and transmit to the next generation so ah you know ah
at fat in i know
community with his community be shipping the is automotive icon and about initiate initiation ceremony of initiation become a member for sanga but i don't think that is the meaning of killing what has he been the
his precept
so i
i think in often age of the mutton that man and pretty good this precept i always say i'm a person ah between ah paint and buddha a move be spent to become for that if i blew a student not mine
my group
so i didn't item in one decreased any commitment from that ah recipient of in this precept
forbidden defeated it to me initially really important thing in a precept is not the in ah how can i say ah sixteen doris didn't tourists but this is actually our life we would have already received
and yet we make our commitment to keep awakening to that rife that reality and giving based on that reality
so i go for the precept ah in order to sincerely express my deep gratitude to the put a lifetime
this is because life with a gun
oh could i
life with is a meal

ah he said right wisdom a thirty or days with them
so good that life is with them or but that will run with the life we are living
cafe either way
on the thin he discussed are not this custom when he comment on the precepts of not kidding
she says a how our boys set up a practical to transmit this ah wisdom life
on display no precept of not kidding it's about not killing decent with some life how can we continue and not jacket with some life is about the is about the how fast present knock killer

hi am to finished our dependence
this morning got it not possible nobility lead the sexual or repentance in
ah the bottom of pay you on less
get free in the testimony era for the buddha's and assistance we should take refuge in the three treasure received the precept and depend for be i miss b's
i wholeheartedly despite the following was over a pen pals
i have made contrast bad karma in the past all of them were caused by beginning with greed anger and ignorance
born on my body speech and thought now i make concrete repentance or cause
in the testimonials of the brothers and ancestor you have already being granted over your karma or body speech and thought and how become completely inaccurate this is down by the power of repentance so can we the shaped appreciate
thing we need to do is make repentance repentance means we have been doing
how many things
that might be hung foot to ourselves and others that doesn't or is not healthy
i keep the a conditional visit with them live healthy
that means finn in or even though we are one we'd all beings in the entire space and entire time we don't know that we don't
don't awake to that reality and think i am not into their work
i'm most important and or other beings are the kind of are the source or my career i can use to make me happy
that is probably not even think that the outside of tent pad means to use as other object while out i can use to make me happy that is ah
so god ah for some or evil or ipad or actions against this reality i guess this real life with some time with them or with them life
i'm sorry you
almost everything i did i have been doing is based from my he was interesting so
for new he received the pressure to for the first time you know i take up i make repentance and tried to change the direction of our life not to fulfill my narrow he was in the fire but to live together with all beings that is
is the direction we need to go
focus or practices of repentance within our precepts ceremony is i make we make commitment to change the direction of my life but to fulfill my path narrow you think that the avaya but to see ah ah
this with them right to all beings thought ah different meaning of practice over the panthers
but you know next day you i forgot
so you have to the new this in a vow
every day or even each moment every moment so the plaintiff need to be continue to practice as often as often as possible and in on ah here we have a pre are at the ceremony want
someone's ah but the fucking a some monastery or vincent as the chanted that this ah bar open dependency every morning i think at the see they did i think that was competitive was teaching
that means we need to make repentance every morning that means
not even i vowed to change the direction next day i can up my selfishness for each day i have to make this about
and make sure up the direction we need to go
this is the meaning of practice of independence within that
when with a precept
and because of this practice opiate dependence b e it is said in the testimony or older brothers and ancestors in the testimony yellow better than and the unfettered means
ah during the ah
the career or presented a civil ceremony frost think are the preceptor i do is chanting the names or put us and are invited over with as an asset the ancestors other this moines error in the case over the sharing be a present
dad are ah three preceptors on several witnesses up in the case cause otherwise not now issuing the deny present didn't doesn't become option
but in a case of boys had about precept the testimony earth ah or with us and both had the bath and ancestors so in the beginning of the ceremony we invite for brothers and sisters and the boys had a thought they are to get out with with us
so we make this independence in the testimony or of the buddha's and ancestors
and you have already been quenched over your karma body speech and thought by it and he said have become completely inaccurate that he means it can be fresh to
this is done by the power or this mean this is not done by the power or my effort
this is not my that is or to my practice using my willpower for this is done by the color of dependence
this is definitely important point you know sometimes in a in a pristine japanese buddhism i ah a pure and william the core the hydrogen or other power and the venue is considered to be that
safe spot but at least in logan and teaching our practices never said of our practice
you know this in a practice of been translated i got cleaning our karma
and but the rubbish cleaning is not done by my willpower you by my effort but dishes been done by the power of depend on us
ah or practice but next moment we are divided again so we continue to practice
if the dishwasher will depend on us is ah
if allow us to
changi to change the direction of her life from
instead of sent out the way to the way ah you know living together with a all beings or whatsapp away
glad buddhahood and yet we need to continue
ah to plug this pc repentance
because we are always even though we make commitment to go that direction often we found we are going from earth
yeah i know ah
divert from that direction and whenever we find i'm going from your harris ah i tried to return to that direction so this awareness of you know i'm going some areas is a
painters and thirty down to the ah direction we need to go
so ah to me defeated i go same thing we don't know and have him in often we fit oh it is upright posture and try not to sleep try not to think but ah pr for with deviate this him
we started think are we start to sleep i wish that doing something
when about we found we are doing something earth if i just sitting where he can to just sitting at this moment
this return to just sitting his repentance in our daily life
so this is when meaning of the practice of dependence but there is another meaning of them
he picked us
and i don't have time to cook so tomorrow morning guys that from the and that means that is another bar called repentance from tom hi anna are teaching
ah ok now can forgive right
cheerio have any question please


it was
ah this is shop i know
chairman she wrote in the opening with a hundred shot
you know dog advantage court our doesn't just sitting
this just sitting was can means we do nothing but sitting but what you wanna work to the something and i think we think to the something this good him to the nothing is not nothing but no other then fan we sit on the question facing
the world we may take a bow or make up our to just hit without doing anything else
so for know which type of thing that is something years
when i'm just thinking is about karma or about the buddha's teaching or about some kind of tooth for whatever ah thinking is he not deviate from just fitting even thinking about that in it not
let him even know i have to return fit if i think i have to be done and that is not without am so we cannot be done to the to just sitting by thinking because thinking today i have to return is it fair for against in food
ah just sitting
in a focused just sitting
ah you know within dissident i didn't practice we keep with this upright posture and we hold our hands theme cajoling or cosmic missouri this in a posture it's really important
ah in other dog engines describe their posture
and ah we keep our eyes open
ah in fact some a tradition in buddhism and amazed fit ah
closing their eyes i think in be passionate often they close their eyes but in then traditional we keep our eyes open ah that isn't for this is funny crow the our eyes we often or easy to for him to sleep or
how about kind of a dream
so to keep our eyes open means we keep awakening not sleep
and yet we got forgotten anything a kid just keep our eyes or have had woken actually
and ah
keep you know
and for thought comes up with just a goal that goal means we don't how can i say become
how can i see become subject and object in now other than there's no object
ha of call again in her in fact in many traditional ah but it's meditation there's some object in sitting practice some try some uses corn or counting breath while watching brief or
ah visualization where from kind of mantra you know and those up
become object
i'm kelly
the teaching is become one with the object for the fan we have a object to difficult to become one and our practices were in a gotta be one would've thought we don't use any that kind of object or metaphor or technique
so there's no object that know had him so i don't want to call this practice at medication finn we meditate and mr shines down with our mind and then some object committed it but in our practice is no such object to meditate
so we don't really do meditation
dogan plenty more often used to one page admin fitting if they do then dang it in vegetation
but she called should practice fitting
even so there's no subject and no object fan is no object is no subject they are no separation between subject and object but ah you know how from me my experiences have more than enough
you know thin thought come up cause for to become object and do we start to interact with to object then our mind separate into two pieces the thought fitted fee and i thought frigid thing
this separation is a problem
and ah our that and needs to be because the are become one one seamless body mind time and space
you know for happening and we found you know get separation i'm i'm and i'm interrupting something we had the saturday from we stop it and it's core and began to his posture or breathing oh ha ha cheaper wow
awakening city fan we start to impact with our thought
ah something is distorted
now often our body is not distorted in some or ah for new yeah freebie
you know
the thought come up at a and a kind of dream
so thin
you know thinking or dreaming happening there are some something distorted he not ah fitting
you know posture or breathing or iconic or grasping or testing of how i thought so did to come to just sitting mean stop it under fit and if get some distortion in our body or some ah can i say if hammer
many in our our breathing we are corrected
that is to me that is for returning to that in means
and we do that film can in our daily practice daily activities and are these precept at a point we need to kmiec area if we do something against his protected me admitted some problem or something not paid a fee
the happening in our mind while the way we think or how we do so will be done to that that action either both saba
oh and please
send you mentioned delegates and ten years a word say and what the hell he but was a toddler pada
ah in kanji
a second brother if

this her literary this country means to hit
but the in the expression he this country has no meaning the but this country just strengthen the ah next lab
so this means january just sit on the she scan mean just
ah this can defeat powder
cada mean just really only this and account means kind that i got if come back control
oh our concern
simply shh
actually no other that they have no confirmed nor control
so we don't project this
oh if ain't just sitting
and that city she means had a cat and she
shaming ta-da today's out
oh come on their bunny to add on d
just a
please just on our a question about repentance and buddhism an i know it now
in practice and i and ceremony in moksha by understanding of the dish it out a am gonna get on the precepts i should say that needed in and i was wearing it and now templeton practice said time which is sixteen percents
when they will have our resources ceremony to people
say it done the same way as is done it on the and i like a rogue such as as preserve right at it as an actor not
ah yakutat the mean simplified defensive for to push up came from ah no both at the practice in india been a summer asked about the a precept some the tradition came from a know
that practice but ah in
japanese pool in practice we have yakuza to twice a month and are you
fuck just for a took or by phantom larger federal i think once a year or so but ah
in operation we recite talk and enjoy the scourge co uk mom
and we don't carry he how can i say speak up our mistakes
but this is a kind of our ceremony and thought for nye you as a trainee monk in japan monastery at interact with
i didn't find any meaning being the ceremony it seems like our show
but did to me it's important to renew our vow
so ah it different from now
a kind of our perfect i sat the vinaya a tradition
please been every live in accord with of the precepts
how can we a steak the self-centered way of living
oh i agree ultimately driven i the desire to state even for that
but the point of this precept admins
it's not possible to keep these preserved
i'm a fan either idc idc would appreciate from my teacher after the ceremony he said you know getting the preceptor shipping family ah finn the preceptor decide each of the ten major precept and asked do you keep peace with
well and we have to say yes
and know my retirement i said for you said yes sure you are given the thug
force pressure roof with for flights had your first precept that means no for a speech that it a faster by you're biracial know the present
i'm in our in our mahayana present the precept of not kidding is not kidding even any form of life even ah mosquito one plump then how can we do with had the kidding
we cannot
so actually it's not daddy not possible if we don't we vowed to do so ah
and we say i will
to it
ah i think it's not possible to completely being a chord with these precepts so the pre-cut art direction we should go and get we actually almost always we're giving it we do something against the the present
so you know taking pressure to mean taking vow so far for my teacher wanted to fail and he said that be the first violation he said taking vow while taking precinct and depend on need to be always together
dr mean there's no way or no time we can be arrogant i keep all the present therefore i'm good person or i'm enlightened pattern they have no time or gently at i think
so our didn't know taking precept is even precept ah enough oomph
make our way of life ah humble when kenneth hey i'm a the often
this means
for example if we take out deceived the loo accept the rules that we should not keep any human beings it'll can do that we can do it advocating human beings but if we have to oh should not carry any form of life then we cannot leave
even before idea to try to not kill any form of life we have to we see we need to stop eating
kinetic person that is another kind of kidding
so this this this precept are kind of the area interface are impossible to keep and that is important point
the understand what amy
we like to be automated be humble you know i cannot i can never say i'm a night person i
ah keep all a perceived
but i have to be over to orders in i'm a pretty printers and humble and yet tried to ah can i say even one step
no forward to to that action
that is without meaning or cracked our practice ah she knew he received the boy sat upon precept so we cannot use these present to judge ourselves and to judge at us if it a kind of our ah direction we
wow to go
i'm got no time say much for was superb our vows
living beings that number is about to save him were freed him if during being a number of to have no time we can feel them all
and yet we tried to one by one whenever possible
that is our practice that file our practice is really endless an hour practices moment by moment that no no goal and i fit now and now i have achieved empire kinnock was a path so i know
practice gatineau no graduation
mix it
that that the answer
let the his election
that if i i said these are the strange precept
continuing elicits
in way if the air re he could actually is the prefect
we are going to a lot thinking is this is the most important than the fact that his job to get accepted the depressing and i really need to take care i have to everyone so happened in some way i can understand your a is themselves entered aspect
nancy hi
if i expect to run and take care of everyone else a nap he myself longing kings
i definitely cause for you you are one with are we all living beings for fathi after the care of yourself to take about that and to think can be afraid of into practice and free from her in a fit of fifth avenue
but i am as you say at one way everything why something second is why is just not taking care of me taking care of everything is divided the company
venue you you say so you already make a distinction between you and our our others i think
cry me off i yadav
for not both at the same time well that's what i'm saying it is a paycheck you for i can understand the central aspect that is in some way and the most important and average forget about that at the same time so it
whatever hundred your go and check
i'm sorry it has no answer
so we're almost always back and forth
you know we have to take care of affairs you that to pick your mother's
but if we only take care of my fear of you know we're selfish but we only take care of others we make you forget them with oof
that might be a problem
ah fingers
president soldering if maybe not today but at some point in the letters or gets a a lot of iraq suit and the other servants of okay okay
okay thank you